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Householders Index - Kildress Parish (Part 1)

Contributed by  James Huey 


In the Surname Index - G is for the number of times a surname appears on the Griffith's Valuation in that parish and the T is if the surname is on the Tithe Applotment Book for the parish


Kildress Parish - Part 2


Griffith's Valuation Year 1860 - Tithe Applotment Book Year 1827
Adams G T   Clements   T   Finlay   T
Agnew G     Clendenon   T   Fleming   T
Allen G7 T   Cluff G2 T   Ford G2  
Anderson G     Colgan   T   Fox G4 T
Art G     Collins G     Frazer G3 T
Arthur G T   Colten G3     Fullerton G  
Bailie   T   Conlon   T   Galway G  
Banks G2     Connolly G4 T   Garvan G  
Barber G     Connor G     Geddes G2 T
Barker   T   Conway G12 T   Geraghty G  
Barnes G8 T   Conroy G5     Gervin G  
Bates   T   Cooke G3     Gibson G T
Baxter G7 T   Corr G5 T   Gilchrist   T
Beatty   T   Corrigan G     Gillespie G  
Beavers   T   Corry G T   Gilmer   T
Begley G5 T   Craig G3 T   Girven   T
Begly G T   Cranston G T   Glasgow G3 T
Bell G11     Crawford G     Glass   T
Bennison   T   Creegan   T   Glynn G3  
Besbin G     Creighton G5 T   Gorman G  
Black G32 T   Crilly G     Gourley G T
Blair G3     Crossan G     Graham G26 T
Bloomer G     Crowthers G     Gray G2  
Boden   T   Cunningham G     Green G  
Bole G3 T   Curry G     Grimes   T
Boyd G3 T   Dale G3     Gurney G  
Boyle G T   Davidson G3 T   Haddock G  
Bradford G T   Davison G2     Hagan G8 T
Bradley G3     Dennington   T   Hall   T
Brady G     Devlin G19 T   Halligan G  
Branigan G     Dixon G4 T   Hamill G T
Brennan G3 T   Doheny G     Hamilton G6 T
Brisbon   T   Donaghy G2 T   Harkness G2 T
Brooks G     Donaldson G2     Hart G3 T
Browne G2 T   Donnelly G11 T   Hartness G  
Brunley G     Dooris   T   Haughy   T
Bryans   T   Doyle G7 T   Hayes G5 T
Burnett G T   Drummond G     Heaghney G8  
Burns G2 T   Duffy G4 T   Heighney G T
Burnside   T   Dunlop   T   Henderson   T
Burton   T   Dunne G6 T   Henry G30 T
Callan G     Dunsheith   T   Hill G  
Campbell G9 T   Eagleton   T   Hillis G  
Cander G T   Early G11 T   Hold   T
Cardle G     Eccles G4 T   Hollywood   T
Carr G10 T   Egleton G4     Hopper G14 T
Carleton   T   Elliott G     Huey G  
Carroll G     Emerson   T   Hughes G4 T
Carson G2 T   Espey G2 T   Hunter G T
Caulfield   T   Farrier   T   Hurson   T
Cavan   T   Farson   T   Hutchinson G T
Chambers G     Faulkner G     Hutton   T
Charles G13 T   Ferguson   T   Irwin G4 T


Kildress Parish - Part 2