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Index to the Tithe Applotment Book, Stranorlar Parish, County Donegal, Ireland 1833

Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


This file of the 1833 TITHE APPLOTMENT BOOK STRANORLAR PARISH, COUNTY DONEGAL forms part of the vast archive of 3,000+ pages of genealogical records relating to COUNTIES TYRONE, DONEGAL, LONDONDERRY & FERMANAGH provided without charge or subscription by CoTyroneIreland Welcome to the Premier Website & Research Tool for Cos. Tyrone, Donegal, Londonderry & Fermanagh Genealogy ( A complete list of records pertaining to STRANORLAR PARISH, COUNTY DONEGAL on this website can be found at the foot of this file.

Main Street, Ballybofey, Co. Donegal

Tithe was a tax on all agricultural land (originally one tenth of the produce) excepting only church lands, glebes and urban areas and was paid by leaseholders and occupiers of all religious denominations to the clergy of the Established Church of Ireland. There was growing resentment against this tax, especially by Presbyterians and Catholics, particularly in the period of distress after 1815 and the government was forced to give way and introduce the Tithe Composition Act 1823 which replaced payment in kind by payment in cash.

In order to effect this change, all agricultural land across the country was required to be surveyed and applotted, or valued. During the period 1823 to 1837, a Tithe Applotment Survey was made in each civil parish across the whole of Ireland to determine the value of tithe payable by different landholders. Two people were appointed by each parish to carry out this assessment. The material was arranged by civil parish and townland in volumes known as TITHE APPLOTMENT BOOKS.

In some parishes more than one survey was taken, whilst in others the manuscript has not survived. The books for all Ireland, compiled between 1823 and 1837, are now deposited in the National Archives of Ireland, Dublin and Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI)., Belfast.

These tithe books are arranged by townland and record the names of leaseholders, the area of their farm subject to tithe, sometimes the quality of the land and an overall valuation and occasionally the names of landlords. Researchers should be aware that cottiers who did not hold land are not recorded, and unaccountably, some types of land were passed over entirely; a field of potatoes attracted a tithe payment in one parish, but not in that adjoining.

Those researchers who are fortunate to locate a forebear in the Tithe Applotment Books may find it possible to take their research back a further generation prior to Griffiths Valuation.


Townland Townland Townland Townland
Admiran Aghasheil Ballybofey Ballynaglack
Cappry Cappry (Graham) Cashelnavean Castlebane
Corcam Creggan Curraghomongan Dooish
Drumboe Lower Drumboe Upper Dunwiley Glebe
Gortletteragh Greenhill Ironworks Kilross
Lettermakenny Liskeran Lisnaree Lough Hill
Macklees Magherapaste Meenagrauv Meenanilta
Meenavoy Meenbane Meencrumlin Mullaghagarry
Mullanachose Mullandrait Stranorlar Teangue
Teevickmoy Tircallan Treanamullin  



Townland Townland Townland Townland
Admirand Altatraught (belongs in Kilteevoge parish) Altlaghan (belongs in Kilteevoge parish) Altnapaste (belongs in Kilteevoge parish)
Ardbatt (belongs in Kilteevoge parish) Aughasheal Backlees Ballinaglack
Ballinamona Ballybofey Big Dooish Cappray
Cappry Graham Cappry Mullanahose Castlebane Castlemeane (or Lough House Farm}
Creggan Culinavoe Creggan Falmore Creggan Maghercarr Creggan Mintifinigan
Creggan Wood Creggan Wood Cunaghmore Dunwilley
Glebe Gortletragh Greenhill Kilross
Knockfare Lettermackenny Liskeeran Lisnaree
Little Dooish Loughill Lower Creggan Lower Criggan
Lower Drumboe Meenagraw Meenanatt Meenavoy
Meenbaane Meencarrigo Meencrumlin Mullaghagarry or Teercallen
Mullendrett N.W. Cappry (Scotch Cappry) Scotch Cappry Shancreggan
Stranorlar Tangue Tivocmoy Treenamullin
Upper Demesne Upper Drumboe Woodland Dooish  




ADAMS Widow & co. Cappry Graham
ALEXANDER Widow Big Dooish
ALLEN Andrew Lower Drumboe
ALLEN Andrew Stranorlar
ANDERSON James Stranorlar
ANDERSON Samuel Ballybofey
ARMSTRONG Andrew Ballinamona
ARMSTRONG Hugh Ballybofey
ARMSTRONG James Creggan (Culinavoe)
ARMSTRONG John Creggan Maghercarr
ARMSTRONG Richard Creggan (Culinavoe)
ARMSTRONG Richard Lower Creggan
ARMSTRONG Richard Shan Creggan
ARMSTRONG Robert Creggan Maghercarr
ARMSTRONG Thomas Ballybofey
ARMSTRONG Thomas Creggan Falmore
ARMSTRONG Thomas Creggan Maghercarr
ARMSTRONG William Ballinaglack
ARMSTRONG William Shan Creggan
ARNOLD John Castlebane
AROL William Cunaghmore
AROLD John Cunaghmore
BAIRD Patt & co. Ballybofey
BAIRD Widow Cappry Mullanahose
BARR John Admirand
BARR William Admirand
BARR William Castlebane
BARTLY Miss Stranorlar
BARTLY William Stranorlar
BELL Doctor Stranorlar
BELL Hu? Dunwiley
BELL James Admirand
BELL James Stranorlar
BELL John N. W. Cappry (Scotch Cappry)
BELL John [1] Mullendrett
BELL John [2] Mullendrett
BELL Mr Thomas Tivocmoy (Teevickmoy)
BELL Thomas Dunwiley
BELL William Big Dooish
BELL William Meenavoy
BOGAN Edmd. Lower Creggan
BOGAN Robert Gortletragh
BOLAND James Liskeeran
BOLAND John Lettermackenny
BONER Daniel Ballybofey
BONER James Ballinamona
BONER John Ballybofey
BONER Manus Ballybofey
BONER Robert Upper Drumboe
BONER William Ballybofey
BONER William Stranorlar
BOURNS Joseph Creggan Wood
BOURNS William Lower Drumboe
BOYD Oliver Stranorlar
BOYLE Bartly Ballybofey
BOYLE Hugh Ballybofey
BOYLE James Knockfare
BOYLE Michael Ballybofey
BOYLE Thady N. W. Cappry (Scotch Cappry)
BRADLY Robert Stranorlar
BRAUGH William Ballinamona
BRISLAND Patt. Ballybofey
BROWN Ben. Stranorlar
BROWN Samuel Dunwiley
BROWN Samuel Stranorlar
BROWNE James Meenavoy
BROWNE John Meenavoy
BROWNE Samuel Admirand
BROWNE Samuel Castlebane
BROWNE Samuel Glebe
BROWNE Samuel Greenhill
BROWNE William Cappry Mullanahose
BROWNE William Castlebane
BURNE Patt. Stranorlar
BYRNE Con. Ballybofey
CAMPBELL James Kilross
CAMPBELL Michael Ballybofey
CANNON John Ballybofey
CANNON Owen Ballinaglack
CARROLAN Charles Scotch Cappry
CARROLL Ann Ballybofey
CATHER Thomas Cappry Mullanahose
CHITTLE Samuel Cappry Mullanahose
CLARKE William Creggan (Culinavoe)
COCHRAN James Stranorlar
COCHRANE John Ballybofey
COLTER James Backlees
COLTER William Backlees
COLUMB Daniel Ballybofey
COLUMB Mary Ballybofey
COLUMB Michael N W Cappry (Scotch Cappry)
CONAGHAN Cornelius Dunwiley
CONNOR Isabella Ballybofey
CONNOR James Ballybofey
CONNOR John Stranorlar
CONNYNGHAM Marquess of Dunwiley
COUGHRAN James Stranorlar
COULTER Alexander Lettermackenny
COULTER Samuel Lettermackenny
COULTER William Creggan Falmore
COULTER William Lettermackenny
COWDING Walter Stranorlar
CRAMPSHEY Michael Cappry Graham
CRAWFORD Andrew Tivocmoy (Teevickmoy)
CRAWFORD James Tivocmoy (Teevickmoy)
CRAWFORD John Tivocmoy (Teevickmoy)
CRUMLISH Widow & partners Meencarrigo
CULBERT James Stranorlar
CULLEN Charles Ballybofey
CULLEN John Tivocmoy (Teevickmoy)
CUMMINS Andy Dunwiley
CUMMINS Dawson Mullendrett
CUMMINS Edward Dunwiley
CUNNINGHAM Jeremiah Stranorlar
CUNNYNGHAM Marquess of Admirand
CUNNYNGHAM Marquess of Lettermackenny
CUNNYNGHAM Marquess of Mullendrett
CUNNYNGHAM Marquess of Stranorlar
DAVIS George Ballybofey
DAVIS George Stranorlar
DAVIS James Cappry Graham
DAVIS James Stranorlar
DAVIS James & co. Scotch Cappry
DAVIS Thomas Ballybofey
DAVIS William, Jun. Scotch Cappry
DELAP Andrew Ballybofey
DENSMORE Alexander Dunwiley
DESERT Mrs Mary Ballybofey
DEVER Bryan Meenavoy
DEVER Charles Aughasheal
DEVER Charles Ballinaglack
DEVER Henery Upper Drumboe
DEVER James Upper Drumboe
DEVER Martin Stranorlar
DEVER Patt Ballybofey
DIVER Patt. & co. Meencarrigo
DOHERTY [..?] Ballybofey
DOHERTY Arthur Cappry Graham
DOHERTY Brian Big Dooish
DOHERTY Charles Ballinaglack
DOHERTY Daniel Ballybofey
DOHERTY George Meenavoy
DOHERTY Henry Ballinamona
DOHERTY Hugh Big Dooish
DOHERTY James Lettermackenny
DOHERTY John Ballinaglack
DOHERTY John Ballybofey
DOHERTY John Cappry Mullanahose
DOHERTY John Little Dooish
DOHERTY Michael N. W. Cappry (Scotch Cappry)
DOHERTY Patt. Big Dooish
DOHERTY Patt. Little Dooish
DOHERTY Thomas N. W. Cappry (Scotch Cappry)
DOHERTY William Ballinamona
DOOHILL James Dunwiley
DOOHILL William Dunwiley
DOUGHERTY Andrew Stranorlar
DOUGHERTY John Big Dooish
DOUGHERTY John Woodland Dooish
DOUGHERTY Patt. Big Dooish
DOUGHERTY Rev. Mr. Stranorlar
DOUGHERTY Widow Woodland Dooish
DUFFEY Owen Ballybofey
DUFFY Bryan Scotch Cappry
DUFFY Neal Little Dooish
DUFFY Widow Scotch Cappry
DUNING Charles Ballybofey
EDMONDSON Thomas Knockfare
ELLIOTT Widow Big Dooish
ELLISON John Scotch Cappry
ELLISON Thomas Scotch Cappry
ELVIN James Meencarrigo
ELVIN Thomas Meencarrigo
EWING [..?] Ballybofey
EWING Miss J. Ballybofey
FINDLEY Mr. Stewart Kilross
FINLEY Robert Lisnaree
FLANAGAN Alexander Little Dooish
FLANAGAN Thague Meencarrigo
FLETCHER John Admirand
FLETCHER John Dunwiley
FLETCHER John Tivocmoy (Teevickmoy)
FLETCHER Robert Loughill
FLETCHER Robert Loughill
FOSTER Doctor Ballybofey
FREEL Edward Ballybofey
FREEL Hugh Ballybofey
FREEL John Ballybofey
FULLERTON Rev. Mr. Glebe
FUNSTONE William Stranorlar
GALLAGHER Bryan Meenavoy
GALLAGHER Charles Ballybofey
GALLAGHER Charles Creggan Falmore
GALLAGHER Daniel Meenavoy
GALLAGHER Denis Ballybofey
GALLAGHER James Lower Creggan
GALLAGHER John Ballybofey
GALLAGHER John Meenavoy
GALLAGHER Owen Ballinaglack
GALLAGHER Patrick Scotch Cappry
GALLAGHER Patt. Ballinaglack
GALLAGHER Patt. Lettermackenny
GALLANAGH Henry N. W. Cappry (Scotch Cappry)
GALLENAGH Luke Big Dooish
GALLINAGH Charles Big Dooish
GALLINAGH Francis N. W. Cappry (Scotch Cappry)
GALLINAGH James N. W. Cappry (Scotch Cappry)
GIBBONS Eleanor Ballybofey
GILLESPIE H. Ballybofey
GINLEY James Little Dooish
GLACKIN Charles Castlemeane (or Lough House Farm)
GLACKIN Hugh Castlemeane (or Lough House Farm)
GLACKIN Owen Castlemeane (or Lough House Farm)
GLENN Robert Dunwiley
GORDON Andrew Ballybofey
GORDON George Ballybofey
GRANAGHAN James Ballybofey
GRAY James Big Dooish
GREER James Stranorlar
GREER Michael Scotch Cappry
GREER Mr James Mullendrett
GREER Mr. Stranorlar
GREER Widow Ballybofey
GREER William Backlees
GREGORY [..?] Glebe
GREGORY [..?] Lower Drumboe
GREGORY Alexander Shan Creggan
GREGORY Edmund Shan Creggan
GREGORY George Shane Creggan
GREGORY John Ballybofey
GREGORY John Shan Creggan
GREGORY John Stranorlar
GREGORY Thomas Ballybofey
GREGORY Widow Ballybofey
GREGORY Widow Stranorlar
GREY George Meenagraw
GRIER Mr. Stranorlar
GRIFFIN Michael Cunaghmore
GRIFFITH Henry Stranorlar
GUNNING George Big Dooish
GUNNING John Stranorlar
HAGARTHY Patt. Ballybofey
HANAGAN Abrm. Little Dooish
HANIGAN Henery Ballybofey
HANNIGAN Henry Stranorlar
HARGARTHY James Gortletragh
HARKIN Edward Ballybofey
HARPER [..?] Dunwiley
HARRIGAN Henry Cunaghmore
HARRIGAN Patt. N. W. Cappry (Scotch Cappry)
HARRISON Charles Scotch Cappry
HASTINGS John Dunwiley
HASTINGS Robert Dunwiley
HAYES Sir E. Liskeeran
HAYES Sir E. Meenagraw
HAYES Sir E., Bart. Aughasheal
HAYES Sir E., Bart. Ballinaglack
HAYES Sir E., Bart. Ballybofey
HAYES Sir E., Bart. Lower Drumboe
HAYES Sir E., Bart. Upper Demesne
HAYES Sir Edmund Creggan Mintifinigan
HAYES Sir Edmund Creggan Wood
HAYES Sir Edmund Scotch Cappry
HEBRON [HEPBURN] John Stranorlar
HEBRON [HEPBURN] Samuel Stranorlar
HEGARTY Philip Ballybofey
HENDERSON John Meenavoy
HENDERSON William Meenavoy
HEUSTON Charles Tivocmoy (Teevickmoy)
HIGGINS Francis Big Dooish
HOAN Peter Creggan Wood
HOLMES Charles Cappry (Meenbaane)
HOLMES Charles Cunaghmore
HOLMES Charles Stranorlar
HOWARD James Ballinaglack
IRWIN William Stranorlar
JAFFREY [JEFFREY] [..?] Dunwiley
JAFFRY [JEFFREY] Alexander Stranorlar
JENKINS Andrew Ballybofey
JENKINS Samuel Mullendrett
JEOFFREY [JEFFREY] Alexander Greenhill
JERVIS Thomas Dunwiley
JOHNSTON James Woodland Dooish
JOHNSTON John, Esq. Stranorlar
JOHNSTON Miss Stranorlar
JOHNSTONE James Ballybofey
JOHNSTONE Thomas Ballybofey
JONES Charles Ballinamona
JONES James Upper Drumboe
JONES Robert Ballinamona
JONES Samuel Lower Drumboe
JONES William Castlebane
KANE Charles Gortletragh
KANE Edmond Gortletragh
KANE John Gortletragh
KATELY Samuel Ballybofey
KELLY Andrew Ballybofey
KELLY Charles Admirand
KELLY Charles Gortletragh
KELLY Charles Meenavoy
KELLY Denis Meenavoy
KELLY Hugh Meenavoy
KELLY James Meenavoy
KELLY James Mullendrett
KELLY James Stranorlar
KELLY John Creggan Falmore
KELLY John Meenavoy
KELLY Neal Liskeeran
KELLY Patt. Meenavoy
KELLY William Cappry Graham
KENNEDY John Little Dooish
KERIGANE Thomas Meenagraw
KERRIGAN [..?] Stranorlar
KERRIGAN Maurice Cunaghmore
KERRIGAN Patt. Cunaghmore
KERRIGAN Thomas Cunaghmore
KEY William Cappry Graham
KILDEA Patt. Big Dooish
KILLPATRICK Alexander Tivocmoy (Teevickmoy)
KILLPATRICK George Tivocmoy (Teevickmoy)
KILLPATRICK John Tivocmoy (Teevickmoy)
KILLPATRICK Robert Tivocmoy (Teevickmoy)
KILLPATRICK Thomas Tivocmoy (Teevickmoy)
KILPATRICK Francis Scotch Cappry
KILPATRICK James Scotch Cappry
KILPATRICK John Scotch Cappry
KILPATRICK Robert Dunwiley
KING Elizabeth Ballybofey
KNOX Mr. Ballybofey
LAIRD Samuel Ballybofey
LAIRD Samuel Woodland Dooish
LATTA James Meenavoy
LEAPER Andrew Cunaghmore
LEAPER Frank Cunaghmore
LEAPER Thomas Cunaghmore
LEAPER William Cunaghmore
LEEPER Andrew Dunwiley
LEEPER James Meenavoy
LEEPER James Upper Drumboe
LEEPER Thomas Dunwiley
LESKIN William Cunaghmore
LESLIE William Stranorlar
LITTLE Joseph Lettermackenny
LOGUE John Scotch Cappry
LONG Alexander Woodland Dooish
LOUGHREY Peter Stranorlar
LOVE Miss Dunwiley
LUKE William Backlees
LUKE William Dunwiley
LUKE William Stranorlar
LUNGAN Pat. N. W. Cappry (Scotch Cappry)
LYONS Phil. Scotch Cappry
MARLEY Michael Lettermackenny
MARTIN James Cappry (Meenbaane)
MARTIN James Cunaghmore
MARTIN Mathew Cunaghmore
MARTIN Nicholas Cunaghmore
MARTIN Thomas & co. Cunaghmore
MARTIN William Cunaghmore
MARTON Matthew Liskeeran
McANNY Neal Cunaghmore
McANULTY Charles Ballinamona
McANULTY Charles Ballybofey
McANULTY Hugh Ballybofey
McANULTY James Ballybofey
McANULTY John Ballybofey
McBREARTY Denis Cappry (Balinamona)
McBREARTY James Big Dooish
McBREARTY Patt. Big Dooish
McBRIDE Denis Big Dooish
McBRIDE F. Woodland Dooish
McBRIDE John Big Dooish
McBRIDE John Big Dooish
McBRIDE John Woodland Dooish
McBRIDE Michael Woodland Dooish
McBRIDE Neal Woodland Dooish
McBRIDE Peter Woodland Dooish
McBRIDE Widow Woodland Dooish
McBRIDE William Cappry (Mullanahose)
McCAHILL William Ballybofey
McCANE Mathew Upper Drumboe
McCARRIGHAN Edward N. W. Cappry (Scotch Cappry)
McCARRON Widow Big Dooish
McCAWLEY Robert Stranorlar
McCELLY Darby Meenagraw
McCENNA Patt. Ballybofey
McCLAY George Liskeeran
McCLAY Oliver Upper Drumboe
McCLAY Thomas Upper Drumboe
McCLAY, TAYLOR & Co.   Liskeeran
McCLEAN Daniel Shan Creggan
McCLEARY John Meenavoy
McCLURE David Kilross
McCLURE David Mullaghagarry & Teercallen
McCLURE David Tivocmoy (Teevickmoy)
McCLURE James Tivocmoy (Teevickmoy)
McCOLUMB John Scotch Cappry
McCONNELL Richard Stranorlar
McCOOL Alexander Little Dooish
McCOOL Anthony Woodland Dooish
McCOOL Edward Cunaghmore
McCOOL Edward Woodland Dooish
McCOOL James Little Dooish
McCOOL John Cunaghmore
McCOOL John Woodland Dooish
McCOOL Peter Woodland Dooish
McCOOL Shan Little Dooish
McCOOL Widow Cunaghmore
McCORMACK Ralf Meencarrigo
McCORMACK Samuel Meencarrigo
McCORMACK William Meencarrigo
McCORMICK James Dunwiley
McCORMICK James Stranorlar (near the bridge)
McCORMICK John Ballybofey
McCORMICK Patt. Ballybofey
McCORMICK Robert Big Dooish
McCORMICK William Stranorlar (near the bridge)
McCREA William Ballybofey
McCREADY John Ballybofey
McCREADY William Cunaghmore
McCRUDDEN John Woodland Dooish
McCRUDDEN Patrick Little Dooish
McCRUDDEN Widow Woodland Dooish
McCUNEA Michael Ballybofey
McCURDY James Meenacrumlin
McCURDY James Meencarrigo
McDERMOT Michael Lower Creggan
McDERMOTT James Cappry (Meenanalt/ Meenanilta)
McDERMOTT John Cappry (Meenanalt/ Meenanilta)
McDERMOTT Neal Meenacrumlin
McDERMOTT Patt. Ballybofey
McDERMOTT William Ballinamona
McDERMOTT William Cappry (Meenanalt/ Meenanilta)
McENTIRE Peter Ballybofey
McFADEN Michael Ballinamona
McGEE George Aughasheal
McGEE George & co. Creggan Mintifinigan
McGEE George, Jun. Creggan Maghercarr
McGEE George, Jun. Scotch Cappry
McGEE George, Sen. Creggan Maghercarr
McGEE George, Sen. Scotch Cappry
McGEE Hugh Aughasheal
McGEE James Ballybofey
McGEE James Scotch Cappry
McGEE James Scotch Cappry
McGEE James Scotch Cappry
McGEE James Stranorlar
McGEE James (of Creggin) Scotch Cappry
McGEE John Scotch Cappry
McGEE John, Jun. Scotch Cappry
McGEE Mary Creggan Wood
McGEE Richard Lettermackenny
McGEE Robert Big Dooish
McGEE Robert Mullendrett
McGEE Robert N. W. Cappry (Scotch Cappry)
MCGEE Robert Treenamullin
McGEE Thomas Ballinaglack
McGEE William Creggan (Culinavoe)
McGHEE James Big Dooish
McGHEE Robert Big Dooish
McGINLEY John N. W. Cappry (Scotch Cappry)
McGINLEY Patt. N. W. Cappry (Scotch Cappry)
McGINLEY Widow Ballinaglack
McGINLY James Mullendrett
McGINLY William Ballinaglack
McGINTY Owen Meenacrumlin
McGLINSHEY Arthur Cunaghmore
McGLINSHY Henry Stranorlar
McGLINSHY James Cappry (Meenanalt/ Meenanilta)
McGLOUGHLIN Patt. Stranorlar
McGOLRICK Francis Ballybofey
McGOWANE John Mullendrett
McGRANAGHAN James Ballybofey
McGRANAHAN Daniel Ballybofey
McGRORY Michael Meenacrumlin
McGUNEGAL William Little Dooish
McHOLE Samuel Mullaghagarry & Teercallen
McHUGH John Scotch Cappry
McKINLEY Ralph Gortletragh
McLAUGHLIN John Woodland Dooish
McLAUGHLIN Patt. Ballybofey
McLOUGHLIN James Gortletragh
McLOUGHLIN Owen Scotch Cappry
McMANUS Patt. Ballybofey
McMENAMEN Edward Little Dooish
McMENAMEN James Big Dooish
McMENAMEN James Little Dooish
McMENAMEN Patt. Big Dooish
McMENAMEN Peter Stranorlar
McMENAMEN Widow Big Dooish
McMENAMEN William Stranorlar
McMENAMON [..?] Ballybofey
McMENAMON Francis Ballybofey
McMENAMON Neal Ballybofey
McNULTY Charles Cappry (Balinamona)
McNULTY Denis Scotch Cappry
McNULTY James Cappry (Balinamona)
McNULTY John Ballybofey
McPHENLON Patt. Ballybofey
McSHANE Hugh Lettermackenny
McSHANE P. Lettermackenny
McSWINE Maslin Ballybofey
McTEAGUE Edward Stranorlar
McTEAGUE James Ballybofey
McTEAGUE Owen Cappry Graham
McTEAGUE Patt. Cappry Graham
MEEHAN Owen Meenagraw
MEEHAN Patrick Meencarrigo
MILLER Andrew Stranorlar
MITCHELL Samuel Knockfare
MONAGHAN Michael Ballybofey
MONDAY Hugh N. W. Cappry (Scotch Cappry)
MOOR James Scotch Cappry
MORROW Robert Liskeeran
MORROW Thomas Liskeeran
MORROW Thomas Meenavoy
MULHOLLAND Dennis Big Dooish
MULRINE Hugh Ballybofey
NEELANDS Andrew Lower Drumboe
NELSON William Ballybofey
NESBIT [..?] Ballybofey
NESBITT Alexander Lower Drumboe
NESBITT E. Lower Drumboe
NESBITT John Lower Drumboe
NESBITT John Lower Drumboe
NESBITT William Upper Drumboe
NICHOLL Samuel Lettermackenny
NUCE...? John Ballybofey
O’DONNEL Connel N. W. Cappry (Scotch Cappry)
O’DONNEL John Cappry Graham
O’DONNEL John Cunaghmore
O’DONNEL John Woodland Dooish
O’DONNEL Michael Scotch Cappry
O’DONNEL Widow Woodland Dooish
O’DONNEL William Cappry Graham
O’DONNELL Hugh Ballybofey
O’DONNELL John Stranorlar
O’DONNELL Neal & partners Tangue
PATTEN [..?] Dunwiley
PATTEN Hugh Stranorlar
PATTEN James Stranorlar
PATTEN John Dunwiley
PATTEN Owen Creggan Wood
PATTEN T. Dunwiley
PATTON Thomas Mullaghagarry & Teercallen
PATTON William Ballinaglack
PATTON William Upper Drumboe
POLLOCK David Meenavoy
POLLOCK James Liskeeran
POLLOCK James Meenavoy
POLLOCK John Ballybofey
POLLOCK John Lettermackenny
POLLOCK John Meenavoy
POLLOCK John Tivocmoy (Teevickmoy)
POLLOCK Joseph Tivocmoy (Teevickmoy)
POLLOCK Richard Meenavoy
POLLOCK Samuel Liskeeran
POLLOCK Widow Meenavoy
POLLOCK William Liskeeran
QUIGLEY [..?] Little Dooish
QUIGLEY Charles Ballybofey
QUIGLEY Charles N W Cappry (Scotch Cappry)
QUIGLEY Peter N. W. Cappry (Scotch Cappry)
QUIGLEY Thomas N. W. Cappry (Scotch Cappry)
QUIGLEY William N. W. Cappry (Scotch Cappry)
QUIGLY Anthony Lettermackenny
QUIN Charles Ballybofey
QUIN Hugh Ballinamona
QUIN Margery Ballybofey
QUIN Michael Ballybofey
QUIN Peter Ballybofey
QUINN Owen Big Dooish
QUINN Owen N. W. Cappry (Scotch Cappry)
QUINN Peter N. W. Cappry (Scotch Cappry)
QUINN Thomas N. W. Cappry (Scotch Cappry)
RAMSEY Alexander Big Dooish
REDE James Lettermackenny
REDE Joseph Lettermackenny
REED T. Ballybofey
REED William Backlees
REELEY James Ballybofey
REELEY Thomas, Jun. N. W. Cappry (Scotch Cappry)
REELEY Thomas, Sen. N. W. Cappry (Scotch Cappry)
REILLY James Ballybofey
ROONEY [..?] Kilross
ROONEY James Stranorlar
RUDDEN Michael Ballybofey
RUSSELL John Ballybofey
RUSSELL Miss Stranorlar
SCOTT James Lower Drumboe
SHANE Patt. Lettermackenny
SHANKLING John Liskeeran
SHARKEY Michael N. W. Cappry (Scotch Cappry)
SHEALE Hugh Ballybofey
SHEEL Charles Meenagraw
SHEIL John Stranorlar
SHEIL Pat. Stranorlar
SLEVINE Giles Ballybofey
SLEVINE Patt. Ballinaglack
SLEVINE Richard Cunaghmore
SMULLEN Widow Meenavoy
SMULLIN William Stranorlar
SNODGRASS Thomas Dunwiley
SPEARS John, Esq. Tivocmoy (Teevickmoy)
SPENCE Francis Mullendrett
SPROULE Doctor Ballybofey
SPROULE Robert Ballybofey
STEELE Rev. Mr. Stranorlar
STEEN Thomas Stranorlar
STEENE Thomas Admirand
STEVENSON George Scotch Cappry
STEWARD Charles Stranorlar
STEWARD James Stranorlar
STEWART H. Gortletragh
STEWART H. Knockfare
STEWART H. Lisnaree
STEWART Henry Kilross
STEWART Joseph Big Dooish
STEWART Mr. Mullaghagarry & Teercallen
STEWART Mr. Tivocmoy (Teevickmoy)
STEWART William Kilross
STUART John Big Dooish
STUART Robert Big Dooish
TATE [..?] Mullaghagarry & Teercallen
TATE John Dunwiley
TATE John Stranorlar
TATE Mr. Stranorlar
TAYLOR Daniel Liskeeran
TAYLOR Robert Ballybofey
TAYLOR William Ballybofey
TAYLOR William Liskeeran
TEMPLE James Ballybofey
TEMPLE James Big Dooish
TERDIN? [..?] Ballybofey
THOMPSON William Woodland Dooish
TINNY Eleanor Stranorlar
TONER John Ballybofey
TUMMONEY Alexander Dunwiley
WADDLE James Dunwiley
WADDLE James Stranorlar
WALKER James Admirand
WALKER John Admirand
WALKER William Admirand
WALKER William Stranorlar
WALLWOOD John Dunwiley
WALLWOOD John Stranorlar
WALSH Patt. N W Cappry (Scotch Cappry)
WALSH William Big Dooish
WALWOOD John Lower Drumboe
WERRYLAW Robert Treenamullin
WILSON David Kilross
WILSON George Liskeeran
WILSON George Liskeeran
WILSON John Dunwiley
WILSON John Greenhill
WILSON Mathew Liskeeran
WILSON Oliver Ballybofey
WILSON Oliver Creggan (Culinavoe)
WILSON William Gortletragh
WOODS James Ballybofey

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