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Householders Index - Clonfeacle Parish - Part 1

Contributed by  Ordette Webster

In the Surname Index - G is for the number of times a surname appears on the Griffith's Valuation in that parish and the T is if the surname is on the Tithe Applotment Book for the parish


Clonfeacle Parish - Part 1 (Abernethy - Evans)

Clonfeacle Parish - Part 2 (Ewing - M'Ateer)

Clonfeacle Parish - Part 3 (M'Avoy - Orr)

Clonfeacle Parish - Part 4 (O'Toole - Young)


Remainder of Parish in County Armagh
Griffith's Valuation Year 1860 - Tithe Applotment Book Year 1833
Abernethy G4 T   Bull G2 T   Coyle G3 T
Adams G3 T   Bullock   T   Coyne G  
Agnew G T   Bunting G3 T   Craig G T
Aiken G3 T   Burgess G2 T   Crawford G T
Alderdyce G     Burglass   T   Cross G3 T
Allen G2 T   Burns G9 T   Crothers G T
Anderson G6 T   Burnside G     Cullen G10 T
Armstrong G3 T   Burton G10 T   Cumberland G2  
Artrey G5 T   Bulter G T   Cummins G3 T
Atkinson   T   Byers   T   Cunningham G4 T
Bailey G3 T   Caddoe G4 T   Curran G7 T
Baker G2 T   Cadoe G7 T   Cush G3 T
Ball G T   Caldwell   T   Dalton G2 T
Ballintine   T   Calwell   T   Daly G24 T
Bannon G     Camley   T   Darby G2 T
Barber G T   Campbell G5 T   Davidson G4 T
Barclay   T   Canavan G     Dawson G2 T
Barcroft G4 T   Carberry G9 T   Deacon   T
Barns   T   Carbra   T   Denison   T
Barrett G2 T   Cardwell G2 T   Dickson G6 T
Barry G3 T   Carlisle G3 T   Diffin G T
Bartley G6 T   Carran G4     Dilley G T
Barton   T   Carroll G T   Dillon G2 T
Bates G T   Carson G3 T   Dilworth G T
Baxter G2 T   Carter G     Dixon G2 T
Beattie G T   Casey G9 T   Dobbin G T
Beatty G2 T   Cashly   T   Dobson G6 T
Beaumont G     Cassidy G6     Doherty G4 T
Beaver G2 T   Caulfield G T   Donaghoe G12  
Beavers G T   Cavana   T   Donaghy G T
Beggs G4 T   Cavlin G T   Donaldson G T
Bell G3 T   Charters   T   Dongan   T
Benson   T   Clarke G8 T   Donigan   T
Bently   T   Clements G     Donnelly G38 T
Berry   T   Coghran   T   Donoghoe G2  
Best G     Coleman G5 T   Doon G  
Biars G2     Colgan G4 T   Douglas G  
Black G3 T   Colhoun G4 T   Dowdall G  
Blair G2     Conby   T   Dowe G  
Bleaks   T   Conlan G T   Dowling   T
Blemmings   T   Conlon G2 T   Downes G T
Blevins G T   Conn G2     Downey G8 T
Bloomer G13 T   Connolly G5 T   Doyle G3 T
Boardman G T   Connor G2     Droogan G2 T
Boman   T   Conroy G7 T   Duff G5 T
Borrowes G     Conway   T   Duffy G T
Boyd G3 T   Cooney   T   Duggan G3 T
Boylan G T   Cooper G T   Dunlop G  
Boyle G T   Corcoran   T   Dunn G5 T
Bradley G3 T   Corcory G     Eaden G  
Branagan G T   Corrin G     Earley G T
Brannan G T   Corroran   T   Early G T
Briars G     Corry G T   Edmondson G6 T
Browne G10 T   Cotter G2 T   Edwards G2 T
Bruton   T   Cotton G     Elliott G  
Bryan G T   Coulter G     Ellis   T
Bryars G3 T   Cowan   T   Espy   T
Bryers G T   Cowser G     Evans   T