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Index to Tithe Applotment Books for Errigal Keerogue Parish, Co. Tyrone, 1833

PRONI Ref.: FIN 5A/139/1; LDS FHL Film #258458
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia







Surname Firstname Residence
ADAMS Robert Garvaghey
ADAMS Andw. Turniskea
ALEXANDER William Millix
ALLEN Isaac Errigle
ALLEN Thomas Bracagh
ALLEN Joseph Garvaghey
ANDERSON James Richmount [Richmond]
ANDERSON Samuel Richmount [Richmond]
ANDERSON Charles Cullinahaw
ANDERSON George Cullinahaw
ANDERSON Patrick Cullinahaw
ANDERSON John Foremas
ANDERSON William Foremas
ARMSTRONG Richard, Esq. Ballygawley
ARMSTRONG Adam Tenements
ARMSTRONG Richd. Tenements
ARTHUR Robin Roughin
ASHFIELD Alexr. Foremas
ASHFIELD Adam Tenements
BAILEY William, Jun. Garvaghey
BAILY William, Sen. Garvaghey
BEATTY William Richmount [Richmond]
BEATTY William Tenements
BEATY William Fallaghern
BEATY Robt. Tenements
BEGGS Margaret Tenements
BELL James Ballylaggan
BELL James Shantaveney Irish
BELL John Shantaveney Irish
BELL James Millix
BELL Alexander Garvaghey
BELL William Findrum
BLOOMER Francis (or Arthur Conway) Ballymacleroy
BURTON Thomas Errigle
BURTON Thomas Cullinahaw
CAIRNES William Coolagary
CAMPBELL David Richmount [Richmond]
CAMPBELL John Richmount [Richmond]
CAMPBELL Henry Garvaghey
CAMPBELL John Garvaghey
CAMPBELL Paddy Garvaghey
CAMPBELL Patt. Garvaghey
CAMPBELL Peter Garvaghey
CAMPBELL Terance Garvaghey
CAMPBELL Terry Garvaghey
CAMPBELL Michael Altcloghfin
CAMPBELL Widow (or Bloomer) Lisgonnel
CAMPBELL Margaret Tenements
CAMPBELL William Tenements
CARRAN James Knockconny
CARTER James Foremas
CASEY Daniel Killymorgan
CASEY Terance Turniskea
CASSIDY John Lurganboy
CASSIDY Widow Lurganboy
CASSIDY Terance Ballymacleroy
CAVANAGH John Glencull
CAVENAGH Daniel Altcloghfin
CAVENAGH James (or Widow) Altcloghfin
CAVENAGH Patrick Altcloghfin
CLARKE John Garvaghey
CLARKE Mathew Garvaghey
CLARKE Samuel Garvaghey
CLARKE Patrick or Solomon Donnelly Ballymacleroy
CLARKE James Knockconny
CLEMENTS Isabella Lisgonnel
CLEMENTS Mrs. Tenements
COIL [COYLE] Paddy Dunmoyle
COIL [COYLE] Terry Dunmoyle
COILY [COYLE?] Bryan Garvaghey
COLBERT Jonathan Millix
COLE Surgeon Lisgonnel
COLE Surgeon Ballygawley
COLE Surgeon Tenements
COLLIGAN [..?] Altamuskin
CONEY Owen Foremas
CONLAN Hugh Ballylaggan
CONLAN Mick Tenements
CONLIN Frank Ballylaggan
CONN Jervais Millix
CONNOLLY Bernd. Garvaghey
CONNOR Henry Knockconny
CONROY Terance Foremas
CONROY Widow or John Altamuskin
CONROY John Altamuskin
CONROY John or Widow Altamuskin
CONROY James (now Sir Hugh Stewart) Ballymacleroy
CONWAY Arthur (or Francis Bloomer) Ballymacleroy
COOK Phillip Tenements
COOPER Thomas Ballylaggan
CORMACK Thomas Garvaghey
COULTER Widow Richmount [Richmond]
COULTER William Richmount [Richmond]
COULTER Mrs. Wm. Tenements
COUSINS James, Sen. Bracagh
COUSINS John Bracagh
COUSINS John or James, Jnr. Bracagh
COUSINS William Foremas
COYLE Anne Bracagh
COYLE Michl. Fallaghern
COYLE Margt. Tenements
COYLE Patk. Tenements
CRAWFORD Thos. Tenements
CREDON Mick Tenements
CROAN Ned Glencull
CROOKS Saml. Tenements
CROSSLIE William Foremas
CRUDDEN Pat. Cullinahaw
CUNNINGHAM Andw. Bracagh
CUNNINGHAM Nathl. Bracagh
CURRY Patt. Cleanally
DAILEY James Drumnamilta
DAILEY John Shantaveney Irish
DAILEY Widow Tenements
DAILEY James Knockbrack
DAVIS Lewis Knockconny
DAVIS Lewis (or Quinn) Lisgonnel
DAVIS Lewis Ballygawley
DAVIS Lewis Tenements
DEVELIN John Lurganboy
DEVELIN Surgeon Sess Kilgreen
DEVELIN James Killymorgan
DEVELIN James Turniskea
DEVELIN Neil Tenements
DEVELIN Surgeon Greenhill Demesne
DEVELIN Paddy Glencull
DEVELIN Terance Glencull
DEVINE Andw. Knockconny
DIVINE Terance Garvaghey
DIVINE James Altcloghfin
DIVINE John Altcloghfin
DOGHERTY John Millix
DONAGHY Peter Garvaghey
DONAGHY Michael Dunmoyle
DONNELLY James Cleanally
DONNELLY John Cleanally
DONNELLY Paddy Cleanally
DONNELLY Thomas Cleanally
DONNELLY Susan Lurganboy
DONNELLY John Altamuskin
DONNELLY Pat. Garvaghey
DONNELLY Peter Garvaghey
DONNELLY John Garvaghey
DONNELLY Pat. Garvaghey
DONNELLY Peter Garvaghey
DONNELLY Widow Garvaghey
DONNELLY Frank Altcloghfin
DONNELLY Hugh Altcloghfin
DONNELLY Patrick Altcloghfin
DONNELLY Patt. Altcloghfin
DONNELLY Francis Shantavney Scotch
DONNELLY Frank Shantavney Scotch
DONNELLY Owen (or Dunbar) Ballymacleroy
DONNELLY Solomon or Patrick Clarke) Ballymacleroy
DONNELLY Patt. Ballymacleroy
DONNELLY George Altnagore
DONNELLY John Coolagary
DONNELLY Murtagh Coolagary
DONNELLY Hugh Glencull
DONNELLY Mick Glencull
DOWNES Thomas Tenements
DRUGAN Patrick Kilgreen Irish
DRUGAN William Cullinahaw
DRUGAN Charles Kilgreen Scotch
DRUGAN Widow Ballymacleroy
DRUGAN Owen Knockconny
DRUGAN Peter Knockconny
DRUGAN Thomas Lisgonnel
DRUGAN Francis Tenements
DRUGAN Thomas Tenements
DRUMMOND Alexr. Millix
DUNBAR [?] Ballymacleroy
DUNBAR John Findrum
DUNBAR Thomas Tenements
DUNN John Tenements
DYNES James Millix
EAGLESON Thomas Rarogan
EAGLESON William Rarogan
EARLY Bernd. Errigle
EARLY Edwd., Jun. Errigle
EARLY Edward, Sen. Errigle
EARLY Francis (College) Errigle
EARLY Francis, Jun. (Crow Hill) Errigle
EARLY James Errigle
EARLY John, Jun. (Gort) Errigle
EARLY Mick. Errigle
EARLY Paddy Errigle
EARLY Peter Errigle
EARLY William, Jun. Errigle
EARLY William, Sen. Errigle
EARLY John Fernamenagh
EARLY James (Mountain) Gort
EARLY James, Jun. Gort
EARLY James, Jun. (Mountain) Gort
EARLY James, Sen. Gort
EARLY James, Sen. (Mountain) Gort)
EARLY John (Mountain) Gort
EARLY John, Jun. Gort
EARLY John, Jun. (Mountain) Gort
EARLY John, Sen. Gort
EARLY Ross (Mountain) Gort
EARLY Thomas Gort
EARLY Thomas (Mountain) Gort
EARLY Edwd. Cullinahaw
EARLY William Shantaveney Irish
EARLY John Shantavney Scotch
EARLY Peter Shantavney Scotch
EARLY Francis Lisgonnel
EARLY James Tenements
FADDEN Mick Glencull
FALLS John Tenements
FARRELL Patt. Shantavney Scotch
FARRELL Peter Shantavney Scotch
FARRELL Patt. Glencull
FARRELL William Glencull
FEGAN John Cleanally
FITZGIBBON George Knockconny
FITZPATRICK Stephen Fernamenagh
FITZPATRICK Terance Shantaveney Irish
FORD Michl. Shantavney Scotch
FORD Widow Shantavney Scotch
GASKIN John Altcloghfin
GILES George Keady
GILES Henry Keady
GILES Williams Keady
GILKINSON Thomas Richmount [Richmond]
GILKINSON Robt. Findrum
GODFREY Widow Altnagore
GOODFELLOW George Altcloghfin
GOODFELLOW Felix, Jun. Shantavney Scotch
GOODFELLOW Felix, Sen. Shantaveny Scotch
GOODFELLOW Hugh Shantavney Scotch
GOODFELLOW John Shantavney Scotch
GOODFELLOW Widow Shantavney Scotch
GORMAN Anne Bracagh
GORMAN James Bracagh
GORMAN Patt. Bracagh
GORMAN Patt. Fallaghern
GORMAN Bernd. Altcloghfin
GORMLEY Anne Foremas
GORMLEY Hanagh Foremas
GORMLEY James Dunmoyle
GORMLEY Miles Ballymacleroy
GORMLEY Owen Findrum
GORMLEY Edwd. Coolagary
GORMLEY John Tenements
GORMLEY Rodger Tenements
GRAY John Millix
GRIGORY James Killymorgan
HACKET John Findrum
HACKETT Joseph Findrum
HACKETT William, Jun. Killymorgan
HACKETT William, Sen. Killymorgan
HACKETT Andw. Altnagore
HAGAN Arthur Findrum
HAGAN Fardy Altnagore
HAGARTY Michl. Lisgonnel
HAGGARTY Mick Findrum
HAGIN James Altamuskin
HAGIN Owen Altamuskin
HAGIN James Tenements
HAGIN James Tenements
HAMILTON David Coolagary
HAMILTON James Tenements
HAMILTON Stuart Tenements
HARDY Thomas Kilgreen Scotch
HARVEY Neill Knockconny
HARVEY Edward Findrum
HARVEY James Findrum
HARVEY Thos. Tenements
HAUGHEY Owen Roughin
HAUGHEY Edwd. Bracagh
HAUGHEY Peter Bracagh
HAUGHEY Patt. Findrum
HAVERAN Danl. Foremas
HAZLETON Simon Tenements
HEATLY John Tenements
HENNAN Thomas Tenements
HENNEN Thomas Coolagary
HENRY John Tenements
HOLLAGHAN Thomas Garvaghey
HOLMES Robt. Millix
HORISK Edward Richmount [Richmond]
HORISK Paddy Lurganboy
HORISK John Altcloghfin
HUGHES Daniel Foremas
HUGHES Michl. Foremas
HUGHES [..?] Altamuskin
HUGHES Charles Fallaghern
HUGHES Francis Dunmoyle
HUGHES James Dunmoyle
HUGHES Widow Shantavney Scotch
HUGHES Laurance Ballymacleroy
HUGHES Terance (or Owen) Ballymacleroy
HUGHES Owen (or Terance) Ballymacleroy
HUGHES Owen Turniskea
HUGHES Alexr. Ballygawley
HUGHES Patk. Ballygawley
HUGHES James Tenements
HUGHES Richd. Tenements
HUGHES Terance Tullyglush
HUGHES Thomas Tullyglush
HUGHES Thomas Glencull
HURST James Foremas
JOHNSTON Joseph Roughin
JOHNSTON Robt. Altnagore
KAIN James Ballymacleroy
KEENAN Michael Turniskea
KEENAN Nocher Turniskea
KEENAN Paddy Turniskea
KELLY Frank Foremas
KELLY Widow Lurganboy
KELLY Francis Garvaghy
KELLY Hugh Dunmoyle
KELLY John Dunmoyle
KELLY Rodger Altnagore
KYLE Andw. Millix
LAMB Widow, Jun. Richmount [Richmond]
LAMB Widow, Sen. Richmount [Richmond]
LAMB Francis Foremas
LAMB James Foremas
LAMB Patrick Millix
LAMB Widow Tenements
LEONARD Sergt. Tenements
LIGGET Andrw. Keady
LIGGET James Keady
LIGGET Joseph Keady
LITTLE Andw. Lisgonnel
LITTLE Andw. Ballygawley
LITTLE Alexr. Tenements
LITTLE Andrew Tenements
LITTLE Thomas Glencull
LOCKARD James Millix
LOCKART Robert Altamuskin
LOCKART Francis Millix
LOCKART Andw. Knockconny
LOCKART Francis Knockconny
LOCKART Robt. Knockconny
LOCKART Wm. Knockconny
LOCKHART John Findrum
LOUGHRAN Bryan Dunmoyle
LOUGHRAN Frank Tenements
LOUGHRAN Peter Tenements
LOWRY Sampson Shantaveney Irish
LYNCH Felix Cleanally
LYNCH Paddy Glencull
MACARTNEY David Tenements
MAKIN John Millix
MANN Mrs. Tenements
MARLOW Owen Garvaghey
MARTIN Henry Errigle
MARTIN Pat. Tenements
MASON James Tenements
MAYNE George Tenements
McALEER James Altnagore
McANALLY Mathew Cleanally
McANALLY Owen Turniskea
McANESPICK William Knockconny
McANNANALLY John Cleanally
McANNANLLY John Fernamenagh
McANULTY James Garvaghey
McANULTY Widow Altcloghfin
McANULTY Pat. Tenements
McBRIDE James Millix
McBRIDE Patrick Knockconny
McBRIDE James Turniskea
McBRIDE Neill Turniskea
McBRIDE Owen Turniskea
McBRIDE Paddy Turniskea
McBRIDE Peter Turniskea
McBRIDE Widow Turnaskea
McBRIDE Francis Altnagore
McBRIDE Bernd. Tullyglush
McBRIDE Peter Tullyglush
McCAFFREY Michael Richmount [Richmond]
McCAFFREY Miles Findrum
McCAFFREY Hugh Turniskea
McCAGHEY Charles Garvaghey
McCAMPBELL William Lurganboy
McCAMPBELL Patt. Garvaghey
McCANN John Keady
McCANN Peter Lurganboy
McCANN Miles Fallaghern
McCANN Duncan Dunmoyle
McCANN Stephen Altnagore
McCANN Miles Tenements
McCANN Neil Glencull
McCANNA John Garvaghey
McCANNA Frank Fallaghern
McCANNA Hugh Fallaghern
McCANNA James Fallaghern
McCANNA Owen Fallaghern
McCANNA Patt. Fallaghern
McCANNA Frank Fallaghern
McCANNA Edwd. Shantavney Scotch
McCANNA Terance Ballymacleroy
McCANNA Thomas & Brothers Ballymacleroy
McCANNA John Knockconny
McCANNA John Killymorgan
McCANNA Terance Turniskea
McCANNA John Turniskea
McCANNA John Altnagore
McCANNA Francis Tenements
McCANNA Patt. Tullyglush
McCANNA Laughlin Glencull
McCARRAN Neill Fernamenagh
McCARROLL Philip Ballylaggan
McCARROLL John Errigle
McCARTIN Anne Cleanally
McCARTNEY David Lisgonnel
McCAUSLAND William Foremas
McCLARIN Alexr. Foremas
McCLEAN John, Jun. Altamuskin
McCLEAN John, Sen. Altamuskin
McCLEAN Frank Coolagary
McCLUSKEY William Turniskea
McCLUSKY Anne Millix
McCLUSKY William Millix
McCLUSKY Edwd. Millix
McCLUSKY John Millix
McCLUSKY Thomas Millix
McCLUSKY William Turnaskea
McCLUSKY Patk. Altnagore
McCOLLUM Felix Fernamenagh
McCOLLUM Archy Findrum
McCOLLUM Robt. Findrum
McCOLLUMM James Coolagary
McCONNELL John Tenements
McCREDON Charles Tenements
McCRORY Edward Errigle
McCRORY Hugh Errigle
McCRORY Peter Errigle
McCRORY Daniel Fernamenagh
McCRORY Michl. Shantaveney Irish
McCRORY Owen Shantaveney Irish
McCRORY Felix Foremas
McCRORY James Garvaghey
McCRORY Lanty Garvaghey
McCRORY Owen Garvaghey
McCRORY Peter Garvaghey
McCRORY Edwd. Fallaghern
McCRORY James Fallaghern
McCRORY John Fallaghern
McCRORY Miles Fallaghern
McCRORY Anthony Dunmoyle
McCRORY Frank Dunmoyle
McCRORY Hugh Dunmoyle
McCRORY Laurence Dunmoyle
McCRORY Miles Dunmoyle
McCRORY Neill Dunmoyle
McCRORY Paddy Dunmoyle
McCRORY Peter Dunmoyle
McCRORY Terance Dunmoyle
McCRORY Tom Dunmoyle
McCRORY Bryan Altcloghfin
McCRORY Mick Altcloghfin
McCRORY Owen Altcloghfin
McCRORY Patt. Altcloghfin
McCRORY Terance Altcloghfin
McCRORY Terry R. Altcloghfin
McCRORY Domnick Shantavney Scotch
McCRORY Fardy Shantavney Scotch
McCRORY Hugh Shantavney Scotch
McCRORY James Shantavney Scotch
McCRORY John Shantavney Scotch
McCRORY Paddy Shantavney Scotch
McCRORY Fardy Ballymacleroy
McCRORY James Ballymacleroy
McCRORY John Ballymacleroy
McCRORY William Knockconny
McCRORY John Turniskea
McCRORY Terance Ballygawley
McCRORY Pat. Tenements
McCRORY Terance Tenements
McCRORY Hugh Glencull
McCRORY Peter Glencull
McCRYSTAL John & Patt. Altcloghfin
McCRYSTAL Patt. & John Altcloghfin
McCRYSTAL James Glencull
McCULLAGH Patt. Garvaghey
McCULLAGH James Findrum
McCULLAGH Charles Tenements
McCUNEY William Tenements
McCUSKER Frank Garvaghey
McCUSKER James Garvaghey
McCUSKER Catherine Garvaghey
McCUSKER Daniel Garvaghey
McCUSKER Edwd. Garvaghey
McCUSKER James Garvaghey
McCUSKER John Garvaghey
McCUSKER Owen Garvaghey
McCUSKER Thomas Garvaghey
McCUSKER Hugh Altnagore
McCUSKER James Altnagore
McDERMOTT William Ballylaggan
McDERMOTT Bernd. Bracagh
McDERMOTT Michl. Bracagh
McDERMOTT Patt. Bracagh
McDERMOTT John Foremas
McDERMOTT Francis Dunmoyle
McDOWAL Robt. Findrum
McDOWALL William Tenements
McDOWELL John Millix
McDOWELL George (or John Powell) Ballymacleroy
McDOWELL Alexr. Lisgonnel
McDOWELL Robert Lisgonnel
McDOWELL James Tenements
McEENISPICK James Richmount [Richmond]
McELDUFF Patrick Foremas
McELDUFF Patt. Foremas
McELDUFF Owen Knockconny
McELMEEL Paddy Cleanally
McELROY Owen Cleanally
McELROY Bryan Altcloghfin
McFADDEN Jacob Killymorgan
McFARLAND William Altamuskin
McFARLAND Duncan Millix
McFARLAND George Millix
McFARLAND James Millix
McFARLAND John Millix
McFARLAND John Altnagore
McGARAGHTY Peter Shantaveney Irish
McGARAGHTY Micl. Dunmoyle
McGARITY John Keady
McGARITY John Shantaveney Irish
McGARRITY Catherine Shantaveney Irish
McGARRITY Charles Shantaveney Irish
McGARRITY James Shantaveney Irish
McGARTLAND Edwd. Knockconny
McGARTLAND Peter Knockconny
McGARVEY James Lurganboy
McGARVEY John Lurganboy
McGARVEY Paddy Lurganboy
McGARVEY Paddy R. Lurganboy
McGARVEY Pat. Lurganboy
McGARVEY Terance Lurganboy
McGARVEY Widow Lurganboy
McGARVEY William Lurganboy
McGARVEY William Killymorgan
McGARVEY Hugh Glencull
McGAUGEY Widow Keady
McGAUGEY Edward Cleanally
McGEARY Francis Foremas
McGEOGHEY Hugh Errigle
McGERAGHTY Thomas Ballymacleroy
McGERRAGHTY Thomas Turniskea
McGILLY Owen Dunmoyle
McGINN/McGIRR Hugh Keady
McGIRR Pady Ballylaggan
McGIRR Francis, Sen. Errigle
McGIRR Paddy Fernamenagh
McGIRR Charles Kilgreen Irish
McGIRR John Kilgreen Irish
McGIRR Patrick Kilgreen Irish
McGIRR Terance Kilgreen Irish
McGIRR Cornelius Cullinahaw
McGIRR Edwd. Kilgreen Scotch
McGIRR Patrick Cleanally
McGIRR George Shantaveney Irish
McGIRR John Shantaveney Irish
McGIRR Bridget Foremas
McGIRR Daniel Foremas
McGIRR Dominick Foremas
McGIRR John Foremas
McGIRR Michl. Foremas
McGIRR Peter Foremas
McGIRR Bernard Altnagore
McGIRR Owen Tenements
McGIRR Cormack Rarogan
McGIRR Cormack (of Rye Hill) Rarogan
McGIRR Peter Rarogan
McGIRR Terry Rarogan
McGIRR James Glencull
McGIRR John Glencull
McGLINN John Tenements
McGONNEL John Tenements
McGOWAN William Millix
McGURK Bernd. Tenements
McKENNA Pat. Ballylaggan
McKENNA Mick Gort
McKENNA Michael Fallaghern
McMAHON Owen Lurganboy
McMAHON Hugh Altamuskin
McMAHON Hugh Altcloghfin
McMAHON Michael Altcloghfin
McMASTER James Garvaghey
McMASTER John Garvaghey
McMENAMY Owen Glencull
McMULLAN John Shantaveney Irish
McMULLAN Hugh Glencull
McMULLIN John Foremas
McMULLIN Pat. Ballymacleroy
McMULLIN James Glencull
McNAILIS Frank Glencull
McNAMEE Owen Tenements
McNEARY James Altnagore
McNEILL James Ballylaggan
McPIKE Widow Dunmoyle
McQUADE Terry Glencull
McRORY Michael Dunmoyle
McVEIGH Neill & Brothers Ballymacleroy
MEANS John Altamuskin
MEANS William Altamuskin
MELLON Mick Tenements
MILES James Fallaghern
MILES William Fallagharn
MILKIN Arthur Tenements
MILLER Robert & brothers Altnagore
MITCHELL John Richmount [Richmond]
MITCHELL John, Jun. Richmount [Richmond]
MITCHELL John Roughin
MITCHELL John, Jun. Lisgonnel
MITCHELL John Tenements
MITCHELL Thomas Tenements
MONTAGUE James & partners Altcloghfin
MONTAGUE Daniel Shantavney Scotch
MONTAGUE Frank Shantavney Scotch
MONTAGUE Hugh Shantavney Scotch
MONTAGUE James Shantavney Scotch
MONTAGUE Widow Shantavney Scotch
MONTGOMERY Archy Roughin
MONTGOMERY William Roughin
MONTGOMERY George Garvaghey
MONTGOMERY George Tenements
MOORE Frank Richmount [Richmond]
MOORE Edward Keady
MOORE Stuart Killymorgan
MORRISON Hans Roughin
MORROW Miss Tenements
MORTIN Lanty Findrum
MORTON Alexr. Richmount [Richmond]
MORTON David Keady
MORTON Alexr. Ballygawley
MORTON Alexr. Tenements
MOSES James Knockconny
MOSES John Knockconny
MOUTRAY Alexr. Drumnamilta
MULGREW Pat. Richmount [Richmond]
MULGREW Widow Richmount [Richmond]
MULGREW Bryan Shantaveney Irish
MULGREW Pat. Shantaveney Irish
MULGREW Peter Shantaveney Irish
MULGREW Terance Shantaveney Irish
MULGREW Rev. John Sess Kilgreen
MULGREW Arthur Ballymacleroy
MULGREW Michl. Tenements
MULGREW Widow Tenements
MULGREW Rev. John Glencull
MULLAGH Joseph Millix
MULLAN Thomas Richmount [Richmond]
MULLAN Denis Foremas
MULLAN Francis Foremas
MULLAN John H. Foremas
MULLAN Peter Turniskea
MULLEN Miles Foremas
MULLIGAN James Cullinahaw
MULLIN Bernd. Foremas
MULLIN Danl. Foremas
MULLIN Francis B. Foremas
MULLIN Frank H. Foremas
MULLIN Henry Foremas
MULLIN James Foremas
MULLIN John H. Foremas
MULLIN Laurence Foremas
MULLIN Michael Foremas
MULLIN Owen Foremas
MULLIN Patrick Foremas
MULLIN Paul Foremas
MULLIN Stephen Foremas
MULLIN Laurence Lurganboy
MULLIN B. Altamuskin
MULLIN Hugh Altamuskin
MULLIN Hugh & B. Altamuskin
MULLIN John Altamuskin
MULLIN John Garvaghey
MULLIN Michael Garvaghey
MULLIN Mick Garvaghey
MULLIN John Fallaghern
MULLIN Michael Dunmoyle
MULLIN Thomas Tenements
MURPHY Patt. Lurganboy
MURPHY James Knockconny
MURPHY John Findrum
MURPHY Arthur Coolagary
MURPHY Owen Tenements
MURRAY Rev. Thomas Richmount [Richmond]
NAILIS Thomas Sess Kilgreen
NEAVIINS Robert Tenements
NEELY William Tenements
NEELY James (bog) Glencull
NEELY James (wood) Glencull
NEELY James Glencull
NEELY John (bog) Glencull
NEELY John Glencull
NEELY Miss Glencull
NEELY Robert (bog) Glencull
NEELY Robert Glencull
NEELY William, Jun. Glencull
NEELY William, Sen. Glencull
NEELY William, Sen. Glencull
NEILL James Errigle
NEILL John Errigle
NEILL Bernard Foremas
NEILL John Millix
NEILL Bernd Findrum
NEILL James Tenements
NEILL Rody Glencull
NEILY Mrs. Tenements
NEILY Robt. Glencull
NEISON John Garvaghey
NIALL Frank Gort
NIEL James Ballylaggan
NIMMO Charles Millix
NOCHER John Turniskea
NUGENT Frank Tenements
O’NEIL Terance Shantavney Scotch
O’NEILL Charles Cleanally
O’NEILL James Cleanally
O’NIEL Mick Tenements
PARKER Edwd. Cleanally
PATTERSON Mark Knockconny
PATTERSON Mark Findrum
PATTERSON George Findrum
PATTERSON Mark Killymorgan
PATTERSON John Killymorgan
PATTERSON George Turniskea
PHILLIPS John Tenements
POWELL John Ballymacleroy
QUIN Robt. Tenements
QUINN (or Lewis DAVIS) Lisgonnel
QUINN Robt. Ballygawley
QUINN Denis Glencull
QUINN Edward Glencull
QUINN John Glencull
QUINN Patt., Sen. Glencull
QUINN Patt., Jun. Glencull
RAFERTY Neil Dunmoyle
RAFERTY Widow Tenements
RANEY George Garvaghey
RANEY James Garvaghey
REED James Roughin
ROBINSON John Foremas
ROBINSON John Turniskea
ROBINSON Widow Turniskea
ROBINSON James Tenements
RODGERS Sergt. Tenements
ROONEY William Killymorgan
RUSH Patt. Altamuskin
RUSSELL James Richmount [Richmond]
RUSSELL Patk. Lisgonnel
RUSSELL George Tenements
RYAN James Ballygawley
SHARKEY Hester Findrum
SHIELDS Patrick Foremas
SHIELDS Rose Foremas
SHORT Patt. Glencull
SIMPSON Thomas Keady
SIMPSON Thomas Bloomhill
SIMPSON Mark Knockconny
SIMPSON Stuart Lisgonnel
SIMPSON Stuart Ballygawley
SIMPSON Robt. Tenements
SIMPSON Stuart Tenements
SLAVIN Owen Shantavney Scotch
SMITH James Roughin
SMITH William Roughin
SMITH Hamilton Millix
SMITH Henry Coolagary
SMITON Patrick Knockconny
SPEARS John L., Esq. Cleanally
SPEER James (Bog) Cullinahaw
STARS Peter Foremas
STARS John Dunmoyle
STEWART Sir Hugh (Bog) Dunmoyle
STINSON Robert Cullinahaw
STUART Sir Hugh Ballymacleroy
STUART William, Sen. Killymorgan
STUART Mervyn, Esq. Turniskea
STUART Mervyn, Esq. Coolagary
STUART William Lisgonnel
STUART William Tenements
STUART Sir Hugh, Bart Greenhill Demesne
TAIGUE Henry Bracagh
TEAGUE Jenny Bracagh
TEAGUE Bryan Altamuskin
TEAGUE Francis Altamuskin
TEAGUE James Altamuskin
TEAGUE Terance Altamuskin
TEAGUE Thomas Altamuskin
TEAGUE Bryan Fallaghern
TEAGUE Laurence Altcloghfin
TEAGUE Edwd. or Mick Altcloghfin
TEAGUE Mick or Edwd. Altcloghfin
TEAGUE Thomas Altcloghfin
TEAGUE Frank Lisgonnel
TEAGUE Frank Tenements
TEIRNEY Hugh Foremas
TEIRNEY John Foremas
TEIRNEY Daniel Knockconny
TEIRNEY Bernd. Findrum
TEIRNEY Owen Findrum
TEIRNEY Owen & Brothers Findrum
TENNER Rodger Tenements
TENOR Thomas Tenements
THOMPSON James Roughin
THOMPSON Stewart Roughin
TRAINOR Terance Cullinahaw
TRENOR Pat. Tenements
TURBETT Edward Ballymacleroy
TURNER James Richmount [Richmond]
TURNER Archy Findrum
VERNER William, Esq. Shantaveney Irish
WALKER William Millix
WALKER Abraham Findrum
WALKER Elizabeth (or Robert) Findrum
WALKER Jane (or Martin) Findrum
WALKER Martin Findrum
WALKER Robert (or Elizabeth) Findrum
WALKER William Findrum
WARNOCK Alexr. Tenements
WHITE Hugh Glencull
WILLIAMSON William Tenements
WILLSON Saml. Ballymacleroy
WILLSON William Ballymacelroy
WILLSON Surgeon Tenements
YOUNG William or James Millix
YOUNG William Millix



































Sess Kilgreen

Shantaveny Scotch










Shantaveney Irish