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Tyrone Presentment Sessions, Omagh, Summer Assizes 1860

Extracted from the Tyrone Constitution, April 27, 1860
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

For an explanation of the function of this body:



Under the Act 6 & 7 Wm. IV., c. 116 and 7 Wm. IV., c.2


At GORTIN, for the UPPER HALF BARONY OF STRABANE, on MONDAY, 14th MAY, 1860, at the hour of Eleven o’clock in the morning, and from thence to Six o’clock in the evening, before the Magistrates then and then assembled, and a number not exceeding SIX, of the following highest Cesspayers of said Barony, to be then and there selected by ballot, and appointed pursuant to the said Act, viz : -

1. Mr. William J. RUTLEDGE, Mountjoy, Omagh

2. Mr. Montgomery ARMSTRONG, Bunnynubber, Omagh

3. Mr. David SCOTT, Tatnagole, Omagh

4. Mr. Miller BARBER, Calkill, Omagh

5. Mr. Walter McFARLAND, Fecarry, Omagh

6. Mr. John CARSON, Cranny, Omagh

7. Mr. William McCULLAGH, Legandahussy, Gortin

8. Mr. Daniel McKELVEY, Dunbunraver, Gortin

9. Mr. James DEERY, Teebane, Gortin

10. Mr. William HAMILTON, Dunbunraver, Gortin

11. Mr. John McFARLAND, Letterbratt, Gortin

12. Mr. James McFARLAND, Barness, Gortin


At STRABANE, for the LOWER HALF Barony of STRABANE, on WEDNESDAY, 16th MAY, 1860, at the hour of Eleven o‘clock in the morning:-

1. Mr. William McCLOY, Newtownstewart

2. Mr. Robert HOEY, Erginagh, Castlederg

3. Mr. William PATTERSON, Pubble, Newtownstewart

4. Mr. Robert McCREA, Grange, Strabane

5. Mr. Godfrey McNEILL, Dullerton, Strabane

6. Mr. Joseph BOGLE, Castlemellon, Strabane

7. Mr. Samuel BROWN, Drumnabuoy, Strabane

8. Mr. William RAMSAY, Strabane

9. Mr. William McCREA, Leckpatrick, Strabane

10. Mr. Albert R. ROSS, Woodend, Strabane

11. Mr. John ADAMS, Ballyfatton, Strabane

12. Mr. Alexander BROWN, Magheragar, Strabane


At CASTLEDERG, for the Barony of WEST OMAGH, on FRIDAY, 18th MAY, 1860, at the hour of Eleven o‘clock in the morning:-

1. Mr. Charles HEMPHILL, Luremore, Castlederg

2. Mr. John COLHOUN, Castlegore, Castlederg

3. Mr. Edward HEMPHILL, Castlederg

4. Mr. William GAMBLE, Drumgallon, Castlederg

5. Mr. Charles IRWIN, Bomacatall, Drumquin

6. Mr. Samuel CALDWELL, Scralee, Killeter

7. Mr. John BARCLAY, Ardarver, Killeter

8. Mr. James TURNER, Drumnaforbe, Drumquin

9. Mr. John GRAHAM, Coolkeeragh, Omagh

10. Mr. Gerard JOHNSTON, Leganvey, Drumquin

11. Mr. Thomas McFARLAND, Kilcleen, Castlederg

12. Mr. Arthur IRWIN, Coolnacrunaght, Castlederg


At CLOGHER, for the Barony of CLOGHER, on MONDAY, 21st MAY, 1860, at the hour of Eleven o‘clock in the morning:-

1. Mr. William CRAWFORD, Fintona

2. Mr. James RAMSAY, Donaghmeen, Fivemiletown

3. Mr. Thomas MANN, Bloomhill, Ballygawley

4. Mr. John RIDDALL, Ballygawley

5. William CALDWELL, Esq., Clogher

6. Mr. William BARNET, Ballagh, Clogher

7. Mr. Edward MENAUL, Fivemiletown

8. Mr. William ELLIOTT, Corboe, Clogher

9. Mr. Robert MOORE, Aughafad, Fintona

10. Mr. Stewart LITTLE, Augher

11. Mr. Charles MITCHELL, Raveagh, Fintona

12. Captain Mervyn VESEY, Derrabard, Fintona


At CALEDON, for the Barony of LOWER DUNGANNON, on TUESDAY, 22nd MAY, 1860, at the hour of Eleven o‘clock in the morning:-

1. Edward K. EVANS, Esq., Annaroe, Caledon

2. William SWAN, jun., Esq., Limepark, Caledon

3. Mr. Charles WILSON, Caledon

4. Hunt W. CHAMBRE, Esq., Crilly, Aughnacloy

5. Mr. John BEATTY, Mulnahunch, Castlecaulfield

6. Mr. John WRIGHT, Tullyremond, Caledon

7. Mr. Francis LITTLE, Aughnacloy

8. Mr. James McKINLEY, Bocketts, Ballygawley

9. Mr. John HADDEN, Gowlan, Aughnacloy

10. Mr. William STEENSON, Cluntyfallow, Aughnacloy

11. Mr. Robert SIMPSON, Cullintra, Aughnacloy

12. Mr. David BARBER, Mullaghmore, Caledon


At DUNGANNON, for the Barony of MIDDLE DUNGANNON, on WEDNESDAY, 23rd MAY, 1860, at the hour of Eleven o‘clock in the morning:-

1. Mr. William J. BARCROFT, Altnavanog, Grange, Moy

2. Mr. Samuel CARLISLE, Culrevog, Moy

3. Mr. Alexander LEE, Coole, Coalisland

4. John LITTLE, Esq., Stewartstown

5. Mr. James ANDERSON, Ross, Stewartstown

6. James YOUNG, Esq., Annaguinea, Dungannon

7. Mr. James BROWN, Donaghmore, Dungannon

8. Mr. John WILSON, Coolhill, Dungannon

9. Mr. Robert BURNS, Ballynakelly Coalisland

10. James BROWN, Esq., Dungannon

11. Mr. John HOGG, Culrennan, Pomeroy

12. Mr. James DOUGLAS, Stughan, New Mills


At COOKSTOWN, for the Barony of UPPER DUNGANNON, on THURSDAY, 24th MAY, 1860, at the hour of Eleven o‘clock in the morning:-

1. Thomas ADAIR, Esq., Gortalowry, Cookstown

2. Mr. James STANTON, Coolreagh, Cookstown

3. Mr. Glasgow LITTLE, Drumearn, Cookstown

4. Mr. Hugh O’NEILL Broghderg, Cookstown

5. Mr. James HENRY, Montober, Kildress, Cookstown

6. Mr. Charles MOOREHEAD, Drum

7. John WHITE, Esq., Limepark, Tullyhogue, Dungannon

8. Mr. George HEWITT, Tolvin, Rock, Dungannon

9. Mr. John CHAMBERS, Ballymaguire, Stewartstown

10. John LITTLE, Esq., Stewartstown

11. Mr. James HUNTER, Back, Stewartstown

12. Mr. Thomas BELL, Drumconvis, Coagh, Moneymore


At OMAGH, for the Barony of EAST OMAGH and the COUNTY AT LARGE, on TUESDAY, 29th MAY, 1860, at the hour of Ten o‘clock in the morning:-

1. Mr. Archibald TODD, Loughmacrory, Carrickmore

2. Mr. Robert CRAWFORD, Copney, Carrickmore

3. Mr. Corry COULSON, Camowen, Omagh

4. Mr. Arthur GALBRAITH, Beragh

5. Mr. William OSBORNE, Mullaghmore, Omagh

6. Mr. William WHITE, Rylands, Omagh

7. Mr. John McMASTER, Omagh

8. Mr. Matthew GUY, Drumlish, Dromore

9. Mr. Matthew ANDERSON, Mullaghbane, Dromore

10. Michael George BURKE, Esq., Corkil, Trillick

11. Mr. Gerard IRWIN, Feglish, Trillick

12. Mr. William McCLELLAND, Drumconly, Omagh


Thursday, the 3rd MAY, will be the last day for lodging Applications.

The Secretary’s Office will be open on and after FRIDAY, 20th APRIL

The Secretary’s Office in Strabane will be open on TUESDAY, the 1st MAY only.

At Lent Assizes 1852, the Grand Jury ordered “That no Application be received at Sessions, such as have been previously notified to the Assistant Surveyor, when on his rounds in the District for which each presentment in sought”.

Ordered, at Summer Assizes, 1853, “That in future all Memorials to the Grand Jury from Road Contractors shall be lodged with the Secretary to the Grand Jury at least Fourteen Days previous to the meeting of Grand Jury at Assizes”.

The following resolution was unanimously adopted by the Magistrates and Cesspayers at Presentment Sessions, for each of the following Baronies, viz.- Middle and Upper Dungannon, and West Omagh, in January last:- “Resolved, that no Application for the Cutting of a Hill shall be hereafter be taken into consideration at the Presentment Sessions of this Barony, unless the Application there shall have been lodged with the Secretary, a plan and section of such proposed work, showing the elevation of the hill intended to be cut and the gradient of the proposed improvement, and the extent of land, if any, to be taken from the adjoining farms by such cutting or the filling incident thereto”.

All Expenditures on Affidavit must be lodged with the Secretary of the Grand Jury Fourteen Days previous to the meeting of Grand Jury at Assizes.