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Householders Index - Donacavey Parish (Part 3)

Contributed by Vynette Sage 


In the Surname Index - G is for the number of times a surname appears on the Griffith's Valuation in that parish and the T is if the surname is on the Tithe Applotment Book for the parish

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Donacavey Parish - Part 2 (Hackett - M'Vay)

Donacavey Parish - Part 3 (M'Williams - Wright)

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~Remainder of Parish in East Omagh Barony~
Griffith's Valuation Year 1860 - Tithe Applotment Book Year 1827
M'Williams G8 T   Neill G4     Simpson G2 T
MacKesney   T   Neilson   T   Skelton G T
MacRory G2     Nelis G2     Slavin G8 T
Magee G2     Neville   T   Sluddon G3 T
Maginn G4     Nixon G     Smith G4 T
Magrath G2     Novle G17 T   Starr G7 T
Maguire G15 T   Nougher   T   Starret G  
Mallaghan   T   Nugent G     Starrett G  
Mallan G     O'Brien G     Stawell   T
Marlow G2     O'Donnell G2     Strain   T
Martin G3 T   O'Hara G4 T   Steen G3 T
Maunsell G     Orr G6 T   Stephenson G  
Maxwell G T   Owens G4 T   Stewart G2  
Maze   T   Palmer G     Strain G5  
Mearley   T   Parks G     Summerville   T
Meazley G     Patton G T   Surgeon   T
Meegan G3 T   Percy   T   Sweeny G3  
Meenan   T   Picken G T   Tagart   T
Mellon G3 T   Porter G     Tague G T
Melly G2     Potter G3     Taylor G T
Miller   T   Pringle   T   Teague G T
Mills G3     Province G     Tenant   T
Minnagh G3 T   Quinn G7 T   Thompson G2  
Mimnaugh G3 T   Rafferty G8 T   Tierney G2 T
Minnaugh G T   Ramsay G4 T   Todd G2  
Mitchell G2 T   Rea G T   Toman G2 T
Moffatt   T   Reid G2     Tottenham G2  
Molloy G3 T   Reilly G     Toy G2  
Monaghan G T   Releaghan   T   Trayner G2  
Monahan G13 T   Richardson   T   Trusten   T
Montgomery   T   Robb G T   Turbett G2  
Montoothe G T   Rogan G     Vaughan G2 T
Mooney G     Rogers G4     Vesey G2 T
Moore G13 T   Rutherford G     Walker G  
Morris G2 T   Rutledge G     Walkin G  
Morton G     Sally G2 T   Wallace G12 T
Moss G     Sampson   T   Walsh G  
Muldoon G     Saunders G     Ward G3  
Mullan G2 T   Scallan G     Warnock G2 T
Mulland   T   Schalon G     Watson G T
Mullen G26 T   Scott G3 T   Watt   T
Mulligan G2     Scully   T   Webb G T
Mullins G     Semple G     Weir G  
Mulloy G     Sharkey G3     Weldon   T
Munson G     Sharry G     West G3 T
Murphy G2     Sheenan G     White G  
Murratt G     Sheils G     Whitely G  
Murray G6 T   Sheridan   T   Wiley G  
Musgrave G T   Sherrard G T   Wilson G20 T
Musgrove G2 T   Sherry G T   Wright G  
Neely G4 T