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Dromore Parish Tithe Applotment Book Index 1834

Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia





ALEXANDER Francis Dressog
ALEXANDER Francis Knockraven
ALEXANDER John Keeldrum
ALEXANDER Joseph Edenagone
ALEXANDER Mary Dromore
ALEXANDER Robert Drumallard
ALEXANDER Thomas Dromore
ALEXANDER Thomas Shanmullagh
ALEXANDER William Curley
ALLAN Hugh Drumallard
ALLEN John Drumsheal
ALLEN John Mullinboy
ALLINGHAM Robert Magheragart
ANDERSON Joseph Dullaghan
ANDERSON Thomas Mullinboy
ANTHONY William Mulinagough
ANTONY Jarrett Comdery
ANTONY John Mullinboy
ANTONY William Dromore
ARCHDALL Mervyn Esq. Skeogue
ARMSTRONG Daniel Coyagh Glebe
ARMSTRONG James Aughnamoo
ARMSTRONG John Minigar
ARMSTRONG William Glangeen
BANNAN Edward Carlaghdargan
BARKER John Dromore
BARLOW Peter Pulfore
BARRETT Denis Tumery
BARTLY John Dullaghan
BENCH Owen Tullymagough
BLAINEY James Dullaghan
BLAKELY George Cornamuck
BLAKELY John Garbally
BLAKELY William Coyagh Glebe
BLANEY Chadwalder Dullaghan
BLANEY Henry Outerard
BLANEY John Outerard
BLANEY Oliver Outerard
BLANY Ambrose Dullaghan
BOOTHE Matilda Dromore
BOOTHE Matilda Gardrum
BOYLE James Lisneaden
BOYLE William Dullaghan
BRADLEY Robert Dernasier
BRADLEY Robert Straduff
BRANDON Henry Dromore
BREEN John Dergany Neville
BRINE Francis Grennan
BRINE Hugh Aughnamoo
BRINE James Grennan
BRINE John Raveny
BRINE Nicholas Grennan
BRINE Patrick Dullaghan
BROWNE John Drumskiney or Taherdoo
BRUNT James Dergany Neville
BRUNT John Dergany Neville
CALAGHAN Arthur Carlaghdargan
CALDWELL Robert Dromore
CALLOWS James Tatticor
CAMPBELL Anne Lettergash
CAMPBELL Arthur Maheragart Islands
CAMPBELL Bridget Edenagone
CAMPBELL Cain Dromore
CAMPBELL Charles Comdery
CAMPBELL Daniel Lettergash
CAMPBELL Edward Corbally
CAMPBELL Jane Dergany McGuire
CAMPBELL John Carlaghdargan
CAMPBELL John Edenagone
CAMPBELL Terence Corbally
CAMPBELL Thomas Edenagone
CAMPBELL Thomas Esker
CAMPBELL William Tumery
CARBERRY James Drumskiney or Taherdoo
CARBERRY Robert Drumskiney or Taherdoo
CARRAN Bernard Tumery
CASSIDY Nicholas Aughnamoo
CASSIDY Philip Aughnamoo
CHAMBERS George Carlaghdargan
CHARLESTON Eliza Aughadara
CHARLETON Walter Knockraven
CHARLETON William Aughnamoo
CHARLETON William Esker
CHARLTON Henry Garbally
CHARLTON Mary Garbally
CHARLTON Walter Aughadara
CHITTICK James Carnalea
CHITTICK Thomas Magheragart
CHRISTY David Bodony
CLARKE James Aughee
COEY William Dromore
COLGAN Bridget Minigar
COLGAN Bryan Minigar
COLGAN Catherine Minigar
COLGAN Hugh Minigar
COLGAN Isabella Minigar
COLGAN John Carnalea
COLGAN John Cornamuck
COLGAN John Minigar
CONOLLY Cornelius Tumery
CONOLLY Thomas Drumsheal
COREY Charles Drumlish
COREY James Dromore
COREY John Mullinboy
COREY Margaret Dromore
COREY Mary Gardrum
COREY Thomas Craney
COREY Thomas Knockraven
CORIGAN Hugh Glangeen
CORIGAN Michael Glangeen
CORR Edward Dergany Neville
CORR Elenor Drumderg
CORR Hugh Tullymagough
CORR Thomas Aughnamoo
CORRIGAN Bryan Glangeen
CORRIGAN Francis Glangeen
CORRIGAN Hugh Glangeen
CORRIGAN James Doughrough
CORRIGAN Michael Glangeen
CORRIGAN Owen Glengeen
CORRIGAN William Glangeen
CORRIN Owen Minigar
CORRIN Thomas Minigar
COULTER Andrew Esker
COULTER Bernard Lettergash
COULTER Charles Esker
COULTER Daniel Curley
COULTER Daniel Keeldrum
COULTER Francis Longhill
COULTER George Bodony
COULTER George Knockraven
COULTER Hugh Mullinboy
COULTER Hugh Straduff
COULTER James Knockraven
COULTER Jno. Keeldrum
COULTER John Drumconnis
COULTER John Skeogue
COULTER Joseph Knockraven
COULTER Neil Esker
COULTER Patrick Esker
COULTER Thomas Dromore
COULTER Thomas Dullaghan
COULTER Thomas Longhill
COULTER William Jun. Knockraven
COULTER William Sen. Knockraven
COX Francis Cornamuck
COX Hugh Cornamuck
COX John Cornamuck
CRAWFORD James Esker
CROSBIE John Dromore
CROSBIE Samuel Dromore
CROSBIE Samuel Knockraven
CROSBIE Samuel Shanmullagh
CROZIER Andrew Dromore
CROZIER Christopher Drumskiney or Taherdoo
CROZIER James Dromore
CROZIER James Drumskiney or Taherdoo
CROZIER Jane Drumskiney or Taherdoo
CROZIER Richard Drumskiney or Taherdoo
CROZIER Robert Drumskiney or Taherdoo
CROZIER Thomas Dromore
CROZIER William Minigar
CROZIER William Mulinagough
CULL Francis Jun. Golan
CULL Francis Sen. Golan
CULL Owen Craney
CUNINGHAM Aking Aughnamoo
CUNINGHAM Andrew Jun. Drumskiney or Taherdoo
CUNINGHAM Andrew Sen. Drumskiney or Taherdoo
CUNINGHAM Catherine Drumskiney or Taherdoo
CUNINGHAM William Raveny
CUNNINGHAM Archibald Aughnamoo
CUNNINGHAM Margaret Skeogue
CUNNINGHAM William Garbally
DEAZELY John Corbally
DOAK William Drumskiney or Taherdoo
DOLAN Andrew Aughee
DOLAN Bryan Aughnamoo
DOLAN James Aughee
DOLAN John Aughee
DOLAN John Aughnamoo
DOLAN Owen Glangeen
DOLAN Patrick Aughnamoo
DOLAN Phelix Aughnamoo
DONALD [DONNELL] Francis Magheragart Donnell
DONALD [DONNELL] James Knockraven
DONALD [DONNELL] James Jun. Magheragart Donnell
DONALD [DONNELL] James Sen. Magheragart Donnell
DONALD [DONNELL] John Magheragart Donnell
DONALLY Anne Corbally
DONALLY Bryan Aughee
DONALLY Catherine Carlaghdargan
DONALLY Francis Carlaghdargan
DONALLY James Aughee
DONALLY James New Park
DONALLY James Tullawee
DONALLY Mary Corbally
DONALLY Neil Tullawee
DONALLY Owen Carlaghdargan
DONALLY Owen Corbally
DONALLY Owen Sen. Carlaghdargan
DONALLY Pat. New Park
DONALLY Patrick Carlaghdargan
DONALLY Patrick Golan
DONALLY Paul Carlaghdargan
DONALLY Terence Tullawee
DONNELL Francis Mulinagough
DONNELL Isabella Corbally
DOOGAN Charles Pulfore
DOOGAN Jane Dromore
DOOGAN Patrick Doughrough
DOOGAN Robert Pulfore
DOROHY Hugh Raveny
DOROHY William Raveny
DOUGHERTY Eliza Dromore
DOUGHERTY James Dromore
DRUGAN Hugh Drumallard
DRUGAN William Drumallard
DUFF John Glangeen
ELKIN James Dullaghan
ELLIOTT Alexander Minigoan
ELLIOTT Robert (now Hughs) Dergany Neville
ELLIS Francis Aughnamoo
EMERY James Dullaghan
EWING David Knocknahorn
EWING John Carnalea
EWING John Knocknahorn
EWING William Knocknahorn
FENTON James Dromore
FERGUSON John Coyagh Glebe
FLEMING Andrew Garbally
FLEMING Andrew Mulinagough
FLEMING John Drumskiney or Taherdoo
FLEMING John Magheragart Donnell
FLEMING John Mulinagough
FLEMING Joseph Drumskiney or Taherdoo
FLEMING Joseph Mulinagough
FLEMING Sidney Knocknahorn
FOSTER Francis Aughadara
FOSTER Francis Dromore
FOSTER Francis Shanmullagh
FRIARS Patrick Shanmullagh
FUNSTON John Skeogue
FUNSTON William Aughnamoo
FUNSTON William Garbally
GALAGHER Alice Tumery
GALAGHER Ambrose Doughrough
GALAGHER Bryan Doughrough
GALAGHER Bryan Tumery
GALAGHER Catherine Dromore
GALAGHER Charles Tumery
GALAGHER Christopher Doughrough
GALAGHER Daniel Knocknahorn
GALAGHER Francis Curasheskin
GALAGHER Henry Doughrough
GALAGHER Hugh Dromore
GALAGHER James Straduff
GALAGHER James Tumery
GALAGHER John Doughrough
GALAGHER John Sen. Tumery
GALAGHER Lawdy Sen. Tumery
GALAGHER Mary Tumery
GALAGHER Michael Corbally
GALAGHER Michael Coyagh
GALAGHER Michael Golan
GALAGHER Michael Tumery
GALAGHER Nicholas Tumery
GALAGHER Owen New Park
GALAGHER Owen Tumery
GALAGHER Owen More Tumery
GALAGHER Owen Sailor Tumery
GALAGHER Patrick Drumlish
GALAGHER Peter Doughrough
GALAGHER Phelim New Park
GALAGHER Phelim Tumery
GALAGHER Phelix Tumery
GALAGHER Philip Doughrough
GALAGHER Terence Curley
GALAGHER Thomas Tumery
GALLAGHER Catherine Tumery
GALLAGHER Cicilia Tumery
GALLAGHER James Cornamuck
GALLAGHER John Jun. Tumery
GALLAGHER Lawdy Minigoan
GALLAGHER Lawdy Tumery
GALLAGHER Michael Bodony
GALLAGHER Myles Cornamuck
GALLAGHER Patrick Doughrough
GALLAGHER Patrick Tumery
GALLON Catherine Lettergash
GARDINER Christopher Raveny
GERRATY Thomas Cornamuckla
GIBSON Anthony Drumskiney or Taherdoo
GIBSON Anthony Mulinagough
GIBSON Edward Garbally
GIBSON Edward Jun. Drumskiney or Taherdoo
GIBSON Edward Sen. Drumskiney or Taherdoo
GIBSON Francis Drumskiney or Taherdoo
GIBSON Francis Garbally
GIBSON Thomas Aughadara
GIBSON William Aughadara
GIBSON William Drumskiney or Taherdoo
GILMORE Charles Carnalea
GILMORE John Dromore
GILMORE Robert Jun. Grennan
GILMORE Robert Sen. Grennan
GILMOUR Alexander Drumsheal
GILMOUR James Dromore
GILMOUR James Jun. Knockraven
GILMOUR James Sen. Knockraven
GILMOUR Robert Knockraven
GILMOUR William Drumsheal
GILMOUR William Dullaghan
GILMOUR William Knockraven
GILMOUR William Jun. Knockraven
GILMOUR William Sen. Knockraven
GORMAN Andrew Lettergash
GORMAN Daniel Magheragart Donnell
GORMAN James Magheragart Donnell
GORMAN John Aughadara
GORMAN Mary Magheragart Donnell
GORMAN Michael Magheragart Donnell
GORMAN Pat. Magheragart Donnell
GORMAN Patrick & co. Aughlisk
GORMAN Peter Cornamuck
GORMLY Hugh Tumery
GRACE George Garbally
GRAHAM Arthur Glangeen
GRAHAM Arthur Mulinagough
GRAHAM Arthur Rakearnbeg
GRAHAM Edward Glangeen
GRAHAM Edward Skeogue
GRAHAM Francis Dergany Neville
GRAHAM George Dergany McGuire
GRAHAM George New Park
GRAHAM George Raveny
GRAHAM George Skeogue
GRAHAM Henry Mulinagough
GRAHAM Hu. Skeogue
GRAHAM Hugh Raveny
GRAHAM James Glangeen
GRAHAM James New Park
GRAHAM James Raveny
GRAHAM Richard Raveny
GRAHAM Robert Jun. Dergany McGuire
GRAHAM Robert Sen. Dergany McGuire
GRAHAM William Garbally
GRAHAM William Minigoan
GRAHAM William Jun. New Park
GRAHAM William Sen. New Park
GREY Christopher Doughrough
GREY Christopher Lettergash
GREY Christopher Tumery
GREY Francis Tullymagough
GREY Hugh Tumery
GREY John Lettergash
GREY John Tumery
GREY Michael Doughrough
GREY Michael Lettergash
GREY Patrick Lettergash
GRIFFITH Alexander Cornamuck
GRIFFITH William Cornamuck
GROGAN Isabella Golan
GROGAN James Golan
GROGAN Michael Grennan
GROGAN Peter Grennan
GROGAN Rose Grennan
GUY James Cornamuckla
GUY James Drumlish
GUY James Lisneaden
GUY Joseph Cornamuckla
GUY Robert Cornamuckla
GUY Robert Jun. Cornamuckla
GUY Robert Sen. Cornamuckla
GUY Samuel Mullinboy
GUY Thomas Cornamuckla
HAMILTON Andrew Magheragart
HAMILTON Charles Drumallard
HAMILTON Irwin Drumskiney or Taherdoo
HAMILTON James Aughnamoo
HAMILTON James Craney
HAMILTON James Raveny (Rahony)
HAMILTON James Esq. Aughnamoo
HAMILTON John Aughnamoo
HAMILTON Robert Lisneaden
HAMILTON Stewart Aughnamoo
HAMILTON Thomas Golan
HAMILTON William Drumskiney or Taherdoo
HAMILTON William Magheragart Donnell
HANIGAN Anne Curley
HANIGAN Bridget Maheragart Islands
HANIGAN Cormick Maheragart Islands
HANIGAN James Craney
HANIGAN James Curley
HANIGAN Patrick Craney
HANLY Peter Aughnamoo
HARNAN Henry Bodony
HARNAN William Bodony
HAROWIN Owen Dromore
HARVEY Arthur Tullyclunagh Slevin
HARVEY Terence Coyagh
HENDERSON John Jun. Skeogue
HENDERSON John Sen. Skeogue
HENDERSON Samuel Skeogue
HILLY James Lettergash
HINDMAN William Magheragart Donnell
HOINES James Aughnamoo
HOINES Michael Aughnamoo
HOLLAND Elenor Dromore
HOLMES Alexander Dromore
HUGHS Edward Dergany Neville
HUGHS James Aughee
HUGHS Law. Skeogue
HUGHS Owen Cornamuck
HUGHS Philip Cornamuck
HUMPHREYS John Dromore
HUNTER Thomas Minigoan
INGRAM Mathew Carnalea
IRVINE Robert Dergany McGuire
IRWIN Charles Dullaghan
IRWIN James Esker
JAMESON Robert Drumskiney or Taherdoo
JOHNSTON Hugh Lisneaden
JOHNSTON Hugh Tatticor
JOHNSTON James Cornamuckla
JOHNSTON Thomas Lisneaden
JOHNSTON William Lisneaden
KEEENAN James Tumery
KEENAN Bernard Aughee
KEENAN Michael Tumery
KELLY Arthur Drumderg
KELLY Bartholomew Esker
KELLY Edward Craney
KELLY John Carnalea
KELLY Mary Craney
KELLY Michael Mullinboy
KELLY Nicholas Craney
KELLY Thomas Jun. Esker
KELLY Thomas Sen. Esker
KELTER Thomas Minigoan
KEON Cormick Golan
KEON Cormick Mullinboy
KERR James Golan
KERR Thomas Mullinboy
KLOPHELL John Dromore
KLOPHELL William Dromore
LAW John Dullaghan
LEARD Alexander Minigoan
LEARD James Minigoan
LEARD John Minigoan
LEARD Nathaniel Minigoan
LENDRUM George Jun. Rakearnbeg
LENDRUM George Sen. Rakearnbeg
LENDRUM James Dromore
LENDRUM Richard Rakearnbeg
LEONARD Patrick Aughnamoo
LEONARD William Knockraven
LEVISTON Bernard Letteree
LEVISTON Charles Dullaghan
LEVISTON James Letteree
LEVISTON William Letteree
LINDSAY Hugh Glangeen
LINDSAY John Raveny
LINDSAY Michael Glangeen
LITTLE Thomas Garbally
LOAN Peter Raveny
LYNCH Chas. Knocknahorn
LYNCH James Knocknahorn
LYNCH James Letteree
MALAGAN Bryan Glangeen
MALAGHAN James Coyagh
MALAGHAN James Drumderg
MALAGHAN Thomas Drumderg
MALLON John Aughnamoo
MARSHALL Patrick Aughnamoo
MARSHALL Rev. Ben Dromore
MARSHALL Rev. Ben. Mulinagough
MARSHALL Rev. Benjamin Shanmullagh
MARTIN Edward Outerard
MARTIN Edward Tumery
MAZE William Raveny
McARDELL Bernard Edenagone
McARNEY Michael Jun. Raveny
McARNEY Michael Sen. Raveny
McARNY Francis Minigar
McARNY James Maheragart Islands
McARNY James Minigar
McARNY John Minigar
McAWLEY James Mullinboy
McBRIDE Mary Tumery
McBRIDE Owen Minigar
McBRIDE Patrick Minigar
McBRINE Bernard Carnalea
McBRINE Bernard Knocknahorn
McBRINE Charles Carnalea
McBRINE Charles Cornamuck
McBRINE Charles Esker
McBRINE Elenor New Park
McBRINE Hugh Carnalea
McBRINE James Carnalea
McBRINE James Dergany Neville
McBRINE John Bodony
McBRINE John Carnalea
McBRINE Mary Carnalea
McBRINE Michael Carnalea
McBRINE Michael Knockraven
McCAFFRY Owen Curasheskin
McCAFFRY Patrick Glangeen
McCAFFRY Terence Craney
McCAFFRY Thomas Golan
McCANN John Aughadara
McCANN Michael Esker
McCANN Patrick Aughadara
McCANN Phelim Minigar
McCANNA Owen Lettergash
McCANNA William Gardrum
McCANNY Francis Corbally
McCANNY Hugh Pulfore
McCANNY James Lettergash
McCANNY James Pulfore
McCANNY John Pulfore
McCANNY Nicholas Carnalea
McCARNEY Lancelot Tumery
McCARRAHAN Robert Jun. Lisneaden
McCARRAHAN Robert Sen. Lisneaden
McCARRAHAN Thomas Drumallard
McCARRAHAN William Lisneaden
McCARRAN Bernard Tullymagough
McCARRAN Bryan Aughlisk
McCARRAN Bryan Esker
McCARRAN Charles Dromore
McCARRAN Charles Raveny
McCARRAN Daniel Keeldrum
McCARRAN Edward Dergany Neville
McCARRAN Edward Raveny
McCARRAN Francis Grennan
McCARRAN Hugh Carnalea
McCARRAN Hugh Dullaghan
McCARRAN James Doughrough
McCARRAN Jane Lettergash
McCARRAN John Aughee
McCARRAN John Dullaghan
McCARRAN John Letteree
McCARRAN Mary Tullawee
McCARRAN Michael Dromore
McCARRAN Michael Dullaghan
McCARRAN Michael Tullawee
McCARRAN Nichs. Keeldrum
McCARRAN Owen Tullawee
McCARRAN Peter Dullaghan
McCARRAN Phelix Aughadara
McCARRAN Thomas Aughadara
McCARRAN Thomas Aughee
McCARRAN Thomas Keeldrum
McCARRAN William Knockraven
McCARRON James Carlaghdargan
McCARRON Pat. Carlaghdargan
McCARRON Peter Carlaghdargan
McCAWLEY John Dromore
McCAY Charles Dromore
McCAY Charles Gardrum
McCAY Joseph Raveny (Rahony)
McCLUNG James Drumderg
McCLUNG John Tatticor
McCLUSKY Arthur Mullinboy
McCLUSKY John Craney
McCONNELL George Drumderg
McCONNELL Hugh Straduff
McCONNELL James Drumderg
McCONNELL John Jun. Drumderg
McCONNELL John Sen. Drumderg
McCONNELL Thomas Drumderg
McCORMICK Andrew Comdery
McCORMICK Charles Cornamuck
McCORMICK John Carlaghdargan
McCOURT Bernard Drumderg
McCOURT Bernard Lettergash
McCOURT Murty Aughnamoo
McCOURT Owen Drumderg
McCOURT Patrick Aughnamoo
McCOURT Roger Drumderg
McCREVY John Doughrough
McCROCAN Arthur Aughnamoo
McCROCAN Arthur Raveny
McCROCAN Owen Raveny
McCULLA Charles Dullaghan
McCUSKER Bernard Lettergash
McCUSKER Bryan Corbally
McCUSKER Con. Corbally
McCUSKER Cornelius Aughadara
McCUSKER Daniel Jun. Corbally
McCUSKER Daniel Sen. Corbally
McCUSKER Denis Keeldrum
McCUSKER Fergus Knocknahorn
McCUSKER Henry Raveny
McCUSKER Hugh Carnalea
McCUSKER Hugh Corbally
McCUSKER Hugh Tatticor
McCUSKER Hugh Jun. Corbally
McCUSKER Hugh Sen. Corbally
McCUSKER James Carnalea
McCUSKER Jane Carlaghdargan
McCUSKER John Carlaghdargan
McCUSKER John Corbally
McCUSKER John Drumlish
McCUSKER John Lettergash
McCUSKER John Raveny
McCUSKER Neil Carlaghdargan
McCUSKER Owen Keeldrum
McCUSKER Owen Tullawee
McCUSKER Owen Jun. Knocknahorn
McCUSKER Owen Sen. Knocknahorn
McCUSKER Patk. Keeldrum
McCUSKER Patrick Corbally
McCUSKER Patrick Glangeen
McCUSKER Patrick Lettergash
McCUSKER Patrick Raveny
McCUSKER Phelix Tullymagough
McCUSKER Rose Lettergash
McCUSKER Terence Aughadara
McCUSKER Terence Carnalea
McCUSKER Terence Corbally
McCUSKER Terence Doughrough
McCUSKER Thomas Raveny
McDERMOTT Francis Lettergash
McDERMOTT Hugh Doughrough
McDERMOTT James Tullawee
McDERMOTT Michael Dullaghan
McDONAGH William Dromore
McDONELL Daniel Lettergash
McDONOGH George Doughrough
McDONOGHY Rose Dromore
McELHILL Andrew Esker
McELHILL Francis Esker
McELHILL Michael Esker
McELHILL Neville Esker
McELRONE Daniel Dromore
McELRONE Daniel Straduff
McELRONE Hugh Straduff
McELRONE Patrick Jun. Straduff
McELRONE Patrick Sen. Straduff
McELRONE Susan Straduff
McELROY Bernard Drumderg
McELROY Bridget Corbally
McELROY Bryan Dromore
McELROY Hugh Drumderg
McELROY James Corbally
McELROY John Corbally
McELROY Margaret Dromore
McELROY Patrick Corbally
McELROY Sarah Corbally
McFARLAND Archibald Dergany McGuire
McFARLAND Archibald Dergany Neville
McFARLAND Archibald New Park
McFARLAND Archibald Tullawee
McFARLAND Charles New Park
McFARLAND John Drumderg
McFARLAND Neville Dergany McGuire
McFARLAND Neville Dromore
McFARLAND Neville New Park
McFARLAND William Dergany Neville
McFARLAND William New Park
McGAHY Bridget Pulfore
McGEE Hugh Knockraven
McGEE Mary Aughnamoo
McGEE William Glangeen
McGIRR Margaret Knockraven
McGIRR Thomas Bodony
McGLINCH Bryan Tullymagough
McGLINCH John Tullymagough
McGLINCH Owen Tullymagough
McGOLDRICK Edward Straduff
McGOLDRICK Hugh Aughee
McGOLDRICK Hugh Dullaghan
McGOLDRICK James Dullaghan
McGRATH Cornelius Magheragart Donnell
McGRATH Edward Dromore
McGRATH John Maheragart Islands
McGRATH Thomas Drumallard
McGUIGAN Anne Drumderg
McGUIGAN Bernard Drumallard
McGUIGAN Bernard Grennan
McGUIGAN Bernard Knocknahorn
McGUIGAN Bridget Tatticor
McGUIGAN Bryan Letteree
McGUIGAN Edward Cornamuckla
McGUIGAN Henry Letteree
McGUIGAN Henry Tatticor
McGUIGAN James Letteree
McGUIGAN James Tatticor
McGUIGAN John Outerard
McGUIGAN Lanct. Outerard
McGUIGAN Michael Cornamuckla
McGUIGAN Michael Dromore
McGUIGAN Michael Drumderg
McGUIGAN Michael Letteree
McGUIGAN Michael Shanmullagh
McGUIGAN Nicholas Coyagh
McGUIGAN Owen Tatticor
McGUIGAN Pat .Sen. Cornamuckla
McGUIGAN Pat. Coyagh
McGUIGAN Pat. Jun. Cornamuckla
McGUIGAN Patrick Outerard
McGUIGAN Patrick Tatticor
McGUIGAN Terence Coyagh
McGUIGAN Terence Outerard
McGUIGAN Thomas Cornamuckla
McGUIGAN Thomas Coyagh
McGUIGAN Thomas Drumderg
McGUIGAN Thomas Outerard
McGUIGAN Thomas Tatticor
McGUIRE Charles Tullymagough
McGUIRE James Doughrough
McGUIRE John Dergany McGuire
McGUIRE Pat. Carnalea
McGUIRE Patrick Carlaghdargan
McGUIRE Roger Raveny
McGUIRE Sarah Lettergash
McGUIRE Thomas Lettergash
McGUIRE Thomas New Park
McHUGH Daniel Tumery
McHUGH Edward Bodony
McHUGH John Pulfore
McKEGNY Patrick Tatticor
McKEGNY Terence Straduff
McKENNA Charles Tumery
McKENNA John Tumery
McKEOGH Bridget Skeogue
McKEOGH Bridget Jun. Skeogue
McKEOGH Daniel Glangeen
McKEOGH Edward Glangeen
McKINNEY Francis Raveny
McKINNEY John Cornamuckla
McKINNY Bernard Aughlisk
McKINNY John Raveny
McLAUGHLIN Michael Jun. Dromore
McLAUGHLIN Peter Lettergash
McLEER Andrew Aughlisk
McLEER Anne Dromore
McLEER Catherine Outerard
McLEER Charles Aughee
McLEER Christopher Tumery
McLEER Cormick Drumlish
McLEER Daniel Golan
McLEER Francis Pulfore
McLEER Hugh Golan
McLEER James Bodony
McLEER Law. Bodony
McLEER Margaret Pulfore
McLEER Michael Knockraven
McLEER Nicholas Golan
McLEER Nicholas Tumery
McLEER Owen Dromore
McLEER Owen Knockraven
McLEER Pat. Aughee
McLEER Patrick Aughadara
McLEER Patrick Dromore
McLEER Patrick Esker
McLEER Patrick Golan
McLEER Rebecca Tullymagough
McLEER Terry Tumery
McLEER Thomas Esker
McLEER William Magheragart Donnell
McLOUGHLIN Alice Minigoan
McLOUGHLIN Arthur Golan
McLOUGHLIN Bridget Aughadara
McLOUGHLIN Daniel Comdery
McLOUGHLIN Daniel Dromore
McLOUGHLIN Daniel Drumsheal
McLOUGHLIN Edward Comdery
McLOUGHLIN Edward Glangeen
McLOUGHLIN George Magheragart Donnell
McLOUGHLIN Grace Aughlisk
McLOUGHLIN Henry Magheragart Donnell
McLOUGHLIN Isabella Aughadara
McLOUGHLIN James Aughlisk
McLOUGHLIN James Dromore
McLOUGHLIN James Dromore
McLOUGHLIN James Gardrum
McLOUGHLIN John Dromore
McLOUGHLIN Michael Bodony
McLOUGHLIN Michael Carlaghdargan
McLOUGHLIN Michael Doughrough
McLOUGHLIN Michael Drumsheal
McLOUGHLIN Michael Gardrum
McLOUGHLIN Michael Sen. Dromore
McLOUGHLIN Patrick Esker
McLOUGHLIN Patrick Magheragart Donnell
McLOUGHLIN Patrick Maheragart Islands
McLOUGHLIN Patrick Jun. Aughlisk
McLOUGHLIN Patrick Sen. Aughlisk
McLOUGHLIN Peter Doughrough
McLOUGHLIN Phelix Aughlisk
McLOUGHLIN Philip Drumconnis
McLOUGHLIN Philip Gardrum
McLOUGHLIN Terence Mulinagough
McLOUGHLIN Thomas Dromore
McLOUGHLIN William Minigar
McMAHON Alice Dromore
McMAHON Anne Tumery
McMAHON Bernard Tumery
McMAHON Bryan Tumery
McMAHON James Tullymagough
McMAHON John Tumery
McMAHON Michael Tumery
McMAHON Patrick Aughlisk
McMAHON Patrick New Park
McMAHON Patrick Tumery
McMANUS Thomas Aughadara
McMENAMIN Francis Pulfore
McMENAMIN Jas. Outerard
McMENIMIN Hugh Pulfore
McMENIMIN James Jun. Pulfore
McMENIMIN James Sen. Pulfore
McMENIMIN Michael Pulfore
McMENIMIN Pat. Jun. Pulfore
McMENIMIN Pat. Sen. Pulfore
McMULLIN Daniel Cornamuck
McMULLIN Fleming Carnalea
McMULLIN Mary Dromore
McMULLIN Owen Cornamuck
McMULLIN Patrick Drumallard
McNABB Bernard Skeogue
McNABB Francis Tumery
McNABB Thomas Lettergash
McNAMEE Hugh Dromore
McNAMEE Patrick Dromore
McNISPICK Charles Aughlisk
McNULTY Andrew Aughnamoo
McNULTY Anne Glangeen
McNULTY Bernard Aughee
McNULTY Bernard Outerard
McNULTY Bryan Jun. Tumery
McNULTY Bryan Sen. Tumery
McNULTY Charles Bodony
McNULTY Charles Dullaghan
McNULTY Charles Longhill
McNULTY Cormick Dullaghan
McNULTY Denis Dullaghan
McNULTY George Bodony
McNULTY Henry Letteree
McNULTY Hugh Outerard
McNULTY James Corbally
McNULTY James Jun. Dromore
McNULTY Jas. Knocknahorn
McNULTY John Aughadara
McNULTY Law. Straduff
McNULTY Michael Aughadara
McNULTY Michael Bodony
McNULTY Michael Lettergash
McNULTY Michael Straduff
McNULTY Neil Dullaghan
McNULTY Nicholas Dullaghan
McNULTY Owen Bodony
McNULTY Owen Dullaghan
McNULTY Patrick Bodony
McNULTY Patrick Dullaghan
McNULTY Peter Dullaghan
McNULTY Peter Jun. Tumery
McNULTY Peter Sen. Tumery
McNULTY Philip Carnalea
McNULTY Rose Aughadara
McNULTY Terence Aughadara
McNULTY Thomas Dullaghan
McNULTY Thomas Straduff
McPIKE Anne Drumallard
McPIKE Jas. Keeldrum
McPIKE John Bodony
McPIKE Mary Dromore
McPIKE Murty Drumallard
McPIKE Patrick Dullaghan
McQUAID Alice Knocknahorn
McQUAID Andrew Knocknahorn
McQUAID Bryan Aughadara
McQUAID Catherine Dromore
McQUAID Charles Carlaghdargan
McQUAID Charles Drumderg
McQUAID Francis Carlaghdargan
McQUAID Henry Carnalea
McQUAID Heny. Knocknahorn
McQUAID Hugh Aughnamoo
McQUAID Hugh Knocknahorn
McQUAID Hugh Jun. Knocknahorn
McQUAID Hugh Sen. Knocknahorn
McQUAID James Aughnamoo
McQUAID James Carnalea
McQUAID James Drumderg
McQUAID James Grennan
McQUAID James, Jun. Knocknahorn
McQUAID James, Sen. Knocknahorn
McQUAID John Aughnamoo
McQUAID John Knocknahorn
McQUAID Margaret Knocknahorn
McQUAID Mary Aughlisk
McQUAID Michael Aughnamoo
McQUAID Michael Carlaghdargan
McQUAID Michael Knocknahorn
McQUAID Michael Letteree
McQUAID Naugher Aughadara
McQUAID Naugher Aughnamoo
McQUAID Neil Craney
McQUAID Neil Dromore
McQUAID Neil Gardrum
McQUAID Neil Tumery
McQUAID Owen Carnalea
McQUAID Owen Dromore
McQUAID Owen Drumderg
McQUAID Owen Letteree
McQUAID Pat. Jun. Dromore
McQUAID Pat. Sen. Dromore
McQUAID Pat., Jun. Knocknahorn
McQUAID Pat., Sen. Knocknahorn
McQUAID Patrick Aughnamoo
McQUAID Patrick Carlaghdargan
McQUAID Patrick Carnalea
McQUAID Patrick Corbally
McQUAID Patrick Gardrum
McQUAID Patrick Letteree
McQUAID Peter Letteree
McQUAID Peter Jun. Knocknahorn
McQUAID Peter Sen. Knocknahorn
McQUAID Redmond Carnalea
McQUAID Sarah Knocknahorn
McQUAID Thomas Aughnamoo
McQUAID Thomas Tumery
McSORLY Patk. Keeldrum
McSORLY Roger Keeldrum
McTEAGE John Tullawee
McTEAGE Mary Tullawee
McVEIGH Bryan Carnalea
McVEIGH Daniel Pulfore
McVEIGH Edward Drumallard
McVEIGH Eneas Craney
McVEIGH Francis Pulfore
McVEIGH John Maheragart Islands
McVEIGH Margaret Maheragart Islands
McVEIGH Michael Maheragart Islands
McVEIGH Owen Pulfore
McVEIGH Pat. Pulfore
McWADE John Bodony
McWILLIAMS Anne Drumderg
McWILLIAMS John Minigar
McWILLIAMS Patrick Magheragart Donnell
MEEGAN Michael Glangeen
MITCHELL Caldwell Magheragart Donnell
MITCHELL John Magheragart Donnell
MONAGHAN Arthur & co. Glangeen
MONAGHAN James Dromore
MONAGHAN James Gardrum
MONAGHAN James or John Tumery
MONAGHAN Patrick Tumery
MONGAN Edward Drumlish
MONGAN Morris Drumlish
MONTOOTH John Raveny
MOORE Christopher Glangeen
MOORE John Raveny
MOORE John Shanmullagh
MOORE William Glangeen
MOORE William Shanmullagh
MOOREHEAD Charles, Esq. Aughlisk
MORAN Thomas Pulfore
MORRIS Law. Dullaghan
MORRIS Owen Glangeen
MORRIS Patrick Glangeen
MORRIS Patrick Mullinboy
MULDOON John Mullinboy
MULDOON Patrick Mullinboy
MULDOON Patrick Pulfore
MULLIN Michael Golan
MURRAY Andrew Aughlisk
MURRAY Daniel Aughnamoo
MURRAY Daniel Drumallard
MURRAY Francis Aughlisk
MURRAY Michael Glangeen
MURRAY Patrick Glangeen
MURRAY Richard Aughlisk
NELSON William Dergany Neville
NEVILLE George Dergany Neville
NEVILLE William Dergany Neville
NOBLE George Drumskiney or Taherdoo
NOBLE George Magheragart
NOBLE George Mulinagough
NOBLE Henry Dergany McGuire
NOBLE Joseph Knockraven
NOBLE William Drumskiney or Taherdoo
NOBLE William Mulinagough
NOBLE William New Park
NUGENT Patrick Mullinboy
O’DONELL Daniel Tumery
O’DONELL James Tumery
O’DONNELL Daniel Doughrough
O’DONNELL James Lettergash
O’DONNELL John Outerard
O’NEAL Hugh Esker
O’NEIL George Tumery
O’NEIL Henry Minigoan
O’NEIL Henry Tumery
O’NEIL Hugh Corbally
O’NEIL James Corbally
O’NEIL Michael Curasheskin
O’NEIL Patrick Carnalea
O’NEIL Patrick Minigoan
O’NEIL Rose Corbally
O’NEILL Daniel Dromore
O’REILY James Aughlisk
O’REILY James Gardrum
ORR James Coyagh Glebe
ORR Mary Coyagh Glebe
OSBORNE John Aughee
OSBOURNE Anne Dressog
OSBOURNE Archibald Dernasier
OSBOURNE Archibald Dressog
OSBOURNE George Jun. Esker
OSBOURNE George Sen. Esker
OSBOURNE Henry Dressog
OSBOURNE James Dressog
OSBOURNE James Knockraven
OSBOURNE John Drumskiney or Taherdoo
OSBOURNE Thomas Corbally
OSBOURNE Thos. Knocknahorn
OWENS Daniel Carlaghdargan
OWENS James Carnalea
OWENS James Lettergash
OWENS Pat. Carnalea
PATTERSON James Aughnamoo
PATTERSON Robert Golan
PATTERSON William Aughnamoo
PHAIR John Magheragart
PIPER John Tumery
QUIN Hugh Bodony
QUIN Owen Cornamuck
QUINN Bernard Carlaghdargan
QUINN Edward Minigoan
QUINN Francis Cornamuck
QUINN James Carnalea
QUINN James Cornamuck
QUINN James Knocknahorn
QUINN James Jun. Lettergash
QUINN James Sen. Lettergash
QUINN Jane Dromore
QUINN John Dullaghan
QUINN John Lettergash
QUINN John Tullymagough
QUINN John Jun. Cornamuck
QUINN John Sen. Cornamuck
QUINN Michael Cornamuck
QUINN Owen Knocknahorn
QUINN Owen Letteree
QUINN Owen Minigoan
QUINN Pat. Dromore
QUINN Patrick Coyagh Glebe
QUINN Patrick Lettergash
QUINN Rose Carlaghdargan
QUINN Rose Minigoan
QUINN Terence Dullaghan
QUINN Terence Letteree
RAMSAY Lovey Curasheskin
RAMSAY Robert Raveny
REILY Alice Doughrough
REILY Charles Aughnamoo
REILY Owen Aughnamoo
RICHEY Hugh Gardrum
RICHEY James Jun. Garbally
RICHEY James Sen. Garbally
RICHEY John Garbally
RITCHEY Hugh Garbally
ROBINSON James Dromore
ROONEEN Charles Doughrough
ROONEEN Philip Doughrough
ROSS Hugh Glangeen
RUTLEDGE George Drumskiney or Taherdoo
SANDERSON George Grennan
SCELTON Margaret Gardrum
SCOLLON [SCALLAN] Henry Mulinagough
SCOLLON [SCALLAN] John Aughnamoo
SCOLLON [SCALLON] Michael Raveny
SCOTT Hamilton Gardrum
SCOTT Irvine Mullinboy
SCOTT James Jun. Mullinboy
SCOTT James Sen. Mullinboy
SCOTT John Dromore
SCOTT John Esker
SCOTT Joseph Curley
SHANNON James Dromore
SHENAN James Dromore
SHENAN Owen Bodony
SHERRARD Joseph Edenagone
SHORT Francis Drumskiney or Taherdoo
SHORT James Knockraven
SIMPSON David & co. Dullaghan
SIMPSON James Drumsheal
SIMPSON James Knockraven
SIMPSON John Drumskiney or Taherdoo
SIMPSON John Dullaghan
SIMPSON William Drumsheal
SLAVIN Bryan Minigar
SLAVIN Catherine Minigar
SLEVIN Anne Dromore
SLEVIN Bridget Dullaghan
SLEVIN Daniel Carlaghdargan
SLEVIN Daniel Tatticor
SLEVIN Edward Pulfore
SLEVIN Edward Raveny
SLEVIN Edward Tatticor
SLEVIN Elenor Outerard
SLEVIN Ferdinand Tatticor
SLEVIN Francis Cornamuck
SLEVIN Francis Dromore
SLEVIN Francis Outerard
SLEVIN James Drumderg
SLEVIN James Glangeen
SLEVIN John Aughadara
SLEVIN John New Park
SLEVIN John Outerard
SLEVIN John Pulfore
SLEVIN John Jun. Tatticor
SLEVIN John Sen. Tatticor
SLEVIN Manus Aughadara
SLEVIN Manus Bodony
SLEVIN Manus Raveny
SLEVIN Mary Tatticor
SLEVIN Michael Aughlisk
SLEVIN Michael Minigar
SLEVIN Michael Raveny
SLEVIN Michael Tatticor
SLEVIN Michael Tullyclunagh Slevin
SLEVIN Nicholas Aughnamoo
SLEVIN Nicholas Tullyclunagh Slevin
SLEVIN Owen Aughnamoo
SLEVIN Owen Minigar
SLEVIN Pat & co. Minigar
SLEVIN Pat. Raveny
SLEVIN Patrick Dromore
SLEVIN Patrick New Park
SLEVIN Patrick Raveny
SLEVIN Patrick Tatticor
SLEVIN Patrick Jun. Outerard
SLEVIN Patrick Sen. Outerard
SLEVIN Susanna Craney
SLEVIN Susanna Drumderg
SLEVIN Terence Minigar
SLEVIN Thomas Aughnamoo
SLEVIN Thomas Glangeen
SMITH Cormick Drumallard
SMITH Hugh Raveny
SMITH James Dromore
SMITH James Drumskiney or Taherdoo
SMITH James Lisneaden
SMITH John Gardrum
SMITH John Lisneaden
SMITH Nathaniel Drumconnis
SMITH Nathl. Keeldrum
SMITH Patrick Jun. Lisneaden
SMITH Patrick Sen. Lisneaden
SMITH Peter Lisneaden
SMITH Robert Drumskiney or Taherdoo
SMITH Terence Lisneaden
SMITH Thomas Drumskiney or Taherdoo
SMITH William Aughlisk
SMITH William Drumskiney or Taherdoo
SMITH William Mulinagough
SOMERVILLE Robert Dergany McGuire
SPROWL Andrew Aughee
SPROWL Andrew, Esq. Bodony
SPROWL Charles, Esq. Grennan
SPROWL Fanny Aughadara
SPROWL James Mullinboy
SPROWL James Jun., Esq. Grennan
SPROWL James Sen. Grennan
SPROWL John Grennan
SPROWL Oliver Grennan
SPROWL Sarah Mullinboy
ST. GEORGE Rev. Henry Lucas Shanmullagh
STARS Bridget Curasheskin
STARS John Carlaghdargan
STARS Owen Knocknahorn
STARS Patrick Carlaghdargan
STARS Patrick Curasheskin
STARS Robert Comdery
STARS Rose Aughlisk
STEPHENSON Charles Dromore
STEPHENSON Charles Golan
STEPHENSON Charles Knockraven
STEPHENSON James Dromore
STEPHENSON John Mullinboy
STEPHENSON Robert Mullinboy
STEWART Charles Gardrum
STEWART Charles Jun. Dromore
STEWART Charles Sen. Dromore
STEWART James Dromore
STEWART John Dromore
STEWART John Keeldrum
STEWART Joseph Drumsheal
STEWART Mathew Dromore
STEWART Pat. Drumsheal
STEWART Scott Dromore
STEWART William Jun. Dromore
STEWART William Sen. Dromore
STUBBS Edward Mullinboy
SWEENY James Tumery
SWEENY Thomas Dullaghan
SWIFT Catherine Dergany Neville
TEAGE Anne Tullyclunagh Slevin
TEAGE Bridget Tumery
TEAGE Bryan Tullymagough
TEAGE Denis Aughnamoo
TEAGE Denis Tumery
TEAGE Edward Raveny
TEAGE Francis Keeldrum
TEAGE Francis Letteree
TEAGE John Letteree
TEAGE Lancelot Tullyclunagh Slevin
TEAGE Mathew Doughrough
TEAGE Owen Knocknahorn
TEAGE Pat. Tullymagough
TEAGE Patrick Tumery
TEAGE Susana Tullymagough
TEAGE Terence Knocknahorn
TEAGE Thomas Tullymagough
TEAGUE Patrick Tullyclunagh Slevin
TIMON Peter Drumlish
TOMINY James Curasheskin
TOMINY Mary Curasheskin
TOMINY Thomas Curasheskin
TONAR Thomas Minigar
TORENCE James Carlaghdargan
TORENCE Mary Carlaghdargan
TREANER John Drumderg
TREANER Owen Tumery
TREANER Philip Carnalea
TREANER Thomas Glangeen
TREANOR Thomas Drumderg
ULTAGHAN James Dromore
WALKER Samuel Pulfore
WALKER Thomas Aughnamoo
WALKER Thomas Magheragart
WALLACE James Aughadara
WALLACE Jane Dromore
WALLACE Joseph Aughadara
WALLACE Thomas Aughadara
WARNACK Eliza Raveny
WARNACK Hugh Raveny
WARNACK James Rakearnbeg
WARNACK James Tullyclunagh Warnack
WARNACK Robert Rakearnbeg
WARNACK Robert Tullyclunagh Slevin
WARNACK Robert Tullyclunagh Warnack
WARNACK William Mullinboy
WARNACK William Tullyclunagh Warnack
WARNOCK Robert Dromore
WEIR John Drumskiney or Taherdoo
WHITE James Dromore
WILEY Andrew Drumskiney or Taherdoo
WILEY Charles Drumskiney or Taherdoo
WILEY David Drumskiney or Taherdoo
WILEY James Curley
WILEY James Dromore
WILEY James Drumskiney or Taherdoo
WILEY Jas. Keeldrum
WILEY John Dromore
WILEY John Drumconnis
WILEY John Keeldrum
WILEY John Jun. Drumskiney or Taherdoo
WILEY John Sen. Drumskiney or Taherdoo
WILEY Oliver Curley
WILEY Oliver Pulfore
WILEY Robert Drumconnis
WILEY Thomas Drumskiney or Taherdoo
WILSON Isaac Mullinboy
WILSON John Drumskiney or Taherdoo
WILSON Margaret Drumskiney or Taherdoo
WILSON Robt. Keeldrum
WILSON William Mullinboy
WINTERS John Letteree
WOODS Blakely Dromore
WOODS Charles Aughadara
WOODS Humphry Minigar
WOODS John Aughadara
WOODS Thomas Lettergash
YOUNG Anthony Carnalea