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Index to the Tithe Applotment Book, Loughgall Parish, Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland 1828

PRONI Ref. FIN 5A/206
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia
Loughgall Parish, Co. Armagh. Courtesy of



Tithe was a tax on all agricultural land (originally one tenth of the produce) excepting only church lands, glebes and urban areas and was paid by leaseholders and occupiers of all religious denominations to the clergy of the Established Church of Ireland. There was growing resentment against this tax, especially by Presbyterians and Catholics, particularly in the period of distress after 1815 and the government was forced to give way and introduce the Tithe Composition Act 1823 which replaced payment in kind by payment in cash.

In order to effect this change, all agricultural land across the country was required to be surveyed and applotted, or valued. During the period 1823 to 1837, a Tithe Applotment Survey was made in each civil parish across the whole of Ireland to determine the value of tithe payable by different landholders. Two people were appointed by each parish to carry out this assessment. The material was arranged by civil parish and townland in volumes known as TITHE APPLOTMENT BOOKS.

In some parishes more than one survey was taken, whilst in others the manuscript has not survived. The books for all Ireland, compiled between 1823 and 1837, are now deposited in the National Archives of Ireland, Dublin and Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI)., Belfast.

These tithe books are arranged by townland and record the names of leaseholders, the area of their farm subject to tithe, sometimes the quality of the land and an overall valuation and occasionally the names of landlords. Researchers should be aware that cottiers who did not hold land are not recorded, and unaccountably, some types of land were passed over entirely; a field of potatoes attracted a tithe payment in one parish, but not in that adjoining.

Those researchers who are fortunate to locate a forebear in the Tithe Applotment Books may find it possible to take their research back a further generation prior to Griffiths Valuation.


Townland Townland Townland Townland
Aghinlig Altaturk Annaghmacmanus Annaghmore
Annasamry Ardress East Ardress West Ballygasey
Ballymagerny Ballytyrone Causanagh Charlemont, Borough of
Clonmain Cloven Eden Coragh Corr and Dunavally
Derrycoose Derrycrew Drumart Drumharriff
Drumilly Drumnasoo Dunavally and Corr Eagralougher
Fernagreevagh Keenaghan Kinnegoe Kishaboy
Legavilly Levalleglish Lislasly Lisneany
Lissheffield Loughgall Mullaghbane Mullaghmore
Mullanasilla Rathdrumgran Tirmacrannon Turcarra



Townland Townland Townland Townland
Altaturk Anaghmore Anamacmanus Anasamry (or Summer Island)
Ardress (East) Ardress (West) Aughanlig Ballygawsey
Ballymagerny Ballytyrone Caushnagh Charlemont (Borough of)
Clonmain Cloveneden Coragh Derrycoose
Derrycrew Donavalley Drumart Drumheriff
Drumilly Drumnasoo Egrolougher Keenaghan
Kinnego Ligwilly Lisheffield Lisneany
Liveleglish Loughgall Mullaghbawn Mullaghmore
Mullinasilly Rathdrumgran Slish-Slash (or Lislosley) Ternagreevah
Tirmacrannon Turkerry




Surname Given Name Townland
ABRAHAM John Derrycree
ADDY William Lisneany
ADDY William Loughgall
ALDERDICE David Charlemont (Borough of)
ALDERDICE David Donavalley
ALEXANDER Henry Kinnego
ALEXANDER James Cloveneden
ALEXANDER John Anasamry
ALEXANDER Wm Tirmacrannon
ALLEN Benjamin Drumheriff
ALLEN Henry Derrycrew
ALLEN Jacob Ternagreevah
ALLEN John Ternagreevah
ALLEN Robert Derrycrew
ALLEN William Ardress East
ALLEN William Derrycree
ANDERSON Henry, Junr. Anasamry
ANDERSON Henry, Senr. Anasamry
ANDERSON James Ardress East
ANDERSON Stephen Tirmacrannon
ANDERSON Stephen, Junr. Anasamry
ANDERSON Stephen, Senr. Anasamry
ANDERSON Thomas Anasamry
ANDERSON Widow Tirmacrannon
ANDERSON Wm. Anasamry
ARDREY David Clonmain
ASTON Anne Cloveneden
ASTON James Ardress West
ASTON Joseph Coragh
ASTON Saml. Cloveneden
ATKINSON Charles, Esq. Clonmain
ATKINSON Chas. Clonmain
ATKINSON Chas., Esq. Clonmain
BALLANTINE Alexander Charlemont (Borough of)
BARNES John Cloveneden
BARRET William Altaturk
BARRETT John D. Altaturk
BARRETT Mrs. M. J. Altaturk
BARTLEY Alexr. Slish-Slash (Lislosley)
BATES George Ballygawsey
BAXTER Jno. Clonmain
BEGGS Nathaniel Ballygawsey
BELL David Caushnagh
BELL David Derrycrew
BELL James Derrycrew
BELL John Derrycrew
BELL Thomas Derrycrew
BENNETT George Aughanlig
BENNETT Thomas Charlemont (Borough of)
BENNETT Thomas Keenaghan
BENNETT Thomas Slish-Slash (Lislosley)
BENNETT Thos. Donavalley
BENNETT Thos. Slish-Slash (Lislosley)
BENNETT Wm. Slish-Slash (Lislosley)
BERRY James Clonmain
BERRY John Kinnego
BERRY John Tirmacrannon
BERRY Mary Clonmain
BEST John Egrolougher
BEVERIDGE Sgt. Donavalley
BOGGS Nathaniel Drumilly
BOND William Clonmain
BOYCE Elisha Ballytyrone
BOYD Bernard Cloveneden
BRADLEY Joseph Charlemont (Borough of)
BRADY John Charlemont (Borough of]
BRANNIGAN John Caushnagh
BRANNON Charles Ballytyrone
BRANNON Mary Ardress West
BRANNON Patrick Mullaghmore
BRANNON Wm. Lisheffield
BROTHERS Thos. Tirmacrannon
BROTHERS Widow Tirmacrannon
BROTHERS Wm Tirmacrannon
BROWN John Derrycoose
BROWN Matilda Coragh
BROWN Robert Derrycrew
BROWN Samuel Cloveneden
BROWNLEE John Kinnego
BROWNLEE Wm. Kinnego
BROWNLEE Wm. Tirmacrannon
BRYANS Fras. Donavalley
BUCKLEY William Derrycoose
BURGESS Thomas Coragh
BURNS James Ardress East
BURROWS James, Junr. Slish-Slash (Lislosley)
BURROWS James, Senr. Kinnego
BURROWS James, Senr Slish-Slash (Lislosley)
BURROWS Jas., Junr. Kinnego
BURROWS John Kinnego
BYERS William Charlemont (Borough of)
BYERS William Slish-Slash (Lislosley)
CALLAGHAN Dennis Liveleglish
CAMPBELL Felix, Junr. Derrycrew
CAMPBELL Felix, Senr. Derrycrew
CAMPBELL George Ardress East
CAMPBELL Grimes Aughanlig
CAMPBELL Henry Derrycrew
CAMPBELL John Derrycrew
CAMPBELL Owen Clonmain
CAMPBELL Patrick Derrycrew
CAMPBELL Patrick Keenaghan
CAMPBELL Peter Ardress West
CANOVAN [CANAVAN] Elenor Loughgall
CAPPAGH Alexander Egrolougher
CARBERRY Daniel Mullinasilly
CARBERRY Thomas Ballytyrone
CARDLE [CARDWELL] Anne Egrolougher
CARDWELL Jno., Mr. Loughgall
CARDWELL Robert Egrolougher
CARDWELL Robt. Cloveneden
CARDWELL Simon Cloveneden
CARDWELL Thomas Cloveneden
CARR Hugh Coragh
CARROL [CARROLL] Thomas Derrycree
CARROLL James Derrycrew
CARROLL Saml. Mullaghmore
CARROLL William Derrycrew
CARSON Martha Lisneany
CASEY Henry Aughanlig
CASEY James Aughanlig
CASEY John Aughanlig
CASEY Patrick Ardress West
CASSIDAY [CASSIDY] Dennis Anaghmore
CAUGHLEY John Cloveneden
CAULFIELD Hon. Henry Drumnasoo
CHARLEMONT Earl of Donavalley
CHARLEMONT Earl of Donavalley (Bog)
CHERRY David Liveleglish
CHERRY Mr. Robert Drumheriff
CHERRY Mr. Robert Loughgall
CHERRY Richard Ballymagerny
CHERRY Richard Ballytyrone
CHERRY Robert Ballymagerny
CHERRY Robert Lisneany
CHERRY Robert, Junr. Ballymagerny
CHERRY Sarah Ballymagerny
CHERRY William Anasamry
CHRISTY William Ballygawsey
CLARK Walter, Esq. Egrolougher
CLARKE Abraham Donavalley
CLARKE Earnest Donavalley
CLARKE Edward Charlemont (Borough of)
CLARKE Edward Donavalley
CLARKE James Ardress East
CLARKE John Ardress East
CLARKE John Donavalley
CLARKE Joseph Donavalley
CLARKE Thomas Ardress East
CLARKE Thomas Liveleglish
CLARKE Walter, Esq Derrycree (Bog)
CLARKE William Ardress East
CLARN Hugh Derrycree (Bog)
COIN [COYNE] John Liveleglish
COLGAN Henry Clonmain
COLGAN Peter Ardress East
COLLIGAN George Anaghmore
COMPTON Henry Egrolougher
COMPTON Widow Keenaghan
COMPTON William Ballymagerny
CONAWAY [CONWAY] Michl. Clonmain
CONLAN Arthur Drumnasoo
CONLAN Arthur Mullinasilly
CONLAN George Donavalley
CONLAN James Ballygawsey
CONLAN Jane Clonmain
CONLAN John Ballygawsey
CONLAN John Mullinasilly
CONLAN Larry Liveleglish
CONNOR Charles Lisheffield
CONNOR Daniel Ballytyrone
CONNOR James Lisheffield
CONNOR John Lisheffield
CONNOR Patrick Mullinasilly
CONNOR Thomas Lisheffield
CONNOR Thomas, Senr. Lisheffield
CONOLLY Patrick Aughanlig
CONOLLY Wm. Aughanlig
CONWAY Francis Clonmain
CONWAY John Clonmain
CONWAY Michael Clonmain
CONWAY Owen Cloveneden
CONWAY William Ballytyrone
COOK John Derrycrew
COOK John Lisneany
COOK William Ballygawsey
COOK William Drumnasoo
COOPER Jane Cloveneden
COOPER Tobias Cloveneden
COPE A., Esq Ballygawsey
COPE Arthur, Esq Ballytyrone
COPE Arthur, Esq Lisneany
COPE Arthur, Esq. Drumheriff
COPE Arthur, Esq. Liveleglish
COPE Arthur, Esq. Loughgall
COPE Mrs. Anaghmore (Bog)
COPE Mrs. Ballytyrone
COPE Mrs. Drumilly
COPE Mrs. Kinnego
CORR Alan Caushnagh
CORR Daniel Clonmain
CORR James Clonmain
CORR James Mullaghmore
CORRAN [CURRAN?] James Drumart
CORRIGAN Richd. Slish-Slash (Lislosley)
CORRIGAN Robert Charlemont (Borough of)
CORRIGAN Robert Keenaghan
CORRIGAN Saml. Keenaghan
CORRIGAN Samuel Anasamry
COTTER Joseph Derrycree
COTTER Robert Derrycoose
COYE Patrick Drumart
CRANSTON Wm Lisheffield
CRIGGAN [CREGAN] Arthur Ardress West
CRIGGAN [CREGAN] Charles Coragh
CRORY John Egrolougher
CROW Thomas Loughgall
CULL Mary Mullinasilly
CULLEN Francis Ardress East
CULLEN James Anaghmore
CULLEN Jas. Coragh
CULLEN John Ardress West
CULLEN Margaret Egrolougher
CULLEN Patrick Derrycrew
CULLEN Patrick Drumilly
CULLEN Patrick Ternagreevah
CULLEN Peter Mullaghmore
CULLEN Talley Drumheriff
CULLEN Thomas Ballygawsey
CULLEN Thomas Lisneany
CULLEN Wm Drumilly
CULLEN Wm. Lisneany
CUNNINGHAM Fras. Anaghmore
CUNNINGHAM Hugh Mullaghmore
CUNNINGHAM Jas. Anaghmore
CUNNINGHAM Neal Anaghmore
CUNNINGHAM Patrick Anaghmore
CURRAN James Ballygawsey
CURRY Widow Drumheriff
DALEY John Aughanlig
DALEY Lawrence Slish-Slash (Lislosley)
DALEY Peter Aughanlig
DALEY Peter Slish-Slash (Lislosley)
DAVIDSON Abraham Anaghmore
DAVIDSON Bell Clonmain
DAVIDSON Jack Clonmain
DAVIDSON James Clonmain
DAVIDSON John Clonmain
DAVIDSON John, Senr. Clonmain
DAVIDSON Saml. Clonmain
DAVIS John Derrycoose
DAVISON Henry Ardress West
DAVISON John Anasamry
DAVISON Thomas Ardress West
DAVISON Walter Anasamry
DAVISON Wm Anasamry
DAWLEY Luke Cloveneden
DAWSON Wm. Clonmain
DEAKEN [DEIGHAN] John Altaturk
DEIGHAN Peter Egrolougher
DEIGHAN Robert Altaturk
DEIGHAN Thomas Altaturk
DEVLIN George Derrycree
DEVLIN Henry Anaghmore
DEVLIN Isaac Mullaghmore
DEVLIN James Derrycoose
DEVLIN Patrick Mullaghmore
DEVLIN Patrick Tirmacrannon
DEVLIN Terence Mullaghmore
DEVLIN Widow Aughanlig
DEVLIN Widow Kinnego
DICKSON Benjamin Charlemont (Borough of)
DICKSON George Charlemont (Borough of)
DICKSON George Donavalley
DICKSON John Donavalley
DICKSON Mark Charlemont (Borough of)
DICKSON Mark Donavalley
DICKSON Saml. Donavalley
DILWORTH John Ballytyrone
DOBBIN Capt. Charlemont (Borough of)
DOBBIN John Rathdrumgran
DOBBIN Leonard H. Donavalley
DOBBIN William Altaturk
DOBBIN Wm. Rathdrumgran
DOBSON Mr. Coragh
DODDS James Ardress West
DODDS John Ardress West
DODDS Moses Ardress West
DONAGHY James Mullaghbawn
DONAGHY John Ballytyrone
DONAGHY Wm Charlemont (Borough of)
DONNELLY Felix Cloveneden
DONNELLY James Cloveneden
DONNELLY James Drumart
DONNELLY John Ligwilly
DONNELLY Margaret Egrolougher
DONNELLY Philip Egrolougher
DONNELLY Thomas Ballygawsey
DONNELLY Thomas Cloveneden
DONNELLY Thomas Liveleglish
DONNELLY Thomas Loughgall
DONNELLY Widow Drumheriff
DONNELLY Wm. Cloveneden
DONNELLY Wm. Egrolougher
DOON James Ardress East
DOUGLAS James Ballytyrone
DOUGLAS James Clonmain
DOUGLAS Widow Ballytyrone
DOUGLAS Wm. Clonmain
DOWNARD John Mullaghmore
DOWNEY Henry Keenaghan
DOWNEY Widow Drumnasoo
DRAINEY Henry Ballytyrone
DRAINEY John Drumilly
DUFFY James Anaghmore
DUFFY Widow Keenaghan
DUNLOP John Anaghmore
DUNLOP Thomas Cloveneden
ECCLES Thomas Cloveneden
ELLIOT Robert, Senr. Ardress West
ELLIOTT Henry, Junr. Ardress West
ELLIOTT Henry, Senr. Ardress West
ELLIOTT James Ardress West
ELLIOTT John Anasamry
ELLIOTT John Egrolougher
ELLIOTT Joseph Ardress West
ELLIOTT Robert Liveleglish
ELLIOTT Robert, Junr. Ardress West
ELLIOTT William Anasamry
ELLIOTT William Ardress West
EMERSON Joseph Anasamry
ENGLISH John, Junr. Kinnego
ENGLISH John, Senr. Kinnego
ENSOR Geo., Esq. Ardress
ENSOR George, Esq. Ardress
ESPEY Thos. Loughgall
EWING John Tirmacrannon
FAIR Edward Altaturk
FAIR John Altaturk
FAIR John, Junr. Rathdrumgran
FAIR John, Senr. Rathdrumgran
FALLS William Keenaghan
FANNON [FARNAN] Patrick Loughgall
FARNAN James Slish-Slash (Lislosley)
FARRELL Edward Egrolougher
FAY Anne Coragh
FAY Felix Coragh
FAY Michl. Caushnagh
FEARON Bernard Anaghmore
FEARON Edward Anaghmore
FEARON Hugh Anaghmore
FEARON John Anaghmore
FEARON Owen Anaghmore
FEARON Peter Anaghmore
FERGUSON M., Rev. Liveleglish
FERRIE [FERRY] James Liveleglish
FINEGAN [FINNEGAN] Bridget Clonmain
FINEGAN [FINNEGAN] Patk. Slish-Slash (Lislosley)
FINEGAN [FINNEGAN] Jas. Slish-Slash (Lislosley)
FLETCHER Ben. Ardress East
FLETCHER Jacob Ardress East
FLETCHER John Ardress East
FLETCHER Richard Ardress East
FORREST William Mullaghmore
FORREST Wm. Donavalley
FORSTER John Drumheriff
FORSTER William Loughgall
FOSTER Thomas Drumheriff
FOSTER Wm. Loughgall
FOULES [FOWLES] Adam, Mr. Mullaghbawn
FOWLIS [FOWLES] Adam Mullinasilly
FOX Bernard Anaghmore
FOX Bryan Anaghmore
FOX Francis Anaghmore
FOX John Clonmain
FOX Owen, Junr. Anaghmore
FOX Owen, Senr. Anaghmore
FOX Peter Anaghmore
FREER Capt. Charlemont (Borough of)
FRIZZLE [FRIZZELL] James Anaghmore
FULLARTON Edward Derrycree
FULLARTON John Keenaghan
FULLARTON Martin Egrolougher
FULLARTON Robert Keenaghan
FULTON Thomas Anasamry
GADDIS [GEDDIS] James Clonmain
GADDIS [GEDDIS] John Clonmain
GALLAGHER John Clonmain
GALLAGHER Thos. Clonmain
GARDINER Absolem Ternagreevah
GARLAND Robert Aughanlig
GARLAND Widow Aughanlig
GILDAY [GILDEA] James Ternagreevah (Comment [Garden]
GILDAY [GILDEA] Andrew Ternagreevah
GILLESPIE Margaret Ardress West
GILLESPIE Robert Aughanlig
GILMORE John Donavalley
GILPIN Thos. Anaghmore
GIRVEN [GIRVAN] John Mullaghbawn
GIVIN [GIVAN] Widow Mullinasilly
GLANCEY [CLANCY?] Patrick Aughanlig
GLASS David Ballytyrone
GLASS David Lisheffield
GORDON James Mullaghmore
GORDON James Tirmacrannon
GORDON William Kinnego
GRAHAM George Donavalley
GRAHAM John Aughanlig
GRAHAM Widow Charlemont (Borough of)
GRAHAM William Mullinasilly
GRAY James Clonmain
GREENAWAY Francis Derrycoose
GREENWOOD Robert Slish-Slash (Lislosley)
GRIBBEN John Mullaghbawn
GRIMES Widow Kinnego
GRIMLEY Widow Donavalley
HAGAN Bernard Drumart
HAGAN James Aughanlig
HAGAN James Mullaghmore
HAGAN John Loughgall
HAGAN Owen Slish-Slash (Lislosley)
HALFORTY [HILFERTY] William Anaghmore
HALL Anne Ternagreevah
HALL Hugh Donavalley
HALL Isaac Ternagreevah
HALL John (Comment: “of the road”) Ternagreevah
HALL John, Junr. Ternagreevah
HALL John, Senr. Ternagreevah
HALL Joseph Ternagreevah
HALL Robert Donavalley
HALLIGAN James Coragh
HALLIGAN Thomas Drumheriff
HAMIL [HAMILL] James Slish-Slash (Lislosley)
HAMILL Anne Anamacmanus
HAMILL James Aughanlig
HAMILL Patrick Ballygawsey
HAMILL Robert Aughanlig
HAMILTON Alexr. Altaturk
HAMILTON Alexr. Ternagreevah
HAMILTON John Drumnasoo
HANCOCK John Aughanlig
HANCOCK John Keenaghan
HANLEY Hugh Loughgall
HANLEY Martha Ballymagerny
HANLEY Widow Ballymagerny
HANLEY Widow Loughgall
HANLON Felix Egrolougher
HANLON John Cloveneden
HANNA William Coragh
HARDY John, Esq. Ballygawsey
HARDY John, Esq. Derrycoose
HARDY John, Esq Derrycree (Bog)
HARDY John, Esq Liveleglish
HARDY John, Esq. Loughgall
HARDY Robert C., Esq. Liveleglish
HARDY Robt. C., Esq. Ballygawsey
HARVEY William Drumnasoo
HASSAN Barnard Slish-Slash (Lislosley)
HAWKINS Wm Clonmain
HAYBURN John Ardress East
HAYBURN John Liveleglish
HAYBURNE Anne Liveleglish
HAYES Thomas Kinnego
HEANEY Thomas Drumheriff
HEATHERS George Donavalley
HEATHERS Robert Kinnego
HEATHERS Widow Charlemont (Borough of)
HEGARTY Daniel Aughanlig
HEGARTY Edward Aughanlig
HEGARTY Edward Slish-Slash (Lislosley)
HEGARTY John Slish-Slash (Lislosley)
HEGARTY Patrick Aughanlig
HENDERSON Robert Kinnego
HENDERSON Thos. Derrycoose
HENNAN [HANNON] Widow Anaghmore
HENRY James Kinnego
HENRY John Egrolougher
HENRY Patrick Egrolougher
HENRY Thomas Slish-Slash (Lislosley)
HENRY William Liveleglish
HICKEY Edward Coragh
HICKEY Edward Drumilly
HIDE [HYDE] John Ballymagerny
HIGGINS Edward, Junr. Egrolougher
HIGGINS Edward, Senr. Egrolougher
HIGGINS George Egrolougher
HINDS [HYNES] Ellen Clonmain
HOBBS Francis Ballytyrone
HOBBS John Ballytyrone
HOBBS John Drumilly
HOLLAND George Turkerry
HOLLAND James Turkerry
HOLLAND Thomas Turkerry
HOOD John Clonmain
HUGH [HUGHES] James Charlemont (Borough of)
HUGHES Anne Ballygawsey
HUGHES Bernard Tirmacrannon
HUGHES Dennis Charlemont (Borough of)
HUGHES Dennis Donavalley
HUGHES Edward Tirmacrannon
HUGHES James Donavalley
HUGHES James Mullinasilly
HUGHES John Derrycrew
HUGHES John Egrolougher
HUGHES Michl. Keenaghan
HUGHES Wm., Junr. Charlemont (Borough of)
HUGHES Wm., Senr. Charlemont (Borough of)
HUNTER John Coragh
HUTCHINSON George Drumnasoo
HUTCHINSON James Mullinasilly
HUTCHINSON James Turkerry
HUTCHINSON John Mullinasilly
HUTCHINSON Mark Ballytyrone
HUTCHINSON Ogle Mullinasilly
HUTCHINSON Thos., Junr. Mullinasilly
HUTCHINSON Thos., Senr. Mullinasilly
HUTCHINSON Wm. Drumnasoo
IRWIN Elizabeth Coragh
IRWIN Henry Caushnagh
IRWIN Jackson Anaghmore
IRWIN James, Junr. Cloveneden
IRWIN James, Senr. Cloveneden
IRWIN John Aughanlig
IRWIN John Caushnagh
IRWIN John Clonmain
IRWIN Patrick Caushnagh
IRWIN Richard Derrycrew
IRWIN Robert Kinnego
JACKSON Henry Ballymagerny
JACKSON Henry Drumheriff
JACKSON John Anamacmanus
JACKSON John Charlemont (Borough of)
JACKSON John Donavalley
JACKSON Joseph Ballymagerny
JACKSON Joseph Coragh
JACKSON Joseph Loughgall
JACKSON Robert Ballymagerny
JACKSON Robert Coragh
JACKSON Thomas Clonmain
JACKSON Walter Ballymagerny
JACKSON William Ballymagerny
JACKSON Wm., Junr. Ballymagerny
JAMISON Wm. Kinnego
JENKINSON John Mullinasilly
JENKINSON Wm. Altaturk
JENKINSON Wm., Junr. Rathdrumgran
JENKINSON Wm., Senr. Rathdrumgran
JOB Rebecca Keenaghan
JOHNSTON John Drumnasoo
JONES Edward Ternagreevah
JONES Richard Altaturk
JONES William Ardress
KEARNS Thomas Aughanlig
KEENAN Edward Drumnasoo
KEENAN Patrick Keenaghan
KELLY Arthur Mullaghbawn
KELLY John Ballymagerny
KELLY John Clonmain
KELLY Michl. Clonmain
KELLY William Turkerry
KELSO James Turkerry
KENNEDY Dominick Liveleglish
KENNEDY Joseph Keenaghan
KENNEDY Thomas Aughanlig
KENNEDY Wm. Mullaghbawn
KENNEDY Wm. Mullinasilly
KERR Andrew Mullinasilly
KERR John Kinnego
KERR Noal Aughanlig
KERR Noal Keenaghan
KERR Talley Caushnagh
KERR Terence Keenaghan
KERR Thomas Keenaghan
KERR William Anasamry
KERR William Aughanlig
KERR William Keenaghan
KEYS John Rathdrumgran
KIGAN [KEEGAN] Charles Ardress
KIGAN [KEEGAN] Henry Mullinasilly
KILPATRICK James Charlemont (Borough of)
KILPATRICK Jas. Clonmain
KIMBLIN [KIMLIN] James Ballymagerny
KIMLON [KIMLIN] Hugh Liveleglish
KIMLON [KIMLIN] Thomas Liveleglish
KINCADE John Ballytyrone
KIRKLAND James Coragh
KIRKLAND John Coragh
KIRKLAND Wm. Loughgall
LAMB John Lisneany
LAPPIN Widow Drumheriff
LAVELL [LAVELLE] Francis Ardress
LAVERY George Kinnego
LAVERY Joseph Kinnego
LAVERY Robert Anasamry
LAWSON Mrs. Keenaghan
LAWSON John Ardress West
LAWSON Moses Ardress East
LAWSON Thomas Ardress West
LAYCOCK Hugh Keenaghan
LEATHEM John Ardress East
LEE Henry Derrycrew
LENNON Arthur Mullaghmore
LENNON Widow Ballytyrone
LESLIE Thomas Charlemont (Borough of)
LEWIS John Charlemont (Borough of)
LINDEN [MCALINDON] Francis Slish-Slash (Lislosley)
LINDSAY George Ballygawsey
LINN John Clonmain
LOCK Hugh Drumilly
LOCK Hugh Liveleglish
LOCKER Wm. Donavalley
LOCKHART William Charlemont (Borough of)
LOFTEY Robert Drumart
LONG George Turkerry
LONG Richard Egrolougher
LONG Thomas Clonmain
LONG Thomas Egrolougher
LONG William Ballytyrone
LOTTON James Ternagreevah
LOTTON John Ternagreevah
LOTTON Wm Ternagreevah
LOUGHRAN Arthur Drumart
LOWDEN Edward Ballytyrone
LOWDEN Thomas Ternagreevah
LOWNSBY [LONSDALE] Thos. Egrolougher
LUDLOW Richard Ballymagerny
LUDLOW William Ballymagerny
MACKEL [MACKALL] Peter Aughanlig
MADDEN John Donavalley
MADOLE Sarah Lisneany
MADOLE Sarah Loughgall
MAGEE Patrick Anaghmore
MAGILL John Mullinasilly
MAGILL Widow Mullinasilly
MAGILL William Mullinasilly
MAGILLY [MCGILLY] Bryan Ardress East
MAGUIRE Bernd. Mullaghmore
MAGUIRE Peter Drumnasoo
MAGUIRE Philip Mullaghmore
MAGURK John Liveleglish
MALLON Edward Aughanlig
MALLON John Mullinasilly
MALLON Michl. Mullinasilly
MALLON Patrick Aughanlig
MALLON William Mullinasilly
MALLOY John Kinnego
MALLOY Richard Aughanlig
MALONE Patrick Keenaghan
MARA Thomas Charlemont (Borough of)
MARKS Benjamin Cloveneden
MARKS Benjn. Clonmain
MARKS Elizabeth Clonmain
MARKS Jacob Cloveneden
MARKS Robert Cloveneden
MARKS William Egrolougher
MARKS Wm Cloveneden
MARSHALL Elenor Derrycrew
MARSHALL George Anasamry
MARSHALL George Derrycrew
MARSHALL George Ternagreevah
MARSHALL Gillespie Altaturk
MARSHALL Jacob Ternagreevah
MARSHALL James Derrycrew
MARSHALL James Ternagreevah
MARSHALL John Anasamry
MARSHALL Joseph Ternagreevah
MARSHALL Robert Ternagreevah
MARSHALL Wm. Derrycrew
MARTIN John Liveleglish
MARTIN Robert Anasamry
MARTIN Susan Cloveneden
MARTIN Thomas Anasamry
MARTIN Widow Tirmacrannon
MARTIN William Keenaghan
MCANALLY William Anamacmanus
MCANASPEY Henry Slish-Slash (Lislosley)
MCANASPEY James Slish-Slash (Lislosley)
MCANASPEY Neal Ardress East
MCANASPEY Owen Charlemont (Borough of)
MCANASPEY Owen Slish-Slash (Lislosley)
MCANASPEY Patrick Slish-Slash (Lislosley)
MCATAMNY Michl. Anaghmore
MCBRIDE Thomas Kinnego
MCCABE Wm. Drumheriff
MCCALL Robert Charlemont (Borough of)
MCCANN James Drumnasoo
MCCANN James Keenaghan
MCCANN James Mullinasilly
MCCARDLE Elizabeth Drumart
MCCARDLE John Drumart
MCCARDLE Manus Drumart
MCCARTNEY Henry Mullaghbawn
MCCARTNEY John Clonmain
MCCLATCHEY John Ballygawsey
MCCLATCHY Richard Ballygawsey
MCCLEAN Mr. Drumnasoo
MCCLEAN James Turkerry
MCCLELLAND Charles Liveleglish
MCCLELLAND Charles Ternagreevah
MCCLUSKEY Bernard Charlemont (Borough of)
MCCLUSKEY Bernard Keenaghan
MCCLUSKEY John Ardress East
MCCLUSKEY John Keenaghan
MCCLUSKEY Owen Anaghmore
MCCLUSKEY Thomas Anaghmore
MCCLUSKY John Ardress East
MCCLUSKY Rose Ardress East
MCCONE [MCKEOWN?] Clements Donavalley
MCCONE [MCKEOWN?] Dennis Coragh
MCCONNELL Andrew Ballytyrone
MCCONNELL John Ballymagerny
MCCONNELL John Loughgall
MCCONNELL Robert Ballytyrone
MCCORMICK Francis Caushnagh
MCCORMICK Fras. Caushnagh
MCCORMICK James Ballytyrone
MCCORMICK Jas. Drumart
MCCORMICK John Keenaghan
MCCORMICK Patrick Ballytyrone
MCCORMICK Patrick Caushnagh
MCCORMICK Peter Egrolougher
MCCORMICK Widow Keenaghan
MCCORT [MCCOURT] William Altaturk
MCCOY Daniel Keenaghan
MCCOY Danl. Keenaghan
MCCOY John Aughanlig
MCCOY John Keenaghan
MCCOY Wm. Keenaghan
MCCRACKEN James Coragh
MCCREA William Loughgall
MCCRORY John Keenaghan
MCCRORY Mary Cloveneden
MCCRORY Miles Donavalley
MCCULLAGH Danl. Egrolougher
MCCULLAGH Elizabeth Egrolougher
MCCULLAGH Jane Altaturk
MCCULLAGH John Rathdrumgran
MCCUSKER Bernard Cloveneden
MCCUSKER Edward Keenaghan
MCCUSKEY Henry Keenaghan
MCDERMOTT John Mullinasilly
MCDERMOTT Michl. Mullaghbawn
MCDONALD Stephen Clonmain
MCDONNELL Robert Coragh
MCDOWELL Thos. Ballygawsey
MCDOWELL William Ballygawsey
MCGALL [MCCALL?] Patrick Drumnasoo
MCGARR John Aughanlig
MCGARR Patrick Aughanlig
MCGARRITY Barthw. Clonmain
MCGARRY Lawrence Donavalley
MCGEARY Bartholomew Aughanlig
MCGILLY Patrick Anaghmore
MCGLONE William Clonmain
MCGOUGHY Bridget Ardress West
MCGOWAN Owen Ardress East
MCGOWAN Thomas Ardress East
MCGRAN John Aughanlig
MCGRANN John Keenaghan
MCGUIGAN James Lisheffield
MCGUIGAN Widow Lisheffield
MCGUIGGAN Thos. Lisneany
MCGURK John Derrycrew
MCKEE John Derrycoose
MCKEE Michl. Tirmacrannon
MCKEEGAN Hugh Altaturk
MCKEEVER James Ardress East
MCKEEVER John Tirmacrannon
MCKEEVER William Ardress East
MCKENNA Charles Donavalley
MCKENNA Hugh Anaghmore
MCKENNA John Ardress West
MCKENNA John Aughanlig
MCKENNA Patrick Ballytyrone
MCKENNA Rose Ardress East
MCKENNA Stephen Ardress West
MCKENNA Thomas Ardress West
MCKENNA Wm. Ardress West
MCKEOWN Clement Charlemont (Borough of)
MCKEOWN John Anaghmore
MCKEOWN John Clonmain
MCKEOWN John Coragh
MCKEOWN Nicholas Derrycrew
MCKEOWN Widow Anaghmore
MCKEOWN Wm. Donavalley
MCKILPON James Ballytyrone
MCKINNEY Thomas Keenaghan
MCKITTERICK [MCKITTRICK] Jno. Charlemont (Borough of)
MCLOUGHLIN John Egrolougher
MCMAHON Peter Liveleglish
MCMULLAN Joseph Charlemont (Borough of)
MCNALLY John Ardress West
MCNALLY Michael Ardress West
MCNEANEY Patrick Clonmain
MCNEICE Bernard Anaghmore
MCNEICE James Anaghmore
MCNEICE Neal Anaghmore
MCNEICE Rose Anaghmore
MCNEICE Widow Anaghmore
MCNEILL George, Junr. Ballymagerny
MCNEILL George, Senr. Ballymagerny
MCNEILL John Ballymagerny
MCNEILL John Ternagreevah
MCNIECE Jno. Anaghmore
MCNIECE Mathew Anaghmore
MCPARLAND Margt. Drumart
MCPHARSON Hugh Donavalley
MCQUADE Arthur Ardress West
MCQUADE Bernard Ardress West
MCQUADE Francis Ardress West
MCQUADE Hugh Ballymagerny
MCQUADE John Ardress West
MCQUADE John Derrycree
MCQUADE Sarah Ardress West
MCQUADE Widow Derrycree
MCSHANE Neal Loughgall
MCWILLIAMS Jas. Clonmain
MEGINSEY Henry Anasamry
MELADY Margaret Donavalley
MILES William Donavalley
MILLER James Donavalley
MILLER John Donavalley
MILLER Thomas Donavalley
MILLER Widow Donavalley
MILLS Brown Aughanlig
MILLS George Aughanlig
MOLYNEAUX General Turkerry
MOLYNEAUX Sir Capel Mullinasilly
MOLYNEAUX Sir Capel Turkerry
MOLYNEUX Sir Capel Mullaghbawn
MONEY Hu. Mullaghmore
MONEY Jas. Mullaghmore
MOONEY Bernd. Egrolougher
MOONEY Hugh Mullaghmore
MOONEY Hugh Tirmacrannon
MOONEY Patrick Mullaghmore
MOONEY Patrick Tirmacrannon
MOOR Richard Clonmain
MOORE John Aughanlig
MOORE John Rathdrumgran
MOORE Robert Rathdrumgran
MORELAND James Donavalley
MORELAND Widow Charlemont (Borough of)
MORGAN John Donavalley
MORGAN Patk., Mr. Lisheffield
MORGAN Thomas Turkerry
MORRIS Thomas Keenaghan
MORRISON George Altaturk
MORRISON Jas. Altaturk
MORRISON Thomas Aughanlig
MORRISON Wm. Altaturk
MORROW George Loughgall
MORTON John, Rev. Liveleglish
MULHOLM John Ardress West
MULHOLM John Derrycrew
MULLAN James Derrycrew
MULLAN Widow Tirmacrannon
MURDOCK Robert Derrycree
MURPHY Bernard Cloveneden
MURPHY Charles Charlemont (Borough of)
MURPHY John Anaghmore
MURPHY John Keenaghan
MURPHY Robert Anaghmore
MURRAY Henry Coragh
MURRAY Henry Turkerry
MURRAY John Caushnagh
MURRAY John Egrolougher
MURRAY Sarah Egrolougher
MURTAGH James Keenaghan
NEAL Felix Donavalley
NEAL Henry Donavalley
NEAL John Cloveneden
NEAL Patrick Derrycoose
NEILL Henry Charlemont (Borough of)
NEILL Peter Donavalley
NELSON J. C. Charlemont (Borough of)
NELSON Mr. Jno Keenaghan
NEVILLE Henry Anaghmore
NEVILLE Joseph Kinnego
NEWBERRY Saml. Derrycrew
NEWTON Benjamin Clonmain
NEWTON Wm. P., Esq. Cloveneden
NICHOL David Altaturk
NICHOLS Major Charlemont (Borough of)
NICHOLSON Joseph Drumnasoo
NICHOLSON Wm. Ardress East
NOGHER Peter Ardress East
NORTON William Anaghmore
NUGENT John Turkerry
OAK [OAKES] Dr. - Charlemont (Borough of)
OAK [OAKES] Thomas Lisheffield
OAKMAN William Anaghmore
OAKMAN William Ardress West
OAKMAN Wm Ardress East
OGILBY James Tirmacrannon
OLIVER S., Rev. Liveleglish
O'NEILL Ambrose Coragh
O'NEILL Bernard Coragh
O'NEILL Daniel Coragh
O'NEILL John Aughanlig
O'NEILL John Egrolougher
O'NEILL Owen Keenaghan
O'NEILL Richard Derrycrew
ORR Anne Drumnasoo
ORR Archibald Drumnasoo
ORR Jacob Ballymagerny
ORR John Ballymagerny
ORR John Derrycrew
ORR Robert Ardress East
ORR Robert Ballymagerny
ORR Robert Coragh
ORR Robert, Junr. Drumnasoo
ORR Robert, Senr. Drumnasoo
ORR William Anaghmore
ORR William Ballymagerny
ORR William Coragh
PAINE Alexander Caushnagh
PAINE Thomas Coragh
PAINE William Caushnagh
PALMER George Anaghmore
PALMER Richard Anaghmore
PARNELL Mr. Keenaghan
PARNELL Mr. Kinnego
PARNELL Mr., Esq. Aughanlig (Bog)
PATTERSON George Ballytyrone
PEEL Alan Drumnasoo
PEEL Christopher Drumnasoo
PEEL Thomas Drumnasoo
PEEL Alexander Turkerry
PICKNOLL Wm. B., Esq. Cloveneden
PILLER John Ballygawsey
PILLEY Thomas Mullinasilly
PILLOW Henry Altaturk
PILLOW Henry Rathdrumgran
PILLOW Samuel Mullaghbawn
PILLOW Thomas Altaturk
PILLOW Thomas Mullaghbawn
POWER Colonel Charlemont (Borough of)
PRESTON Alexander Ballymagerny
PRESTON Alexander Derrycrew
PRESTON Alexr. Ternagreevah
PRESTON Elizabeth Coragh
PRESTON Elizabeth Derrycrew
PRESTON Elizabeth, Junr. Derrycrew
PRESTON John Ballymagerny
PROCTOR James Ballytyrone
PROCTOR James Drumilly
PROCTOR John Derrycree
PROCTOR Thomas Ballytyrone
PROCTOR Thomas Coragh
PROCTOR Thomas Egrolougher
PROCTOR Thos. Drumnasoo
PRUNTY Daniel Clonmain
PRUNTY Felix Charlemont (Borough of)
PRUNTY Felix Donavalley
PRUNTY John Cloveneden
PRUNTY Owen Mullaghmore
QUIN Bernard Derrycrew
QUIN Bernard Egrolougher
QUIN Catherine Cloveneden
QUIN Daniel Slish-Slash (Lislosley)
QUIN James Loughgall
QUIN John Mullaghmore
QUIN Peter Clonmain
QUIN Thomas Derrycrew
RAFFERTY James Mullinasilly
RAFFERTY John Drumheriff
RAFFERTY John Loughgall
RAFFERTY John Mullinasilly
RAW James Derrycrew
RAW John Derrycrew
RAW Thomas Derrycrew
REDMAN [REDMOND] Philip Coragh
REDMON [REDMOND] Philip Caushnagh
REDMOND William Derrycrew
REID Rose Drumheriff
REID William Caushnagh
REID William Charlemont (Borough of)
REILLY Isaac Drumheriff
REILLY John Egrolougher
REILLY John Lisheffield
REILLY William Keenaghan
RICE Hugh Cloveneden
RICHARDSON David Tirmacrannon
RICHARDSON John Derrycrew
RICHARDSON Joseph Derrycrew
RICHARDSON Sarah Derrycrew
RICHARDSON Thomas Kinnego
RICHARDSON Wm. Derrycrew
RICHARDSON Wm. Tirmacrannon
RICHEY [RITCHIE] John Clonmain
ROBINSON Abraham Lisheffield
ROBINSON George Coragh
ROBINSON George Derrycrew
ROBINSON Isaac Coragh
ROBINSON James Caushnagh
ROBINSON James Ternagreevah
ROBINSON Joseph Ballymagerny
ROBINSON Robert Aughanlig
ROBINSON Robert Coragh
ROBINSON Rose Coragh
ROBINSON Thos. Derrycrew
ROBINSON Wm. Ternagreevah
ROGERS Miles Charlemont (Borough of)
ROLSTON James Aughanlig
ROLSTON James Kinnego
ROLSTON James Slish-Slash (Lislosley)
ROLSTON Robert Aughanlig
RUDDY John Egrolougher
RUNNING Hugh Rathdrumgran
RUNNING John Ligwilly
RUNNING John, Junr. Mullinasilly
RUNNING John, Senr. Mullinasilly
RUNNING William Ligwilly
RUNNING Wm. Mullinasilly
RUNSHY [RUNCHY] James Cloveneden
RUSH James Ardress East
RYAN Dr. Clonmain
RYAN Dr. Clonmain
RYANS James Ballytyrone
RYANS Simon Donavalley
SHEALS John Ballymagerny
SHEILS Patrick Liveleglish
SHEPPARD Joseph Liveleglish
SHORT Bernard Ballytyrone
SHORT Patrick Ballytyrone
SINCLAIRE George Clonmain
SINCLAIRE George Cloveneden
SINCLAIRE Jane Clonmain
SINCLAIRE Thomas Anasamry
SLEVEIN [SLEVIN] Edward, Senr. Drumart
SLEVIN Bernard, Junr. Drumart
SLEVIN Bernard, Senr. Drumart
SLEVIN Edward, Junr. Drumart
SLEVIN Patrick Drumart
SLEVIN Terence Drumart
SLOAN David Liveleglish
SLOAN George Drumheriff
SLOAN James Drumheriff
SLOAN James Lisneany
SLOAN James Liveleglish
SLOAN James Loughgall
SLOAN Widow Drumheriff
SMART William Anamacmanus
SMART William Charlemont (Borough of)
SMITH James Tirmacrannon
SMITH John Aughanlig
SMITH Moses Aughanlig
SMITH Samuel Aughanlig
SMITH William Tirmacrannon
SMYTH Moses Keenaghan
SPENCER A. Ballygawsey
SPENCER George Coragh
SPENCER Henry Caushnagh
SPENCER James Ballygawsey
SPENCER Jane Ballygawsey
SPENCER John Caushnagh
SPENCER Miss Lisneany
SPENCER Miss Loughgall
SPENCER Misses Drumheriff
SPENCER Richard Ballytyrone
SPENCER William Caushnagh
STAFFORD Henry Clonmain
STEENSON [STEVENSON] Robert Donavalley
STEENSON [STEVENSON] Widow Ballytyrone
STEWART John Mullinasilly
STOTHERS David Lisneany
STOTHERS James Derrycrew
STOTHERS James, Junr. Ternagreevah
STOTHERS James, Senr. Ternagreevah
STOTHERS John Ternagreevah
STOTHERS Wm. Ternagreevah
TAGUE [TEAGUE] Sarah Caushnagh
TELFORD Robert Anasamry
TELFORD Wm. Derrycoose
THOMPSON Daniel Ardress
THOMPSON John Anaghmore
THOMPSON John Ardress East
THOMPSON Richard Ardress East
THOMPSON Robert Charlemont (Borough of)
THOMPSON Robert Derrycrew
THOMPSON William Ballygawsey
THOMPSON Wm. Derrycrew
THOMPSON Wm. Lisneany
THOMPSON Wm. Liveleglish
THOMPSON Wm. Loughgall
TIMMONS Wm Donavalley
TIPPING John Anasamry
TIPPING William Anasamry
TOAL John Clonmain
TOAL John Drumnasoo
TOAL Patrick Aughanlig
TOAL Widow Tirmacrannon
TODD Henry Turkerry
TODD James Turkerry
TONER James Drumheriff
TOTTON William Ballymagerny
TRAINOR George Slish-Slash (Lislosley)
TRAINOR Mic. Slish-Slash (Lislosley)
TREANOR Edwd. Aughanlig
TROUTON Jacob Derrycrew
VALLELY James Aughanlig
VALLELY Mathew Keenaghan
VALLELY Mathew Mullaghbawn
VALLELY Patrick Ardress West
VALLELY Thomas Ardress East
VALLELY Wm. Ardress West
VERNER William, Esq. Anasamry
VILLIERS Andrew Rathdrumgran
WALKER Mr. Abm. Loughgall
WALKER Mr. Abrahm. Ballygawsey
WALKER Mr. Abrahm. Lisneany
WALKER James Drumilly
WALKER John Ballytyrone
WALKER John Drumnasoo
WALKER Thomas Ballytyrone
WALSH James Ballygawsey
WALSH James Drumilly
WALSH Robert Drumilly
WARD Joseph Ardress West
WATSON Robert Clonmain
WATT Jonathan Drumart
WATTS Widow Drumheriff
WEAR [WEIR] Mr. Charlemont (Borough of)
WEATHERHEAD Robt. Slish-Slash (Lislosley)
WEATHERHEAD Thos. Slish-Slash (Lislosley)
WEATHERHEAD Wm. Slish-Slash (Lislosley)
WEBB James Caushnagh
WEBB John Caushnagh
WEBB Richd. Caushnagh
WEIR James Kinnego
WEIR Thomas Kinnego
WEST John Ballymagerny
WEST William Coragh
WHITE George Caushnagh
WHITE James Kinnego
WHITE Jane Clonmain
WHITE John Kinnego
WHITE Joseph Clonmain
WHITE Richard Clonmain
WHITE Thomas Kinnego
WHITE Thomas Mullaghmore
WHITE Widow Anne Mullaghmore
WHITE William Kinnego
WHITE Wm. Kinnego
WHITEFORD John Mullinasilly
WHITLOCKE Morris Ligwilly
WILEY Anne Mullinasilly
WILEY Saml. Mullinasilly
WILEY Widow Drumheriff
WILEY Widow Rathdrumgran
WILEY William Derrycree
WILEY Wm. Mullinasilly
WILLIAMSON Anne Lisheffield
WILLIAMSON Henry Lisheffield
WILLIAMSON John Anasamry
WILLIAMSON John, Junr. Anaghmore
WILLIAMSON Richd. Anaghmore
WILLIS Doctor Anaghmore
WILLIS ? (Comment: Willis’ Farm) Annasamry
WILSON Mary Ballygawsey
WILSON Richd. Caushnagh
WILSON Robert Loughgall
WILSON Widow Loughgall
WILSON William Ballygawsey
WINTER Daniel Coragh
WOODS David Ternagreevah
WOODS James, Junr. Ternagreevah
WOODS James, Senr. Ternagreevah
WRIGHT Eliza Ternagreevah
WRIGHT Abraham Ballymagerny
WRIGHT John Ballymagerny
WRIGHT Joseph Ballymagerny
WRIGHT Thomas Ballymagerny
WRIGHT Thomas Ternagreevah
WRIGHT William Ballymagerny
WRIGHT William Drumnasoo
WRIGHT William Mullinasilly
YOUNG Capt. (Comment: Glace’s} [Glass’?] Charlemont (Borough of)
YOUNG James Donavalley
YOUNG John Charlemont (Borough of)
YOUNG John, Junr. Keenaghan
YOUNG John, Senr. Keenaghan
YOUNG Widow Charlemont (Borough of)