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Householders Index - Clogher Parish (Part 2)

Contributed by Vynette Sage


Clogher Parish - Part 1 (Adams -Ellison)

Clogher Parish - Part 3 (M'Cool - Picken)

Clogher Parish - Part 4 (Pickin - Young)


In the Surname Index - G is for the number of times a surname appears on the Griffith's Valuation in that parish and the T is if the surname is on the Tithe Applotment Book for the parish


Griffith's Valuation Year 1860 - Tithe Applotment Book Year 1829
Name Gv Ta   Name Gv Ta   Name Gv Ta
Evans G     Hamilton G4 T   King   T
Ewing G2 T   Hance   T   Kirk   T
Fallon   T   Hanna G4 T   Kirkpatrick G  
Falls   T   Hannah G T   Kyle G T
Farrell G5 T   Hannigan G T   Larkin   T
Faulkner G2 T   Happer   T   Law G2 T
Fee   T   Hardy G2 T   Lee G2  
Feeny G     Harisk G     Legge G  
Gerguson   T   Harris   T   Leggett G3 T
Ferris G T   Hart G3 T   Lendrum G5 T
Fitzsimons G     Hartford   T   Leonard G  
Flaherty G T   Harte G     Leslie G T
Flanagan G3 T   Harvey G2 T   Ley   T
Fleming G5 T   Haughy G2 T   Lindsay G3 T
Flood   T   Hawkshaw G2 T   Little G9 T
Foster G8 T   Hayes G2     Lockhart G  
Fowler G     Hazelton G     Lone G T
Fox G     Heagney G     Long G2 T
Freeburn G T   Heany G T   Lown G2  
Fullan   T   Hearkey   T   Lowry G  
Fulton G T   Hegan   T   Loughran G  
Galbraith G     Henderson G     Lucy G  
Gallagher G3 T   Henry G2 T   Lundy G  
Galt   T   Hertford G     Lynch G8 T
Galway G2 T   Hetherington G2 T   Lynn G2  
Gamble G3 T   Hetherton G     M'Afee   T
Gardiner G     Hicks G     M'Aleer G  
Garlan G T   Higinbotham   T   M'Alpine G  
Garland G T   Hill   T   M'Ananly G T
Garry G3     Hillock G T   M'Aneny   T
Gartland G3 T   Hinch G T   M'Ardle   T
Gavan   T   Holland G2 T   M'Arnold G  
Gay   T   Holles G     MacAtee G T
Geany   T   Homes   T   M'Auliffe G  
Geraghty G2 T   Hooks G     M'Brien G T
Gervais G2 T   Horis G T   M'Cabe   T
Gillespie G9 T   Howe G T   M'Caffrey G16 T
Gilmore G     Hughes G4 T   M'Cahey G11  
Ginger G     Humes   T   M'Cahy G11  
Girvin G     Humphries G T   M'Calla   T
Glass G3 T   Hunter G8 T   M'Callan G  
Glassy G2 T   Hurst G2 T   M'Callen G  
Gledstance G T   Hyde G T   M'Cammon G T
Glenn G T   Hynes G T   M'Canew G  
Good G T   Irwin G20 T   M'Cann G17 T
Gordon G T   Ivey   T   M'Carney G T
Gore G     Jackson G2 T   M'Carroll G31 T
Gorman G3     Jameson G2 T   M'Carron G6 T
Gormley G3     Jervais   T   M'Cart   T
Gormly G10 T   Johnston G28 T   M'Cartan G  
Gormon G T   Jones G T   M'Cartney G  
Gott G     Kane G2 T   M'Carvill   T
Gourley G4 T   Kearney G     M'Caughey G10 T
Grady G     Kearns G4 T   M'Cauley G T
Graham G11 T   Keating G     M'Caully G T
Greene G T   Kee   T   M'Cawell   T
Greer   T   Keenan G15 T   M'Cawley G2 T
Gregson   T   Keeran   T   M'Clarin   T
Grimley G3     Kelly G26 T   M'Clean G T
Grumly G     Kelso   T   M'Cleanor   T
Hackett G37 T   Kernahan G T   M'Clelland G  
Hagan G7 T   Kerr   T   M'Clung G3 T
Hahy G     Kerrigan G     M'Cluskey G T
Haines G T   Keys G6 T   M'Collum G4  
Hall G3 T   Killen G T   M'Comb G2    
Hamill G2 T   Kilpatrick G2 T   M'Connell G11 T