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Index to the Tithe Applotment Book, Langfield Upper (Longfield East) Parish, Co. Tyrone 1829

PRONI: FIN 5A/205 - Extracted from LDS FHL Film #258463
Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

At the time of the compilation of the 1829 tithe applotment book, this was known as Langfield Upper parish, later renamed as Longfield East.



Townland Townland Townland Townland
Carony Claraghmore Coolkeeragh Cornavarrow
Dressoge Drumbarley Drumhonish Drumnaforbe
Drumrawn Gartagher Garvaghullion Glebe
Laght Leganvy Legphressy Magharenny
Segully Unshinagh  



Townland Townland Townland Townland
Carony Claraghmore Coolkeeragh Cornavarrow
Dressoge Drumhonish Drumbarley Drumnaforbe
DrumraIn Garvahullion Laught Legenvy
Legfressy Magherenny Segully Boyle Segully Caldwell


April 29, 1829

Alexander Boyle & Mr. John Crawford, Valuators and Commissioners


ALEXANDER James Drumrain
ALEXANDER John Segully Caldwell
ALEXANDER Jos. Drumrain
ALEXANDER Joseph Segully Caldwell
ALEXANDER Robert Drumhonish
ANTHONY Jane Drumnaforbe
BARRET Roger Dressog
BOYLE Bryan Garvahullion
BOYLE Captn. Drumnaforbe
BOYLE Captn. Drumrain
BOYLE James Garvahullion
BRADLEY Alexr. Drumnaforbe
BREEN Micl. Coolkeeragh
BREEN Micl. Dressog
CALDWELL Chas. Drumrain
CALDWELL Thos. Drumrain
CALLAN John Legfreshey
CAMERON Robt. Drumnaforbe
CANE Pat. Legfreshey
CASSIDAY Daniel Dressog
CASSIDAY Micl. Dressog
CAVANAGH Terence Cornavarrow
COLL Arthur Laught
COLL Bernard Magherenny
COLL Bryan Claraghmore
COLL James Dressog
COLL John Dressog
COLL Owen Dressog
COLL Owen Unchenagh
COLL Pat. Dressog
COLL Thos. Dressog
COLL Widow Dressog
CRAWFORD Jas. Coolkeeragh
CRAWFORD Jas. Dressog
CUNINGHAM Chas. Drumnaforbe
DAVIS James Unchenagh
DAVIS Mr. James Laught
DONELLY Peter, Junior Cornavarrow
DONELLY Peter, Senior Cornavarrow
DONNELLY Daniel Cornavarrow
DONNELLY James Cornavarrow
DONNELLY Michael & Owen Donnelly Cornavarrow
DONNELLY Owen Cornavarrow
DONNELLY Owen & Michael Donnelly Cornavarrow
DONNELLY Patrick Cornavarrow
DOOHAN Hugh Legfreshey
DOOHAN Owen Legfreshey
DORAN Wm. Cornavarrow
DOUGHERTY Andw. Garvahullion
DOUGHERTY Daniel Garvahullion
DOUGHERTY Danl. Coolkeeragh
DOUGHERTY Danl. Dressog
DOUGHERTY Edward Cornavarrow
DOUGHERTY Jas. Dressog
DOUGHERTY John Cornavarrow
DOUGHERTY Pat. & Jno. Morris Cornavarrow
EARLEY Bryan Garvahullion
EARLEY Cormac Segully Caldwell
ELKIN Francis Coolkeeragh
FAIRY Hugh Dressog
FAIRY Owen Dressog
FRIEL James & Patrick Sluddan Cornavarrow
GALAGHER Francis Magherenny
GALEESE Chas. Dressog
GIBSON John Drumbarley
GIBSON Saml. Drumbarley
GILLIS Wm., Junior Drumrain
GILLIS Wm., Senior Drumrain
GIPSON Robt. Coolkeeragh
GIVEN William Carony
GOAN Teague Carony
GORMLEY Edwd. Claraghmore
GORMLEY James Claraghmore
GORMLEY Micl. Claraghmore
GORMLEY Patrick Claraghmore
GORMLEY Roger Claraghmore
GORMLY Bernard & Jas. Gormly Laught
GORMLY James Laught
GORMLY Widow Laught
IRWIN Charles & James McCaraghan Cornavarrow
JOHNSTON Edwd. Unchenagh
JOHNSTON Gearard Legenvy
JOHNSTON John Drumnaforbe
JOHNSTON John Segully Caldwell
JOHNSTON Robert Claraghmore
JOHNSTON Wm. Drumrain
JOHNSTON Wm., Junior Drumnaforbe
JOHNSTON Wm., Senior Drumnaforbe
KANE Thos. Drumrain
LAMMEY Andw. Drumnaforbe
LAMMEY George Drumnaforbe
LAMMEY George (for Hill) Drumnaforbe
LAMMEY John, Solomon Lammey & Robert Lammey Legfreshey
LAMMEY Robert, John Lammey & Solomon Lammey Legfreshey
LAMMEY Solomon, Robert Lammey & John Lammey Legfreshey
LAMMEY Wm. Segully Boyle
LEVINGSTON Jas. Magherenny
LUNNEY Edwd. Dressog
LUNNEY John Dressog
MARLEY Pat. Magherenny
MARTIN Henry Laught
MARTIN Robert Carony
MATHEWS Doctor Drumnaforbe
MAXWELL Dr. Drumnaforbe
McALEER Chas. Unchenagh
McALEER Edwd. Unchenagh
McALEER Francis Carony
McALEER Francis Garvahullion
McALIN Pat. Claraghmore
McBRIDE Edward Drumhonish
McBRIDE Robt. Carony
McBRIDE Robt. Drumnaforbe
McBRYAN Neal Legfreshey
McCALLAN D. & Micl. McCallan Garvahullion
McCALLAN Edwd. Garvahullion
McCALLAN Micl. & D. McCallan Garvahullion
McCANE Archy & Owen McCane Cornavarrow
McCANE Jas. Dressog
McCANE Owen Cornavarrow
McCANE Owen & Archy McCane Cornavarrow
McCANE Thos. Claraghmore
McCANNA Bryan Garvahullion
McCANNY Francis Legfreshey
McCANNY John Unchenagh
McCANNY Mick Segully Boyle
McCANNY Pat. Drumrain
McCANNY Patrick Cornavarrow
McCANNY Patrick Unchenagh
McCANNY Peter Cornavarrow
McCANNY Widow Legfreshey
McCARAGHAN James & Chas Irwin Cornavarrow
McCASKEY Jas. Coolkeeragh
McCASKEY Jas. Dressog
McCASKEY Jas. (for Mountain) Coolkeeragh
McCAUSLAND Alexr. Drumnaforbe
McCAVIL Patck. Magherenny
McCLEAN Alexr. Claraghmore
McCLEAN Jas. Unchenagh
McCLEAN Neal Drumnaforbe
McCONNEL Arthur Garvahullion
McCONNEL Francis Garvahullion
McCORMACK Saml. Drumhonish
McCROSSAN Thos. Drumnaforbe
McDAID Denis Claraghmore
McDAID Jas. Garvahullion
McGLAUGHLIN Jno. Drumnaforbe
McGLAUGHLIN Owen Dressog
McGLAUGHLIN Peter Coolkeeragh
McGLAUGHLIN Peter Dressog
McGOWAN Patrick Garvahullion
McGRATH James Legfreshey
McILHOLM Felix Carony
McMAGHAN Arthur Garvahullion
McMAGHAN Jas. Garvahullion
McMEARTY Bartley Cornavarrow
McMEARTY Thos. Cornavarrow
McNAB Francis Segully Boyle
McNAB James Segully Caldwell
McNAB Micl. Segully Boyle
McNAB Owen Segully Caldwell
McNAB William Segully Caldwell
McNAMEE Cormac Carony
McNIGHT John & Wm. McNight Legenvy
McNIGHT Wm. & John McNight Legenvy
McPHELOMY Jno. Cornavarrow
McPIKE Henry Unchenagh
McQUADE Micl. Carony
McQUADE Neal Legfreshey
McQUADE Redmond Unchenagh
McSORLEY Hugh Laught
McTAGGART Edwd. Legfreshey
McTAGGART Jas. Magherenny
McWILLIAMS F. & Jno. McWilliams Carony
McWILLIAMS Felix, Senior Carony
McWILLIAMS Jno. & F. McWilliams Carony
MIMNAGH Hugh Legfreshey
MIMNAGH James Laught
MIMNAGH James, Junior Cornavarrow
MIMNAGH James, Senior Cornavarrow
MIMNAGH Neal Legfreshey
MIMNAGH Neil Legfreshey
MIMNAGH Owen Drumrain
MIMNAGH Roger Cornavarrow
MIMNAGH Saml. Carony
MOFFET Andrew Legfreshey
MOORE James Drumrain
MOORE William Carony
MORRIS Bryan Dressog
MORRIS James Legfreshey
MORRIS Jas. Dressog
MORRIS Jas. & Laurence Morris Cornavarrow
MORRIS Jno. & Pat. Dougherty Cornavarrow
MORRIS Laurence & Jas. Morris Cornavarrow
MORRIS Pat. Dressog
MORROW William Laught
MULLAN Bryan Garvahullion
MULLAN Chas. Laught
MULLAN Cormac Claraghmore
MULLAN Cormac Garvahullion
MULLAN Cormac Laught
MULLAN Edwd. Garvahullion
MULLAN Henry Garvahullion
MULLAN Henry Laught
MULLAN John Segully Boyle
MULLAN Owen Garvahullion
MUNGAN Owen Legfreshey
NETHERY Isac Drumrain
NETHERY James Magherenny
NETHERY Robt. Magherenny
NETHERY Thos. Magherenny
NETHERY Thos. Segully Caldwell
NETHERY Thos. Unchenagh
NETHERY Thos. (for Mountain) Magherenny
NETHERY Thos. (for Mountain) Unchenagh
NUGENT Jas. Laught
O’CANE Micl. Claraghmore
O’KANE James Drumnaforbe
O’KANE Micl. Garvahullion
O’NAIL Andrew heirs of Drumnaforbe
O’NAIL Arthur Segully Boyle
O’NAIL Daniel Cornavarrow
O’NAIL Danl. Legfreshey
O’NAIL Francis Legfreshey
O’NAIL George Unchenagh
O’NAIL Jas. Garvahullion
O’NAIL Widow Drumhonish
O’NEAL Edwd., Junior Claraghmore
O’NEAL Edwd., Senior Claraghmore
O’NEAL James Carony
O’NEIL Denis Cornavarrow
O’NEIL Micl., Junior Cornavarrow
O’NEILL Bryan Claraghmore
O’NEILL Henry Claraghmore
O’NEILL John Claraghmore
O’NEILL Micl. Senior Cornavarrow
O’NEILL Roger Claraghmore
PATTIN John Coolkeeragh
PERRY Pat. & partners Magherenny
PILKINGTON Revd. J. Magherenny
QUIGLEY Edwd. Carony
QUIGLEY Edwd. Drumnaforbe
QUIN Hugh Claraghmore
QUIN John Legfreshey
RAB James Drumbarley
RAB James Magherenny
ROBERTSON Jas. Drumnaforbe
ROBINSON James Legenvy
ROBINSON John Drumrain
ROBINSON John Legenvy
ROBINSON Willim. Claraghmore
SCALLAN Cormac Cornavarrow
SCALLAN William Cornavarrow
SHENAN Bryan Unchenagh
SHENAN Neal Drumnaforbe
SHENAN Owen Unchenagh
SHERIDAN Jas. Segully Boyle
SLUDDAN Patrick & James Friel Cornavarrow
SMITH Robt. Drumnaforbe
SPROUL Mr. Henry Cornavarrow
SPROULE Edwd., Esq. Drumnaforbe
SPROULE Robt. Legenvy
SPROULE Wm. Coolkeeragh
STUART Revd. G. Drumnaforbe
SWEENEY Neal Cornavarrow
SWEENEY Owen Garvahullion
TANNEY Widow Legfreshey
TODD John Segully Caldwell
TOMANY Francis Legfreshey
TOMANY John Legfreshey
TURNER James Drumnaforbe
TURNER Jas. Magherenny
TURNER John Drumrain
TURNER Joseph Drumrain
TURNER Joseph Drumrain
TURNER Robt. Magherenny
TURNER Saml. Drumnaforbe
TURNER Wm., Heirs of Magherenny
VARTY Jas. Carony
WHITE Thos. Claraghmore
WILSON Chas. Segully Boyle
WILSON Henry Laught
WILSON Hugh Drumbarley
WILSON James Coolkeeragh
WILSON James Drumbarley
WILSON John Drumrain
WILSON Robert Drumbarley
WILSON Robert Drumrain
WILSON Robt. Segully Boyle
WINTER Arthur Drumnaforbe
WINTER Arthur (field in rear of Orchard) Drumnaforbe
WOODS Saml. Carony