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Householders Index, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland


New Addition (August 2019)


Clogher Parish, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland: Householders in the Manors of Augher & Clogher taken September 1831

This document also includes the heads of households in the townlands of KELL and KILLERMAN in AGHALURCHER PARISH, CO. FERMANAGH

There are many families listed in this document that were omitted from the tithe applotment book

The map below shows which parishes have been transcribed by various volunteers.
In the Surname Index - G is for the number of times a surname appears on the Griffith's Valuation in that parish and the T is if the surname is on the Tithe Applotment Book for the parish

Parishes already completed.

Townland Townland Townland Townland
Aghalurcher Ardstraw Artrea Ballinderry
Ballyclog Bodoney Lower Camus
Donacavey Donaghedy Kildress Killeeshil
Kilskeery Leckpatrick Pomeroy Urney

The above links take you to the first page or below you can select a part of the alphabet for the larger parishes.


Aghalurcher Parish

Ardstraw Parish - Part 1 (Abercorn - Duncar)
Ardstraw Parish - Part 2 (Dundas - M' Breen)
Ardstraw Parish - Part 3 (M' Brian - Moorhead)
Ardstraw Parish - Part 4 (Morris - Young)

Artrea Parish

Ballinderry Parish

Ballyclog Parish

Bodoney Lower (Actor - M'Guiggan)
Bodoney Lower (M'Gurk -York)

Camus Parish

Clogher Parish - Part 1 (Adams -Ellison)
Clogher Parish - Part 2 (Evans - M'Connell)
Clogher Parish - Part 3 (M'Cool - Picken)
Clogher Parish - Part 4 (Pickin - Young)

Clonfeacle Parish - Part 1 (Abernethy - Evans)
Clonfeacle Parish - Part 2 (Ewing - M'Ateer)
Clonfeacle Parish - Part 3 (M'Avoy - Orr)
Clonfeacle Parish - Part 4 (O'Toole - Young)

Donacavey Parish - Part 1 (Abbott - Guy)
Donacavey Parish - Part 2 (Hackett - M'Vay)
Donacavey Parish - Part 3 (M'Williams - Wright)
Donacavey Parish - Part 4 (Alexander - Young)

Donaghedy Parish - Part 1 (Aiken - Highland)

Donaghedy Parish - Part 2 (Hill - O'Neill)
Donaghedy Parish - Part 3 (Orr - Young

Kildress Parish - Part 1 (Adams - Irwin)
Kildress Parish - Part 2 (Johnston - Young)

Killeeshil Parish

Kilskeery Parish - Part 1 (Aiken - M'Carney)

Kilskeery Parish - Part 2 (M'Carran - Wray)

Leckpatrick Parish - Part 1 (A-L)
Leckpatrick Parish - Part 2 (L-Z)

Pomeroy Parish - Part 1 (Acheson - Law)
Pomeroy Parish - Part 2 (Leeks - Young)

Urney Parish - Part 1 (Acheson - McCafferty)
Urney Parish - Part 2(McCaffrey - Young)
Urney Parish - Part 3 (Anderson - Young)

Actual Records

Only specific townlands within these parishes have been done.

Parish Townlands Completed
Aghaloo Parish - Crilly, Dyan
Desertcreat Parish - Annaghmore, Annaghteigh, Ballynacroy, Finvey, Annaghavil
Donaghmore Parish - Garvagh, Mullaghroddan
Errigal Keerogue Parish - Townland of Shantavny Irish (GV and TA)
Killyman - Ballynakilly, Corr
Pomeroy Parish - Lurganeden, Creeve



Griffiths Primary Valuation

This was a survey of property occupiers in Ireland made between 1848 and1864 and it's importance lies in the fact that it lists almost every head of household for each county.
This valuation records every landowner and householder in Ireland in a period shortly after the famine.

An Act was passed in 1826 that allowed for a uniform valuation of property in all Ireland in order to levy the county cess charges and grand Jury Rates. Thus began an assessment of the whole country, county by county by Sir Richard Griffith. Amendments were passed to the 1826 Act, the first in 1831 excluded those houses under the annual valuation of £3, another in 1836 excluded houses under £5.

The information given in the Griffiths is-

*The townland address and householders name
*the name of the person from whom the property is leased
*a description of the property; the acreage and the valuation.

Many people refer to the Griffiths CD, which is handy enough to track a surname through the country, or to find some places in counties where the name occurs. However, this CD is simply an index of names, with townland names for the county. It does however, help to locate vicinities where surnames are concentrated
There is an index to the surnames listed in Griffiths Valuation, that is known as the 'Householder's Index'. This is made up by county, divided into baronies, parishes, townlands and has been filmed by the LDS.

The Householders Index with their LDS- film numbers: Tyrone, Waterford, Westmeath, Wexford, Wicklow LDS film # 0919007.

For the 6 counties of Northern Ireland, Antrim, Armagh, Down, Fermanagh, Londonderry (Derry) and Tyrone the cancelled book are held at PRONI in Belfast.

How to use Griffiths Valuation etc.