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Index to Tithe Applotment Book, Confeacle Parish Cos. Tyrone and Armagh, 1833

FIN 5A/ 79
Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

Clonfeacle parish is found mainly within Co. Tyrone with just a few townlands located in Co. Armagh. Townlands subject to tithing were:

CO. TYRONE: Altnavanog, Annagh, Ballymuckleduff, Benburb, Boland, Broghadoey, Cadian, Carricastle, Carrowbeg, Carrowcolman, Clogherny, Clonbeg, Clonmore, Clonteavy, Coolcush, Coolkeernan, Coolkill, Curmullagh, Crew, Crosteely, Crubinagh, Culreavog, Curren, Derrycreevey Knox, Derrycreevey Powerscourt, Derryfubble, Derrygoonan, Derrygortrevy, Derrylatinee, Derryoghill, Donamoney [Dunamony], Donnydeade, Drain, Drumay, Drumcart, Drumdarg, Drumflugh, Drumgrannon, Drumgold, Drumgormal, Drumgose, Drumlee, Drummanney, Drummond, Drumnamoless, Drumnashaloge, Drumnastrade, Drumskinny, Dunsearke, Finnelly, Garvaghey, Gort, Gortmerrion, Gowerstown [Gorestown], Killybrackan, Kilnacart, Kilnagrew, Knocknacloy, Legilly, Lisbancarney, Lisbanleminigh, Lisceen (Lissan), Lisdermott, Lisduff, Lisgobbin, Lismubreavey, Lisnacroy, Lisroan, Listamlett, Mossmore, Moy, Moyard, Moygashel, Mulbuoy, Mullabuoy, Mullaghdawley, Mullaghlongfield & Brossloy, Mullamossog, Mullybrannon, Mullycarnon, Mullycarr, Roan, Savanaghanroe (Sanaghanroe) (Tyrone), Seloran [Seyloran], Sessiamagarrol, Shanmoy, Stangmore Knox, Stangmore McGhee, Stiloga, Syerla, Terryglassog, Terryscollop, Tolagoney, Tullydoey, Tullygiven, Tullylarn Turleenan and Tyghan

CO. ARMAGH: Ballytroddan, Blackwatertown or Lisbofin, Canary, Copney, Creaghan, Derrycaw, Derrymagoan, Derryscollop, Drumarn, Drumask (or Ballycullen), Drumcullen, Kilmore, Mullilegan, Mullinary, Shanmullagh (or Ballycullen), Tullyroan and Tyragherty

Surname Firstname Townland
ABERNATHY Harry Dunsearke
ABERNETHY Abel Coolkill
ABURNETHY James Boland
ABURNETHY James Coolkill
ABURNETHY James? Coolkill
ABURNETHY Mary Coolkill
ABURNETHY Molly Boland
ABURNETHY Thomas Coolkill
ABURNETHY William Boland
ADAMS John Knocknacloy
ADAMS Widow Knocknacloy
AGNEW James Derrylatinee
AGNEW Thomas Canary
AGNEW William Mullybrannon
AIKEN James Tyghan
AIKIN Henry Derrycreevey Powerscourt
AIKIN James Carrowbeg
AIKIN James Derrycreevey Powerscourt
ALEXANDER John Derryscollop
ALLEN Henry Carricastle
ALLEN James Carricastle
ALLEN John Carricastle
ALLEN William Derrylatinee
ALLENS Brothers Canary
ALPHAT [OLPHERT] Mr. Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
ANDERSON Abm. [Abraham] Canary
ANDERSON Abm.[Abraham] Curmullagh
ANDERSON Alexander Mullybrannon
ANDERSON Andrew Derrygoonan
ANDERSON Andrew Drain
ANDERSON Andrew Stiloga
ANDERSON Ben Mullybrannon
ANDERSON David Mullybrannon
ANDERSON Edward Mullinary
ANDERSON George Derryscollop
ANDERSON Henry Derryscollop
ANDERSON Henry, Jun. Derryscollop
ANDERSON Jacob Donnydeade
ANDERSON James Derrycreevey Knox
ANDERSON James Donnydeade
ANDERSON James Drumgormal
ANDERSON John Mullinary
ANDERSON John Mullybrannon
ANDERSON John Mullycarnon
ANDERSON John Shanmullagh (or Ballycullen)
ANDERSON Joseph Canary
ANDERSON Joseph Donnydeade
ANDERSON Joseph Stangmore Knox
ANDERSON Stephen Derryscollop
ANDERSON Thomas Canary
ANDERSON Thomas Derryscollop
ANDERSON W. Derrygoonan
ANDERSON William Carrowcolman
ANDERSON William Derryscollop
ANDERSON William Donnydeade
ANDERSON William Drain
ANDERSON William Mullycarnon
ANDERSON William Tullygiven
ARDRY James Mullybrannon
ARDRY Thomas Mullybrannon
ARDRY Widow Lismubreavey
ARDRY William Mullybrannon
ARDRY William Mullybrannon
ARMSTRONG Galth. [Galbraith?] Moyard
ARMSTRONG Galth. [Galbraith?] Drumgose
ATKINSON Francis Derrygortrevy
ATKINSON John Benburb
ATKINSON Robert Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
BAKER George Drumgold
BAKER Holbro Culreavog
BAKER Holbrook Drumgold
BAKER James Drumgold
BALL Joseph Derrycreevey Knox
BALL Robert Carrowcolman
BALLINTINE Abm. [Abraham] Clonteavy
BANCROFT William Moygashel
BARBER James Gortmerrion
BARCLAY Daniel Drumlee
BARCLAY James Mullabuoy
BARCLAY John, Jun. Mullabuoy
BARCLAY John, Sen. Mullabuoy
BARCLAY Thomas Mullabuoy
BARCLAY Widow E. Mullabuoy
BARCLAY Widow Mullabuoy
BARCLAY William Moy
BARCROFT Joseph Donamoney
BARCROFT Joseph Stangmore Knox
BARCROFT William Stangmore Knox
BARKLEY Hugh Drumlee
BARNS Robert Drain
BARRY Miss Moy
BARTEN John Carrowcolman
BARTLEY James Derryoghill
BARTLEY Joseph Derrygoonan
BARTLEY Widow Shanmoy
BARTON Charles, Jun. Carrowcolman
BATES Joseph Drumcart
BATES Joseph Moy
BEATES Joseph Clonmore
BEATTY Ben. Drumflugh
BEATTY Ben. Benburb
BEATTY Hugh Tyragherty
BEATTY James Mullycarnon
BEATTY William Carrowbeg
BEATTY William Derryoghill
BEATTY William Mullycarr
BEAVERS Charles Shanmoy
BEAVERS Robert Drain
BEAVERS Robert, Jun. Shanmoy
BEAVERS Robert, Sen. Shanmoy
BEAVERS Thomas Drain
BEAVERS Thomas Shanmoy
BEGGS Alexander Gort
BEGGS John Derrygortrevy
BEGGS John Gort
BEGGS Joseph Kilnacart
BEGGS Robert Kilnacart
BEGGS William Cadian
BELL James Derrylatinee
BELL James Drummond
BELL Mary Drummond
BELL Rev. Hugh Drumnastrade
BELMORE Earl Tullygiven
BENSON Margaret Gowerstown
BERRETT Mary Cadian
BERRETT Patt. Cadian
BERRITT Charles Gort
BERRY Robert [1] Moy
BERRY Robert [2] Moy
BLACK Joseph Ballymuckleduff
BLACK Joseph Boland
BLACK Lind Ballymuckleduff
BLACK William Crew
BLAIR John Drumgormal
BLAIR John Terryscollop
BLEEKS Thomas Kilnagrew
BLEMMINGS Thomas Dunsearke
BLEMMINGS William Dunsearke
BLEVINS David Cadian
BLEVINS David Canary
BLEVINS David Copney
BLEVINS John Canary
BLEVINS William Derryscollop
BLEVINS William, Sen. Canary
BLOOMER George Kilnacart
BLOOMER George Lisbanleminigh
BLOOMER George Sessiamagarrol
BLOOMER John Terryglassog
BLOOMER Michael Terryglassog
BLOOMER Michl. Lisbanleminigh
BLOOMER Moses Knocknacloy
BLOOMER Richard Sessiamagarrol
BLOOMER Richard Terryglassog
BLOOMER Robert Carrowbeg
BLOOMER Robert Lisgobbin
BLOOMER Robert Sessiamagarrol
BLOOMER Robert Terryglassog
BLOOMER Robert, Sen. Sessiamagarrol
BLOOMER William Terryglassog
BOARDMAN Thomas Stangmore Knox
BOARDMAN Thos. Moygashel
BOMAN George Benburb
BOND William M., Esq. Derrycaw
BOYD Widow Moy
BOYD William Carrowbeg
BOYDE Alexander Legilly
BOYDE Joseph Legilly
BOYDE Robert Crosteely
BOYDE Robert Legilly
BOYDE William Legilly
BOYLAN Widow Crubinagh
BOYLE John Moy
BRADLEY John Derryoghill
BRANAGAN Arthur Roan
BRANAGAN F. Donamoney
BRANIGAN Arthur Ballytroddan (Armagh)
BRANIGAN Widow B. Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
BRANIGAN Widow Mullaghlongfield & Brossloy
BRANNON Michael Mulbuoy
BRAWLEY Charles Drumnamoless
BRENNAN James Drumcullen
BRENNAN John Drumcullen
BRILAN? Felix Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
BROWN George Cadian
BROWN George Clogherny
BROWN John Derrycreevey Powerscourt
BROWN John Moy
BROWN Margaret Clogherny
BROWN Rev. William Moy
BROWN Thomas Drummond
BROWN William Drumgrannon
BROWN William Mullycarr
BROWNE David Cadian
BRYANS Francis Clonteavy
BRYANS John Canary
BRYANS John Derrymagoan
BRYANT Michael Derrymagoan
BRYERS John Culreavog
BUGLASS Widow Drumgrannon
BULL Widow Drumcart
BULL Widow Drumgrannon
BULLOCK Isaac Coolcush
BULLOCK Ralph Coolcush
BURGESS Richard Finnelly
BURGESS Richard, Sen. Finnelly
BURNS Andrew Mullaghdawley
BURNS Andrew Mullaghdawley
BURNS Arthur Savanaghanroe (Sanaghanroe)
BURNS Joseph Savanaghanroe (Sanaghanroe)
BURNS Sandy Mullaghdawley
BURNS Susan Mullaghdawley
BURNS William Mullaghdawley
BURNS William, Sen. Mullaghdawley
BURTON Charles Carrowbeg
BURTON Charles Drumgormal
BURTON Charles, Sen. Carrowcolman
BURTON Edward Drumgormal
BURTON George Drumgormal
BURTON James Coolkill
BURTON James Drummond
BURTON John Carrowcolman
BURTON John Curren
BURTON John Gortmerrion
BURTON John Lisnacroy
BURTON Rob Curren
BURTON Robert Lisbancarney
BURTON Robert Sessiamagarrol
BURTON Robert Terryscollop
BURTON Thomas Culreavog
BURTON William Curren
BURTON William Lisbancarney
BUTLER Felix Drumflugh
BUTLER Patt. Killybrackan
BYERS James Drummanney
BYERS Wat. Broghadoey
CADDOW Alexander Derrygortrevy
CADOW James Drumskinny
CAIN John Tullydoey
CALEDON Earl Cadian (Bog)
CALEDON Earl Cadian (Kiln)
CALEDON Earl Cadian (Lake)
CALEDON Earl Carricastle (Lake)
CALEDON Earl Carricastle (Turf Bog)
CALEDON Earl Drumnamoless
CALEDON Lord Gort (wood, lake & turf bog)
CALLAN Widow Crubinagh
CALWELL James Mullycarr
CAMBELL George Clogherny
CAMBELL Widow Carrowbeg
CAMPBELL Bernard Derrycreevey Powerscourt
CAMPBELL Catherine Tullyroan
CAMPBELL George Tullyroan
CAMPBELL Henry Canary
CAMPBELL J. Tullyroan
CAMPBELL John Drumcart
CAMPBELL John Tullyroan
CAMPBELL Mary Legilly
CAMPBELL Mrs. Shanmullagh (or Ballycullen)
CAMPBELL Pat. Drumflugh
CAMPBELL Patt. Drummond
CAMPBELL Rodger Drumlee
CAMPBELL Rosan Derrycreevey Powerscourt
CAMPBELL Susan Derrycreevey Powerscourt
CAMPBELL W. Tullyroan
CARBRA Edward Carricastle
CARBRA James Carricastle
CARBRY Hugh Derrylatinee
CARBRY Michael Donamoney
CARBRY Nichl. Lisgobbin
CARBRY Nicholas Donamoney
CARBRY Peter Drumlee
CARBRY William Donamoney
CARDWELL Henry Culreavog
CARDWELL James Clonbeg
CARDWELL James Drumcart
CARDWELL James Drumgrannon
CARDWELL Robert Legilly
CARDWELL Widow Clonbeg
CARDWELL William Clonmore
CARDWELL William Culreavog
CARLISLE James Culreavog
CARLISLE James Gowerstown
CARLISLE Robert Culreavog
CARROL Thomas Donamoney
CARSON Robert Drumcart
CARSON Robert Drumgrannon
CARSON Robert Moy
CARSON Robert Moy
CARSON Robert, Jun. Drumcart
CARSON Thomas Moy
CARSON Widow Creaghan
CARTMILL James Mossmore
CASE Mary Carricastle
CASEY Bryan Carricastle
CASEY Bryan Drumflugh
CASEY Francis Broghadoey
CASEY Francis Carricastle
CASEY Francis Moy
CASEY H. Derrylatinee
CASEY James Carricastle
CASEY James Drumflugh
CASEY James Finnelly
CASEY John Benburb
CASEY John Coolkeernan
CASEY John Derrylatinee
CASEY John Drumflugh
CASEY Nicholas Derrylatinee
CASEY Owen Finnelly
CASEY Patrick Benburb
CASEY Patt. Drumgose
CASEY Terence Carricastle
CASEY Terence Finnelly
CASEY William Carricastle
CASHLY Bryan Savanaghanroe (Sanaghanroe)
CASHLY Denis Savanaghanroe (Sanaghanroe)
CASHLY Francis Savanaghanroe (Sanaghanroe)
CASHLY Henry Savanaghanroe (Sanaghanroe)
CASHLY John, Sen. [1] Savanaghanroe (Sanaghanroe)
CASHLY John, Sen. [2] Savanaghanroe (Sanaghanroe)
CASHLY Larry Savanaghanroe (Sanaghanroe)
CASHLY Patt., Jun. Savanaghanroe (Sanaghanroe)
CASSIDAY Neill Drumlee
CASSIDY ....? Stangmore McGhee
CAULFIELD John Clonmore
CAULFIELD Patt. Kilnacart
CAULFIELD Rose Legilly
CAVANA Betty Garvaghey
CAVANA James Donamoney
CAVANA James Drummond
CAVANA James Syerla
CAVANA Peter Curmullagh
CAVANA Thomas Shanmullagh (or Ballycullen)
CAVENAGH Bernard Killybrackan
CAVENAGH Francis Finnelly
CAVENAGH Hugh Finnelly
CAVENAGH John Killybrackan
CAVENAGH Patt. Finnelly
CAVENAGH Widow Listamlett
CAVLIN Arthur Drumskinny
CAVLIN Bernard Tullygiven
Chapel Yard   Moy
Chapel Yard   Roan
CHARLEMONT Earl Drumgrannon
CHARLEMONT Lord Legilly (Bog)
CHARLEMONT Lord Drumcart (Demesne)
CHARLEMONT Lord Legilly (Wood)
CHARLEMONT Lord Donamoney
CHARLEMONT Lord Turleenan
CHARTERS Andrew Broghadoey
CLANMORIN Lord Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
CLANMORIN Lord Mullinary
CLANMORIN Lord Mullyegan
CLARK ...[?] Clonmore
CLARK William Canary
CLARKE James Coolcush
CLARKE James Shanmullagh (or Ballycullen)
CLARKE James Tullygiven
CLARKE John Coolcush
CLARKE John Tullygiven
CLARKE John, Jun. Coolcush
CLARKE Patt. Tullygiven
CLARKE Thomas Coolcush
CLOSE Col. Derrymagoan (Turf Bog)
CLOSE Major Tullyroan
CLOUGHER Robert Derrycaw
CLOUGHER Thomas Derrycaw
COCHRAN Thomas, Jun. Drumcullen
COLEMAN Abm. [Abraham] Broghadoey
COLEMAN Edward Roan
COLEMAN F. Derrymagoan
COLEMAN William Listamlett
COLGAN David Curren
COLGAN John Lisroan
COLHOON Bernard Derrygortrevy
COLHOON Bernard Killybrackan
COLHOON William Drumgormal
COLHOON Wm. Mulbuoy
COLLIGAN Francis Turleenan
CONLAN Edward Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
CONLAN George Shanmullagh (or Ballycullen)
CONLAN Harry Drumcart
CONLAN Henry Drumgrannon
CONLAN John Kilnacart
CONLAN Widow Moy
CONLAN William Drumgormal
CONLEY Edward [1] Drumgormal
CONLEY Edward [2] Drumgormal
CONLEY James Drummond
CONLEY Owen Drumlee
CONLEY Peter Drummond
CONLEY Thomas Drumlee
CONLEY William Drummanney
CONLON Francis Sessiamagarrol
CONLY John Savanaghanroe (Sanaghanroe)
CONNOR Michael Kilmore
CONROY Arthur Drumlee
CONROY Charles Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
CONROY Daniel Curmullagh
CONROY Francis Mullinary
CONROY James Lisbanleminigh
CONROY Larry Kilmore
CONROY Laurence Lisbanleminigh
CONROY Michael Legilly
CONROY Pat. Mullinary
CONROY T. Mossmore
CONROY Terence Lisbanleminigh
CONWAY Michael Finnelly
CONWAY Tim Clogherny
CONWAY Widow Drummanney
CONYNGHAM John Broghadoey
COONEY James Savanaghanroe (Sanaghanroe)
COOPER Henry Derrygortrevy
CORORAN Patt. Lismubreavey
CORRAN Nick Creaghan
CORRAN Pat. & brothers Drumcullen
CORRAN Tady Drumay
CORRAN Widow Drumay
CORRIGAN Samuel Derryscollop
CORRIN Francis Creaghan
CORRIN Joseph Derrycaw
CORRORAN Denis Shanmullagh (or Ballycullen)
CORRORAN Edward Ballymuckleduff
CORRORAN James Shanmullagh (or Ballycullen)
CORRORAN Mary Ballymuckleduff
CORRORAN Michael Ballymuckleduff
CORRORAN Patt. Clogherny
COTTER James Donnydeade
COTTER Joseph? Killybrackan
COTTER Patt. Killybrackan
COWAN Matt. Broghadoey
COYLE Edward Drumnamoless
COYLE Edward Moyard
COYLE John Drumnamoless
COYLE Neal Drumnamoless
COYLE Owen Derrylatinee
CRAIG James Tullygiven
CRIGGAN Patt. Crubinagh
CROSS Hamilton Mullycarnon
CROSS John Mullaghdawley
CROSS John Mullycarnon
CROSS William Mullaghdawley
CROSSY Andrew Derrymagoan
CROSSY William Derrymagoan
CROTHERS John Mullilegan
CROTHERS John Mullinary
CROTHERS John Shanmullagh (or Ballycullen)
CROUGH? John Moy
CROW Edward Derrymagoan
CROWTHERS John Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
CULLAN David Crubinagh
CULLAN Hugh Crubinagh
CULLAN Hugh Drumlee
CULLAN James Benburb
CULLAN James Drummond
CULLEN Catherine Creaghan
CULLEN David Mullilegan
CULLEN Edw. Roan
CULLEN Edward Stiloga
CULLEN James Turleenan
CULLEN John Creaghan
CULLEN John Mullilegan
CULLEN John Seloran (Seyloran)
CULLEN John Shanmullagh (or Ballycullen)
CULLEN John Turleenan
CULLEN Michl. Kilmore
CULLIN Andrew Savanaghanroe (Sanaghanroe)
CULLIN Edward Savanaghanroe (Sanaghanroe)
CULLIN John Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
CULLIN Michl. Crubinagh
CULLIN Widow, Jun. Crubinagh
CULLIN William Mullybrannon
CUMMINS James Terryglassog
CUMMINS John Terryglassog
CUMMINS Robert Terryglassog
CUMMINS W. Terryglassog
CUNNINGHAM James Derrylatinee
CUNNINGHAM Michl. Derrymagoan
CUNNINGHAM Owen, Jun. Derrylatinee
CUNNINGHAM Owen, Sen. Derrylatinee
CUNNINGHAM Pat. Mullybrannon
CUNNINGHAM Patt. Derrylatinee
CURREN Pat. Drumay
CURREN Terrence Drumay
CURRY John Derryoghill
CUSH Anne Drumnamoless
CUSH Brian Drumnamoless
CUSH Mary Drumnamoless
CUSH Owen Donamoney
DAILEY Denis Syerla
DAILEY Felix Stangmore McGhee
DAILEY Felix Syerla
DAILEY Francis Creaghan
DAILEY Francis Lisroan
DAILEY James Donamoney
DAILEY James Lisroan
DAILEY James Stiloga
DAILEY John Crubinagh
DAILEY John Drumgose
DAILEY John Drummanney
DAILEY Luke Creaghan
DAILEY Michl. Syerla
DAILEY William Lisroan
DAILEY William Stiloga
DAILY Ann Coolkeernan
DAILY Catherine Crubinagh
DAILY Hugh Lisroan
DAILY John Lisroan
DAILY Terence Crubinagh
DALEY Hugh Roan
DALTON John Donamoney
DALTON Luke Donamoney
DARLEY Widow B. Mullinary
DARLEY William Sessiamagarrol
DAVIDSON Cornelius Moy
DAVIDSON William Moy
DAWLEY Hugh Drumay
DAWLEY Lance Clogherny
DAWLEY Patt. Killybrackan
DAWLEY Peter Carrowcolman
DAWLEY Peter Syerla
DAWLEY Widow Drumay
DAWSON James Mullycarnon
DEACON Mathew Killybrackan
DENISON Chas.? Drummond
DEVILIN Arthur Derrygoonan
DEVLIN Arthur Drumnamoless
DEVLIN E. Mullycarr
DEVLIN Edward Listamlett
DEVLIN George Listamlett
DEVLIN John Shanmullagh (or Ballycullen)
DEVLIN Michael Mullycarr
DEVLIN Rose Listamlett
DEVLIN Terence Drumlee
DEVLIN Widow Listamlett
DIFFEN Edward Drumgold
DIFFEN Hugh Drumgold
DILLON Charles Tullydoey
DILLON Felix Kilmore
DILLON James Kilmore
DILLY James Derryoghill
DILWORTH James Dunsearke
DILWORTH John Dunsearke
DILWORTH John Lismubreavey
DILWORTH Thomas Dunsearke
DIXON Alexander Derryoghill
DIXON David Tyghan
DIXON George Mullycarr
DIXON Henry Carrowcolman
DIXON Henry Knocknacloy
DIXON Hugh Mullycarr
DIXON James Mullycarr
DIXON James Sen. Mullycarr
DIXON Margaret Mullycarr
DIXON Richard Carrowcolman
DOBBIN Joseph Moy
DOBSON George Broghadoey
DOBSON George Listamlett
DOBSON George Turleenan
DOBSON James Seloran (Seyloran)
DOBSON John Turleenan
DOBSON Thomas Broghadoey
DOBSON Thomas Listamlett
DOBSON Thomas Turleenan
DOGHERTY Francis Syerla
DOGHERTY John Moygashel
DOGHERTY Matth. Syerla
DOGHERTY Paul Crubinagh
DONAGHEY Francis Broghadoey
DONAGHEY Henry Seloran (Seyloran)
DONAGHEY Hugh Seloran (Seyloran)
DONAGHEY John Carricastle
DONAGHEY John Donnydeade
DONAGHEY John Drummond
DONAGHEY John Knocknacloy
DONAGHEY Thomas Drumgose
DONAGHEY Widow Seloran (Seyloran)
DONAGHY Frank Derryoghill
DONAHEY John Terryglassog
DONAHEY Patt. Stiloga
DONALDSON Robert Kilnagrew
DONALDSON Robert Tullygiven
DONLEY Adam Finnelly
DONLEY Ambrose Kilmore
DONLEY Arthur Clonbeg
DONLEY Arthur [1] Mullinary
DONLEY Arthur [2] Mullinary
DONLEY Bernard Finnelly
DONLEY Bernard Mullabuoy
DONLEY Biddy Stiloga
DONLEY Daniel Drumgose
DONLEY Edward Drumflugh
DONLEY Edward Mullabuoy
DONLEY Edward Mullinary
DONLEY Feaghan? Listamlett
DONLEY Felix Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
DONLEY Francis Kilmore
DONLEY Frank Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
DONLEY Hugh Drumgose
DONLEY James Drumcullen
DONLEY James [1] Kilmore
DONLEY James [2] Kilmore
DONLEY James Mullabuoy
DONLEY James [1] Mullinary
DONLEY James [2] Mullinary
DONLEY James Mullybrannon
DONLEY James Roan
DONLEY James, Jun. Mullinary
DONLEY James, Sen. Mullinary
DONLEY John Drumcullen
DONLEY John Gowerstown
DONLEY John Kilmore
DONLEY John Listamlett
DONLEY John Mullybrannon
DONLEY John of Armagh Drumcullen
DONLEY John, Esq. Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
DONLEY John, Sen. Mullinary
DONLEY John, Sen. Mullybrannon
DONLEY M. Stiloga
DONLEY Michael Drumflugh
DONLEY Ml. [Michael?], Jun. Terryglassog
DONLEY Mr. Tullydoey
DONLEY Owen Gowerstown
DONLEY Owen Mullabuoy
DONLEY Owen, Jun. Kilmore
DONLEY Owen, Sen. Kilmore
DONLEY P. Stiloga
DONLEY/ DAWLEY? Pat. Ballymuckleduff
DONLEY Patt. Drumnastrade
DONLEY Patt. (long) Mullinary
DONLEY Patt. Drumgose
DONLEY Patt. Listamlett
DONLEY Patt. Sessiamagarrol
DONLEY Patt., Jun. Listamlett
DONLEY Peggy Drumflugh
DONLEY Peter Drumflugh
DONLEY Peter Mullybrannon
DONLEY Peter Stiloga
DONLEY Richard Mullinary
DONLEY Robert, Jun. Terryglassog
DONLEY Robert, Sen. Terryglassog
DONLEY Rose Kilmore
DONLEY Simon Mullinary
DONLEY Tally Drumnastrade
DONLEY Teague Stiloga
DONLEY Terence Mullabuoy
DONLEY Thomas Mullinary
DONLEY Thomas Mullinary
DONLEY Tom Gowerstown
DONLEY Widow Lisceen (Lissan)
DONLEY Widow Sessiamagarrol
DONLY Mathew Carricastle
DONLY Neill Derryscollop
DONLY/ DAWLY? Barthy Ballymuckleduff
DONNALLY Ann & others Curren
DONNELLY Charles Ballytroddan
DONNELLY Daniel Moyard
DONNELLY Daniel Stiloga
DONNELLY Edward Carrowbeg
DONNELLY Felix Derrygoonan
DONNELLY Francis Culreavog
DONNELLY James Stiloga
DONNELLY John Benburb
DONNELLY John Derrygortrevy
DONNELLY John Shanmullagh (or Ballycullen)
DONNELLY Nicholas Drumcullen
DONNELLY Owen Derryoghill
DONNELLY Patt. Ballymuckleduff
DONNELLY Terence Ballytroddan
DOOGAN Hugh Culreavog
DOUGAN Arthur Clogherny
DOUGAN Hugh Derryoghill
DOUGAN James Carricastle
DOUGAN John Cadian
DOUGAN John Drumgormal
DOUGHERTY John Lisroan
DOUGHERTY Widow Syerla
DOWNEY Charles Gortmerrion
DOWNEY Francis Gortmerrion
DOWNEY Michael Gortmerrion
DOWNEY Patt. Gortmerrion
DOWNEY Widow Gortmerrion
DOWNHAM Brothers Canary
DOWNS John Mullaghdawley
DOWNY Bernard Carricastle
DOYLE Francis Derrygortrevy
DOYLE James Derrygortrevy
DOYLE Neal Mulbuoy
DOYLE Patt. Clogherny
DOYLE Patt. Killybrackan
DUFF Alexander Drumnastrade
DUFF James Drumnastrade
DUFF John Tullylarn
DUFF Mary Gowerstown
DUFF Terence Broghadoey
DUFFY Alexander Ballytroddan
DUFFY John Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
DUFFY William Derrycreevey Knox
DUFFY William Gowerstown
DUGGAN James Culreavog
DUNN Malcom Tullygiven
DUNN Misses Broghadoey
DUNN Mrs. Clonmore
DUNN Widow Moy
EARLEY Owen Seloran (Seyloran)
EARLY P. Crubinagh
EARLY T. Crubinagh
EARLY Thomas Seloran (Seyloran)
EARLY Widow Crubinagh
EDMISON Andrew Crew
EDMISON Johnson Crew
EDMISON Joseph Crew
EDMISON Robert Crew
EDMISON Thomas Crew
EDMONSTON John Mossmore
EDWARDS John Drummond
EDWARDS Thomas Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
ELLIOTT Anne Tullyroan
ELLIS John Coolcush
EMMERSON John Derryscollop
EMMERSON Joseph Derryscollop
EMMERSON William Derryscollop
ENNIS James Canary
ESPY James Moy
EVANS Rev. Geo. Tyghan
EVANS Rev. George Drumnashaloge
EWINGS George Gortmerrion
EWINGS George Gortmerrion
EWINGS George Gortmerrion
EWINGS George Terryglassog
EWINGS John Gortmerrion
EWINGS John Terryglassog
EYR Mr. J.....? Tullylarn
EYRE John Tullydoey
FARLEY James Donamoney
FARLEY Nicholas Mullaghlongfield & Brossloy
FARLEY Patt. Donamoney
FARLEY Patt. Kilnacart
FARQUAR William Mullycarr
FARRELL Patt. Lisbanleminigh
FARRELL William Donamoney
FARRILY Francis Killybrackan
FAY Farrell Mulbuoy
FEAGHAN John Listamlett
FEE Peter Listamlett
FENNELLY John Mossmore
FERGUSON Abm. [Abraham] Dunsearke
FERGUSON George Mullybrannon
FERGUSON John Dunsearke
FERGUSON Joseph Dunsearke
FERGUSON Mary Dunsearke
FERGUSON Patt. Drummond
FERGUSON Patt. Lisdermott
FERGUSON Robert Dunsearke
FERGUSON William Dunsearke
FERGUSON William Dunsearke
FERNAN James Altnavanog
FERNAN John Altnavanog
FERNON John Donnydeade
FERNON Joseph Moy
FERRALL Michl. Drumay
FERRALL Pat. Drumdarg
FERRALL Patt. Tullydoey
FERRALL William Garvaghey
FIELDING William Drumgose
FINN Bernard Kilmore
FINN Edward Kilmore
FINN Edward Lisdermott
FINN Edward Moygashel
FINN James Mullybrannon
FINN Michael Kilmore
FINNAGAN Arthur Drumay
FINNAGAN Dines Drumay
FINNAGAN Hugh Drumay
FINNAGAN James Drumay
FINNAGAN Patrick Drumay
FINNAGAN Patt. Drumay
FINNIGAN Patt. Finnelly
FINNIGAN Patt. Mullycarr
FINNIGAN Peter Carricastle
FLANAGAN Bernard Ballytroddan
FLANIGAN Charles Listamlett
FLANIGAN James Ballytroddan
FLEMMING John Lismubreavey
FLEMMING John Moygashel
FLEMMING Thomas Drumgose
FLUKER James Annagh
FLURY William Mullybrannon
FORD Catherine Boland
FORD Robert Boland
FORD William Drummond
FORREST William Broghadoey
FORREST William Drumcart
FORREST William Moy
FORSTER Henry Canary
FORSYTH John Stiloga
FORSYTH Robert Drumnastrade
FORSYTHE George Crew
FORSYTHE George Lismubreavey
FORSYTHE Thomas Crew
FORSYTHE William Kilnacart
FOX Catherine Savanaghanroe (Sanaghanroe)
FOX Daniel Savanaghanroe (Sanaghanroe)
FOX Felix Derryoghill
FOX Hugh Derryoghill
FOX Hugh Lismubreavey
FOX Hugh Mullilegan
FOX Hugh Mullybrannon
FOX James Derrylatinee
FOX James Roan
FOX John Crubinagh
FOX John Drumskinny
FOX John Roan
FOX Mary Mullilegan
FOX Ned Tullyroan
FOX Neil Crubinagh
FOX Owen Benburb
FOX Owen Curmullagh
FOX Owen Kilnagrew
FOX Patt. Listamlett
FOX Tally Drummond
FOX Tally Kilnacart
FOX Tally Savanaghanroe (Sanaghanroe)
FOX Tally Syerla
FOX Thomas Kilnagrew
FOX Thomas Listamlett
FOX Widow Ballytroddan
FOX Widow Crubinagh
FRAZER Joseph Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
FRAZER Joseph Tyragherty
FREEBURN William Boland
FRENCH John Drumay
FRIZELL George Mullybrannon
FRIZELL John Legilly
FRIZELL Patrick Carrowcolman
FRIZELL ......? Stiloga
FRIZZELL George Lismubreavey
FULLAN Arthur Derrycreevey Knox
FULLERTON Joseph Copney
FULLERTON Thomas Derryscollop
FULTON George Derryfubble
FULTON George Derrygoonan
FULTON Johnson Crew
FULTON Joseph Broghadoey
FULTON Joseph Drumgrannon
FULTON Joseph Moy
FULTON Thomas Lisroan
FULTON Widow Mary Crew
FULTON William Stiloga
FULTON William Terryscollop
GALBRAITH Arch Stiloga
GALBRAITH Archibald Clogherny
GALBRAITH Archibald Derrylatinee
GALLAGHER David Drumlee
GALLAGHER David Lisroan
GALLAHER John Turleenan
GALLAHER Widow Turleenan
GALLESPIE John Drummond
GARDNER Patt. Moygashel
GARLAND Edward Mullinary
GARLAND Martin, Jun. Mullinary
GARLAND Martin, Sen. Mullinary
GARVEY Charles Ballytroddan
GARVEY George Drumgormal
GARVEY Owen Ballytroddan
GARVEY Patt. Ballytroddan
GARVEY Peter Ballytroddan
GEFF [JEFF] Thomas Killybrackan
GEORGE John Knocknacloy
GERAGHTY Thomas, Esq. Stangmore Knox
GIBSON Arthur Carrowcolman
GIBSON Robert Killybrackan
GIBSON Robert Stangmore McGhee
GILLESPIE John Carricastle
GILLESPIE John Mullamossog
GILLESPIE Mathew Carricastle
GILLESPIE Robert Carricastle
GILLESPIE William Carricastle
GILMORE John Broghadoey
GILMORE John Drumgrannon
GILMORE John Turleenan
GILMORE Joseph Drumcart
GILMORE Joseph Lisroan
GILMORE Joseph Turleenan
GILMORE Sarah Turleenan
GILPIN H. Tullyroan
GILPIN James Copney
GILPIN John Canary
GILPIN John [1] Copney
GILPIN John [2] Copney
GILPIN Richard Copney
GILPIN T. Tullyroan
GILPIN T., Jun. Tullyroan
GILPIN Thomas Copney
GILPIN Thomas Tullyroan
GILPIN Widow Tullyroan
GILPIN William Tullyroan
GILPIN William Tullyroan
GILPIN William Tullyroan
GIRVIN James Drumgrannon
GOFF Joseph, Esq. Mullycarr
GOODFELLOW John Mullinary
GOODLADE David R. Canary
GORDON George Culreavog
GORDON J. Tullygiven
GORDON James Culreavog
GORDON Mary Derrycreevey Powerscourt
GORDON Samuel Culreavog
GORDON W. Tullygiven
GORDON Widow Carrowbeg
GRAHAM James Derryscollop
GRAHAM Pat. Derrycreevey Knox
GRAHAM Patt. Clonteavy
GRAHAM Thomas Moyard
GRAY Ann Benburb
GRAY Francis Carrowbeg
GRAY Henry Carrowbeg
GRAY John Drain
GRAY John Gortmerrion
GRAY Robert Benburb
GRAY William Drumdarg
GREEN Charles Derrylatinee
GREEN Robert Altnavanog
GREEN Widow Moy
GREEN William, Esq. Moy
GREENE David Moy
GREER Mr. Thomas Moygashel
GREER Thomas Stangmore Knox
GREER Widow Drumcart
GRIBBIN Patrick Drumcullen
GRIBBIN Thomas Drumcullen
GRIFFIN Dr. Tolagoney
GRIFFIN Rev. Dr. Tullydoey
GRIMES Peter Derrymagoan
GRIMLEY John Broghadoey
GRIMLEY John Legilly
GRIMLEY Owen Copney
GRIMLEY Richard Copney
GRUGAN Francis Garvaghey
GUBBY Michael Crosteely
GUBBY William Crosteely
HADDOCK Jacob Stangmore Knox
HADDOCK Samuel Drummond
HAGGAN .....? Stangmore McGhee
HAGGAN Arthur Crew
HAGGAN Bernard Ballytroddan
HAGGAN James Ballytroddan
HAGGAN James Clonbeg
HAGGAN James Drumlee
HAGGAN John Ballytroddan
HAGGAN John Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
HAGGAN John Donamoney
HAGGAN John Drain
HAGGAN John Mossmore
HAGGAN John Mullaghlongfield & Brossloy
HAGGAN Michael Culreavog
HAGGAN Michl. Ballytroddan
HAGGAN Michl. Donamoney
HAGGAN Patt. Culreavog
HAGGAN Patt. Drumlee
HAGGAN Thomas Drummond
HAGGAN Widow Shanmullagh (or Ballycullen)
HAGGERTY Daniel Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
HALL Hugh Derrygortrevy
HALL James Donamoney
HALL Jeremiah Copney
HALL John Curmullagh
HALL John Derrygortrevy
HALL John Roan
HALL John Stiloga
HALL Michael Curmullagh
HALL Robert, Jun. Derrygortrevy
HALL Robert, Sen. Derrygortrevy
HALL Widow Curmullagh
HALL William Coolkill
HALL William Curmullagh
HALL William Derrygortrevy
HALLIDAY Francis Killybrackan
HALLIGAN Widow Kilnacart
HAMILL Bernard Clogherny
HAMILL Bernard Derrymagoan
HAMILL Cormick Mullaghlongfield & Brossloy
HAMILL Henry Canary
HAMILL James, Jun. Mullaghlongfield & Brossloy
HAMILL James, Sen. Mullaghlongfield & Brossloy
HAMILL Michael Clogherny
HAMILL Terrence Tullygiven
HAMILTON James Boland
HAMILTON James [1] Gowerstown
HAMILTON James [2] Gowerstown
HAMILTON Robert Gowerstown
HAMMOND Thomas Drumnamoless
HANCE Edward Dunsearke
HANCE Edward Mullycarnon
HANCE? Billy Ballytroddan
HANDCOCK Widow Lisbanleminigh
HANNA James Benburb
HANNA James Drumcullen
HANNA James Mullilegan
HANNA James Shanmullagh (or Ballycullen)
HANNA Mr. James Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
HARDMAN Allan Benburb
HARDMAN Allen Drumgose
HARPER Daniel Cadian
HARPER John Cadian
HARPER Samuel Stiloga
HARPER Samuel, Jun. & partners Carrowcolman
HARPER Samuel, Sen. Carrowcolman
HARPER Widow Moy
HARPUR John Terryscollop
HARPUR Samuel Kilnacart
HARPUR Thomas Drumnamoless
HARPUR William Drumcart
HARPUR William Gowerstown
HARPUR William Moy
HARRINGTON Mrs. Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
HARRORAN Laurence Drumlee
HARRORAN Widow Drumlee
HART Patrick Drumgormal
HARVEY Bern. Seloran (Seyloran)
HARVEY Daniel Listamlett
HARVEY Daniel Moy
HARVEY Edward Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
HARVEY Edward Shanmullagh (or Ballycullen)
HARVEY James Seloran (Seyloran)
HASTY Andrew Drain
HAVENAGH Bernard Legilly
HAVERON Hugh Sessiamagarrol
HAY Capt. Moy
HAYES George Mullybrannon
HAYES Richard Donnydeade
HAYS Bernard Lismubreavey
HAYS John Drumskinny
HEADON James Cadian
HEADON John Carricastle
HEADON Thomas Drumnamoless
HEANEY Daniel Broghadoey
HEANEY Daniel Drumgold
HEANEY Daniel Drummond
HEANEY Henry Moy
HEANEY Widow Broghadoey
HEANY Daniel Broghadoey
HEATH Thomas Killybrackan
HEATHER Widow Gowerstown
HEATHER William Drumcart
HEATHER William Drumgrannon
HEATHERINGTON James Carricastle
HEATHERINGTON Widow Carricastle
HENDERSON Isaac Syerla
HENDERSON James Drummond
HENDERSON William Benburb
HENDERSON William Lisduff
HENRY John Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
HENRY Sarah Stiloga
HENRY Wade Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
HETHERINGTON George Derrycreevey Powerscourt
HETHERINGTON George Derrygoonan
HETHERINGTON Robert Derrycreevey Powerscourt
HETHERINGTON Robert Derrygoonan
HICKEY Mr. Drummond
HILL John Drumgrannon
HILL John, Jun. Lisroan
HILL John, Sen. Lisroan
HILL Mr. Derryscollop
HILL Thomas Lisroan
HILL William Lisroan
HOBSON Christy Gowerstown
HOBSON Francis Drummanney
HOBSON Francis Gowerstown
HOBSON John Drummanney
HOBSON John Gowerstown
HOBSON Lawrence Drummanney
HOBSON Mary Benburb
HOBSON Patt. Benburb
HOBSON Watty Benburb
HOBSON Widow Gowerstown
HOGG James Altnavanog
HOGG John Altnavanog
HOLLAND Michael Donamoney
HOLMES David Drumflugh
HOLMES David Terryscollop
HOLMES David Tolagoney
HOLMES James Tolagoney
HOLMES Jane Derrycreevey Powerscourt
HOLMES John Drumflugh
HOLMES John Drumflugh
HOLMES John Moyard
HOLMES Mrs. Benburb
HOLMES Mrs. Moyard
HOLMES Mrs. Tolagoney
HOLMES Nathaniel Moyard
HOLMES Nathaniel Tolagoney
HOLMES Robert Tolagoney
HOLMES Vance Terryscollop
HOLMES Widow Carrowbeg
HOLMES William Moyard
HOLMES William Terryscollop
HOLMES William Tolagoney
HOLMES William Tullydoey
HOLMES William Tullylarn
HOUSTON Archibald Crosteely
HOUSTON Henry Crosteely
HUGHES .....? Derrylatinee
HUGHES Anthony Carricastle
HUGHES Anthony Drumlee
HUGHES Anthony Tullydoey
HUGHES Arthur Lisbanleminigh
HUGHES Bernard Curmullagh
HUGHES Bernard Crubinagh
HUGHES Bernard Derrygoonan
HUGHES Bernard Donnydeade
HUGHES Bernard Lisbancarney
HUGHES Bernard Lisduff
HUGHES Catherine Kilmore
HUGHES Charles Derrygoonan
HUGHES Charles Gort
HUGHES Daniel Broghadoey
HUGHES Daniel Coolkeernan
HUGHES Daniel Lisbancarney
HUGHES Edward Cadian
HUGHES Edward Curren
HUGHES Edward Drumlee
HUGHES Edward Savanaghanroe (Sanaghanroe)
HUGHES Felix Curren
HUGHES Felix Drumgose
HUGHES Felix Legilly
HUGHES Felix Stiloga
HUGHES George Moy
HUGHES Henry Gortmerrion
HUGHES Henry Sessiamagarrol
HUGHES Henry Stiloga
HUGHES Hugh Kilmore
HUGHES Hugh Lisbanleminigh
HUGHES J. Sessiamagarrol
HUGHES J. Terryglassog
HUGHES Jacob Stiloga
HUGHES James Derrymagoan
HUGHES James Drumay
HUGHES James Lisbancarney
HUGHES James Moyard
HUGHES John Curren
HUGHES John Derrygoonan
HUGHES John Drumay
HUGHES John Gort
HUGHES John Gortmerrion
HUGHES John Legilly
HUGHES John Stiloga
HUGHES Mary Donnydeade
HUGHES Michael Carricastle
HUGHES Michael Curren
HUGHES Michael Legilly
HUGHES Neal Lisbanleminigh
HUGHES P. Terryglassog
HUGHES Parra Gort
HUGHES Patrick Cadian
HUGHES Patt. Carricastle
HUGHES Patt. Gort
HUGHES Patt. Stiloga
HUGHES Peter Curren
HUGHES Peter Drumay
HUGHES Peter Drumflugh
HUGHES Peter Kilmore
HUGHES Peter Mullinary
HUGHES Peter Terryglassog
HUGHES T. Kilmore
HUGHES Terence Lisbanleminigh
HUGHES Terence Sessiamagarrol
HUGHES Terrence Kilmore
HUGHES Thomas & sons Cadian
HUGHES Thomas Benburb
HUGHES Thomas Culreavog
HUGHES Thomas Sessiamagarrol
HUGHES Widow C. Stiloga
HUGHES Widow Drumay
HUGHES Widow Judy Kilmore
HUGHES Widow Rose Kilmore
HUGHES Widow Sessiamagarrol
HUGHES William Clonteavy
HUNTER John Tullygiven
HUNTER Robert Tullygiven
HUNTER Widow Clonmore
HURST Irwin Drumnastrade
HURST William Derrycreevey Knox
HYDE Francis Copney
HYDE Joe Canary
HYDE Thomas Canary
HYNE Rev. Mr. Moy
HYNES Daniel Moy
IRVINE William Carrowbeg
IRWIN David Gowerstown
IRWIN George Tullygiven
IRWIN John Drumcullen
IRWIN John Tullygiven
IRWIN Mr. Drumlee
IRWIN Nathaniel Clogherny
IRWIN Patt. Moygashel
IRWIN Patt. Carricastle
IRWIN Robert Stiloga
IRWIN Rt. [Robert?] Mullycarr
IRWIN Widow L. Drumgormal
IRWIN William Carricastle
IRWIN William Stiloga
IRWIN William Terryglassog
IRWIN William? [Deleted] Carrowcolman
IRWIN Wm. Moygashel
JACKSON James E. Tullydoey
JACKSON John Broghadoey
JACKSON Robert Boland
JACKSON William Moy
JEFF Isaac Derryoghill
JEFFS Thomas Canary
JENKINSON James Lisdermott
JENKINSON Robert Drummond
JENKINSON Robert Lisdermott
JOHNSON Hugh Moygashel
JOHNSON Jervis Seloran (Seyloran)
JOHNSON Thomas Moyard
JOHNSON Thomas Moygashel
JOHNSTON Galbraith Clonmore
JOHNSTON Galbraith Lisduff
JOHNSTON Galbth. Moy
JOHNSTON Galth. Drumgrannon
JOHNSTON Robert Drummond
JOHNSTON Thomas Drummond
JOICE Thomas Clonmore
JONES ...[?] Clonmore
JOYCE Thomas Drumcart
JUDGE Francis Curren
KANE Edward Drumay
KANE Edward Drummond
KANE James Drumlee
KANE John Creaghan
KANE John Mullilegan
KANE John Stangmore McGhee
KANE Widow Drumay
KARR John Boland
KEAN Michael Shanmullagh (or Ballycullen)
KEARN Billy Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
KEARNEY James Ballytroddan
KEARNS James Moygashel
KEATON Ellen Broghadoey
KEATON Maurice Broghadoey
KEEREY William Drummond
KEILTY Mary Roan
KEITH Alexander Moygashel
KELLY Anne Drumnamoless
KELLY Bernard Drummond
KELLY Bryan Gort
KELLY Edward Kelly
KELLY Harry Drumay
KELLY James Kilmore
KELLY John Gort
KELLY John Knocknacloy
KELLY John Roan
KELLY John Syerla
KELLY Margaret Roan
KELLY Michael Finnelly
KELLY Michael Legilly
KELLY Michael Mossmore
KELLY Neal Crubinagh
KELLY Neill Gortmerrion
KELLY Paddy Drumay
KELLY Patt. Legilly
KELLY Patt. Mullaghlongfield & Brossloy
KELLY Peter Drumay
KELLY Peter Drumnamoless
KELLY Philip Curmullagh
KELLY Terrence Mullaghlongfield & Brossloy
KELLY Terry Mossmore
KELLY Thomas Curmullagh
KELLY Thomas Killybrackan
KELLY Tommy Drumay
KELLY Widow Derryscollop
KELLY William Drummond
KELLY William Gowerstown
KELSOE John Derryoghill
KEMPSTON Andy Mossmore
KEMPSTON James Mossmore
KEMPSTON Joseph Boland
KEMPSTON Samuel Boland
KEMPSTON Samuel Killybrackan
KEMPSTON Thomas Killybrackan
KENEDY John Derryoghill
KENNEDDY John Tyghan
KENNEDY John Killybrackan
KERR Ann Drummond
KERR Bell Drummond
KERR Benjamin Drummond
KERR Bernard Mulbuoy
KERR Denis Ballymuckleduff
KERR Francis Savanaghanroe (Sanaghanroe)
KERR Henry Cadian
KERR Isaac Drummond
KERR James (soldier) Drumnastrade
KERR James Crubinagh
KERR James Drumnastrade
KERR James Dunsearke
KERR James Moygashel
KERR John (Flusher) Drummond
KERR John (Grocery) Drummond
KERR John Drummond
KERR John Kilnagrew
KERR John Terryscollop
KERR John, Sen. Drummond
KERR Jonathon Drummond
KERR Joseph Drummond
KERR Joseph, Sen. Drummond
KERR Robert Crubinagh
KERR Robert Drumnastrade
KERR Thomas, Jun. Drumnastrade
KERR Thomas, Sen. Drumnastrade
KERR Widow Curren
KERR Widow S. Drummond
KERR William Derryscollop
KERR William Drummond
KERR William Drumnastrade
KIMPSTON Samuel Drumnastrade
KIMPSTON Thomas Drumnastrade
KING Daniel Gortmerrion
KING Henry Lismubreavey
KING Robert Dunsearke
KING Robert Lismubreavey
KING Robert Moygashel
KING Robert Mullybrannon
KING Samuel Ballymuckleduff
KING Samuel Lisceen (Lissan)
KING Samuel Moy
KING Samuel Mullybrannon
KINKADE Robert Drumgold
KIRK John Killybrackan
KIRKLAND John Crosteely
KIRKLAND John, Jun. Terryscollop
KIRKLAND John, Sen. Terryscollop
KIRKLAND William Carrowcolman
KIRKLAND William Crosteely
KIRKPATRICK Charles Gowerstown
KIRKPATRICK James Drumcart
KIRKPATRICK Richard Gowerstown
KNOX James Mullaghlongfield & Brossloy
KNOX Joseph Shanmullagh (or Ballycullen)
KNOX Mrs. Derrycreevey Knox
KNOX Mrs. Donnydeade
KNOX Robert Mullaghlongfield & Brossloy
KNOX Robert Shanmoy
LAFFERTY Bernard Tullylarn
LAMB Samuel Shanmullagh (or Ballycullen)
LAPPIN Patt. Shanmullagh (or Ballycullen)
LAUGHLIN John Crosteely
LAVERTY Bernard Clonbeg
LAVERTY James Clonteavy
LAVERTY Michael Clonbeg
LAVERTY William Clonbeg
LAVERY Patt. Canary
LAWSON Andrew Tullyroan
LAWSON James Moyard
LAWSON James Tullyroan
LAWSON Joseph Tullyroan
LEE Anne Mullycarr
LEE George Tullyroan
LEE Isaac & sons Cadian
LEE Jane Derrygortrevy
LEE John Cadian
LEE Richard Kilnacart
LENNON Daniel Seloran (Seyloran)
LENNON Francis Seloran (Seyloran)
LENNON Henry Moy
LENNON Hugh Derryoghill
LENNON James Gowerstown
LENNON James Seloran (Seyloran)
LENNON John Derryoghill
LENNON John Mullycarr
LENNON Mathew Derryoghill
LENNON Michl. Seloran (Seyloran)
LENNON Owen Mullycarr
LENNON Patt. Seloran (Seyloran)
LENNON Peter Derryoghill
LENNON Terry Gowerstown
LENNON Widow Culreavog
LENNON Widow Gowerstown
LENNON William Gowerstown
LENNON William Moy
LESLIE Alexander Moy
LESLIE Ben Drumcart
LESLIE Benjamin Moy
LESLIE Joseph Drumcart
LESLIE Joseph Moy
LESLIE William Drumcart
LESLIE William Drumgrannon
LESLIE William Moy
LIGHTBODY T. Tullyroan
LIGHTBODY Thomas Tullyroan
LIGHTBODY Widow Tullyroan
LIGHTBODY William Tullyroan
LITTLE Alexander Dunsearke
LITTLE Betty Dunsearke
LITTLE James Carricastle
LITTLE Thomas Benburb
LITTLE Thomas Drumflugh
LOCHARD Thomas Mullinary
LOCHART Gregsh? Shanmullagh (or Ballycullen)
LOCHART John Killybrackan
LOCHART William Knocknacloy
LOCHART William Shanmullagh (or Ballycullen)
LOCHART William, Jun. Shanmullagh (or Ballycullen)
LONG Abm. [Abraham] Terryscollop
LONG Samuel Terryscollop
LOUGHLAN Richard Culreavog
LOUGHLIN James Crubinagh
LOUGHLIN James Culreavog
LOUGHLIN John Crubinagh
LOUGHLIN John Crubinagh
LOUGHLIN Patt. Crubinagh
LOUGHRAN Anne Mossmore
LOUGHRAN Cath. Mulbuoy
LOUGHRAN Daniel Mossmore
LOUGHRAN Edward Drumgose
LOUGHRAN Felix Tyghan
LOUGHRAN Henry Drumgrannon
LOUGHRAN James Culreavog
LOUGHRAN James Mossmore
LOUGHRAN John Garvaghey
LOUGHRAN John Mulbuoy
LOUGHRAN Larrry (Wee) Mossmore
LOUGHRAN Larry (Big) Mossmore
LOUGHRAN Mary Mossmore
LOUGHRAN Patt. Drummond
LOUGHRAN Widow Garvaghey
LOUGHRAN Widow Lisroan
LOUGHRAN William Drummond
LOVE John Boland
LOVE T. Tullyroan
LUCAS Richard Tyghan
LUCAS Robert Donamoney
LUCUS James Drumnashaloge
LUCUS Robert Drumnashaloge
LUCUS Thomas Drumnashaloge
LUCUS William Drumnashaloge
LYNCH John Roan
MACKLE Francis Creaghan
MACKLE James Kilmore
MACKLE James Moy
MACKLE Peter Kilmore
MACKLIN John Drummond
MACKLIN Patt. Drummond
MACREALEY Widow Drumcart
MADDEN Barney Clonbeg
MADDEN Francis Lisgobbin
MADDEN Henry Derryoghill
MADDEN John Derryoghill
MADDEN John Lisgobbin
MADDEN Michl. Lisgobbin
MADDEN Terrence Benburb
MADDEN Terrence Lisgobbin
MADEN [MADDEN] Mary Lisgobbin
MAGEE William S., Esq. Derryoghill
MAGILL Charles Gort
MAGINN Arthur Drumay
MAGUIGGAN William Tullygiven
MAGUIRE Chas. Mullaghlongfield & Brossloy
MAGUIRE Tobias, Jun. Drumcullen
MAGUIRE Tobias, Sen. Drumcullen
MAGUIRK Arthur Kilnagrew
MALAGH William Seloran (Seyloran)
MALCOLM Richard Carrowcolman
MALLAN James Broghadoey
MALLAN John Lisceen (Lissan)
MALLAN Peter Drumgormal
MALLON Andy Ballymuckleduff
MALLON Arthur Drumay
MALLON Bernard Ballymuckleduff
MALLON Bernard Gowerstown
MALLON Hugh Kilmore
MALLON James Gort
MALLON James Kilnagrew
MALLON James Sessiamagarrol
MALLON James Tullydoey
MALLON John (Big) Kilnagrew
MALLON John Derrymagoan
MALLON John Drumay
MALLON John Gowerstown
MALLON John [1] Syerla
MALLON John [2] Syerla
MALLON John, Sen. Kilnagrew
MALLON Laurence Drumcullen
MALLON Michael Cadian
MALLON Owen Kilmore
MALLON Patt. Ballymuckleduff
MALLON Patt. Benburb
MALLON Patt. Gowerstown
MALLON Patt. Kilnagrew
MALLON Patt. Roan
MALLON Patt. Syerla
MALLON Peter Gort
MALLON Peter Syerla
MALLON Petter Gort
MALLON Robert Curmullagh
MALLON Roger Drumay
MALLON Terrence Gowerstown
MALLON Thomas Syerla
MALLON Timothy Gort
MALLON Tommy Drumay
MALLON Widow & sons Broghadoey
MALLON Widow Gort
MALLON Widow Gowerstown
MALLON Widow P. Syerla
MALLON William Curmullagh
MALLOY Edward Donamoney
MALLOY John Moygashel
MALONE Bernard Mossmore
MALONE Daniel Mullamossog
MALONE Henry Drumay
MALONE James Mullamossog
MALONE James Turleenan
MALONE John Turleenan
MANAIR John Carrowbeg
MARSHALL George Derryscollop
MARSHALL Henry Listamlett
MARSHALL Jacob Tyghan
MARSHALL John Drumgrannon
MARSHALL John, Jun. Derryscollop
MARSHALL John, Sen. Derryscollop
MARTIN David Derryscollop
MARTIN Hugh Derrygortrevy
MARTIN Hugh Tullygiven
MARTIN J. Tullygiven
MARTIN James Moy
MARTIN Robert Derryscollop
MARTIN Thomas Derryscollop
MARTIN W. Tullygiven
MARTIN ........? Derryscollop
MATCHETT J. Tullyroan
MATHERS Edward Gort
MATHERS Hugh Mullycarr
MATHEWS Thomas Crosteely
MAWHINNY David Mullyegan
MAWHINNY John Drumcullen
MAWHINNY John Mullyegan
MAWHINNY Joseph Drumcullen
MAWHINNY Joseph Mullinary
MAWHINNY Widow Drumcullen
MAXWELL Robert Derryoghill
MAYNE Phillip Killybrackan
MAYNES John Killybrackan
McALEAVEY Bernard Killybrackan
McALEAVEY Thomas Killybrackan
McANANNEY John Finnelly
McANULTY John Killybrackan
McATEER James Donamoney
McATEER William, Jun. Donamoney
McATEER William, Sen. Donamoney
McAVOY Ann Drumgose
McAVOY Mary Benburb
McAVOY Molly Drumflugh
McBENNETT John Canary
McBRIDE John Mullilegan
McBRIDE Peter Mullilegan
McBRIDE Terence Creaghan
McCAGHEY F? Drummond
McCAGHEY Hugh Drumgold
McCAGHEY Hugh Drummond
McCAGHEY John Drumgold
McCAHEY Arthur Savanaghanroe (Sanaghanroe)
McCAHEY Hugh Derrycreevey Knox
McCAHEY Neill Syerla
McCAHEY Patt. Syerla
McCAIN Henry Clonbeg
McCAIN Hugh Curmullagh
McCAIN? John Clonbeg
McCALL Felix Mulbuoy
McCALL James Drumgormal
McCALL Mathew Mulbuoy
McCALL Michael Crosteely
McCALL Sally Mulbuoy
McCALL Widow Drumgormal
McCALLEN James Stiloga
McCAMLEY? Patt. Killybrackan
McCAMMON Alexander Derrylatinee
McCAMMON John Tyghan
McCAMMON Sally Drumnashaloge
McCAMMON Thomas Drumnashaloge
McCAN Widow Derryoghill
McCANN Edward Coolcush
McCANN Edward Drumflugh
McCANN James Mullaghlongfield & Brossloy
McCANN Peter Mullaghlongfield & Brossloy
McCANN Widow Moy
McCANNY William Lismubreavey
McCARTNEY John Derrylatinee
McCAUL Arthur Shanmullagh (or Ballycullen)
McCAUL Bernard Mulbuoy
McCAUL Chas. Mulbuoy
McCAUL David Derrycreevey Knox
McCAUL Hugh Mulbuoy
McCAUL James Donamoney
McCAUL James Tyragherty
McCAUL John Mulbuoy
McCAUL Loughlan Mulbuoy
McCAUL Owen Mulbuoy
McCAULEY John Derrycreevey Knox
McCAULL James Curmullagh
McCAWLEY William Donamoney
McCAWLEY William Mullybrannon
McCLAVE Robert Moyard
McCLEAN Robert Benburb
McCLEAN Terence Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
McCLELLAND John Derryscollop
McCLELLAND William Derryscollop
McCLINTON Samuel Moy
McCLUSKY Michael Gortmerrion
McCLUSKY Widow Moy
McCOEY Patt. Drumcullen
McCOEY Widow Tullygiven
McCOHIR? [ McWHIRR?] George Kilnacart
McCOLE Joseph Tullyroan
McCONNELL Edward Curmullagh
McCONNELL James Crosteely
McCONNELL James Roan
McCONNELL John Curmullagh
McCONNELL Sarah Crosteely
McCONNELL William Derryscollop
McCOOEY Patt. Mulbuoy
McCORMICK Arthur Lisroan
McCORMICK Con. Canary
McCORMICK Henry Mullaghdawley
McCORMICK Patt. Canary
McCORMICK Thomas Mullaghdawley
McCORT James Broghadoey
McCOURT John Shanmullagh (or Ballycullen)
McCOY Andy, Jun. Tolagoney
McCOY Andy, Sen. Tolagoney
McCOY Daniel Derrygortrevy
McCOY Sam. Tolagoney
McCOY Widow Derrygortrevy
McCRACKEN Robert Benburb
McCRACKEN Robert Moyard
McCREALLY James Clonbeg
McCRISTAL Francis Savanaghanroe (Sanaghanroe)
McCRISTAL George Stangmore Knox
McCRORY Bernard Lisbancarney
McCRORY Bernard Lisgobbin
McCRORY Bernard, Sen. Lisbancarney
McCRORY Daniel Lisbancarney
McCRORY Hugh Lisbancarney
McCRORY Michael Lisbancarney
McCRORY Thomas Tullylarn
McCUDSH...? James Ballytroddan
McCULLAGH James Ballytroddan
McCUSKER James Savanaghanroe (Sanaghanroe)
McCUSKER Michael Savanaghanroe (Sanaghanroe)
McDOLE Francis Terryscollop
McDONALD John Clonmore
McDONNELL Alexander Gort
McDONNELL John Drumcart
McDONNELL Michael Kilnacart
McDONNELL Widow Gort
McDOWELL Francis Annagh
McDOWELL John Curmullagh
McDOWELL William Annagh
McDOWELL William Curmullagh
McDOWELL William Terryscollop
McELHENNIN Francis Clonbeg
McELHONE John Mulbuoy
McELHONE Michl. Moygashel
McELROY Bernard Moy
McENTIRE Hugh Curmullagh
McENTIRE Robert Curmullagh
McENTIRE William Curmullagh
McEVOY John Donnydeade
McEVOY John Donnydeade
McFADDEN John Culreavog
McFADDEN Widow Culreavog
McFARLAND Andrew Moygashel
McFARLAND Robert Crew
McFARLAND Robert Crubinagh
McGAGHAN John Canary
McGAGHAN John Derrymagoan
McGANLEY James Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
McGARRITY Patt. Carricastle
McGARRITY Widow Mullilegan
McGARVEY Widow Drumcullen
McGEARY Charles Crosteely
McGEARY James Gowerstown
McGEE Alexander Killybrackan
McGEE Edward Mulbuoy
McGEE James, Jun. Drumgold
McGEE James, Sen. Drumgold
McGEE Mr. Drumlee
McGEE Mr. Tullylarn
McGEE Widow Drumgold
McGEOGH Thomas Drumcullen
McGHEE John Drummond
McGHEE Mr. Charles Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
McGHEE Mr. Drumdarg
McGILLAND Alexander Kilnacart
McGILLAND Denis Derrylatinee
McGILLAND James Derrylatinee
McGILLAND Patrick Derrylatinee
McGILLIAN Thomas Carricastle
McGIRR John Legilly
McGIRR Patt. Legilly
McGIRR Widow Kilnacart
McGLEANON Owen Drumcullen
McGLONE William Mullinary
McGONNELL Patt. Mullinary
McGOUGH Hugh Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
McGOUGH Thomas Carricastle
McGRADY James Cadian
McGRADY Michael Cadian
McGRADY Michael Knocknacloy
McGRADY Patt. Knocknacloy
McGRADY Widow Cadian
McGRAN Francis Drumcullen
McGRAN Henry Mullilegan
McGRAN James Ballytroddan
McGRANE Henry Clogherny
McGRANE Hugh Mullilegan
McGRANE Hugh Mullinary
McGRANE James Mullinary
McGRANE James Savanaghanroe (Sanaghanroe)
McGRANE John Mullinary
McGRANE Owen Mullilegan
McGRANE Pat. Crubinagh
McGRANE Widow Gort
McGRANE Widow Mullilegan
McGRONAN Edward Tyghan
McGRONAN James Tyghan
McGRONAN John Tyghan
McGRONAN Peter Tyghan
McGRONAN Widow Tyghan
McGRUNDEY? Bern. Mullilegan
McGUIGAN Thomas Benburb
McGUIGAN Thomas Lisduff
McGUIGAN William Benburb
McGUIGGAN David Gortmerrion
McGUIGGAN John Kilmore
McGUIGGAN Widow Sessiamagarrol
McGUIRE James Culreavog
McGUIRE James Gowerstown
McGUIRE John Legilly
McGUIRE William Kilmore
McGUIRK Andrew Clonbeg
McGUIRK Hugh Clonbeg
McGUIRK James Clonbeg
McGUIRK John Clonbeg
McGUIRK Patt. Clonbeg
McGUIRK Peter Clonbeg
McGUIRK Widow Clonbeg
McGURK Bernard Drummond
McGURK Patt. Drumcart
McGURK Patt. Kilnagrew
McGURK Patt. Shanmullagh (or Ballycullen)
McHUGH Widow Derrylatinee
McILKINNY Hugh Legilly
McIVER Daniel Kilmore
McIVER John Derrymagoan
McKANE Daniel Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
McKANE Denis Drumgormal
McKANE J. Tullyroan
McKANE John Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
McKEALLY Eleanor Clonmore
McKEALLY James Clonmore
McKEARNEY Bernard Lisroan
McKEARNEY John Lisroan
McKEARNY Widow Derryoghill
McKEE Edward Derrymagoan
McKEE Joseph Kilmore
McKENNA Arthur Legilly
McKENNA D. Killybrackan
McKENNA Felix Drumlee
McKENNA James Drumgose
McKENNA John Killybrackan
McKENNA John Tullylarn
McKENNA Michl. Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
McKENNA Patt. Carricastle
McKENNA Widow Ballytroddan
McKENNA Widow Crosteely
McKENNY James Lismubreavey
McKEOWN Archibald Derrylatinee
McKEOWN Edward Tullyroan
McKEOWN John Ballymuckleduff
McKEOWN John Canary
McKEOWN John Derrylatinee
McKEOWN Michl. Kilmore
McKEOWN Mrs. Moy
McKEOWN Thomas Canary
McKEOWN William Derrylatinee
McKERNEY Felix Listamlett
McKERNEY Francis Listamlett
McKERNEY George Listamlett
McKERNEY Hugh Listamlett
McKERNEY James Listamlett
McKERNEY Patt. Listamlett
McKERNEY Thomas Clonteavy
McKERNEY Thomas Listamlett
McKERNEY Widow Listamlett
McKERNEY William Listamlett
McKINLEY Thomas Kilmore
McKINNEY Abm. [Abraham] Drumdarg
McKINNEY Abm. [Abraham] Drumlee
McKINNEY John Derryoghill
McKITTRICK Jane Curmullagh
McKNICKE/ McKNICKL Patt. Derrygoonan
McKNIGHT David Derrylatinee
McLEAN James Derryoghill
McLEAN Patt. Derryoghill
McLEAN Patt. Tullydoey
McLEAN Terry Kilmore
McLEAN Terry Mullilegan
McLEAN Terry Mullinary
McLYHENAN Michael Ballytroddan
McMAHON John Derryscollop
McMAHON Samuel Ballytroddan
McMAHON Samuel Stangmore McGhee
McMANUS Mary Legilly
McMASTER Andrew Tyragherty
McMASTER John Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
McMENAMY Robert Garvaghey
McMENEMY John Mullycarnon
McMENEMY Rt. [Robert?] Mullycarnon
McMULLAN Archey Mossmore
McMULLAN Bernard Cadian
McMULLAN James Stiloga
McMULLAN James, Sen. Cadian
McMULLAN John Mullycarr
McMULLAN Patt. Clogherny
McMULLAN Richard Mossmore
McMULLAN Widow Canary
McMULLEN Andy Mullycarr
McMULLEN Daniel Mullybrannon
McMULLEN Francis Stiloga
McMULLEN John Derrylatinee
McMULLEN Robert Stiloga
McMULLIN Cornelius Cadian
McMULLIN James Cadian
McMULLIN John Cadian
McMULLIN Patt. Cadian
McMULLIN Peter Cadian
McMULLIN Samuel Mossmore
McNALLY Frank Mullybrannon
McNALLY Frank Tullygiven
McNALLY Henry Mossmore
McNALLY James Finnelly
McNAMEE Frank Mullybrannon
McNAMEE John Killybrackan
McNEESE James Derrymagoan
McNEESE James Listamlett
McNEESE John Derryoghill
McNEESE John Tyghan
McNEESE Neal Tyghan
McNEICE Neal Clonteavy
McNEILE Samuel Derryfubble
McNEILL James Lisnacroy
McNEILLE Robert Derryfubble
McNESPY Widow Kilmore
McNICHOL Owen Sessiamagarrol
McNICHOL P. Sessiamagarrol
McNICHOL Thomas Sessiamagarrol
McNIGHT John Mullycarr
McNIGHT John Mullycarr
McNULTY James Killybrackan
McNULTY Pat. Drummanney
McNULTY Pat. Moy
McNULTY Robert Drummanney
McODAN Robert Clonbeg
McPARLAN/ McFARLAN Michl. Creaghan
McPARLAND Patt. Mullinary
McPARLAND Patt. Kilmore
McPARLAND Patt., Sen. Kilmore
McPARLAND/ McFARLAND Edward Creaghan
McQUADE P. Mossmore
McQUADE Patrick Ballytroddan
McQUADE Patt. Drumgose
McQUADE Patt. Drumnamoless
McQUADE Terence Ballytroddan
McQUADE Widow Coolcush
McREADY John Derrymagoan
McREALEY James Drumcart
McREALLY John Listamlett
McRORY Alice Stiloga
McRORY Hugh Mullybrannon
McRORY Hugh Stiloga
McRORY Patt. Drumnamoless
McSHERRY Bernard & partners Stangmore McGhee
McSHERRY Bernard Drumlee
McSHERRY Daniel Shanmullagh (or Ballycullen)
McSHERRY Felix Sessiamagarrol
McSHERRY James Lisbanleminigh
McSHERRY Patt. Lisbanleminigh
McSORELY Patt. Mossmore
McSORELY William Killybrackan
McSORLEY Francis Gortmerrion
McSORLEY Hugh Garvaghey
McSORLEY James Garvaghey
McSORLEY James Gortmerrion
McSORLEY Patt. Gortmerrion
McSORLEY Patt. Terryglassog
McSORLEY Terrence Gortmerrion
McSWIGGAN Pat. Drumflugh
McTAMNEY Edward Legilly
McTAMNEY Francis Mullinary
McTAMNEY Michael Garvaghey
McVEY Daniel Carricastle
McVEY Felix Gort
McVEY James Crubinagh
McVEY Patt. Gortmerrion
McWADE Francis Canary
McWADE Peter Savanaghanroe (Sanaghanroe)
McWADE Thomas Donamoney
McWHIRR James Donamoney
McWHIRR Jane Donamoney
McWHIRR John Donamoney
MEALON John, Jun. Kilnagrew
MEANS P. Drumflugh
MEKERNEY John Listamlett
MENAMY James Drumgormal
MILES John Gowerstown
MILLAR Thomas Lisduff
MILLER A. Stiloga
MILLER Ann Derrygortrevy
MILLER F. Stiloga
MILLER Francis Stiloga
MILLER Jackson Derryfubble
MILLER James Culreavog
MILLER James Derrygortrevy
MILLER James Lisbancarney
MILLER James Mullamossog
MILLER John Derrycreevey Knox
MILLER John Derryfubble
MILLER John Derrygoonan
MILLER John Drumflugh
MILLER John, Jun. Derrycreevey Powerscourt
MILLER John, Sen. Derrycreevey Powerscourt
MILLER John, Sen. Stiloga
MILLER Jonny Stiloga
MILLER Joseph Derrycreevey Knox
MILLER Mollie Lisbancarney
MILLER Mollie Stiloga
MILLER Moses Derrygortrevy
MILLER Robert (of the Bog) Stiloga
MILLER Robert Carrowbeg
MILLER Robert Crubinagh
MILLER Saunders Derryfubble
MILLER Serjt. Moy
MILLER Thomas Carrowbeg
MILLER Thomas Derrycreevey Powerscourt
MILLER Thomas Derrygoonan
MILLER Thomas Derrymagoan
MILLER Thomas, Sen. Stiloga
MILLER Tom Stiloga
MILLER Widow Derrycreevey Powerscourt
MILLER William (big) Stiloga
MILLER William Derrycreevey Powerscourt
MILLER William Derrygoonan
MILLER William Stiloga
MILLER William, Jun. Stiloga
MILLER William, Sen. Stiloga
MILLIGAN William Tullygiven
MILLIGHAN William Carrowbeg
MILLNER William, Jun. Derrygortrevy
MILLS Edward, Jun. Broghadoey
MILLS Edward, Sen. Broghadoey
MILLS George Drumgrannon
MILLS Hugh Broghadoey
MILLS Hugh Drumgrannon
MILLS Richard Drumgrannon
MILLS Samuel Drumgrannon
MILLS William Broghadoey
MILLS William Moy
MITCHELL Mr. Tullyroan
MOLESWORTH Major Canary (Turf Bog)
MOLLOY James Tullyroan
MONAGH Thomas Moy
MONTAGUE Rev. John Moy
MONTGOMERY George Derrygoonan
MONTGOMERY George Mullycarnon
MONTGOMERY Joseph Mullybrannon
MOON George Ballymuckleduff
MOON George Drummond
MOORE William Drummond
MORELAND Alexander Drumgold
MORROW John Mullycarnon
MORROW Rt. [Robert?] Drumcullen
MORTON William Drummond
MOSSMAN James Mullabuoy
MOSSMAN Thomas Culreavog
MOSSMAN Thomas Drumay
MOSSMAN William Mullabuoy
MOYNAGH Nathaniel Moy
MULDOON Arthur Curmullagh
MULDOON Hugh Curmullagh
MULDOON Patt. Mullaghlongfield & Brossloy
MULDOON Peter Mulbuoy
MULGREW James Drummond
MULGREW John Drummond
MULGREW John Gowerstown
MULGREW Michael Mullybrannon
MULGREW Owen Mullybrannon
MULHINNY Ellen Coolkeernan
MULLAN Arthur Tyghan
MULLAN Bernard Finnelly
MULLAN Daniel Mullaghlongfield & Brossloy
MULLAN Denis Crubinagh
MULLAN Denis Derrymagoan
MULLAN Denis Legilly
MULLAN Felix Finnelly
MULLAN Francis Derrymagoan
MULLAN Hugh Derrymagoan
MULLAN Hugh Derryoghill
MULLAN James Ballytroddan
MULLAN James Drumgold
MULLAN James Drumlee
MULLAN James Drumnamoless
MULLAN John Ballymuckleduff
MULLAN John Drumgormal
MULLAN Nick Canary
MULLAN Patt. Finnelly
MULLAN Patt. Legilly
MULLAN Patt. Lisduff
MULLAN Patt. Lisroan
MULLAN Tally Donamoney
MULLAN Terence Mulbuoy
MULLAN Thomas Canary
MULLAN Thomas Drummond
MULLAN William Legilly
MULLEN Edward Mullaghdawley
MULLEN John Derrymagoan
MULLEN Peter Mullaghdawley
MULLEN Terce [Terence?] Sessiamagarrol
MULLEN Toal Finnelly
MULLIGAN William Derrygoonan
MULLIGAN William Terryscollop
MULLIN Daniel Donnydeade
MULLIN George Tullyroan
MULLIN H. Derrymagoan
MULLIN Hugh Derrymagoan
MULLIN Hugh, Sen. Derrymagoan
MULLIN James Donamoney
MULLIN James Donamoney
MULLIN James Donnydeade
MULLIN John Ballytroddan
MULLIN John Donnydeade
MULLIN John, Jun. Derrymagoan
MULLIN Michael Donamoney
MULLIN Michael, Jun. Derrygortrevy
MULLIN Michael, Sen. Derrygortrevy
MULLIN Patt. Donamoney
MULLIN T. Tullyroan
MULLIN Tally Derrymagoan
MULLIN Thomas Derrymagoan
MULLIN Widow Tullyroan
MULLIN William Curmullagh
MULLIN William Culreavog
MULLIN William Donamoney
MULLIN William, Jun. Tullyroan
MULLON James Ballymuckleduff
MULLON James Canary
MULLON John Canary
MULLON Mary Ballymuckleduff
MULLOY Widow Drumay
MURNAGHAN James Ballymuckleduff
MURNAGHAN Widow Ballymuckleduff
MURPHY Daniel Derrylatinee
MURPHY Francis Creaghan
MURPHY Francis Drumflugh
MURPHY Francis Lisgobbin
MURPHY John Drumlee
MURPHY Michael Drumlee
MURPHY Patt. Mullamossog
MURPHY T. Drumflugh
MURPHY Thomas Ballytroddan
MURPHY Thomas Creaghan
MURPHY Thomas Sessiamagarrol
MURPHY Widow Carricastle
MURPHY Widow Syerla
MURPHY William Drumflugh
MURRAY Thomas Legilly
MURRRAY William Derrymagoan
NEAL Henry Cadian
NEAL Pat. Cadian
NEAL William Broghadoey
NEELLY Serjt. Drumgose
NEELY Thomas Tolagoney
NEIL Alice Crosteely
NEILL Bridget Drumnamoless
NELSON A. Tullygiven
NELSON Alexander Knocknacloy
NELSON H. Tullygiven
NELSON James Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
NELSON James Culreavog
NELSON John Ballymuckleduff
NELSON John Boland
NELSON William Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
NELSON William Terryscollop
NEVILL James Drummond
NEVILL John Drummond
NEVILL Joseph Drummond
NEVILL Robert Curmullagh
NEVILLE Edward Altnavanog
NEVILLE George Curmullagh
NEVILLE George Tyragherty
NEVILLE James Altnavanog
NEVILLE James Tyragherty
NEVILLE Joshua Altnavanog
NEWALL Henry Lisceen (Lissan)
NICHOLSON Thomas Derrycaw
NIMMO Charles Carrowbeg
NIMMO George Derrygoonan
NIMMO John Derrygoonan
NIMMO William Carrowbeg
NIXON Richard Terryglassog
NOONAN John Benburb
NOONAN John Drumflugh
NUGENT Patt. Derryoghill
O’HARA Henry Roan
O’NEAL Arthur Tullylarn
O’NEAL Bernard Tullylarn
O’NEAL Bryan Finnelly
O’NEAL Con. Mossmore
O’NEAL Henry Mossmore
O’NEAL Henry? Finnelly
O’NEAL Hugh Kilmore
O’NEAL James Finnelly
O’NEAL James Lisroan
O’NEAL James, Sen. Lisroan
O’NEAL John Clonteavy
O’NEAL John Lisroan
O’NEAL Michael Finnelly
O’NEAL Neil Kilnacart
O’NEAL Owen Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
O’NEAL Owen Cadian
O’NEAL Owen Finnelly
O’NEAL Rev. B. Lisceen (Lissan)
O’NEAL Terence Lisroan
O’NEAL Terence Mossmore
O’NEIL Felix Derrygoonan
O’NEILL Bernard Kilmore
O’NEILL Charles Ballymuckleduff
O’NEILL Henry Finnelly
O’NEILL James Kilmore
OLIVER James Lismubreavey
OLIVER William Benburb
OLPHERT Mr. Drumarn
OLPHERT Mr. Drumask (or Ballycullen)
OLPHERT Mr. Kilmore
OLPHERT William, Esq. Mullinary
ORR James Derrycreevey Knox
ORR James Stangmore Knox
ORR Robert Annagh
ORR Robert Boland
ORR Robert Coolkill
ORR Robert Lisnacroy
ORR Robert Roan
ORR Robert, Jun. Kilnagrew
ORR Robert, Sen. Kilnagrew
ORR William Derrygoonan
ORR William Lisnacroy
PAINTER John Dunsearke
PASSMORE Thomas Lisgobbin
PATRICK John Culreavog
PATTERSON David Clonteavy
PATTERSON David Crubinagh
PATTERSON George Kilmore
PATTERSON James Drummond
PATTERSON Robert Clonteavy
PATTON Patt. Moyard
PEARSON Isaac Dunsearke
PERRY Robert Derryoghill
PHOENIX James Carricastle
PILLAR Alexander Drummanney
PILLER James Coolkeernan
PILLER John Coolkeernan
PILLIN John Broghadoey
PINKERTON James Derrylatinee
PINKERTON? Samuel Coolcush
PLUNKET Isaac Derryoghill
POE Richard Ballymuckleduff
POE Richard Drummond
POE Richard Finnelly
POE William Ballymuckleduff
PORTER John & Co. Mullaghlongfield & Brossloy
POWELL John, Jun. Drummond
POWELL John, Sen. Drummond
POWERSCOURT Lord Ballymuckleduff (Bog)
POWERSCOURT Lord Culreavog (Bog)
POWERSCOURT Lord Curren (Bog)
POWERSCOURT Lord Derrygoonan (Bog)
POWERSCOURT Lord Curren (Lake)
POWERSCOURT Lord Kilnagrew (Lake)
POWERSCOURT Lord Knocknacloy (Lake)
POWERSCOURT Lord Lisnacroy (Lake)
POWERSCOURT Lord Carrowbeg (Turf Bog)
POWERSCOURT Lord Crubinagh (Turf Bog)
POWERSCOURT Lord Kilnagrew (Turf Bog)
POWERSCOURT Lord Lisbancarney (Turf Bog)
POWERSCOURT Lord Lisgobbin (Turf Bog)
POWERSCOURT Lord Lisnacroy (Turf Bog)
POWERSCOURT Lord Mossmore (Turf Bog)
POWERSCOURT Lord Broghadoey
POWERSCOURT Lord Mullabuoy
POWERSCOURT Lord Sessiamagarrol
POWERSCOURT Lord Terryscollop
POWERSCOURT Lord Tolagoney
Preaching House   Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
QUIGGAN George Derrycreevey Knox
QUIN Bernard Benburb
QUIN Daniel Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
QUIN James Ballytroddan
QUIN James Crubinagh
QUIN John Drumnastrade
QUIN Michael Lisgobbin
QUIN Patt. Benburb
QUINN Bernard Drumflugh
QUINN Bernard Mullinary
QUINN John Cadian
QUINN John Curmullagh
QUINN John Stiloga
QUINN Michael Crubinagh
QUINN Patt. Stiloga
QUINN Widow Drumdarg
QUINN Widow Stangmore McGhee
RAFERTY James Canary
RAFERTY John Canary
RAFERTY Mary Canary
RAFERTY Patt. Canary
RAFFERTY Francis Carricastle
RAFFERTY Patt. Clonbeg
RAINEY James Gortmerrion
RAINEY R., Sen. Knocknacloy
RAINEY Robert Carrowbeg
RAINEY Robert, Jun. Knocknacloy
RAINEY William Mullinary
RANFURLEY Lord Drumgormal
RANFURLEY Lord Drummanney
RANFURLEY Lord Killybrackan
RANFURLEY Lord Moygashel
RANFURLY Lord Currmullagh (Bog)
RANFURLY Lord Derrycreevey Knox (Wood)
RANFURLY Lord Stangmore Knox
RAVERTY Francis Gowerstown
RAVERTY Francis Seloran (Seyloran)
RAVERTY Widow Gowerstown
RAVERTY William Gowerstown
RAW John Mullamossog
REA Isaac Moy
READ James Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
REANEY John Drumnashaloge
REANEY John Mullaghlongfield & Brossloy
REED Archey Annagh
REED Archibald Cadian
REED Archibald Gortmerrion
REED Archy [1] Shanmoy
REED Archy [2] Shanmoy
REED Dr. Moy
REED Edward [Deleted] Carrowcolman
REED Edward Annagh
REED Edward Mullaghlongfield & Brossloy
REED Edward Shanmoy
REED Edward Shanmoy
REED Fanny Shanmoy
REED Frank Annagh
REED George Derrycreevey Knox
REED Henry Tullyroan
REED J. Tullyroan
REED James Annagh
REED James Cadian
REED James Mossmore
REED James Mullilegan
REED James Shanmoy
REED James Stangmore McGhee
REED James Tullyroan
REED John Annagh
REED John Carricastle
REED John Derrygortrevy
REED Joseph Cadian
REED Letitia Derrygortrevy
REED Richard Drain
REED Richard Shanmoy
REED Robert Carricastle
REED Robert Coolkill
REED Robert Drain
REED Samuel Annagh
REED T. Tullyroan
REED T., Jun. Tullyroan
REED Thomas Cadian
REED Thomas Drain
REED Thomas Shanmoy
REED William Annagh
REED William Boland
REED William Coolkill
REED William Drain
REED William Moygashel
REED William, Sen. Clogherny
REID James Copney
REID Robert Culreavog
REILLY James Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
REILLY James Stangmore McGhee
REILLY John Lisbancarney
REILLY John Tyragherty
REILLY William Mullabuoy
REILLY William Mullamossog
REYNOLDS George Drummond
REYNOLDS Mrs. Derryscollop (Turf Bog)
RICHARDSON George Lisduff
RICHARDSON James Curmullagh
RICHARDSON John Clonteavy
RICHARDSON John Coolkill
RICHARDSON John Curmullagh
RICHARDSON John Turleenan
RICHARDSON William Boland
RICHEY Thomas Gort
ROBINSON Ben. Derryscollop
ROBINSON James Clonteavy
ROBINSON James Killybrackan
ROBINSON James Tyragherty
ROBINSON Joseph Killybrackan
ROBINSON Mathew Ballytroddan
ROBINSON Moses Coolkeernan
ROBINSON Sir Richard Drumcullen
ROBINSON Widow Benburb
ROBINSON Widow Drumflugh
ROBINSON William Moy
ROBINSON William Tyragherty
ROCK Edward Mullilegan
ROCK Terrence Drummond
ROE George Tullyroan
ROLSTON James Drumcart
ROURKE John Coolcush
ROURKE John Stangmore Knox
RUNNETT Chas. Sessiamagarrol
RUNNETT John Sessiamagarrol
RUSSELL J. Tullyroan
RUTHERFORD Robert Drumflugh
RUTHERFORD Samuel Dunsearke
SANFORD Alexr. Seloran (Seyloran)
SANNON Robert Coolkill
Schoolhouse   Mullycarnon
SCOTT Archibald Terryglassog
SCOTT George Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
SCOTT George Mullilegan
SCOTT Hugh Knocknacloy
SCOTT James Derrycreevey Powerscourt
SCOTT Joseph Clogherny
SCOTT Joseph Drummond
SELLY Widow Broghadoey
SHAW John Kilnagrew
SHEALS Terence Broghadoey
SHEARRIN James Drumgormal
SHERIAN Samuel Coolkill
SHERRY Owen Lisbancarney
SHILLINGTON Anthony, Jun. Lismubreavey
SHILLINGTON Anthony, Sen. Lismubreavey
SHILLINGTON James Derrygortrevy
SHILLINGTON James Lismubreavey
SHILLINGTON Joseph Dunsearke
SIMMONS Frederick Mullybrannon
SIMMONS John Moygashel
SIMMONS John Mullybrannon
SIMMONS William Moygashel
SIMMONS William Moygashel
SIMPSON John Turleenan
SIMPSON Oliver Tyghan
SIMPSON William Canary
SINCLAIR John Canary
SINCLAIR John Derryscollop
SINCLAIR Mr. Thomas Derryscollop
SINCLAIR Simon Tullyroan
SINCLAIR Widow Derryscollop
SKEY John Curmullagh
SLANE James Drumgrannon
SLANE Mary Legilly
SLEAN [SLANE] John Cadian
SLEAN [SLANE] Peter Cadian
SLEAN [SLANE] Thomas Cadian
SLOAN James Moy
SLOAN Widow Tyghan
SLOAN William Tyghan
SMITH Anne Mulbuoy
SMITH James Killybrackan
SMITH James Mulbuoy
SMITH John Lisbancarney
SMITH Joseph Dunsearke
SMITH Thomas Mulbuoy
SMITH Widow Drumgormal
SMITH William Drumgormal
SMITH William Killybrackan
SMYTH David Garvaghey
SMYTH David Terryscollop
SMYTH Hugh Canary
SMYTH James Mullilegan
SMYTH James Stiloga
SMYTH Patt. Canary
SMYTH Thomas Derryfubble
SMYTH Thomas Derryfubble
SMYTH Thomas Garvaghey
SMYTH Thomas Terryscollop
SMYTH Widow Garvaghey
SMYTH William Canary
SPENCE Henry Ballytroddan
STAFFORD Catherine Mossmore
STAFFORD Daniel Mossmore
STAFFORD Henry Finnelly
STAFFORD James Crubinagh
STAFFORD James Crubinagh
STAFFORD James Garvaghey
STAFFORD Sally Mossmore
STAFFORD Thomas Garvaghey
STAFFORD William Derryfubble
STEENSON James Mullycarr
STERLING Charles Lisceen (Lissan)
STERLING James Lismubreavey
STERLING Samuel Boland
STINSON James Mullinary
STINSON Nathaniel Donamoney
STINSON William Ballymuckleduff
STINSON William Donamoney
STURGEON Alexander Mullilegan
STURGEON William Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
SWINNERTON William Coolcush
SWINNERTON William Stangmore Knox
TAILOR William Stangmore McGhee
TALLY Widow Drumgose
TAMNEY Owen Drumcart
TAMNEY Owen Drumgrannon
TAMNEY Owen Lisroan
TAMNEY Thomas Garvaghey
TATE Abm. [Abraham] Carrowbeg
TATE Allan Carrowbeg
TAYLOR Robert Drumcart
TAYLOR Robert Drumgrannon
TAYLOR Robert Moy
TAYLOR Thomas Moy
TAYLOR Tom Drumgrannon
TEAGUE John Shanmullagh (or Ballycullen)
TEAGUE Michl. Mossmore
TEAGUE Widow Gortmerrion
TELFORD Robert Derryscollop
TENER David Derrygortrevy
TENER David Donamoney
THISTLE Anne Carrowbeg
THISTLE Doctor Benburb
THISTLE Dr. Benburb
THISTLE John Carrowbeg
THISTLE Margaret? Carrowbeg
THISTLE Robert Carrowbeg
THOMPSON James, Jun. Mullybrannon
THOMPSON John Mullybrannon
THOMPSON Joseph Mullybrannon
THOMPSON Mrs. Tullydoey
THOMPSON Nl. [Nathaniel?] Tullyroan
THOMPSON Robert Mullybrannon
THOMPSON Thomas Derryscollop
THOMPSON William Drummond
THOMSON James Coolcush
THOMSON John Copney
THYSTLE John Knocknacloy
TIPPIN John Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
TIPPIN John Derryscollop
TODD John Derrylatinee
TODD William Derrylatinee
TONER George Drumgose
TONER Patt. Creaghan
TONNER John Kilnacart
TRAINOR John Syerla
TROTTER James Tyragherty
TROTTER John Mullilegan
TROTTER John Tyragherty
TROTTER William Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
TROUTON James Lisdermott
TRUEMAN Robert Terryscollop
VALLELY Patt. Finnelly
VEAGHEY Mathew Derryoghill
VENABLES Susan Drummond
VERNER Col. Copney
WADE James Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
WALKER Greer Moyard
WALKER Henry Coolkeernan
WALKER James Annagh
WALKER James Terryscollop
WALKER Robert & son Coolkeernan
WALKER Robert Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
WALKER Robert Derrycreevey Powerscourt
WALKER Robert Mullamossog
WALKER Robert, Sen. Derrycreevey Powerscourt
WALKER Samuel Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
WALKER W. Tullyroan
WALKER Widow Derrycreevey Powerscourt
WALKER William Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
WALKER William Carrowbeg
WALKER William Derrycreevey Powerscourt
WALKER William Drumdarg
WALKER William Stangmore McGhee
WALKER William Tyragherty
WALKER William, Jun. Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
WALKER William, Jun. Drumdarg
WALKER William, Sen. Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
WALLACE Widow Mullycarnon
WALSH Andrew Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
WALSH James Broghadoey
WALSH Martin Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
WARD Henry [1] Drummond
WARD Henry [2] Drummond
WARD James [1] Drummond
WARD James [2] Drummond
WARD John Drummond
WARD Joseph Drummond
WARD Mr. Mullybrannon
WARD William Drummond
WARNOCK William Cadian
WATERS Eliza Boland
WATERS James Gort
WATERS John Gort
WATERS Robert Carricastle
WATSON John Mullycarnon
WATSON Richard Moy
WATT Hugh Culreavog
WATT James Shanmullagh (or Ballycullen)
WATT John Culreavog
WATT Robert Culreavog
WATT Samuel Kilnacart
WATT William Derryoghill
WAUGH Eleanor Ballymuckleduff
WEBB Joseph Donnydeade
WEBB Thomas Stangmore Knox
WHITE Abm.[Abraham] Ballymuckleduff
WHITE David Copney
WHITE G. Tullyroan
WHITE George Copney
WHITE George Tullyroan
WHITE J. [1] Tullyroan
WHITE J. [2] Tullyroan
WHITE Thomas Copney
WHITE William Ballymuckleduff
WHITE William Copney
WHITE William Derryscollop
WHITESIDE John Derryscollop
WHITFIELD Isaac Finnelly
WHITFIELD Jacob Finnelly
WHITFIELD Thomas Finnelly
WHITFIELD Widow Isaac Finnelly
WHITTLE Francis Drain
WHITTLE Francis, Esq. Clogherny (Lake)
WHITTLE Francis, Esq. Clogherny (Turf Bog)
WHITTLE Hugh Benburb
WHITTLE Hugh Curren
WHITTLE Hugh Derrygoonan
WHITTLE Hugh Drumflugh
WHITTLE Hugh Lisnacroy
WHITTLE James Kilnagrew
WHITTLE James, Jun. Lisnacroy
WHITTLE James, Sen. Lisnacroy
WHITTLE John Benburb
WHITTLE John Kilnagrew
WHITTLE Robert Derryfubble
WHITTLE Thomas Derryfubble
WHITTLE William Clogherny
WHITTLE William Derrygoonan
WICKLOW Joseph Drummond
WILEY Abm.[Abraham] Culreavog
WILEY Daniel Broghadoey
WILEY David Derryfubble
WILEY George Derryfubble
WILEY John Gowerstown
WILEY Mary Derryoghill
WILEY Thomas Terryscollop
WILEY William Derryfubble
WILEY William Garvaghey
WILEY William Gowerstown
WILFORD John Drumgrannon
WILKINSON Hugh Derrygortrevy
WILKINSON Thomas Cadian
WILLERTON? Henry Clonteavy
WILLIAMSON James Derrycreevey Powerscourt
WILLIAMSON John Ballytroddan
WILLIAMSON John Derryscollop
WILLIAMSON Robert Drumcart
WILLIAMSON Thomas Derryscollop
WILLIS Rev. J. Drumflugh
WILSON Abm. [Abraham] Drumcart
WILSON Andrew Drumcullen
WILSON Ben Drumcart
WILSON Benjamin Turleenan
WILSON Daniel Culreavog
WILSON David Drumnashaloge
WILSON James Tullylarn
WILSON John Clonbeg
WILSON John Derryoghill
WILSON John Derryscollop
WILSON John Drumcart
WILSON John Terryscollop
WILSON John Turleenan
WILSON Oliver Derrycreevey Powerscourt
WILSON Oliver Drumflugh
WILSON Thomas Derryscollop
WILSON William Benburb
WILSON William Creaghan
WILSON William Derrycreevey Powerscourt
WILSON William Drumflugh
WILSON William Drumgose
WILSON William Lisduff
WILSON William, Jun. Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
WILSON William, Sen. Benburb
WOODS Charles Moygashel
WOODS Isaiah Canary
WOODS James Lisceen (Lissan)
WOODS John Broghadoey
WOODS John Lismubreavey
WOODS John Tullygiven
WOODS Patt. Mulbuoy
WOODS Peter Mulbuoy
WOODS Peter Mullilegan
WOODS Thomas Broghadoey
WOODS Thomas Drummond
WOODS Thomas Dunsearke
WOODS Widow Crosteely
WOODS Widow Mary Drumgormal
WOODS William Killybrackan
WRIGHT Daniel Knocknacloy
WRIGHT Daniel Savanaghanroe (Sanaghanroe)
WRIGHT Daniel Stiloga
YEOMAN Richard Derrycreevey Knox
YOUNG A. Stiloga
YOUNG Andrew Carrowcolman
YOUNG Andrew Drain
YOUNG Arthur Derrygortrevy
YOUNG Charles Derryscollop
YOUNG David Canary
YOUNG George Kilnacart
YOUNG John Drumnamoless
YOUNG John Mullaghlongfield & Brossloy
YOUNG John Stiloga
YOUNG R. Stiloga
YOUNG Richard Canary
YOUNG Richard Drain
YOUNG W. Tullyroan
YOUNG Widow Canary
YOUNG William Mullaghlongfield & Brossloy