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Householders Index - Donacavey Parish (Part 1)

Contributed by Vynette Sage 


In the Surname Index - G is for the number of times a surname appears on the Griffith's Valuation in that parish and the T is if the surname is on the Tithe Applotment Book for the parish

Donacavey Parish - Part 1 (Abbott - Guy)

Donacavey Parish - Part 2 (Hackett - M'Vay)

Donacavey Parish - Part 3 (M'Williams - Wright)

Donacavey Parish - Part 4 (Alexander - Young)


~Remainder of Parish in East Omagh Barony~
Griffith's Valuation Year 1860 - Tithe Applotment Book Year 1827
Abbott G     Charleston G3 T   Doris G  
Adams G     Charlton G3 T   Doyle   T
Akin   T   Christie G T   Drugan G  
Allen G2 T   Clarke G T   Dunbar   T
Anderson G7 T   Clendenning G T   Duncan G2 T
Aneely G     Cockens G T   Dunlop G T
Armstrong G6 T   Coghran   T   Eccles G2 T
Ashenhurst   T   Colgan G6 T   Edwards   T
Ashfield   T   Coll G     Elliott G2  
Auchinleck G     Collan G2     Farrell G  
Bailey   T   Colter G     Fee G T
Baird G3 T   Colton G     Fitzpatrick G  
Balrow   T   Connolly G4 T   Flanagan G  
Bannon G3 T   Cooke G4 T   Fleming G7 T
Barclay   T   Corr G     Ford   T
Barr G2     Corrigan G8 T   Forest   T
Barton   T   Cosgrave G2     Forsyth G T
Bartley G     Coulter G7     Forsythe G T
Bates G T   Crawford G27 T   Foster G7 T
Baxter   T   Creaghmile G T   Fowler G  
Beatty G6 T   Creagmile G10 T   Fox   T
Bell G     Crisby   T   Fulton G  
Blair   T   Crozier   T   Funston G  
Blakely G2 T   Crowshaw G     Gair G2  
Bogue   T   Crumly   T   Gallagher G7  
Boyle G T   Crumlis G T   Gallon G  
Bradley G T   Culbertson G T   Garey   T
Brandon G5 T   Culgan G     Garnan   T
Brannan G     Cullinan G     Gartland G  
Bratton G T   Cullion G T   Gavan G7 T
Bredin G     Cunningham G4 T   Geraghty G2  
Brennan G T   Curran   T   Gibson G4  
Brien G T   Curray G4     Gillespie G3 T
Brogan G     Daly G4 T   Gilmour G T
Brown G T   Deery G2 T   Givens G T
Browne G3 T   Dennell   T   Glacken G T
Buchanan G8 T   Denny G2     Glasco G  
Bullick G     Dergan   T   Glass G T
Bumbar G     Devin G     Glinn G T
Bunting   T   Devine G3     Goodiman G  
Burns G T   Devlin G2 T   Goodman G3 T
Byrne G     Dick G2     Goodwin G2  
Caigney G     Dickson   T   Gorman G14 T
Caldwell G4 T   Dinning G     Gormley G4  
Callaghan   T   Divine   T   Gough G3  
Campbell G20 T   Dobson G     Graham G4  
Carlton   T   Dogherty G3 T   Graves   T
Carmicheal   T   Doherty G3 T   Gray G2  
Carr G3     Doin   T   Greenlee G  
Carroll G5 T   Donaghy G19 T   Griffin G T
Carson G11 T   Donnelly G26 T   Guire   T
Cassidy G8 T   Dorian G     Guy G T
Chambers G     Dorin G T