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Householders Index - Clogher Parish (Part 2)

Contributed by Vynette Sage


Clogher Parish - Part 1 (Adams -Ellison)

Clogher Parish - Part 2 (Evans - M'Connell)

Clogher Parish - Part 3 (M'Cool - Picken)


In the Surname Index - G is for the number of times a surname appears on the Griffith's Valuation in that parish and the T is if the surname is on the Tithe Applotment Book for the parish


Griffith's Valuation Year 1860 - Tithe Applotment Book Year 1829
Pickin G2     Sharkey G2 T   Taylor G2 T  
Pillar G     Sharry G2     Teague G7 T  
Porter G4 T   Sheill G T   Thompson G5 T  
Preston G T   Sheils G2 T   Tierney G5 T  
Price   T   Shephard G T   Tighe G2    
Primrose G     Shepherd G3 T   Todd G2 T  
Pringle   T   Sheridan G2 T   Toman G    
Quinn G6 T   Sherry G T   Tornin G    
Rafferty G6 T   Shevlin G3 T   Torrence G2 T  
Ralston   T   Shiels G T   Tracy G T  
Ramsay G4 T   Short G3 T   Trainor G2 T  
Rath G     Simpson G7 T   Traynor G11 T  
Reid G16 T   Skelton G T   Triggar   T  
Reilly G4 T   Skiffington G     Trimble G17 T  
Renny   T   Slaven G T   Tully G  
Rice G2     Slavin G4 T   Turbett G7 T
Richardson G3 T   Slevin G T   Twigg G T
Richey G5 T   Small G T   Vaughan G4  
Rigney   T   Smith G3 T   Venables G2  
Robinson G10 T   Smyth G7 T   Vitch T  
Roche G     Smiton G     Wade   T
Rogers G3 T   Somerville G     Walker G8 T
Rollston G     Soyer G     Wallace G9 T
Rooney G     Sparrow G2 T   Walls   T
Roony G     Spence G     Walsh G T
Rourke   T   Spratt G3     Ward   T
Rush G T   Stars G T   Warren   T
Russell G     Steele G T   Watson G3 T
Rutherford G     Steen G9 T   Weir G3  
Rutledge   T   Steene G T   Weldon G2 T
Sally G     Stenson G3 T   West G  
Sampson G T   Stewart G19 T   White G  
Sawyers   T   Stinson G2     Whitely G T
Scallan   T   Stokes   T   Williamson G2 T
Scallen G     Story G T   Willis G2 T
Scholes G     Strain   T   Wilson G19 T
Scollen G     Stuart G2     Winslow G T
Scott G4 T   Sweeney   T   Winston G  
Scullion G     Swords G     Wishart   T
Scraggs G2     Taggart G     Woods G6 T
Segerson   T   Tallant G     Wright G3 T
Shannon G T   Tarleton   T   Young G5 T