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Dungannon, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland Bradshaw's General Directory, 1820

Published by Thomas Bradshaw, Newry and printed by Alexander Wilkinson at the Telegraph Office, Newry, 1819
Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


AGNEW Joseph, huxter, Church Street

ALEXANDER J., teacher, Perry Street

ANDERSON Thomas, Captain, R.M., Anderson Place

ANDERSON James, gent., Anderson Place

ANDERSON Alexander, publican, Scotch Street

ANDERSON William, gardener, Milltown

ANDERSON James, gardener, Milltown

ATWELL William, shoemaker, Ann Street



BARCLAY Robert Esq., Market Street

BARTON John, huxter, Irish Street

BAILIE Samuel, hatter, Carr’s Row

BEATTY John, soap boiler and tallow chandler, Scotch Street

BEAVERS John, publican and butcher, Irish Street

BEGLEY John, huxter, Irish Street

BELL Miss Mary, Market Street

BELL William, painter and glazier, Scotch Street

BENNETT Rev. David, Scotch Street

BLAKELY Mrs Ann, Ann Street

BOARDMAN Thomas, bleacher, Moygashell

BOARDMAN Thomas, Laurel Hill

BOURNE Rev. Sandford, Glebe Hill

BRANAGAN Francis, grocer and publican

BRAWLEY J., reedmaker

BRENNAN Miss, china and delf shop, Scotch Street

BRITON Thomas, sawyer, Perry Street

BROWN Nicholas, Esq., Market Street

BROWN Robert, Esq., Scotch Street

BROWN James, Esq., Beech Valley

BROWN David, linendraper, grocer, tallow chandler and baker, Donaghmore

BROWNLEE John, constable, Perry Street

BULLOCK Ann, seminary for young ladies, George’s Street

BUNTIN John, dealer, Milltown

BURROWS John, leather merchant, Market Street

BYRNE Luke, coppersmith, Perry Street



CALLAGHAN Owen, leather merchant, Irish Street

CAMPBELL Edward, huxter, Scotch Street

CANNING William, printer of the Ulster Chronicle, Market Street

CARPENDALE Rev. Thomas, Killyman

CARROLL John, carrier, Scotch Street

CARSON, William, baker, Perry Street

CASSIDY John, hairdresser, Church Street

CAVANAGH Bernard, cooper, Perry Street

CAVANAGH Patrick, cooper, Perry Street

CHARLESTON Margaret, huxter, New Town

CHICHESTER Charles, clock and watchmaker, Church Street

CLARKE Mrs., grocer, Scotch Street

CLARKE George, shoemaker, Perry Street

CLARKE James, brogue maker, Carr’s Row

CONWAY Michael, cooper, School Lane

CONWELL Rev., Henry, Ann Street

CONWELL Rev. Daniel, P.P. Donaghmore

COOPER J., agent to the dispensary, Milltown

COOTE Robert, stationer and woollendraper, Market Street

COPELAND Robert, huxter, New Town

CORR James, mason, Irish Street

CORRAN ----, auctioneer, Scotch Street

CORRY James, carpenter, Sloan Street

CRUMP Joshua, Esq., Northland Row

CULLEN James, carpenter, Ann Street

CUNNINGHAM John, huxter, Irish Street



DALY William, carrier, Carr’s Row,

DALY John, carrier, Carr’s Row

DAVIDSON Samuel, solicitor, Schoolhouse Lane

DAVIDSON George, whitesmith, Perry Street

DAVIDSON Robert, blue dyer, Irish Street

DAWSON William, surgeon and apothecary, Scotch Street

DAWSON Thomas, grocer, Scotch Street

D’ACOSTA Monsieur, teacher of French language, Perry Street

DEVLIN Patrick, publican, Church Street

DICKSON Benjamin, surgeon and apothecary, Market Street

DICKSON David, woollendraper

DICKSON David, woollendraper

DICKSON John, M.D., Northland Row

DICKSON David, saddler and harness maker, Scotch Street

DICKSON John, surgeon, Schoolhouse Lane

DICKSON Mrs Gustavus, George’s Street

DILWORTH Messrs., grocers, Church Street

DOAK William, painter and glazier, Church Street

DONALDSON Mrs, George’s Street

DONNELLY Bernard, publican, Donaghmore

DONNELLY Daniel, mason, Church Street

DOUGLASS Francis, ladies’ shoemaker, Perry Street

DOWDALL Rev. Dr., College

DOWSE Richard, surgeon and apothecary, Church Street

DOWSE Richard, gent., George’s Street

DUFFY Alexander, architect, Milltown



EVANS Edward, Esq.

EVANS Rev. Robert, Perry Street



FALLS John, distillery

FALLS Richard, excise officer, George’s Street

FENEY Patrick, publican, Market Street

FEGAN Owen, huxter, Irish Street

FERGUSON James, Esq.

FERGUSON Patrick, Seq., Lisdermott

FOX Hugh, publican, Church Street

FOX Daniel, publican, Church Street

FOX Luke, publican, Scotch Street

FOX Bernard, publican, Irish Street

FOX ----, huxter, Scotch Street

FRIZELL Alexander, grocer, Church Street

FRIZELL Richard, blue dyer, Scotch Street

FRIZELL John, nailer, Irish Street

FRIZELL Lewis, clock and watchmaker, Irish Street

FRIZELL Robert, nailer, George’s Street

FRIZELL Robert, town sergeant, Perry Street

FULLAN Arthur, commissioner for taking affidavits, Market Street



GAITENS William, carpenter, William Street

GALBRAITH Misses, Scotch Street

GERAGHTY Thomas, Esq., brewer; house, Northland Row

GERAGHTY Thomas, wheelwright, Market Street

GARRATT William, Torren Hill

GINN George, painter and glazier, Scotch Street

GIRVAN William, distiller, Milltown

GLASS Alexander, grocer, Scotch Street

GLASS Miss Martha, George’s Street

GLASS Robert, gent., George’s Street

GRAHAM Rev. James, Thorn Hill

GRAY, John, watchmaker, Church Street

GRAY James, coppersmith, Scotch Street

GRAVES Messrs., Northland Row

GREEVES John, grocer, Perry Street

GREEVES Thomas, haberdasher, Perry Street

GREEN George, nailer, Church Street

GREEN John, nailer, Church Street

GREER Thomas, Esq., Rhone Hill

GREER William, Esq., Milltown

GREER Thomas, Esq., Newhamburgh

GREER Joseph, gent., Irish Street



HADDOCK Joseph, tailor, Scotch Street

HAGERTY Patrick, dealer in flax

HALL James, publican, Waterloo Tavern, Irish Street

HALYDAY Reuben, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, William Street

HAMILTON Thomas, surgeon and apothecary, Market Street

HAMILTON James, shoemaker, Ann Street

HANCOCK James, soap boiler and chandler, Irish Street

HANCOCK Robert, publican, Scotch Street

HANNA Misses, haberdashers, Market Street

HANNINGTON Thomas, Esq., Knox Castle

HANSLEY Patrick, teacher of Erasmus Smith’s school

HARKER Francis, teacher, Scotch Street

HART William, innkeeper, Verner’s Bridge

HAUGHEY H., huxter, Irish Street

HEATHERS James, woollen draper, Market Street

HEATHERS William, woollen draper and haberdasher, Market Street

HEBURN Michael, clothes dealer, Irish Street

HENDERSON Richard, whitesmith, Perry Street

HIGGINS Samuel, Esq., Market Street

HODGETT Thomas, nailer, Ann Street

HOGG Rev. James, Carton

HOLMES William, solicitor, Scotch Street

HUGHES John, postmaster, Market Street

HUGHES Patrick, baker, Market Street

HUGHES Edward, leather merchant, Irish Street

HUGO Arthur, Esq., surveyor of excise, Milltown

HURST Henry, carpenter, Scotch Street



IRWIN T. M., Esq., Drumglass House

IRWIN Joseph, saddler and harness maker, Irish Street



JOHNSTON Charles, publican, Market Street



KAVANAGH ----, cooper, Irish Street

KELLY James, publican, Irish Street

KELLY Matthew, bookbinder, Milltown

KELLY Jonathan, weigh master, William Street

KIERNEY Richard, nailer, Ann Street

KENNEDY Charles, mealmonger, Ann Street

KENNEDY Charles, blacksmith, Church Street

KING Samuel, soap boiler and tallow chandler, Market Street

KING Samuel, gent., Moygashell

KING Robert, woollen draper, grocer and rope manufacturer, Market Street

KNOX Hon. Vesey, Bernagh

KYLE John, dealer, Scotch Street




LARKIN Thomas, publican, Perry Street

LAVEL Cornelius, M. D., High Street

LAVERY Patrick, huxter, Irish Street

LELBURN Thomas, joiner and builder, Scotch Street

LOFTUS Charles, painter and glazier, Irish Street

LOUGHRAN Patrick, publican, Scotch Street

LOUGHRAN Patrick, huxter, Irish Street

LLOYD Richard, Esq., Tamnamore

LLOYD Jackson, Esq., Killyman

LOWRY Theophilus, surgeon and apothecary, Scotch Street

LOWRY James, deputy weigh master, Shambles Lane

LYONS Mrs., Scotch Street

LYSTER Mary Ann, china and delf shop, Irish Street

LUDLOW Richard, agent, Perry Street

LUTTON Robert, blacksmith and farrier, George’s Street



MACKENZIE Alexander, discount office, Market Street

MACKENZIE Alex, Esq., spirit store and brewery

MAGUIRE John, nailer, Scotch Street

MAGUIRE Patrick, whitesmith, Perry Street

MALLON Arthur, haberdasher, Church Street

MAXWELL Mrs., Perry Street

MEENAGH John, carpenter, Perry Street

MEENIN Owen, carrier, Shambles Lane

MORAN Mrs., confectioner, Church Street

MOORHEAD William, saddler and harness maker, Market Street

MORROW James, grocer, Market Street

MORROW George, leather cutter, Sloan Street

MORROW Samuel, grocer and woollen draper, Carton

MULGREW Edward, publican, Church Street

MULLAN James, publican, Church Street

MULLAN John, grocer, Scotch Street

MULLAN Thomas, clock and watchmaker, Scotch Street

MULLAN John, wheelwright and turner, Irish Street

MULLAN James, tailor, New Town

MULLAN John, butcher, Shamble Lane

MURPHY -----, nailer, Irish Street

MURPHY J. and P., carriers, Perry Street

MURRAY Rev. Samuel

MURRAY William. Esq., sovereign and seneschal

MURRAY James, Esq., Bloomhill

MURRAY J. S., Esq., Torren Mount

MURRAY Rev. Richard, Brackaville

McALINDEN Felix, huxter, Perry Street

McANALLY Francis, baker, Irish Street

McANALLY Mrs, reedmaker, Irish Street

McAVOY John, Esq., Bellmount

McAVOY William, spirit merchant, Church Street

McAVOY John, travelling jeweller, Irish Street

McCAN Robert, cooper

McCARTNEY John, sawyer, William Street

McCARTNEY William, carpenter, Perry Street

McCLEAN William, surgeon, Irish Street

McCLELLAND Ledford, soap boiler and chandler, Market Street

McCLELLAND James, grocer, Irish Street

McCOURT, -----, publican, Shambles Lane

McCOURT, Daniel, plasterer, George’s Street

McELNEW -----, publican, Church Street

McELHONE B. and D., butchers, Irish Street

McGINN -----, farmer, Perry Street

McGRATH George, dancing master, Ann Street

McGUBBY William, confectioner, William Street

McGUFFIN John, shoemaker, Ann Street

McGUFFIN Robert, shoemaker, Ann Street

McGUIGAN Neal, meal merchant, Irish Street

McILROY John, woollen draper and haberdasher, Market Street

McILROY William, gent., Tempin Row, Killyman

McIVER Mathias, M. D., Irish Street

McILVOGUE J., publican, Market Street

McKAGHEY Joseph, skinner, Irish Street

McKAGHEY John, skinner, Ann Street

McKINLEY Francis, wheelwright and turner, Irish Street

McKINNEY Francis, teacher, Scotch Street

McMAHAN Peter, tailor, Milltown

McMINN Alexander, publican, Irish Street

McNAMARA John, attorney’s clerk

McNIECE Samuel, saddler and publican, Irish Street

McNEILL H. E., Esq., Killyneal

McRANDLES Oliver, dealer, Perry Street

McSHANE Charles, teacher, Scotch Street

McSHANE Owen, tailor, Scotch Street

McSHANE Patrick, carpenter, Irish Street

McSHANE Roger, mason, Irish Street

McSHANE Bernard, mason, Irish Street

McSHANE -----, huxter, Irish Street



NEVIL James, boot and shoemaker, Irish Street

NEVIL James, shoemaker, Irish Street

NEVINS J. carpenter, &c. George’s Street

NEWBURN -----, hosier, Irish Street

NEWTON Andrew, solicitor, Scotch Street

NORTHLAND Right Hon., Lord Viscount, Northland House



O’FARRELL Francis, teacher, George’s Street

OGLE James, grocer, ironmonger, soap boiler, and chandler, Market Street

O’NEILL Felix, mathematician, George’s Street

O’NEILL Constantine, hatter, Ann Street



PEARCE John, tailor, Church Street

PEEBLES, KINLEY and DEALE wholesale and retail grocers and spirit merchants, Market Street

PEEBLES and KINLEY woollen drapers and haberdashers, Market Street

PHENIX Thomas, linendraper, Ann Street

PIKE William, Esq., Derryvale

PIKE Jonathan, Esq., Beechgrove

PRESTON Patrick, baker, Market Street

PRUNTY Edward, carrier, Irish Street



QUIN W. J. Esq., solicitor, Northland Row

QUIN Charles, publican, Church Street

QUIN -----, smith and farrier, Irish Street

QUIN Thomas, blacksmith, Market Street

QUIN John, blacksmith, Irish Street

QUIN Patrick, carrier, Schoolhouse Lane

QUIN P., huxter, Irish Street

QUIN Patrick, huxter, Scotch Street

QUIN Matthew, mason, Chapel Yard



RAMSEY Nathaniel, gent., Market Street

RICE James, hatter, Ann Street

RICHARDSON Leander, printer and stationer, Market Street

RICHARDSON Lewis, printer, bookbinder and stationer, Church Street

ROBERTS M., staymaker, Perry Street

ROBINSON Mrs., Market Street

ROBINSON Joseph, carpenter

ROGERS Miss, Scotch Street

ROGERS William, grocer, Perry Street

ROGERS Hugh, tailor and habit-maker, Market Street

ROGERS Michael, tailor, Irish Street



SHAW Edward, Esq., bleacher, Castlecaulfield

SHAW John, merchant, Dree

SHEALS Daniel, huxter, Irish Street

SHIEL James, barrister at law, Lakefield

SHIELDS Robert, Esq., Ivy Cottage

SHUTER John, Esq., Northland Row

SIMMONS C. and R., grocers, Scotch Street

SIMMONS Charles, grocer, Scotch Street

SIMONTON Henry, publican, Church Street

SINCLAIR John, surgeon, dispensary

SINCLAIR James, publican, Irish Street

SKEFFINGTON B., shoemaker, Irish Street

SKEFFINGTON John, shoemaker, Scotch Street

SMALL William, baker, Market Street

SMITH Robert, grocer and ironmonger, Market Street

SMITH Eliza, grocer, Church Street

SMITH Thomas, cabinet-maker and upholsterer, Scotch Street

SMITH James, spindle-maker and whitesmith, Irish Street

SMITH Charles, slater, George’s Street

SPROUL Mrs, Schoolhouse Lane

STAPLES Rev. Alexander, Mullaghmore

STEEL Samuel, shoemaker, Perry Street

STEENSON John, reedmaker, Scotch Street

STEENSON John, tailor, Irish Street

STUART Hon. A. G., Lisdoae

STUART Alexander, Esq., Drumreagh

STUART Miss, Scotch Street

STUART John, carpenter, Market Street



TALLON James distributor of stamps, Perry Street

TENER Robert, linendraper, Perry Street

TENNANT William, Friendship Tavern, Market Street

THOMPSON John, attorney, Northland Row

TIPPING Henry, bookbinder, Church Street

TROTTER Wesley, grocer and spirit merchant, Market Street

TURKINGTON John, boot and shoemaker, Church Street

TURNER Jonathan, linendraper, School-house Lane



VANCE Oliver, woollendraper and haberdasher, Market Street

VERNER William, Lieutenant-Colonel, Churchhill



WALLACE Hugh, innkeeper, Northland Arms, Market Street

WALSH William, Captain, Beech Valley

WALSH David, music master, Scotch Street

WARD John, huxter, Irish Street

WHITE John, boot and shoemaker, Market Street

WHITE Thomas, boot and shoemaker, Market Street

WHITTLE William, surgeon, Milltown

WILLCOCKS Joshua, Esq., Beech Valley

WILSON John, Esq., Perry Street

WILSON Loftus, innkeeper, Irish Street



YOUNG James, Esq., Annaghinny