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Index to the Tithe Applotment Book, Tullyniskan Parish, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, 1826

Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, Belfast (PRON) Ref: FIN 5A/268/1&2
FHL Film #258470
Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

Tullaniskan Parish Church, Holy Trinity Church of Ireland, , Newmills, Co. Tyrone. Photo: Bill Caldwell


Tithe was a tax on all agricultural land (originally one tenth of the produce) excepting only church lands, glebes and urban areas and was paid by leaseholders and occupiers of all religious denominations to the clergy of the Established Church of Ireland. There was growing resentment against this tax, especially by Presbyterians and Catholics, particularly in the period of distress after 1815 and the government was forced to give way and introduce the Tithe Composition Act 1823 which replaced payment in kind by payment in cash.

In order to effect this change, all agricultural land across the country was required to be surveyed and applotted, or valued. During the period 1823 to 1837, a Tithe Applotment Survey was made in each civil parish across the whole of Ireland to determine the value of tithe payable by different landholders. Two people were appointed by each parish to carry out this assessment. The material was arranged by civil parish and townland in volumes known as TITHE APPLOTMENT BOOKS.

In some parishes more than one survey was taken, whilst in others the manuscript has not survived. The books for all Ireland, compiled between 1823 and 1837, are now deposited in the National Archives of Ireland, Dublin and Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI).

PRONI holds the tithe books for all but 31 of the 273 parishes then surveyed in Northern Ireland. These tithe books are arranged by townland and record the names of leaseholders, the area of their farm subject to tithe, sometimes the quality of the land and an overall valuation and occasionally the names of landlords. Researchers should be aware that cottiers who did not hold land are not recorded, and unaccountably, some types of land were passed over entirely; a field of potatoes attracted a tithe payment in one parish, but not in that adjoining.

Those researchers who are fortunate to locate a forebear in the Tithe Applotment Books may find it possible to take their research back a further generation prior to Griffiths Valuation.



Townland Townland Townland Townland
Aghakinsallagh Glebe Ballymenagh Blacktown Bloomhill Demesne
Creenagh Cullion Curran Derry
Derrywinnin Glebe Doras Drumard Drumey
Drumreagh Etra Drumreagh Otra Edendork Farlough
Glencon Gortgonis Gortin Gortnaskea
Mineveigh Mullaghmarget Quintinmanus Sessia
Stughan Whitetown Woodhill



Townland Townland Townland Townland
Ballymenagh Churchtowns Crenagh Cullion
Curren Derry Drumard Drumey & Woodhill
Edendork Farlough Glencon Gorten
Gortgonis Gortnaskea Lower Drumreagh Moneyveagh
Mullaghmarget Quintinmanus Sessagh Stughan
Upper Drumreagh




Surname GivenName Townland
ALEXANDER John Churchtowns
ALEXANDER Thomas Churchtowns
ALLEN Joseph Lower Drumreagh
ANDERSON Andrew Glencon
ANDERSON James Drumey & Woodhill
ANDERSON James Glencon
ANDERSON John Drumard
ANDERSON William Drumey & Woodhill
ATCHESON George Stughan
ATCHISON Thomas Drumard
ATCHISON William Drumard
ATKINSON Carlton Crenagh
BARRON James Stughan
BEATS George Gortgonis
BELL Jack Moneveagh (Mineveagh)
BELL John Moneveagh (Mineveagh)
BELL William Ballymenagh
BERGAN James Cullion
BERGAN John Derry
BERGAN William Derry
BLACK Henry Lower Drumreagh
BOYD John Glencon
BOYD Samuel Churchtowns
BOYD Samuel Glencon
BOYLE Francis Crenagh
BOYLE Patrick Crenagh
BOYLE Thomas Crenagh
BOYLE Widow Crenagh
BOYS John Drumey & Woodhill
BRIENS Patrick Farlough
BRODISTON Frank Moneveagh (Mineveagh)
BROWN Henry Drumard
BUCHANNON [..?] Churchtowns
BURNS Margret Farlough
BURNS Widow Gortgonis
BURNS William Crenagh
BURNS William Gortgonis
BURRELL William Quintinmanus
BURROWS Edward Drumard
BURROWS James Drumard
BURROWS Robert Drumard
BURROWS Robert Edendork
BURROWS William Drumard
BUTLAR James & sons Farlough
CAMPBELL Arthur Gortgonis
CAMPBELL Bernard Gortin
CAMPBELL Bryan Gortgonis
CAMPBELL Charles Crenagh
CAMPBELL Daniel Drumard
CAMPBELL Edward Stughan
CAMPBELL James & partners Drumey & Woodhill
CAMPBELL John (Liber) Crenagh
CAMPBELL John (potter) Crenagh
CAMPBELL John Gortgonis
CAMPBELL Mary Crenagh
CAMPBELL Michael Crenagh
CAMPBELL Patt. Crenagh
CAMPBELL Patt. Gortgonis
CAMPBELL Peter Gortgonis
CAMPBELL Peter Gortin
CAMPBELL Philimey Gortgonis
CAMPBELL Solomon Gortin
CAMPBELL Thomas Crenagh
CAMPBELL Widow Crenagh
CAMPBELL William Gortgonis
CANAVIN Andrew Gortin
CANAVIN John Gortgonis
CANNON Patrick Derry
CARBERRY Peter Gortgonis
CARSON Andrew Derry
CARSON James, Jun. Derry
CARSON James, Sen. Derry
CARSON John Crenagh
CARSON John Gortin
CARSON John Moneveagh (Mineveagh)
CARSON John Sassagh [Sessia]
CARSON Robert Farlough
CARSON Thomas Derry
CARSON William Derry
CARUTH James Gortgonis
CASEY Barnard Lower Drumreagh
CASEY James Gortgonis
CASEY Richard Curran
CLARK John Curran
CLARK William Churchtowns
CLARKE Alexander Mullaghmarget
CLEMENTS Abey Farlough
CLEMENTS John Farlough
CLEMENTS Mosey Gortgonis
CLERAN Francis Ballymenagh
CLERON Hugh Moneveagh (Mineveagh)
CLERON Terrence Moneveagh (Mineveagh)
COCHRAN John Farlough
COCHRAN Samuel Farlough
CONLON John Lower Drumreagh
CONWAY Charles Cullion
CONWAY Widow Edendork
CORORAN Edward Curran
CORORAN George Curran
CORORAN James Gortin
CORORAN Michael Drumey & Woodhill
CORORAN Widow Curran
CORORAN Widow Gortin
CORR Bernard Gortgonis
CORR John Ballymenagh
CORR Patrick Gortgonis
CORRORAN Peter Lower Drumreagh
COULTON Francis Moneveagh (Mineveagh)
COULTON Frank Ballymenagh
COULTON James Ballymenagh
COULTON Widow Adam Ballymenagh
COULTON Widow Mathew Ballymenagh
COULTON Widow Moneveagh (Mineveagh)
COX John Moneveagh (Mineveagh)
CRANSTON Alexander Drumard
CRANSTON Widow Gortgonis
CRAWLEY William Curran
CREALLY Arthur Lower Drumreagh
CREETH William Derry
CREETH William Lower Drumreagh
CROOKS Thomas Mullaghmarget
CURRIN John Curran
CURRY Peter Farlough
CUSH Edward Crenagh
CUSHNAHIN D. & partner Drumey & Woodhill
DARBY Michael Gortnaskea
DAVIDSON James Glencon
DAWLEY John Farlough
DEERY Peter Churchtowns
DEGLISH? Robert Stughan
DENNISON John Stughan
DEVLIN Charles Crenagh
DEVLIN James Churchtowns
DEVLIN James Glencon
DEVLIN Patrick Edendork
DEVLIN Terrence, Jun. Edendork
DICKSON James Gortgonis
DIVINE William Curran
DONNALLY John Gortnaskea
DONNELL Mr. Samuel Derry
DONNELLY Arthur Curran
DONNELLY Patrick Cullion
DONNELLY Rodger Crenagh
DOORAS Dinnis Drumard
DORAN Barnard Cullion
DORAN Biddy Cullion
DORAN Felix Cullion
DORAN Patrick Cullion
DORAN Widow Cullion
DOUGLAS Hugh Churchtowns
DOUGLASS James Glencon
DOUGLASS James Stughan
DOUGLASS John Glencon
DOUGLASS William Stughan
EAGLESON Thomas Ballymenagh
EAGLESON Widow Farlough
ELLIOTT John Churchtowns
ENNIS Robert Curran
ENNIS Thomas Curran
EVANS James, Jun. Drumard
EVANS James, Sen. Drumard
FALLS Francis Drumard
FALLS Mr. Thomas Derry
FANNING James Edendork
FANNING John Cullion
FARR George Farlough
FARR Widow Farlough
FARSON George Lower Drumreagh
FERRAN Lambert Farlough
FERRAN Thomas Derry
FERRAN William Farlough
FERRY George Moneveagh (Mineveagh)
FERRY James Moneveagh (Mineveagh)
FERRY William, Jun. Moneveagh (Mineveagh)
FERRY William, Sen. Moneveagh (Mineveagh)
FINLAY Alexander Glencon
FOWLER Richard Gortgonis
FULTON Samuel Moneveagh (Mineveagh)
GARRAGHTY Mr. Thomas Lower Drumreagh
GARRETT Mr. William Farlough
GILLMER [GILMORE] John, Jun. Lower Drumreagh
GILLMER [GILMORE] John, Sen. Lower Drumreagh
GILLMER [GILMORE] Moses Lower Drumreagh
GILLMER [GILMORE] Mrs. Gortgonis
GIRVIN James Cullion
GIRVIN Patrick Lower Drumreagh
GLASS James Stughan
GLASS John Crenagh
GRAY William Stughan
GREDDON Thomas Cullion
GRIMES Robert Churchtowns
GRIMES William Churchtowns
GROGAN James Churchtowns
HAGGAN Hugh Crenagh
HAGGAN James Crenagh
HAGGAN Jane Mullaghmarget
HAGGAN John Ballymenagh
HAGGAN Peter Moneveagh (Mineveagh)
HAGGAN Terrence Crenagh
HAGGAN Widow Crenagh
HAMILTON James Gortgonis
HAMILTON John Drumey & Woodhill
HARBINSON Henry Glencon
HART Felix Curran
HART Henry Curran
HART John Sassagh [Sessia]
HART Peter Curran
HEATHER William Gortgonis
HEAZLETON Ben. Farlough
HENDERSON John Stughan
HENRY John Lower Drumreagh
HILLAN Owen Crenagh
HILLAN Thomas Crenagh
HOBSON William Churchtowns
HOGG James Crenagh
HOGG Robert Crenagh
HOPTON John Derry
HOWARD Benjamin Lower Drumreagh
HOWARD Benjamin Sassagh [Sessia]
HOWARD Benjamin Stughan
HOWARD John Cullion
HOWARD John Edendork
HOWARD Joseph Cullion
HOWARD William Ballymenagh
HOWARD William Farlough
HOWARD William Quintinmanus
HUGHES Arthur & son Gortgonis
HUGHES Charles Moneveagh (Mineveagh)
HUGHES Edward Farlough
HUGHES Edward Moneveagh (Mineveagh)
HUGHES Henry Gortgonis
HUGHES John Crenagh
HUGHES Mathew Curran
HUGHES Michael Gortgonis
HUGHES Michael Gortnaskea
HUGHES Widow Derry
HUGHES William Gortgonis
HUGHS Brian Crenagh
HUGHS Henry Derry
HUGHS James Derry
HUGHS Patt. Lower Drumreagh
HUGHS Widow Lower Drumreagh
HUNTER Widow Cullion
HURSON Mathias Ballymenagh
HURSON Patrick Ballymenagh
IRWIN James Ballymenagh
IRWIN James Farlough
IRWIN James Quintinmanus
IRWIN Oliver Quintinmanus
IRWIN William Quintinmanus
JOHNSTON Mrs Gortgonis
JOHNSTON Thomas Gortin
KAIN Dennis Farlough
KEARY Thomas Glencon
KEARY Widow Glencon
KEITH Hugh Mullaghmarget
KELLY Thomas Drumey & Woodhill
KENEDY James Derry
KERANS Thomas Farlough
LAMIE Edward Edendork
LAMIE Robert Gortin
LAMIE Widow Gortin
LANGLEY James, Jun. Farlough
LANGLEY James, Sen. Farlough
LAPPIN Widow Moneveagh (Mineveagh)
LAVERTY Patrick Gortin
LENON Patrick Cullion
LETTAMORE George Farlough
LIPSEY Robert Derry
LIPSEY Robert Farlough
LITTLE James Glencon
LLOID Mr Richard Cullion
LOVE John Farlough
LYONS John Mullaghmarget
LYONS Robert Mullaghmarget
MALLON Barnard Drumey & Woodhill
MALLON Bernard Farlough
MALLON Charles Drumey & Woodhill
MALLON Patrick Edendork
MALLON Patt. Drumey & Woodhill
MALLON Widow Edendork
MANN John Lower Drumreagh
MANSFIELD Andrew Churchtowns
MARSHALL George Farlough
MARSHALL William Gortin
MARTCH William Glencon
MARTIN Edward Edendork
MARTIN Patrick Curran
McANNOLLY Edward Derry
McANNOLLY Edward Derry
McANNOLLY Phillip Derry
McANOLLY John Derry
McANOLLY Randle Derry
McANOLLY Widow Gortgonis
McCANN Arthur Crenagh
McCANN John Crenagh
McCANN Peter Crenagh
McCANNA John Curran
McCARDELL Alexander Ballymenagh
McCARDELL Edward Ballymenagh
McCARDLE Edward Quintinmanus
McCLEAN Alexander Curran
McCLEAN Alexander Farlough
McCLEAN Alexander Mullaghmarget
McCOART Edward Curran
McCOART Henry Farlough
McCOART James Curran
McCOART John Ballymenagh
McCOART John Stughan
McCOART John, Jun. Cullion
McCOART John, Sen. Cullion
McCRACKEN Hugh Lower Drumreagh
McCRORRY Mick. Lower Drumreagh
McCRUMB Widow Churchtowns
McCRUMB William Churchtowns
McCULLAGH James Lower Drumreagh
McCUNN Widow Mary Crenagh
McCURRY Henry Curran
McCURRY Richard Curran
McCUSKER Widow Sassagh [Sessia]
McDONELL Sam. Gortgonis
McDONNELL Mr. Samuel Crenagh
McDONNELL James Crenagh
McDONNELL Terrence Crenagh
McELGREW Patrick Drumey & Woodhill
McELGREW Widow Drumey & Woodhill
McELREE James Drumard
McELREE John Lower Drumreagh
McENTIRE George Stughan
McENTIRE James Lower Drumreagh
McENTIRE Robert Churchtowns
McENTIRE Robert Glencon
McGAGHIN Widow Gortgonis
McGARRY Owen Cullion
McGAVARAN James Curran
McGLAUGHLIN John Glencon
McGLENON James Farlough
McGOWN James Lower Drumreagh
McGOWN Terrence Stughan
McGUCKIAN Arthur Drumey & Woodhill
McGUCKIAN Barnard Edendork
McGUCKIAN John Drumey & Woodhill
McGUCKIAN Phill. Drumey & Woodhill
McGUIRE Henry Churchtowns
McGUIRE James Gortnaskea
McGUIRE Thomas Stughan
McGUIRE Widow Gortgonis
McKOWN William Farlough
McKOWN William Stughan
McLERNON James Gortgonis
McMAGHIN Bernard Quintinmanus
McMAGHIN Bernard Stughan
McMAGHIN Culla Moneveagh (Mineveagh)
McMAGHIN John Gortnaskea
McMAGHIN William Quintinmanus
McMAGHON Peter Curran
McMENINEY Patt. Quintinmanus
McMINN Isaac Mullaghmarget
McMINN Mary Mullaghmarget
McMINN Robert Mullaghmarget
McMINN Thomas Mullaghmarget
McMINN William Mullaghmarget
McNERRIE David Glencon
McNIECE James Stughan
McSHANE Edward Moneveagh (Mineveagh)
McVEAGH Patt. Farlough
MILLIGAN [..?] Glencon
MILLIGAN James Churchtowns
MILLIGAN Samuel Churchtowns
MILLIGAN Widow & sons Drumey & Woodhill
MITCHELL John Ballymenagh
MONNEY James Gortgonis
MORGAN Patrick Crenagh
MORRISON [..?] Gortin
MORRISON Pebby Lower Drumreagh
MORRISON Widow Lower Drumreagh
MORROW John Ballymenagh
MULHOLLAND John Mullaghmarget
MULLON John Farlough
MUNSON William Lower Drumreagh
MURPHY Andrew Derry
MURPHY Charles Crenagh
MURPHY John Derry
MURPHY Patrick Curran
MURRAY John S., Esq. Lower Drumreagh
MURRAY Mr James Lower Drumreagh
NEELY Samuel Lower Drumreagh
NEVELL Henry Farlough
NICKLE Robert Cullion
NICKLES [..?] Drumey & Woodhill
NOBLE Joseph Glencon
NOON Lanty Derry
NOWLAND Mary Moneveagh (Mineveagh)
NUGENT James Ballymenagh
O’BRIENS Ellen Derry
O’BRIENS James Derry
O’NEIL Abraham Curran
O’NEIL Charles Gortgonis
O’NEIL Charles, Roe Gortgonis
O’NEIL Daniel Derry
O’NEIL Henry Crenagh
O’NEIL John Crenagh
O’NEIL John Derry
O’NEIL Mick. Crenagh
O’ROURKE Polly Crenagh
PARK William Stughan
PIKE Mr William & co. Lower Drumreagh
PIKE Mr. William Derry
PIKE Mr. Jonathin Farlough
PIKE Mr. William Farlough
PIKE Mr. William Gortin
PIKE William & co. Lower Drumreagh
PRESTON James Stughan
QUIN Charles Crenagh
QUIN Dan. Crenagh
QUIN Daniel Derry
QUIN Francis Gortgonis
QUIN Henry Gortgonis
QUIN Hugh Crenagh
QUIN John Crenagh
QUIN John Curran
QUIN John Derry
QUIN John Edendork
QUIN Neil Curran
QUIN Patrick Curran
QUIN Patrick Derry
QUIN Patrick Gortin
QUIN Patrick Mullaghmarget
QUIN Thomas Gortin
QUIN Widow Gortgonis
QUIN William Gortin
RAVERTY Bartly Crenagh
REA Robert Glencon
REED John Moneveagh (Mineveagh)
RICHARDSON Captain Gortgonis
RICHARDSON John Quintinmanus
RICHARDSON Richard Churchtowns
RICHMAN [RICHMOND] Samuel Gortgonis
ROBINSON Andrew Glencon
ROBINSON Andrew Lower Drumreagh
ROBINSON John Farlough
ROBINSON John Lower Drumreagh
ROBINSON Samuel Drumey & Woodhill
ROBINSON Thomas Lower Drumreagh
ROBINSON William Farlough
ROCKS Daniel Cullion
ROCKS Daniel Edendork
ROCKS John Derry
RODDY Widow Moneveagh (Mineveagh)
ROLLINS James Drumey & Woodhill
ROURKE Bernard Gortgonis
ROURKE Daniel Crenagh
ROURKE Frank Crenagh
ROURKE James, Jun. Crenagh
ROURKE James, Sen. Crenagh
ROURKE John Crenagh
ROURKE Owen Crenagh
ROURKE Tole Crenagh
ROURKE William Crenagh
SCOTT James, Esq. Churchtowns
SHERIDAN Thomas Quintinmanus
SHERRY John Lower Drumreagh
SHILLERTON Joseph Quintinmanus
SHORT Charles Crenagh
SHORT Michael Curran
SHUTER James Lower Drumreagh
SKELTON James, Jun. Gortin
SKELTON John Gortin
SKELTON John, Sen. Gortin
SKELTON Miss Gortin
SKELTON Thomas Gortin
SKIFFINGTON Art. Mullaghmarget
SKIFFINGTON Edward Cullion
SKIFFINGTON Francis Edendork
SKIFFINGTON Peter Edendork
SKIFFINGTON Peter Sassagh [Sessia]
SLOAN George Gortgonis
SLOAN George Gortnaskea
SLOAN Mr Thomas Derry
SLOAN Robert Gortgonis
SLOAN Thomas Gortnaskea
SMITH James Lower Drumreagh
SMITH Mary Ballymenagh
SMITH Thomas Ballymenagh
SPINDALOW William Gortgonis
STEENSON William Lower Drumreagh
STEVENSON Joseph Lower Drumreagh
STEVENSON Joseph Lower Drumreagh
STEVENSON Widow Moneveagh (Mineveagh)
STEWART Alexander Ballymenagh
STEWART Alexander Cullion
STEWART Hon. A.G. Farlough
STEWART Hon. A.G. Gortin
STEWART John Ballymenagh
STEWART Richard, Jun. Gortgonis
STEWART Richard, Sen. Gortgonis
STEWART Thomas Ballymenagh
STEWART Thomas Cullion
STEWART Thomas Glencon
STEWART Widow Edendork
STEWART William Curran
TAYLOR Andrew Churchtowns
TAYLOR John Lower Drumreagh
TEMPLETON John Gortgonis
TEMPLETON Joseph Glencon
TEMPLETON Widow Gortgonis
TEMPLETON William, Jun. Gortgonis
TEMPLETON William, Sen. Gortgonis
THOMPSON James Lower Drumreagh
THOMPSON Robert Drumard
THOMPSON Robert Glencon
TIPPING George Gortin
TIPPING John Cullion
TRAYNER [..?] Glencon
VALLELY John Cullion
VALLILY [..?] Drumey & Woodhill
VALLILY Edward Derry
VALLILY Henry Lower Drumreagh
WADE Joseph Curran
WEIR Hugh Moneveagh (Mineveagh)
WHITE James, Jun. Derry
WHITE Samuel Farlough
WHITESIDE Peter Gortin
WILKINSON Samuel Glencon
WILLIAMSON Joseph Stughan
WILLIS William Gortgonis
WOODS Francis Stughan
WOODS Owen Churchtowns
WRIGHT Joseph Churchtowns