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Pigot's Directory of Cookstown, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland 1824

Extracted from Pigot & Co.’s City of Dublin and Hibernian Provincial Directory
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia




A market, post and fair town in the County of Tyrone is 81 miles north by west of Dublin, 4½ northwest of Stewartstown, 3 south west of Moneymore, 8 north by west of Dungannon, 21 east north east of Omagh and 34 west of Belfast. It consists of one street, near a mile in length, through the greater part which it is adorned on each side with a row of lofty trees. Adjoining the town is Killymoone, the beautiful castle and demesne of Lieut. Colonel Stewart M P. for the county and proprietor of the place: on the opposite side, about half a mile distant is Derry Loran Glebe, the residence of the present rector Rev. Wm. Mauleverer. The Church is a neat, stone, Gothic edifice, with an elegant and lofty spire, finished in 1821. Near the glebe, part of the walls of the old church are still remaining. In the year 1761 a Presbyterian meeting house was erected here, and near to it in 1802, one for Seceders. The Catholics and the Methodists have also each a place of worship. The charitable institutions are a dispensary under the superintendence of surgeon Thomas Dickson and two Sunday schools. A market is held on Saturday for linen cloth and provisions; the 7-8ths and 3-4ths linens are remarkable for their superior quality. A corn market is also held on Tuesday. There are fairs on the 8th and 16th of February, the 28th of March, the 8th of May, the 15th of June, the 7th of August, the 4th of September, the 10th of October, and the 6th of November. The population is near 1500.

POST OFFICE Post-master, Mr. Matthew Patteson. The Dublin mail leaves at half past twelve, and arrives at one in the day. The North mail arrives at a quarter past twelve noon, and leaves at a quarter past one. Letters for England go by the Dublin mail and those for Scotland through Belfast, to Donaghadee.



Surname Firstname Position
CAULFIELD James, Esq. Muff
DAVISON Rev. John Loy -hill
HAMILTON Rev. Hugh Loy-house
IRVINE Major William  
IRVINE Rev. William John  
LINDSAY Robert, Esq. Loughery
LOWRY James, Esq. Rockdale
LOWRY Robt., Esq. Pomeroy
McCOOK Lieutenant Danl. Loy-hill
MAGILL Wm., Esq. magistrate Crieve
MAULEVERER Rev. Jas. Derry Loran
MAULEVERER William, Rector Derry Loran
MILLAR Rev. Thomas Loy
MOLESWORTH Rev. John, Rector of Lissan Muff
RICHARDSON Wm. Stewart, Esq. Drum
SPEAR John, Esq. Desertcrete
STAPLES Thos., Esq. Lissan
STEWART Lieut. Col. Wm., M. P. for the County Killymoone-Castle
STIEGLETZ Henry Gort Lowry
WILSON Miss Loy-hill
WRIGHT Samuel, Esq. magistrate Loy-hill




Surname Firstname Position
MAGILL William, M. D.  



Surname Firstname Position
DICKSON Thomas, R. N. (to the Dispensary) Loy
HUTTON William  
YOUNG John, R. N.  



Surname Firstname Position
ADAMS Hugh Y. and 28 George's street south, Dublin
COLLINS Joshua  
YOUNG Alexander and 28 George's street south Dublin



Surname Firstname Position
PATTESON Benjamin linen inspector
PATTESON Matthew linen seal master



Surname Firstname Position



Surname Firstname Position
HENRY Mary King's Arms
McALLISTER John Stewart's Arms ,Gort Lowry
RODGERS Alexander Grapes



Surname Firstname Position
ALLEN Elizabeth Gort Lowry
ASTON William  
BAXTER Samuel  
BLACK John  
ESPY Hugh  
FOX Michael Gort Lowry
HAGAN Hugh  
HAGAN Robert  
McCALDIN Isabella  
McGURK James  
McGURK Michael  
MAYNE Isaac Gort Lowry
MURPHY Edward  
STEWART Patrick  
TRIMBLE Matthew  
WILSON Thomas  



Surname Firstname Position
BELL John grocer
BLACK John grocer
BROWN James grocer, Gort Lowry
BROWN James corn miller, Killymoon mill
BROWN Saml. watch & clock maker
CARRIGAN Patrick grocer
CLUFF James cabinet maker and upholsterer
COLLINS John woollen draper & haberdasher
CONLON John grocer
CONNOR Patrick tallow chandler and soap boiler
CRAWFORD Arthur woollen draper
DUFF James grocer
DUNCAN Francis tailor
DUNCAN Isabella milliner
FERGUSON Charles boot & shoe maker, Gort Lowry
FERGUSON Peter whitesmith Loy
GIBSON John carpenter, Gort Lowry
GILLIAM William grocer
GILMORE Robert watch & clock maker
GLASGOW Robert baker
GOURLEY John hardware dealer
HALIDAY William cabinet maker and upholsterer
JOHNSTON Benjamin grocer & leather cutter
LESLIE Wm. tailor
LYND John grocer and tallow chandler
McCORMICK John grocer
McCORMICK John toll collector
McCULLY Charles saddler & harness maker
McCULLY James leather-cutter
McGEAGH John grocer
McGEAGH Robert grocer
McGEAGH Robert woollen draper
McKENZIE Henry grocer
McLERNON Michael grocer, Loy
MILLER James baker
MOORE James grocer
MORGAN Thomas linen merchant
ORR Robert G. woollen draper
PATTESON Edward painter & glazier, Loy
PATTESON Richard painter & glazier, Loy
PATTESON Wm. grocer & hardware dealer
POTTER Peter saddler & harness maker
RICHARDSON Leander letter-press printer & bookbinder
RODGERS Alexander linen draper
RODGERS George grocer
SELLER Wm. carpenter, Loy
SMYTH James grocer
STERLING Mary Ann haberdasher
TAYLOR Ann earthenware dealer
THOMPSON Thos. linen buyer
WEIR Silas E. woollen draper

No coaches pass through Cookstown. The Belfast Union Day-Coach runs from Magherafelt, distant seven miles, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at seven and returns on the following evening at eight. The Dublin Mail also from Dungannon, distant about eight miles, every day at four in the afternoon and returns every morning at ten.

Goods are conveyed to any part of Ireland by cars hired for the purpose.