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Householders Index - Ardstraw Parish (Part 4)

Contributed by Paula Krueger


Ardstraw Parish - Part 1 (Abercorn - Duncar)

Ardstraw Parish - Part 2 (Dundas - M' Breen)

Ardstraw Parish - Part 3 (M' Brian - Moorhead)


In the Surname Index - G is for the number of times a surname appears on the Griffith's Valuation in that parish and the T is if the surname is on the Tithe Applotment Book for the parish



Griffith's Valuation Year 1860 - Tithe Applotment Book Year 1833
(Remainder of Parish in Omagh West Barony). 


Morris G21 T   Quigins ?   T   Stephenson G  
Morrow G3 T   Quigley G13 T   Stevens G  
Mortland G T   Quinn G17 T   Stevenson G3 T
Mouberry   T   Rabb   T   Stewart G11 T
Mulhead G     Rafferty G     Stuart G9 T
Mullen G2 T   Ramsay G2 T   Sweeny G4 T
Mullin G2 T   Rea G2 T   Taggart G2 T
Mulmughoey   T   Read G2     Tansey G  
Mulryan G T   Reilly   T   Tate G  
Murphy G T   Reppy G     Tawnley G2  
Murray G2     Rice   T   Taylor G  
Nabb G     Richardson G2     Teaghan G  
Nason G     Richey G T   Thompson G4 T
Nealy G     Riddall G T   Thornton G  
Neelands G4 T   Rippin G     Tier G  
Neilson   T   Robb G2     Tipping G T
Neill G T   Rogan G     Todd G4 T
Nicholl G3 T   Rogers G10 T   Tolan G3 T
Nixon G T   Robinson G2     Tomany G  
Noacy ?   T   Ronkin G     Toner G  
Noble G T   Robb   T   Toppin   T
Noger   T   Robinson G2     Towler G  
North G T   Roddin   T   Traney G  
Nugent G5     Rolleston G3 T   Tuohig G  
O' Boyne   T   Rollestone G2 T   Tynan G3 T
O' Brien G9 T   Ross G4 T   Vaughan G7 T
O' Cahan   T   Rush G2 T   Vance G2  
O' Connor G2     Russell G10 T   Veitor   T
O' Doherty G     Scott G10 T   Vernor   T
O' Donnell G2 T   Selvidge G     Wade G2  
O' Fellimy   T   Semple G4 T   Walker G2  
O' Goan   T   Shannon G2     Wallace G  
O' Kane   T   Sharkey G8 T   Wallaghan G  
Oliver G4 T   Sharpe G     Walls G6 T
O' Neill G5 T   Shaw G4 T   Walsh G4 T
Orr G10 T   Sheerin G7     Wardlow G  
Owen   T   Sheridan   T   Warlin G2  
Pagan G     Sherlock G     Ward G10  
Park G3 T   Sherrard G     Warson G6  
Parke G6 T   Shevlin   T   Wason G4 T
Parks G     Shields G     Watson G30 T
Patrick G7 T   Shorthill   T   Wauchob G2 T
Patten G4 T   Shurlin   T   Waugh G24 T
Patterson G8 T   Simpson G2 T   Weir   T
Patton G     Sinclair G     Whaley   T
Peak   T   Smith G17 T   Wheatley G  
Phillips G2     Smyley G4     White G14 T
Phillimey   T   Smyth G3 T   Wiley    
Pinkerton G T   Somerville G     Williamson   T
Pollock G3 T   Sommerville G     Wilson G17 T
Porter G13 T   Sorley G     Winter G T
Potter   T   Spear G T   Woods G6 T
Provens G     Spratt G     Wright G T
Pueys G     Sproule G6 T   Young G12 T
Purdon   T   Steele G T