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Tithe Applotment Book for Kildress Parish, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland 1826

PRONI Ref. FIN 5A/170
FHL Film #258460
Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


Tithe was a tax on all agricultural land (originally one tenth of the produce) excepting only church lands, glebes and urban areas and was paid by leaseholders and occupiers of all religious denominations to the clergy of the Established Church of Ireland. There was growing resentment against this tax, especially by Presbyterians and Catholics, particularly in the period of distress after 1815 and the government was forced to give way and introduce the Tithe Composition Act 1823 which replaced payment in kind by payment in cash.

In order to effect this change, all agricultural land across the country was required to be surveyed and applotted, or valued. During the period 1823 to 1837, a Tithe Applotment Survey was made in each civil parish across the whole of Ireland to determine the value of tithe payable by different landholders. Two people were appointed by each parish to carry out this assessment. The material was arranged by civil parish and townland in volumes known as TITHE APPLOTMENT BOOKS.

In some parishes more than one survey was taken, whilst in others the manuscript has not survived. The books for all Ireland, compiled between 1823 and 1837, are now deposited in the National Archives of Ireland, Dublin and Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI).

PRONI holds the tithe books for all but 31 of the 273 parishes then surveyed in Northern Ireland. These tithe books are arranged by townland and record the names of leaseholders, the area of their farm subject to tithing, sometimes the quality of the land and an overall valuation and occasionally, the names of landlords. Researchers should be aware that cottiers who did not hold land are not recorded, and unaccountably, some types of land were passed over entirely; a field of potatoes attracted a tithe payment in one parish, but not in that adjoining.

Those researchers who are fortunate to locate a forebear in the Tithe Applotment Books may find it possible to take their research back a further generation prior to Griffiths Valuation.



Townland Townland Townland Townland
Ballynasollus Beaghbeg Beagh-More Beleevna Beg
Beleevna More Beltonanean Cavano’neill Clare
Cloghfin Clonferagh Corchoney Corkhill
Corvanaghan Derrinleagh Doons Drum
Drumnacross Lower Drumnacross Upper Drumnaglogh Drumnamalta
Drumshanbo Glebe Dungate Dunnamore Evishacrancussy
Evishanoran Evishbrack Glasmullagh Glenarny
Gortaclady Gortnagross Gortreagh Keenaghan
Kildress Lower Kildress Upper Killeenan Killucan
Kinnagillian Knockaleery Legnacash Mackenny
Magheraglass Meenanea Meenascallagh Moboy (Part of)
Muntober Murnells (part of) Oaklands Oritor
Strews Tamlaght Tamnaskeeny Tattykeel
Teebane Terrywinny Tirmacshane Tullyroan



Townland Townland Townland Townland
Beaghmore Bellivnamore Beaghbeg Bellivnabeg
Belnasolis Baltinonean Corkhill Clantyferagh
Clare Corchoney Cavanoneal Cloughfin
Cashelbawn Corvanaghan Drumnaglough Drum
Drinlea Drumnamaltra Drumnacross Dunnamore
Doons Clanarny Glassmullagh Gortnagross
Gortacladdy Gortreagh Ivishbrack Ivishanoran
Ivishacracussy Kildress Killeenan Keenaghan
Killuckan Knockaleery Legnacash Mininea
Magheryglass Matober Mackeny Murnells
Mabuey Orator Stramackilmartin Strens
Teermacshane Tamlagh Tattykeel Tamnaskeny
Tullyroan Tulnacross Whitehill  




Surname Firstname Townland
ADAMS Archd. Tamnaskeny
ADAMS Arthur Tamnaskeny
ADAMS Arthur Tattykeel (new farm)
ADAMS Arthur Tattykeel (old farm)
ALLEN Henry Drum
ALLEN Hugh Drum
ALLEN James Drumnacross
ALLEN Samuel Legnacash
ALLEN Wm. Gortreagh
ARTHUR Wm. Killeenan
BAILIE Mrs. Tullyroan
BARKER Joseph Matober
BARNS Anne Mackenny
BARNS James Glanarny
BARNS John Tamnaskeny
BARNS Robt. Gortreagh
BARNS Thomas Tamnaskeny
BARNS Thos. Gortreagh
BATES Francis Glanarny
BAXTER James Drumnacross
BAXTER James Legnacash
BAXTER James Tattykeel
BAXTER Joseph Corchoney
BAXTER Richard Magheryglass
BAXTER Robert Clantyferagh
BAXTER Stephen Drumnacross
BAXTER Stephen Legnacash
BAXTER Wm. Drumnacross
BEATTY Archd. Tamnaskeny
BEATTY Widow Tamnaskeny
BEAVERS Wm. Glassmullagh
BENNISON Jonathan Teermacshane
BIGLEY Arthur Ivishacracussy
BIGLEY Bernd. Knockaleery
BIGLEY John Stramackilmartin
BLACK Alexr. Tattykeel
BLACK Archd. Matober
BLACK Isaac Matober
BLACK James Corvanaghan
BLACK James Doons
BLACK James Drinlea
BLACK James Tamnaskeny
BLACK James Tulnacross
BLACK James (Widow Black’s farm) Doons
BLACK John Corkhill
BLACK John Drinlea
BLACK John Matober
BLACK John, Junr. Corkhill
BLACK John, Senr. Corkhill
BLACK Joseph Drinlea
BLACK Joseph Matober
BLACK Joshua Corvanaghan
BLACK Joshua Teermacshane
BLACK Little Corvanaghan
BLACK Moses Drinlea
BLACK Robert Doons
BLACK Robert Tulnacross
BLACK Robert (Farson’s farm) Doons
BLACK Thomas Corkhill
BLACK Thomas Matober
BLACK Thomas, Junr. Drinlea
BLACK Widow Doons
BLACK Widow Drinlea
BLACK Widow of James Matober
BLACK Widow of Joseph Doons
BLACK William Corkhill
BLACK William Corvanaghan
BLACK William Doons
BLACK Wm. Magheryglass
BLACK Wm. Matober
BLACK Wm. Matober (Quin’s farm)
BODEN Alexander Tamlagh
BODEN James Strens
BOLE Andrew Drumnacross
BOLE Andrew Legnacash
BOLE Archd. Legnacash
BOLE James Drumnacross
BOLE James Legnacash
BOLE Stewart Drumnacross
BOYD Robert Mabuey
BOYD William (the wood) Drum
BOYLE Thomas Corchoney
BRANNON Henry Corkhill
BRANNON John Corkhill
BRANNON John Tulnacross
BRISBON Widow Clantyferagh
BRISBON Widow Clare
BRISBON Wm. Kildress
BROADFORD Robt. Drinlea
BROWN James & Co. Knockaleery
BRYANS Chas. & Co. Bellivnabeg
BURNETT Alexr. Gortnagross
BURNETT Robert Baltinonean
BURNETT Robt. Corchoney
BURNETT Wm. Drumnaglough
BURNS Alexander Tattykeel
BURNS James Drumnaglough
BURNSIDE Samuel Kildress
BURTON John Strens
CAMPBELL Bernd. Gortreagh
CAMPBELL George Belnasolis
CANDER William Corchoney
CARLETON David Glanarny
CARR Arthur Cashelbawn
CARR Barty Cashelbawn
CARR James Knockaleery
CARR Jas. Cashelbawn
CARR John Magheryglass
CARR Mathw. Cashelbawn
CARR Patrick Killeenan
CARR Widow Cashelbawn
CARSON George Teermacshane
CARSON James Corchoney
CARSON Widow Clare
CAULFIELD Alexr. Tamlagh
CAVAN John Drinlea
CAVAN Mrs? Matober
CHARLES Andrew Belnasolis
CHARLES James Baltinonean
CHARLES James Tulnacross
CHARLES James Tulnacross (James Black’s farm
CHARLES Jno. Matober (Donnelly’s farm)
CHARLES John Corvanaghan
CHARLES John Tulnacross
CHARLES John Tulnacross (lower farm)
CHARLES John Tulnacross (upper farm)
CHARLES John & Co. Tattykeel
CHARLES John (of Far Town) Baltinonean
CHARLES John (of the Moor) Baltinonean
CHARLES John, Seneschal Baltinonean
CHARLES Robert Belnasolis
CHARLES Robert Tamnaskeny
CHARLES Robt. Baltinonean
CHARLES Widow Baltinonean
CHARLES William Baltinonean
CHARLES William Drinlea
CHARLES Wm. Matober (Donnelly’s farm)
CLEMENTS Henry Clare
CLUFF Mr. Richard Kildress
CLUFF Wm. Magheryglass
COLGAN Charles Belnasolis
COLLINS Jno. Orator
COLLINS Widow Orator
CONLON James Mabuey
CONNOLLY John Tattykeel
CONNOLLY Michael Baltinonean
CONNOLLY Owen Baltinonean
CONNOLLY Thomas Dunnamore
CONWAY Bernd. Gortreagh
CONWAY Danl. Gortreagh
CONWAY Francis Killeenan
CONWAY Owen Ivishacracussy
CONWAY Owen Killuckan
CONWAY Peter Ivishacracussy
CONWAY Widow Gortreagh
COREY .....? Baltinonean
COREY Michael & Co. Beaghmore
CORR Bernard Tattykeel
CORR Michl. Murnells
CORR Patrick Killeenan
CORR Widw. Tattykeel
CRAIGE Alexr. Mackenny
CRAIGE Andrew Corchoney
CRAIGE George Corchoney
CRAIGE George Tamnaskeny
CRAIGE George Tattykeel
CRAIGE John Corchoney
CRANSTON John Belnasolis
CREEGAN John Corvanaghan
CREEGAN Michl. & Co. Dunnamore
CREIGHTON John Tamlagh
CREIGHTON William Tamlagh
DAVISON John Corchoney
DAVISON Robert Matober
DENNINGTON James Gortnagross
DEVLIN Henry Gortreagh
DEVLIN John Orator
DEVLIN John, Junr. Gortreagh
DEVLIN John, Senr. Gortreagh
DEVLIN Patrick Killuckan
DEVLIN Widow Chas. Gortreagh
DEVLIN Widw. James Gortreagh
DIXON Andrew Doons
DONAGHY Chas. Corvanaghan
DONAGHY John Kildress
DONAGHY Terence & Co. Knockaleery
DONNELLY Henry Tulnacross
DONNELLY Hugh & Co. Drumnaglough
DONNELLY James Dunnamore
DONNELLY James Glanarny
DONNELLY Patrick & Co. Beaghmore
DONNELLY Thomas & Co. Beaghmore
DONNELLY Wm. Matober
DOORUS James Glanarny
DOORUS James Tamnaskeny
DOYLE Allen Corvanaghan
DOYLE James Killuckan
DOYLE Owen Corvanaghan
DOYLE Patrick Killuckan
DOYLE Widow Tulnacross
DUFFY Charles Mackenny
DUFFY Charles Magheryglass
DUFFY Francis Tamnaskeny
DUFFY John Knockaleery
DUFFY Revd. Jno. (Chapel Yard) Dunnamore
DUFFY Revd. John Kildress
DUFFY Revd. John Killeenan (Chapel yard)
DUFFY Widow Kildress
DUNLAP James Magheryglass
DUNLAP Thos. Tattykeel
DUNN Wm. Gortnagross
DUNN Wm. Teermacshane
DUNSHEITH Robert Magheryglass
EAGLETON Alexander Drumnacross
EAGLETON Alexr. Glanarny
EAGLETON James Drumnacross
EAGLETON John Drumnacross
EAGLETON John Kildress
EAGLETON Robert Kildress
EARLY Andrew Corkhill
EARLY Mathew Mabuey
EARLY Robert Cashelbawn
ECCLES John Clantyferagh
ECCLES Robert Clantyferagh
ECCLES Robert Legnacash
ECCLES Samuel Clantyferagh
ECCLES Samuel Knockaleery
ECCLES William Clantyferagh
ECCLES Wm. Clare
EMERSON Charles Drumnacross
ESPY George Clare
ESPY James Clare
FARRIER John Mackenny
FARRIER Widow Mackenny
FARSON Alexr. Tamlagh
FERGUSON Mr. Bellivnamore
FINLAY Wm. Strens
FLEMING Thomas Strens
FOX Peter Corvanaghan
FOX Phill. Belnasolis
FRAZIER David Belnasolis
FRAZIER John Belnasolis
FRAZIER Wm. Belnasolis
FREELAND John Strens
GADDES Andrew Gortnagross
GADDES John Whitehill
GADDES Samuel Gortnagross
GADDES Widow of Alexr. Teermacshane
GADDES Widow of Patrick Teermacshane
GIBSON Andrew Drum
GILCRIST Wm. Kildress
GILMER Wm. & Co. Drumnaglough
GIRVEN Thomas Corvanaghan
GLASGOW David Matober
GLASGOW John Matober
GLASGOW John Whitehill
GLASGOW Wm. Orator
GLASS James Tamnaskeny
GLASS James Tamnaskeny (mill dam)
GLASS John Tamnaskeny
GOURLEY John Strens
GRAHAM Arthur Mabuey
GRAHAM Bernard Killeenan
GRAHAM Bernd. Mabuey
GRAHAM Condy Mabuey
GRAHAM Daniel Cloughfin
GRAHAM Danl. Cavanoneal
GRAHAM Felix Cloughfin
GRAHAM Francis Mabuey
GRAHAM Henry Mabuey
GRAHAM John Cloughfin
GRAHAM Michael Cloughfin
GRAHAM Neal Mabuey
GRAHAM Owen Killeenan
GRAHAM Patrick Cloughfin
GRAHAM Terence Cavanoneal
GRAHAM Terence Cloughfin
GRAHAM Thomas Killeenan
GRIMES ....? Drumnaglough
GRIMES Arthur Keenaghan
GRIMES Daniel Beaghbeg
GRIMES Michl. Beaghbeg
GRIMES Michl. Tulnacross
HAGAN ....? Corvanaghan
HAGAN ....? Tattykeel
HAGAN Arthr. Keenaghan
HAGAN Arthur Cavanoneal
HAGAN Ferdinand Strens
HAGAN Henry Corvanaghan
HAGAN James & Co. Cashelbawn
HAGAN John Keenaghan
HAGAN Terence Keenaghan
HAGAN Wm. Keenaghan
HALL Edward Corchoney
HALL Edward Glanarny
HALL Edward Tattykeel
HALL George Glanarny
HALLIGAN Lanty Drumnacross
HAMILL Henry Belnasolis
HAMILL Patrick Belnasolis
HAMILTON David Tullyroan
HAMILTON Hugh Tattykeel
HAMILTON James Mackenny
HAMILTON John Tattykeel
HAMILTON John Tattykeel
HAMILTON Wm. Tullyroan
HARKNESS Andrew Drum
HARKNESS John Kildress
HARKNESS Widow Kildress
HART Henry Killeenan
HART Jacob Strens
HART Peter Killeenan
HAUGHY Hugh & Co. Tulnacross
HAYS James Kildress
HENDERSON James Strens
HENDERSON Joseph Strens
HENRY Alexander Baltinonean
HENRY Alexr. Drumnaglough
HENRY Archd. Drumnamaltra
HENRY Archd. & sons Drumnaglough
HENRY Elizabeth Matober
HENRY James Drumnamaltra
HENRY James Matober
HENRY James Tamnaskeny
HENRY John Drumnaglough
HENRY John Drumnamaltra
HENRY John Matober
HENRY Richd. Drumnamaltra
HENRY Robert Drumnaglough
HENRY Robert Drumnamaltra
HENRY Robert Matober
HENRY Samuel Drumnamaltra
HENRY Thomas Drumnaglough
HENRY Wm. Drumnamaltra
HENRY Wm. Mackenny
HIGNEY Bernd. Stramackilmartin
HIGNEY Fras. Stramackilmartin
HIGNEY Jno. Stramackilmartin
HIGNEY Owen Stramackilmartin
HIGNEY Widow Stramackilmartin
HOLLYWOOD Widow Tamnaskeny
HOLT Thomas Tattykeel
HOPPER George Tulnacross
HUGHES Henry Beaghbeg
HUGHES James Gortnagross
HUNTER George Magheryglass
HUNTER Robert Tattykeel
HURSON John Gortreagh
HUTCHESON Robt. Strens
HUTTON Robert Magheryglass
IRWIN Alexr. Glanarny
IRWIN Joseph Corchoney
IRWIN Joseph Knockaleery
IRWIN Joseph Tattykeel
IRWIN Mr. James Corkhill
IRWIN Mr. James Doons
IRWIN Mr. James Drinlea
IRWIN Mr. James Tamlagh
IRWIN Mr. James Teermacshane
IRWIN Mr. James (Thomas Kane’s farm) Corkhill
JOHNSTON Andrew Glanarny
JOHNSTON Archd. Baltinonean
JOHNSTON James Strens
KAIN Dennis & Co. Dunnamore
KANE Dennis Dunnamore
KANE James Corkhill
KANE Widow Dunnamore
KANE Widow Orator
KEELTY Fras. Tulnacross
KEELTY James Killeenan
KEELTY John Tulnacross
KEELTY Michl. Tulnacross
KEELTY Neal Tulnacross
KEELTY Owen Keenan& Co. Killuckan
KEELTY Patrick Tulnacross
KEELTY Peter Tulnacross
KEENAN Patrick Dunnamore
KELLY Fras. & Co Dunnamore
KENNEDY Thomas Tamnaskeny
KENT James Gortreagh
KENT William Tamnaskeny
KINKADE David Glanarny
KINKADE Widow Tamnaskeny
KINKADE Wm. Tamnaskeny
KINNY Hugh Strens
KINNY James Strens
LAGAN Bernd. Killeenan
LAGAN Christr. Knockaleery
LAGAN Daniel Killeenan
LAGAN Francis Killeenan
LAGAN James Killeenan
LAGAN John Dunnamore
LAGAN John Killeenan
LAGAN Michl. & Co. Killeenan
LAGAN Widow Killuckan
LAGAN Widow of Neal Killeenan
LAGAN Wm. Killeenan
LAGAN Wm. Killuckan
LAPSLEY George Gortreagh
LAPSLEY Polly Tamnaskeny
LENNON Daniel Tamnaskeny
LENNON James Tamnaskeny
LENNON Patrick Dunnamore
LENNON Widow Tamnaskeny
LITTLE James Magheryglass
LITTLE Wm. Magheryglass
LOUGHRAN Alexr. Stramackilmartin
LOUGHRAN Barthw. Stramackilmartin
LOUGHRAN Bernd. Killuckan (Fox’s Farm)
LOUGHRAN Bernd. & Co. Killuckan
LOUGHRAN Bryan Beaghbeg
LOUGHRAN Charles Ivishbrack
LOUGHRAN Chas. Beaghmore
LOUGHRAN Felemy Killuckan
LOUGHRAN James Beaghbeg
LOUGHRAN James Ivishbrack
LOUGHRAN James Mabuey
LOUGHRAN John Beaghmore
LOUGHRAN John Dunnamore
LOUGHRAN John Mininea
LOUGHRAN Jos. Killuckan
LOUGHRAN Joseph Killuckan
LOUGHRAN Laurence & Co. Beaghbeg
LOUGHRAN Michl. Beaghbeg
LOUGHRAN Michl. Killeenan
LOUGHRAN Mr. John Bellivnamore
LOUGHRAN Mr. John Stramackilmartin
LOUGHRAN Owen Beaghmore
LOUGHRAN Owen Stramackilmartin
LOUGHRAN Patrick Ivishbrack
LOUGHRAN Patrick Stramackilmartin
LOUGHRAN Patt. Killuckan
LOUGHRAN Peter Mininea
LOUGHRAN Richard Beaghbeg
LOUGHRAN Richard Beaghmore
LOUGHRAN Robert Killuckan
LOUGHRAN Robt. Killuckan
LOUGHRAN Stephen Cloughfin
LOUGHRAN Terence Beaghbeg
LOUGHRAN Thomas Stramackilmartin
LOY Arthur Keenaghan
LOY Dominick Tattykeel
MACKILL Hugh Tattykeel
MACKILL Michl. Keenaghan
MALAGHAN Francis Strens
MALLON Bernard Mackenny
MALLON James Strens
MALLON John Stramackilmartin
MALLON Joseph Stramackilmartin
MALLON Patrick Mackenny
MALLON Paul Stramackilmartin
MARSHAL ....? Doons
MARTIN Joseph Glanarny
MASON James Drumnaglough
MASON James Gortreagh
MASON Robert Kildress
MASON Russel Drumnacross
McALEER Bernd. Mabuey
McALEER Bernd. Tamnaskeny
McALEER Charles Gortacladdy
McALEER Francis Mabuey
McALEER Lanty Tamnaskeny
McALEER Michl. Mabuey
McALEER Owen Beaghbeg
McALEER Owen Gortreagh
McALEER Patrick Gortacladdy
McALEER Widow Mabuey
McANALLY Bernd. Killeenan
McANALLY Dominick Killeenan
McANALLY James Ivishacracussy
McANALLY James Knockaleery
McANALLY John Ivishacracussy
McANALLY John Kildress
McANALLY Laurence Killeenan
McANALLY Laurence Knockaleery
McANALLY Michl. Killeenan
McANALLY Patrick Killeenan
McANALLY Phillip Cavanoneal
McANALLY Widow Knockaleery
McANULLA John Baltinonean
McANULLA Rose Beaghmore
McAVROY John Mabuey
McAVROY Owen Tulnacross
McAVROY Patrick Tulnacross
McCALL Michael Gortreagh
McCALL Patrick Gortreagh
McCALLISTER Alexr. Magheryglass
McCALLISTER Jas. Keenaghan
McCALLISTER John Magheryglass
McCALLISTER John Tamnaskeny
McCALLISTER Joseph Magheryglass
McCALLISTER Michl. Mabuey
McCALLISTER Robt. (new farm) Drumnacross
McCALLISTER Robt. (old farm) Drumnacross
McCANN Bernd. Tamnaskeny
McCANN Patrick Corvanaghan
McCANNA Condy Killeenan
McCANNA Condy Killuckan
McCANNA Edwd. Keenaghan
McCANNA Francis Mabuey
McCANNA Gregory Killuckan
McCANNA James Killeenan
McCANNA James & Co. Killuckan
McCANNA John Corvanaghan
McCANNA Joseph Killuckan
McCANNA Laurence Killuckan
McCANNA Mark Killuckan
McCANNA Mathew Killuckan
McCANNA Patrick Killuckan
McCANNA Peter Killuckan
McCANNA Richd. Killuckan
McCANNA Rodger Corvanaghan
McCANNA Thos. Corvanaghan
McCANNA Widow Killuckan
McCANNA Wm. Killuckan
McCARDLE Arthur Mabuey
McCARDLE Patrick Mabuey
McCARDLE Thomas Murnells
McCARTER James Tattykeel
McCARTER Patrick Kildress
McCLEAN Alexr. Knockaleery
McCLEAN John Knockaleery
McCLEAN Owen Knockaleery
McCLEAN Owen Knockaleery (Burnett’s farm)
McCLELLAND George Corchoney
McCLUSKEY Thomas Clantyferagh
McCLUSKY ....? Tattykeel
McCLUSKY Terence Drum
McCOARD James Corkhill
McCONNELL Wm. Gortreagh
McCORMACK James Ivishanoran
McCORMICK Andw. Dunnamore
McCORMICK Andw. Tulnacross
McCORMICK Danl. Dunnamore
McCORMICK Danl. Tulnacross
McCORMICK James Knockaleery
McCORMICK James Tattykeel
McCORMICK James Tattykeel (Lower farm)
McCORMICK James Tattykeel (Mallon’s farm)
McCREIGHAN Bernd. Gortacladdy
McCREIGHAN Hugh Gortacladdy
McCREIGHAN James Gortacladdy
McCREIGHAN James Killeenan
McCREIGHAN Owen Gortacladdy
McCREIGHAN Patrick Gortacladdy
McCREIGHAN Terence Gortacladdy
McCREIGHAN Wm. Cavanoneal
McCRISTAL Thomas Strens
McCULLAGH John Killeenan
McCULLAGH Thomas Bellivnabeg
McDONNELL Alexr. Cavanoneal
McDONNELL Alexr. Gortreagh
McDONNELL Archd. Gortreagh
McDONNELL Arthur Mabuey
McDONNELL Bernard Gortreagh
McDONNELL Danl. Gortreagh
McDONNELL Danl. Mabuey
McDONNELL Edwd. Gortreagh
McDONNELL Francis Gortreagh
McDONNELL James Keenaghan
McDONNELL John Gortreagh
McDONNELL Mathew & Co. Knockaleery
McDONNELL Michael Gortreagh
McDONNELL Michl. Gortreagh
McDONNELL Michl. Magheryglass
McDONNELL Peter Gortreagh
McDONNELL Peter, Senr. Magheryglass
McDONNELL Rodger Gortreagh
McDONNELL Terence Magheryglass
McDONNELL Thos. Gortreagh
McDONNELL Toal Keenaghan
McDONNELL Widw. Gortreagh
McELDERRY Patrick Mabuey
McELHATTEN Ambrose Corvanaghan
McELHATTEN Arthur Keenaghan
McELHATTEN Barthw. & Co. Tattykeel
McELHATTEN Bryan Killeenan
McELHATTEN Charles Corvanaghan
McELHATTEN James Tulnacross
McELHATTEN John Matober
McELHATTEN Mathw. Matober
McELHATTEN Mathw. & Co. Tulnacross
McELHATTEN Michl. Killeenan
McELHATTEN Owen Gortreagh
McELHATTEN Patrick Glassmullagh
McELHATTEN Patrick Killeenan
McELHATTEN Peter Killeenan
McELHATTEN Peter Matober
McELHATTEN Widow Cashelbawn
McELHONE Bernd. Corkhill
McELHONE James Corkhill
McELHONE Michael Corkhill
McELHONE Michl. Gortreagh
McELHONE Terence Corkhill
McELREE Robert Clare
McELROY Henry Tamnaskeny
McELVOGUE John Mabuey
McELWAIN Wm. Drumnaglough
McELWEE Hugh Corvanaghan
McELWEE James Corvanaghan
McELWEE Peter Tulnacross
McERLANE James Knockaleery
McERLANE Thos. Killeenan
McFARLAND Danl. Corchoney
McFARLAND James Magheryglass
McFELIN Felix Clare
McFELIN Felix Killeenan
McGARRETY Francis Beaghmore
McGAUGHY Robt. Tattykeel
McGLONE Edward Drum
McGLONE James Magheryglass
McGLONE Widow Corchoney
McGLONE Wm. Clantyferagh
McGLONE Wm. Legnacash
McGOWAN Francis Tulnacross
McGOWAN Revd. Mr. Orator(Meeting House Yard)
McGOWAN Widow Corvanaghan
McGOWAN Widow Whitehill
McGRA Edwd. Clare
McGRA Hugh Clare
McGUIGAN John Knockaleery
McGUIGAN Michl. Knockaleery
McGURK Arthur Dunnamore
McGURK Barthw. Killeenan
McGURK Danl. Keenaghan
McGURK Dennis Killeenan
McGURK Dominick Killeenan
McGURK Edwd. Tulnacross
McGURK Francis Beaghbeg
McGURK James Ivishbrack
McGURK John Ivishbrack
McGURK John Tulnacross
McGURK Michl. Ivishbrack
McGURK Michl. Killeenan
McGURK Michl. Stramackilmartin
McGURK Owen Killeenan
McGURK Owen Killuckan
McGURK Owen Tulnacross
McGURK Patrick Killeenan
McGURK Patrick Tulnacross
McGURK Peter Belnasolis
McGURK Peter Killeenan
McGURK Stephen Killeenan
McGURK Terence Killeenan
McGURK Thomas Killeenan
McGURK Widow Killeenan
McGURKS The & Co. Stramackilmartin
McKEARNAN Francis Matober
McKEARNAN Michl. Tamnaskeny
McKEARNAN Michl. & Co. Stramackilmartin
McKEARNAN Patrick Matober
McKEARNON Owen Matober
McKEARNON Peter Matober
McKEW James & Co. Killuckan
McKEW John & Co. Killuckan
McKINNY Robert Glanarny
McKITTRICK John Gortnagross
McKITTRICK Robt. Gortnagross
McKITTRICK Wm. Gortnagross
McMANUS Bernd. Knockaleery
McNAMEE John Corkhill
McNAMEE John Tulnacross
McNAMEE Owen & Co. Mininea
McNEESE John Drumnacross
McNICKLE Danl. Tattykeel
McQUIN Robt. Kildress
McQUISTEN ....? Kildress
McRORY Mathw. Belnasolis
McRORY Terence Cavanoneal
McSHANE Michael Glassmullagh
McTAGUE Patrick & Co. Knockaleery
McTAGUE Peter Knockaleery
McVAY Daniel Glassmullagh
McVAY Hugh Magheryglass
McVAY James Glassmullagh
McVAY John Strens
McVAY Widow Glassmullagh
McVAY Wm. Knockaleery
McWATERS John Tamnaskeny
MILLIGAN William Teermacshane
MOFFETT Archibald Strens
MOFFETT Wm. Strens
MONAGHAN Barthw. Dunnamore
MONAGHAN Francis Dunnamore
MONAGHAN James Dunnamore
MONAGHAN John Dunnamore
MONAGHAN Michael Dunnamore
MONAGHAN Patrick, Junr. Dunnamore
MONAGHAN Patrick, Senr. Dunnamore
MONAGHAN Peter Dunnamore
MONAGHAN Peter (part of Dennis Kane’s) Dunnamore
MONAGHAN Terence Bellivnabeg
MONAGHAN Widow Dunnamore
MOODY James Kildress
MOONEY Daniel Tamlagh
MOONEY James Kildress
MOONEY Patrick Drum
MOONEY Patt. Drum
MOORE James Kildress
MOORHEAD John Mackenny
MORRIS Bernd. Tamnaskeny
MORRIS Daniel & Co. Tattykeel
MORRIS Danl., Junr. Kildress
MORRIS Danl., Senr. Kildress
MORRIS James Tamnaskeny
MORRIS James Tattykeel
MORRIS Thomas Legnacash
MULDOON Michl. Drum
MULLEN Arthur Killeenan
MULLEN Arthur Murnells
MULLEN Atty. Murnells
MULLEN Bernd. Mabuey
MULLEN Edward Corkhill
MULLEN Edward Tulnacross
MULLEN Felix Mabuey
MULLEN Hugh Murnells
MULLEN James Mabuey
MULLEN James Tulnacross
MULLEN John Murnells
MULLEN Mathw. Murnells
MULLEN Michael Murnells
MULLEN Micky Murnells
MULLEN Miles Murnells
MULLEN Patrick Mabuey
MULLEN Peter Murnells
MULLEN Thos. Gortreagh
MULLEN Toal Murnells
MULLEN Widow Mabuey
MULLOY Patrick & Co. Ivishanoran
MURPHY Arthur Mabuey
MURRAY Dennis Magheryglass
NABBS Thomas Orator
NOGHER Francis Stramackilmartin
NORRIS Joshua Clare
NUGENT Arthur & Co. Tulnacross
NUGENT Danl. Mabuey
NUGENT Edwd. Cavanoneal
NUGENT Teague Cavanoneal
NUGENT Teague Murnells
NUGENT Wm. Murnells
O’DONNELL Peter, Junr. Magheryglass
O’DONNELL Phill. Magheryglass
O’NEALL ....? Beaghmore
O’NEALL Arthr. Tulnacross
O’NEALL Daniel Tulnacross
O’NEALL Francis Tattykeel
O’NEALL Jno. Keenaghan
O’NEALL Susanna Belnasolis
PARK Robert Drum
PEARRY Wm. Orator
PURVIS James Tulnacross
QUIN Barthw. Dunnamore
QUIN Bernard Corchoney
QUIN Bernd. Killeenan
QUIN Daniel Stramackilmartin
QUIN Edwd. Dunnamore
QUIN Edwd. & Co. Beaghmore
QUIN Felix Dunnamore
QUIN Francis Killeenan
QUIN Fras. Dunnamore
QUIN Gregory Killeenan
QUIN Henry Killeenan
QUIN Hugh Dunnamore
QUIN Hugh & Co. Beaghmore
QUIN James Dunnamore
QUIN John Tattykeel
QUIN John’s sons Killeenan
QUIN Michl. Beaghmore
QUIN Michl. Dunnamore
QUIN Michl., Junr. Tattykeel
QUIN Michl., Senr. Tattykeel
QUIN Mr. Michl. Killuckan
QUIN Patrick Dunnamore
QUIN Peter Corvanaghan
QUIN Philip Dunnamore
QUIN Terence Dunnamore
QUIN Widow Tattykeel
RAMSAY Patrick Strens
RAMSAY Wm. Strens
RANKIN Samuel Clare
RAVERTY Michl. Mabuey
REED John Clantyferagh
REED Robert Clantyferagh
REED Wm. Tattykeel
REYNOLDS James Clare
RICE Danl. & Co. Dunnamore
RICHARDSON Thomas Strens
RICHARDSON Widow Kildress
RICHARDSON William S., Esq. Clantyferagh
RICHARDSON Wm. S., Esq. Drum
RICHARDSON Wm. S., Esq. Kildress
RICHARDSON Wm. S., Esq. Killeenan
RICHARDSON Wm. S., Esqr. Drumnacross
RICHARDSON Wm., Esq. Legnacash
RICHARDSON Wm., Esq. Legnacash (Allen’s farm)
RID Edwd. Magheryglass
SCOTT Wm. Mackenny
SHEPHERD James Clantyferagh
SHUTER Andrew Tamnaskeny
SHUTER Hugh Drumnacross
SHUTER William Strens
SIMONTON Robt. Strens
SIMPSON Widow Mackenny
SLANE Hugh Mackenny
SMITH Thomas Strens
STEEL James Clare
STEENSON Robert Strens
STEWART Chas. & son Dunnamore
STEWART Rev. Rd. Kildress(Grave yard)
STEWART Revd. Dr. (Church Yard) Clare
STEWART Revd. Richard Clantyferagh
STEWART Revd. Richard Corchoney
STEWART Revd. Richard (Planting) Corkhill
STEWART Wm. Orator
SWEENY Michl. Gortreagh
TAGUE John Tamnaskeny
TAYLOR James Gortnagross
TIERNEY Patrick Tulnacross
TOMB Francis Drinlea
TOMB Hamilton Drumnaglough
TOMB Hamilton Teermacshane
TONER Hugh Clare
TONER Peter Keenaghan
TONER Thomas Cavanoneal
TRAINER John Tamnaskeny
TRAINER Michael Gortreagh
TRIMBLE Andrew Legnacash
TRIMBLE Joseph Strens
VALLELY Widow Magheryglass
WALKER John Mackenny
WALKER John Orator
WARDEN Alexr. Drum
WATERS Andrew Drumnacross
WATERS Andrew Gortreagh
WATERS Robert Drumnacross
WATERS Robert Gortreagh
WATERS Widow Tamnaskeny
WATSON Henry Tamnaskeny
WATSON Henry Tamnaskeny
WATSON Henry Tamnaskeny (for McAleer’s farm)
WELSH William Hamilton, Esq. Beaghmore
WHITE James Doons
WHITE James Orator
WHITE Robert Orator
WHITE Robt. Tamlagh
WIER Andrew Drum
WIER John Drum
WILEY James Tamnaskeny
WILSON George Strens
WILSON William Kildress
WOODS Barthw. Corvanaghan
WOODS Michl. Corvanaghan
WOODS Patrick Corvanaghan
WOODS Peter Corvanaghan
YARROW James Stramackilmartin
YARROW John Stramackilmartin
YARROW Mathew Orator
YARROW Thomas Strens
YOUNG Wm. Strens



A Survey, Valuation and Applotment of the Sum of Three Hundred and Fifty four Pounds Sterling being the Amount of Composition for the Tithes of the Parish of Kildress for Twenty One years, commencing the first of November 1826

Given under our hands Dec. 15 1827

Jas. McCormick

Richd. Cluff

Commissioners for the Parish of Kildress

I, James McCormick of Tattykeel in the Parish of Kildress, do swear that I am possessed of a clear Personal Property of One Thousand Pounds over and above my just debts and incumbrancies,

So help me God

Jas. McCormick

Signed before me Nov. 13 1826

W.S. Richardson

I, Richard Cluff of Kildress in the Parish of Kildress do swear that I am possessed of a clear Personal Property of One Thousand Pounds over and above all my just depts. And Incumbrancies,

So help me God,

Richd. Cluff

Sworn before me Nov. 13 1826

W.S. Richardson