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Index to Tithe Applotment Book for Termonamongan Parish, Co. Tyrone 1828

PRONI Ref. 5A/ 260 - Extracted from LDS Film #258469
Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

Tithe was a tax on all agricultural land (originally one tenth of the produce) excepting only church lands, glebes and urban areas and was paid by leaseholders and occupiers of all religious denominations to the clergy of the Established Church of Ireland. There was growing resentment against this tax, especially by Presbyterians and Catholics, particularly in the period of distress after 1815 and the government was forced to give way and introduce the Tithe Composition Act 1823 which replaced payment in kind by payment in cash.

In order to effect this change, all agricultural land across the country was required to be surveyed and applotted, or valued. During the period 1823 to 1837, a Tithe Applotment Survey was made in each civil parish across the whole of Ireland to determine the value of tithe payable by different landholders. Two people were appointed by each parish to carry out this assessment. The material was arranged by civil parish and townland in volumes known as TITHE APPLOTMENT BOOKS.

In some parishes more than one survey was taken, whilst in others the manuscript has not survived. The books for all Ireland, compiled between 1823 and 1837, are now deposited in the National Archives of Ireland, Dublin and Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI).

PRONI holds the tithe books for all but 31 of the 273 parishes then surveyed in Northern Ireland. These tithe books are arranged by townland and record the names of leaseholders, the area of their farm subject to tithe, sometimes the quality of the land and an overall valuation and occasionally the names of landlords. Researchers should be aware that cottiers who did not hold land are not recorded, and unaccountably, some types of land were passed over entirely; a field of potatoes attracted a tithe payment in one parish, but not in that adjoining.

Those researchers who are fortunate to locate a forebear in the Tithe Applotment Books may find it possible to take their research back a further generation prior to Griffiths Valuation.



Townland Townland Townland Townland
Aghalougher Aghalunny Aghamore Aghascrebagh
Aghnahoo Aghyaran Altamullan Altgolan
Ardarver Athabryanmore Ballymongan Carndreen
Carnoughter Carracoghan Carrickaholten Clagernagh
Common Creeduff Crighdenis Crighshane
Crilly’s Hill Dreenan Drummahon Edenasop
Edenreagh Essan Fifth Corgary or First Croagh First Corgary
Garvagh Garvagh Blane Garvagh Pullans Glebe
Golandun Dolan Golandun McHugh Gortnagross Killen Far
Killen Near Killeter Laghtfoggy Laghtmorris
Legatonegan Leitrim Lislaird Lisnacloon
Magherakeel Magheranageeragh Meenablagh or Fourth Corgary Meenafergus
Meenagrogan Meenakeeran Meenamullan Meencarriga
Meenclogher Mournbeg Mullanabreen Mullayfabeg
Mullyfamore Scraghy Scralea Second Corgary
Seegronan Shanaghy Sixth Corgary or Second Croagh Slievedoo
Speerholme Sraghcumber Third Corgary Tievenameenta (Detached Portion)
Tievenameenta (Main portion) Trienamongan Tullycar Tulnashane



Townland Townland Townland Townland
Altgoland Altimullan (Gortin) Altimullan (Sturrin) Altimullan (Upper)
Altimullan (Young) Ardarver Aughaloney Aughamore
Aughascribey Aughayarn Ballymungan Carndreen
Carnoughton Carrickaholton Carrycoughan Clagernagh
Corgray (1st) Corgray (2nd) Corgray (3rd) Corgray (4th)
Corgray (5th) or 1st Craw Corgray (6th) or 2nd Craw Creeduff Creely’s Hill
Croighdennis Croighshane Dreenan Edenreagh
Garvagh (Blane) Garvagh (Far) Garvagh (Lower) Garvagh (Pullins)
Garvagh (Upper) Golindon Gortnagross Killen
Killeter (Henderson) Killeter Thompson Laught Leitrim (Caldwell)
Leitrim Cooper Lislaird Lisnacloon Maghernageeragh
Magherakeel Meenacloughore Meenagheeran Meenagrogan
Meenamulla Meenavergus (East) Meenavergus (North) Meenavergus (South)
Meenavergus (West) or Tilnashane Meencargagh Mullyfabeg & Mullymcghee Mullyfamoremore
Mulnabreen Mulnabreen (Common) Scraghey (Far) Scraghey (Near)
Scralea Seagronan Shanaughey Sleveduff
Speerholm Tievenamentagh Trenamungan Tullyhar




ALLISON William & partners Woodside
ANDREWS James Magherakeel
ANDREWS Thomas & partners Magherakeel
BAIRD Moses Creeduff
BARCKLAY …..….? Creely’s Hill
BARCKLAY Arthur Ardarver
BARCKLAY George Ardarver
BARCKLAY Isaac Ardarver
BARCKLAY James Ardarver
BARCKLAY John, Senr. Ardarver
BARCKLEY John, Junr. Ardarver
BARCKLEY William Aughayarn
BAXTER John Lisnacloon
BEATY George Carndreen
BEATY George Carnoughton
BIRD Robert & John Robinson Aughayarn
BLACKBURN William Laught
BOYLE Peter Scralea
BREEN Hugh Sleeveduff
BREEN Michael Meenagheeran
BREEN Michael Sleeveduff
BREEN Neal Sleeveduff
BRISLAND Michael & …….? O’Neil Carnoughton
BROWN Daniel, Michael Lynch, James Brown & Roger McMenamin Mulnabreen
BROWN Edward Mulnabreen
BROWN Hugh Garvagh (Far)
BROWN James, Daniel Brown, Michael Lynch & Roger McMenamin Mulnabreen
BROWN Michael Legatonagan
BROWN Neal & partners (for McLaughlin) Legatonagan
BROWN Robert Creeduff
BUSTARD Abraham Aughayarn
BUSTARD Robert or William Aughayarn
BUSTARD William or Robert Aughayarn
BYRNE Dominick Corgray (1st)
BYRNE John & Henry Gallagher Meenagheeran
BYRNE John & partners Meenavergus (East)
BYRNE Patrick Altgoland
BYRNE Patrick Corgray (4th)
CAIN Danl. (for Roger) Legatonagan
CALDWELL …….? & …….? McHugh Creely’s Hill
CALDWELL Charles Maghernageeragh
CALDWELL Henry Maghernageeragh
CALDWELL Henry, Junr. Killen
CALDWELL Henry, Senr. Killen
CALDWELL James Carrickaholton
CALDWELL John Killen
CALDWELL Mathew Maghernageeragh
CALDWELL Robert Killen
CALDWELL Samuel, Junr. Maghernageeragh
CALDWELL Samuel, Senr. Maghernageeragh
CALDWELL William, Senr. Maghernageeragh
CAMPBELL John Killen
CAMPBELL John Maghernageeragh
CAMPBELL Ralph Maghernageeragh
CAMPBELL William, Junr. Maghernageeragh
CARLAND Henry Carndreen
CARLAND Hugh Carndreen
CARLAND Patrick Mulnabreen (Common)
CARLAND Phelix Mulnabreen (Common)
CARLON Brine & …….? McPike Trenamungan
CARLON Brine & sons Dreenan
CARLON James & partners Killeter Thompson
CATHER Jacob Killen
CHEATLY William Aughayarn
CLARK Charles, Widow Clark & Charles Clark Gortnagross
CLARK Mathew, Widow Clark & Charles Clark Gortnagross
CLARK Widow , Mathew Clark & Charles Clark Gortnagross
CLARK William Gortnagross
CLARK William & …….? Funston Gortnagross
CLARKE Andrew or Samuel Clarke Gortnagross
CLARKE Samuel or Andrew Clarke Gortnagross
COLHOUN Michael (or Peter) & partners Legatonagan
COLHOUN Peter (or Michael) & partners Legatonagan
COLLINS Hu. & Chas. Dougherty Meenagheeran
COLLINS Hugh Meenagheeran
COLLINS Hugh & …….? McMenamin Tullyhar
CONLY Edward & Widow Conly Garvagh (Lower)
CONLY Edward, Junr. Garvagh (Lower)
CONLY John Garvagh (Lower)
CONLY Patt., Senr. Garvagh (Lower)
CONLY Patt., Junr. Garvagh (Lower)
CONLY Widow & Edward Conly Garvagh (Lower)
CONNOLLY Arthur & partners Garvagh (Blane)
CONNOLLY Edward, Senr. Garvagh (Upper)
CONNOLLY Laughlin Garvagh (Pullins)
CONNOLLY Laughlin & Thomas Connolly Garvagh (Blane)
CONNOLLY Thomas & Laughlin Connolly Garvagh (Blane)
CONNOLLY Widow Alice Garvagh (Blane)
CONNOLY Widow (or son Thomas) Garvagh (Upper)
CONOLLY Brine Legatonagan
CONOLLY Brine (or Hu. Lynch) Legatonagan
CONOLLY Felix Legatonagan
CONOLLY James Legatonagan
CONOLLY James & Patrick Collins Tullyhar
CONOLLY John Mulnabreen (Common)
CONOLLY Laughlin Legatonagan
CONOLLY Patk. & Archy Doalin Legatonagan
CONOLLY Patrick Legatonagan
CONOLLY Patrick Mulnabreen (Common)
CONOLLY Patrick & James Conolly Tullyhar
CONOLLY Patrick & Phillemy Conolly Meenagrogan
CONOLLY Patt. Meenagheeran
CONOLLY Phillemy & Patrick Conolly Meenagrogan
CONOLLY Thomas or Widow Conolly Garvagh Upper
COOPER Charles Leitrim Cooper
COOPER George Killen
COOPER Hazlett Leitrim (Caldwell)
COOPER Hazlett Leitrim Cooper
COOPER Thomas Leitrim (Caldwell)
COOPER Thomas Leitrim Cooper
CORCORAN Patrick Carndreen
CORRICAN James & John Corrican Meenagheeran
CORRICAN John & James Corrican Meenagheeran
CRAIGE John & Patrick Craige Carndreen
CRAIGE Patrick & John Craige Carndreen
CRAWFORD John Lisnacloon
CROSSIN Manus & partners Seagronan
CUMMINS William Killen
CURRAN Timothy & partners Garvagh (Far)
DALY James & sons Corgray (2nd)
DALY Owen, Senr. Corgray (2nd)
DENNISTON John Maghernageeragh
DEVLIN James Killeter Henderson
DIVINE Owen Sleeveduff
DOALIN Archy. & Patk. Conolly Legatonagan
DOALIN Charles Laught
DOALIN James Carrycoughan
DOALIN James Laught
DOALIN Jas. & John Tweedy Creely’s Hill
DOALIN John & partners Seagronan
DOALIN William Creely’s Hill
DOLPHIN James Creeduff
DOOGAN Bernard Trenamungan
DOOGAN Hugh Trenamungan
DOOGAN Owen Laught
DOOGAN Patrick Maghernageeragh
DOOGAN Patrick Trenamungan
DOOLIN Patrick Leitrim Caldwell
DOUGHERTY Chas. & Hu. Collins Meenagheeran
DOUGHERTY Dennis Corgray (6th or 2nd Craw)
DOUGHERTY Dominick & Arthur McCrorey (or James McCrorey) Corgray (5th or 1st Craw)
DOUGHERTY Gerard Tullyhar
DOUGHERTY James Tullyhar
DUFFY Barney Creeduff
DUFFY Francis & partners Creeduff
EARLY James Ardarver
ELLIOT John & …….? Rutledge Leitrim Cooper
ELLIOTT Gregg Lisnacloon
ELLIOTT Joseph Lisnacloon
EMERY …….? & Charles Johnston Killen
EMERY Charles Leitrim Cooper
ERVIN Robert Creeduff
FACLANDER [FAULKNER] William Leitrim Caldwell
FACLANDER [FAULKNER] William Leitrim Cooper
FERGUSON Sir Robert, Bart Aughayarn
FLAHERTY John & partners Mullyfabeg & Mullyamcghee
FLANAGAN James Shanaughey
FOLLIOT Andrew & Richard Folliot Lisnacloon
FOLLIOT Richard & Andrew Folliot Lisnacloon
FORSYTH James Aughayarn
FORSYTHE ……….? & …….? Kane Ballymungan
FOX Samuel Killen
FUNSTON …….? & William Clark Gortnagross
FUNSTON Hugh Aughayarn
FUNSTON Oliver Aughayarn
GALLAGHER Dennis Corgray (2nd)
GALLAGHER Edw. Meenagrogan
GALLAGHER Henry & John Byrne Meenagheeran
GALLAGHER Hu. Clagernagh
GALLAGHER Hu. Meenagrogan
GALLAGHER Hu. & Hugh McGuire Clagernagh
GALLAGHER Hugh Meenagheeran
GALLAGHER Hugh & partners Aughaloney
GALLAGHER James Mullyfabeg
GALLAGHER John Meenagrogan
GALLON Brine Laught
GALLON Charles Garvagh (Pullins)
GALLON Daniel Maghernageeragh
GALLON Edw. Carnoughton
GALLON Edward Creeduff
GALLON Hugh Carndreen
GALLON Hugh Laught
GALLON James, Junr. Laught
GALLON James, Senr. Laught
GALLON John & …….? Sweeny Garvagh (Blane)
GALLON Michael Laught
GALLON Owen Ardarver
GALLON Owen Maghernageeragh
GALLON Patrick Garvagh (Pullins)
GALLON Peter Garvagh (Pullins)
GALLON William Garvagh (Far)
GALLON William Garvagh (Pullins)
GLACKIN Owen & partners Seagronan
GOORLEY John & Robert Goorley Dreenan
GOORLEY Robert & John Goorley Dreenan
GORMLEY Brine & William Gormley Scraghey Far
GORMLEY Edward Scraghey Far
GORMLEY Edward& Neal Gormley & Partners Scraghey Near
GORMLEY James & Owen Gormley Scraghey Far
GORMLEY Neal Scraghey Far
GORMLEY Neal & Edward Gormley & Partners Scraghey Near
GORMLEY Owen & James Gormley Scraghey Far
GORMLEY Patt. Scraghey Far
GORMLEY William & Brine Gormley Scraghey Far
GRAHAM Christy Creeduff
GRAHAM Robert & partners Creeduff (grazing)
GREEN Miss Killen
HAMILTON Andrew Aughascribey
HAMILTON Gilly Carrycoughan
HAMILTON Henry Laught
HAMILTON Hugh Carrycoughan
HAMILTON Hugh & tenants Aughascribey
HAMILTON John Laught
HAMILTON Robert Laught
HAMILTON Robert Lislaird
HAMILTON Robert & partners Carrycoughan
HAMILTON Widow Laught
HAMILTON William Laught
HANNAH William Lislaird
HANNIGAN James Killen
HARPER Hugh Creeduff
HARPER John Creeduff
HARPER Robert Creeduff
HARPER Robert & …….? McClung Leitrim Cooper
HARPER Robert & partners Woodside
HARPUR Robert Lislaird
HARPUR William Aughayarn
HAWKSHAW Rev. Mr. Lisnacloon
HEMPHILL Samuel Laught
HEMPHILL William Killen
HENDERSON Cairns Scrale
HENDERSON David & …….? McSorley Killeter Henderson
HENDERSON Hugh Scralea
HENDERSON Robert Scralea
HENDERSON Thomas Killen
HIGGINS Rev. Patrick Killeter Henderson
HOINS Hugh Creeduff
HUGHEY James & partners Ardarver
HUNTER George & Mathew Hunter Lisnacloon
HUNTER Mathew & George Hunter Lisnacloon
IRVINE Thomas Carndreen
IRVINE Thomas Lisnacloon
JOHNSTON Charles Carrycoughan
JOHNSTON Charles Creeduff
JOHNSTON Charles & …....? Emery Killen
JOHNSTON John & partners Killen [comment: grazing]
JOHNSTON John (Edinasop) Killen
JOHNSTON John, Junr. Killen
JOHNSTON John, Senr. Killen
JOHNSTON Robert Killen
JOHNSTON William Ardarver
JOHNSTON William Aughayarn
KANE ……..? & ……..? Forsythe Ballymungan
KANE Daniel Croighshane
KELLY ………? & Denis McHugh Altimullan (Upper)
KELLY Anthony Laught
KELLY John & …….? McSorley Scraghey Near
KELLY John & Roger Kelly Ardarver
KELLY Knougher Killeter Henderson
KELLY Michael Corgray (1st)
KELLY Michael Laught
KELLY Miles & Teague Kelly Ardarver
KELLY Roger & John Kelly Ardarver
KELLY Teague & Dennis McFadden Corgray (4th)
KELLY Teague & Miles Kelly Ardarver
KELLY Thomas Ardarver
KELLY Thomas, Junr. Sleeveduff
KELLY Thomas, Senr. Sleeveduff
KELLY Widow & Hugh McDermot Meenagheeran
KERR Andrew Carndreen
KERR John Killen
KERR Robert Killen
KERR William Carndreen
KERRIGAN Francis Legatonigan
KERRIGAN James Legatonigan
KNOX Mrs. Maghernageeragh
KYLE Andrew Scralea
KYLE Arthur Creeduff
KYLE Arthur (wood) Creeduff
KYLE Charles or Henry Kyle Creeduff
KYLE Frederick Mournebeg
KYLE Frederick & Robert Kyle Lisnacloon
KYLE Henry or Charles Kyle Creeduff
KYLE James (roadside) Creeduff
KYLE James, Junr. Creeduff
KYLE James, Senr. Creeduff
KYLE John Creeduff
KYLE Richard Mournebeg
KYLE Robert Mournebeg
KYLE Robert & Frederick Kyle Lisnacloon
KYLE Robert (Atty) Creeduff
KYLE Samuel Aughayarn
KYLE William Lisnacloon
KYLE William (Atty.) Creeduff
KYLE William (Doctr.) Creeduff
LAIRD Louis Carndreen
LAIRD Widow & Hu. McFagy Carndreen
LECKY Miss Isabella Altimullan (Sturrin)
LECKY Miss Isabella Altimullan (Upper)
LECKY Miss Mary Altimullan (Sturrin)
LECKY Miss Mary Altimullan (Upper)
LOGUE James Laught
LOUGHREN ………..? & ……..? McHugh Aughaloney
LYNCH Bernard Mullyfamore
LYNCH Denis & Owen Lynch Meenagheeran
LYNCH George Mullyfamore
LYNCH Hu. (or Brine Conolly) Legatonagan
LYNCH Hugh Carrycoughan
LYNCH Hugh Trenamungan
LYNCH James Carrycoughan
LYNCH James Laught
LYNCH James Trenamungan
LYNCH John Trenamungan
LYNCH John, Junr. Mulnabreen
LYNCH John, Senr. Mulnabreen
LYNCH Michael, Daniel Brown, James Brown & Roger McMenamin Mulnabreen
LYNCH Neal Killen
LYNCH Owen Trenamungan
LYNCH Owen & Dennis Lynch Meenagheeran
LYNCH Owen & William Lynch Legatonagan
LYNCH William Maghernageeragh
LYNCH William Trenamungan
LYNCH William & Owen Lynch Legatonagan
MACMANUS Phillimy Scralea
MAGRATH Michael & William Magrath Creeduff
MAGRATH William Michael Magrath Creeduff
MAGUIRE Hugh & partners Killeter Henderson
MAGUIRE James, Junr. Laught
MAGUIRE James, Senr. Laught
MAGUIRE Thomas & partners Creeduff
MATHEWS John & tenants Lisnacloon
McALINN Miles Killen
McALINN Miles Meencargagh
McANALLY James Killen
McAREE Owen Creeduff
McATEER Edward Meenagheeran
McCAFFREY Peter Clagernagh
McCAFFREY Thomas Clagernagh
McCART John Altimullan (Gortin)
McCASKEY William Leitrim Cooper
McCLUNG …….? & Robert Harper Leitrim Cooper
McCOART Arthur Altimullan (Upper)
McCOART Francis Carnoughton
McCOART James Carnoughton
McCOART Owen Carnoughton
McCOART Widow Carnoughton
McCOLLOM Samuel & William McCollom Carnoughton
McCOLLOM William & Samuel McCollom Carnoughton
McCONNEL George Creeduff
McCORMICK Charles Aughayarn
McCORMICK James Aughayarn
McCORMICK James Legatonagan
McCORMICK John or Thomas McCormick Carrycoughan
McCORMICK Manasses Clagernagh
McCORMICK Owen Clagernagh
McCORMICK Thomas or John McCormick Carrycoughan
McCORMICK William Aughayarn
McCROREY Arthur or Jas. McCrorey & Dominick Dougherty Corgray (5th or 1st Craw)
McCROREY Edw. Aughamore
McCROREY Edward Altgoland
McCROREY James Aughamore
McCROREY Jas. or Arthur McCrorey or Dominick Dougherty Corgray (5th or 1st Craw)
McCROREY Lawrence Corgray (4th)
McCROREY Owen Corgray (4th)
McCROREY Toal Corgray (4th)
McCRORY Alexander Corgray (1st)
McCRORY Arthur & son Corgray (5th or 1st Craw)
McCRORY Dennis Garvagh (Upper)
McCRORY Felix Garvagh (Upper)
McCRORY James Laught
McCRORY James & son Corgray (5th or 1st Craw)
McCRORY Widow Meenagheeran
McCRORY Widow Sarah Corgray (4th)
McCUTCHEON Charles & Robert McCutcheon Killen
McCUTCHEON James Killen
McCUTCHEON Robert & Charles McCutcheon Killen
McDAVITT Connel Corgray (4th)
McDAVITT John Corgray (1st)
McDAVITT Widow Mary Corgray (4th)
McDERMOT Hugh & Widow Kelly Meenagheeran
McDERMOTT Hugh Scraghey Near
McDONAGHEY Cornelius Meencargagh
McDONAGHEY Owen Killen
McDONAGHY James Killen
McELHILL Francis & Neal McElhill Shanaughey
McELHILL Neal & Francis McElhill Shanaughey
McFADDEN Dennis & Teague Kelly Corgray (4th)
McFADEN Patrick Trenamungan
McFAGEY Patrick Mulnabreen
McFAGEY William Mulnabreen
McFAGY Hugh & Widow Laird Carndreen
McFARLAND Neville Scraghey Near
McGHEE …….? & Widow O’Flaherty Meenagrogan
McGHEE Murtagh Corgray (4th)
McGLINCHEY Charles Laught
McGLINCHEY Edwd. Laught
McGLINCHEY James Laught
McGLINCHEY John, Junr. Laught
McGLINCHEY John, Senr. Laught
McGLINCHEY Mathew Laught
McGLINCHEY Peter Laught
McGLINCHEY Thomas Laught
McGLINCHEY Widow Laught
McGLINCHY Owen & partners Carnoughton
McGLINCHY Thomas Garvagh (Far)
McGLINN Daniel Carndreen
McGLINN Francis Creeduff
McGLINN Hugh Meencloughore
McGOLRICK Charles & John McGolrick Tullyhar
McGOLRICK Daniel Altgoland
McGOLRICK Felix Scraghey Near
McGOLRICK Felix & partners Meencargagh
McGOLRICK John & Charles McGolrick Tullyhar
McGOLRICK Morris Meenagheeran
McGOLRICK Owen & Patt. McGolrick Scraghey (Near)
McGOLRICK Patrick Maghernageeragh
McGOLRICK Patt. & Owen McGolrick Scraghey Near
McGOLRICK Phillip Tullyhar
McGRANAGHAN James Creeduff
McGRATH …….? & …….? McMenamin Shanaughey
McGRATH Brine Laught
McGRATH Chas. & James McGrath & partners Croighshane
McGRATH Dudley & John O’Donald Meenavergus (South)
McGRATH James & Chas. McGrath Croighshane
McGRATH John & Mary McGrath Croighshane
McGRATH Mark Trenamungan
McGRATH Mary & John McGrath Croighshane
McGRORY Danl., Junr. Corgray (1st)
McGRORY Danl., Senr. Corgray (1st)
McGRORY John & partners Ballymungan
McGRORY Laughlin & partners Ballymungan
McGUIRE Alexander Trenamungan
McGUIRE Hugh Trenamungan
McGUIRE Hugh & Hu. Gallagher Clagernagh
McGUIRE John Trenamungan
McHUGH ……? & …….? Caldwell Creely’s Hill
McHUGH ………..? & .……? Loughren Aughaloney
McHUGH Arthur Corgray (6th or 2nd Craw)
McHUGH Arthur Mulnabreen
McHUGH Catherine & Francis McHugh Legatonagan
McHUGH Connel & Henry McHugh Corgray (6th or 2nd Craw)
McHUGH Denis Tievenamentagh
McHUGH Denis & ……….? Kelly Altimullan (Upper)
McHUGH Denis, Junr. & Denis McHugh, Senr. Corgray (3rd)
McHUGH Denis, Senr. & Denis McHugh, Junr. Corgray (3rd)
McHUGH Dennis Corgray (2nd)
McHUGH Dennis Meenagheeran
McHUGH Dennis (or Widow McHugh) Corgray (6th or 2nd Craw)
McHUGH Edward Corgray First
McHUGH Francis Corgray (6th or 2nd Craw)
McHUGH Francis Garvagh (Lower)
McHUGH Francis Tievenamentagh
McHUGH Francis & Catherine McHugh Legatonagan
McHUGH Francis, Junr. or Francis McHugh, Senr. Legatonagan
McHUGH Francis, Senr. or Francis McHugh, Junr. Legatonagan
McHUGH Henry Croighdennis
McHUGH Henry Dreenan
McHUGH Henry Legatonagan
McHUGH Henry Magherakeel
McHUGH Henry & Connel McHugh Corgray (6th or 2nd Craw)
McHUGH James Corgray (3rd)
McHUGH James Meenagheeran
McHUGH James Tievenamentagh
McHUGH James & partners Altimullan (Upper)
McHUGH James & partners Meencloughore
McHUGH Jas. (smith) Corgray (1st)
McHUGH John Maghernageeragh
McHUGH Laughlin Corgray (3rd)
McHUGH Laughlin Tievenamentagh
McHUGH Lawrence Tievenamentagh
McHUGH Mathew Corgray (3rd)
McHUGH Mathew Leitrim (Caldwell)
McHUGH Michael Corgray (2nd)
McHUGH Miles Corgray (4th)
McHUGH Patrick Corgray (1st)
McHUGH Patrick Maghernageeragh
McHUGH Patrick Meencargagh
McHUGH Patrick Mulnabreen
McHUGH Toal Corgray (2nd)
McHUGH Widow (or Dennis) Corgray (6th or 2nd Craw)
McLAUGHLIN Hugh Maghernageeragh
McLAUGHLIN Robert Golindon
McMACKIN Michael Scraghey Near
McMENAMIN …….? Scraghey Near
McMENAMIN …….? & …….? McGrath Shanaughey
McMENAMIN …….? & Hugh Collins Tullyhar
McMENAMIN Barny Killen
McMENAMIN Brine or Jas. McPike Carndreen
McMENAMIN Charles Meencargagh
McMENAMIN Edw. Meenagheeran
McMENAMIN Edw. Meencargagh
McMENAMIN Francis Meenagheeran
McMENAMIN Hugh Carnoughton
McMENAMIN Hugh & Knougher McMenamin Killeter Henderson
McMENAMIN James Altgoland
McMENAMIN James Aughaloney
McMENAMIN James, Junr. Meencargagh
McMENAMIN James, Senr. Meencargagh
McMENAMIN John Meencargagh
McMENAMIN John & Patrick Quinn Altgoland
McMENAMIN Knougher & Hugh McMenamin Killeter Henderson
McMENAMIN Patrick Meenagheeran
McMENAMIN Roger Meenagheeran
McMENAMIN Roger & partners Meenamullan
McMENAMIN Roger, Michael Lynch, Daniel Brown, Edward Brown & James Brown Mulnabreen
McMENAMIN Thomas Meenagheeran
McMENAMIN Widow Clagernagh
McNALLY Arthur & James McNally Scraghey Far
McNALLY Brine Aughayarn
McNALLY James & Arthur Gormley Scraghey Far
McPEAKE Teague Mulnabreen
McPHILLIMY Edw. Altgoland
McPHILLIMY William Altgoland
McPIKE …….? & Brine Carlon Trenamungan
McPIKE Charles Aughamore
McPIKE James Aughamore
McPIKE Jas. or Brine McMenamin Carndreen
McPIKE Owen Carndreen
McSORLEY ……..? & Samuel Sproul Gortnagross
McSORLEY …….? & David Henderson Killeter Henderson
McSORLEY …….? & John Kelly Scraghey (Near)
McSORLEY …….? & William Quinn Scraghey Near
McSORLEY Daniel Croighdennis
McSORLEY Daniel & partners Croighdennis
McSORLEY John Killen
MEACHAN Patrick Aughamore
MEACHAN Phillip Aughamore
MEAGHAN Marcus Seagronan
MEAGHAN Patt. Seagronan
MEAHAN Owen Laught
MEECHAN Cornelius Mulnabreen (Common)
MEECHAN Owen Mulnabreen (Common)
MEGHAN James & Widow Meghan Dreenan
MEGHAN Roger Dreenan
MEGHAN Widow & James Meghan Dreenan
MITCHEL Caldwell Carnoughton
MITCHEL Richard Creeduff
MITCHEL William Creeduff
MOFFIT William Scraghey Far
MONAGHAN James Legatonagan
MONGAN Mark & Daniel O’Donnel Ballymungan
MONTEITH …….? (illeg) Lisnacloon
MONTEITH Andrew Dreenan
MONTEITH Andrew, Senr. Dreenan
MONTEITH Dominick Dreenan
MONTEITH George Dreenan
MONTEITH Henry Dreenan
MONTEITH Hugh (or Robert) Lisnacloon
MONTEITH James (or Cooper) Dreenan
MONTEITH Jas. Lisnacloon
MONTEITH Jno. & Robert Monteith Dreenan
MONTEITH John Carndreen
MONTEITH John Dreenan (Upper)
MONTEITH John Lisnacloon
MONTEITH John & partners Lisnacloon
MONTEITH John & son Dreenan
MONTEITH Jon. & Widow Monteith Dreenan
MONTEITH Robert & Jno. Monteith Dreenan
MONTEITH Robert (or Hugh) Lisnacloon
MONTEITH Widow & Jno. Monteith Dreenan
MOONEY James Garvagh (Upper)
MOONEY Patrick Garvagh (Upper)
MORRAN Robert Leitrim (Caldwell)
MORRIS Edward Corgray (2nd)
MORRIS Francis Corgray (2nd)
MORRIS Miles Corgray (1st)
MORRIS Owen Corgray (2nd)
MORRISE Miles Altimullan (Upper)
MOSS Brian & Manus Moss Meencargagh
MOSS Brine & partners Garvagh (Far)
MOSS Edward Garvagh (Upper)
MOSS Edward & sons Tullyhar
MOSS Felix Altimullan (Upper)
MOSS Felix Garvagh (Blane)
MOSS Hugh & Patrick Moss Garvagh (Far)
MOSS James Ardarver
MOSS James Garvagh (Far)
MOSS John Garvagh (Upper)
MOSS John & Patrick Moss Garvagh (Far)
MOSS John, Junr. Ardarver
MOSS John, Senr Ardarver
MOSS Manassus Ardarver
MOSS Manassus & partner Aughayarn
MOSS Manus Meencargagh
MOSS Patrick & John Moss Garvagh (Far)
MOSS Widow Ardarver
MULLIN Felix & James McMullin Carndreen
MULLIN James & Felix Mullin Carndreen
MUNGAN James Clagernagh
NEELANDS Abraham Creeduff
NEELANDS Gregg Creeduff
NEELANDS Robert (Glebe Farm) Magherakeel
NEILSON Robert Laught
O’DONALD John & Dudley McGrath Meenavergus (South)
O’DONALD John & partners Meenavergus (West) or Tilnashane
O’DONNEL Charles & Roger O’Donnel & Patt. O’Donnel Scraghey Near
O’DONNEL Connel Ardarver
O’DONNEL Daniel & Mark Mongan Ballymungan
O’DONNEL Daniel & Owen O’Donnel Ballymungan
O’DONNEL Owen & Daniel O’Donnel Ballymungan
O’DONNEL Patt. & Roger O’Donnel & Charles O’Donnel Scraghey Near
O’DONNEL Roger & Patt. O’Donnel & Charles O’Donnel Scraghey Near
O’FLAHERTY Arthur Meenagrogan
O’FLAHERTY Widow & ………..? McGhee Meenagrogan
O’KANE ……..? Ballymungan
O’KANE Daniel Trenamungan
O’NEIL ……..? & Edw. Gallon Carnoughton
O’NEIL Edward Scraghey Far
O’NEIL Felix Scraghey Far
O’NEIL Felix & partners Scraghey Near
O’NEIL Francis Scraghey Far
O’NEIL James Creeduff
O’NEIL John Meenagrogan
PATRICK Samuel Killen
QUINN Charles Killen
QUINN Daniel Ballymungan
QUINN Edw. Legatonagan
QUINN Owen Legatonagan
QUINN Patrick Legatonagan
QUINN Patrick & John McMenamin Altgoland
QUINN Widow Shanaughey
QUINN William Aughayarn
QUINN William & …….? McSorley Scraghey Near
R.C. Chapel & Yard   Aughayarn
RABB Alexander Lislaird
RABB Arthur, Junr. Lislaird
RABB Arthur, Senr. Lislaird
RABB Charles Lislaird
RABB Jane Lislaird
RABB John Lislaird
RABB John (Ogue) Lislaird
RABB John, Senr. Lislaird
RABB Joseph Lislaird
RABB Mathew Lislaird
RABB Samuel Lislaird
RABB Widow Margaret Lislaird
RABB Widow Mary Lislaird
RANKIN David Altgoland
RANKIN James Scralea
RANKIN James (Glassmullaght) Edenreagh
ROBB James Leitrim (Caldwell)
ROBB Joseph Leitrim (Caldwell)
ROBB Samuel Maghernageeragh
ROBINSON John Killen
ROBINSON John & Robert Bird Aughayarn
RODEN Owen & partners Meenavergus (North)
RUTLEDGE …….? & John Elliot Leitrim Cooper
SCANLON Charles, Junr. & Daniel Scanlon Altgoland
SCANLON Chas., Senr. & James Scanlon Altgoland
SCANLON Daniel & Charles Scanlon, Junr. Altgoland
SCANLON James & Chas. Senr., Scanlon Altgoland
SEMPLE Charles Killen
SEMPLE Francis Laught
SEMPLE James Mulnabreen
SEMPLE John Mulnabreen
SHARKEY Lawrence Corgray (2nd)
SHARKEY Michael Corgray 2nd)
SHEALS Arthur Aughayarn
SHEALS Dennis Corgray (1st)
SHEALS Edward Corgray (1st)
SIMPSON Thomas Killen
SKEA Edward Aughamore
SMITH William, Heirs of Aughayarn
SPEER John Speerholm
SPEER John & Thomas Speer Carnoughton
SPEER Robert Speerholm (East)
SPEER Robert & partners Speerholm (West)
SPEER Thomas & John Speer Carnoughton
SPROUL James Altimullan (Gortin)
SPROUL John Altimullan (Gortin)
SPROUL John Carndreen
SPROUL John Leitrim Cooper
SPROUL Robert Altimullan (Gortin)
SPROUL Samuel & …….? McSorley Gortnagross
SPROUL William Altimullan (Gortin)
SPROUL William Altimullan (Young)
SPROULE Alexander Killen
SPROULE James Killen
SPROULE John Altimullan (Upper)
SPROULE John, Heirs of Altimullan (Sturrin)
SPROULE Samuel Altimullan (Upper)
SPROULE Widow & partners Lislaird
SPROULE William Killen
SWEENEY Andrew Laught
SWEENY …….? & John Gallon Garvagh (Blane)
SWEENY Miles Legatonagan
TENANT …….? Esq. Edenreagh
THOMPSON Robert Carndreen
TREDENNICK John Esq. (in Cora Lippin?) Ballymungan
TUAGAN …….? & partners (Cloughdoe) Edenreagh
TWEEDY James Sleveduff
TWEEDY Jas. & John Tweedy, Junr. Creely’s Hill
TWEEDY John Maghernageeragh
TWEEDY John & partners Aughalougher
TWEEDY John, Junr. & Jas. Doalin Creely’s Hill
WATSON James Aughaloney
WATSON Joseph Aughaloney
WRAY Widow Rebecca Killen
YOUNG Charles Altimullan (Young)
YOUNG Gilbert Altimullan (Young)
YOUNG Joseph Altimullan (Young)
YOUNG Joseph Aughayarn
YOUNG Mathew Aughaloney
YOUNG Robert Altimullan (Young)
YOUNG Samuel Aughayarn
YOUNG Thomas Altimullan (Young)
YOUNG William Ardarver
YOUNG William Aughayarn
YOUNG William, Junr. Altimullan (Young)
YOUNG William, Senr. Altimullan (Young)