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Index to the Tithe Applotment Book, Killelagh Parish, Co. Londonderry, Northern Ireland 1833

PRONI Ref: FIN 5A/ 176
Extracted from LDS FHL Film #258461
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


Tithe was a tax on all agricultural land (originally one tenth of the produce) excepting only church lands, glebes and urban areas and was paid by leaseholders and occupiers of all religious denominations to the clergy of the Established Church of Ireland. There was growing resentment against this tax, especially by Presbyterians and Catholics, particularly in the period of distress after 1815 and the government was forced to give way and introduce the Tithe Composition Act 1823 which replaced payment in kind by payment in cash.

In order to effect this change, all agricultural land across the country was required to be surveyed and applotted, or valued. During the period 1823 to 1837, a Tithe Applotment Survey was made in each civil parish across the whole of Ireland to determine the value of tithe payable by different landholders. Two people were appointed by each parish to carry out this assessment. The material was arranged by civil parish and townland in volumes known as TITHE APPLOTMENT BOOKS.

In some parishes more than one survey was taken, whilst in others the manuscript has not survived. The books for all Ireland, compiled between 1823 and 1837, are now deposited in the National Archives of Ireland, Dublin and Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI).

PRONI holds the tithe books for all but 31 of the 273 parishes then surveyed in Northern Ireland. These tithe books are arranged by townland and record the names of leaseholders, the area of their farm subject to tithing, sometimes the quality of the land and an overall valuation and occasionally the names of landlords. Researchers should be aware that cottiers who did not hold land are not recorded, and unaccountably, some types of land were passed over entirely; a field of potatoes attracted a tithe payment in one parish, but not in that adjoining.

Those researchers who are fortunate to locate a forebear in the Tithe Applotment Books may find it possible to take their research back a further generation prior to Griffiths Valuation.



Townland Townland Townland Townland
Ballyknock Beagh (Temporal) Carrowmenagh Corlacky
Culnagrew Fallylea Glebe Gortinure
Granaghan Halfgayne Knockoneill Moneysharvan
Slaghtneill Swatragh Tirhugh Tirkane



(As recorded In the Tithe Applotment Book)

Townland Townland Townland Townland
Ballynock Caremenagh Carlecky Fallalea
Gortanure Granahan Halfgain Moneysharvin
Slaghtnail Tirhugh Tirkane Tirnoney




ADAMS John Tirhugh
ALLEN James Moneysharvin
ARREL Andrew Carleckey
BEGLY Jas. Tirnoney
BELL Mr. Slaghtnail (mountain)
BOON Widow (Scott) Ballynock
BOYD Wm. (part McKenna & McCay) Ballynock
BRADLEY Alice Tirnoney
BRADLEY Ambrose Tirhugh
BRADLEY Andw. Caremenagh
BRADLEY Andw. Halfgain
BRADLEY Andw., Jr. Granaghan
BRADLEY Andw., Sr. Granaghan
BRADLEY Archibald Carleckey
BRADLEY Bernard Gortanure
BRADLEY Chas. Caremenagh
BRADLEY Chas. Fallalea
BRADLEY Daniel Slaghtnail
BRADLEY Daniel Tirkane
BRADLEY Daniel (for Bryan) Ballynock
BRADLEY Danl. Caremenagh
BRADLEY Dennis Fallalea
BRADLEY Domk. Caremenagh
BRADLEY Domk. Tirhugh
BRADLEY Francis Slaghtnail
BRADLEY Francis, Sr. Tirhugh
BRADLEY Frank Fallalea
BRADLEY Frans. Tirhugh
BRADLEY Hu. Tirhugh
BRADLEY Hugh Fallalea
BRADLEY James Caremenagh
BRADLEY John Ballynock
BRADLEY John Granaghan
BRADLEY John Slaghtnail
BRADLEY John Tirhugh
BRADLEY Manus Tirhugh
BRADLEY Michl. Fallalea
BRADLEY Michl. Halfgain
BRADLEY Michl., Jr. Slaghtnail
BRADLEY Michl., Sr. Slaghtnail
BRADLEY Murtagh Tirhugh
BRADLEY Nail Caremenagh
BRADLEY Patk. Caremenagh
BRADLEY Patk. Fallalea
BRADLEY Patk. Tirhugh
BRADLEY Patk. Tirnoney
BRADLEY Patk., Jr. Slaghtnail
BRADLEY Patk., Sr. Slaghtnail
BRADLEY Peggy (part of Bryan) Ballynock
BRADLEY Peter Slaghtnail
BRADLEY Susan, widow (Crawford) Tullyherin
BRADLEY Widow Tirkane
BRADLEY William Tirnoney
BRADLY Daniel Ballynock
BRADLY Michl. Ballynock
BRANNON John Granaghan
BRYAN Ballynock
BURT William Tirkane
CAMPBELL Alexr. Tirnoney
CAMPBELL James Ballynock
CAMPBELL James Fallalea
CAMPBELL John Fallalea
CAMPBELL Robert Tirnoney
CAMPBELL Robt. Fallalea
CAMPBELL Saml. Ballynock
CAMPBELL William Ballynock
CASKY Tullyherin
CASSIDY Andw. Slaghtnail
CASSIDY Bryan Halfgain
CASSIDY Bryan Slaghtnail
CASSIDY Dennis Fallalea
CASSIDY Hugh Fallalea
CASSIDY John Halfgain
CASSIDY Lawrence Halfgain
CASSIDY Peter Halfgain
CLARKE Alexr., Esq. (Ballynamoney) Tirkane
CLARKE Wm. Tirnoney
CLARKEN Thomas (for Flanaghan) Tirhugh
CLEMENTS Thos. Caremenagh
CLERKIN Paul Ballynock (Gribbin’s lease)
CONNER Hugh (for Richd.) Moneysharvin
CONNER James Moneysharvin
CONNER John Moneysharvin
CONNOR Henry Slaghtnail
CONVERY Andrew Fallalea
CONVERY Berd. Fallalea
CONVERY Danl. Fallalea
CONVERY Felix Ballynock
CONVERY Frank Fallalea
CONVERY Hugh (big) Fallalea
CONVERY Hugh (Frank’s son) Fallalea
CONVERY Jas. Fallalea
CONVERY John Ballynock
CONVERY John (G=keeper) Fallalea
CONVERY Michl. Fallalea
CONVERY Nail Caremenagh
CONVERY Nail Fallalea
CONVERY Naily Fallalea
CONVERY Ned. Fallalea
CONVERY Patk. Fallalea
CONVERY Thos. (blind) Fallalea
COSGRAN James Tirhugh
COSGRAN Patk. Tirnoney
CRAWFORD Tullyherin
CRILLY Barkley Fallalea
CRILLY Nail Slaghtnail
CRILLY Widow Fallalea
CULLY John Tirhugh
CULLY Lawrence Tirhugh
CULLY Michl. Tirhugh
CUSHELY John Caremenagh
DAILY Berd. Tirnoney
DAILY James Tirnoney
DAILY John Tirnoney
DAILY Patk. Tirnoney
DAILY Phillemy Tirnoney
DALY Berd. Caremenagh
DALY John Caremenagh
DALY Phillemy Caremenagh
DIAMOND Andw. Tirkane
DIAMOND Frank Slaghtnail
DIAMOND Henry Tirkane
DIAMOND John Ballynock
DIAMOND John & sons Slaghtnail
DIAMOND Nail (Jas’ lease) Ballynock
DIAMOND Rose Ballynock
DIAMOND Rose Mallynock
DINSMORE Daniel Moneysharvin
DOGHERTY Daniel Halfgain
DOGHERTY Dennis Ballynock
DOGHERTY Francis Tirkane
DOGHERTY John Ballynock
DOGHERTY Michl. Granaghan
DOGHERTY Michl. Tirkane
DOGHERTY Patk. Ballynock
DOGHERTY Peter Ballynock
DOGHERTY Thos. Ballynock
DOGHERTY Widow Tullyherin
DOGHERTY William Ballynock
DOLAN Hugh Ardmore
DONALDSON John Tirhugh
DONNELLY Francis (part of Bryan) Ballynock
DONNELLY Patk. Caremenagh
DOOGAN Henry Ballynock
DOOGAN Henry Tirnoney
DOOGAN John Halfgain
DOOGAN Michl. Fallalea
DOOGAN Michl. Halfgain
DOOGAN Thomas Tirkane
DOOGAN Widow Tirnoney
DOOGAN William Tirnoney
DORRETTY William Moneysharvin
DOWNEY Henry Moneysharvin
DRENNAN David Moneysharvin
DUGAN Hugh Gortanure
DUGAN Hugh, Jr. Gortanure
DUGAN Thos. Gortanure
DUNLAP James widow Tullyherin
DUNLAP John Tullyherin
DUNLAP Widow Tullyherin
EWING William Ballynock
FALLS Alexr. Tullyherin
FLANAGHAN John Fallalea
GLASS Matthew Tirhugh
GRIBBEN Andw. Ballynock
GRIBBEN Danl. Ballynock
GRIBBEN Henry Carleckey
GRIBBEN John Ballynock
GRIBBEN John Granaghan
GRIBBEN Lawrence Granaghan
GRIBBEN Matthew Ballynock
GRIBBEN Michl. Ballynock
GRIBBEN Pat. Ballynock
GRIBBEN Peter (for James) Tirhugh
GRIBBEN Widow Ballynock
GRIBBEN Widow Fallalea
GRIBBEN Widow Tirkane
GROGAN Patk. Caremenagh
HAGAN Henry (minus Father) Ballynock
HAGAN John (minus Henry) Ballynock
HAGAN Widow Ballynock
HAGERTY Andw. Granaghan
HAGERTY Daniel Granaghan
HAGERTY Danl. Tirhugh
HAGERTY Dennis’ children Granaghan
HAGERTY Patk. Granaghan
HAGERTY Patk. (for Dennis) Tirhugh
HAGHERTY Danl. Granaghan
HAMILTON Thos. Granaghan
HARA James Gortanure
HAUGHEY Paul Granaghan
HEANEY Dennis Moneysharvin
HEANY Dennis Ballynock
HENEY Michl. Tirnoney
HENRY James Caremenagh
HENRY Patk. Ballynock
HESSIN Hugh Fallalea
HOLDEN Alexr. Tullyherin
HUGHES John Fallalea
JOHNSON Matthew Moneysharvin
JOHNSON Matthew Tirnoney
KANE Edwd. Tirhugh
KANE Francis Caremenagh
KANE Patk. Granaghan
KANE Patk. Tirnoney
KANE Peter Ballynock
KANE Quintan Tirhugh
KANE Richd. (for McNickle) Granaghan
KANE Thos. Tirhugh
KEARNEY Hugh Tirhugh
KEARNEY Michl. Moneysharvin
KEARNEY Michl. Tirhugh
KEARNEY Patk. Tirhugh
KEARNEY Widow Carleckey
KEARNEY Wm., Jr. Tirhugh
KEARNY William Granaghan
KELLY Andw. Slaghtnail
KELLY Bridget Slaghtnail
KELLY Edwd. Slaghtnail
KELLY John Slaghtnail
KELLY Matthew Slaghtnail
KELLY Michl. Slaghtnail
KELLY Molly Slaghtnail
KELLY Patk. Slaghtnail
KELLY Patk. Tirnoney
KELLY Peter Slaghtnail
KENNEDY William Moneysharvin
LAGAN Andw. Granaghan
LAGAN Francis Tirnoney
LAGAN John Tirnoney
LAGAN Patk. Granaghan
LAGAN Roger Tirnoney
LAUGHLAN Berd. Caremenagh
LENNAN John Caremenagh
LENNON Patk. Fallalea
LEXOX James Tirhugh
LITTLE Alexr. Tullyherin
LITTLE Archd. Moneysharvin
LITTLE James (Casky) Tullyherin
LITTLE James, Jr. Tullyherin
LITTLE John (Rob) Tullyherin
LITTLE John, Jr. Tullyherin
LITTLE Moses Tullyherin
LITTLE Robt. Tirnoney
LITTLE Thomas (Falls) Tullyherin
LITTLE Thos. (McConaghy) Tullyherin
LITTLE William Moneysharvin
LOAN Paul Tullyherin
LOGHLAN Peter Gortanure
LOUGE John Tirnoney
LOW Robt. Moneysharvin
MADIGAN Bryan Halfgain
MADIGAN James Halfgain
MAGILLIGAN Roger Tirhugh
MAULLEVERER Rev. Caremenagh
McALARY John, Jr. Caremenagh
McALARY John, Sr. Caremenagh
McANNULLA James (for Walsh) Granaghan
McANULLA Domnick Caremenagh
McATAMNEY Hugh Tirhugh
McATAMNEY James Tirhugh
McATAMNEY Michl. Tirhugh
McCALLION Daniel & Co. Tirnoney
McCAMPBELL Daniel Halfgain
McCAMPBELL Michl. Tirkane
McCAMPBELL Patk. Halfgain
McCANN Arthur Granaghan
McCANN John Tirhugh
McCANN John & Michael his son Slaghtnail
McCAUGHEY Saml. Tullyherin
McCAUGHY Alexr. Moneysharvin
McCAY Ballynock
McCAY Peter Ballynock
McCLOSKEY Henry Fallalea
McCORMICK Jas. Ballynock
McCRACKEN Robt. Caremenagh
McCULLAGH James Moneysharvin
McCUSKER Francis Tullyherin
McELDOWNEY Andw. Tirkane
McELDOWNEY Henry Slaghtnail
McELDOWNEY John Caremenagh
McELDOWNEY John Gortanure
McELDOWNEY John Slaghtnail
McELDOWNEY John Tirkane
McELDOWNEY Lawrence Gortanure
McELDOWNEY Matthew Gortanure
McELDOWNEY Patk. Halfgain
McELDOWNEY Patk. Slaghtnail
McELDOWNEY Patk. Tirhugh
McELDOWNEY Patk. Tirnoney
McELDOWNEY Phillemy Gortanure
McELDOWNEY Widow Halfgain
McERLANE Thos. Caremenagh
McFALL John (Scott) Ballynock
McFALONE Andrew Moneysharvin
McFALONE Andw. Granaghan
McFALONE James Granaghan
McFALONE Patk. Tirhugh
McGLADE Richd. Fallalea
McGUIGAN Henry Slaghtnail
McGUIGAN William Caremenagh
McGUIRE Arthur Tirnoney
McGUIRE Charles, Jr. Tirnoney
McGUIRE Charles, Sr. Tirnoney
McKAY Andw. (Michl.) Tullyherin
McKAY Mathew Tirkane
McKAY Wm. Tullyherin
McKEAGE John Gortanure
McKEE Esther Tullyherin
McKEE Jno. Tullyherin
McKEE John, Jr. Tullyherin
McKEE Michl. Tullyherin
McKEE Robt. Tullyherin
McKEEFRY Thos. Moneysharvin
McKENDRY Joseph Ballynock
McKENDRY Mich. Ballynock
McKENDRY Nail Ballynock
McKENDRY Widow Ballynock
McKENNA …. Ballynock
McKENNA Bernd. Ballynock
McKENNA Bernd. Fallalea
McKENNA Bryan Fallalea
McKENNA Chas. Fallalea
McKENNA Chas. Tullyherin
McKENNA Conn. Slaghtnail
McKENNA Cornelius Ballynock
McKENNA Danl. Fallalea
McKENNA Danl. (Little) Tullyherin
McKENNA David Fallalea
McKENNA Dennis Fallalea
McKENNA Francis Fallalea
McKENNA Frank Ballynock
McKENNA Henry Fallalea
McKENNA Hugh Fallalea
McKENNA James Tirkane
McKENNA Jas. Ballynock
McKENNA Jas. Fallalea
McKENNA John Halfgain
McKENNA John Tirkane
McKENNA John (Dan) Tirkane
McKENNA John, roe Fallalea
McKENNA Laughlan Tirnoney
McKENNA Laurence Ballynock
McKENNA Lawrence Tirkane
McKENNA Linn Tirkane
McKENNA Matthew Fallalea
McKENNA Michl. Ballynock
McKENNA Michl. (Murtagh) Tirkane
McKENNA Nail Tirkane
McKENNA Patk. Fallalea
McKENNA Patk. Tirkane
McKENNA Patk. (Crawford) Tullyherin
McKENNA Patk. (Maghera) Ballynock
McKENNA Patk., Sr. Fallalea
McKENNA Paul Fallalea
McKENNA Paul, Sr. Fallalea
McKENNA Peter Ballynock
McKENNA Peter Fallalea
McKENNA Tague Fallalea
McKENNA Thomas Ballynock
McKENNA Thomas Tirkane
McKENNA Widow Fallalea
McKENNA Widow Tullyherin
McKEOWN Geo. Moneysharvin
McKEOWN Hugh Moneysharvin
McKEOWN Peter Moneysharvin
McKEOWN Robt. Granaghan
McKEOWN Robt. Moneysharvin
McKEOWN Saml. Caremenagh
McKINLEY Alexr. Granaghan
McKINLEY Alexr. Tirhugh
McKINNLEY Alexr. Granaghan
McMASTER Bryan Caremenagh
McMASTER John Slaghtnail
McMASTER Michl. Slaghtnail
McMASTER Owen Caremenagh
McMATH Thos. Moneysharvin
McMULLAN Danl. Tirhugh
McMULLAN Neilly Granaghan
McNAIL John Caremenagh
McNAMEE Andw. Tirhugh
McNAMEE Jas. Carleckey
McNAMEE Patk. Carleckey
McNAMEE Widow Carleckey
McNICKLE James, Jr. Granaghan
McNICKLE James, Sr. Granaghan
McNICKLE Jas., Jr. Granaghan
McNICKLE Jas., Sr. Granaghan
McPEAKE James (for widow) Tirhugh
McPEAKE Manus Tirhugh
McQUILLAN Jas. Fallalea
McSHANE Francis Tirhugh
McSHANE Peter Tirhugh
McWILLIAMS James Tullyherin
McWILLIAMS Michl. Caremenagh
MILLS Joseph Tirhugh
MOONEY Daniel Granaghan
MOONEY Danl. Granaghan
MOONEY John Granaghan
MOONY Daniel Granaghan
MORRISON Hugh Tirnoney
MORRISON John Tirnoney
MORRISON Robt. Tirnoney
MULHOLLAND Felix Tirkane
MULHOLLAND Michl. Granaghan
MULHOLLAND Patk. Halfgain
MULHOLLAND Sarah Gortanure
MULLAN Bernard Gortanure
MULLAN Bernd Carleckey
MULLAN James Gortanure
MULLAN John Tirhugh
MULLAN Phillemy Gortanure
MULLOY James Granaghan
MULLOY James Tirhugh
MULLOY John Granaghan
MULLOY John Tirhugh
MURPHY Widow Tullyherin
NEILLY Thos. Tirhugh
O'KANE Francis Moneysharvin
O'KANE Manus Moneysharvin
O'NEIL Conn. Tirhugh
O'NEIL Henry Tullyherin
O'NEIL John Fallalea
O'NEIL John Tirhugh
PATTERSON Robt. Tullyherin
QUIN James Granaghan
SCOTT Ballynock
SCOTT Alexr. Granaghan
SHIELS James Ballynock
SHIVERS James Caremenagh
SLOAN James Granaghan
SMYRL Thos. Granaghan
TAYLOR John Tirnoney
TAYLOR William Moneysharvin
TONER John Halfgain
TRAINOR Patk. Fallalea
TROWLAND Bernard Fallalea
TROWLAND Charles Fallalea
TROWLAND John (wee) Fallalea
TROWLAND Shane Fallalea
WALKER Robt. Tirhugh
WALSH Archd. Granaghan
WALSH David Granaghan
WALSH David, Jr. Granaghan
WALSH David, Sr. Granaghan
WALSH Edward Granaghan
WALSH Edwd. Granaghan
WALSH Eneas Granaghan
WALSH Lewis Granaghan
WALSH William Granaghan


Commissioner: John C. CLARKE of Grange in the County of Londonderry

August 16, 1833