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Index to Tithe Applotment Book, Tamlaght Finlagan Parish, Co. Londonderry 1826

PRONI Ref. 5A/253/1
Extracted from FHL Film #258468
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia




Townland Townland Townland Townland
Ardnargle Back Ballyhenry West Ballykeen
Ballykelly Ballykelly Level (Intake) Ballymacran Ballyspallan
Broglasco Broharris Broighter Burnally
Carlaragh Carrowclare Carrowmuddle Carrowreagh
Clagan Crindle Dromore Drumacarney
Drumacony Drumballydonaghy Drummond Drumraighland
Dunbrock Farlow Glack Glasvey
Glebe Lisnakilly Lomond Lower Corndale
Lower Culmore Magheramore Moneyrannel Mulkeeragh
Mullagh Myroe Level (Intake) Ned Oghill
Rascahan Scotchtown Sesnagh Sesnagh
Shanreagh Sistrakeel Tamlaght Tartnakilly
Tully Tullyhoe Upper Corndale Upper Culmore



Townland Townland Townland Townland
Ardnargle Back Ballyhendry Ballykeen
Ballykelly Ballymecran Ballynarog Ballyspallin
Broglascon Broharris Broighter Burnally
Carlaragh Carryclare Carrymenagh Carrymuddle
Carryreagh Claggan Coolmore Crindle
Deer Park Dromore Drumacarney Drumballydonaghy
Drummond Drumnaconny Drumrane Drumreighland
Dumbrock Farlow Glack Glasvey
Lamont Lisnakelly Lower Corndale Magherymore
Moneygrandle Mullagh Nedd Oghill
Rascahan Sessnagh Shanreigh Sistrokeel
Tamlaght Tartnakelly Tully Tullydrum
Tullyhoe Upper Corndale Walworth  


Townlands within Tamlaght Finlagan Parish in 1826 but hived off upon creation of the new parish of Carrick in 1846.

These townlands are recorded in Carrick in Griffiths Valuation c1860

Townland Townland Townland Townland
Ballymore Largy Moys Mulkeeragh



Surname Firstname Townland
ADAMS John Largy
ADAMSON David Coolmore
ALCORN Andrew Ballynarog
ALCORN George Magherymore
ALCORN Widow Drumacarney
ALEXANDER John, Esq. Deer Park
ALEXANDER John, Esqr. Largy
ALEXANDER Mr. John Ballymore
ALLEN John Rascahan
ALLEN Joseph Lisnakelly
ALLEN Robert Tully
ALLEN William Ballynarog
ALLISON Mathew Claggan
ALLISON Robert Drumrane
ANDERSON David Ballykelly
ANDERSON David Drummond
ANDERSON David Sistrokeel
ANDERSON Miss Lower Corndale
ARBUCKLE James Moneygrandle
ARTHUR Ann Sessnagh
ARTHUR Samuel Moys
ARTHUR Samuel & Jno. McGonegal Moys
ATKINSON Robert Ballykelly
AULL John Drumacarney
BAIRD Hugh Ballymore
BAIRD James Ballymore
BARLOW Widow Nedd
BARLOW Widow Oghill
BEATY James Dumbrock
BEATY Thomas Tartnakelly
BEATY Thos. & Patk. Duffy Glack
BEER James Ballymore
BLACK Richard Ballynarog
BLACK Richd. Ballynarog
BLAIR Andrew Tartnakelly
BLAIR James Ballykelly
BLAIR James Drummond
BLAIR John & Robert Blair Tartnakelly
BLAIR Robert & John Blair Tartnakelly
BOGLE Alexander, Esqr. Shanreigh
BOYCE Mr. Shanreigh
BOYD Andrew Ballymore
BOYD Hugh Moneygrandle
BOYD Robert Shanreigh
BOYLE Mr. Hugh Broglascon
BRADY John Drumballydonaghy
BREESON Bryan Sistrokeel
BROLLY Daniel Glack
BROLLY James Drumacarney
BROLLY John Crindle
BROLLY William Crindle
BROWN John Largy
BROWN John Tully
BROWN Mathew Largy
BRYSON Hugh Glack
BRYSON Hugh Sistrokeel
BRYSON James Ballyhendry
CAMPBELL Alexander, Senr. Drumacarney
CAMPBELL Alexander, Senr. & Jas. McFetrish Drumacarney
CAMPBELL Alexr. & Daniel Campbell Drumacarney
CAMPBELL Archibald Ballykelly
CAMPBELL Daniel Ballykelly
CAMPBELL Daniel & Alexr. Campbell Drumacarney
CAMPBELL Edward Largy
CAMPBELL Ephraim Glasvey
CAMPBELL John Ballykelly
CAMPBELL John Ballyspallin
CAMPBELL John Drummond
CAMPBELL William Ballykelly
CANNING James Glack
CANNING James Sistrokeel
CARTAN John Tartnakelly
CARTIN James Tartnakelly
CARTIN John Carlaragh
CASKEY John Largy
CASKEY Samuel Dromore
CASKEY William Tamlaght
CATHER David, Esq. Carrymuddle
CATHER David, Esq. Lisnakelly
CATHER David, Esqr. Sessnagh
CATHER David, Esqr. Shanreigh
CATHER David, Esqr. Tamlaght
CATHER Mr. & Mr. Dill Shanreigh
CATHER Mr. David Farlow
CATHER Mr. David Rascahan
CAVENAGH Mr. Shanreigh
CHERRY John Lomont
CHERRY Nathan Lomont
CHURCH George, Esq. Back
CHURCH John Crindle
CLARK Mrs Shanreigh
CLARK Robert & T. Thompson Tullyhoe
CLARK Samuel Mulkeeragh
COLLINS James Sistrokeel
CONN John Glasvey
CONN John Nedd
CONN John Oghill
CONNEL David Ballyhendry
CONNEL John Ballyhendry
CONNEL William Largy
CONNER Arthur Sistrokeel
CONNER Darby Glack
CONNER Isaac Sistrokeel
CONNER John Dumbrock
CONNER John Sistrokeel
CONNER Robert Largy
CONNER Widow Ballykelly
CONNER Widow Drummond
CONNER William Ballykelly
COUGHRAN Isabella Oghill
COUGHRAN Robert Tamlaght
COUGHRAN William Ballykelly
COUGHRAN William Nedd
COWAN Robert Ballykeen
COYLE Henry Carryclare
CRAIG James Tamlaght
CRAWFORD Hugh Ballynarog
CRAWFORD James Largy
CRAWFORD James Largy
CRISWELL George Dumbrock
CRISWELL George Nedd
CROSS William Crindle
DAVIS James Moys
DAVIS John Moys
DAVIS Joseph Ballykelly
DAVIS William Moys
DEANS John Drumreiland
DEVENY Thomas Largy
DEVLIN Dennis Tartnakelly
DEVLIN John Tartnakelly
DICKSON Samuel Tillydrum
DILL Mr. & Mr. Cather Shanreigh
DILLON Doctor Drumballydonaghy
DINNEN James Ballyhendry
DINNEN John Upper Corndale
DONELLY John Drumaconny
DONELLY John Oghill
DONNEL John Ballymecran
DONNEL John Carryclare
DONNEL John Carrymenagh
DONNEL John Crindle
DOUGHERTY Thomas Shanreigh
DUFFY Patk & Thos Beaty Glack
DUNN James Ballyspallin
DUNN Robert Tartnakelly
DUNSEITH James Largy
DUNSEITH Robert Largy
DUNSEITH Thomas Largy
ELDER Samuel Ballykelly
ELDER William Ballykelly
ERSKINE Jacob Ballynarog
FERGUSON Samuel Largy
FLEMING Alexr. Largy
FLEMING James Largy
FLEMING John Dromore
FLEMING John Largy
FLEMING Samuel Largy
FORREST David Dromore
FORREST David Magherymore
FORREST Thomas Magherymore
GARVEN Widow Largy
GAULT Thomas Tamlaght
GEORGE David Tillydrum
GIBSON Joseph Broglascon
GIBSON Joseph Broighter
GILDERSON George Magherymore
GILDERSON John Magherymore
GILFILLEN John Sessnagh
GILKEY Thomas Drumballydonaghy
GILMORE James Drumacarney
GILMORE John Ballyspallin
GIVEN Mr. John Broglascon
GIVEN Mr. John Broharris
GIVEN Mr. John Farlow
GIVEN William Drumballydonaghy
GLEN William Tully
GLEN William Tullyhoe
GORDON James Largy
GRAHAM John Ballymore
GRAY Hugh Ballyspallin
GRAY Hugh Broharris
GRAY John Carryclare
GRUMLEY Robert Moneygrandle
GUY John Nedd
HAMILTON John Ballykelly
HAMILTON William Carrymenagh
HARPER Samuel Ballynarog
HARVEY James Ballynarog
HARVEY Saml., Robert King &Fredk. King Moys
HEANY Dennis Largy
HEMPHILL John Dromore
HEMPHILL John Drumreiland
HEMPHILL John & J. Smith Coolmore
HEMPHILL Robt. Tartnakelly
HERRAR Thomas Tartnakelly
HOLMES Alexander Sessnagh
HOLMES James Ballymore
HOLMES James, Junr. Ballynarog
HOLMES James, Senr. Ballynarog
HOLMES Mrs Broighter
HOLMES Mrs Burnally
HOLMES Mrs Lomont
HOOD James Dumbrock
HOOD James Nedd
HOPKINS Abraham Carrymuddle
HOUSTON James Ballyhendry
HUEY Alexander Burnally
HUEY Alexander Drumballydonaghy
HUME Oliver Upper Corndale
HUMES Samuel Sistrokeel
HUNTER Abraham Drumballydonaghy
HUNTER Alexander Largy
HUNTER Clark Magherymore
HUNTER Michael Claggan
HUNTER Paul Claggan
HUNTER William Tartnakelly
HUSTON James Tillydrum
HYNDMAN Samuel Ballymore
IRWIN James Ballymore
IRWIN Joseph Drumacarney
IRWIN Joseph Tamlaght
IRWIN Mills Moneygrandle
IRWIN Robert Moneygrandle
IRWIN Robert C. Drumrane
IRWIN Samuel Drumacarney
IRWIN William Ballymore
IRWIN William Largy
JACKSON Nathaniel Ballynarog
JAMISON Robert Oghill
JOHNSTON Thomas Upper Corndale
KANE Frederick Moneygrandle
KANE Michael Ballykelly
KANE Rodger Tartnakelly
KANE William Moneygrandle
KEASY John Glasvey
KERR James Ballykelly
KERR James Carlaragh
KERR John Glasvey
KERR Thomas Ballykelly
KERR William Moys
KERR William Tamlaght
KEYS Joseph Nedd
KING Fredk., Robert King & Saml. Harvey Moys
KING John Coolmore
KING John Dromore
KING John Drumreiland
KING John, Junr. Drumreiland
KING Robert, Saml. Harvey & Fredk. King Moys
KING Thomas Coolmore
KING Thomas Drumreiland
KING William, Junr. Drumreiland
KING William, Senr. Drumreiland
KINKEAD James Ballykelly
KINKEAD James Walworth
LATTEN Alexander Drumballydonaghy
LEE William Largy
LEECH Cathrine Glack
LEECH James Dumbrock
LEECH John Glack
LEECH Widow Dumbrock
LEECH Widow Nedd
LEECH Widow Oghill
LEECH William Glack
LESLIE James Shanreigh
LEVESTON Samuel Tamlaght
LIMERICK George Drumaconny
LIMERICK George Glasvey
LIMERICK Samuel Ballykelly
LIMERICK Thomas Ballykelly
LINTON Benjamin Carryclare
LOAN Abraham Glasvey
LOAN Nicholas Dumbrock
LOAN Nicholas Nedd
LONG Samuel Magherymore
LONG Widow Sessnagh
LOUDON Paul Crindle
LOUGHRY David Dumbrock
LOUGHRY David Nedd
LOUGHRY Hugh Ballykelly
LOUGHRY Thomas Dumbrock
LOWRY Arthur Magherymore
LOWRY Samuel Largy
LOWRY Samuel Magherymore
LOWRY William Largy
MAGEE Widow Ballykelly
MAGEE Widow Drummond
MAHAFFY William Tillydrum
MARTIN Hugh & Mr. McCausland Carrymuddle
MARTIN Israel Crindle
MARTIN John Carrymenagh
MARTIN Joseph Crindle
MARTIN Mr. Samuel Crindle
MARTIN Mr. Samuel Culmore
MARTIN Mrs Hugh Culmore
MARTIN Nathaniel Ardnargle
MARTIN Oliver Culmore
MATHEW McMullan Burnally
McAULEY John Ballykelly
McAULEY Robert Ballykelly
McAULEY Robert Drummond
McCALLION John Drumacarney
McCALLION John Mulkeeragh
McCALLION John Tamlaght
McCANN Michl. Tartnakelly
McCANN Michl. & Thos. McCann Tartnakelly
McCANN Thos. & Michl. McCann Tartnakelly
McCARTER David Ballymore
McCARTER John Carlaragh
McCAUGHY John Mulkeeragh
McCAUGHY William Drumacarney
McCAULEY William Ballykelly
McCAUSLAND Fredk., Esqr. Moneygrandle
McCAUSLAND Marcus, Esqr. Moneygrandle
McCAUSLAND Mr. & Hugh Martin Carrymuddle
McCAUSLAND Mr. Fredk. Broglascon
McCAUSLAND Mr. Fredk. Broighter
McCAUSLAND Mr. Fredk. Rascahan
McCAUSLAND Mr. Robert Broglascon
McCINCH Anne Largy
McCINCH Maryann Largy
McCLAMONT Thomas Drummond
McCLARMONT Thomas Ballykelly
McCLARY Hugh Glack
McCLAY William Oghill
McCLEAN Alexander Ballymore
McCLEAN Mark Ballymore
McCLEAN William Ballymore
McCLEAN William Largy
McCLELLAND Thomas Moneygrandle
McCLEMENT Edward Dumbrock
McCLOSKEY Charles Moys
McCLOSKEY Robert Largy
McCLOSKEY Widow Ballymore
McCLOY William Nedd
McCOLLUM James Burnally
McCORKELL Robert Drumacarney
McCORKELL William Drumacarney
McCORMICK Dennis Ballykelly
McCORMICK Robert Walworth
McCORMICK Robt. Ballykelly
McCOY Alexander Ballykelly
McCOY John Ballykelly
McCOY John Walworth
McCOY Neal Tamlaght
McCOY Samuel Ballynarog
McCOY Samuel Magherymore
McCOY William Tamlaght
McCREA Samuel Sistrokeel
McCULLOUGH John Ardnargle
McCULLOUGH John Drumballydonaghy
McCULLOUGH John Upper Corndale
McCULLY David Ballykelly
McCULLY John Ballyspallin
McCULLY Widow Drumrane
McCUNN William Lomont
McCURDY David Drummond
McCURDY David Walworth
McDADE James Tamlaght
McDOUGAL John Ballykelly
McFARLAND Daniel Drumaconny
McFARLAND Daniel Glasvey
McFARLAND Daniel Oghill
McFARLAND Robert Ballyspallin
McFARLAND Robert Broharris
McFETRISH Jas. & Alexander Campbell, Senr. Drumacarney
McFETRISH John Shanreigh
McGERRIGAL John Ballykelly
McGONEGAL Jno. & Samuel Arthur Moys
McGOWAN Bryan Sistrokeel
McGOWAN Bryan & Jas. McGowan Glack
McGOWAN Dennis Glack
McGOWAN Dennis Sistrokeel
McGOWAN Edward Drumaconny
McGOWAN Edward Sistrokeel
McGOWAN Francis Largy
McGOWAN Francis Largy
McGOWAN Jas. & Bryan McGowan Glack
McGOWAN John Sistrokeel
McGUINESS Alexander Sistrokeel
McGUINESS Thos. Ballymore
McGUINNESS John Crindle
McKINLEY Robert Ballykelly
McKINLEY Robert Drummond
McKISSACK Saml. Drumaconny
McKISSACK Samuel Oghill
McLAMONT Edward Nedd
McLAUGHLIN Bernard Carrymenagh
McLAUGHLIN Bryan Tamlaght
McLAUGHLIN Bryan & Dennis McLaughlin Drumacarney
McLAUGHLIN Dennis & Bryan McLaughlin Drumacarney
McLAUGHLIN John Ballykelly
McLAUGHLIN Mathew Sistrokeel
McLAUGHLIN Patrick Tartnakelly
McLAUGHLIN Robert Ballykelly
McLAUGHLIN Thomas Largy
McLAUGHLIN William Ballykelly
McLAUGHLIN Wm. Crindle
McLAUGHLIN Wm. Dromore
McLEAN George Ballymore
McLEAN George & Josh. McLean Ballymore
McLEAN John Burnally
McLEAN Josh. & George McLean Ballymore
McLEAN Robert Ballymore
McLEAN Widow Ballymore
McLEAN William Largy
McMICHAEL John Ardnargle
McMULLEN William Sessnagh
McNAUGHTEN Sir Francis Deer Park
McNAUGHTEN Sir Francis Drumrane
McNAUGHTEN Sir Francis Mullagh
McNAUGHTEN Sir Francis Shanreigh
McNAUGHTEN Sir Francis Tamlaght
McNICKLE Rose Tartnakelly
McPEAKE Owen Ballyspallin
McTAMNY John Glasvey
MERCER Frederick Moneygrandle
MILLER James Ballykelly
MILLER James Drumreiland
MILLER John Ballymecran
MILLER John Burnally
MILLER John Drumreiland
MILLER John Drumreiland
MILLER John Moys
MILLER John Rascahan
MILLER Joseph Moys
MILLER Joseph, Junr. Moys
MILLER Martha Drumreiland
MILLER Robert Drumreiland
MILLER Robert Shanreigh
MILLER Samuel Drumreiland
MILLER Samuel & Robt. Ogilby, Esqr. Drumreiland
MILLER Widow Moys
MITCHELL Andrew Ballykelly
MONTGOMERY John Mulkeeragh
MOODY Mrs Farlow
MOORE Alexander Ballymore
MOORE Alexander Tillydrum
MOORE David Drumreiland
MOORE David Mulkeeragh
MOORE Edward & Samuel Moore Carryreagh
MOORE Gaun Ballymore
MOORE John Carryclare
MOORE John Coolmore
MOORE John Drumreiland
MOORE Joseph Largy
MOORE Mathew Tartnakelly
MOORE Nathan Carryclare
MOORE Robert & Co. Carryreagh
MOORE Samuel Carryclare
MOORE Samuel & Edward Moore Carryreagh
MOORE Solomon Carryclare
MOORE Thomas Carryreagh
MOORE William Ballyhendry
MOORE William Carryclare
MOORE William Crindle
MOORE William Drumreiland
MOORE William Moys
MOORE William Moys
MOORE William Junr. Carryreagh
MOORE William Senr. Carryreagh
MORRISON Alexander Tartnakelly
MORRISON Alexander & John Morrison Drumreiland
MORRISON Andrew Dromore
MORRISON Benjamin Moys
MORRISON Hugh Claggan
MORRISON Hugh Coolmore
MORRISON John Ballynarog
MORRISON John Claggan
MORRISON John Tartnakelly
MORRISON John Tartnakelly
MORRISON John & Alexander Morrison Drumreiland
MORRISON Joseph Sessnagh
MORRISON Joseph Tillydrum
MORRISON Robert Claggan
MORRISON Robert Dromore
MORRISON Robert Dromore
MORRISON Robert Drumreiland
MORRISON Robert, Junr. Dromore
MORRISON Robert, Senr. Dromore
MORRISON Thomas Claggan
MORRISON William Claggan
MORROW John Dromore
MULLAN Bryan Tullyhoe
MULLAN Edward Carlaragh
MULLAN George Glack
MULLAN Hugh Claggan
MULLAN James Magherymore
MULLAN James Magherymore
MULLAN Jeremiah & Mickey Mullan Magherymore
MULLAN Mickey & Jeremiah Mullan Magherymore
MULLAN Thomas Magherymore
MULLAN William Magherymore
MURPHY John Ballykelly
MURTLAND John Drumballydonaghy
NEELY Benjamin Burnally
NEELY James Largy
NEELY John Tillydrum
NEELY John, Junr. Largy
NEELY John, Senr. Largy
NEELY Widow Largy
NEELY William Ballynarog
NEELY William Burnally
OGILBY James, Esqr. Ardnargle
OGILBY James, Esqr. Lower Corndale
OGILBY James, Esqr. Upper Corndale
OGILBY Mrs Shanreigh
OGILBY Robert, Esqr. Drumreiland
OGILBY Robt., Esqr. Magherymore
OGILBY Robt., Esqr. & Samuel Miller Drumreiland
ONEILL John Tamlaght
PATCHELL John Glasvey
PATTERSON William Nedd
PATTON Alexander Crindle
PATTON James Crindle
PATTON James Largy
PATTON Joseph Crindle
PATTON Mr. William Ballyhendry
PATTON Nathaniel Largy
PATTON Robert Culmore
PATTON Robert Largy
PATTON Samuel Ballynarog
PATTON Thomas Largy
PAUL John Crindle
PIGGOT Patrick Tamlaght
PIGGOT Robert Tamlaght
PIGGOT William Tamlaght
PIPER Hugh Lower Corndale
PIPER William Crindle
POLLOCK Andrew Tillydrum
PORTER Marjery Ballykelly
PURSLEY James Ballynarog
PURSLEY Joseph Sessnagh
PURSLEY Robert, clerk Ballynarog
PURSLEY Robert, Junr. Ballynarog
PURSLEY Robert, Senr. Ballynarog
QUIGLEY James Sistrokeel
RAMAGE Isaac Shanreigh
RAMAGE Isaac Tamlaght
RAMSEY Isaac Broglascon
RAMSEY Isaac Broharris
RAMSEY Nathaniel Crindle
RAMSEY Saml. & R. Wylie Drumballydonaghy
RAMSEY Samuel Shanreigh
REID James Ballykelly
REID John Glasvey
REID William Ballykelly
RENTOUL Mr. Solomon Broglascon
RENTOUL Mr. Solomon Farlow
RENTOUL Solomon Broharris
RICHEY John Tully
RICHEY William Tully
RITCHEY David Drumacarney
ROBINSON David Ballykelly
ROBINSON Henry Largy
ROBINSON John Ballykelly
ROBINSON Joseph Broglascon
ROBINSON Joseph Broharris
RODGER Robert Ballymore
RODGERS Alexander Carryclare
RODGERS Hugh Carryclare
RODGERS Mr. Mark Shanreigh
RODGERS Mr. Mark Tillydrum
RODGERS Robert Drumrane
RODGERS Robert Tillydrum
SAMPSON Mr. Drummond
SAMPSON Mr. Arthur Ballykeen
SAMPSON Revd. G. Walworth
SCHOOL HOUSE   Sistrokeel
SCOTT James Burnally
SCOTT James Culmore
SCOTT James Tartnakelly
SCOTT John Ballymecran
SCOTT John Carryclare
SCOTT John Largy
SCOTT William Mulkeeragh
SELFRIDGE George Tamlaght
SELFRIDGE John Moneygrandle
SELFRIDGE William Tamlaght
SHERRARD George, Esq. Lomont
SHERRARD James Ballymecran
SHERRARD James Ballymore
SHERRARD James Largy
SHERRARD John Crindle
SHERRARD John Magherymore
SHERRARD Martha Drumreiland
SHERRARD Paul Ballymecran
SHERRARD Paul Ballynarog
SHERRARD Paul Drumreiland
SHERRARD Robert Ballymecran
SHERRARD Robert Drumreiland
SIMPSON Hugh Sessnagh
SIMPSON James Ballymore
SIMPSON James Largy
SIMPSON James Moys
SIMPSON John Ballynarog
SIMPSON Robert Moys
SIMPSON Robert Tillydrum
SMITH David Magherymore
SMITH J. & John Hemphill Coolmore
SMITH James Ballykelly
SMITH James Coolmore
SMITH James Drummond
SMITH James Moys
SMITH William Magherymore
STEEL James, Junr. Drumacarney
STEEL James, Senr. Drumacarney
STEELE James Tillydrum
STEELE Newman Drumrane
STEVENSON James Ballynarog
STEWART David Ballykelly
STEWART Widow Ballykelly
STIRLING Major Ballykelly
STITT James Dromore
SWEANY William Carrymenagh
TAIT William Moneygrandle
THOMPSON Alexander Moneygrandle
THOMPSON Alexander Shanreigh
THOMPSON Andrew Largy
THOMPSON George Moys
THOMPSON John Ballykelly
THOMPSON John Drumacarney
THOMPSON John Mulkeeragh
THOMPSON John & William Thompson Drumacarney
THOMPSON John & William Thompson Mulkeeragh
THOMPSON Robert Ballyhendry
THOMPSON Robert Ballyhendry
THOMPSON Robert Ballymore
THOMPSON Robert Moys
THOMPSON Robert Tamlaght
THOMPSON T. & Robert Clark Tullyhoe
THOMPSON William Drumacarney
THOMPSON William Mulkeeragh
THOMPSON William & John Thompson Drumacarney
THOMPSON William & John Thompson Mulkeeragh
TONER John Tartnakelly
TONER Sarrah Glack
TONER William Glack
TORRENS William Carryclare
TOWNLEY J. & John Townley Nedd
TOWNLEY John & J. Townley Nedd
TOWNLEY Joseph Nedd
TYLER Doctor Ballymore
TYLER Doctor Carrymuddle
TYLER Doctor Drumballydonaghy
TYLER Doctor Drumrane
VINCE Davis Burnally
VINCE William Crindle
WALLACE Hugh Ballynarog
WALLACE James Junr. Ballynarog
WALLACE James, Senr. Ballynarog
WALLACE Jas. & Robert Walker Ballynarog
WALLACE John Ballynarog
WALLACE Joseph Coolmore
WALLACE Joseph Dromore
WALLACE Robert Ballynarog
WALLACE Robert & Jas. Wallace Ballynarog
WARK David Largy
WARK Joseph Broharris
WARK Miss Moneygrandle
WARK Robert Broharris
WATSON George Carryclare
WATT Samuel Tullyhoe
WHITE James Ballykeen
WHITE James Coolmore
WHITE John Carlaragh
WHITE John Tillydrum
WHITE Thomas Moys
WHITE William Shanreigh
WILSON Henry Upper Corndale
WILSON Hugh Walworth
WILSON James Broglascon
WILSON James Broharris
WILSON James Lower Corndale
WILSON James & John Wilson Broglascon
WILSON James & John Wilson Farlow
WILSON John & James Wilson Broglascon
WILSON John & James Wilson Farlow
WILSON William Farlow
WILSON William Lower Corndale
WILSON William Rascahan
WRIGHT Hugh Ballykeen
WRIGHT John Ballynarog
WYLIE Anne Drumballydonaghy
WYLIE Martha Drumballydonaghy
WYLIE R. & Saml. Ramsey Drumballydonaghy
YOUNG Robert Magherymore