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Index to the Tithe Applotment Book, Killeeshil Parish, Co. Tyrone, 1829

PRONI Ref. 5A/175
LDS Film #258461
Transcribed, compiled and submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


Tithe was a tax on all agricultural land (originally one tenth of the produce) excepting only church lands, glebes and urban areas and was paid by leaseholders and occupiers of all religious denominations to the clergy of the Established Church of Ireland. There was growing resentment against this tax, especially by Presbyterians and Catholics, particularly in the period of distress after 1815 and the government was forced to give way and introduce the Tithe Composition Act 1823 which replaced payment in kind by payment in cash.

In order to effect this change, all agricultural land across the country was required to be surveyed and applotted, or valued. During the period 1823 to 1837, a Tithe Applotment Survey was made in each civil parish across the whole of Ireland to determine the value of tithe payable by different landholders. Two people were appointed by each parish to carry out this assessment. The material was arranged by civil parish and townland in volumes known as TITHE APPLOTMENT BOOKS.

In some parishes more than one survey was taken, whilst in others the manuscript has not survived. The books for all Ireland, compiled between 1823 and 1837, are now deposited in the National Archives of Ireland, Dublin and Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI).

PRONI holds the tithe books for all but 31 of the 273 parishes then surveyed in Northern Ireland. These tithe books are arranged by townland and record the names of leaseholders, the area of their farm subject to tithe, sometimes the quality of the land and an overall valuation and occasionally the names of landlords. Researchers should be aware that cottiers who did not hold land are not recorded, and unaccountably, some types of land were passed over entirely; a field of potatoes attracted a tithe payment in one parish, but not in that adjoining.

Those researchers who are fortunate to locate a forebear in the Tithe Applotment Books may find it possible to take their research back a further generation prior to Griffiths Valuation.



Townland Townland Townland Townland
Aghaginduff Aghnahoe Ballynahaye Bockets
Cabragh Clontyclevin Clontyfallow Coolhill
Cranlome Cullentra Dergenagh Drumfad
Ennish Eskragh Farriter Fasglashagh
Glencull Killeeshil Lisfearty Lurgacullion
Mullyroddan Mullysilly Mulnahunch Tullyvannon




Townland Townland Townland Townland
Aghinduffe Aghnahoe Ballynahaye Bockets
Cabragh Clinty Clevin Clinty Fallow Coolhill
Cranlome Lower Cranlome Upper Cullintra Dergena
Drumfad Drumleghagh Eskragh Fasglusha
Ferrater Glenchull Innish Killeshall
Lisferty Lurgacullion Mullarodden Mullinahunch
Mullysilly Shees Tullyvannon  



***Original Spelling has been retained***

Surname Firstname Townland
AGNEW John Dergena
ALEXANDER Thomas Cullintra
ARNEIL James Coolhill
ARNEIL Saml. Dergena
ARNEIL Thomas Drumfad
ARNEIL Thomas, Jun. Aghnahoe
ARNEIL William Aghnahoe
BALLANTINE James Cabragh
BALLANTINE Willm. Cabragh
BARCLAY [?] Aghnahoe
BARCLAY Robt. Cullintra
BEATTY David Cabragh
BEATTY David Mulinahunch
BEATTY James Lisferty
BEATTY James, Sen. Cabragh
BEATTY Jas. Cabragh
BEATTY John Cabragh
BEATTY John Mulinahunch
BEATTY Robt. Cabragh
BEATTY Wm. Cabragh
BEGGS John Glenchull
BELL Eliza Coolhill
BELL James Lisferty
BELL John Coolhill
BELL John, Jun. Eskragh
BELL John, Sen. Eskragh
BELL Richardson Clinty Clevin
BELL Richardson Drumleghagh
BELL Richardson Fasglusha
BEST Alexander Killeshall
BEST Hugh Tullyvannon
BLOOMER Michl. Ferrater
BLOOMER Patt. Eskragh
BOYDE James Lisferty
BOYLE Alexr. Aghinduffe
BOYLE Arthur Aghinduffe
BOYLE John Aghinduffe
BOYLE Laurence Aghinduffe
BOYLE Michael Aghinduffe
BOYLE Nicholas Aghinduffe
BOYLE Patt. Aghinduffe
BOYLE Peter Aghinduffe
BOYLE Simeon Aghinduffe
BROWN Alexr. Clinty Fallow
BROWN George Dergena
BROWN James Innish
BRYANS Edwd. Glenchull
CAMPBELL Edwd., Reps of Lurgacullion
CAMPBELL James Cullintra
CAMPBELL John Innish
CAMPBELL Robert Ferrater
CAMPBELL Widow Ferrater
CANAVAN Thomas Bockets
CARSON James Lurgacullion
CARSON Jno. Lisferty
CARSON Oliver Clinty Fallow
CARSON Oliver Lisferty
CARSON Widow Lisferty
CARSON William Tullyvannon
CARTER Mathew Mullarodden
CARUTH George Mullarodden
CAULDWELL John Bockets
CHARLETON Frans. Tullyvannon
CHARLETON Saml. Tullyvannon
CHURCH YARD   Killeshall
CLARKE Mrs. Tullyvannon
CLARKE Robert Ballynahaye
COLBERT Alexander Ballynahaye
COLE Henry, Reps of Glenchull
CONDY Alexander Coolhill
CONDY John Cullintra
CONDY John Drumfad
CONLAN Bryan Ballynahaye
CONLAN Hugh Ballynahaye
CONLAN Michael Ballynahaye
CONLAN Owen Ballynahaye
CONLAN Patt. Ballynahaye
CONOLLY Thomas Glenchull
CONRY Jno. Clinty Clevin
CONRY Michl. Clinty Clevin
CONRY Ter. Clinty Clevin
CORRIGAN Cain Lurgacullion
CORRIGAN James Cranlome Lower
CORRIGAN Laughlin Ballynahaye
CORRIGAN Pat. Killeshall
CORRIGAN Roger Bockets
COUSINS Francis Mullarodden
COUSINS James Mullarodden
COUSINS John Mullarodden
COUSINS Robert Mullarodden
COUSINS Thomas Mullarodden
COUSINS Widow Mullarodden
COYLE Bernard Coolhill
COYLE Edward Coolhill
COYLE Owen Coolhill
CROSSLE Captain Aghnahoe
CROSSLE Captain Lurgacullion
CUDDY Thomas Innish
CUNNINGHAM James Ballynahaye
CUSH Michael Drumleghagh
CUSH Owen Cranlome Lower
CUSH William Cranlome Lower
CUSH William Cranlome Upper
DAWLEY Barty Killeshall
DAWLEY Francis Killeshall
DAWLEY Michael Killeshall
DAWLEY Owen Killeshall
DAWLEY Owen & sons Killeshall
DAWLEY Patt. Killeshall
DAWLEY Peter Killeshall
DAWLEY Teague, Junr. Killeshall
DAWLEY Teague, Senr. Killeshall
DAWLEY William Killeshall
DEALY Francis Aghinduffe
DEALY Henry Glenchull
DENNIS Hugh Mullarodden
DEVLIN Arthur Bockets
DEVLIN Charles Cranlome Lower
DEVLIN Henry Aghinduffe
DEVLIN James Bockets
DEVLIN James Glenchull
DEVLIN Miles Ballynahaye
DEVLIN Miles Cranlome Lower
DEVLIN Peter Aghinduffe
DEVLIN Simeon Aghinduffe
DEVLIN Tague Cullintra
DICKSON John Dergena
DICKSON Samuel Dergena
DIVINE Patt. Ballynahaye
DIVINE Peter Ballynahaye
DIVINE Robt. Fasglusha
DIVINE Terence Fasglusha
DIVINE Terence Shees
DIVINE Widow Fasglusha
DONAGHY Bryan Drumfad
DONAGHY Charles Lurgacullion
DONAGHY Hugh Cranlome Lower
DONAGHY Hugh Drumfad
DONAGHY James Cranlome Lower
DONAGHY James Drumfad
DONAGHY James Drumfad
DONAGHY Jno. & partners Cranlome Upper
DONAGHY John Cranlome Upper
DONAGHY John, Sen. Cranlome Upper
DONAGHY Mary Drumfad
DONAGHY Michael Drumfad
DONAGHY Neil Drumfad
DONAGHY Owen Drumfad
DONAGHY Owen Shees
DONAGHY Patt. Drumfad
DONAGHY Peter Drumfad
DONAGHY Rose Drumfad
DONAGHY William Dergena
DONAGHY William Drumfad
DONALDSON Robt. Cullintra
DONELLY Anne Cranlome Lower
DONELLY Bridget Cranlome Lower
DONELLY Hugh Cranlome Upper
DONELLY James Cranlome Lower
DONELLY James Cranlome Upper
DONELLY John Ballynahaye
DONELLY John Cranlome Upper
DONELLY Joseph Cranlome Upper
DONELLY Michael Cranlome Lower
DONELLY Neal Cranlome Lower
DONELLY Owen Ballynahaye
DONELLY Owen Killeshall
DONELLY Patt. Cranlome Lower
DONELLY Patt. Mullysilly
DONELLY Peter Cranlome Upper
DONELLY Terence Aghinduffe
DONELLY Terence Bockets
DONELLY Terence Cranlome Upper
DONELLY Widow Ballynahaye
DONNELLY John Lurgacullion
DONNELLY Patt. Ferrater
DONNELLY Peter Eskragh
DOOGAN Catharine Ballynahaye
DOOGAN Simeon Cranlome Upper
DORAN Henry Ballynahaye
DOUGAN [?] Ballynahaye
DOYLE James Aghinduffe
DOYLE John Aghinduffe
DOYLE Michael Aghinduffe
DOYLE Owen Aghinduffe
DOYLE Widow Aghinduffe
DUFF Alexr. Dergena
DUFF James Dergena
DUFF Robert Dergena
DUNBAR John Lurgacullion
DUNBAR Richard Lurgacullion
DUNBAR William Lurgacullion
DUNLOP William Dergena
DUNN Hugh Fasglusha
DUNN John Innish
ECCLES John Ferrater
ELLISON Henry Drumleghagh
ELLISON John Mulinahunch
ELLISON Thomas Ballynahaye
ELLISON Thomas Drumleghagh
ELLISON William Ballynahaye
ELLISON William Cabragh
ELLISON William Coolhill
FARELLY Daniel Bockets
FARELLY Francis Killeshall
FARELLY James Killeshall
FARELLY William Killeshall
FARQUHAR David Clinty Clevin
FARQUHAR David Mulinahunch
FARQUHAR John Clinty Clevin
FARRELL John Fasglusha
FARRELLY Neil Drumleghagh
FERGUSON James Cullintra
FLEMING John Dergena
FOX Danl. Mullysilly
FOX Edward Mullysilly
FOX John Tullyvannon
FOX Patt. Killeshall
FOX Robert Drumfad
GILKINSON John Mulinahunch
GILKINSON Robert Mulinahunch
GILLESPIE Sampson Bockets
GILMORE Thomas Cabragh
GIVENS George Aghnahoe
GIVENS George Coolhill
GIVENS James Cullintra
GIVENS John Dergena
GIVENS Thomas Aghnahoe
GIVENS William Aghnahoe
GIVENS William Eskragh
GOFF Mr. Aghinduffe
GOFF Mr. Clinty Fallow
GOFF Mr. Coolhill
GOFF Mr. Eskragh
GOFF Mr. Mullarodden
GORMLEY Edwd. Bockets
GORMLEY Roger Cranlome Lower
GRIFFITH John Lisferty
GRIFFITH Patt. Lisferty
GRIMACEY Joseph Mulinahunch
HACKETT Patt. Fasglusha
HADDEN James Ferrater
HADDOCK Thomas Cabragh
HAGAN Edward Bockets
HAGAN John Cranlome Lower
HAGAN Patt. Cranlome Upper
HAMILL Charles Aghinduffe
HAMILL John Mullysilly
HAMILL John, Junr. Mullysilly
HAMILL Mary Mullysilly
HAMILL Patt. Ballynahaye
HAMILL Peter Tullyvannon
HAMILL Terence Mullysilly
HANNAH John Innish
HAPPER Andrew Cranlome Lower
HAPPER Andy Tullyvannon
HAPPER Danl. Tullyvannon
HARDY William Eskragh
HAYES John Coolhill
HAYES John Cullintra
HAYES John, Sen. Cullintra
HEATHERINGTON Jno., Jun. Coolhill
HOLLAND Daniel Aghinduffe
HOLLAND Daniel Killeshall
HOLLAND John, Jun. Aghinduffe
HOLLAND John, Sen. Aghinduffe
HOLLAND Michael Killeshall
HOLLAND Owen Aghinduffe
HOLLAND Thomas Aghinduffe
HUGHES Widow Cranlome Upper
HUGHS Henry Lurgacullion
HUGHS Michael Tullyvannon
HUGHS Widow Cranlome Upper
HUGHS Widow Killeshall
HURST James Dergena
IRWIN James Aghnahoe
IRWIN James Fasglusha
IRWIN John Aghnahoe
IRWIN Robert Tullyvannon
IRWIN William Lisferty
JAMESON William Dergena
JARDIN John Lisferty
JOHNSTON Henry Glenchull
JOHNSTON Jno. Aghnahoe
JOHNSTON Rt. Aghnahoe
KEENAN Andy Drumfad
KEENAN Peter Drumfad
KEENAN William Mullarodden
KELLY Arthur Eskragh
KELLY Bernard Eskragh
KELLY Francis Ferrater
KELLY Henry Killeshall
KELLY Hugh Killeshall
KELLY James Ferrater
KELLY James, Junr. Killeshall
KELLY James, Senr. Killeshall
KELLY John Cranlome Lower
KELLY John Tullyvannon
KELLY Neilis Killeshall
KELLY Patt. Bockets
KELLY Patt. Killeshall
KELLY Patt. Killeshall
KELLY Peter Aghinduffe
KELLY Peter Killeshall
KELLY Widow Aghinduffe
KELLY Widow Killeshall
KELLY William Aghinduffe
KERR Arthur Ferrater
KERR Owen Cranlome Lower
KERR Patt., Jun. Cranlome Lower
KERR Patt., Senr. Cranlome Lowe
KILPATTRICK Moore Killeshall
KING Henry, Junr. Fasglusha
KING Henry, Senr. Fasglusha
KYLE Andrew Mulinahunch
KYLE James Cabragh
KYLE James Coolhill
KYLE James Mulinahunch
KYLE John Mulinahunch
KYLE Thomas Mulinahunch
KYLE Thomas, Junr. Mulinahunch
KYLE Thos. Reps. of Cullintra
LAMEY George Ballynahaye
LAPPIN John Killeshall
LAUGHRAN Hugh Fasglusha
LAUGHRAN Owen Fasglusha
LAUGHRAN Patt. Fasglusha
LAUGHRAN Patt., Senr. Fasglusha
LAVERTY Bernard Fasglusha
LAVERTY Bernard Shees
LAVERTY Charles Fasglusha
LAVERTY Charles Shees
LAVERTY Felix Shees
LAVERTY Owen Cabragh
LAVERTY Owen Fasglusha
LAVERTY Patt. Fasglusha
LAVERTY Patt. Shees
LAVERTY Peter Cabragh
LAVERTY Peter Fasglusha
LAVERTY Peter Shees
LEWIS Judith Bockets
LEWIS William Cranlome Upper
LIGGOT Jas. Dergena
LIGGOT Robt. Cullintra
LIGGOT Saml. Dergena
LIGGOTT Robert Ballynahaye
LIVINGSTONE George Fasglusha
LOCKART John Ballynahaye
LOCKART Robert Bockets
LOCKART William Ballynahaye
LOUGHRAN Gilly Fasglusha
LOUGHRAN Hugh Fasglusha
LOUGHRAN Hugh, Jun. Fasglusha
LOUGHRAN John, Jun. Fasglusha
LOUGHRAN John, Senr. Fasglusha
LOUGHRAN Michael Fasglusha
LOUGHRAN Michael Killeshall
LOUGHRAN Owen Fasglusha
LOUGHRAN Patt. Junr. Fasglusha
LOUGHRAN William Fasglusha
LOUGHRANE Laurence Aghinduffe
LOUGHRANE Patt. Aghinduffe
LOUGHRANE Terence Aghinduffe
LOUGHRANE Thomas Drumleghagh
LOWRY James Drumfad
LYNAS Thomas Ferrater
MACKIN Peter Killeshall
MAGENNIS James Ballynahaye
MARSHALL Revd. Mr. Tullyvannon
MARTIN John Dergena
MARTIN Richard Dergena
MARTIN Widow Aghinduffe
MARTIN William Dergena
MASON James Mulinahunch
MASON John Mulinahunch
MASON Samuel Aghnahoe
McALEER Francis Killeshall
McALEER Henry Killeshall
McALEER Owen Ferrater
McATEER James Mulinahunch
McATEER John Mulinahunch
McBRIDE John Aghinduffe
McBRIDE John Cullintra
McCAFFRAY Anne Lisferty
McCAMON Thomas Dergena
McCANN Bernard Killeshall
McCANN James Cranlome Lower
McCANN Peter Fasglusha
McCANN Robert Glenchull
McCAULL Arthur Killeshall
McCAULL Arthur Shees
McCAULL Bernard Ferrater
McCAULL Charles Drumleghagh
McCAULL Henry Drumleghagh
McCAULL Henry Shees
McCAULL James Shees
McCAULL John Drumleghagh
McCAULL John Ferrater
McCAULL Patt. Aghnahoe
McCAULL Patt. Drumfad
McCAULL Peter Lurgacullion
McCAUSLAND Robert Tullyvannon
McCLEAN David Cullintra
McCLOSKY Widow Fasglusha
McCONNELL George Dergena
McCOOL Francis Cabragh
McCOOLE Francis Fasglusha
McCORMACK John Eskragh
McCORMACK Willm. Aghinduffe
McCORT Patt. Ferrater
McCOSKER Michael Ballynahaye
McCOSKER Patt. Ballynahaye
McCRORY Felix Bockets
McCRORY Terence Bockets
McCUE Alexander Fasglusha
McCUE Bernard Fasglusha
McCUE Edward Fasglusha
McCULLAGH Laughlin Aghnahoe
McDONALD Fardy Fasglusha
McELHINNY Widow Fasglusha
McETAGGART Henry Aghinduffe
McETAGGART John Aghinduffe
McETAGGART Patt. Aghinduffe
McETAGGART Patt. Killeshall
McFARLAND Hugh Eskragh
McGEE Fras. Drumleghagh
McGEE Haml. Drumleghagh
McGEE James Fasglusha
McGEE Jno. Drumleghagh
McGEE Patt. Killeshall
McGENIS Bernd. & Nephew Killeshall
McGILLY Barty Ferrater
McGILLY Francis Aghinduffe
McGILLY Patt. Killeshall
McGIRR Bryan Cranlome Lower
McGRAND James Drumleghagh
McGUIGAN John Shees
McGUIRE Bernard Shees
McGUIRE James Shees
McKENNA Arthur Fasglusha
McKENNA Dennis Cranlome Lower
McKENNA Francis Fasglusha
McKENNA Miles Ferrater
McKENNA Owen Killeshall
McKENNA Patt. Drumfad
McKENNA Patt. Glenchull
McKINLEY James Dergena
McKINLEY John Aghnahoe
McMACKIN Owen Shees
McMAHON William Glenchull
McMANAMY Hugh Dergena
McMANUS Hugh Aghinduffe
McMULLEN James Bockets
McNAMEE Daniel Ballynahaye
McNAMEE Thomas Mulinahunch
McNEARY John Aghnahoe
McNEILE John Mullarodden
McNEILE Robert Mullarodden
McNEILUS Thomas Aghinduffe
McNIELE William Clinty Fallow
McQUADE John Bockets
McQUADE Laurence Cranlome Upper
McQUADE Owen Aghinduffe
McQUADE Peter Cranlome Upper
McVEAGH Alexr. Drumleghagh
McVEAGH John Mulinahunch
McVEAGH Joseph Fasglusha
McVEAGH Michael Drumleghagh
McVEAGH Michael Mulinahunch
McVEAGH William Fasglusha
McVEY Patt. Bockets
McWILLIAMS James Clinty Fallow
McWILLIAMS James Lisferty
McWILLIAMS John Eskragh
McWILLIAMS John Glenchull
MELVIN Geo. Mullarodden
MELVIN Saml. Mullarodden
MILES Abrm. Reps of Aghnahoe
MILLAR Francis Mullarodden
MOFFIT John Dergena
MONTGOMERY John Cranlome Lower
MOORE George Bockets
MORRIS John Bockets
MORRIS Lanty Bockets
MORRIS Owen Bockets
MORRIS William Bockets
MULGREW Francis Bockets
MULGREW Hugh Shees
MULGREW James Cranlome Upper
MULGREW John Mullysilly
MULGREW Michael Mullysilly
MULGREW Owen Mullysilly
MULGREW Patt. Bockets
MULGREW Patt. Cranlome Upper
MULGREW Peter Cranlome Upper
MULGREW Terence Cranlome Upper
MULGREW Widow Ballynahaye
MULGREW Widow Bockets
MULLAN Edwd. Ferrater
MURPHY Bernard Clinty Clevin
MURPHY David Cranlome Lower
MURPHY Francis Clinty Clevin
MURPHY James Cranlome Lower
MURPHY John Clinty Clevin
MURPHY Patt. Cranlome Lower
MURPHY Peter Clinty Clevin
MURPHY Terence Clinty Clevin
MURPHY Thomas Cranlome Lower
NEWTON Henry Tullyvannon
NIBLO Adam Lurgacullion
NIBLO Thomas Bockets
NIBLO Thomas Lurgacullion
NIMO William Aghnahoe
O’NEILE Charles Glenchull
O’NEILE Con. Fasglusha
O’NEILL Charles Ballynahaye
OAK Robert Eskragh
OAK William Eskragh
ORR Andrew Tullyvannon
ORR James Fasglusha
OSBORNE David Bockets
PATTERSON John Ballynahaye
PEASLEY [?] Ballynahaye
POTTER James Clinty Fallow
QUIN Charles Drumfad
QUIN Patt. Drumfad
QUIN Patt. Killeshall
QUINN Arthur Cranlome Lower
QUINN Patt. Aghnahoe
QUINN Peter Cranlome Lower
RAMSEY John Cabragh
RAVERTY Daniel Drumleghagh
RAVERTY Michael Mullarodden
RAVERTY Patt. Cabragh
RAVERTY Terence Drumleghagh
REA Reed Mullarodden
REA Widow Ferrater
REED Adam Coolhill
REED Adam Lisferty
REED George Mullarodden
REED Hugh Clinty Clevin
REED John Mullarodden
REED John, Senr. Mullarodden
REED Mary Mullarodden
ROBINSON Rt. Aghnahoe
SADLIER John Aghnahoe
SALLY Neil Fasglusha
SCOTT Robert Coolhill
SHANNON John Coolhill
SHANNON Wm. Coolhill
SHARKEY Hugh Lisferty
SHARKEY William Clinty Clevin
SHARKEY William Lisferty
SIMPSON John Dergena
SIMPSON John Glenchull
SLOAN Hugh Coolhill
SLOAN Joseph Coolhill
SLOAN Joseph Dergena
SLOAN Stewart Coolhill
SLOAN William Coolhill
SLOAN William Drumfad
SLOAN William Eskragh
SPEER Doctor Glenchull
STINSON Anne Lisferty
STINSON John Clinty Fallow
STINSON John Coolhill
STORY John, Jun. Innish
STORY John, Senr. Innish
TAGGART Thomas Mullarodden
TAGUE Edward Fasglusha
TAGUE Michael Cranlome Lower
TEAGUE John Cranlome Lower
TENNISON John Ballynahaye
THOMPSON Richard Bockets
THOMPSON Robert Fasglusha
TIERNEY James Bockets
TIERNEY Patt. Fasglusha
TRAINOR James Drumleghagh
VERNER Colonel Aghnahoe
VERNER Colonel Ballynahaye
VERNER Colonel Lurgacullion
VERNER Colonel Tullyvannon
WALKER William Clinty Fallow
WHITE Adam Aghnahoe
WHITFIELD Thomas Cabragh
WHITTINGTON [?] Aghnahoe
WHITTINGTON George Dergena
WHITTINGTON William Dergena
WILLIAMSON George Eskragh
WILSON Hugh Clinty Fallow
WILSON James Mullarodden
WILSON Joseph Innish
WILSON Richard Cabragh
WILSON William Bockets
WILSON William Clinty Fallow
WILSON William Innish
WOODS Patt. Drumleghagh
YOUNG James Eskragh
YOUNG Rev. John Killeshall
YOUNG Samuel Killeshall