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Tyrone Presentment Sessions, Omagh, Co. Tyrone, Lent Assizes 1856

Extracted from the Tyrone Constitution, December 7 1855
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

For an explanation of the function of this body:




Under the Act of 7 WM. IV, chap. 116, and 7 WM IV, chap. 2

At CLOGHER, for the BARONY of CLOGHER, on MONDAY, 7th JANUARY, at the hour of Eleven o‘clock, in the morning, and from thence until Six o‘clock in the evening, before the Magistrates then and there assembled, and a number, not exceeding Six of the following Cesspayers of said Barony, to be then and there selected by ballot, and appointed pursuant to the provisions of said Act, viz:-

1 Alexander STOREY, Esq., Corick, Clogher

2. William MANN, Esq., Fivemiletown

3. Mr. David CAIRNS, Drumcullion, Ballygawley

4. Mr. John SMITH, Cavanakirk, Fivemiletown

5. Mr. David ELLISON, Shantona, Fivemiletown

6. Mr. Hugh MOORE, Crossbuoy, Ballygawley

7. Mr. William MORROW, Kilrudden, Clogher

8. Mr. Joseph WALLACE, Ballaghneed, Augher

9. Mr. Charles MITCHELL, Raveagh, Fintona

10. Mr. John GRAHAM, Fintona

11. Mr. James TRIMBLE, Clogher

12. Mr. Beaver BUCHANAN, Tullybroom, Clogher


At AUGHNACLOY, for the LOWER BARONY of DUNGANNON on TUESDAY, 8th JANUARY 1856 at the hour of Eleven o’clock in the morning

1. Mr. William SWAN, jun., Limepark, Caledon

2. Cecil MOORE, Esq., Cottage Hill, Aughnacloy

3. Mr. John BARR, Annacramp, Caledon

4. Mr. John WILKIN, Tannaghlane, Caledon

5. Mr. Andrew McCREIGHT, Crilly, Aughnacloy

6. Mr. Nathaniel MAYNE, Rehaughey, Aughnacloy

7. Mr. David BEATTY, Mulnahunch, Castlecaulfield

8. Mr. William STINSON, Clintyfallow, Aughnacloy

9. Mr. James McKINLEY, Bockets, Ballygawley

10. Mr. Nathaniel DUFF, Dergany, Ballygawley

11. Mr. Joshua WRIGHT, Mullamore, Caledon

12. Mr. Francis WRIGHT, Ballyvaddy, Caledon


At DUNGANNON, for the MIDDLE BARONY of DUNGANNON, on WEDNESDAY, 9th JANUARY, 1856, at Eleven o’clock in the morning

1. Mr. Charles WOODS, Moygashell, Dungannon

2. Mr. Joseph KIDD, Culkeerin, Moy

3. Mr. James C. LITTLE, Stewartstown

4. Frederick HARRIS, Esq., Killymurphy, Stewartstown

5. Richard LLOYD, Esq., Tamnamore, Moy

6. James SCOTT, Esq., Bloomhill, Newmills

7. Charles STANLEY, Esq., Roughan, Newmills

8. Mr. Hill RICHARDSON, Augharany, Dungannon

9. Mr. Alexander LEE, Coole, Stewartstown

10. Mr. Thomas A. DICKSON, Dungannon

11. James BROWN, Esq., Dungannon

12. Mr. Daniel SHIELDS, Altmore, Pomeroy


At COOKSTOWN, for the UPPER BARONY of DUNGANNON, on THURSDAY, 10th JANUARY, 1856, at the hour of Eleven o’clock in the morning

1. Thomas ADAIR, Esq., Greenvale, Cookstown

2. Mr. John McCORMICK, Cookstown

3. Mr. John WHITE, Limepark, Tullyhogue

4. Mr. William KEE, Pomeroy

5. Mr. John THOMB, Tirmacshane, Cookstown

6. Mr. Robert McGAGHEY, Tattykeel, Cookstown

7. Mr. Arthur GORMLEY, Unagh, Cookstown

8. Mr. Thomas McREYNOLDS, Edenreagh, Artrea

9. Mr. John SLOAN, Tullyweeney, Artrea

10. Mr. Robert COWAN, Urble, Coagh

11. Mr. Robert MEGAW, Eary, Stewartstown

12. Mr. William STEWART, Gortical, Stewartstown


At GORTIN, for the UPPER HALF BARONY of STRABANE, on MONDAY, 14th JANUARY, 1856, at Eleven o’clock in the morning

1. Mr. Andrew McGILDOWNEY, Tully, Omagh

2. Mr. Andrew TODD, Lislimnaghan, Omagh

3. William F. BLACK, Esq., Lislap, Omagh

4. Mr. David SCOTT, Tatnagole, Omagh

5. Mr. Daniel McKELVEY, Rylands, Gortin

6. Mr. John McFARLAND, Liscable, Gortin

7. Mr. Samuel McFARLAND, Gortin

8. Mr. John HUNTER, Droit, Gortin

9. Mr. James McFARLAND, Barness, Gortin

10. Mr. Lawrence DUFFY, Goles, Gortin

11. Mr. John McFARLAND, Learden, Gortin

12. Mr. Millar BARBER, Calkill, Omagh


At STRABANE, for the LOWER HALF BARONY of STRABANE, on TUESDAY, 15th JANUARY, 1856, at the hour of Eleven o’clock in the morning

1. Mr. Charles LOVE, Crew, Castlederg

2. James R. AUCHINLECK, Esq., Mulvin, Strabane

3. Mr. Alexander MOORE, Grange, Newtownstewart

4. Mr. Robert McCREA, Grangefoyle, Strabane

5. Mr. William CLARK, Lisdivin, Strabane

6. Charles SEATON, Esq., Donemanagh

7. Mr. John STEWART, Liskey, Strabane

8. Mr. George GORDON, Strabane

9. Mr. David SMITH, Artigarvan, Strabane

10. Mr. William SIGERSON, Hollyhill, Strabane

11. Mr. John ENTRICAN, Gortlogher, Sion, Strabane

12. Mr. John ADAMS, Ballyfatton, Strabane


At CASTLEDERG, for the BARONY of WEST OMAGH, on THURSDAY, 17th JANUARY, 1856, at Eleven o’clock in the morning

1. Mr. Samuel CALDWELL, Scralea, Castlederg

2. Mr. James NETHERY, Unchany, Drumquin

3. Mr. Edward DOHERTY, Cornavarrow, Drumquin

4. Mr. William GAMBLE, Drumgallon, Castlederg

5. Mr. John GRAHAM. Coolkeeragh, Drumquin

6. Mr. William HARPER, Lackagh, Castlederg

7. Mr. James KNOX, Kilcleen. Castlederg

8. Mr. James KING, Laught, Drumquin

9. Mr. John MATHEWSON, Clare, Castlederg

10. Mr. John MATHEWS, Lisnacloon, Castlederg

11. Mr. Christopher TURNER, Magherinny, Drumquin

12. Mr. Andrew HAMILTON, Castlederg


At OMAGH, for the BARONY of EAST OMAGH, and COUNTY at LARGE, on FRIDAY 18th JANUARY, 1856, at the hour of Ten o’clock in the morning

1. Michael BURKE, Esq., Corkhill, Trillick

2. Mr. Corry COULSON, Camowen, Omagh

3. Mr. Charles SPROULE, Grannon, Drumquin

4. Mr. Matthew ANDERSON, Mullaghbane, Omagh

5. Mr. George WHITE, Beagh, Omagh

6. Mr. William HENDERSON, Omagh

7. Mr. Ephraim LOVE, Aney Omagh

8. Mr. John MACKEY, Legacurry, Seskinore

9. Mr. William BUCHANAN, Deroran, Omagh

10. Mr. James HAMILTON, Aughnamoe, Dromore

11. Mr. Robert COULTER, Cornabracken, Omagh

12. Mr. Archibald OSBORNE, Dernaseer, Dromore

THURSDAY, the 27th DECEMBER, up to Four o’clock, will be the last day for receiving Applications. The Secretary’s Office will be open on and after the 15th DECEMBER, to give out and receive Applications.

At Lent Assizes, 1852, the Grand Jury ordered “That no application be received at Sessions, except such as have been previously notified to the Assistant Surveyor, when on his rounds in the District for which such Presentment is sought”.

At the same Assizes, the Grand Jury ordered “That no Application for Reimbursements shall be considered at Presentment Sessions that have been twice rejected, either at Sessions or by the Grand Jury”.

Ordered, at Summer Assizes, 1853, “That in future all Memorials to the Grand Jury from Road Contractors shall be lodged with the Secretary of the Grand Jury at least Fourteen Days previous to the Assizes”. All Expenditures on Affidavit must be lodged with the Secretary of the Grand Jury Fourteen Days previous to the Assizes. BURLEIGH STUART, Secretary.