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Householders Index - Ballyclog Parish

Contributed by Bob Smiley


In the Surname Index - G is for the number of times a surname appears on the Griffith's Valuation in that parish and the T is if the surname is on the Tithe Applotment Book for the parish



Griffith's Valuation Year 1860 - Tithe Applotment Book Year 1826
Abernathy G     Herbert G     Mallaghan G T
Allen   T   Higginson G T   Mallahan G  
Anderson G     Holmes G     Mallen G  
Arbuthnot G T   Hopper G     Mallon G  
Atcheson   T   Hunter G3 T   Mancilly G T
Beaty   T   Irwin G     March G  
Bell G2 T   Johnston G3 T   Marks G3 T
Benigan   T   Josten   T   Marshall G  
Best G2 T   Judge G3 T   Martin G3 T
Bigger G T   Junk G T   May G2 T
Black   T   Kane G2     Mayne   T
Blair G T   Kavanagh G T   Megaghy   T
Boden G7 T   Kell G T   Miller G4 T
Boothe G     Kells G T   Milligan   T
Brady G3 T   Kelly G2 T   Moncrieff G T
Brennan G     Kennedy G3 T   Moore   T
Brien G T   Kenny G     Morgan G T
Brown G     Kidd G3 T   Morris G T
Buchanan G     Kilpatrick G4 T   Morrow G T
Burns   T   Kinley G     Mosgrove G2 T
Burnside G     Lappen G T   Mulholland G3 T
Byrne G     Larkin   T   Murray G T
Cairens   T   Laverty   T   Neill G T
Campbell G T   Layden G T   Nelson G  
Caner   T   Leslie G T   Nicholl G T
Canovin   T   Levingston G     Norris   T
Carlton G T   Little G T   O'Donnell G  
Carn G     Low G     O'Neil   T
Carson G3 T   Lynd   T   Orr G2 T
Castles G     Lynn G2     Pack   T
Caulfield G     McAleece G3 T   Patterson G5  
Cevena   T   McAtagart   T   Pervis G  
Chambers G     McAteer   T   Porter G T
Clarence G     McBride G     Preston   T
Clarke G     McCaberky   T   Quin G T
Collins   T   McCamish G     Quinn G3 T
Cook   T   McCana   T   Rafferty G  
Corr G3     McCart   T   Randall   T
Creggan G     McCawn   T   Raverty   T
Cummins G T   McClean   T   Rawlins G2  
Cunningham G     McConkey G T   Ray G T
Curry G T   McConnell G4 T   Rea G2 T
Dallan G     McCord G2 T   Reany G2 T
Davis G     McCoy G2     Reilly G  
Davison   T   McCready G     Riddle   T
Dennan   T   McCreedy G T   Risk   T
Devlin G12 T   McCrory   T   Robinson G2 T
Dickson   T   McElaygart G     Robson G  
Donaghy G     McElhone G     Roe G3  
Donnelly G3 T   McEntaggart G     Rogers G  
Doran   T   McFadden G     Rollins   T
Dorman G     McGaghan G     Rourke G  
Duff   T   McGanity G     Russell G2 T
Duffin G T   McGaw G6 T   Sandes G2  
Duffy G T   McGeraghty G     Ssnds G  
Dunlop   T   McGorrary G     Seaton G  
Dunn G3 T   McGuckian G2 T   Sena   T
Dunne G T   McGuiggan G2     Sharkey G  
Eccles G     McGuirk G T   Sheppard G  
Elder G     McIntire G2 T   Simpson G T
Elliot   T   McKay G T   Slemins   T
Ellison G     McKee   T   Smith G4 T
Evans G T   McKeever   T   Stewart G T
Fairservices G     McKenna G     Stockman G  
Fearsirview   T   McKenny   T   Sturgeon G  
Faulkner   T   McKeogh   T   Taggart G5 T
Fee   T   McKeon G2     Templeton G  
Ferguson G4 T   McMahon G     Tensen   T
Flack G     McManimy   T   Thistle G T
Flanagan G T   McManua G3 T   Thomson   T
Flynn G     McMaster   T   Toner G3 T
Garvin G T   McMenamin G     Townsley G  
Georg   T   MdNeely G2     Traynor G  
Gibson G     McQueisten G T   Turk G  
Graham G2     McRey   T   Walker G T
Greene G     McReynolds G3 T   Wallace G  
Hamill G     McRory G     Walsh   T
Hamilton G8 T   McShane G2 T   Waters G2 T
Hanaren   T   McTeer G     Weir   T
Harkness G4     McTeige G     Whiteside G T
Harvey   T   McVeigh G4 T   Wiley G T
Haw G     Mackey   T   Wilson G T
Henderson G4     Macks   T   Woods G2  
Henry G4 T   Mahood G     Wright G T
                Wyley G