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Visiting Bears Accidentally, 1811

Manks Advertiser, Saturday, September 21, 1811; Page: 4
Submitted by Dave Mitchell, South Africa
Formatted by Jim McKane, Ontario, Canada



Two Gentlemen have lately arrived in the neighbourhood of Londonderry, from New York, who relate a very extraordinary occurrence, which happened to a young man that emigrated some years ago from the parish of Glendermott, to the United States. It seems that the latter, accompanied by a middle-aged man, was travelling through some thick woods, when he espied a very large tree, on the branches of which appeared a pathway to the top; being struck with its appearance, his curiosity prompted him to ascend its summit, which had been previously broken off, and displayed a yawning hollow trunk; after having viewed it, he was about to descend, when by some accident he missed his foot and fell into the trunk, at the bottom of which lay two very young bears. Here he remained for some time before the old man had courage to search for him, when he did, he was unable to render the other any assistance. He went, however, to find a rope. During his absence the old bear came, and what must be the sensations of the unfortunate youth on seeing the huge body of the ferocious animal darkening, in its descent, his dreary habitation, which he might then literally consider his coffin! The nature of the place, however, rendered it necessary for his frightful neighbour to descend with her tail foremost, as otherwise she could not have returned. Finding her in this posture, his only remedy, he thought, was to lay fast hold of her posteriors, which so affrighted the bear, that she immediately ascended dragging him up to the top, and her fear was so great, that she fell off a branch and broke her heart; while the other quietly descended, to the great satisfaction of his old companion, whom he met returning with assistance. He has since, it is said, become immensely rich.