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Parish & Townland Maps, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland: Alpha by Townland

Maps Courtesy of The Inner City Trust

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This file of TOWNLANDS & MAPS OF PARISHES, COUNTY TYRONE, NORTHERN IRELAND forms part of the vast archive of 3,000+ pages of genealogical records relating to COUNTIES TYRONE, DONEGAL, LONDONDERRY & FERMANAGH provided without charge or subscription by CoTyroneIreland Welcome to the Premier Website & Research Tool for Cos. Tyrone, Donegal, Londonderry & Fermanagh Genealogy  A complete list of records pertaining to TOWNLANDS & MAPS OF TYRONE PARISHES on this website can be found at the foot of this file.

Townland Civil Parish Acres Barony Poor Law Union
Aghaboy Lower Bodoney Lower 289 Strabane Upper Gortin
Aghaboy Upper Bodoney Lower 361 Strabane Upper Gortin
Aghabrack Donaghedy 268 Strabane Lower Gortin
Aghacolumb Arboe / Ardboe 294 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Aghadaragh Dromore 544 Omagh East Omagh
Aghadreenan Donacavey 101 Omagh East Omagh
Aghadulla Drumragh 559 Omagh East Omagh
Aghadulla (Harper) Dromore 862 Omagh East Omagh
Aghafad Ardstraw 336 Strabane Lower Strabane
Aghafad Donacavey 1036 Clogher Omagh
Aghafad Donaghedy 713 Strabane Lower Gortin
Aghafad Pomeroy 161 Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Aghagallon Cappagh 278 Omagh East Omagh
Aghaginduff Killeeshil 512 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Aghagogan Termonmaguirk 949 Omagh East Omagh
Aghakinmart Longfield West 269 Omagh West Castlederg
Aghakinsallagh Glebe Tullyniskan 120 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Aghalane Bodoney Upper 353 Strabane Upper Gortin
Aghalane Cappagh 889 Strabane Upper Omagh
Aghalarg Donaghenry 172 Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Aghalarg Bog Donaghenry 6 Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Aghaleag Drumragh 166 Omagh East Omagh
Aghalougher Termonamongan 110 Omagh West Castlederg
Aghalunny Termonamongan 493 Omagh West Castlederg
Aghamilkin Clogher 194 Clogher Clogher
Aghamore Termonamongan 330 Omagh West Castlederg
Agharan Donaghmore 161 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Aghareany Donaghmore 341 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Agharonan Donacavey 706 Clogher Omagh
Aghascrebagh Bodoney Lower 483 Strabane Upper Gortin
Aghascrebagh Termonamongan 159 Omagh West Castlederg
Aghasessy Ardstraw 432 Strabane Lower Strabane
Aghaveagh Tamlaght 375 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Aghee Dromore 249 Omagh East Omagh
Aghee Drumragh 138 Omagh East Omagh
Aghenis Aghaloo 358 Dungannon Lower Armagh
Aghindarragh East Clogher 278 Clogher Clogher
Aghindarragh West Clogher 248 Clogher Clogher
Aghindrumman Clogher 159 Clogher Clogher
Aghingowly Clogher 214 Clogher Clogher
Aghinlark Clogher 253 Clogher Clogher
Aghintain Clogher 128 Clogher Clogher
Aghintober Donaghmore 122 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Aghlisk Dromore 248 Omagh East Omagh
Aghnagar Clogherny 467 Omagh East Omagh
Aghnagar Donaghmore 468 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Aghnaglea Termonmaguirk 228 Omagh East Omagh
Aghnaglogh Clogher 263 Clogher Clogher
Aghnagregan Termonmaguirk 428 Omagh East Omagh
Aghnahoe Killeeshil 396 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Aghnahoo Termonamongan 271 Omagh West Castlederg
Aghnamirigan Bodoney Lower 378 Strabane Upper Gortin
Aghnamoe Dromore 698 Omagh East Omagh
Aghnamoyle Drumragh 297 Omagh East Omagh
Aghnanereagh Termonmaguirk 286 Omagh East Omagh
Aghnaskea Pomeroy 240 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Aghyaran Termonamongan 735 Omagh West Castlederg
Alderwood Aghalurcher 838 Clogher Clogher
Allen Desertcreat 148 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Ally Longfield West 1144 Omagh West Castlederg
Altacamcosy Bodoney Lower 479 Strabane Upper Gortin
Altadaven Errigal Trough 614 Clogher Clogher
Altaglushan Donaghmore 1721 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Altamooskan Errigal Keerogue 1165 Clogher Clogher
Altamullan Termonamongan 1680 Omagh West Castlederg
Altanagh Termonmaguirk 971 Omagh West Omagh
Altanaveragh Clogher 557 Clogher Clogher
Altcloghfin Errigal Keerogue 1366 Clogher Clogher
Altdoghal Ardstraw 559 Strabane Lower Gortin
Altdrumman Termonmaguirk 1830 Omagh East Omagh
Altgolan Termonamongan 721 Omagh West Castlederg
Altishahane Donaghedy 744 Strabane Lower Gortin
Altmore or Bar Racktown Pomeroy 1117 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Altnageerog Leckpatrick 145 Strabane Lower Strabane
Altnagore Errigal Keerogue 249 Clogher Clogher
Altnavannog Clonfeacle 138 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Altnaveagh Clogher 315 Clogher Clogher
Altrest Donaghedy 255 Strabane Lower Strabane
Alwories Bodoney Lower 406 Strabane Upper Gortin
Anacramp Aghaloo 241 Dungannon Lower Armagh
Anagasna Glebe Clonfeacle 146 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Anagher Clonoe 276 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Annagarvey Clogher 118 Clogher Clogher
Annagh Aghaloo 131 Dungannon Lower Clogher
Annagh Clogherny 215 Omagh East Omagh
Annagh Clonfeacle 127 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Annagh (Augher) Clogher 95 Clogher Clogher
Annagh (Blessingbourne) Clogher 124 Clogher Clogher
Annagh Beg Carnteel 198 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Annagh Demesne Clogher 121 Clogher Clogher
Annagh More Aghaloo 193 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Annaghalough Longfield West 164 Omagh West Castlederg
Annaghananam Desertcreat 162 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Annaghbeg Donaghmore 139 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Annaghbeg Killyman 275 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Annaghbo Donacavey 47 Clogher Omagh
Annaghilla Errigal Keerogue 177 Clogher Clogher
Annaghmakeown Donaghmore 353 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Annaghmore Arboe / Ardboe 365 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Annaghmore Clonoe 472 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Annaghmore Desertcreat 139 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Annaghmurnin Donacavey 42 Clogher Omagh
Annaghnaboe Clonoe 446 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Annaghone Donaghenry 272 Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Annaghquin Desertcreat 141 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Annaghroe Aghaloo 147 Dungannon Lower Armagh
Annaghsallagh Aghaloo 512 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Annaghteige Desertcreat 115 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Annaginny Donaghmore 150 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Annahavil Desertcreat 359 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Annaloughan Clogher 285 Clogher Clogher
Anneeter Beg Arboe / Ardboe 147 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Anneeter More Arboe / Ardboe 152 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Archill Ardstraw 788 Strabane Lower Castlederg
Ardarver Termonamongan 748 Omagh West Castlederg
Ardatinny Donacavey 243 Clogher Omagh
Ardbarren Lower Ardstraw 284 Omagh West Castlederg
Ardbarren Upper Ardstraw 261 Omagh West Castlederg
Ardcame Donaghedy 264 Strabane Lower Strabane
Ardcumber Derryloran 36 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Ardean Arboe / Ardboe 143 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Ardmore Donaghedy 238 Strabane Lower Strabane
Ardpatrick Donaghenry 102 Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Ards Aghaloo 178 Dungannon Lower Armagh
Ardstraw Ardstraw Town Strabane Lower Strabane
Ardstraw Ardstraw 353 Strabane Lower Strabane
Ardunshin Clogher 163 Clogher Clogher
Ardvarnish Derryloran 132 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Armalughey Carnteel 253 Dungannon Lower Clogher
Artclea Aghalurcher 334 Clogher Clogher
Artigarvan Leckpatrick 175 Strabane Lower Strabane
Arvalee Cappagh 827 Omagh East Omagh
Ashfield or Grange Clogher 102 Clogher Clogher
Ashfield or Grange Mountain Bar Clogher 1926 Clogher Clogher
Athabryanmore Termonamongan 642 Omagh West Castlederg
Athenry Termonmaguirk 287 Omagh East Omagh
Attagh Bodoney Lower 599 Strabane Upper Gortin
Attaghmore Donacavey 363 Omagh East Omagh
Aughagalla Clonoe 208 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Aughagranna Clonoe 105 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Aughamullan Clonoe 608 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Augher Clogher Town Clogher Clogher
Augher Tenements Clogher 222 Clogher Clogher
Aughlish Derryloran 252 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Aughlish Donaghmore 142 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Aughnacarney Clogher 175 Clogher Clogher
Aughnacloy Carnteel Town Dungannon Lower Clogher
Aughrimderg Clonoe 263 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Aughtermoy Donaghedy 235 Strabane Lower Strabane
Back Lower Ballyclog 433 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Back Upper Ballyclog 279 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Backan Bodoney Lower 240 Strabane Upper Gortin
Backfarm Drumragh 121 Omagh East Omagh
Backfence Leckpatrick 149 Strabane Lower Strabane
Backhill Ardstraw 154 Omagh West Castlederg
Backtown Urney 210 Strabane Lower Strabane
Balix Lower Donaghedy 537 Strabane Lower Gortin
Balix Upper Donaghedy 1072 Strabane Lower Gortin
Ballagh Aghaloo 345 Dungannon Lower Armagh
Ballagh Clogher 173 Clogher Clogher
Ballaghalare Donaghedy 213 Strabane Lower Strabane
Ballaghneed Clogher 390 Clogher Clogher
Ballee Leckpatrick 540 Strabane Lower Strabane
Ballintrain Termonmaguirk 729 Omagh East Omagh
Ballought Ardstraw 250 Strabane Lower Strabane
Ballyard Kilskeery 351 Omagh East Lowtherstown
Ballybeeny Donaghedy 140 Strabane Lower Strabane
Ballybeg Clonoe 362 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Ballyblagh Ballyclog 205 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Ballyboy Aghaloo 190 Dungannon Lower Armagh
Ballybray Donaghmore 240 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Ballyclog Glebe Ballyclog 92 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Ballycolman Urney 588 Strabane Lower Strabane
Ballydonaghy Leckpatrick 234 Strabane Lower Strabane
Ballyfatten Urney 522 Strabane Lower Strabane
Ballyfolliard Ardstraw 392 Strabane Lower Castlederg
Ballygawley Errigal Keerogue Town Clogher Clogher
Ballygawley Errigal Keerogue 123 Clogher Clogher
Ballygittle Clonoe 169 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Ballygowan Drumragh 424 Omagh East Omagh
Ballygreenan Clogher 191 Clogher Clogher
Ballygroogan Derryloran 340 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Ballyhallaghan Clogherny 266 Omagh East Omagh
Ballyheather Donaghedy 257 Strabane Lower Strabane
Ballykeel Cappagh 442 Strabane Upper Omagh
Ballykeel Clogherny 328 Omagh East Omagh
Ballykeery Donaghedy 940 Strabane Lower Strabane
Ballylagan Errigal Keerogue 158 Clogher Clogher
Ballylaw Leckpatrick 272 Strabane Lower Strabane
Ballylennan Mercer Urney 66 Omagh West Castlederg
Ballylennan Scott Urney 204 Omagh West Castlederg
Ballymacall Pomeroy 213 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Ballymacan Clogher 1684 Clogher Clogher
Ballymackilduff Clonfeacle 264 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Ballymackilroy Errigal Keerogue 679 Clogher Clogher
Ballymagorry Leckpatrick Town Strabane Lower Strabane
Ballymagorry Leckpatrick 289 Strabane Lower Strabane
Ballymagowan Clogher 285 Clogher Clogher
Ballymaguire Arboe / Ardboe 264 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Ballymenagh Derryloran 204 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Ballymenagh Tullyniskan 248 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Ballymongan Termonamongan 1172 Omagh West Castlederg
Ballymullarty Ardstraw 464 Strabane Lower Strabane
Ballymully Glebe Desertcreat 144 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Ballymurphy Arboe / Ardboe 255 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Ballynabwee Donaghedy 208 Strabane Lower Strabane
Ballynacross Donaghedy 141 Strabane Lower Strabane
Ballynacroy Desertcreat 142 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Ballynafeagh Arboe / Ardboe 81 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Ballynagilly Lissan 1874 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Ballynagowan Lower or Bellsgrove Ballyclog 194 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Ballynagowan Upper or Bellmount Ballyclog 202 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Ballynagurragh Clogher 195 Clogher Clogher
Ballynahatty Drumragh 236 Omagh East Omagh
Ballynahaye Killeeshil 1451 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Ballynahone Artrea 107 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Ballynakilly Desertcreat 151 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Ballynakilly Killyman 406 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Ballynaloan Ardstraw 140 Strabane Lower Castlederg
Ballynamallaght Donaghedy 1213 Strabane Lower Gortin
Ballynamullan Cappagh 950 Strabane Upper Omagh
Ballynany Errigal Keerogue 201 Clogher Clogher
Ballynapottoge Carnteel 107 Dungannon Lower Clogher
Ballynaquilly Cappagh 456 Strabane Upper Omagh
Ballynargan Arboe / Ardboe 204 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Ballynasaggar Errigal Keerogue 159 Clogher Clogher
Ballynasollus Bodoney Upper 925 Strabane Upper Gortin
Ballynasollus Derryloran 261 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Ballynasollus Kildress 1076 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Ballynatubbrit Cappagh 447 Strabane Upper Omagh
Ballyneaner Donaghedy 652 Strabane Lower Strabane
Ballyness Clogher 798 Clogher Clogher
Ballynorthlan Drumglass 117 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Ballyreagh Derryloran 237 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Ballyrenan Ardstraw 723 Strabane Lower Strabane
Ballysaggart Donaghmore 110 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Ballyscally Clogher 418 Clogher Clogher
Ballyskeagh Leckpatrick 514 Strabane Lower Strabane
Ballysudden Derryloran 179 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Ballyvaddan Clogher 319 Clogher Clogher
Ballyvaddy Aghaloo 242 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Ballyveeny Ballyclog 360 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Ballyward Donaghmore 148 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Ballywholan Ballyclog 387 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Ballywholan Clogher 2004 Clogher Clogher
Bancran Termonmaguirk 769 Omagh East Omagh
Bank Clogher 52 Clogher Clogher
Bardahessiagh Desertcreat 583 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Barnes Lower Bodoney Upper 446 Strabane Upper Gortin
Barnes Upper Bodoney Upper 628 Strabane Upper Gortin
Baronagh Donacavey 378 Omagh East Omagh
Barons Court Ardstraw 885 Strabane Lower Strabane
Barracktown (or Altmore) Pomeroy 117 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Barran Donaghedy 299 Strabane Lower Strabane
Barravey Longfield West 260 Omagh West Castlederg
Beagh Aghalurcher 109 Clogher Clogher
Beagh Ardstraw 386 Strabane Lower Strabane
Beagh Clogherny 445 Omagh East Omagh
Beagh Drumragh 291 Omagh East Omagh
Beagh-More Kildress 1883 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Beaghbeg Kildress 307 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Bearney Glebe Camus 612 Strabane Lower Strabane
Beigh Glebe Clogher 243 Clogher Clogher
Beleevna Beg Kildress 386 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Beleevna More Kildress 1637 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Bellmount or Ballynagowan Upper Ballyclog 202 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Bellsgrove (or Ballynagowan Lower Ballyclog 194 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Bellspark Urney 71 Strabane Lower Strabane
Belnaclogh Clogher 171 Clogher Clogher
Belnagarnan Donacavey 148 Clogher Omagh
Belragh Carnteel 193 Dungannon Lower Clogher
Beltany Cappagh 702 Strabane Upper Omagh
Beltany Clogher 469 Clogher Clogher
Beltonanean Kildress 856 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Beltrim Bodoney Lower 962 Strabane Upper Gortin
Benburb Clonfeacle Town Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Benburb Clonfeacle 185 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Beragh Cappagh 736 Strabane Upper Omagh
Beragh Clogherny Town Omagh East Omagh
Beragh Clogherny 481 Omagh East Omagh
Bernagh Killyman 174 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Berrysfort Urney 98 Omagh West Castlederg
Billary Longfield West 166 Omagh West Castlederg
Binbunniff Donaghedy 320 Strabane Lower Gortin
Binnafreaghan Bodoney Lower 1328 Strabane Upper Gortin
Binnawooda Ardstraw 517 Omagh West Castlederg
Binnelly Donaghedy 199 Strabane Lower Strabane
Birnaghs Ardstraw 455 Strabane Lower Strabane
Black Sessagh Drumragh 151 Omagh East Omagh
Blackfort Donacavey 183 Clogher Omagh
Blacklands Clogher 109 Clogher Clogher
Blacktown Tullyniskan 135 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Bloomhill Errigal Keerogue 71 Clogher Clogher
Bloomhill Demesne Tullyniskan 92 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Bloomry Ardstraw 17 Strabane Lower Gortin
Bockets Killeeshil 667 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Bodoney Dromore 331 Omagh East Omagh
Bodoney Kilskeery 506 Omagh East Enniskillen
Bogbane Killyman 148 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Boharagh Cappagh 194 Strabane Upper Omagh
Bohard Aghaloo 344 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Bolaght Ardstraw 692 Omagh West Castlederg
Boland Clonfeacle 190 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Bolies Clogher 418 Clogher Clogher
Bomackatall Lower Longfield West 1124 Omagh West Castlederg
Bomackatall Upper Longfield West 823 Omagh West Castlederg
Botera Lower Drumragh 311 Omagh East Omagh
Botera Upper Drumragh 357 Omagh East Omagh
Bovean Killyman 349 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Boyd's Farm Donaghenry 50 Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Brackagh Errigal Keerogue 313 Clogher Clogher
Brackagh Kilskeery 91 Omagh East Lowtherstown
Brackagh North Bodoney Lower 1446 Strabane Upper Gortin
Brackagh South Bodoney Lower 326 Strabane Upper Gortin
Brackaville Donaghenry 235 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Bracky Termonmaguirk 1122 Omagh East Omagh
Bradkeel Bodoney Upper 511 Strabane Upper Gortin
Branny Carnteel 228 Dungannon Lower Clogher
Branter Clogher 51 Clogher Clogher
Breakly Aghalurcher 111 Clogher Clogher
Breen Ardstraw 339 Strabane Lower Strabane
Bridgetown Urney 317 Omagh West Castlederg
Brigh Ballyclog 202 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Brocklis Ardstraw 349 Strabane Lower Strabane
Brookend Arboe / Ardboe 500 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Brossloy Clonfeacle 133 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Broughadowey Clonfeacle 289 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Broughderg Lissan 4239 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Brownhill Leckpatrick 125 Strabane Lower Strabane
Bullock Park Longfield West 398 Omagh West Castlederg
Bunderg Ardstraw 184 Strabane Lower Strabane
Bunnynubber Cappagh 157 Strabane Upper Omagh
Bunowen Donaghedy 508 Strabane Lower Strabane
Byturn Ardstraw 206 Strabane Lower Strabane
Cabragh Killeeshil 347 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Cabragh Kilskeery 825 Omagh East Lowtherstown
Cadian Clonfeacle 642 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Cady Desertcreat 104 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Cahoo Donaghenry 165 Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Caldrum Clogher 114 Clogher Clogher
Caledon Aghaloo Town Dungannon Lower Armagh
Caledon Aghaloo 232 Dungannon Lower Armagh
Calheme Camus 146 Strabane Lower Strabane
Calkill Cappagh 451 Strabane Upper Omagh
Camaghy Pomeroy 442 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Camderry Dromore 119 Omagh East Omagh
Camowen Cappagh 478 Omagh East Omagh
Campsie Cappagh 260 Omagh East Omagh
Camus Camus 392 Strabane Lower Strabane
 (East / West)
Pomeroy 464 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Cargagh Clogher 134 Clogher Clogher
Carnagat Clogher 446 Clogher Clogher
Carnagribban Donaghedy 329 Strabane Lower Strabane
Carnahinny Clogher 69 Clogher Clogher
Carnalea Donacavey 229 Clogher Omagh
Carnalea Dromore 530 Omagh East Omagh
Carnan Arboe / Ardboe 465 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Carnanransy Bodoney Lower 339 Strabane Upper Gortin
Carnargan Bodoney Upper 310 Strabane Upper Gortin
Carnarousk Donacavey 46 Clogher Omagh
Carnaveagh Ardstraw 102 Strabane Lower Gortin
Carncorran Glebe Ardstraw 243 Omagh West Castlederg
Carndreen Termonamongan 477 Omagh West Castlederg
Carnenny Desertcreat 305 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Carnkenny Ardstraw 629 Strabane Lower Strabane
Carnony Cappagh 185 Strabane Upper Omagh
Carnoughter Termonamongan 787 Omagh West Castlederg
Carntall Beg Clogher 96 Clogher Clogher
Carntall More Clogher 161 Clogher Clogher
Carnteel Carnteel Town Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Carnteel Carnteel 235 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Carony Longfield East 417 Omagh West Omagh
Carr Clogher 214 Clogher Clogher
Carracoghan Termonamongan 357 Omagh West Castlederg
Carradoo Glebe Longfield West 312 Omagh West Castlederg
Carradowa Glebe Longfield West 197 Omagh West Castlederg
Carran Errigal Keerogue 99 Clogher Clogher
Carran Kilskeery 458 Omagh East Lowtherstown
Carrick Longfield West 363 Omagh West Castlederg
Carrickadartan Ardstraw 130 Omagh West Castlederg
Carrickaholten Termonamongan 1030 Omagh West Castlederg
Carrickaness Longfield West 97 Omagh West Castlederg
Carrickatane Donaghedy 486 Strabane Lower Strabane
Carrickavoy Clogher 24 Clogher Clogher
Carrickavoy Errigal Trough 108 Clogher Clogher
Carrickayne Donaghedy 980 Strabane Lower Gortin
Carrickbwee Glebe Longfield West 278 Omagh West Castlederg
Carricklee Urney 237 Strabane Lower Strabane
Carricklongfield Aghaloo 443 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Carrickmore Termonmaguirk 915 Omagh East Omagh
Carrickone Urney 73 Strabane Lower Strabane
Carrigans Cappagh 859 Strabane Upper Omagh
Carrigullin Camus 497 Strabane Lower Strabane
Carrowbeg Clonfeacle 280 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Carrowcolman Clonfeacle 267 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Carrowoaghtragh Bodoney Upper 833 Strabane Upper Gortin
Carrycastle Clonfeacle 500 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Carryclogher Clogher 252 Clogher Clogher
Carryglass Donacavey 589 Clogher Omagh
Cashel Bodoney Lower 1261 Strabane Upper Gortin
Cashty Ardstraw 408 Strabane Lower Strabane
Casorna Bodoney Lower 558 Strabane Upper Gortin
Castle Farm Donaghenry 205 Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Castlebane Ardstraw 158 Omagh West Castlederg
Castlecaulfield Donaghmore Town Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Castlecraig Longfield West 545 Omagh West Castlederg
Castledamph Bodoney Upper 929 Strabane Upper Gortin
Castlederg Urney Town Omagh West Castlederg
Castlegore Urney 446 Omagh West Castlederg
Castlehill Demesne Clogher 149 Clogher Clogher
Castlemellan Donaghedy 457 Strabane Lower Strabane
Castlemervyn Demesne Kilskeery 363 Omagh East Lowtherstown
Castleroddy Glebe Cappagh 432 Strabane Upper Omagh
Castlesessagh Urney 165 Omagh West Castlederg
Castletown Cappagh 547 Strabane Upper Omagh
Castletown Carnteel 272 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Castletown Donacavey 215 Clogher Omagh
Castletown Leckpatrick 349 Strabane Lower Strabane
Castletown Urney 185 Strabane Lower Strabane
Castlewarren Donaghedy 797 Strabane Lower Strabane
Cattor Donacavey 192 Clogher Clogher
Cavan Clogher 199 Clogher Clogher
Cavan Donacavey 419 Omagh East Omagh
Cavan Killyman 219 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Cavan Urney 356 Omagh West Castlederg
Cavan O'Neill Carnteel 82 Dungannon Lower Clogher
Cavanacark Clogher 410 Clogher Clogher
Cavanacaw Drumragh 116 Omagh East Omagh
Cavanacaw Pomeroy 192 Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Cavanacaw Lower Drumragh 228 Omagh East Omagh
Cavanacaw Upper Drumragh 293 Omagh East Omagh
Cavanakeeran Pomeroy 894 Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Cavanalee Camus 1096 Strabane Lower Strabane
Cavanamara Kilskeery 484 Omagh East Lowtherstown
Cavanboy Aghaloo 120 Dungannon Lower Armagh
Cavancreagh Donaghedy 237 Strabane Lower Strabane
Cavandarragh Ardstraw 362 Strabane Lower Castlederg
Cavankilgreen Carnteel 414 Dungannon Lower Clogher
Cavano’neill Kildress 258 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Cavanreagh Termonmaguirk 670 Omagh East Omagh
Cavansallagh Longfield West 82 Omagh West Castlederg
Cavey Errigal Keerogue 217 Clogher Clogher
Church Hill Donaghedy 133 Strabane Lower Strabane
Clady Urney Town Strabane Lower Strabane
Clady Urney 173 Strabane Lower Strabane
Clady Blair Ardstraw 89 Strabane Lower Strabane
Clady Haliday Ardstraw 142 Strabane Lower Strabane
Clady Hood Ardstraw 151 Strabane Lower Strabane
Clady Johnston Ardstraw 118 Strabane Lower Strabane
Clady-sproul (or Liscreevaghan) Ardstraw 121 Strabane Lower Strabane
Clagernagh Termonamongan 833 Omagh West Castlederg
Claggan Artrea 83 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Claggan Derryloran 179 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Claggan Pomeroy 338 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Claggan North Donaghedy 428 Strabane Lower Strabane
Claggan South Donaghedy 330 Strabane Lower Gortin
Clanabogan Lower Drumragh 271 Omagh East Omagh
Clanabogan Upper Drumragh 233 Omagh East Omagh
Clananeese Glebe Donaghmore 162 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Claraghmore Longfield East 843 Omagh West Omagh
Clare Derryloran 154 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Clare Kildress 312 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Clare Termonmaguirk 377 Omagh East Omagh
Clare Upper Ardstraw 379 Omagh West Castlederg
Claremore Ardstraw 170 Omagh West Castlederg
Claremore Clogher 277 Clogher Clogher
Cleanally Errigal Keerogue 254 Clogher Clogher
Clintycracken Clonoe 125 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Clogfin Cappagh 811 Strabane Upper Omagh
Cloghboy Donaghedy 204 Strabane Lower Strabane
Cloghcor Leckpatrick 213 Strabane Lower Strabane
Clogher Clogher Town Clogher Clogher
Clogher Demesne Clogher 566 Clogher Clogher
Clogher Tenements Clogher 174 Clogher Clogher
Clogherny Clonfeacle 182 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Clogherny Donaghedy 819 Strabane Lower Gortin
Clogherny Glebe Bodoney Upper 973 Strabane Upper Gortin
Clogherny Glebe Lower Clogherny 159 Omagh East Omagh
Clogherny Glebe Upper Clogherny 766 Omagh East Omagh
Cloghfiin Donaghenry 97 Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Cloghfin Kildress 197 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Cloghfin Termonmaguirk 1815 Omagh East Omagh
Cloghlin Clogher 76 Clogher Clogher
Cloghog Clonoe 205 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Cloghog Lower Drumragh 238 Omagh East Omagh
Cloghog Upper Drumragh 162 Omagh East Omagh
Cloghogle Donaghedy 376 Strabane Lower Strabane
Cloghogle or Glenknock Ardstraw 560 Strabane Lower Gortin
Clonavaddy Donaghmore 590 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Clonbeg Clonfeacle 72 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Cloncandra Glebe Kilskeery 213 Omagh East Enniskillen
Cloneblaugh Clogher 308 Clogher Clogher
Clonfeacle Clonfeacle Town Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Clonferagh Kildress 175 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Clonmore Clonfeacle 114 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Clonteevy Clonfeacle 155 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Clontyclevin Killeeshil 214 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Clontyfallow Killeeshil 109 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Cloonty Ardstraw 324 Strabane Lower Strabane
Cloonycoppoge Clogher 203 Clogher Clogher
Clunahill Glebe Longfield West 404 Omagh West Castlederg
Cluntoe Quin Arboe / Ardboe 197 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Cluntoe Richardson Arboe / Ardboe 115 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Cluntydoon Derryloran 304 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Cluntyganny Lissan 264 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Coagh Tamlaght Town Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Coagh Tamlaght 616 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Coal Island Donaghenry Town Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Coal Island Tullyniskan Town Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Coash Killyman 152 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Cohannan Killyman 366 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Cole Clogher 1103 Clogher Clogher
Collow Longfield West 221 Omagh West Castlederg
Common Termonamongan 98 Omagh West Castlederg
Common Moss Donaghenry 23 Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Commons Carnteel 1 Dungannon Lower Clogher
Concess Ardstraw 232 Strabane Lower Strabane
Congo Drumglass 214 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Conywarren Cappagh 229 Strabane Upper Omagh
Cookstown Derryloran Town Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Cookstown Derryloran 217 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Coolageery Errigal Keerogue 142 Clogher Clogher
Coolaghy Ardstraw 133 Strabane Lower Strabane
Coolatinny Donaghenry 32 Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Coolavannagh Longfield West 1413 Omagh West Castlederg
Coolback Kilskeery 124 Omagh East Lowtherstown
Coolcreaghy Ardstraw 282 Omagh West Castlederg
Coolcush Clonfeacle 131 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Coole Clonoe 201 Dungannon Middle Dungarvan
Coolermoney Leckpatrick 307 Strabane Lower Strabane
Coolesker Clogherny 408 Omagh East Omagh
Cooley Termonmaguirk 367 Omagh East Omagh
Coolhill Drumglass 220 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Coolhill Killeeshil 333 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Coolkeeghan Derryloran 107 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Coolkeeragh Longfield East 548 Omagh West Omagh
Coolkill Clonfeacle 135 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Coolmaghery Donaghedy 469 Strabane Lower Strabane
Coolmaghry Pomeroy 212 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Coolnacrunaght Ardstraw 404 Omagh West Castlederg
Coolnafranky Derryloran 89 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Coolnagard Lower Drumragh 21 Omagh East Omagh
Coolnagard Upper Drumragh 130 Omagh East Omagh
Coolnahavil Derryloran 42 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Coolnaherin Park Ardstraw 81 Omagh West Castlederg
Coolreaghs Derryloran 262 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Coolreaghs Lissan 42 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Copney Termonmaguirk 1001 Omagh East Omagh
Corbally Donacavey 267 Clogher Omagh
Corbally Dromore 449 Omagh East Omagh
Corboe Clogher 686 Clogher Clogher
Corchoney Kildress 120 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Corcloghy Clogher 1150 Clogher Clogher
Corcreevy Clogher 179 Clogher Clogher
Corcreevy Demesne Clogher 134 Clogher Clogher
Corcreevy,(Part of) Clogher 8 Clogher Clogher
Corderry Carnteel 166 Dungannon Lower Clogher
Cordromedy Kilskeery 206 Omagh East Lowtherstown
Corgary Fifth (or First Croagh) Termonamongan 1236 Omagh West Castlederg
Corgary First Termonamongan 131 Omagh West Castlederg
Corgary Fourth (or Meenablagh) Termonamongan 766 Omagh West Castlederg
Corgary Second Termonamongan 176 Omagh West Castlederg
Corgary Sixth (or Second Croagh) Termonamongan 2411 Omagh West Castlederg
Corgary Third Termonamongan 360 Omagh West Castlederg
Corick Clogher 219 Clogher Clogher
Corickmore Bodoney Upper 249 Strabane Upper Gortin
Corkhill Clogher 163 Clogher Clogher
Corkhill Kildress 224 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Corkhill Kilskeery 248 Omagh East Lowtherstown
Corkhill Pomeroy 257 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Corkhill Demesne Clogher 81 Clogher Clogher
Corkragh Kilskeery 91 Omagh East Lowtherstown
Corlaghdergan Dromore 531 Omagh East Omagh
Corlea Drumragh 428 Omagh East Omagh
Corlea Kilskeery 158 Omagh East Lowtherstown
Corleaghan Clogher 872 Clogher Clogher
Cormore Clogher 492 Clogher Clogher
Cormullagh Clonfeacle 459 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Cornabracken Drumragh 39 Omagh East Omagh
Cornamaddy Pomeroy 576 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Cornamuck Dromore 318 Omagh East Omagh
Cornamucklagh Clogher 197 Clogher Clogher
Cornamucklagh Dromore 437 Omagh East Omagh
Cornamucklagh Drumglass 166 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Cornashesk Longfield West 234 Omagh West Castlederg
Cornavarrow Longfield East 1429 Omagh West Omagh
Corr Killyman 374 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Corradinna Drumragh 397 Omagh East Omagh
Corrainy Killyman 230 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Corramore Bodoney Upper 534 Strabane Upper Gortin
Corranarry Cappagh 424 Strabane Upper Omagh
Corrashesk Donacavey 152 Clogher Omagh
Corrasheskin Dromore 299 Omagh East Omagh
Corratary Bodoney Upper 394 Strabane Upper Gortin
Corrycroar Pomeroy 433 Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Corvanaghan Kildress 712 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Cottagequinn Donaghmore 281 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Coyagh Dromore 167 Omagh East Omagh
Coyagh Glebe Dromore 146 Omagh East Omagh
Craigatuke Bodoney Upper 481 Strabane Upper Gortin
Craigmonaghan (Funston) Urney 101 Omagh West Castlederg
Craigmonaghan (Nelson) Urney 192 Omagh West Castlederg
Craignagapple Leckpatrick 781 Strabane Lower Strabane
Craigs Derryloran 256 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Cranfield Derryloran 96 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Cranlome Killeeshil 1259 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Crannogue Pomeroy 759 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Cranny Cappagh 416 Strabane Upper Omagh
Cranny Donacavey 510 Omagh East Omagh
Cranny Dromore 185 Omagh East Omagh
Cranslough Carnteel 286 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Cratley Ballyclog 145 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Cravenny Irish Carnteel 146 Dungannon Lower Clogher
Cravenny Scotch Carnteel 175 Dungannon Lower Clogher
Creaghan Glebe Donaghedy 316 Strabane Lower Strabane
Creaghcor Donaghedy 232 Strabane Lower Strabane
Creeduff Termonamongan 574 Omagh West Castlederg
Creenagh Tullyniskan 465 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Creevagh Lissan 395 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Creevagh Lower Donaghmore 123 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Creevagh Upper Drumglass 109 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Creevangar (Alexander) Drumragh 138 Omagh East Omagh
Creevangar (White) Drumragh 47 Omagh East Omagh
Creevanmore (Crosby) Drumragh 37 Omagh East Omagh
Creevanmore (Hunter) Drumragh 99 Omagh East Omagh
Creeve Lissan 301 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Creeve Pomeroy 82 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Creeve (part of) Pomeroy 36 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Creevelough Aghaloo 889 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Creevenagh Cappagh 351 Omagh East Omagh
Creevy Ardstraw 408 Strabane Lower Castlederg
Creevy Lower Urney 113 Omagh West Castlederg
Creevy Upper Urney 237 Omagh West Castlederg
Creggan Termonmaguirk 4022 Omagh East Omagh
Cregganconroe Termonmaguirk 907 Omagh East Omagh
Creggandevesky Termonmaguirk 1458 Omagh East Omagh
Crew Clonfeacle 107 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Crew Errigal Keerogue 189 Clogher Clogher
Crew Lower Ardstraw 187 Strabane Lower Castlederg
Crew Upper Ardstraw 436 Strabane Lower Castlederg
Crigdenis Termonamongan 813 Omagh West Castlederg
Crighshane Termonamongan 992 Omagh West Castlederg
Crilly Aghaloo 445 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Crilly's Hill Termonamongan 226 Omagh West Castlederg
Croagh First (or Corgary Fifth) Termonamongan 1236 Omagh West Castlederg
Croagh Second (or Corgary Sixth) Termonamongan 2111 Omagh West Castlederg
Crockacleaven Aghalurcher 659 Clogher Clogher
Crockanboy Bodoney Lower 753 Strabane Upper Gortin
Crockatanty Bodoney Lower 479 Strabane Upper Gortin
Crocknafarbrague Donacavey 231 Clogher Omagh
Crocknahull Aghalurcher 87 Clogher Clogher
Cronghill Aghaloo 228 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Crosh Ardstraw 426 Strabane Lower Gortin
Crosh Cappagh 428 Strabane Upper Omagh
Croshballinree Ardstraw 79 Strabane Lower Gortin
Cross Glebe Desertcreat 109 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Crossan Kilskeery 367 Omagh East Lowtherstown
Crossboy Errigal Keerogue 95 Clogher Clogher
Crosscavanagh Pomeroy 268 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Crossdernot Pomeroy 280 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Crossowen Clogher 37 Clogher Clogher
Crossteely Clonfeacle 177 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Crouck Bodoney Lower 952 Strabane Upper Gortin
Crubinagh Clonfeacle 278 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Cruckaclady Bodoney Upper 372 Strabane Upper Gortin
Crucknamona Drumragh 60 Omagh East Omagh
Culbuck Drumragh 179 Omagh East Omagh
Culkeeran Clonfeacle 134 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Cullamor Errigal Trough 517 Clogher Clogher
Cullenbrone Errigal Keerogue 324 Clogher Clogher
Cullenfad Donaghmore 250 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Cullenramer Donaghmore 233 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Cullentra Aghalurcher 242 Clogher Clogher
Cullentra Killeeshil 188 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Culligan Aghaloo 98 Dungannon Lower Armagh
Cullion Cappagh 1117 Strabane Upper Omagh
Cullion Donaghedy 435 Strabane Lower Strabane
Cullion Tullyniskan 183 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Cullynane Aghalurcher 128 Clogher Clogher
Culmore Drumragh 160 Omagh East Omagh
Culnagor Killyman ?? Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Culnagrew Killyman 123 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Culnaha Errigal Keerogue 171 Clogher Clogher
Culrevog Clonfeacle 385 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Culvacullion Bodoney Lower 1102 Strabane Upper Gortin
Cumber Aghaloo 599 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Cumber Donacavey 189 Clogher Omagh
Curglassan Ballyclog 214 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Curlagh Aghaloo 365 Dungannon Lower Armagh
Curlonan Pomeroy 146 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Curly Dromore 221 Omagh East Omagh
Curr Clogherny 711 Omagh East Omagh
Curragh Glebe Longfield West 105 Omagh West Castlederg
Curraghamulkin Longfield West 1150 Omagh West Castlederg
Curraghinalt Bodoney Lower 526 Strabane Upper Gortin
Curraghmacall Longfield West 1088 Omagh West Castlederg
Curran Clonfeacle 105 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Curran Tullyniskan 180 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Dartans Urney 367 Omagh West Castlederg
Davagh Lower Lissan 974 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Davagh Upper Lissan 464 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Deer Park (Clarke) Drumragh 165 Omagh East Omagh
Deer Park Lower or Deer Park Old Ardstraw 170 Strabane Lower Strabane
Deer Park McCormick) Drumragh 118 Omagh East Omagh
Deer Park Middle Ardstraw 81 Strabane Lower Strabane
Deer Park Upper or Deer Park New Ardstraw 229 Strabane Lower Strabane
Demesne Aghaloo 594 Dungannon Lower Armagh
Dergalt Camus 488 Strabane Lower Strabane
Dergany (Maguire) Dromore 153 Omagh East Omagh
Dergany (Neville) Dromore 161 Omagh East Lowtherstown
Dergbrough Bodoney Upper 674 Strabane Upper Gortin
Dergenagh Killeeshil 437 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Dergmoney Lower Drumragh 234 Omagh East Omagh
Dergmoney Upper Drumragh 88 Omagh East Omagh
Dernabane Carnteel 372 Dungannon Lower Clogher
Dernaborey Carnteel 228 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Dernagh Clonoe 271 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Dernagilly Kilskeery 130 Omagh East Lowtherstown
Dernalebe Camus 419 Strabane Lower Strabane
Dernanaught Pomeroy 325 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Dernaseer Donaghmore 319 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Dernasell Errigal Trough 141 Clogher Clogher
Deroran Termonmaguirk 500 Omagh East Omagh
Derraghadon Drumglass 210 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Derries Clogher 105 Clogher Clogher
Derrinleagh Kildress 199 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Derroar Termonmaguirk 710 Omagh East Omagh
Derry Kilskeery 187 Omagh East Enniskillen
Derry Tullyniskan 263 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Derryallen Kilskeery 156 Omagh East Enniskillen
Derryallen Glebe Kilskeery 25 Omagh East Enniskillen
Derryalskea Donaghmore 147 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Derrybard Donacavey 319 Clogher Omagh
Derryclay Errigal Trough 152 Clogher Clogher
Derrycloony Errigal Trough 297 Clogher Clogher
Derrycourtney Aghaloo 101 Dungannon Lower Armagh
Derrycreevy Carnteel ?? Dungannon Lower ??
Derrycreevy Clonfeacle 328 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Derrycreevy Clonfeacle 306 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Derrycreevy (Knox) Clonfeacle 118 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Derrycrin (Conyngham) Ballinderry 515 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Derrycrin (Eglish) Ballinderry 515 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Derrycush Carnteel 229 Dungannon Lower Clogher
Derrydrummond Clogher 155 Clogher Clogher
Derryfubble Clonfeacle 118 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Derrygally Killyman 180 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Derrygally Demesne Killyman 77 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Derrygonigan Artrea 214 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Derrygooly Aghaloo 108 Dungannon Lower Armagh
Derrygoon Ardstraw 498 Strabane Lower Castlederg
Derrygoonan Clonfeacle 178 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Derrygortanea Desertcreat 252 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Derrygortrevy Clonfeacle 250 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Derryhash Desertcreat 104 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Derryhoar Donaghmore 171 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Derrykeel and Gortlenaghan Donaghmore 401 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Derrykintone Aghaloo 46 Dungannon Lower Armagh
Derrylappen Aghaloo 220 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Derrylattinee Clonfeacle 391 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Derrylea Kilskeery 170 Omagh West Enniskillen
Derryloran or Kirkstown Derryloran 174 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Derryloughan Clonoe 1751 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Derrymacanna Kilskeery 147 Omagh East Lowtherstown
Derrymeen Errigal Keerogue 203 Clogher Clogher
Derrymeen Killyman 205 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Derrynascobe Clogher 139 Clogher Clogher
Derrynaseer Dromore 280 Omagh East Omagh
Derryoghill Clonfeacle 349 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Derryraghan Desertcreat 170 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Derrytresk Clonoe 1020 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Derryveen Donaghmore 202 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Derrywinnin Glebe Tullyniskan 115 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Desert Leckpatrick 377 Strabane Lower Strabane
Desertcreat Desertcreat 123 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Devaghroy Clogherny 591 Omagh East Omagh
Divanagh Clogher 94 Clogher Clogher
Domhnach Eich Donaghenry 258 Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Donacavey Donacavey 38 Clogher Omagh
Donaghanie Clogherny 1217 Omagh East Omagh
Donaghenry Donaghenry 152 Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Donaghmore Donaghmore Town Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Donaghmore Donaghmore 91 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Donaghmoyne Clogher 174 Clogher Clogher
Donaghrisk Desertcreat 239 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Donnydeade Clonfeacle 163 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Donnygowan Urney 53 Strabane Lower Strabane
Doocrock Dromore 426 Omagh East Lowtherstown
Doogary Drumragh 303 Omagh East Omagh
Doogary Kilskeery 295 Omagh East Lowtherstown
Dooish Longfield West 845 Omagh West Castlederg
Doolargy Carnteel 313 Dungannon Lower Clogher
Doons Kildress 262 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Dooragh Donaghenry 107 Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Doorat Donaghedy 929 Strabane Lower Gortin
Doorless Derryloran 106 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Doras Tullyniskan 9 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Douglas (or Ligfordrum) Ardstraw 3883 Strabane Lower Strabane
Downs Desertcreat 156 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Drain Clonfeacle 125 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Drain Donaghedy 459 Strabane Lower Strabane
Draughton Donacavey 286 Clogher Omagh
Dredolt & Dristernan Donaghmore 293 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Dreemore Killyman 248 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Dreenan Termonamongan 459 Omagh West Castlederg
Dreigh Kilskeery 243 Omagh East Enniskillen
Dressoge Dromore 202 Omagh East Omagh
Dressoge Longfield East 844 Omagh West Omagh
Dristernan and Dredolt Donaghmore 292 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Droit Bodoney Lower 768 Strabane Upper Gortin
Dromore Aghaloo 349 Dungannon Lower Armagh
Dromore Arboe / Ardboe 354 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Dromore Dromore Town Omagh East Omagh
Dromore Dromore 157 Omagh East Omagh
Dromore Lower Clogher 262 Clogher Clogher
Dromore Middle Clogher 409 Clogher Clogher
Dromore Upper Clogher 226 Clogher Clogher
Drone Carnteel 104 Dungannon Lower Clogher
Drudgeon Drumragh 168 Omagh East Omagh
Drum Drumragh 361 Omagh East Omagh
Drum Kildress 237 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Drumad Tamlaght 421 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Drumadarragh Errigal Trough 148 Clogher Clogher
Drumagullion Donaghenry 256 Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Drumanuey Clonfeacle 132 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Drumard Arboe / Ardboe 196 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Drumard Derryloran 337 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Drumard Tullyniskan 108 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Drumard Cross Killyman 50 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Drumard Glebe Killyman 67 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Drumardnagross Kilskeery 326 Omagh East Lowtherstown
Drumash Kilskeery 141 Omagh East Enniskillen
Drumaslaghy Carnteel 200 Dungannon Lower Clogher
Drumaspil Killyman 177 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Drumay Clonfeacle 212 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Drumballyhugh Desertcreat 217 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Drumbanaway Ballyclog 193 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Drumbarley Longfield East 228 Omagh West Omagh
Drumbearn Donaghmore 169 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Drumbinnion Kilskeery 258 Omagh East Lowtherstown
Drumbulgan Ballyclog 54 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Drumcart Clonfeacle 203 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Drumclamph Ardstraw 458 Strabane Lower Castlederg
Drumconnelly Drumragh 357 Omagh East Omagh
Drumconnis Dromore 108 Omagh East Omagh
Drumconor Pomeroy 278 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Drumconway Tamlaght 539 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Drumcoo Drumglass 509 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Drumcorke Errigal Keerogue 87 Clogher Clogher
Drumcraw Derryloran 159 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Drumcrow Killyman 343 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Drumcullion Errigal Keerogue 183 Clogher Clogher
Drumderg Clonfeacle 105 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Drumderg Glebe Dromore 365 Omagh East Omagh
Drumdran Kilskeery 223 Omagh East Enniskillen
Drumduff Termonmaguirk 1046 Omagh East Omagh
Drumeagle Urney 145 Strabane Lower Strabane
Drumearn Aghaloo 342 Dungannon Lower Clogher
Drumearn Derryloran 247 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Drumenagh Killyman 162 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Drumenny Big Donaghedy 307 Strabane Lower Strabane
Drumenny Conyngham Arboe / Ardboe 482 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Drumenny Little Donaghedy 132 Strabane Lower Strabane
Drumenny Stewart Arboe / Ardboe 170 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Drumess Aghaloo 128 Dungannon Lower Armagh
Drumey Donaghenry 67 Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Drumey Tullyniskan 90 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Drumfad Killeeshil 335 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Drumflugh Clonfeacle 306 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Drumgallan Longfield West 459 Omagh West Castlederg
Drumgarrell Derryloran 289 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Drumgauty Donaghedy 246 Strabane Lower Strabane
Drumgold Clonfeacle 153 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Drumgormal Clonfeacle 153 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Drumgormal Donaghenry 235 Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Drumgose Clonfeacle 137 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Drumgrannon Clonfeacle 186 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Drumgrass Lissan 148 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Drumharriff Drumglass 35 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Drumharvey Kilskeery 707 Omagh East Lowtherstown
Drumhirk Clogher 159 Clogher Clogher
Drumhirk Donaghmore 209 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Drumhirk Glebe Clogher 81 Clogher Clogher
Drumhonish Longfield East 151 Omagh West Omagh
Drumhorrik Killyman 132 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Drumhubbert Arboe / Ardboe 100 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Drumkee Killyman 285 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Drumkern Ballyclog 295 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Drumlagher Donacavey 161 Clogher Omagh
Drumlea Bodoney Lower 670 Strabane Upper Gortin
Drumlee Clonfeacle 218 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Drumlegagh Ardstraw 847 Strabane Lower Strabane
Drumlester Termonmaguirk 719 Omagh East Omagh
Drumlish Dromore 375 Omagh East Omagh
Drummahon Termonamongan 510 Omagh West Castlederg
Drummallard Dromore 212 Omagh East Omagh
Drumman Donaghedy 330 Strabane Lower Strabane
Drummenagh Longfield West 238 Omagh West Castlederg
Drummerrer Clonoe 288 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Drummillard Desertcreat 176 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Drummond Aghaloo 266 Dungannon Lower Clogher
Drummond Clonfeacle 566 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Drummond Derryloran 15 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Drummond Donacavey 234 Clogher Omagh
Drummond Pomeroy 321 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Drummuck Killyman 83 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Drumnabey Ardstraw 413 Omagh West Castlederg
Drumnaboy Camus 327 Strabane Lower Strabane
Drumnacross Lower Kildress 190 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Drumnacross Upper Kildress 69 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Drumnafern Donaghmore 306 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Drumnaforbe Longfield East 288 Omagh West Omagh
Drumnaglogh Kildress 257 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Drumnahoe Ardstraw 315 Strabane Lower Strabane
Drumnakilly Termonmaguirk 1352 Strabane Upper Omagh
Drumnamalra Longfield West 266 Omagh West Castlederg
Drumnamalta Errigal Keerogue 112 Clogher Clogher
Drumnamalta Kildress 107 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Drumnamoless Clonfeacle 197 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Drumnashaloge Clonfeacle 123 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Drumnaspah Lower Bodoney Upper 591 Strabane Upper Gortin
Drumnaspah Upper Bodoney Upper 282 Strabane Upper Gortin
Drumnastrade Clonfeacle 192 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Drumowen Longfield West 302 Omagh West Castlederg
Drumquin Longfield East Town Omagh West Omagh
Drumquin Longfield West Town Omagh West Castlederg
Drumquin Longfield West 398 Omagh West Castlederg
Drumragh (Caldwell) Drumragh 370 Omagh East Omagh
Drumragh (J. McCausland) Drumragh 45 Omagh East Omagh
Drumragh (P. McCausland) Drumragh 207 Omagh East Omagh
Drumraw Desertcreat 146 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Drumrawn Longfield East 494 Omagh West Omagh
Drumreagh Etra Tullyniskan 179 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Drumreagh Otra Tullyniskan 186 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Drumreany Donaghmore 183 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Drumscra Longfield West 248 Omagh West Castlederg
Drumshanbo Glebe Kildress 871 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Drumshanly Drumragh 202 Omagh East Omagh
Drumsheil Dromore 251 Omagh East Omagh
Drumskinny Clonfeacle 64 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Drumskinny Dromore 793 Omagh East Omagh
Drumsonnus Kilskeery 391 Omagh East Lowtherstown
Drumwhisker Donacavey 175 Clogher Omagh
Dullaghan Dromore 697 Omagh East Omagh
Dullerton Donaghedy 185 Strabane Lower Strabane
Dunamony Clonfeacle 351 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Dunbiggan Clogher 295 Clogher Clogher
Dunbreen Cappagh 484 Strabane Upper Omagh
Dunbunrawer Bodoney Lower 942 Strabane Upper Gortin
Dundivin Glebe Donacavey 486 Clogher Omagh
Dungannon Drumglass Town Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Dungate Kildress 346 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Dungoran Donacavey 305 Clogher Omagh
Dungorman Killyman 162 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Dungororan Pomeroy 262 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Dunmacmay Aghaloo 305 Dungannon Lower Armagh
Dunmisk Termonmaguirk 235 Omagh East Omagh
Dunmore Lissan 999 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Dunmoyle Errigal Keerogue 587 Clogher Clogher
Dunmullan Cappagh 261 Strabane Upper Omagh
Dunnalong Donaghedy 29 Strabane Lower Strabane
Dunnamanagh Donaghedy Town Strabane Lower Strabane
Dunnamanagh Donaghedy 130 Strabane Lower Strabane
Dunnamona Donacavey 523 Omagh East Omagh
Dunnamona Glebe Donacavey 216 Clogher Omagh
Dunnamore Kildress 876 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Dunnaree Longfield West 239 Omagh West Castlederg
Dunnyboe Donaghedy 519 Strabane Lower Strabane
Dunrevan Ardstraw 260 Strabane Lower Castlederg
Dunseark Clonfeacle 181 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Dunteige Ardstraw 644 Strabane Lower Omagh
Dunwish Drumragh 256 Omagh East Omagh
Durless Black Errigal Trough 197 Clogher Clogher
Durless White Errigal Trough 143 Clogher Clogher
Dutless Artrea 169 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Dyan Aghaloo 149 Dungannon Lower Armagh
Eary Lower Arboe / Ardboe 120 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Eary Upper Ballyclog 133 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Ecclesville Demesne Donacavey 229 Clogher Omagh
Eden Donaghedy 250 Strabane Lower Strabane
Eden Back Bodoney Upper 563 Strabane Upper Gortin
Eden Fore Bodoney Upper 414 Strabane Upper Gortin
Eden Mill Bodoney Upper 30 Strabane Upper Gortin
Edenacrannon Donaghmore 270 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Edenafogry Donacavey 213 Omagh East Omagh
Edenageeragh Aghaloo 334 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Edenagon Dromore 223 Omagh East Lowtherstown
Edenasop Termonamongan 274 Omagh West Castlederg
Edenasop East Donacavey 23 Clogher Omagh
Edenasop West Donacavey 25 Clogher Omagh
Edenatoodry Donacavey 288 Clogher Omagh
Edenderry Cappagh 326 Omagh East Omagh
Edendoit Desertcreat 350 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Edendork Tullyniskan 111 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Edenmore Errigal Trough 30 Clogher Clogher
Edenreagh Termonamongan 630 Omagh West Castlederg
Edentiloan Carnteel 243 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Edergole Clogher 1094 Clogher Clogher
Edergoole Lower Drumragh 268 Omagh East Omagh
Edergoole Upper Drumragh 329 Omagh East Omagh
Edernagh Artrea 168 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Ednashanlaght Longfield West 93 Omagh West Castlederg
Edymore Camus 951 Strabane Lower Strabane
Effernan Glebe Kilskeery 521 Omagh East Enniskillen
Eglish (or The Gort) Ballinderry 74 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Elagh Arboe / Ardboe 329 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Elagh Camus 578 Strabane Lower Strabane
Enagh Aghaloo 194 Dungannon Lower Armagh
Ennish Killeeshil 174 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Enniskillen Artrea 243 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Envagh Ardstraw 1147 Strabane Lower Strabane
Erganagh Ardstraw 498 Strabane Lower Castlederg
Erganagh Glebe Cappagh 573 Strabane Upper Omagh
Errigal Errigal Keerogue 570 Clogher Clogher
Esker Dromore 515 Omagh East Omagh
Eskeradooey Cappagh 563 Strabane Upper Omagh
Eskerboy Termonmaguirk 231 Omagh East Omagh
Eskermore Clogher 347 Clogher Clogher
Eskermore Clogherny 318 Omagh East Omagh
Eskernabrogue Clogher 269 Clogher Clogher
Eskragh Clogher 532 Clogher Clogher
Eskragh Donaghmore 292 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Eskragh Killeeshil 270 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Essan Termonamongan 630 Omagh West Castlederg
Evish Camus 870 Strabane Lower Strabane
Evishacrancussy Kildress 629 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Evishanoran Kildress 743 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Evishbrack Kildress 426 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Faccary Cappagh 1766 Strabane Upper Omagh
Fallagh Lower Bodoney Lower 487 Strabane Upper Gortin
Fallagh Middle Bodoney Lower 439 Strabane Upper Gortin
Fallagh Upper Bodoney Lower 192 Strabane Upper Gortin
Fallaghearn Donacavey 168 Omagh East Omagh
Fallaghearn Errigal Keerogue 1628 Clogher Clogher
Fardross Demesne Clogher 173 Clogher Clogher
Fardross Mountain Clogher 985 Clogher Clogher
Farlough Tullyniskan 369 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Farranetra Clogher 129 Clogher Clogher
Farrest Cappagh 181 Strabane Upper Omagh
Farriter Killeeshil 271 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Farsnagh Arboe / Ardboe 199 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Fasglashagh Killeeshil 501 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Favor Royal Demense Errigal Trough 670 Clogher Clogher
Fawney Donaghedy 357 Strabane Lower Strabane
Feagh Arboe / Ardboe 58 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Feddan Errigal Keerogue 119 Clogher Clogher
Feegarran Derryloran 289 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Feegarran Lissan ?? Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Feenan Donacavey 154 Clogher Omagh
Feglish Kilskeery 366 Omagh East Lowtherstown
Fernagh Cappagh 216 Strabane Upper Omagh
Fernaghandrum Clogher 537 Clogher Clogher
Fernamenagh Errigal Keerogue 103 Clogher Clogher
Ferney Kilskeery 404 Omagh East Lowtherstown
Feroy Donaghmore 162 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Fifth Corgary (or First Croagh) Termonamongan 1236 Omagh West Castlederg
Findermore Clogher 195 Clogher Clogher
Findrum Errigal Keerogue 221 Clogher Clogher
Finglush Aghaloo 123 Dungannon Lower Armagh
Finnelly Clonfeacle 159 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Fintona Donacavey 17 Clogher Omagh
Fintonagh Donacavey Town Clogher Omagh
Finulagh Donaghmore 162 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Finvey Desertcreat 94 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Fireagh (Cochrane) Drumragh 91 Omagh East Omagh
Fireagh (Gardiner) Drumragh 82 Omagh East Omagh
Fireagh (Thompson) Drumragh 137 Omagh East Omagh
First Croagh (or Fifth Corgary) Termonamongan 1236 Omagh West Castlederg
Fivemiletown Clogher Town Clogher Clogher
Fivemiletown Clogher 231 Clogher Clogher
Flushtown Urney 116 Strabane Lower Strabane
Fogart Clogher 281 Clogher Clogher
Foremass Lower Errigal Keerogue 360 Clogher Clogher
Foremass Upper Errigal Keerogue 729 Clogher Clogher
Formil Bodoney Lower 2691 Strabane Upper Gortin
Fort-town Urney 57 Strabane Lower Strabane
Fourth Corgary (or Meenablagh) Termonamongan 766 Omagh West Castlederg
Foygh Donaghmore 150 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Freughlough Urney 592 Omagh West Castlederg
Freughmore Clogher 244 Clogher Clogher
Freughmore Donacavey 339 Clogher Omagh
Freughmore Drumragh 466 Omagh East Omagh
Fyfin Ardstraw 282 Strabane Lower Castlederg
Fyfin Leckpatrick 222 Strabane Lower Strabane
Fymore Mourtray Errigal Trough 118 Clogher Clogher
Fymore Todd Errigal Trough 113 Clogher Clogher
Galbally Cappagh 140 Omagh East Omagh
Galbally Dromore 390 Omagh East Lowtherstown
Galbally Pomeroy 258 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Galcussagh Desertcreat 234 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Gallagh Errigal Trough 144 Clogher Clogher
Gallan Lower Ardstraw 343 Strabane Lower Gortin
Gallan Upper Ardstraw 954 Strabane Lower Gortin
Gallanagh Derryloran 65 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Gallany Urney 296 Strabane Lower Strabane
Galvally Donaghenry ?? Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Gammy Drumragh 138 Omagh East Omagh
Ganvaghan Hemphill Urney 446 Omagh West Castlederg
Ganvaghan Kyle Urney 54 Omagh West Castlederg
Ganvaghan Semple Urney 272 Omagh West Castlederg
Gardrum Dromore 247 Omagh East Omagh
Gargadis Kilskeery 252 Omagh East Lowtherstown
Gargrim Donacavey 217 Clogher Omagh
Garlaw Clogher 177 Clogher Clogher
Garrison Glebe Longfield West 262 Omagh West Castlederg
Gartagher Longfield East 51 Omagh West Omagh
Garvagh Bodoney Lower 1213 Strabane Upper Gortin
Garvagh Bodoney Upper 859 Strabane Upper Gortin
Garvagh Donaghmore 265 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Garvagh Drumragh 303 Omagh East Omagh
Garvagh Termonamongan 957 Omagh West Castlederg
Garvagh Blane Termonamongan 357 Omagh West Castlederg
Garvagh Pullans Termonamongan 214 Omagh West Castlederg
Garvaghullion Longfield East 640 Omagh West Omagh
Garvaghy Cappagh 312 Omagh East Omagh
Garvaghy Clonfeacle 140 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Garvaghy Errigal Keerogue 1533 Clogher Clogher
Garvaghy Kilskeery 199 Omagh East Lowtherstown
Garvallagh Donacavey 507 Clogher Omagh
Garvetagh Lower Ardstraw 308 Omagh West Castlederg
Garvetagh Upper Ardstraw 367 Omagh West Castlederg
Garvey Carnteel 310 Dungannon Lower Clogher
Gillygooly Drumragh 434 Omagh East Omagh
Glack Carnteel 411 Dungannon Lower Clogher
Glasdrummond Aghaloo 357 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Glashygolgan Bodoney Upper 516 Strabane Upper Gortin
Glasmullagh Ardstraw 713 Strabane Lower Omagh
Glasmullagh Donaghmore 255 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Glasmullagh Kildress 69 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Glasmullagh North Kilskeery 195 Omagh East Lowtherstown
Glasmullagh South Kilskeery 111 Omagh East Enniskillen
Glebe Derryloran 74 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Glebe Leckpatrick 196 Strabane Lower Strabane
Glebe Longfield East 41 Omagh West Omagh
Glebe Termonamongan 33 Omagh West Castlederg
Glebe Urney 281 Strabane Lower Strabane
Glebe (Artrea) Artrea 45 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Glebe (Donaghenry) Donaghenry 49 Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Glebe (Old) Urney 189 Strabane Lower Strabane
Glebe Farm Clonoe 11 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Glen Upper Termonmaguirk 320 Omagh East Omagh
Glenadush Donaghmore 239 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Glenarb Aghaloo 191 Dungannon Lower Armagh
Glenarny Kildress 179 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Glenbeg Pomeroy 322 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Glenburrisk Pomeroy 186 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Glenchiel Bodoney Upper 1514 Strabane Upper Gortin
Glenchuil Errigal Keerogue 662 Clogher Clogher
Glencon Tullyniskan 323 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Glencoppogagh Bodoney Upper 1079 Strabane Upper Gortin
Glencordial Cappagh 1340 Strabane Upper Omagh
Glencosh Donaghedy 354 Strabane Lower Strabane
Glencrew Aghaloo 150 Dungannon Lower Clogher
Glencull Killeeshil 241 Dungannon Lower Clogher
Glendavagh Aghaloo 588 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Gleneeny Termonmaguirk 586 Omagh East Omagh
Glenerin Bodoney Upper 2014 Strabane Upper Gortin
Glenga Bodoney Upper 579 Strabane Upper Gortin
Glengarrow Donaghedy 996 Strabane Lower Gortin
Glengawna Cappagh 850 Strabane Upper Omagh
Glengeen Dromore 1044 Omagh East Omagh
Glenglush Ardstraw 373 Strabane Lower Castlederg
Glenhoy Clogher 152 Clogher Clogher
Glenkeen Aghaloo 468 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Glenknock (or Cloghogle) Ardstraw 560 Strabane Lower Gortin
Glenlark Bodoney Lower 3140 Strabane Upper Gortin
Glenmacoffer Bodoney Lower 2703 Strabane Upper Gortin
Glennageeragh Clogher 359 Clogher Clogher
Glennagoorland Glebe Donaghedy 691 Strabane Lower Strabane
Glennan Donacavey 217 Omagh East Omagh
Glennoo Clogher 1713 Clogher Clogher
Glenroan Bodoney Upper 2153 Strabane Upper Gortin
Glenroe Carnteel 93 Dungannon Lower Clogher
Glentimon Urney 317 Strabane Lower Strabane
Glentown Urney 230 Strabane Lower Strabane
Gloudstown Donaghedy 131 Strabane Lower Strabane
Gobnascale Donaghedy 208 Strabane Lower Strabane
Golan Cappagh 245 Strabane Upper Omagh
Golan Carnteel 682 Dungannon Lower Clogher
Golan Dromore 280 Omagh East Omagh
Golan Adams Ardstraw 87 Omagh West Castlederg
Golan Glebe Kilskeery 463 Omagh East Enniskillen
Golan Hunter Ardstraw 77 Omagh West Castlederg
Golan Sproul Ardstraw 180 Omagh West Castlederg
Golandun Dolan Termonamongan 447 Omagh West Castlederg
Golandun McHugh Termonamongan 538 Omagh West Castlederg
Goles Bodoney Upper 4255 Strabane Upper Gortin
Gorestown Clonfeacle 315 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Gorey Donaghmore 280 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Gort Clonfeacle 463 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Gort Errigal Keerogue 297 Clogher Clogher
Gortacar (Doris) Desertcreat 227 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Gortacar (Glassy) Desertcreat 62 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Gortaclady Kildress 302 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Gortaclare Clogherny 151 Omagh East Omagh
Gortaclare Donaghedy 365 Strabane Lower Strabane
Gortacloghan Donaghenry 60 Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Gortagammon Donaghenry 120 Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Gortagowan Desertcreat 99 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Gortalowry Derryloran 281 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Gortatray Donaghenry 169 Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Gortatray Bog Donaghenry 8 Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Gortavale Desertcreat 354 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Gortavea Donaghedy 256 Strabane Lower Strabane
Gortavilly Desertcreat 152 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Gortavoy Pomeroy 105 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Gortfad Desertcreat 139 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Gortfad Glebe Desertcreat 185 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Gortfin Termonmaguirk 197 Omagh East Omagh
Gortfinbar Termonmaguirk 1028 Omagh East Omagh
Gortgonis Tullyniskan 363 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Gortgranagh Cappagh 222 Strabane Upper Omagh
Gorticashel Lower Bodoney Lower 1009 Strabane Upper Gortin
Gorticashel Upper Bodoney Lower 723 Strabane Upper Gortin
Gorticrum Irish Leckpatrick 126 Strabane Lower Strabane
Gorticrum Scotch Leckpatrick 191 Strabane Lower Strabane
Gortigal Arboe / Ardboe 217 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Gortileck Donaghedy 427 Strabane Lower Strabane
Gortin Bodoney Lower Town Strabane Upper Gortin
Gortin Bodoney Lower 706 Strabane Upper Gortin
Gortin Derryloran 62 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Gortin Tullyniskan 202 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Gortinagin Cappagh 586 Strabane Upper Omagh
Gortindarragh Desertcreat 233 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Gortindarragh Pomeroy 297 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Gortlenaghan & Derrykeel Donaghmore 401 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Gortlogher Urney 309 Strabane Lower Strabane
Gortmellan Donaghedy 574 Strabane Lower Strabane
Gortmerron Clonfeacle 303 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Gortmerron Drumglass 140 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Gortmessan Donaghedy 175 Strabane Lower Strabane
Gortmonly Donaghedy 255 Strabane Lower Strabane
Gortmore Clogher 216 Clogher Clogher
Gortmore Drumragh 219 Omagh East Omagh
Gortnacreagh Cappagh 451 Strabane Upper Omagh
Gortnagarn Pomeroy 844 Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Gortnaglogh Clonoe 182 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Gortnaglush Donaghmore 129 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Gortnagola Pomeroy 187 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Gortnagross Kildress 150 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Gortnagross Termonamongan 442 Omagh West Castlederg
Gortnagwyg Arboe / Ardboe 128 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Gortnaskea Ballyclog 159 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Gortnaskea Tullyniskan 46 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Gortnasoal Glebe Longfield West 298 Omagh West Castlederg
Gortrea Killyman 125 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Gortreagh Derryloran 133 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Gortreagh Kildress 776 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Gortrush Drumragh 106 Omagh East Omagh
Gortshalgan Killyman 217 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Gowshill Donaghenry 85 Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Granagh Termonmaguirk 771 Omagh East Omagh
Grange Ardstraw 802 Strabane Lower Strabane
Grange Clonfeacle 518 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Grange Desertcreat Town Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Grange Desertcreat 298 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Grange Errigal Keerogue 338 Clogher Clogher
Grange Foyle Donaghedy 593 Strabane Lower Strabane
Grange Mountain Bar or Ashfield Clogher 1926 Clogher Clogher
Grange or Ashfield Clogher 102 Clogher Clogher
Green Hill Demesne Errigal Keerogue 254 Clogher Clogher
Greenan Bodoney Lower 310 Strabane Upper Gortin
Greenan Dromore 1306 Omagh East Omagh
Greenan Kilskeery 337 Omagh East Enniskillen
Greenbrae Leckpatrick 110 Strabane Lower Strabane
Greenlaw Leckpatrick 158 Strabane Lower Strabane
Grenville Clonfeacle Town Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Grenville Donaghmore Town Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Guiness Aghaloo 145 Dungannon Lower Armagh
Gulladoo Donacavey 197 Omagh East Omagh
Gunnell Clogher 88 Clogher Clogher
Hackincon Kilskeery 173 Omagh East Lowtherstown
Halftown Errigal Keerogue 76 Clogher Clogher
High Cross Donaghenry 181 Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Hill Head Longfield West 48 Omagh West Castlederg
Hollyhill Leckpatrick 629 Strabane Lower Strabane
Hunterstown Urney 37 Strabane Lower Strabane
Inchenay Urney 174 Strabane Lower Strabane
Inchenny Upper Urney 169 Strabane Lower Strabane
Inisclan Cappagh 449 Strabane Upper Omagh
Inisclan Urney 363 Strabane Lower Strabane
Inishative Termonmaguirk 1466 Omagh East Omagh
Inishmagh Carnteel 289 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Innevall Donaghenry 191 Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Keady Errigal Keerogue 212 Clogher Clogher
Keadycam Bodoney Upper 588 Strabane Upper Gortin
Kedew Aghaloo 250 Dungannon Lower Armagh
Keenaghan Kildress 731 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Keenaghan Killyman 180 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Keenaghan Leckpatrick 1377 Strabane Lower Strabane
Keenogue Kilskeery 268 Omagh East Lowtherstown
Keerin Bodoney Lower 430 Strabane Upper Gortin
Kennystown Urney 102 Strabane Lower Strabane
Kerrib Pomeroy 435 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Kilcam Clogherny 203 Omagh East Omagh
Kilclay Clogher 215 Clogher Clogher
Kilclean Urney 907 Omagh West Castlederg
Kilcoony Ballyclog 80 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Kilcootry Donacavey 274 Clogher Omagh
Kilcroagh Urney 351 Omagh West Castlederg
Kilcronagh Derryloran 184 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Kildress Lower Kildress 198 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Kildress Upper Kildress 82 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Kildrum Dromore 405 Omagh East Omagh
Kilgort Donacavey 295 Clogher Omagh
Kilgowney Aghaloo 113 Dungannon Lower Armagh
Kilgreen Lower Errigal Keerogue 88 Clogher Clogher
Kilgreen Upper Errigal Keerogue 73 Clogher Clogher
Kilknock Kilskeery 296 Omagh East Enniskillen
Kill Aghalurcher 652 Clogher Clogher
Killadroy Clogherny 665 Omagh East Omagh
Killaney Lower Clogher 101 Clogher Clogher
Killaney Upper Clogher 49 Clogher Clogher
Killary Glebe Clonoe 119 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Killaveney Errigal Trough 218 Clogher Clogher
Killeen Ardstraw 466 Strabane Lower Strabane
Killeen Clonoe 164 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Killeenan Kildress 1513 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Killeeshil Killeeshil 521 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Killen Longfield West 356 Omagh West Castlederg
Killen Far Termonamongan 327 Omagh West Castlederg
Killen Near Termonamongan 279 Omagh West Castlederg
Killenny Donaghedy 225 Strabane Lower Strabane
Killeter Termonamongan 427 Omagh West Castlederg
Killey Pomeroy 352 Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Killins Cappagh 926 Strabane Upper Omagh
Killinure Cappagh 437 Strabane Upper Omagh
Killoan Longfield West 941 Omagh West Castlederg
Killoon Ballyclog 131 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Killucan Kildress 1503 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Killyberry Donacavey 205 Clogher Omagh
Killyblunick Glebe Kilskeery 418 Omagh East Enniskillen
Killybrack Cappagh 541 Strabane Upper Omagh
Killybracken Clonfeacle 334 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Killybrackey Drumglass 193 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Killycanavan Lower Arboe / Ardboe 84 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Killycanavan Upper Arboe / Ardboe 145 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Killyclogher Cappagh 300 Strabane Upper Omagh
Killyclooney Donaghedy 768 Strabane Lower Strabane
Killycolp Desertcreat 113 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Killycolpy Arboe / Ardboe 746 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Killycorran Clogher 105 Clogher Clogher
Killycurragh Cappagh 449 Strabane Upper Omagh
Killycurragh Derryloran 773 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Killycurry Donaghedy 150 Strabane Lower Strabane
Killydart Ardstraw 469 Strabane Lower Strabane
Killyfaddy Clogher 154 Clogher Clogher
Killyfuddy Kilskeery 195 Omagh East Lowtherstown
Killygarvan Desertcreat 139 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Killygarvan Donaghenry ?? Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Killygavanagh Donaghmore 68 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Killygonlan Arboe / Ardboe 513 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Killygordon Clogher 581 Clogher Clogher
Killyharry Glebe Donaghmore 255 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Killylack Glebe Drumglass 55 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Killylevin Donaghmore 255 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Killyliss Donacavey 231 Clogher Omagh
Killyliss Donaghmore 408 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Killymaddy (Evans) Donaghmore 186 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Killymaddy (Knox) Donaghmore 333 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Killymam Derryloran 156 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Killymeal Drumglass 72 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Killymenagh Arboe / Ardboe 256 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Killymendon Kilskeery 247 Omagh East Lowtherstown
Killymoon Demesne Derryloran 589 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Killymoonan Donacavey 207 Omagh East Omagh
Killymore Ardstraw 448 Strabane Lower Gortin
Killymorgan Errigal Keerogue 185 Clogher Clogher
Killymoyle Donaghmore 273 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Killymurphy Donaghenry 152 Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Killynaght Leckpatrick 489 Strabane Lower Strabane
Killynaul Aghaloo 334 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Killyneedan Desertcreat 166 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Killyneery Carnteel 198 Dungannon Lower Clogher
Killyneill Drumglass 201 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Killyquinn Donaghmore 70 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Killywoolaghan Arboe / Ardboe 759 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Kilmakardle Pomeroy 236 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Kilmascally Arboe / Ardboe 254 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Kilmore Aghaloo 398 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Kilmore Drumragh 266 Omagh East Omagh
Kilmore Pomeroy 222 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Kilmore Irvine Longfield West 373 Omagh West Castlederg
Kilmore Robinson Longfield West 628 Omagh West Castlederg
Kilnacart Clonfeacle 182 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Kilnagrew Clonfeacle 107 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Kilnaheery Clogher 657 Clogher Clogher
Kilnahusogue Clogher 595 Clogher Clogher
Kilnaslee Donaghmore 301 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Kilreal Lower Ardstraw 116 Omagh West Castlederg
Kilreal Upper Ardstraw 242 Omagh West Castlederg
Kilruddan Clogher 142 Clogher Clogher
Kilsalley Ballyclog 373 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Kilsampson Aghaloo 65 Dungannon Lower Armagh
Kilsannagh Aghaloo 412 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Kilskeery Glebe Kilskeery 165 Omagh East Enniskillen
Kilstrule Ardstraw 924 Strabane Lower Strabane
Kiltamnagh Drumragh 237 Omagh East Omagh
Kiltermon Aghalurcher 118 Clogher Clogher
Kiltyclay Desertcreat 276 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Kiltyclogher Desertcreat 163 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Kinego Killyman 125 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Kingarrow Cappagh 246 Strabane Upper Omagh
Kingarve Drumglass 169 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Kinine Kilskeery 316 Omagh East Lowtherstown
Kinkit Urney 319 Strabane Lower Strabane
Kinnagillian Kildress 502 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Kinrush Arboe / Ardboe 609 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Kinturk Arboe / Ardboe 188 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Kirktown or Derryloran Derryloran 174 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Kirlish Longfield West 497 Omagh West Castlederg
Kivlin Drumragh 88 Omagh East Omagh
Knockacunny Derryloran 160 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Knockadreen Carnteel 105 Dungannon Lower Clogher
Knockaginny Aghaloo 437 Dungannon Lower Armagh
Knockaleery Kildress 432 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Knockanbrack Leckpatrick 20 Strabane Lower Strabane
Knockanroe Artrea 147 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Knockaraven Dromore 394 Omagh East Omagh
Knockarogan Glebe Clonfeacle 154 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Knockaroy Aghaloo 526 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Knockavaddy Desertcreat 236 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Knockbrack Ardstraw 102 Omagh West Castlederg
Knockbrack Errigal Keerogue 87 Clogher Clogher
Knockinarvoer Leckpatrick 185 Strabane Lower Strabane
Knockiniller Ardstraw 448 Strabane Lower Strabane
Knockmany Clogher 350 Clogher Clogher
Knockmoyle Cappagh 86 Strabane Upper Omagh
Knocknacarney Clogher 169 Clogher Clogher
Knocknaclogha Pomeroy 275 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Knocknacloy Clonfeacle 220 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Knocknagor Kilskeery 152 Omagh East Lowtherstown
Knocknahorn Dromore 533 Omagh East Omagh
Knocknahorna Leckpatrick 245 Strabane Lower Strabane
Knocknarney Carnteel 217 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Knockonny Errigal Keerogue 368 Clogher Clogher
Knockroe Ardstraw 595 Strabane Lower Strabane
Lackagh Donacavey 295 Clogher Omagh
Lackagh Longfield West 769 Omagh West Castlederg
Lagavadder Leckpatrick 361 Strabane Lower Strabane
Lagavittal Leckpatrick 213 Strabane Lower Strabane
Laghey Killyman 113 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Laght Longfield East 462 Omagh West Omagh
Laghtfoggy Termonamongan 637 Omagh West Castlederg
Laghtmorris Termonamongan 640 Omagh West Castlederg
Lagnagalloglagh Leckpatrick 156 Strabane Lower Strabane
Lairakean Aghaloo 113 Dungannon Lower Armagh
Lammy Desertcreat 244 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Lammy Drumragh 153 Omagh East Omagh
Lanaglug Ballinderry 348 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Landahussy Lower Bodoney Upper 306 Strabane Upper Gortin
Landahussy Upper Bodoney Upper 281 Strabane Upper Gortin
Laragh Ardstraw 72 Strabane Lower Strabane
Laragh Clogherny 485 Omagh East Omagh
Largybeg Ardstraw 527 Strabane Lower Strabane
Latbeg Clogher 235 Clogher Clogher
Leagane Aghaloo 371 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Leaghan Bodoney Lower 917 Strabane Upper Gortin
Leaghs Bodoney Upper 660 Strabane Upper Gortin
Leany Carnteel 182 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Learden Lower Bodoney Upper 428 Strabane Upper Gortin
Learden Upper Bodoney Upper 538 Strabane Upper Gortin
Learmore Urney 406 Omagh West Castlederg
Leat Donaghedy 181 Strabane Lower Strabane
Leck Ballyclog 72 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Leckin Bodoney Lower 330 Strabane Upper Gortin
Leckpatrick Leckpatrick 551 Strabane Lower Strabane
Lederg Killyman 40 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Legacurry Cappagh 334 Strabane Upper Omagh
Legacurry Clogherny 500 Omagh East Omagh
Legacurry Desertcreat 137 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Legamaghery Donacavey 290 Clogher Omagh
Leganvy Longfield East 440 Omagh West Omagh
Legaroe Carnteel 443 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Legatiggle Donacavey 302 Clogher Omagh
Legatonegan Termonamongan 493 Omagh West Castlederg
Legcloghfin Bodoney Upper 994 Strabane Upper Gortin
Legilly Clonfeacle 263 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Legland Ardstraw 659 Strabane Lower Strabane
Legmurn Ballyclog 225 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Legnabraid Ardstraw 548 Strabane Lower Gortin
Legnacash Kildress 89 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Legnagappoge Donaghedy 1223 Strabane Lower Gortin
Legphressy Longfield East 615 Omagh West Omagh
Leitrim Donaghedy 266 Strabane Lower Strabane
Leitrim Termonamongan 252 Omagh West Castlederg
Lenadremnagh Clonoe 110 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Lenagh Bodoney Lower 1182 Strabane Upper Gortin
Lenamore Bodoney Lower 1276 Strabane Upper Gortin
Letfern Clogherny 425 Omagh East Omagh
Letterbin Ardstraw 707 Strabane Lower Strabane
Letterbrat Bodoney Upper 708 Strabane Upper Gortin
Lettercarn Ardstraw 512 Omagh West Castlederg
Letterclery Donaghenry 141 Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Lettergash Dromore 613 Omagh East Lowtherstown
Lettery Dromore 579 Omagh East Omagh
Lettery Errigal Keerogue 182 Clogher Clogher
Lifford Kilskeery 515 Omagh East Enniskillen
Ligatraght Bodoney Lower 697 Strabane Upper Gortin
Ligfordrum or Douglas Ardstraw 3883 Strabane Lower Strabane
Liggartown Urney 261 Strabane Lower Strabane
Liggins Bodoney Lower 433 Strabane Upper Gortin
Limehill Desertcreat 1436 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Linnyglass Ballyclog 102 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Lisaclare Clonoe 185 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Lisadavil Carnteel 100 Dungannon Lower Clogher
Lisahoppin Cappagh 140 Omagh East Omagh
Lisanelly Cappagh 288 Strabane Upper Omagh
Lisavaddy Donacavey 38 Clogher Omagh
Lisbancarney Clonfeacle 79 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Lisbane Clogher 120 Clogher Clogher
Lisbanlemneigh Clonfeacle 88 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Lisbeg Carnteel 233 Dungannon Lower Clogher
Lisboy Artrea 152 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Lisboy Clogher 247 Clogher Clogher
Lisboy Donaghmore 70 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Liscabble Bodoney Lower 517 Strabane Upper Gortin
Liscausy Artrea 107 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Liscloon Lower Donaghedy 269 Strabane Lower Strabane
Liscloon Upper Donaghedy 346 Strabane Lower Strabane
Lisconduff Carnteel 205 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Lisconrea Donacavey 146 Clogher Omagh
Liscreevaghan or Clady Sproul Ardstraw 121 Strabane Lower Strabane
Liscurry Leckpatrick 79 Strabane Lower Strabane
Lisdergan Donacavey 23 Clogher Omagh
Lisdermot Clonfeacle 95 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Lisdivin Lower Donaghedy 149 Strabane Lower Strabane
Lisdivin Upper Donaghedy 102 Strabane Lower Strabane
Lisdoart Carnteel 190 Dungannon Lower Clogher
Lisdoo Kilskeery 153 Omagh East Lowtherstown
Lisdoo Leckpatrick 166 Strabane Lower Strabane
Lisdoo Urney 340 Strabane Lower Strabane
Lisduff Clonfeacle 76 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Lisfearty Killeeshil 175 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Lisgallon Donaghmore 258 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Lisginny Carnteel 113 Dungannon Lower Clogher
Lisgobban Clonfeacle 135 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Lisgonnell Errigal Keerogue 121 Clogher Clogher
Lisgorran Clogher 219 Clogher Clogher
Liskey Camus 375 Strabane Lower Strabane
Liskinbwee Camus 140 Strabane Lower Strabane
Liskincon Termonmaguirk 96 Omagh East Omagh
Liskittle Donaghenry 89 Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Lisky Donacavey 88 Clogher Omagh
Lisky Glebe Longfield West 108 Omagh West Castlederg
Lislaferty Ardstraw 216 Strabane Lower Strabane
Lislaird Termonamongan 451 Omagh West Castlederg
Lislane Clogher 898 Clogher Clogher
Lislap East Cappagh 866 Strabane Upper Omagh
Lislap West Cappagh 212 Strabane Upper Omagh
Lislea Cappagh 76 Omagh East Omagh
Lislea Clogher 171 Clogher Clogher
Lislea North and South Bodoney Upper 426 Strabane Upper Gortin
Lislee Donaghenry 124 Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Lisleen Ardstraw 213 Omagh West Castlederg
Lislimnaghan Cappagh 108 Strabane Upper Omagh
Lismore Clogher 135 Clogher Clogher
Lismore Errigal Keerogue 311 Clogher Clogher
Lismulladown Aghaloo 385 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Lismulrevy Clonfeacle 175 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Lisnabulrevey Donacavey 59 Clogher Omagh
Lisnabunny Errigal Keerogue 56 Clogher Clogher
Lisnaclin Drumglass 88 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Lisnacloon Termonamongan 445 Omagh West Castlederg
Lisnacreaght Ardstraw 866 Strabane Lower Omagh
Lisnacreaght Bodoney Upper 764 Strabane Upper Gortin
Lisnacreeve Donacavey 507 Clogher Omagh
Lisnacroy Clonfeacle 102 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Lisnafin Ardstraw 766 Strabane Lower Gortin
Lisnagardy Donacavey 107 Clogher Omagh
Lisnagirr Cappagh 515 Strabane Upper Omagh
Lisnagleer Pomeroy 237 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Lisnagowan Donaghmore 132 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Lisnahall Artrea 98 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Lisnahanna Kilskeery 297 Omagh East Lowtherstown
Lisnaharney Cappagh 409 Strabane Upper Omagh
Lisnahoy Killyman 48 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Lisnahull Donaghmore 118 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Lisnamaghery Clogher 184 Clogher Clogher
Lisnamallard Cappagh 175 Strabane Upper Omagh
Lisnamonaghan Donaghmore 132 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Lisnanane Desertcreat 319 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Lisnarable Clogher 341 Clogher Clogher
Lisnaragh Irish Donaghedy 616 Strabane Lower Gortin
Lisnaragh Scotch Donaghedy 172 Strabane Lower Gortin
Lisnastrane Clonoe 248 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Lisnatunny Glebe Ardstraw 485 Strabane Lower Gortin
Lisnawery Errigal Keerogue 96 Clogher Clogher
Lisneight Donaghenry 49 Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Lisroan Clonfeacle 133 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Lissan Clonfeacle 147 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Lissan Drumragh 217 Omagh East Omagh
Lissan Lissan 220 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Lissaneden Dromore 315 Omagh East Omagh
Listamlet Clonfeacle 166 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Listymore Ardstraw 809 Strabane Lower Castlederg
Longhill Dromore 141 Omagh East Omagh
Longridge Clogher 75 Clogher Clogher
Losset Clogher 184 Clogher Clogher
Loughans Carnteel 397 Dungannon Lower Clogher
Loughash Donaghedy 1173 Strabane Lower Gortin
Loughermore Glebe Aghalurcher 68 Clogher Clogher
Loughmacrory Termonmaguirk 1651 Omagh East Omagh
Loughmuck (Alcorn) Drumragh 336 Omagh East Omagh
Loughmuck (Wallace) Drumragh 165 Omagh East Omagh
Loughneas Leckpatrick 264 Strabane Lower Strabane
Loughry Derryloran 46 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Loughry Desertcreat 87 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Loughry Demesne Derryloran 128 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Loughterush Kilskeery 302 Omagh East Lowtherstown
Low Cross Desertcreat 175 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Lowertown Killyman 185 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Loy Derryloran 135 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Lungs Clogher 218 Clogher Clogher
Lurgaboy Drumglass 139 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Lurgacullion Killeeshil 289 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Lurganaglare Clogher 319 Clogher Clogher
Lurganboy Ardstraw 304 Strabane Lower Castlederg
Lurganboy Artrea 89 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Lurganboy Cappagh 150 Strabane Upper Omagh
Lurganboy Donacavey 141 Clogher Omagh
Lurganboy Errigal Keerogue 663 Clogher Clogher
Lurganeden Pomeroy 298 Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Lurgy Donaghenry 292 Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Lurgylea Pomeroy 412 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Lurgyroe Arboe / Ardboe 197 Dungannon Middle Cookstown
MacCrackens Leckpatrick 40 Strabane Lower Strabane
Mackenny Kildress 175 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Magharenny Longfield East 933 Omagh West Omagh
Magheracoltan Ardstraw 762 Strabane Lower Strabane
Magheracreggan Ardstraw 355 Strabane Lower Castlederg
Magheragar Urney 353 Strabane Lower Strabane
Magheragart Dromore 122 Omagh East Omagh
Magheragart (Donnell) Dromore 281 Omagh East Omagh
Magheragart or Sessiaghs Dromore 190 Omagh East Omagh
Magheraglass Kildress 286 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Magherakeel Termonamongan 443 Omagh West Castlederg
Magheralamfield Clonoe 277 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Magheralough Ardstraw 248 Strabane Lower Castlederg
Magheralough Kilskeery 196 Omagh East Lowtherstown
Magheramason Donaghedy 230 Strabane Lower Strabane
Magheramulkenny Clonoe 197 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Magheranageeragh Termonamongan 399 Omagh West Castlederg
Magherareagh Donaghedy 361 Strabane Lower Strabane
Magirr Urney 211 Strabane Lower Strabane
Maine Cappagh 475 Strabane Upper Omagh
Makenny Kilskeery 810 Omagh East Lowtherstown
Mallabeny Clogher 328 Clogher Clogher
Maloon Derryloran 164 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Marrock Glebe Longfield West 149 Omagh West Castlederg
Martray Carnteel 250 Dungannon Lower Clogher
Meaghy Ardstraw 908 Strabane Lower Strabane
Meeltogues Kilskeery 144 Omagh East Lowtherstown
Meenablagh (or Fourth Corgary) Termonamongan 766 Omagh West Castlederg
Meenacloy Longfield West 416 Omagh West Castlederg
Meenacrane Bodoney Upper 716 Strabane Upper Gortin
Meenadoan Longfield West 731 Omagh West Castlederg
Meenadoo Bodoney Lower 1047 Strabane Upper Gortin
Meenafergus Termonamongan 697 Omagh West Castlederg
Meenagar Dromore 434 Omagh East Omagh
Meenagarragh Bodoney Upper 207 Strabane Upper Gortin
Meenagh Clonoe 292 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Meenagh Hill Donaghedy 251 Strabane Lower Strabane
Meenagorp Bodoney Upper 296 Strabane Upper Gortin
Meenagowan Dromore 209 Omagh East Omagh
Meenagrogan Termonamongan 333 Omagh West Castlederg
Meenaheery Glebe Longfield West 137 Omagh West Castlederg
Meenakeeran Termonamongan 2305 Omagh West Castlederg
Meenamullan Termonamongan 629 Omagh West Castlederg
Meenanea Kildress 344 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Meenarodda Bodoney Lower 2157 Strabane Upper Gortin
Meenascallagh Kildress 302 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Meenbog Longfield West 881 Omagh West Castlederg
Meencargagh Longfield West 502 Omagh West Castlederg
Meencarriga Termonamongan 334 Omagh West Castlederg
Meenclogher Termonamongan 401 Omagh West Castlederg
Meendamph Donaghedy 1640 Strabane Lower Gortin
Meenmossogue Glebe Longfield West 347 Omagh West Castlederg
Meetinghousehill Drumragh 83 Omagh East Omagh
Merchantstown Glebe Termonmaguirk 344 Omagh East Omagh
Millberry Aghaloo 255 Dungannon Lower Armagh
Millix Errigal Keerogue 1230 Clogher Dungannon
Milltown Ardstraw 610 Strabane Lower Strabane
Milltown Camus 15 Strabane Lower Strabane
Milltown Donaghedy 147 Strabane Lower Strabane
Milltown Leckpatrick 181 Strabane Lower Strabane
Mineveigh Tullyniskan 152 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Moboy Kildress 961 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Moghan Donaghmore 178 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Monanameal Bodoney Lower 543 Strabane Upper Gortin
Moneycanon Donaghedy 406 Strabane Lower Strabane
Moneygar Kilskeery 504 Omagh East Lowtherstown
Moneygaragh Desertcreat 166 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Monrush Derryloran 160 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Moorfield Kilskeery 499 Omagh East Lowtherstown
Moree Desertcreat 263 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Mossmore Clonfeacle 190 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Mount Bernard Urney 50 Omagh West Castlederg
Mount Stewart Clogher 634 Clogher Clogher
Mountcastle Donaghedy 188 Strabane Lower Strabane
Mountjoy Forest East Division Cappagh 1751 Strabane Upper Omagh
Mountjoy Forest West Division Cappagh 1018 Strabane Upper Omagh
Mournbeg Termonamongan 48 Omagh West Castlederg
Mousetown Clonoe 143 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Moveagh Derryloran 323 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Moy Clonfeacle Town Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Moy Clonfeacle 237 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Moyagh Donaghedy 155 Strabane Lower Strabane
Moyard Clonfeacle 228 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Moygashel Clonfeacle 315 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Moylagh Clogherny 536 Omagh East Omagh
Moyle Glebe Ardstraw 410 Strabane Lower Gortin
Moymore Desertcreat 592 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Moynagh Desertcreat 111 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Moyroe Killyman 136 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Mulboy Clonfeacle 173 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Mullagh Ardstraw 119 Strabane Lower Strabane
Mullaghadrolly Donaghmore 90 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Mullaghadun Drumglass 139 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Mullaghanagh Donaghmore 160 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Mullagharn Drumragh 251 Omagh East Omagh
Mullagharn (Young) Drumragh 81 Omagh East Omagh
Mullaghbane Carnteel 245 Dungannon Lower Clogher
Mullaghbane Donaghmore 280 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Mullaghbane Dromore 690 Omagh East Omagh
Mullaghboy Clonfeacle 174 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Mullaghconor Glebe Donaghmore 190 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Mullaghcreevy Donaghmore 231 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Mullaghdaly Clonfeacle 200 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Mullaghfurtherland Donaghmore 161 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Mullaghglass Arboe / Ardboe 245 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Mullaghlongfield Clonfeacle 111 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Mullaghmarget Tullyniskan 70 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Mullaghmenagh Lower Drumragh 127 Omagh East Omagh
Mullaghmenagh Upper Drumragh 228 Omagh East Omagh
Mullaghmore Aghalurcher 266 Clogher Clogher
Mullaghmore Cappagh 453 Strabane Upper Omagh
Mullaghmore Clogher 269 Clogher Clogher
Mullaghmore Clogherny 646 Omagh East Omagh
Mullaghmore Donaghmore 397 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Mullaghmore Drumragh 215 Omagh East Omagh
Mullaghmore East Aghaloo 347 Dungannon Lower Armagh
Mullaghmore Glebe Donaghmore 204 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Mullaghmore West Aghaloo 127 Dungannon Lower Clogher
Mullaghmossagh Aghaloo 193 Dungannon Lower Armagh
Mullaghmossog Glebe Clonfeacle 62 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Mullaghmoyle Donaghenry 319 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Mullaghnese Carnteel 180 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Mullaghroddan Donaghmore 227 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Mullaghshantullagh Desertcreat 42 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Mullaghslin Glebe Clogherny 2368 Omagh East Omagh
Mullaghteige Killyman 175 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Mullaghtinny Clogher 187 Clogher Clogher
Mullaghtironey Tamlaght 254 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Mullaghwotragh Arboe / Ardboe 247 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Mullan Lower Ballinderry 288 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Mullan Upper Ballinderry 276 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Mullanabreen Termonamongan 291 Omagh West Castlederg
Mullanahoe Arboe / Ardboe 321 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Mullanatoomog Drumragh 645 Omagh East Omagh
Mullanbeg Termonmaguirk 342 Omagh East Omagh
Mullanboy Donacavey 478 Clogher Omagh
Mullanboy Dromore 231 Omagh East Omagh
Mullanmore Termonmaguirk 888 Omagh East Omagh
Mullans Clogher 142 Clogher Clogher
Mullans Donacavey 82 Clogher Omagh
Mullans or Killyfaddy Clogher 163 Clogher Clogher
Mullantain Donaghenry 99 Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Mullasiloga Donacavey 144 Clogher Omagh
Mullawinny Donacavey 411 Omagh East Omagh
Mullintor Aghaloo 208 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Mullybrannon Clonfeacle 277 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Mullycar Clonfeacle 304 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Mullycarnan Aghaloo 372 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Mullycarnan Clonfeacle 123 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Mullycrunnet Donaghmore 100 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Mullyfabeg Termonamongan 564 Omagh West Castlederg
Mullyfamore Termonamongan 798 Omagh West Castlederg
Mullygruen Donaghmore 118 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Mullynaveagh Aghaloo 128 Dungannon Lower Armagh
Mullyneill Aghaloo 339 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Mullynure Desertcreat 164 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Mullyroddan Killeeshil 308 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Mullysilly Killeeshil 139 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Mulnafye Termonmaguirk 327 Omagh East Omagh
Mulnagoagh Dromore 246 Omagh East Omagh
Mulnagore Pomeroy 291 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Mulnagork Kilskeery 122 Omagh East Enniskillen
Mulnahorn Aghaloo 455 Dungannon Lower Clogher
Mulnahunch Killeeshil 245 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Mulvin Ardstraw 232 Strabane Lower Strabane
Munderrydoe Pomeroy 255 Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Munie Urney 158 Omagh West Castlederg
Muntober Kildress 613 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Murnells Kildress 770 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
New Buildings Derryloran 123 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
New Park Dromore 339 Omagh East Omagh
Newry Clogher 161 Clogher Clogher
Newtownstewart Ardstraw Town Strabane Lower Strabane
Newtownstewart Ardstraw 540 Strabane Lower Strabane
North & South Lislea Bodoney Upper 426 Strabane Upper Gortin
Nurchossy Irish Clogher 250 Clogher Clogher
Nurchossy Scotch Clogher 141 Clogher Clogher
Oaghmonicroy Bodoney Lower 756 Strabane Upper Gortin
Oaklands Kildress 185 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Oghill Ballyclog 164 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Old Church Yard Termonmaguirk 1 Omagh East Omagh
Omagh Drumragh Town Omagh East Omagh
Omagh Drumragh 31 Omagh East Omagh
Oritor Kildress 289 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Oughtboy Bodoney Upper 964 Strabane Upper Gortin
Oughtdoorish Bodoney Upper 1848 Strabane Upper Gortin
Oughterard Desertcreat 152 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Oughterard Dromore 326 Omagh East Omagh
Oughtmame Bodoney Upper 823 Strabane Upper Gortin
Oughtnamwella Bodoney Upper 1368 Strabane Upper Gortin
Outlands of Gravally Donaghenry 63 Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Owenreagh Leckpatrick 767 Strabane Lower Strabane
Oxtown Termonmaguirk 350 Omagh East Omagh
Parker's Farm Donaghenry 16 Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Peacockbank Urney 154 Strabane Lower Strabane
Plaister Carnteel 226 Dungannon Lower Clogher
Polfore Dromore 333 Omagh East Omagh
Pollockstown Leckpatrick 96 Strabane Lower Strabane
Pomeroy Desertcreat 273 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Pomeroy Pomeroy Town Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Pomeroy Pomeroy 57 Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Priestsessagh Ardstraw 456 Strabane Lower Castlederg
Prolusk Clogher 239 Clogher Clogher
Prospect Urney 130 Strabane Lower Strabane
Prughlish Longfield West 478 Omagh West Castlederg
Pubble Ardstraw 425 Strabane Lower Gortin
Pullateebee Leckpatrick 270 Strabane Lower Strabane
Pullyernan Urney 1359 Omagh West Castlederg
Quiggy Bodoney Upper 613 Strabane Upper Gortin
Quintinmanus Tullyniskan 61 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Rabstown Urney 206 Strabane Lower Strabane
Racolpa Cappagh 457 Strabane Upper Omagh
Racrane Donacavey 73 Clogher Omagh
Radergan Clogherny 919 Omagh East Omagh
Rahack Glebe Aghalurcher 195 Clogher Clogher
Rahony Dromore 734 Omagh East Omagh
Rahoran Clogher 307 Clogher Clogher
Rakeeragh Drumragh 142 Omagh East Omagh
Rakeeranbeg Dromore 180 Omagh East Omagh
Rakelly Ardstraw 316 Strabane Lower Strabane
Ramackan Termonmaguirk 1208 Omagh East Omagh
Ramacket Aghaloo 143 Dungannon Lower Armagh
Ranaghan Drumglass 137 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Raneese Donacavey 419 Clogher Omagh
Ranelly Clogherny 315 Omagh East Omagh
Ranenly Clogher 116 Clogher Clogher
Rarogan Errigal Keerogue 305 Clogher Clogher
Rarone Clogherny 153 Omagh East Omagh
Rathfraggan Donacavey 393 Clogher Omagh
Rathwarren Donacavey 228 Clogher Omagh
Ratory Clogher 156 Clogher Clogher
Ratyn Ardstraw 198 Strabane Lower Castlederg
Raveagh Donacavey 240 Clogher Clogher
Ravellea Carnteel 470 Dungannon Lower Clogher
Raw Clogherny 367 Omagh East Omagh
Reaghan Cappagh 567 Strabane Upper Omagh
Realtons Kilskeery 292 Omagh East Enniskillen
Reaskcor Donaghmore 168 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Reaskmore Donaghmore 327 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Recarson Cappagh 405 Omagh East Omagh
Reclain Donaghmore 298 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Rehaghy Aghaloo 579 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Relagh Kilskeery 279 Omagh East Enniskillen
Relagh Guinness Kilskeery 458 Omagh East Lowtherstown
Relaghdooey Drumragh 226 Omagh East Omagh
Relessy Aghalurcher 354 Clogher Clogher
Reloagh Donaghmore 160 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Reskatirriff Carnteel 306 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Richmond Errigal Keerogue 266 Clogher Clogher
Riverstown Drumragh 57 Omagh East Omagh
Roan Clonfeacle 127 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Rockdale Desertcreat 123 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Rockhead Derryloran 82 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Roscavey Clogherny 1126 Omagh East Omagh
Roscor Magheracross 251 Omagh East Lowtherstown
Rosemeilan Clogher 199 Clogher Clogher
Rosnamuck Cappagh 219 Strabane Upper Omagh
Ross Donaghenry 180 Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Ross Beg Drumglass 207 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Ross More Drumglass 111 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Rossnareen Kilskeery 258 Omagh East Enniskillen
Rough Hill Errigal Keerogue 59 Clogher Clogher
Roughan Donacavey 105 Clogher Omagh
Roughan Donaghenry 312 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Roughan Errigal Keerogue 257 Clogher Clogher
Roundhill Leckpatrick 131 Strabane Lower Strabane
Rousky Bodoney Lower 295 Strabane Upper Gortin
Rousky Carnteel 133 Dungannon Lower Clogher
Rousky Donaghedy 322 Strabane Lower Strabane
Rousky Donaghenry 112 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Rouskyroe Donaghenry 67 Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Roy Clogher 65 Clogher Clogher
Rylagh Cappagh 756 Strabane Upper Omagh
Rylands Bodoney Lower 632 Strabane Upper Gortin
Rylands Drumragh 242 Omagh East Omagh
Sanaghanroe Clonfeacle 206 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Sandville Donaghedy 113 Strabane Lower Strabane
Sawelabeg Bodoney Upper 456 Strabane Upper Gortin
Scallen Kilskeery 342 Omagh East Lowtherstown
Scarvagherin Ardstraw 451 Strabane Lower Castlederg
Scotchtown Derryloran 20 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Scotstown Urney 84 Strabane Lower Strabane
Scraghy Termonamongan 2081 Omagh West Castlederg
Scralea Termonamongan 272 Omagh West Castlederg
Screeby Clogher 242 Clogher Clogher
Screeby Kilskeery 306 Omagh East Enniskillen
Screggagh Donacavey 509 Clogher Omagh
Second Croagh (or Sixth Corgary) Termonamongan 2111 Omagh West Castlederg
Sedennan Drumragh 182 Omagh East Omagh
Seegronan Termonamongan 700 Omagh West Castlederg
Seein Urney Town Strabane Lower Strabane
Seein Urney 461 Strabane Lower Strabane
Segully Longfield East 513 Omagh West Omagh
Seskinore Clogherny Town Omagh East Omagh
Seskinore Clogherny 870 Omagh East Omagh
Sess Clogher 311 Clogher Clogher
Sess Errigal Keerogue 70 Clogher Clogher
Sess Kilgreen Errigal Keerogue 57 Clogher Clogher
Sessagh of Gallan Ardstraw 205 Strabane Lower Gortin
Sessia Arboe / Ardboe 137 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Sessia Arboe / Ardboe 56 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Sessia Clogher 92 Clogher Clogher
Sessia Donaghenry 73 Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Sessia Tullyniskan 52 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Sessia (Lindesay / Murphy) Desertcreat 83 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Sessia (Scott) Desertcreat 178 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Sessiadonaghy Pomeroy 420 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Sessiagh Donacavey 107 Clogher Omagh
Sessiaghs or Magheragart Dromore 190 Omagh East Omagh
Sessiamagaroll Clonfeacle 268 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Seyloran Clonfeacle 95 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Shanaghy Termonamongan 324 Omagh West Castlederg
Shanalurg Carnteel 103 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Shanco Clogher 160 Clogher Clogher
Shankey Donaghenry 95 Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Shanliss Lower Clonoe 134 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Shanliss Upper Clonoe 141 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Shanmaghry Pomeroy 426 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Shanmoy Clonfeacle 118 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Shanmullagh East Kilskeery 532 Omagh East Lowtherstown
Shanmullagh Glebe Dromore 142 Omagh East Omagh
Shanmullagh West Kilskeery 508 Omagh East Lowtherstown
Shannaragh Dromore 936 Omagh East Omagh
Shanog Ardstraw 68 Omagh West Castlederg
Shanonny East Ardstraw 338 Strabane Lower Gortin
Shanonny West Ardstraw 273 Strabane Lower Strabane
Shantavny Carnteel 160 Dungannon Lower Clogher
Shantavny Irish Errigal Keerogue 790 Clogher Clogher
Shantavny Scotch Errigal Keerogue 587 Clogher Clogher
Shantonagh Clogher 346 Clogher Clogher
Sheridan Magheracross 91 Omagh East Lowtherstown
Sherrigrim Donaghenry 399 Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Sheskinshule Bodoney Lower 824 Strabane Upper Gortin
Shivey Desertcreat 151 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Silverhill Leckpatrick 151 Strabane Lower Strabane
Six Mile Cross Termonmaguirk Town Omagh East Omagh
Six Mile Cross Termonmaguirk 199 Omagh East Omagh
Sixth Corgary (or Second Croagh) Termonamongan 2111 Omagh West Castlederg
Skea Pomeroy 200 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Skeboy Termonmaguirk 262 Omagh East Omagh
Skelgagh Clogher 225 Clogher Clogher
Skelgagh Donacavey 234 Omagh East Omagh
Skenahergny Desertcreat 258 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Skenarget Desertcreat 93 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Skeogue Dromore 467 Omagh East Lowtherstown
Skerryglass Urney 87 Strabane Lower Strabane
Skey Carnteel 262 Dungannon Lower Clogher
Skinboy Ardstraw 152 Strabane Lower Strabane
Skinboy Mountain Ardstraw 242 Strabane Lower Strabane
Skreen Donacavey 201 Omagh East Omagh
Slaghtfreeden Lissan 2302 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Slatbeg Clogher 753 Clogher Clogher
Slatmore Clogher 405 Clogher Clogher
Slievedoo Termonamongan 4559 Omagh West Castlederg
Sloughan Longfield West 687 Omagh West Castlederg
Sluggan Termonmaguirk 1176 Omagh East Omagh
Soarn Donaghenry 102 Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Sollus Donaghedy 136 Strabane Lower Strabane
Somervillestown Urney 89 Strabane Lower Strabane
Spamount Ardstraw 88 Omagh West Castlederg
Speerholme Termonamongan 163 Omagh West Castlederg
Springtown Clogher 164 Clogher Clogher
Sraghcumber Termonamongan 317 Omagh West Castlederg
Stakernagh Donaghmore 235 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Stangmore (Knox) Clonfeacle 214 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Stangmore (Magee) Clonfeacle 90 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Stephenstown Urney 125 Strabane Lower Strabane
Stevenson's Dowery Donaghenry 106 Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Stewartstown Donaghenry Town Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Stiloga Clonfeacle 439 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Stonebrack Donaghedy 571 Strabane Lower Gortin
Stonewalls Ardstraw 130 Strabane Lower Strabane
Stonyfalls Ardstraw 183 Strabane Lower Strabane
Stonyfalls Donaghedy 123 Strabane Lower Strabane
Stonypath Leckpatrick 90 Strabane Lower Strabane
Strabane Camus Town Strabane Lower Strabane
Strabane Donacavey 136 Clogher Omagh
Strabane Leckpatrick Town Strabane Lower Strabane
Strabane Urney Town Strabane Lower Strabane
Strabane Bog Leckpatrick 84 Strabane Lower Strabane
Strabane, Townparks of Camus 417 Strabane Lower Strabane
Stradowan Bodoney Lower 1309 Strabane Upper Gortin
Straduff Dromore 324 Omagh East Omagh
Stragane Aghaloo 172 Dungannon Lower Armagh
Stragullin Camus 174 Strabane Lower Strabane
Strahull Bodoney Upper 361 Strabane Upper Gortin
Strahulter Ardstraw 319 Strabane Lower Gortin
Straletterdallan Ardstraw 685 Strabane Lower Gortin
Stralongford Kilskeery 288 Omagh East Lowtherstown
Stranabrosny Donaghedy 132 Strabane Lower Strabane
Stranagalwilly Learmount 3129 Strabane Lower Gortin
Stranagummer Kilskeery 260 Omagh East Lowtherstown
Stranisk Donacavey 778 Clogher Omagh
Stranisk Leckpatrick 159 Strabane Lower Strabane
Stratigore Donacavey 111 Clogher Omagh
Straughroy Cappagh 186 Strabane Upper Omagh
Straws Kildress 391 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Streefe Glebe Termonmaguirk 376 Omagh East Omagh
Strifehill Derryloran 66 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Stroancarbadagh Drumragh 206 Omagh East Omagh
Stuart Hall Arboe / Ardboe 143 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Stughan Tullyniskan 141 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Sullenboy Derryloran 55 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Sultan Termonmaguirk 2252 Omagh East Omagh
Syerla Clonfeacle 174 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Syonee Donacavey 190 Clogher Omagh
Syonfin Donacavey 249 Clogher Omagh
Syunshin Clogher 286 Clogher Clogher
Taboe Glebe Donaghedy 681 Strabane Lower Strabane
Tamlaght Clogher 383 Clogher Clogher
Tamlaght Drumragh 462 Omagh East Omagh
Tamlaght Kildress 142 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Tamlaghtmore Arboe / Ardboe 261 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Tamlaghtmore Killyman 526 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Tamnabrady Donaghedy 322 Strabane Lower Strabane
Tamnabryan Donaghedy 237 Strabane Lower Strabane
Tamnaclare Donaghedy 315 Strabane Lower Strabane
Tamnagh Ardstraw 186 Strabane Lower Strabane
Tamnakeery Donaghedy 239 Strabane Lower Strabane
Tamnaskeeny Kildress 393 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Tamnavalley Arboe / Ardboe 249 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Tamnyhagan Lissan 45 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Tamylennan Donaghenry 167 Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Tanderagee Pomeroy 279 Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Tanderagee Termonmaguirk 565 Omagh East Omagh
Tannagh Aghaloo 258 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Tannaghlane Aghaloo 365 Dungannon Lower Armagh
Tantramurry Cappagh 230 Strabane Upper Omagh
Tarlum Drumragh 252 Omagh East Omagh
Tartlaghan Killyman 144 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Tatnadaveny Clogher 743 Clogher Clogher
Tatnagilta Lissan 127 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Tattanafinnell Clogher 827 Clogher Clogher
Tattanellan Aghalurcher 111 Clogher Clogher
Tattraconnaghty Cappagh 253 Strabane Upper Omagh
Tattycor Dromore 355 Omagh East Omagh
Tattykeel Drumragh 302 Omagh East Omagh
Tattykeel Kildress 321 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Tattykeel (Buchanan) Drumragh 319 Omagh East Omagh
Tattykeel (Rogers) Drumragh 688 Omagh East Omagh
Tattykeeran Clogherny 603 Omagh East Omagh
Tattymoyle Lower Donacavey 502 Clogher Omagh
Tattymoyle Middle Donacavey 561 Clogher Omagh
Tattymoyle Upper Donacavey 468 Clogher Omagh
Tattymulmona Donacavey 241 Omagh East Omagh
Tattynagole Cappagh 129 Strabane Upper Omagh
Tattynure Cappagh 373 Strabane Upper Omagh
Tattyreagh Glebe Drumragh 906 Omagh East Omagh
Tattysallagh Drumragh 949 Omagh East Omagh
Tawnymore Clogher 350 Clogher Clogher
Teebane Kildress 361 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Teebane East Bodoney Lower 779 Strabane Upper Gortin
Teebane West Bodoney Lower 1077 Strabane Upper Gortin
Tempanroe Killyman 122 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Templereagh Donaghenry 85 Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Termon Rock Termonmaguirk Town Omagh East Omagh
Terrenew Donaghmore 248 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Terrew Clogher 63 Clogher Clogher
Terryglassog Clonfeacle 263 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Terryscollop Clonfeacle 240 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Terrywinny Kildress 120 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
The Bonn Pomeroy 58 Dungannon Middle Cookstown
The Gort (or Eglish) Ballinderry 74 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Thornhill Glebe Pomeroy 118 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Tievebrack Bodoney Lower 1220 Strabane Upper Gortin
Tievenagh (detached portion) Artrea 76 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Tievenagh (main portion) Artrea 26 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Tievenameena Bodoney Lower 844 Strabane Upper Gortin
Tievenameenta Termonamongan 275 Omagh West Castlederg
Tievenny Ardstraw 475 Strabane Lower Strabane
Timpany Aghalurcher 248 Clogher Clogher
Tircar Aghalurcher 179 Clogher Clogher
Tirconnelly Donaghedy 259 Strabane Lower Strabane
Tircur Cappagh 400 Strabane Upper Omagh
Tireenan Donacavey 251 Clogher Omagh
Tirelugan Carnteel 487 Dungannon Lower Clogher
Tirkernaghan Donaghedy 906 Strabane Lower Strabane
Tirmacshane Kildress 71 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Tirmegan Ardstraw 125 Strabane Lower Strabane
Tirmurty Cappagh 459 Strabane Upper Omagh
Tirnaskea Desertcreat 149 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Tirnaskea Errigal Keerogue 319 Clogher Clogher
Tirnaskea (Bayly) Desertcreat 279 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Tiroony Termonmaguirk 323 Omagh East Omagh
Tirquin Cappagh 528 Strabane Upper Omagh
Toberlane Derryloran 192 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Tobermesson Glebe Clonfeacle 250 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Tolvin Desertcreat 175 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Tonegan Termonmaguirk 396 Omagh East Omagh
Tonnagh Beg Donacavey 227 Clogher Omagh
Tonnagh More Donacavey 317 Omagh East Omagh
Tonnaghbane Donacavey 38 Clogher Omagh
Toomog Donaghmore 217 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Town Parks Leckpatrick 443 Strabane Lower Strabane
Townagh Clogher 91 Clogher Clogher
Townparks of Strabane Camus 417 Strabane Lower Strabane
Tremoge Termonmaguirk 1889 Omagh East Omagh
Trickvallen Arboe / Ardboe 279 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Trienamongan Termonamongan 290 Omagh West Castlederg
Trillick Kilskeery Town Omagh East Lowtherstown
Trinamadan Bodoney Lower 956 Strabane Upper Gortin
Tullagh Derryloran 158 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Tullagh Beg Donaghenry 257 Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Tullagh More Donaghenry 235 Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Tullagherin Bodoney Upper 937 Strabane Upper Gortin
Tullanafoile Clogher 515 Clogher Clogher
Tullanavert Clogher 246 Clogher Clogher
Tully Cappagh 409 Strabane Upper Omagh
Tully Carnteel 236 Dungannon Lower Clogher
Tully Clogher 148 Clogher Clogher
Tully Desertcreat 76 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Tully Longfield West 747 Omagh West Castlederg
Tullyallen Donaghmore 224 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Tullyaran Donaghmore 288 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Tullyard Desertcreat 154 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Tullyard Donaghedy 487 Strabane Lower Strabane
Tullyard Leckpatrick 248 Strabane Lower Strabane
Tullyard Longfield West 411 Omagh West Castlederg
Tullyblety Aghaloo 328 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Tullybroom Clogher 198 Clogher Clogher
Tullybryan Errigal Keerogue 150 Clogher Clogher
Tullycall Derryloran 322 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Tullycar Termonamongan 854 Omagh West Castlederg
Tullyclunagh Dromore 357 Omagh East Omagh
Tullyconnell Artrea 192 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Tullycorker Clogher 304 Clogher Clogher
Tullycullion Drumglass 105 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Tullycunny Drumragh 130 Omagh East Omagh
Tullydoortans Urney 338 Strabane Lower Strabane
Tullydowey Clonfeacle 205 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Tullydraw Donaghmore 144 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Tullyfaughan Donaghenry 43 Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Tullygare Derryloran 60 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Tullygiven Clonfeacle 360 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Tullyglush Errigal Keerogue 184 Clogher Clogher
Tullygoney Clonfeacle 207 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Tullygun Drumglass 82 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Tullyheeran Clogherny 275 Omagh East Omagh
Tullyhog Desertcreat Town Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Tullyhoge Desertcreat 120 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Tullyhurken Artrea 67 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Tullylagan Desertcreat 124 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Tullylearn Clonfeacle 150 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Tullyleek Donaghmore 281 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Tullylig Donaghenry 131 Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Tullylinton Errigal Keerogue 176 Clogher Clogher
Tullymagough Dromore 113 Omagh East Lowtherstown
Tullymoan Urney 381 Strabane Lower Strabane
Tullymuck Ardstraw 804 Strabane Lower Omagh
Tullynadall Bodoney Upper 449 Strabane Upper Gortin
Tullynashane Aghaloo 153 Dungannon Lower Armagh
Tullyninerin Kilskeery 226 Omagh East Lowtherstown
Tullynure Donaghmore 151 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Tullyodonnell Desertcreat 295 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Tullyodonnell Drumglass 76 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Tullyquin Glebe Clogher 240 Clogher Clogher
Tullyraw Artrea 63 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Tullyreavy Desertcreat 242 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Tullyremon Aghaloo 205 Dungannon Lower Armagh
Tullyroan Kildress 73 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Tullyrush Clogherny 480 Omagh East Omagh
Tullyrush Donacavey 198 Clogher Omagh
Tullyvally Donacavey 283 Clogher Omagh
Tullyvannon Killeeshil 448 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Tullyvar Carnteel 313 Dungannon Lower Clogher
Tullyveagh Artrea 158 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Tullyvernan Clogher 171 Clogher Clogher
Tullywee Dromore 133 Omagh East Lowtherstown
Tullyweery Artrea 68 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Tullywhisker Urney 517 Strabane Lower Strabane
Tullywiggan Derryloran 159 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Tullywinny Carnteel 195 Dungannon Lower Clogher
Tullywolly Kilskeery 177 Omagh East Lowtherstown
Tulnacross Kildress 543 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Tulnagall Pomeroy 227 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Tulnashane Termonamongan 560 Omagh West Castlederg
Tulnavern Carnteel 896 Dungannon Lower Dungannon
Tummery Dromore 819 Omagh East Lowtherstown
Tumpher Clonoe 146 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Turleenan Clonfeacle 153 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Turnabarson Pomeroy 607 Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Tursallagh Termonmaguirk 117 Omagh East Omagh
Tycanny Clogher 615 Clogher Clogher
Tyhan Clonfeacle 216 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Unagh Lissan 349 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Unicks Donaghenry 65 Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Unshinagh Longfield East 772 Omagh West Omagh
Upperthird Ardstraw 187 Omagh West Castlederg
Urbal Tamlaght 240 Dungannon Upper Cookstown
Urbalreagh Ardstraw 537 Strabane Lower Strabane
Urbalreagh Donaghenry 57 Dungannon Middle Cookstown
Urney Urney 188 Strabane Lower Strabane
Urney Glebe Urney 124 Strabane Lower Strabane
Usnagh Clogherny 317 Omagh East Omagh
Whitehouse Ardstraw 271 Strabane Lower Castlederg
Whitetown Tullyniskan 124 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Willmount Longfield West 189 Omagh West Castlederg
Windyhill Donaghedy 150 Strabane Lower Strabane
Woodbrook Bodoney Lower 413 Strabane Upper Gortin
Woodend Leckpatrick 277 Strabane Lower Strabane
Woodhill Tullyniskan 61 Dungannon Middle Dungannon
Woodside Termonamongan 252 Omagh West Castlederg

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