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Castlederg Body Snatching, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland 1831

From the STRABANE MORNING POST January 3 1832
Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

BODY SNATCHING: Yesterday there was discovered in the Steam-boat yard [Londonderry] the dead body of a man, packed up in a new box, and directed to ‘Captain Walker, Glasgow, care of the Steward of the Foyle’. It appears from the information of ANDREW CAMERON, taken in the Mayor’s Office by JOHN DYSART, ESQ. that the body found was that of his brother, JAMES CAMERON, who died on Friday week, aged 32, and on the Monday following was buried in Castlederg churchyard, that on the day following he was informed the body had been stolen away and that on repairing to the churchyard, and having the coffin opened, he ascertained that this was the fact, and that he had good reason for believing that the same body was in the possession of ROBERT McKELVEY, carrier, now in this city. This information led to the detection, and, from evidence afterwards adduced, it appears that McKELVEY did not bring the box, but the servant of MR ADAMS, of Castlederg, whose son is a Medical Student in Glasgow College.

Informations have been lodged against the servant, and constables have been sent in quest of him.

The investigation was adjourned till ten o’clock this day (Saturday) when McKELVEY is under security to appear. The servant has been apprehended (Derry Sentinel)