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Index to the Tithe Applotment Book for Urney Parish, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland & Co. Donegal, Ireland 1827

Extracted from LDS FHL Film #256698
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


Urney parish straddles the Tyrone and Donegal county boundary.

This valuation comprises those northern townlands in Co. Tyrone and those in Co. Donegal within Urney parish.


Tithe was a tax on all agricultural land (originally one tenth of the produce) excepting only church lands, glebes and urban areas and was paid by leaseholders and occupiers of all religious denominations to the clergy of the Established Church of Ireland. There was growing resentment against this tax, especially by Presbyterians and Catholics, particularly in the period of distress after 1815 and the government was forced to give way and introduce the Tithe Composition Act 1823 which replaced payment in kind by payment in cash.

In order to effect this change, all agricultural land across the country was required to be surveyed and applotted, or valued. During the period 1823 to 1837, a Tithe Applotment Survey was made in each civil parish across the whole of Ireland to determine the value of tithe payable by different landholders. Two people were appointed by each parish to carry out this assessment. The material was arranged by civil parish and townland in volumes known as TITHE APPLOTMENT BOOKS.

In some parishes more than one survey was taken, whilst in others the manuscript has not survived. The books for all Ireland, compiled between 1823 and 1837, are now deposited in the National Archives of Ireland, Dublin and Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI), Belfast.

PRONI holds the tithe books for all but 31 of the 273 parishes then surveyed in Northern Ireland. These tithe books are arranged by townland and record the names of leaseholders, the area of those farms subject to tithe, sometimes the quality of the land and an overall valuation and occasionally the names of landlords. Researchers should be aware that cottiers who did not hold land are not recorded, and unaccountably, some types of land were passed over entirely; a field of potatoes attracted a tithe payment in one parish, but not in that adjoining.

Those researchers who are fortunate to locate a forebear in the Tithe Applotment Books may find it possible to take their research back a further generation prior to Griffiths Valuation.

Sometime prior to 1825 the following townlands and sub-denominations were excised from the civil parish of Urney to form the ecclesiastical Established Church parish of Derg: Ballylennan, Berrysfort, Bridgetown, Castlegore, (Castle)Sessagh, Cavan, Churchtown, Craigmonaghan, Creevy, Dartans, Freulough, Forge Farm Castlegore, Ganvaghan, Kilclean, Kilcroagh, Learmore, Munie, Pullyernan & Silverhill



Townland Townland Townland Townland
Backtown Ballycolman Ballyfatten Bellspark
Carricklee Carrickone Castletown Clady
Dartans Donnygowen Drumeagle Flushtown
Fort-Town Gallany Glebe Glebe (Old)
Glentimon Glentown Gortlogher Hunterstown
Inchenny Inchenny Upper Inisclan Kennystown
Kinkit Liggartown Lisdoo Magheragar
Magirr Peacockbank Prospect Rabstown
Scotstown Seein Skerryglass Somervillestown
Stephenstown Tullydoortans Tullymoan Tullywhisker
Urney Urney Glebe  



Townland Townland Townland Townland
Backtown Ballycolman Ballylennan Ballyfatten
Bellspark Carricklee Carrickone  
Castletown Claudy Doortans Dongowen
Drumeagle Flushtown Forthtown Galoney
Glentown Glentimon Gortlogher Inchoney
Innisclin Kinnistown Kinkit Liggartown
Lisdoo Magir Mossville Magheragarr
Old Glebe Peacock Bank Prospect Rabstown
Scion Scottstown Simeralstown Skerryglass
Tullymoan Tullywhisker Urney  


(with links to townland maps)

Townland Townland Townland Townland
Alt Lower Alt Upper Ballylast Calhame
Cavanaweery Cloghfin Coolyslin Cormakilly
Dresnagh Drumbane Drumdoit Drumnaha
Dunnaloob Fearn Foyfin Gortakilly
Gortnagrace Graffy Halftown Kellysmeadow
Loganspark Magherycallaghan Millfarm Skelpy



Townland Townland Townland Townland
Alt Ballylast Cavanaweary Cloughfin
Calhame Cavanaweary Cooleyslynn Cormakilly
Donnyloop Dresnagh Drumbawn Drumconnel
Drumdite Drumnahaw Fearne Fivefin
Gortkilly Gortnagrace Graffy Magheracallaghan
Mullenbuoy Skelpy Tullyard  


Multiple errors in transcription and indexing and the omission of at least one townland are apparent in the online Urney indexes on the National Archives of Ireland online archive – the Urney file is actually an amalgamation of two TABs but fails to acknowledge this – the 1825 valuation contains townlands within Co. Tyrone only whereas the valuation of the northern section of the parish (1827) consists of townlands in both Cos Tyrone & Donegal. Unfortunately, the map accompanying the tithe applotment books is actually that of Urney Parish, Co. Cavan.





ADAMS David Ballyfatten  
ADAMS James Magir  
ADAMS James Ballyfatten (Geo. Hamilton)
ADAMS Rev. John Carricklee  
AGNEW Edward Jones, Esq. Mossville  
AIKIN John Drumbawn  
ALEXANDER Wm. Ballycolman  
ANDERSON James Alt  
ANDERSON John Tullywhisker  
ANDERSON Robert Glentown  
ATCHISON J. Ballycolman  
BAIRD Andrew Mullenbuoy  
BAIRD David Inchoney  
BAIRD John Fort-Town (Now Moses Sproul)
BAIRD John, Jun. Magir  
BAIRD John, Sen. Magir  
BAIRD Widow Ballycolman  
BAIRD William Fort-Town  
BAIRD William Inchoney  
BALL James, Esq. Fearne  
BARCLAY Joseph, Esq. Magir  
BARIT [BARRETT] James Ballyfatten  
BARIT [BARRETT] William Ballyfatten  
BARR Andrew Cooleyslynn  
BARR Thomas Mullenbuoy  
BELL Dawson Magir  
BERNARD Captain Carricklee  
BERNARD Captain Flushtown  
BIRNEY Charles Magir  
BLAIR Ann Ballycolman  
BLAIR Cunningham Ballycolman  
BLAIR William Ballycolman  
BOAK Aaron Peacock Bank  
BOGAN Charles Dungowen  
BOGAN Francis Drumnahaw  
BOGAN James Donnyloop  
BOGAN James Drumnahaw  
BOGAN John Donnyloop  
BOGAN John Dresnagh  
BOGAN Michael Gortkilly  
BOGAN Patrick Glentown  
BOGAN Thomas Gortkilly  
BOGAN Widow Dresnagh  
BOGAN William Drumnahaw  
BOGAN William Rabstown  
BONNER James Ballycolman  
BONNER William Alt  
BORLAND Andrew Gortlogher  
BOYLE Charles Ballycolman  
BOYLE Charles Ballyfatten  
BOYLE Charles Simeralstown  
BOYLE Connel Simeralstown  
BOYLE Daniel Gortlogher  
BOYLE James Carricklee  
BOYLE John Gortnagrace  
BOYLE John Inchoney  
BOYLE Michael Simeralstown  
BOYLE Michl. Claudy  
BOYLE Patrick Cloughfin  
BOYLE William Ballycolman  
BOYLE William Galoney  
BOYLE William Magir  
BOYLE William Mossville  
BRADLEY Edward Ballycolman  
BRADLEY Widow Alice Carricklee  
BRADLEY William Ballyfatten  
BREDAN Hugh Flushtown  
BREDAN Widow Anne Flushtown  
BRIESLAND Andrew Galoney  
BRIESLAND Neil Galoney  
BRISLAND James Carricklee  
BRISLAND William Ballyfatten  
BRISON Patrick Calhame  
BROADY James Ballycolman  
BROGAN James Fivefin  
BROWN Charles Fearne  
BROWN Edward Drumeagle  
BROWN Edward Skerryglass  
BROWN James Alt  
BROWN James Castletown  
BROWN James Gortnagrace  
BROWN John Alt  
BROWN John Carricklee  
BROWN John Fearne  
BROWN John Gortnagrace  
BROWN John Inchoney  
BROWN Joseph Calhame  
BROWN Joseph Gortnagrace  
BROWN Robert Castletown  
BROWN Robert Gortnagrace  
BROWN Widow Mary Magheragarr  
BROWN William Gortnagrace  
BROWN William Lisdoo  
BUCHANNON William Alt  
BYRNEY Patrick Gortkilly  
CARLAND Edward Inchoney  
CAROTHERS James Tullymoan  
CHAMBERS James Carricklee  
CHAMBERS John Glentown  
CHAMBERS John, Jun. Tullymoan  
CHAMBERS John, Sen. Tullymoan  
CHAMBERS William Cooleyslynn  
CHISM John Alt  
CHISM [CHISHOLM] James Galoney  
CLARKE James Simeralstown  
CLARKE Joseph Dooltans  
COCHRAN Robert Ballycolman (Charles Sproule}
COLHOUN John Simeralstown  
COLLINS Philip Graffy  
CONGLAND Patrick Dresnagh  
CONGLAND Robert Dresnagh  
CONNOR John Galoney  
CONYGLAND Doctor Mullenbuoy  
COOK James Magir  
COOPER William, Jun. Alt  
COOPER William, Sen. Alt  
CORIGAN William Ballyfatten  
CRAIG Christopher Fearne  
CRAIG Elizabeth Claudy  
CRAIG Widow Ballycolman  
CREARAN James Drumconnel  
CREARAN James Skelpy  
CREARAN Rodger Drumconnel  
CREARAN Rodger Drumnahaw  
CROW John Claudy  
CROW John Cloughfin  
CRUMLISH Patrk. Cormakilly  
CULLEN Mathew Simeralstown  
CULLEN Michael Simeralstown  
CUMMINGS Alexander Gortlogher  
CUMMINGS Robert Tullywhisker  
CUMMINGS Samuel Gortlogher  
CUNNINGHAM James Ballyfatten  
CUNNINGHAM James Liggartown  
CUNNINGHAM James Scion  
CUNNINGHAM Robt. Cormakilly  
CURREN Charles Dongowen [Donnygowen]  
CURREN John Drumdite  
DALY Widow Mullenbuoy  
DERAGH [DORAGH] John Gortnagrace  
DERAGH[DORAGH] Mathew Gortnagrace  
DICK Alexander Magir  
DICK James Mossville  
DICK William Galoney  
DIVEN William Galoney  
DIVIN David Claudy  
DIVIN Mathew Claudy  
DIVINE David Urney  
DOHERTY Chas. Cormakilly  
DOHERTY Hugh Cormakilly  
DOUGHERTY Connel Simeralstown  
DOUGHERTY Francis Lisdoo  
DOUGHERTY Henry Skelpy  
DOUGHERTY James Calhame  
DOUGHERTY James Drumconnel  
DOUGHERTY James Glentown  
DOUGHERTY James Simeralstown  
DOUGHERTY John Lisdoo  
DOUGHERTY John Magir  
DOUGHERTY John Scottstown  
DOUGHERTY Manus Scottstown  
DOUGHERTY Patrick Skelpy  
DOUGHERTY Sally Magir  
DOUGHERTY William Dresnagh  
DOUGHERTY William Lisdoo  
DOUGHERTY William Magir  
DOUGHERTY William Tullywhisker  
DUFFY Francis Drumconnel  
DUFFY John Lisdoo  
DUFFY Michael Lisdoo  
DUFFY Owen Lisdoo  
DUKE James Peacock Bank  
DUNCAN John Dooltans  
ECTOR James Skelpy  
ECTOR John Skelpy  
EDIE Edward, Esq. Magir  
ELDER William Claudy  
ELLIOTT James Castletown  
ELLIOTT William Alt  
ELLIOTT William Ballycolman (McIntosh}
ENTRICAN John Gortlogher  
EWING Samuel Galoney  
FLAGHERTY Hannah Urney  
FLANAGAN Edward Rabstown  
FLANAGAN Thomas Rabstown  
FLANAGAN William Fearne  
FLEMING Doctor Galoney  
FLEMING Joseph Cavanaweary  
FLEMING Patk. Ballyfatten  
FLEMING Patrk. Ballycolman  
FORSYTH James Ballyfatten  
FORSYTH William Castletown  
FOSTOR Hamilton Magir  
FOSTOR Patrick Magir  
FOX James Fearne  
GAGE Connnolly, Esq. Cavanaweary  
GALBRAITH Heirs of Sir James Rabstown  
GALBRAITH Heirs of Sir James Urney  
GALBRAITH Heirs of Sir Jas. Cloughfin  
GALLAGHAR Hugh Skelpy  
GALLAGHER Alexr. Cooleyslynn  
GALLAGHER Andrew Ballyfatten  
GALLAGHER Biddy Ballyfatten  
GALLAGHER Charles Magir  
GALLAGHER Dennis Cormakilly  
GALLAGHER Edward Old Glebe  
GALLAGHER James, Jun. Cormakilly  
GALLAGHER James, Sen. Cormakilly  
GALLAGHER John Old Glebe  
GALLAGHER Lawrence Ballyfatten  
GALLAGHER Patk. Claudy  
GALLAGHER Patrick Glentown  
GALLAGHER Patrick Rabstown  
GALLAGHER Thomas Rabstown  
GALLAGHER William Glentown  
GAMBLE Andrew Fivefin  
GARDNER Jos. Ballylast  
GARDNER Mathew Ballylast  
GIBBONS John Inchoney  
GIBBONS John Old Glebe  
GILESPY Bernard Glentimon  
GILESPY Michael Galoney  
GORMLEY James Ballyfatten  
GORMLEY Joseph Claudy  
GOURLEY Andrew Tullywhisker  
GOURLEY Andrew Tullywhisker  
GRAHAM Andrew Magir  
GRIFFIN James Carricklee  
GRIFFIN John Cloughfin  
GWYNN John Glentown  
GWYNN John Old Glebe  
GWYNNE George Urney  
GWYNNE John Prospect  
HAGHEY/ HAUGHY?] Francis Lisdoo  
HAMILTON Galbraith Ballyfatten  
HAMILTON James Claudy  
HAMILTON James Magir  
HAMILTON James Ballyfatten (Dr. Hamilton)
HAMILTON John Magir  
HAMILTON John Rabstown  
HAMILTON Widow Calhame  
HAMILTON Widow Claudy  
HAMILTON Widow Eliza Fivefin  
HAMILTON William Claudy  
HANNIGAN Nugent Drumeagle  
HARKIN Taddy Claudy  
HARRIS William Scottstown  
HARRISON John, Jun. Ballylast  
HARRISON John, Sen. Ballylast  
HAUGHEY William Claudy  
HAYES James Ballyfatten  
HAYES Robt. Ballyfatten (Agnew)
HAYES William Ballyfatten (Agnew)
HEANEY Patrick Fivefin  
HEGARTY Hugh Graffy  
HEGARTY James Fearne (comment: now Ben Brown of Listymore)  
HEGARTY James Graffy  
HEGARTY John Gortnagrace  
HEGARTY Patrick Graffy  
HEMPHILL John Tullywhisker  
HEMPHILL Robert Gortlogher  
HENDERSON James Fivefin  
HENDERSON James Gortlogher  
HENDERSON John Drumeagle  
HENDERSON John Galoney  
HENDERSON Joseph Ballycolman  
HENDERSON Joseph Glentown  
HENDERSON Samuel Galoney  
HERVEY Joseph Glentown  
HOLMES Charles Drumconnel  
HOLMES James Ballycolman  
HOLMS Andrew Ballycolman  
HOLMS Andrew Scion  
HONE Redmond Alt  
HONE William Cormakilly  
HOOD James Rabstown  
HOOD Patrick Rabstown  
HOWARD Robt. Alt  
HUGHES Saml. Magir  
HUGHS Samuel Ballycolman  
HUNTER Andrew Fort-Town  
HUNTER Andrew, Jun. Claudy  
HUNTER Andrew, Sen. Claudy  
HUNTER George Glentimon  
HUNTER George Scion  
HUNTER James Ballycolman  
HUNTER Joseph Scion  
HUNTER William Scion  
INCH William, Jun. Inchoney  
INCH William, Sen. Inchoney  
IRVINE Samuel Tullywhisker  
IRWIN George Gortnagrace  
IRWIN Robert Gortnagrace  
JACK Andrew Drumdite  
JACK Saml. Ballycolman (lease at will Jno. Chambers)
JACK Samuel Fearne  
JAMISON Robert Magir  
JARVIS Joseph Alt  
JERVIS William Prospect  
JERVIS/ LEWES? John Rabstown  
JERVIS/ LEWES? William Rabstown  
JOHNSTON David Alt  
KEARNEY John Magir  
KEARNEY Neil Ballycolman  
KEENAN Charles Alt  
KELLY Charles Mullenbuoy  
KELLY Hugh Graffy  
KELLY John Cloughfin  
KELLY John Fearne  
KELLY Patrick Graffy  
KELLY Patrick, Jun. Graffy  
KELLY Patrick, Sen. Graffy  
KELLY Thomas Cloughfin  
KELLY Widow Drumdite  
KELLY Widow Graffy  
KELLY William Carricklee  
KENNEDAY John Ballyfatten  
KENNEDAY Neil Carricklee  
KENNEDAY Simon Ballyfatten  
KENNEDAY Thomas Ballyfatten  
KENNEDAY Thomas Galoney  
KENNEDAY Thomas Ballycolman (Mrs Orr}
KENNEDY Thomas, Sen. Galoney  
KERR James Alt  
KERR John Simeralstown  
KERRIGAN Charles Graffy  
KIEVE John Drumconnel  
KILGRACE John Gortnagrace  
KILGRACE William Alt  
KILGRACE William Gortnagrace  
KILPATRICK James Cavanaweary  
KINCAID Andrew Fearne  
KNOX David Glentimon  
KNOX Hugh Urney  
KNOX James Glentimon  
KNOX James, Jun. Glentimon  
KNOX John Glentimon  
KNOX Robert Peacock Bank  
KNOX Widow Anne Drumeagle  
KNOX William Drumeagle  
KYLE Charles Fearne  
KYLE Robert Fearne  
LANAGAN Dennis Rabstown  
LAST Bryan Carricklee  
LAST John Glentown  
LAST Patrick Simeralstown  
LAW Francis Fearne  
LECKY Oliver Ballycolman  
LECKY Oliver Castletown  
LEECH John Skelpy  
LEECH Samuel Skelpy  
LEFARTY Charles Drumconnel  
LEFARTY Francis Lisdoo  
LEFARTY James Glentown  
LEFARTY John Drumnahaw  
LEFARTY John Skelpy  
LEFARTY Manis Gortkilly  
LEFARTY Manus Dongowen  
LEFARTY Manus Drumconnel  
LEFARTY Murtagh Gortkilly  
LEFARTY Neil Lisdoo  
LEFARTY Owen Donnyloop  
LEFARTY Owen Lisdoo  
LEFARTY Patrick Dongowen  
LEFARTY Patrick Lisdoo  
LEFARTY Patrick Scottstown  
LEFARTY Widow Bridget Gortkilly  
LEFFERTY James Simeralstown  
LEFFERTY Murtagh Fivefin  
LENEY Doctor Ballycolman (Joseph McKee)
LEPER Hugh Magir  
LEWES /JERVIS? John Rabstown  
LEWES/ JERVIS? William Rabstown  
LIGHTON Heirs of Rev. Sir M. Lighton Alt  
LINDSAY Alexander Ballyfatten  
LOGAN Galbraith Tullywhisker  
LOGUE Rodger Alt  
LOUGHERY Charles Magir  
LOUGHREY Andrew Alt  
LOUGHREY Charles Alt  
LOUGHREY Patr. Alt  
LOVE James Old Glebe  
LOVE Joseph Glentown  
LYONS James Alt  
LYONS Nathaniel Tullywhisker  
MACKEY John Fivefin  
MADDEN Hassan Ballycolman [Neil Dougherty, Bridge End)
MADDON James Galoney  
MADDON Patrick Ballycolman  
MAHAFFY John Carricklee  
MANSFIELD Johnston Cooleyslynn  
MARTIN Samuel Magir  
MARTIN William Drumdite  
MATHEWS John Alt  
MATHEWS John Cormakilly  
MATHEWS Robert Calhame  
MATHEWS Robert Drumdite  
MATHEWSON Samuel Ballycolman  
MAXWELL Charles Ballycolman  
MAXWELL Charles Magir  
MAXWELL John Tullymoan  
MAXWELL Samuel Innisclan  
MAXWELL William Tullymoan  
McALEER John Carricklee  
McALPINE Cunningham Ballycolman  
McALPINE Cunningham Magir  
McAVOY Bryan Cormakilly  
McBREARTY Peter Lisdoo  
McCARTER George Old Glebe  
McCARTER John Tullywhisker  
McCAULEY Patrick Skerryglass  
McCAULY James Drumconnel  
McCAUSLAND Robert Carricklee  
McCAUSLAND Robert Castletown  
McCLEARY John Rabstown  
McCLENAGHAN Anthony Prospect  
McCLENAGHAN Patrick Prospect  
McCLURE James Fort-Town  
McCORMICK Charles Ballycolman  
McCORMICK Colhoun Innisclan  
McCORMICK James Fearne  
McCORMICK John Fearne  
McCORMICK Joseph Drumbawn  
McCORMICK Joseph Fearne  
McCORMICK Patrick Skerryglass  
McCORTLY? Felix Drumconnel  
McCOSKER James Skerryglass  
McCOY Archibald Rabstown  
McCOY Thomas Glentown  
McCOY Thomas Rabstown  
McCUE Bernard Drumbawn  
McCUE Owen Skelpy  
McCUE Widow Lisdoo  
McCURDY James Drumconnel  
McCURDY James Magheracallaghan  
McDIVIT Edward Drumdite  
McDIVIT Edward Fearne  
McDIVIT Galbraith Skerryglass  
McDIVIT Henry Glentown  
McDIVIT Henry Kinnistown [Kennystown]  
McDIVIT Henry Rabstown  
McDIVIT Henry Skerryglass  
McDOWEL Archd. Claudy  
McDOWEL Archibald Cloughfin  
McDOWEL Archibald Urney  
McFARLAND John Ballycolman  
McGARAGLE James Alt  
McGARIGLE Bartly Carricklee  
McGARIGLE Charles Carricklee  
McGARIGLE John Carricklee  
McGARIGLE John Castletown  
McGARIGLE Thomas Carricklee  
McGERRIGLE James Fort-Town (Now Amos Sproul)
McGETIGAN Chas. Carricklee  
McGETIGAN Neil Ballyfatten  
McGETTIGAN Neil Galoney  
McGETTIGAN William Prospect  
McGHEE Thomas Innisclan  
McGINLEY Edward Alt  
McGINLEY James Magir  
McGIRR Michael Inchoney  
McGOWEN John Magir  
McGRATH Andrew Innisclan  
McGRATH Francis Innisclan  
McGRATH Francis Urney  
McGRATH Henry Innisclan  
McGRATH James Innisclan  
McGRATH Owen Lisdoo  
McGRATH Patrick Old Glebe  
McGRATH Thomas, Jun. Prospect  
McGRATH Thomas, Sen. Prospect  
McILHINNEY [?] Ballycolman  
McINAW Bryan Ballyfatten  
McINAW John Ballyfatten  
McINTIRE Aron Cavanaweary  
McINTIRE Robt. Cavanaweary  
McINTIRE Robt. Cooleyslynn  
McINTIRE William Magir  
McINTOSH James Ballycolman  
MCKENNY Hugh Tullywhisker  
McKENNY William Tullywhisker  
McKINLEY John Old Glebe  
McKINNEY Hugh Fearne  
McKINNEY John Carricklee  
McKINNEY Neil Lisdoo  
McKINNEY Patrick Dongowen [Donnygowen]  
McKINNEY Widow Mary Tullywhisker  
McLAUGHLIN Charles Calhame  
McLAUGHLIN Danl. Ballyfatten (Agnew)
McLAUGHLIN Ellinor Ballyfatten  
McLAUGHLIN John Innisclan  
McLAUGHLIN Michael Alt  
McLAUGHLIN Thomas Skelpy  
McLAUGHLIN Widow Mary Lisdoo  
McLAUGHLIN William Cooleyslynn  
McLAUGHLIN William Mullenbuoy  
McLAUGHLIN William, Jun. Cooleyslynn  
McLAUGHLIN William, Sen. Cooleyslynn  
McLEON William Magir  
McLUCAS John Castletown  
McLUCAS William Fearne  
McMENAMIN Hugh Mullenbuoy  
McMENIMIN Margaret Gortnagrace  
McMENIMIN William Gortnagrace  
McMENNIMIN Michael Gortnagrace  
McNAMEE Bryan Ballyfatten  
McNICHOL Robert Glentimon  
McNIGHT James Cooleyslynn  
McPIKE James Lisdoo  
McPIKE Richard Lisdoo  
McRUDDEN James Carricklee  
McRUDDEN Owen Skerryglass  
MEASE Doctor Mossville  
MIDDLETON James Simeralstown  
MILLER Andrew Claudy  
MONAGHAN Thomas Magir  
MONTEITH Josias Tullywhisker  
MONTGOMERY Joseph Drumnahaw  
MORTON Samuel Magir  
MULLAN Edwd. Ballylast  
MULLAN James Claudy  
MULLAN John Ballycolman  
MULLEN Charles Old Glebe  
NEILSON James Mullenbuoy  
NEILSON Robert Drumdite  
NEILSON Widow Anne Drumdite  
NEILSON William Drumdite  
NEILY James Inchoney  
NEILY Samuel Kinnistown [Kennystown]  
NEILY Samuel Simeralstown  
NILSON William Cormakilly  
NOBLE Arthur Drumeagle  
NOBLE John Scion  
O’BRIAN James Old Glebe  
O’DONNEL James Calhame  
O’DONNELL John Kinnistown [Kennystown]  
O’DONNELL Rev. Neil Old Glebe  
O’HARO Jas., Jun. Cormakilly  
O’HARO Jas., Sen. Cormakilly  
O’NEIL James Magir  
O’NEIL John Ballyfatten  
O’NEIL John Galoney  
O’NEIL Owen Ballycolman  
O’NEIL Rodger Dresnagh  
OLIVER James Tullymoan  
OLIVER John Tullymoan  
OLIVER Thos. Carricklee  
ORR William Ballycolman  
ORR William, Esq. Magir  
ORSON Thomas Alt  
PARK Robert Tullymoan  
PATTERSON John Ballylast  
PATTERSON John Liggartown  
PATTON James Scion  
PATTON John Tullywhisker  
PATTON Josias Scion  
PATTON Mathew Dooltans  
PATTON Thomas Scion  
PATTON Widow Scion  
PATTON William Scion  
PERRY Widow Cloughfin  
PINKERTON William Alt  
POLLOCK James Drumeagle  
PORTER John Ballylast  
PORTER John Magir  
PORTER John Prospect  
PORTER John Simeralstown  
PORTER Robert Ballycolman  
PORTER Robert Drumbawn  
PORTERFIELD Robert Gortlogher  
PURDEN James Glentown  
PURDEN James Kinnistown [Kennystown]  
PURDEN James Scottstown  
PURDEN John Glentown  
PURDEN John Scottstown  
PURVINS Thomas Alt  
QUIN Hugh Glentown  
QUIN James Alt  
QUIN John Ballycolman  
QUIN Laughlin Ballyfatten  
RISK John Alt  
ROBINSON George Carricklee  
ROBINSON John Castletown  
ROBINSON John Gortlogher  
ROBINSON John Magir  
RODGERS William Alt  
ROGAN Charles Claudy  
ROGAN Doctor Magir  
ROGAN Doctor Mullenbuoy  
ROGAN Doctor Fras. Cooleyslynn  
ROGAN Hugh Ballycolman  
ROGAN James Calhame  
ROGAN Michael Carricklee  
ROGAN Philip Mullenbuoy  
ROULSTON Hugh Gortlogher  
ROULSTON William Alt  
RUSSEL Jos. Cloughfin  
RUSSEL Joseph Dongowen  
RUSSEL Mathew Kinkit  
SCANLEN John, Jun. Cloughfin  
SCANLEN John, Sen. Cloughfin  
SCANLEN Michael Glentown  
SCANLEN Patrick Glentown  
SCOTT John Ballycolman  
SCOTT John Magir  
SCOTT Mrs. Carricklee  
SCOTT Mrs. Fort-Town  
SCOTT Widow Ballyfatten  
SCOTT William Ballycolman  
SELFRIDGE Mathew Ballylast  
SEMPLE Samuel Mossville  
SEMPLE William Mossville  
SHANNON William Innisclan  
SHARKEY John Claudy  
SHAW Robert Cloughfin  
SHIELS John Carricklee  
SIMPSON Thomas Carricklee  
SMITH John Ballyfatten  
SMITH Robt. Ballycolman  
SMYTH John, Esq. Galoney  
SPEAR Joseph Tullymoan  
SPROUL Andrew Cloughfin  
SPROULE Andrew Glentown  
SPROULE Andrew Tullymoan  
SPROULE Robert Fort-Town (now Moses Sproul)
SPROULE Robert Inchoney (now Moses Sproule)
SPROULE William Ballycolman  
STEPHENSON William Ballycolman  
STEVENSON William Scion  
STEWART Widow Cloughfin  
STRAGHAN William Ballycolman  
STRAGHAN William Castletown  
STRAUGHAN William Ballyfatten  
SWEENEY Edward Ballyfatten  
SWENEY Edward Fearne  
SWENEY John Cloughfin  
SWENEY Neil Fearne  
TAILOR William Cormakilly  
TOLTON Robert Ballycolman  
TOORISH Hugh Magir  
TORRENS Robert Ballyfatten  
TRAVERS/ TROWERS? Dennis Claudy  
TROWERS/ TRAVERS? Dennis Claudy  
TURNER Alexander Kinnistown [Kennystown]  
WADE John Galoney  
WALLACE James Calhame  
WALLACE James Dooltans  
WALLACE Robert Dooltans  
WARDLAW Hugh Mullenbuoy  
WARNOCK Lighton Ballycolman  
WARNOCK William Castletown  
WATERS Charles Ballyfatten  
WATSON Andrew Innisclan  
WATSON James Tullymoan  
WATSON Joseph Flushtown  
WATSON Mathew Flushtown  
WATSON Robert Flushtown  
WATSON Robert Gortnagrace  
WATSON Robert Kinnistown [Kennystown]  
WATSON Robert Simeralstown  
WATSON Robt. Carricklee  
WATSON William Drumnahaw  
WATSON William Fearne  
WAUCHOB Andrew Alt  
WAUCHOB Andrew Mullenbuoy  
WAUCHOB Charles, Jun. Kinkit  
WAUCHOB Charles, Sen. Kinkit  
WAUCHOB Danl. Ballycolman  
WAUCHOB Danl. Ballyfatten  
WAUCHOB Danl. Carricklee  
WAUCHOB Danl. Castletown  
WAUCHOB Danl. Fearne  
WAUCHOB Danl. Magir  
WAUCHOB Danl. Urney  
WAUCHOB Joseph Kinkit  
WAUCHOB Robert Mullenbuoy  
WAUCHOB Thomas Fivefin  
WEIR John Galoney  
WERE John Ballyfatten  
WETHERALL John Ballycolman  
WHITE Abraham Alt  
WHITE James Alt  
WHITE John Ballylast  
WHITE William Alt  
WILSON John Carricklee  
WILSON Joseph Fivefin  
WILSON Robert Fivefin  
WOODS Andrew Tullywhisker  
WOODS David Glentimon  
WOODS David Peacock Bank  
WOODS David Scion  
WOODS James Glentimon  
WOODS James Tullywhisker  
WOODS William Scion  
YOUNG James Drumbawn  


Given under our hands October 1, 1827

John Dysart & William Walker, Church Commissioners

Chairman: Oliver Leckey


William Inch

Jas. Cunningham

James Woods

David Woods


Notes entered at end of book

Thos. Wauchob

John Mackay

Jos. Wilson 8 acres in perpetuity

Mrs Henry of Dublin 13 acres P. Henry

Robt. Wilson 8 acres Chambers

Smyth [of] Galoney 13 acres M. Lafferty

B. Hannigan

Henderson of Glentown is heir at law to 13 acres held by the Sister & Natural Children of the Declared Henderson

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