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Index to the Lissan Tithe Applotment Book, Lissan Parish, Cos. Tyrone & Londonderry 1827

PRONI Ref.: FIN 5A/203 - LDS FHL Film #258463
Transcribed, compiled and submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


Tithe was a tax on all agricultural land (originally one tenth of the produce) excepting only church lands, glebes and urban areas and was paid by leaseholders and occupiers of all religious denominations to the clergy of the Established Church of Ireland. There was growing resentment against this tax, especially by Presbyterians and Catholics, particularly in the period of distress after 1815 and the government was forced to give way and introduce the Tithe Composition Act 1823 which replaced payment in kind by payment in cash.

In order to effect this change, all agricultural land across the country was required to be surveyed and applotted, or valued. During the period 1823 to 1837, a Tithe Applotment Survey was made in each civil parish across the whole of Ireland to determine the value of tithe payable by different landholders. Two people were appointed by each parish to carry out this assessment. The material was arranged by civil parish and townland in volumes known as TITHE APPLOTMENT BOOKS.

In some parishes more than one survey was taken, whilst in others the manuscript has not survived. The books for all Ireland, compiled between 1823 and 1837, are now deposited in the National Archives of Ireland, Dublin and Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI).

PRONI holds the tithe books for all but 31 of the 273 parishes then surveyed in Northern Ireland. These tithe books are arranged by townland and record the names of leaseholders, the area of their farm subject to tithe, sometimes the quality of the land and an overall valuation and occasionally the names of landlords. Researchers should be aware that cottiers who did not hold land are not recorded, and unaccountably, some types of land were passed over entirely; a field of potatoes attracted a tithe payment in one parish, but not in that adjoining.

Those researchers who are fortunate to locate a forebear in the Tithe Applotment Books may find it possible to take their research back a further generation prior to Griffiths Valuation.


Townland Townland Townland Townland
Ballynagilly Broughderg Cluntyganny Coolreaghs
Creevagh Creeve Davagh Lower Davagh Upper
Drumgrass Dunmore Feegarran Lissan
Slaghtfreeden Tamnyhagan Tatnagilta Unagh



Townland Townland Townland Townland
Ballynagilly Broughderg Clontaginny Colereaghs
Creevagh Crieve Drumgrass Dunmore
Feegarran Slaghtfreeden Tamnahagan Tatnagilta



Townland Townland Townland Townland
Ballybriest Ballyforlea Brackagh Caneese
Clagan Coltrim Derryganard Dirnan
Drumard Drummeen Drumrot Dunnabraggy
Glebe Killybasky Knockadoo Letteran
Lismoney Lissan Demesne Mobuy Muff
Rossmore Tintagh Tullynure Turnaface



Townland Townland Townland Townland
Ballybreest Ballyforlea Brackagh Caneese
Churchtown Claggen Coltrim Derrygannard
Dirnan Drumard Drummeen Drumnabragy
Drumrott Killybasky Knockadoo Lismoney
Lissan Demesne Litterane Mobwee Moneyhaw
Muff Rossmore Tintagh Tullynure

Rector: Revd. J. M. Staples

Commissioners: John George & John C. Clark, Esqrs.


ADDERLY Thomas Clontaginny [Cluntyganny]
ANDERSON George Knockadoo
ANDERSON James Turnaface
ANDERSON Samuel Knockadoo
ANDERSON Widow Knockadoo
ARTHUR Widow Killybasky
BARKER Bernard Coltrim
BARKER Hamilton Rossmore
BARKER Robert Rossmore
BARKER Samuel Coltrim
BARRIN James Unagh
BARTLEY John Drumgrass
BELL James Drumgrass
BELL John Ballynagilly
BELL John Dunmore
BELL John Turnaface
BELL Robert Ballynagilly
BELL Robert Killybasky
BELL Robert Turnaface
BELL Robert (red) Dunmore
BELL Robert (white) Dunmore
BELL Thomas Ballynagilly
BELL Thomas Dunmore
BERRY Edward Tintagh
BERRY Thomas Colereaghs
BLACK Francis Colereaghs
BLACK Joseph Killybasky
BLACK Robert Dunmore
BLAIR Brice Drumeen (Drapers’)
BLAIR Brice, Senr. Killybasky
BLAIR Robt. Mobwee (Mobuy)
BLAIR Widow Drumnabragy
BLEVIN David Ballybreest
BODKIN Andw. Knockadoo
BODKIN John Knockadoo
BODKIN Patk. & Richd. Derrygannard
BODKIN Richd. & Patk. Derrygannard
BOLE Catherine Drumard
BOLES James Drumard
BOYLE William Coltrim
BRADFORD James Ballynagilly
BRADLEY John Ballybreest
BRADLEY Patk. Ballybreest
BRADLEY Patk. Claggen
BRAFORD [BRADFORD] Henry Ballynagilly
BRANNAN Bryan & Jno. Tintagh
BRANNAN Bryan & Jno. (for Quin’s farm) Tintagh
BRANNAN James Litterane
BRANNAN Jno. & Bryan Tintagh
BRANNAN Jno. & Bryan (for Quin’s farm) Tintagh
BRANNAN John Litterane
BRANNAN Patk. Tintagh
BRANNAN Roger Tintagh
BRANNAN Widw. Litterane
BRANNON Roger Knockadoo
BROOKS James Caneese
BROWN Mathw. Killybasky
BROWN Robert Drumnabragy
BRYANS Archibald Ballynagilly
BURKE Hugh Dunmore
BURKET Robert Coltrim
BURNET John Claggen
CAHOUN James Ballybreest
CAHOUN William Ballybreest
CALDWELL Robert Ballyforlea
CAMPBELL [..?] Colereaghs
CAMPBELL John Dirnan
CAMPBELL John Dunmore
CAMPBELL John Knockadoo
CAMPBELL John, Junr. Dirnan
CAMPBELL Patk. Dirnan
CARBERRY Thomas Rossmore
CARGAN John & Michael Tintagh
CARGAN Michael & John Tintagh
CARGAN Patk. Tintagh
CARR James Mobwee (Mobuy)
CARSON John Knockadoo
CASSIDY John Drumrott
CASSIDY Roger Coltrim
CAUFIELD John Creevagh
CAULFIELD William Tamnahagan
CAVANAGH John Dirnan
CAVANAGH Michl. Dirnan
CHAMBERS William Drumnabragy
CLANDINNING William Brackagh
CLARK George Dunmore
CLARKE David Knockadoo
CLARKE Patk. Coltrim
CLARY Charles Ballynagilly
CLEERY Charles Crieve
COLGIN John Clontaginny [Cluntyganny]
CONLIN Charles, Junr. Dirnan
CONLIN Charles, Senr. Dirnan
CONLIN Felix Ballynagilly
CONLIN Francis Claggen
CONLIN Francis Tullynure
CONLIN Francis & Patrick Tullynure
CONLIN Henry Tullynure
CONLIN James Rossmore
CONLIN James Tullynure
CONLIN Jno. (for McAdoo’s farm) Dirnan
CONLIN Jno. (small farm) Dirnan
CONLIN Jno., Junr. Dirnan
CONLIN John, Senr. Dirnan
CONLIN Mathew Claggen
CONLIN Mathew (McCleeses’s) Claggen
CONLIN Mathew(Mill farm) Claggen
CONLIN Michael Tullynure
CONLIN Owen Dirnan
CONLIN Owen Tullynure
CONLIN Patk. & Partners Tullynure
CONLIN Patk. Luke Claggen
CONLIN Patrick & Francis Tullynure
CONLIN Peter Drumard
CONLIN Peter Tullynure
CONN Thomas Lismoney
CONN William Lismoney
CONNOLLY Felix Killybasky
CONNOLLY Patk. Killybasky
CONNOLLY Widow Killybasky
CONNOLLY Widow Rossmore
CONWAY Bridget Dirnan
CONWAY Edward Broughderg
CONWAY Henry Broughderg
CONWAY John Broughderg
CONWAY Michael Broughderg
CONWAY Owen Claggen
CONWAY Peter Broughderg
CONWAY Widow Broughderg
CORR Bernard Tullynure
CORR Charles Killybasky
CORR Danl. Tullynure
CORR Henry Ballynagilly
CORR James Killybasky
CORR James, Jun. Dunmore
CORR John Caneese
CORR John Churchtown
CORR John Tullynure
CORR Michael Tullynure
CORR Owen Killybasky
CORR Patk & Thomas Claggen
CORR Patk. Rossmore
CORR Patk. Tullynure
CORR Patrick, Jun. Dunmore
CORR Patrick, Sen. Dunmore
CORR Thomas & Patk. Claggen
CORR Widow F.or T. Tullynure
CORRAGAN Owen, Junr. Tintagh
CORRERAN Owen Slaghtfreeden
CORRIGAN Owen Tintagh
COTTON George Caneese
COTTON John Caneese
COTTON Nicholas Caneese
COTTON Widow Caneese
COTTON William Caneese
COWAN Hugh Ballybreest
COY John, Senr. Rossmore
COY Patrick Creevagh
COY Rose Drumgrass
COY Thomas Rossmore
COY Widow Drumgrass
COY Widow Rossmore
CRAIG Henry Moneyhaw
CRAWFORD David Drumard
CRAWFORD David (part in Muff) Killybasky
CRAWFORD Hugh, Junr. Killybasky
CRAWFORD John, Senr. Killybasky
CRAWFORD Robert Rossmore
CRAWFORD Widow Killybasky
CREIGHTON Henry Ballybreest
CREIGHTON John Claggen
CRILLY Owen Creevagh
CRILLY Thomas Tullynure
CRILLY Widow Sarah Tatnagilta
CROOKS Alexr. & Jas. Ballybreest
CROOKS Jas. & Alexr. Ballybreest
CROOKS Mally Drumgrass
CROOKS Robt. & Saml. Claggen
CROOKS Saml. & Robt. Claggen
CROOKS Samuel Dunmore
CROOKS Widow James Drumgrass
CROOKS William Ballybreest
CROOKS William Coltrim
CROOKS William Drumgrass
CROSETT Joseph Moneyhaw
CUDDY A.& Thos. McGlone Mobwee (Mobuy)
CUSTARD Bernard Drumard
DAVIDSON James Knockadoo
DAVIDSON Smyth Moneyhaw
DAVIDSON Widow Andw. Drumrott
DAVIDSON Widow Jas. Drumrott
DAVIDSON Widow Robt. Drumrott
DAVIDSON William Drumrott
DAVISON Robt. & John McCanny Caneese
DEVLIN Bernard Coltrim
DEVLIN Bryan Caneese
DEVLIN Charles Tullynure
DEVLIN David Muff
DEVLIN Henry Tullynure
DEVLIN James Colereaghs
DEVLIN John Drumrott
DEVLIN John Killybasky
DEVLIN John Litterane
DEVLIN Patk. Coltrim
DEVLIN Patk., Junr. Tullynure
DEVLIN Patk., Senr. Tullynure
DEVLIN Patrick Colereaghs
DEVLIN Phillip Coltrim
DEVLIN Widow Knockadoo
DEVLIN William Unagh
DILLAN Peter Dirnan
DILLON Mary Widow & Rose Dillon Dirnan
DILLON Rose & Widow Mary Dillon Dirnan
DONAGHY James Ballynagilly
DONAGHY James Crieve
DONAGHY John Broughderg
DONAGHY Michl. Litterane
DONAGHY Patk. Mobwee (Mobuy)
DONAGHY Patk. & Peter Litterane
DONAGHY Peter & Patk. Litterane
DONALDSON Jas., Senr. & Junr. Caneese
DONALDSON Robert Churchtown
DONELS John Claggen
DONNELLY Bernard Feegarran
DONNELLY Bernard, Sen. Feegarran
DONNELLY Bridget Caneese
DONNELLY Charles & Jno. Dirnan
DONNELLY Daniel Creevagh
DONNELLY Daniel Feegarran
DONNELLY Daniel Tintagh
DONNELLY Felix Mobwee (Mobuy)
DONNELLY Francis Caneese
DONNELLY Henry Clontaginny [Cluntyganny]
DONNELLY Hugh Dirnan
DONNELLY Jno. & Charles Dirnan
DONNELLY Jno. & Jno. McBride Derrygannard
DONNELLY John, Jun. Feegarran
DONNELLY Michael Dirnan
DONNELLY Michl., Senr. Dirnan
DONNELLY Patk. Caneese
DONNELLY Patk. Dirnan
DONNELLY Patrick Clontaginny [Cluntyganny]
DONNELLY Peter Caneese
DONNELLY Terence Derrygannard
DONNELLY Thomas Caneese
DONNELLY Thomas Drumard
DOUGHERTY Catherine Tullynure
DOYLE Daniel Derrygannard
DOYLE John Caneese
DOYLE Michl. Coltrim
DOYLE Patk. Tullynure
DRENAN Widow Drumnabragy
DREW Bartholomew Unagh
DUGAL James Ballynagilly
DUGAN James Dirnan
DUGAN Widow Killybasky
DUNSHEATHE Allen Coltrim
ECCLES John (including Coltrim) Moneyhaw
ELLIS Terry/ Jerry? Claggen
ESPIE David Turnaface
FAULKNER John Drumgrass
FAULKNER Widow Drumnabragy
FAULKNER William Drumnabragy
FEE William Tintagh
FERGUSON Geo. Ballybreest
FERGUSON William Tamnahagan
FERRIL Francis Dirnan
FERRIL James Dirnan
FERRIL Mary Dirnan
FINLEY John Dunmore
FLEMING James Unagh
FORSYTH John Coltrim
FORSYTH Widow Coltrim
FULLAM Widow Knockadoo
GILLAN Hugh Broughderg
GILLAN John Broughderg
GILLASPIE Edward Moneyhaw
GILLASPIE Patrick Creevagh
GLASGOW John Drumeen (Drapers’)
GLASGOW Robert Coltrim
GLASGOW Robert Drumnabragy
GRAHAM John Knockadoo
GRAHAM Michl. Rossmore
GREEN James Rossmore
GREEN Widow Muff
GREER John Ballyforlea
HAGAN Bernard Feegarran
HAGAN Bryan Drumgrass
HAGAN Henry Creevagh
HAGAN Patrick Drumgrass
HAGAN Peter, Jun. Feegarran
HAGAN Widow Tintagh
HAGAN Widow Else Litterane
HAGERTY Michl. Coltrim
HAGHY Michl. Tintagh
HAPPER William Ballybreest
HARBINSON William Coltrim
HARKNESS Henry Lismoney
HARKNESS James Lismoney
HARKNESS John Dirnan
HARKNESS John Drumard
HARKNESS John, Junr. Drumard
HARKNESS Murtagh Claggen
HARKNESS Robert Creevagh
HARKNESS Robert Lismoney
HARKNESS Thomas Drumard
HARKNESS Thomas Tintagh
HARKNESS Thomas (for McCann) Tintagh
HARKNESS Thomas, Junr. Drumard
HARKNESS Widow Drumard
HARKNESS Wm., Heirs of Drumard
HARTLEY James Dunmore
HARTLEY Jane Churchtown
HARTLEY William Dunmore
HAUGHY Dennis Tintagh
HAUGHY Patk. Tintagh
HAWNEY Daniel Tintagh
HAWNEY John Tintagh
HAWNEY John & Michael Tintagh
HAWNEY Michael & John Tintagh
HAWTHORN Hugh Ballybreest
HENDERSON Robt. (including Coltrim) Moneyhaw
HIGGANS Robert Churchtown
HIGGERTY Bernard Tatnagilta
HIGGINS William Churchtown
HILL John Lismoney
HILL & McFALONE   Coltrim
HILLS John Drumrott
HOLLY [..?] Drumgrass
HOPKINS [..?] Drumgrass
HOPKINS Robert Unagh
HUNTER Robert Knockadoo
HUNTER William Turnaface
HUNTER Wm. & Partners Drumeen (Drapers’)
HUTCHINSON Thomas Killybasky
HUTCHINSON William Churchtown
HUTCHINSON William Killybasky
HUTCHINSON William T. Churchtown
IRVIN Daniel Killybasky
IRWIN Joseph Ballynagilly
JACKSON John Creevagh
JACKSON Luke Creevagh
JOHNSON James Derrygannard
JOHNSON Robert Knockadoo
JOHNSON Thomas Knockadoo
JOHNSTON Archibald Drumgrass
JOHNSTON Joseph Drumgrass
JORDAN Thomas Muff
JUNK Widow James Drumrott
JUNK Widow Robert Drumrott
KANE John Drumrott
KANE Widow George Litterane
KANE William Lismoney
KEAN & McGUIGGAN   Caneese
KEENAN Roger Derrygannard
KEITH Charles Turnaface
KEITH Chas. & John Turnaface
KEITH John Turnaface
KELLY Charles Creevagh
KELLY Edward Claggen
KELLY James or herd Mobwee (Mobuy)
KELLY John Creevag
KELLY Widow Creevagh
KEMPTON James Dunmore
KEMPTON Robert Ballybreest
KEMPTON Robert Ballynagilly
KEMPTON Robert Dunmore
KEMPTON Thomas Dunmore
KEMPTON William Ballybreest
KENNEDY Henry Knockadoo
KENNEDY James Tintagh
KENNEDY John Drumard
KENNEDY John (for David Kennedy’s) Drumard
KENNEDY Robert Caneese
KENNEDY Robert Knockadoo
KENNEDY Thomas Jas. Drumard
KENNEDY Widow David Drumard
KERR Michael Ballynagilly
KIRGAN Peter Claggen
KIRK Thomas Drumard
KISSOCK Robert Caneese
LACKEN John or Patrick Moneyhaw
LACKEN Patrick or John Moneyhaw
LADEN Bernard Coltrim
LAGAN Francis Caneese
LAGAN Francis Drumard
LANE James Unagh
LAPPAN Widow Dirnan
LATIMORE John Ballynagilly
LAUGHLAN Charles Litterane
LENON Felix Ballybreest
LESLIE George Claggen
LOUDAN Bernard Litterane
LOUDAN Bernard Tintagh
LOUDAN James Tintagh
LOUDAN John Tintagh
LOUDAN Patk. Tintagh
LOUGHRAN Michael Unagh
MAGILL John Killybasky
MAGILL William, Esqr. Tamnahagan
MAGILL William, Jun. Ballynagilly
MAGILL William, Jun. Dunmore
MAGILL William, Sen. Ballynagilly
MAGILL William, Sen. Crieve
MAHAN James Rossmore
MALLAN Francis Dirnan
MALLAN Henry Mobwee (Mobuy)
MALLAN Hugh Mobwee (Mobuy)
MALLAN John Dirnan
MALLAN Toal & Widow Mobwee (Mobuy)
MALLAN Widow Dirnan
MALLAN Widow or Toal Mobwee (Mobuy)
MALLON Bernard Ballynagilly
MALLON Bernard Dunmore
MALLON Felix Ballynagilly
MALLON Felix Owen Ballynagilly
MALLON Felix Owen Crieve
MALLON John Ballynagilly
MALLON Michael Ballynagilly
MALLON Michael Crieve
MALLON Michl. Derrygannard
MALLON Pat. & Toal McAnulla Derrygannard
MALLON Patk. Dirnan
MALLON Peter Dunmore
MALLON Philly Crieve
MALLON Redmond Ballynagilly
MALLON Thomas Dirnan
MALLON Toal Clontaginny [Cluntyganny]
MALONE Anthony Drumrott
MALONE Owen Tintagh
MARSHALL Joseph Clontaginny [Cluntyganny]
MARSHALL Robert, Sen. Clontaginny [Cluntyganny]
MARSHALL William Crieve
MARTIN George Drumard
MARTIN George Drumnabragy
MARTIN Robert Caneese
MARTIN William Tatnagilta
MASON David Rossmore
MASON Moses Ballybreest
MASON Samuel Claggen
MAXWELL Alexander, Jun. Dunmore
MAXWELL Alexander, Sen. Dunmore
McADOO Hugh Knockadoo
McADOO James Mobwee (Mobuy)
McADOO John Knockadoo
McADOO Robert Knockadoo
McALEER Arthur Tullynure
McALEER Henry Ballynagilly
McALEER John Rossmore
McALEER Miles Tullynure
McANALLY Patk. Tullynure
McANARY Robert & Partners Coltrim
McANULLA Ambrose & Peter Derrygannard
McANULLA Francis Litterane
McANULLA James Ballynagilly
McANULLA James Caneese
McANULLA James Drumard
McANULLA James Dunmore
McANULLA John Dirnan
McANULLA Michael Derrygannard
McANULLA Peter Crieve
McANULLA Peter & Ambrose Derrygannard
McANULLA Toal & Pat. Mallon Derrygannard
McAVERY Lawrence Tullynure
McBRIDE Jno. & Jno. Donnelly Derrygannard
McCANN Arthur Creevagh
McCANN Bridget Tullynure
McCANN Edward, Jun. Creevagh
McCANN Henry Clontaginny [Cluntyganny]
McCANN John Drumard
McCANN John Tullynure
McCANN John, Junr. Litterane
McCANN John, Senr. Litterane
McCANN Michl. Rossmore
McCANN Nail Tintagh
McCANN Owen Ballybreest
McCANN Patk. Litterane
McCANN Patk. Tintagh
McCANN Robert Coltrim
McCANN Thomas, Sen. Creevagh
McCANN Widow Creevagh
McCANNY Hugh Unagh
McCANNY James Drumard
McCANNY James & Robt. Davison Caneese
McCARROL Edward Drumeen in Lissan
McCARTNEY Alexr. Killybasky
McCLEESE George Claggen
McCONKEY George Muff
McCONKEY William Killybasky
McCONKEY William Muff
McCONWAY Patrick Tatnagilta
McCONWAY Widow Pat. Tatnagilta
McCONWAY William Ballybreest
McCRACKEN Henry Ballynagilly
McCRACKEN Henry Mobwee (Mobuy)
McCRACKEN James Ballynagilly
McCRACKEN Michael Ballynagilly
McCRERY Abram Knockadoo
McCRIGGAN [..?] Clontaginny [Cluntyganny]
McCROREY Francis Ballybreest
McCULLAGH Archibald Drumeen in Lissan
McCULLAGH George Drumeen in Lissan
McCULLAGH Henry Ballynagilly
McCULLAGH Henry Crieve
McCULLAGH Hugh Ballynagilly
McCULLAGH Hugh Crieve
McCULLAGH James Broughderg
McCULLAGH James Drumeen in Lissan
McCULLAGH James Drumnabragy
McCULLAGH James Killybasky
McCULLAGH Kennedy Drumeen (Drapers’)
McCULLAGH Patk. & O. Toner Tullynure
McCULLAGH Patrick Broughderg
McCULLAGH Peter Broughderg
McCULLAGH Widow Crieve
McCULLAGH Widow Killybasky
McDOWELL William Claggen
McELDOON Hugh Clontaginny [Cluntyganny]
McELGREW Bernard Tullynure
McELGREW John Tullynure
McELGREW Nail Unagh
McELGREW Widow Unagh
McELHANNAN Felix Knockadoo
McELHANNAN Patk. & F. Knockadoo
McELHATTEN Hugh Drumnabragy
McELHATTEN Hugh Killybasky
McELHONE Arthur Caneese
McELHONE Hugh Knockadoo
McELHONE John Knockadoo
McELRAY Felix Lismoney
McELREE Andrew Killybasky
McELTAINEY Widow Tintagh
McELWAINE Jas. Coltrim
McELWAINE Widow Robert Coltrim
McELWAINE William Coltrim
McFALIN Hugh Dirnan
McFALIN Phillip Dirnan
McFALONE & HILL   Coltrim
McFARLAND James Ballynagilly
McFARLAND Thomas Ballynagilly
McGAGHAN William Moneyhaw
McGAW Samuel Lismoney
McGEAGH R. Unagh
McGEAGH Rev. Mr. Killybasky
McGEAGH Robert Dunmore
McGEAGH Thomas Unagh
McGEAGH Widow Robert Unagh
McGEE Francis Ballyforlea
McGILL Hugh Ballynagilly
McGILL Hugh Creevagh
McGILL William, Senr. Tullynure
McGIRVEY [McGARVEY] John Ballynagilly
McGIRVEY [McGARVEY] Owen Broughderg
McGIRVEY [McGARVEY] Peter Derrygannard
McGIRVEY [McGARVEY] Peter Litterane
McGIRVEY [McGARVEY] Peter Tintagh
McGIRVEY [McGARVEY] Thomas Broughderg
McGIRVEY [McGARVEY] William Litterane
McGLADE James Rossmore
McGLADE Patk Killybasky
McGLAUGHLAN Arthur Tatnagilta
McGLAUGHLAN James Tatnagilta
McGLONE Arthur Mobwee (Mobuy)
McGLONE Arthur Laurence & partners Mobwee (Mobuy)
McGLONE Arthur Nail Mobwee (Mobuy)
McGLONE Bridget Mobwee (Mobuy)
McGLONE Daniel Mobwee (Mobuy)
McGLONE Edward, Junr. Mobwee (Mobuy)
McGLONE Edward, Senr. Mobwee (Mobuy)
McGLONE Hugh Ballynagilly
MCGLONE Hugh Mobwee (Mobuy)
McGLONE James Ballynagilly
McGLONE James Mobwee (Mobuy)
McGLONE James Mobwee (Mobuy)
McGLONE John Mobwee (Mobuy)
McGLONE John Tatnagilta
McGLONE John, Junr Mobwee (Mobuy)
McGLONE Lawrence Mobwee (Mobuy)
McGLONE Michl. Mobwee (Mobuy)
McGLONE Nail Mobwee (Mobuy)
McGLONE Patk. Mobwee (Mobuy)
McGLONE Patk. & Thos. & partners Mobwee (Mobuy)
McGLONE Peter Clontaginny [Cluntyganny]
McGLONE Peter Mobwee (Mobuy)
McGLONE Stephen Mobwee (Mobuy)
McGLONE Thos. & A. Cuddy Mobwee (Mobuy)
McGLONE Thos. & Patk. & partners Mobwee (Mobuy)
McGLONE Widow Rose Mobwee (Mobuy)
McGREADY Cornelius Drumeen in Lissan
McGREADY Owen Drumeen in Lissan
McGREADY Patk., Junr. Drumeen in Lissan
McGUIGGAN James Claggen
McGUIGGAN John Tullynure
McGUIGGAN Widow Tintagh
McGUIGGAN & KEAN   Caneese
McGURK James Drumgrass
McGURK Michael Creevagh
McILREA Archibald Drumgrass
McILREA William Drumgrass
McIVER Bryan Dirnan
McIVER Dennis & Michl. Derrygannard
McIVER Michl. & Dennis Derrygannard
McKEAN Robert Turnaface
McKEE Francis Moneyhaw
McKEE George Moneyhaw
McKEE James Moneyhaw
McKEE Robert Drumnabragy
McKEEVER Daniel Tintagh
McKENNA Francis Tintagh
McKENNA Hugh Tintagh
McKENNA Michl. Litterane
McKEOWN Adam Claggen
McKEOWN Edward Creevagh
McKEOWN Michael Creevagh
McKEOWN Patrick Dunmore
McKERNAN Bernard Lismoney
McKINNEY Thomas Tatnagilta
McKINNY James Tatnagilta
McKINNY John Unagh
McKINNY Martha Unagh
McKINNY Robert Unagh
McKINNY Samuel Unagh
McKINNY William Tatnagilta
McKIRNAN Patrick Knockadoo
McLAUGHLAN John or S.W., Esqr. Ballybreest
McMURRAY & WRIGHT   Ballybreest
McNAMARA Mary Dunmore
McNAMARA Owen Dunmore
McPEAK Thomas Creevagh
McSWIGGAN Henry Coltrim
McSWIGGAN John Drumrott
McSWIGGAN Michael Dunmore
McSWIGGIN Michael Creevagh
McTAGUE Widow Rossmore
McWILLIAMS Jas., Michl. & Patk. Litterane
McWILLIAMS Michl., Patk. & Jas. Litterane
McWILLIAMS Patk., Michl. & Jas. Litterane
MEHAN Charles Rossmore
MEHAN Margaret Rossmore
MILLER James Drumeen (Drapers’)
MILLER John Tatnagilta
MILLER John Unagh
MILLS John Caneese
MILLS Mathew Caneese
MILLS Mathew Drumard
MILLS William Caneese
MITCHELL James Coltrim
MITCHELL William Ballynagilly
MONAGHAN Dennis Tullynure
MONTAGUE John Tullynure
MONTGOMERY Henry & William Drumard
MONTGOMERY James Drumard
MONTGOMERY William & Henry Drumard
MOONEY John Ballynagilly
MOORE Revd. William Coltrim
MORGAN William Ballybreest
MORGAN William Ballybreest
MORGAN William Mobwee (Mobuy)
MORRAN John Ballybreest
MOSGROVE [..?] Drumgrass
MULDOON Patk. Ballybreest
MULHOLLAND Devlin & Hugh Mobwee (Mobuy)
MULHOLLAND Else & Jno. Quin Mobwee (Mobuy)
MULHOLLAND Hugh Mobwee (Mobuy)
MULHOLLAND Hugh & Devlin Mobwee (Mobuy)
MULHOLLAND Michael Ballynagilly
MULLAN Henry Mobwee (Mobuy)
MULLAN Mathew Ballybreest
MULLON Thomas Claggen
MURPHY George Ballyforlea
MURPHY Mathew Drumeen (Drapers’)
MURRAY Hugh Ballybreest
MURRAY John Tatnagilta
MURRAY Patrick Tatnagilta
NEESON James Drumard
NEESON John Ballynagilly
NEESON John Dirnan
NEESON Widow Ballynagilly
NEESON Widow Creevagh
NEESON Widow Crieve
NEIL Francis Crieve
NEWBURY Jane Creevagh
NORRIS William Churchtown
O’NEIL Arthur Dirnan
O’NEIL Bryan Mobwee (Mobuy)
O’NEIL Charles Dirnan
O’NEIL Chas. & James Derrygannard
O’NEIL Daniel Broughderg
O’NEIL Francis Churchtown
O’NEIL Henry Broughderg
O’NEIL James Broughderg
O’NEIL James & Chas. Derrygannard
O’NEIL John Dirnan
O’NEIL Mathew Broughderg
O’NEIL Michael Clontaginny [Cluntyganny]
O’NEIL Nail Broughderg
O’NEIL Peter Ballybreest
O’NEIL Peter Broughderg
O’NEIL Roger Broughderg
O’NEIL Widow Caneese
O’NEIL Widow Claggen
OLIVER John Drumard
OLIVER John Knockadoo
OLIVER William Knockadoo
OTTERSON John Mobwee (Mobuy)
OWENS Francis Litterane
PALMER Widow Caneese
PALMER William Caneese
PORTER John Killybasky
PORTER Widow Lismoney
PURVIS [..?] Colereaghs
QUIN Arthur Tullynure
QUIN Barkly Broughderg
QUIN Charles Broughderg
QUIN Charles Moneyhaw
QUIN Charles & partners Broughderg
QUIN Francis Tintagh
QUIN Hugh Tintagh
QUIN James Broughderg
QUIN Jno. & Else Mulholland Mobwee (Mobuy)
QUIN John Broughderg
QUIN Mary Litterane
QUIN Michael Broughderg
QUIN Michael Caneese
QUIN Michl. Tintagh
QUIN Michl. Tullynure
QUIN Patrick Broughderg
QUIN Robert Broughderg
QUIN Robert Lismoney
QUIN Robert Tatnagilta
QUIN Stephen Broughderg
QUIN Widow Killybasky
QUINN Widow, Junr. Caneese
RAW John Rossmore
RAW Widow Clontaginny [Cluntyganny]
REA Adam Claggen
REED John Drumgrass
REED John Knockadoo
REED Patrick Broughderg
REED William Knockadoo
REID Hugh Tullynure
REYNOLDS Thomas Knockadoo
REYNOLDS Widow Claggen
RICE Samuel Drumard
RIDDLE Samuel Muff
ROBINSON William Churchtown
ROBINSON William Unagh
RODGERS Alexander Unagh
ROGERS George Dunmore
RUMSEY John Claggen
SAMPSON Ralph Mobwee (Mobuy)
SHAW Mrs. Coltrim
SHEIL John Clontaginny [Cluntyganny]
SHERRY Alexr. Knockadoo
SHERRY Bernard Knockadoo
SHERRY James & Widow Knockadoo
SHERRY Peter Knockadoo
SHERRY Widow Knockadoo
SHERRY Widow & James Knockadoo
SHORT David Lismoney
SHUTER Samuel Tullynure
SIMPSON Johnathan Coltrim
SIMPSON Widow Coltrim
SLANE James Unagh
SLOAN Henry Lismoney
SMYTH Adam Broughderg
SMYTH Adam Drumnabragy
SMYTH George Ballyforlea
SMYTH George Ballyforlea
SMYTH George Lismoney
SMYTH James Drumnabragy
SMYTH John Coltrim
SMYTH Nathan Clontaginny [Cluntyganny]
SMYTH Widow Drumnabragy
SMYTH William Ballyforlea
SMYTH William Lismoney
SMYTH William Muff
SNIPE Archibald Unagh
SNIPE Robert Unagh
STAPLES Mr. (for Schoolhouse) Churchtown
STAPLES Rev. John M. Ballyforlea
STAPLES Revd. John M. Muff
STAPLES Revd. John M. & Co. Muff
STAPLES Thomas & Co. Muff
STAPLES Thomas, Esqr. Clontaginny [Cluntyganny]
STAPLES Thomas, Esqr. Creevagh
STAPLES Thomas, Esqr. Dirnan
STAPLES Thomas, Esqr. Dirnan
STAPLES Thomas, Esqr. Drumard
STAPLES Thomas, Esqr. Drumard
STAPLES Thomas, Esqr. Drumgrass
STAPLES Thomas, Esqr. Dunmore
STAPLES Thomas, Esqr. Feegarran
STAPLES Thomas, Esqr. Knockadoo
STAPLES Thomas, Esqr. Lissan Demesne
STAPLES Thomas, Esqr. Rossmore
STAPLES Thomas, Esqr. Tamnahagan
STAPLES Thomas, Esqr. Tintagh
STAPLES Thomas, Esqr. Tullynure
STAPLES Thomas, Esqr. Tullynure
STAPLES Thomas, Esqr. Tullynure
STAPLES Thomas, Esqr. Unagh
STAPLES Thomas, Esqr. (schoolhouse) Creevagh
STAPLES Thos., Esq. Dirnan
STEENSON William Lismoney
STEWART Charles Claggen
STEWART Robert Derrygannard
STINTON John Ballyforlea
STIRRET William Lismoney
STUART James Lismoney
STUART Martha Knockadoo
STUART Widow Killybasky
TAGGART Alexr. Rossmore
TAGGART Richard Clontaginny [Cluntyganny]
TAYLOR Benjamin Drumard
TAYLOR Widow Caneese
TIMONY Anne Clontaginny [Cluntyganny]
TIMONY Arthur Ballynagilly
TIMONY Arthur Mobwee (Mobuy)
TIMONY Bryan & Patk. Mobwee (Mobuy)
TIMONY Patk. & Bryan Mobwee (Mobuy)
TIMONY Patrick Crieve
TOAZ William Litterane
TONER Else [Alice] Ballynagilly
TONER John Dunmore
TONER Murtagh Dunmore
TONER O. & Patk. McCullagh Tullynure
TONER Patrick Dunmore
VENT Widow Knockadoo
WAMSLEY Robert Drumnabragy
WARD John (including Coltrim) Drumrott
WARD Michl. Drumrott
WATSON Samuel Derrygannard
WATSON Widow Tullynure
WATTERS John Unagh
WEIR Robert Ballynagilly
WILEY James Ballynagilly
WILEY James Crieve
WILEY Robert Clontaginny [Cluntyganny]
WILEY Widow Clontaginny [Cluntyganny]
WILEY William Caneese
WILEY William, Jun. Clontaginny [Cluntyganny]
WILEY William, Sen. Clontaginny [Cluntyganny]
WILLIAMS William Tatnagilta
WILSON Thomas Ballynagilly
WOODS Peter Derrygannard
WRIGHT James Dunmore
WRIGHT John Claggen
WRIGHT John Dunmore
WRIGHT John Mobwee (Mobuy)
WRIGHT Joseph Tullynure
WRIGHT Samuel Muff
WRIGHT Samuel, Esqr., for Planting, Bog & Mountain Ballybreest
WRIGHT Thomas Mobwee (Mobuy)
WRIGHT & McMURRAY   Ballybreest