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Index to the Tithe Applotment Book, Donegal Parish, County Donegal, Ireland 1825

National Archives of Ireland Ref: TAB 7/48
Extracted from LDS FHL Film #256600
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia
Donegal Parish, Co. Donegal Townlands in Donegal

This file of the INDEX TO THE 1825 TITHE APPPLOTMENT BOOK FOR DONEGAL PARISH, COUNTY DONEGAL, IRELAND forms part of the vast archive of 4,000+ pages of genealogical records relating to COUNTIES TYRONE, DONEGAL, LONDONDERRY & FERMANAGH provided without charge or subscription by CoTyroneIreland Welcome to the Premier Website & Research Tool for Cos. Tyrone, Donegal, Londonderry & Fermanagh Genealogy ( A complete list of records pertaining to COUNTY DO on this website can be found at the foot of this file.

Tithe was a tax on all agricultural land (originally one tenth of the produce) excepting only church lands, glebes and urban areas and was paid by leaseholders and occupiers of all religious denominations to the clergy of the Established Church of Ireland. There was growing resentment against this tax, especially by Presbyterians and Catholics, particularly in the period of distress after 1815 and the government was forced to give way and introduce the Tithe Composition Act 1823 which replaced payment in kind by payment in cash.

In order to effect this change, all agricultural land across the country was required to be surveyed and applotted, or valued. During the period 1823 to 1837, a Tithe Applotment Survey was made in each civil parish across the whole of Ireland to determine the value of tithe payable by different landholders. Two people were appointed by each parish to carry out this assessment. The material was arranged by civil parish and townland in volumes known as TITHE APPLOTMENT BOOKS.

In some parishes more than one survey was taken, whilst in others the manuscript has not survived. The books for all Ireland, compiled between 1823 and 1837, are now deposited in the National Archives of Ireland, Dublin and Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI)., Belfast.

These tithe books are arranged by townland and record the names of leaseholders, the area of their farm subject to tithe, sometimes the quality of the land and an overall valuation and occasionally the names of landlords. Researchers should be aware that cottiers who did not hold land are not recorded, and unaccountably, some types of land were passed over entirely; a field of potatoes attracted a tithe payment in one parish, but not in that adjoining.

Those researchers who are fortunate to locate a forebear in the Tithe Applotment Books may find it possible to take their research back a further generation prior to Griffiths Valuation.


Images of original pages may be found here: The Tithe Applotment Books, 1823-37 (


The Square, Donegal Town c1900



Townland Townland Townland Townland
Aghlem Ardatowel Ardchicken Ardeevin
Ardeskin Ardinawark Ardlenagh Ardnableask
Ardnagassan Birch Hill Brookfield Carnbeagh North
Carnbeagh South Clarcam Clarcarricknagun Clardrumbarren
Clardrumnaghan Clarlougheask Clogher Cornaveagh
Corracramph Corveen Craigroe Cullionboy
Donegal Drumadoney Drumbar Drumbarren
Drumcroagh Drumgowan Druminardagh Druminnin
Drumlaght Drumlonagher Drummenny Lower Drummenny Middle
Drummenny Upper Drumnaghan Drumnahoul Drumrat
Finnabanes Finnadoos Friarsbush Garvagh
Glebe Goladoo Keadew Lower Keadew Upper
Keeldrum Leghawny Loughcuill Loughkip
Lurganboy Meenabrock Meenadreen Milltown
Muckros Mullanalamphry O'Donnell's Island Raforker
Rarooey Spiers Town Tawnagh Tawnaghgorm
Tawnaghlahan Tawnalary Tawnawully Mountains Tinny Cahil
Tullaghcullion Tully Tullyloskan White Hill



Townland Townland Townland Townland
Abby Field Ardchicken Ardeevin Ardeskin
Ardinawark Arditowl Ardlenagh Ardnablisk
Ardnegassin Aughlim Bailiffs Tenement Birch Hill
Carnbigh (John Hamilton, Esq.) Carnbigh (Lord Arrans) Christophers Park Claar Cam
Claar Drimbarrin East Claar L. Eske Clarr Carricknagun Middle Divn. Clarr Carricknagun North Divn.
Clarr Carricknagun South Divn. Clogher Colla Bog Cornaveigh
Corry Cramph Corvin Lower & Island O’Donnel Corvin Upper Creaghroe East & West
Cullinboy Drimadowny Drimigahan North-East Divn. Drimigahan South-West Divn.
Drimbar Drimbarrin West Divn. Drimcrogh Drimenardagh
Drimgad Parks Drimgowan Drimigahan Drimleaght Upper & Lower
Drimlunagher Drimmennin 1st or Ballinful Drimmennin 2nd Divn. Drimmennin 3rd Divn.
Drimmennin 4th Divn. Drimmennin 5th Divn. Drimmenny Lower Drimmenny Middle
Drimmenny Upper Drimnahowl Drimratt East Finnabawn
Finnadooth Fryars Rush Garvagh Gregstown
Gulladough Keadue Boyle Keadue Doherty Keeldrim East
Keeldrim Middle Keeldrim West Lackan Bog Lighowny
Lough Cull Lough Kip Lurganbog Maidenreagh
Meenabrock Meenadreen Meenemenna Bog Milltown
Muckross Mullinalamphy Middle Mullinalamphy or Carrickagarron Rarowey
Rathforker Saint Ernans Sir Arthurs Park Spearstown
Tallacallin Parks Tamlogh Town Parks Common Town Tenements
Townagarrow Townalackan Townalawrie Tully
Tullyloskin Tynnecahal White Hill & part of Meenamanna bog  




ABRAHAM James Meenadreen
ANDERSON John Town Tenements
ANDERSON John Town Tenements
ARMSTRONG Alexander Town Tenements
ARNETT John Town Tenements
BAIRD John Town Tenements
BAIRD John Tullacullin [Tullaghcullion] Parks
BAIRD Pat. Claar Lough Eske [Clarlougheaske]
BARCLAY John Townalackan [Tawnaghlahan]
BARCLAY Thomas Townalackan [Tawnaghlahan]
BARNETT Andrew Drumgowan
BATES Charles Drumlonagher
BATES Charles Town Tenements
BOYCE James Claar Lough Eske [Clarlougheaske]
BOYCE Jeremiah Drimgad Parks
BOYCE Jeremiah Sir Arthurs Park
BOYCE Jeremiah Town Parks Common
BOYCE Jeremiah Town Tenements
BOYCE John Claar Lough Eske [Clarlougheaske]
BOYD George Corvin [Corveen] Lower & Island O’Donnel
BOYD Robert Corvin [Corveen] Lower & Island O’Donnel
BOYD Widow Drummenny Middle
BOYLE Brien Ardinawark
BOYLE Charles Ardinawark
BOYLE Connel Ardinawark
BOYLE Connel Drimcrogh [Drumcroagh]
BOYLE Connel, Sen. Ardinawark
BOYLE Fordorragh Keadue [Keadew] Boyle
BOYLE Hugh Keadue [Keadew] Boyle
BOYLE James Townagarrow [Tawnaghgorm?]
BOYLE John Ardeevin
BOYLE John Town Tenements
BOYLE Mary Townagarrow [Tawnaghgorm?]
BOYLE Michael Aughlim [Aghlem]
BOYLE Noher Arditowl [Ardatowel]
BOYLE Owen Arditowl [Ardatowel]
BOYLE Owen Gulladough [Goladoo]
BOYLE Thomas Finnadooth [Finnadoos]
BRADLY Patrick Cullinboy
BRANNAGH Daniel Drimcrogh [Drumcroagh]
BRANNAGH James Drimcrogh [Drumcroagh]
BRANNAGH Pat. Drimcrogh [Drumcroagh]
BREEN Edward Clogher
BREEN Hugh Tamlogh
BREEN Neal Tullyloskin
BRICE William Town Tenements
BRIGHAM ....? & co. Town Tenements
BRISLAND Charles Townalackan [Tawnaghlahan]
BRISLAND Denis Townalackan [Tawnaghlahan]
BRISLAND Jack Town Tenements
BRISLAND James Drummenny Upper
BRISLAND Pat. Town Tenements
BRISLAND Pat. Townalackan [Tawnaghlahan]
BRISON Owen Townagarrow [Tawnaghgorm?]
BRISON Owen, Sen. Townagarrow [Tawnaghgorm?]
BRISON Pat. Townagarrow [Tawnaghgorm?]
BRISON Peter Townagarrow [Tawnaghgorm?]
BRISON Sarah Townagarrow [Tawnaghgorm?]
BROGAN Ann Town Tenements
BROGAN Edward Colla Bog
BROGAN John Finnabawn [Finnabanes]
BROGAN Peter Cornaveigh
BROGAN Robert Gregstown
BROWN Andrew & partners Mullinalamphy [Mullanalamphry] or Carrickagarron
BROWN Hugh Clogher
BROWN Michael Drimgad Parks
BROWN Michael Town Tenements
BROWN Neil Garvagh
BROWN Patrick Rarowey [Rarooey]
BROWN William Rarowey [Rarooey]
BUCHANAN Andrew Tynnecahal [Tinny Cahil]
BUCHANAN James Tynnecahal [Tinny Cahil]
BURNS Michael Tullacullin [Tullaghcullion] Park
BUSTARD Andrew Claar Cam [Clarcam]
BUSTARD Andrew, Jun. Claar Cam [Clarcam]
BUSTARD Charles Townalackan [Tawnaghlahan]
BUSTARD George Claar Cam [Clarcam]
BUSTARD James Milltown
BUSTARD John Claar Cam [Clarcam]
BUSTARD John (Big) Claar Cam [Clarcam]
BUSTARD John, Roe Claar Cam [Clarcam]
BUSTARD Robert Drimbar [Drumbar]
BUSTARD William Claar Cam [Clarcam]
BYRNE James Carnbigh [Carnbeagh] (Earl of Arran’s)
BYRNE James Claar Cam [Clarcam]
BYRNE Lancelot? Finnadooth [Finnadoos]
BYRNE Pat. Birch Hill
CALLAGHAN Catherine Townalackan [Tawnaghlahan]
CALLAGHAN Denis Keadue [Keadew] Boyle
CALLAGHAN Denis Townalackan [Tawnaghlahan]
CALLAGHAN Hugh Townalackan [Tawnaghlahan]
CALLAGHAN James Ardinawark
CALLAGHAN James Keadue [Keadew] Boyle
CALLAGHAN Widow Townalackan [Tawnaghlahan]
CALLAGHNAN Connel Ardinawark
CALLAGHNAN Daniel Ardinawark
CALLAGHNAN James Ardinawark
CALLAGHNAN James Cornaveigh
CALLAGHNAN James Corry Cramph [Corracramph]
CALLAGHNAN Michael Ardinawark
CALLAGHNAN Owen Corry Cramph [Corracramph]
CALLAGHNAN Peter Ardinawark
CAMPBELL John Claar Cam [Clarcam]
CAMPBELL Thomas Ardnegassin [Ardnagassan]
CANNON Catherine Town Tenements
CANNON Michael Drumadowney
CANNON Mrs Town Tenements
CARNEY James Drimigahan
CARNEY James Drumlaght (Upper & Lower)
CARNEY James Drumlonagher
CARNEY John Rarowey [Rarooey]
CARNEY John Tully
CARNEY Or. [Oliver?] Drumlaght (Upper & Lower)
CASSIDY Cormick Birch Hill
CASSIDY Cormick Claar Lough Eske [Clarlougheaske]
CASSIDY Daniel Drummennin [Druminnin] (3rd Division)
CASSIDY Edward Corvin [Corveen] Upper
CASSIDY Edward Drimbar [Drumbar]
CASSIDY Edward Meenadreen
CASSIDY Francis Drumlonagher
CASSIDY Francis Tully
CASSIDY Hugh Birch Hill
CASSIDY Hugh Drummennin [Druminnin] (3rd Division)
CASSIDY Hugh Lighowny [Leghawny]
CASSIDY James Corvin [Corveen] Upper
CASSIDY James Drummennin [Druminnin] (4th Division)
CASSIDY James Mullinalamphy [Mullanalamphry] Middle
CASSIDY John Tully
CASSIDY Michael Finnadooth [Finnadoos]
CASSIDY Michael Lighowny [Leghawny]
CASSIDY Owen Drummennin [Druminnin] (3rd Division)
CASSIDY Owen Lighowny [Leghawny]
CASSIDY Owen Town Tenements
CASSIDY Pat. Meenadreen
CASSIDY Pat., Jun. Lighowny [Leghawny]
CASSIDY Pat., Sen. Lighowny [Leghawny]
CASSIDY Widow Drimbar [Drumbar]
CASSIDY Widow Lighowny [Leghawny]
CASSIDY William Drumlonagher
CLARK Robert Rarowey [Rarooey]
CLARK William Drumgowan
CLEARY William Ardeevin
COLEMAN James Drimenardagh [Druminardagh]
CONNOLLY William & partners Town Parks Common
CONOLLY William Town Tenements
COONEY James Arditowl [Ardatowel]
CORSCADDEN Andrew Muckross
CORSCADDEN Archibald Town Tenements
CORSCADDEN Francis Drumnahowl
CORSCADDEN Richard Drimgad Parks
CORSCADDEN Richard Town Tenements
COULTER William Town Tenements
CRAIG Robert Town Tenements
CRAIG Robert Tullacullin [Tullaghcullion] Parks
CRAWFORD A. Tullacullin [Tullaghcullion] Parks
CRAWFORD Catherine Town Tenements
CRAWFORD Doctor Meenemenna Bog
CRAWFORD James Drimratt [Drumrat] East
CRAWFORD James Town Tenements
CRAWFORD James Town Tenements
CRAWFORD John Drumgowan
CRAWFORD John Gregstown
CRAWFORD Mathew Claar Cam [Clarcam]
CRAWFORD Rev. James Ardneskin [Ardeskin]
CRAWFORD Rev. James Drimgad Parks
CRAWFORD Thomas Claar Cam [Clarcam]
CRAWFORD Thomas Gregstown
CRAWFORD Thomas Mullinalamphy [Mullanalamphry] Middle
CULBERTSON David Town Tenements
CUNN Michael Drummenny Upper
CUNN Patt. Finnadooth [Finnadoos]
CUNNIGAN Daniel Clarr Carricknagun [Clarcarricknag] (North Division)
CURRY Samuel Rarowey [Rarooey]
DEVITT Frederick? Milltown
DEVLIN Andrew Milltown
DEVLIN John Lighowny [Leghawny]
DEVLIN Michael Aughlim [Aghlem]
DEVLIN Michael Mullinalamphy [Mullanalamphry] Middle
DEVLIN Michael & partners Lighowny [Leghawny]
DEVLIN Pat. Town Tenements
DILLON Charles Drimratt [Drumrat] East
DILLON Charles Town Parks Common
DILLON Charles Town Tenements
DIVER Anthony Maidenreagh
DIVER Anthony Town Tenements
DIVER Anthony Tullacullin [Tullaghcullion] Parks
DIVER Charles Townagarrow [Tawnaghgorm?]
DIVER George Town Tenements
DOHERTY Hugh Cullinboy
DOHERTY Hugh Meenadreen
DOHERTY John Keadue [Keadew] Boyle
DOHERTY John & partners Keadue [Keadew] Doherty
DOHERTY Michael Town Tenements
DONLEAVY Pat. Maidenreagh
DONLEVY George Clarr Carricknagun [Clarcarricknag] (North Division)
DONLEVY George Town Parks Common
DONLEVY George Town Tenements
DONLEVY George Town Tenements
DONLEVY George Tullacullin [Tullaghcullion] Parks
DONLEVY Lewis Cullinboy
DONLEVY Pat. Drimgad Parks
DONLEVY Pat. Town Tenements
DONLEVY Patrick Drumlonagher
DONLEVY Paul Mullinalamphy [Mullanalamphry] or Carrickagarron
DOUGHERTY James Gulladough [Goladoo]
DUIGAN Edward Town Tenements
DUIGAN William Town Tenements
DUNNION Jack Town Tenements
DUNNION Michael Cullinboy
EAKINS Francis Drumgowan
ELLIOTT Francis Creaghroe [Craigroe] (East & West)
ELLIOTT William Drumgowan
FARRELL ....? Meenemenna Bog
FARRELL Thomas Drimenardagh [Druminardagh]
FAUCETT Alexander Town Tenements
FIFFE William Townalawrie [Tawnalary]
FINLAY Robert Tully
FLAHERTY George Tullacullin [Tullaghcullion] Parks
FLANAGAN Edward Clogher
FLANAGAN James Clogher
FLANAGAN Jeremiah Clogher
FLANAGAN Laurence Clogher
FLANAGAN Patrick Clogher
FLANAGAN Thomas Clogher
FLANAGAN Widow Clogher
FLOOD John Ardnablisk [Ardnableask]
FLOOD Pat. Townalackan [Tawnaghlahan]
FREEBURN Francis Drummenny Lower
FREEBURN John Drimenardagh [Druminardagh]
FREEBURN Thomas Townalawrie [Tawnalary]
FREEL Michael Drummenny Upper
GALESPY [GILLESPIE] Edward Aughlim [Aghlem]
GALESPY [GILLESPIE] Felim Meenadreen
GALESPY [GILLESPIE] Francis Aughlim [Aghlem]
GALESPY [GILLESPIE] Robert Drimbar [Drumbar]
GALESPY [GILLESPIE] Robert Drumlaght (Upper & Lower)
GALLAGHER Andrew Town Tenements
GALLAGHER Arthur Drimcrogh [Drumcroagh]
GALLAGHER Connel Carnbigh [Carnbeagh] (Earl of Arran’s)
GALLAGHER Darby Finnadooth [Finnadoos]
GALLAGHER Denis Town Tenements
GALLAGHER Edward Claar Cam [Clarcam]
GALLAGHER Edward Drumnahowl
GALLAGHER Francis Drummenny Upper
GALLAGHER Hugh Aughlim [Aghlem]
GALLAGHER Hugh Tullacullin [Tullaghcullion] Parks
GALLAGHER Hugh Tullyloskin
GALLAGHER James Aughlim [Aghlem]
GALLAGHER James Drimbar [Drumbar]
GALLAGHER James Drumnahowl
GALLAGHER James Tullyloskin
GALLAGHER John Drimcrogh [Drumcroagh]
GALLAGHER John Drumadowney
GALLAGHER Owen Clogher
GALLAGHER Owen Drumlonagher
GALLAGHER Owen Meenadreen
GALLAGHER Patrick Carnbigh [Carnbeagh] (Earl of Arran’s)
GALLAGHER Patrick Town Tenements
GALLAGHER Thomas Ardnablisk [Ardnableask]
GALLAGHER Widow Clogher
GALLAGHER Widow & partners Carnbigh [Carnbeagh] (Earl of Arran’s)
GALLAGHER William Claar Lough Eske [Clarlougheaske]
GALLON Peter Fryars Rush [Friarsbush]
GALNAGH Daniel Arditowl [Ardatowel]
GALNAGH Elinor? Corry Cramph [Corracramph]
GALNAGH Michael Arditowl [Ardatowel]
GALNAGH Thomas Arditowl [Ardatowel]
GILDEA Charles White Hill & part of Meenamanna Bog
GILDEA Cornelius Ardinawark
GILDEA Cornelius Lough Kip [Loughkip]
GILDEA Cornelius & son Keadue [Keadew] Boyle
GILDEA Denis Meenadreen
GILDEA Edward Drimmennin [Druminnin] (1st Division or Ballinful)
GILDEA Edward Town Tenements
GILDEA Felim Clogher
GILDEA Felim Drimmennin [Druminnin] (1st Division or Ballinful)
GILDEA James Lough Kip [Loughkip]
GILDEA Patrick Drimmennin [Druminnin] (1st Division or Ballinful)
GILDEA Patrick Drimmennin [Druminnin] (5th Division)
GORMAN Owen Drimcrogh [Drumcroagh]
GREER Andrew Drimigahan (S.W. Division)
GREER John Drimigahan (S.W. Division)
GREER Or. [Oliver?] Drumlaght (Upper & Lower)
GREGORY Widow Tully
GRIMES Henry Drimenardagh [Druminardagh]
GRIMES James Muckross
GRIMES John Drumgowan
GRIMES Robert Drumgowan
GRIMES Robert Drumgowan
GRIMES Thomas Drumlaght (Upper & Lower)
GRIMES Widow Drumgowan
GRIMES William Drumgowan
GRIMES William Drumgowan
HAGARTY .....? Town Tenements
HAMILTON John Claar Cam [Clarcam]
HAMILTON John, Esq. Saint Ernans
HAMILTON Mr. (including part of Meenamana Bog) Drumgowan
HAMMOND Andrew Drimratt [Drumrat] East
HAMMOND Andrew Finnabawn [Finnabanes]
HAMMOND Andrew Tully
HAMMOND Claud Ardnegassin [Ardnagassan]
HAMMOND David Drumlonagher
HAMMOND James Drimratt [Drumrat] East
HAMMOND James Drummenny Lower
HAMMOND James Town Parks Common
HAMMOND James Tully
HAMMOND John Drummenny Lower
HAMMOND John Drummenny Upper
HAMMOND John Finnabawn [Finnabanes]
HAMMOND John Rarowey [Rarooey]
HAMMOND Ralph Drummenny Lower
HAMMOND Richard Claar Drimbarrin [Clardrumbarren] East
HAMMOND Robert Claar Drimbarrin [Clardrumbarren] East
HAMMOND Timothy Claar Drimbarrin [Clardrumbarren] East
HAMMOND Widow Drummenny Middle
HAMMOND William Tamlogh
HANNA Andrew Drumnahowl
HANNA George Colla Bog
HANNA George Keeldrum East
HANNA George Meenadreen
HANNA John Drimenardagh [Druminardagh]
HANNA Robert, Jun. Drimenardagh [Druminardagh]
HANNA Robert, Sen. Drimenardagh [Druminardagh]
HANNA Thomas Drimenardagh [Druminardagh]
HANNA Widow Drimenardagh [Druminardagh]
HARLOWE Neal Ardinawark
HARLY Pat. Ardnablisk [Ardnableask]
HARRAGHY Bridget Town Tenements
HARRAGHY Brien Cullinboy
HARRAGHY Hugh Clogher
HARRAGHY James Corvin [Corveen] Upper
HARRAGHY James Drimigahan (N.E. Division)
HARRAGHY Michael Finnabawn [Finnabanes]
HARRAGHY Owen & partner Drimmennin [Druminnin] (2nd Division)
HARRAGHY Patt. Milltown
HENDERSON Robert Rarowey [Rarooey]
HENDERSON Thomas Keeldrum Middle
HENDRY Robert Muckross
HENRY George Rarowey [Rarooey]
HEWSTON Rev. Mr. Lurganboy
HEWSTON Rev. William Ardchicken
HIGGINS William Town Tenements
HILFERTY Edward Cornaveigh
HILFERTY James Cornaveigh
HILFERTY James, Jun. Cornaveigh
HILLY Brien Carnbigh [Carnbeagh] (John Hamilton, Esq.)
HILLY Edward Tully
HILLY Francis Carnbigh [Carnbeagh] (John Hamilton, Esq.)
HILLY Francis Drumadowney
HILLY Hugh Clogher
HILLY James Drumadowney
HILLY Owen Drumadowney
HILLY Shane Drumadowney
HOLMES Acheson Drimgad Parks
HOLMES Acheson Town Tenements
HONE Francis Clogher
HONE James Keeldrum Middle
HONE Widow Clogher
INGRAM Alexander Tynnecahal [Tinny Cahil]
INGRAM Andrew Claar Cam [Clarcam]
INGRAM Andrew Spearstown [Spiers Town]
INGRAM Arthur Carnbigh [Carnbeagh] (Earl of Arran’s)
INGRAM Arthur Spearstown [Spiers Town]
INGRAM Charles Tynnecahal [Tinny Cahil]
INGRAM John Carnbigh [Carnbeagh] (John Hamilton, Esq.)
INGRAM Richard Carnbigh [Carnbeagh] (Earl of Arran’s)
IRWIN Francis Drummenny Upper
IRWIN George Drummenny Upper
IRWIN Robert Spearstown [Spiers Town]
IRWIN William Carnbigh [Carnbeagh] (John Hamilton, Esq.)
IRWIN William Drummenny Upper
JOHNSTON Alexander Ardeevin
JOHNSTON Alexander Ardnablisk [Ardnableask]
JOHNSTON Andrew Ardeevin
JOHNSTON Andrew Ardnablisk [Ardnableask]
JOHNSTON George Drumgowan
JOHNSTON Hugh Milltown
JOHNSTON Isaac Ardeevin
JOHNSTON Isaac Milltown
JOHNSTON James Drumgowan
JOHNSTON Jo. Lackan Bog
JOHNSTON Jo. Meenemenna Bog
JOHNSTON John Ardeevin
JOHNSTON John Ardnablisk [Ardnableask]
JOHNSTON John Drummenny Lower
JOHNSTON Robert Ardeevin
JOHNSTON Robert Ardnablisk [Ardnableask]
JOHNSTON Samuel Tully
JOHNSTON William Milltown
JOYCE John Town Tenements
KANE Margaret Town Tenements
KEE Philip Town Tenements
KEE Robert Town Tenements
KEERAN William Aughlim [Aghlem]
KELLY Francis Drumnahowl
KELLY Owen Finnabawn [Finnabanes]
KELLY Patrick Drummenny Upper
KELLY Widow Town Tenements
KILFOYLE William Lurganboy
KILPATRICK Mathew Muckross
KNIGHT William Spearstown [Spiers Town]
KNOUD William Town Tenements
LAWN Brien Drumnahowl
LAWN Charles Drimbar [Drumbar]
LAWN James Drumnahowl
LAWN John Drumadowney
LAWN Laurence Drimbar [Drumbar]
LAWN Neil Drumnahowl
LESLIE James Meenadreen
LITTLE David Creaghroe [Craigroe] (East & West)
LITTLE George Drumnahowl
LITTLE James Drummenny Middle
LITTLE Jo. Drummenny Middle
LITTLE John Drummenny Upper
LITTLE John, Jun. Creaghroe [Craigroe] (East & West)
LITTLE John, Sen. Creaghroe [Craigroe] (East & West)
LITTLE Robert Drummenny Middle
LITTLE Robert Drummenny Upper
LITTLE Sam Drummenny Middle
LITTLE William Drummenny Upper
LOCKARD Samuel Town Tenements
LOGUE Charles Town Tenements
LOGUE Martin Tully
LOGUE Widow Tully
LOVE Hamilton? Claar Lough Eske [Clarlougheaske]
LOVE Robert Finnabawn [Finnabanes]
LOWRY Andrew Drimbarrin Drumbarren] (West Division)
LOWRY Mary Bailiffs Tenement
LOWRY Robert Bailiffs Tenement
LOWRY William Drimbarrin Drumbarren] (West Division)
LYONS Patrick Keadue [Keadew] Boyle
MAGEE Robert Ardlenagh
MALLOY Lancelot? Cornaveigh
MARTIN Brien Arditowl [Ardatowel]
MARTIN Brien Gulladough [Goladoo]
MARTIN Charles Drumnahowl
MARTIN Charles Townagarrow [Tawnaghgorm?]
MARTIN Connel Garvagh
MARTIN Edward Arditowl [Ardatowel]
MARTIN Edward Claar Lough Eske [Clarlougheaske]
MARTIN Edward Garvagh
MARTIN Eneas Claar Lough Eske [Clarlougheaske]
MARTIN Eneas Townagarrow [Tawnaghgorm?]
MARTIN Francis Gulladough [Goladoo]
MARTIN James Town Tenements
MARTIN Michael Arditowl [Ardatowel]
MARTIN Michael Birch Hill
MARTIN Michael Garvagh
MARTIN Michael Townagarrow [Tawnaghgorm?]
MARTIN Michael, Jun. Garvagh
MARTIN Michael, Sen. Garvagh
MARTIN Neil Garvagh
MARTIN Owen Arditowl [Ardatowel]
MARTIN Owen Drimcrogh [Drumcroagh]
MARTIN Owen Gulladough [Goladoo]
MARTIN Owen& partners Garvagh
MARTIN Patrick Arditowl [Ardatowel]
MARTIN Patrick Garvagh
MARTIN Patrick Tamlogh
MARTIN Samuel Town Tenements
McALPINE Pat. Clogher
McANA Brien & partners Drimmennin [Druminnin] (2nd Division)
McANA James Drimmennin [Druminnin] (2nd Division)
McANA Michael Drimmennin [Druminnin] (2nd Division)
McANA Pat. Drimmennin [Druminnin] (2nd Division)
McCADDEN .....? Aughlim [Aghlem]
McCADDEN James Aughlim [Aghlem]
McCADDEN John Aughlim [Aghlem]
McCADDEN Michael Drumnahowl
McCADDEN Nicholas Drumadowney
McCADDEN Robert Drummenny Lower
McCADDEN Widow Birch Hill
McCADDON John Tullyloskin
McCAHILL Nancy Town Tenements
McCAY William Town Tenements
McCLOSKY Charles Claar Lough Eske [Clarlougheaske]
McCLURE John Claar Drimbarrin [Clardrumbarren] East
McCLURE Samuel Claar Drimbarrin [Clardrumbarren] East
McCOOL Edward Cullinboy
McCOOL James Cullinboy
McCOOL Mathew Keadue [Keadew] Boyle
McCOOL Michael Cullinboy
McCOOL Widow Lough Cull [Loughcuill]
McCORDOCK William Drummenny Lower
McCORMICK John Town Tenements
McCORMICK John Town Tenements
McCORMICK Widow Birch Hill
McCREADY Elinor Town Tenements
McCRUDDEN Daniel Finnabawn [Finnabanes]
McCRUDDEN James Birch Hill
McCULLAGH John Drimenardagh [Druminardagh]
McDAID Brien Tullyloskin
McDAID Widow Tullyloskin
McDAID William Town Tenements
McDERMOTT Edward Claar Lough Eske [Clarlougheaske]
McDERMOTT Rev.? Ardeevin
McDONAGH William Drummenny Lower
McDONAGH William Town Tenements
McELHAR Edward Aughlim [Aghlem]
McELHAR Hugh Ardinawark
McELHAR Manus Drumnahowl
McELHAR Owen Birch Hill
McELHAR Pat. Drumnahowl
McGARIGLE Michael Tullacullin [Tullaghcullion] Parks
McGAUGHRAN James Tully
McGETIGAN Denis Clogher
McGETIGAN Patrick Clogher
McGINTY Anthony Birch Hill
McGINTY Arthur Birch Hill
McGINTY Brien Birch Hill
McGINTY Brien Claar Lough Eske [Clarlougheaske]
McGINTY Brien Corvin [Corveen] Upper
McGINTY Catherine Milltown
McGINTY Charles Claar Cam [Clarcam]
McGINTY Connel Ardinawark
McGINTY Connel Corvin [Corveen] Upper
McGINTY Daniel Corvin [Corveen] Upper
McGINTY Edward Corry Cramph [Corracramph]
McGINTY Edward Drimmennin [Druminnin] (1st Division or Ballinful)
McGINTY Edward Town Tenements
McGINTY Francis Gulladough [Goladoo]
McGINTY Francis Townagarrow [Tawnaghgorm?]
McGINTY Henry Ardnablisk [Ardnableask]
McGINTY Hugh Ardinawark
McGINTY Hugh Aughlim [Aghlem]
McGINTY Hugh Drimmennin [Druminnin] (5th Division)
McGINTY Hugh, Jun. Ardinawark
McGINTY James Birch Hill
McGINTY James Claar Cam [Clarcam]
McGINTY James Drimmennin [Druminnin] (5th Division)
McGINTY James Garvagh
McGINTY James Gulladough [Goladoo]
McGINTY John Ardeevin
McGINTY John Ardinawark
McGINTY John Birch Hill
McGINTY Mathew Ardinawark
McGINTY Michael Ardnablisk [Ardnableask]
McGINTY Michael Drimmennin [Druminnin] (5th Division)
McGINTY Neil Drimmennin [Druminnin] (5th Division)
McGINTY Neil Town Tenements
McGINTY Owen Arditowl [Ardatowel]
McGINTY Owen Birch Hill
McGINTY Owen Claar Cam [Clarcam]
McGINTY Owen Drimmennin [Druminnin] (5th Division)
McGINTY Owen Townagarrow [Tawnaghgorm?]
McGINTY Pat. Ardnablisk [Ardnableask]
McGINTY Pat. (don) Townagarrow [Tawnaghgorm?]
McGINTY Patrick Arditowl [Ardatowel]
McGINTY Patrick Birch Hill
McGINTY Patrick Drimmennin [Druminnin] (5th Division)
McGINTY Widow Milltown
McGINTY Widow, Jun. Arditowl [Ardatowel]
McGINTY Widow, Sen. Arditowl [Ardatowel]
McGINTY William Garvagh
McGIRR John & partners Drimbar [Drumbar]
McGLIN Michael Tullyloskin
McGLIN Thomas Tullyloskin
McGLINN Charles Corry Cramph [Corracramph]
McGLINN Edward Tully
McGLINN John Corry Cramph [Corracramph]
McGLINN Michael Drummenny Upper
McGLINN William Drimbar [Drumbar]
McGONIGLE Neil Townalackan [Tawnaghlahan]
McGOULRICK [McGOLDRICK] James Keadue [Keadew] Boyle
McGOWAN Andrew Gregstown
McGOWAN James Spearstown [Spiers Town]
McGOWAN Michael Town Tenements
McGOWAN Mick Town Tenements
McGRENAGHY Edward Drimenardagh [Druminardagh]
McGRENNA Michael Aughlim [Aghlem]
McGRENNA Thomas Aughlim [Aghlem]
McGUADE [McQUADE] O [Oliver]? Clogher
McGUIGAN James Town Tenements
McGUIGAN William? Town Tenements
McHUGH Duncan Meenabrock
McILWAIN Mrs Town Tenements
McINTIRE James Town Tenements
McINTIRE James Tullacullin [Tullaghcullion] Parks
McINTIRE John Clarr Carricknagun [Clarcarricknag] (North Division)
McINTIRE John Drumlonagher
McINTIRE John Town Parks Common
McINTIRE William Town Tenements
McKEE Robert Drimbarrin Drumbarren] (West Division)
McKEE Robert Tynnecahal [Tinny Cahil]
McKEE William Tynnecahal [Tinny Cahil]
McLOGHLIN Brien Corry Cramph [Corracramph]
McLOGHLIN Michael Corry Cramph [Corracramph]
McMANUS Patrick Clarr Carricknagun [Clarcarricknag] (North Division)
McMULLIN Bridget Corry Cramph [Corracramph]
McMULLIN Charles Corry Cramph [Corracramph]
McMULLIN Charles Garvagh
McMULLIN Daniel Aughlim [Aghlem]
McMULLIN Michael Aughlim [Aghlem]
McMULLIN Pat. Meenadreen
McMULLIN Patrick Corry Cramph [Corracramph]
McNAMEE Connel Drummennin [Druminnin] (4th Division)
McNAMEE John Milltown
McNAMEE Owen Gulladough [Goladoo]
McNULTY Andrew Drumadowney
McNULTY Edward Arditowl [Ardatowel]
McNULTY John Arditowl [Ardatowel]
McNULTY William Tullyloskin
McREADY Edward Drumgowan
McSHERRY Widow Drumgowan
McSWINE Miles Cullinboy
MEIGHAN Charles Clogher
MEIGHAN James Town Tenements
MEIGHAN John Finnadooth [Finnadoos]
MELLY Michael Town Tenements
MOLLOY Brien Gulladough [Goladoo]
MONAGHAN Hugh Drimmennin [Druminnin] (1st Division or Ballinful)
MONAGHAN John Drimbar [Drumbar]
MONAGHAN Pat. Clogher
MONAGHAN Patrick Tully
MONAGHAN Tague Cullinboy
MONTGOMERY Hugh Drumlaght (Upper & Lower)
MOORE Isabella Town Tenements
MORAN ....? Drummenny Upper
MORAN John, Jun. Claar Cam [Clarcam]
MORAN John, Sen. Claar Cam [Clarcam]
MORAN Thomas Claar Cam [Clarcam]
MORROW Ann Ardeevin
MORROW George Ardnegassin [Ardnagassan]
MORROW George Claar Cam [Clarcam]
MORROW Hugh Claar Cam [Clarcam]
MORROW Hugh Drummenny Upper
MORROW John Milltown
MORROW John Town Tenements
MORROW Richard Claar Cam [Clarcam]
MORROW Widow Drimbarrin [Drumbarren] (West Division)
MORROW William Ardnegassin [Ardnagassan]
MORROW William Drimbarrin Drumbarren] (West Division)
MULLEN Widow White Hill & part of Meenamanna Bog
MULLIN Daniel Drimmennin [Druminnin] (5th Division)
MULLIN Richard Drimcrogh [Drumcroagh]
MULLON George Tullyloskin
MULLON Patrick Tullyloskin
MULREANY Hugh Town Tenements
MULREANY Hugh (on Quay) Town Tenements
MULREANY Owen Drimcrogh [Drumcroagh]
MURPHY Edward Aughlim [Aghlem]
MURPHY James Drumadowney
MURPHY Lesly Meenadreen
MURPHY Pat. Lighowny [Leghawny]
MURPHY Philip Lighowny [Leghawny]
MURPHY Timothy Lighowny [Leghawny]
MURPHY Timothy Meenadreen
MURPHY William Aughlim [Aghlem]
MURRAY Owen Drimigahan (N.E. Division)
MURRAY Widow Spearstown [Spiers Town]
MURRIN Michael Drumgowan
O’CALLAGHAN ...?, Rev. Town Tenements
O’CALLAGHAN Rev. Mr. Maidenreagh
O’DONNEL Anthony Townagarrow [Tawnaghgorm?]
O’DONNEL James Drumadowney
O’DONNEL John Birch Hill
O’DONNELL Connel Rathforker [Raforker]
O’DONNELL Edward & partners Ardnablisk [Ardnableask]
O’DONNELL Owen Townagarrow [Tawnaghgorm?]
O’DONNELL Pat. Townagarrow [Tawnaghgorm?]
OLIVER David Creaghroe [Craigroe] (East & West)
OLIVER John Creaghroe [Craigroe] (East & West)
PEARSON Edward Claar Lough Eske [Clarlougheaske]
PEARSON Edward Clogher
PEARSON James Claar Lough Eske [Clarlougheaske]
PEARSON John Town Tenements
PEARSON Richard Ardnablisk [Ardnableask]
PEARSON Robert Claar Lough Eske [Clarlougheaske]
PEARSON Thomas Clogher
PERRY Francis Spearstown [Spiers Town]
PERRY John Ardeevin
PERRY Robert Claar Cam [Clarcam]
PERRY Thomas Ardnablisk [Ardnableask]
PHILIPS Anthony White Hill & part of Meenamanna Bog
PHILIPS R. S. Abby Field
PHILIPS R. S. College Land
PHILIPS Robert White Hill & part of Meenamanna Bog
PILKINGTON Edward Town Tenements
QUIGLY Peter Fryars Rush [Friarsbush]
RAMSAY Hugh Drimigahan (S.W. Division)
RAMSAY John Drimigahan (S.W. Division)
RAMSEY John Drumlaght (Upper & Lower)
REA Alexander Ardnegassin [Ardnagassan]
REA Andrew Ardnegassin [Ardnagassan]
REA Andrew Finnabawn [Finnabanes]
REA Captain Ardchicken
REA Francis Drimcrogh [Drumcroagh]
REA Francis Tamlogh
REA Gilbert Ardnegassin [Ardnagassan]
REA James Tamlogh
REA James, Jun. Ardnegassin [Ardnagassan]
REA James, Sen. Ardnegassin [Ardnagassan]
REA John Tamlogh
REA John & partners Drimcrogh [Drumcroagh]
REA Joseph Tamlogh
REA Margaret Claar Cam [Clarcam]
REA Mary Ardnegassin [Ardnagassan]
REA Noble Carnbigh [Carnbeagh] (Earl of Arran’s)
REA Noble Finnabawn [Finnabanes]
REA Sarah Ardnegassin [Ardnagassan]
REA Thomas Drumadowney
REA Timothy, Jun. Claar Cam [Clarcam]
REA Timothy, Sen. Claar Cam [Clarcam]
REA William Tullacullin [Tullaghcullion] Parks
REGAN Connor Gregstown
REILLY Connel Tullyloskin
REILLY Widow Tullyloskin
RICHEY John Claar Cam [Clarcam]
ROBINSON Moses Drummenny Lower
ROONEY Thomas Drimcrogh [Drumcroagh]
RUDDEN Mathew Townagarrow [Tawnaghgorm?]
RUTHERFORD Andrew Claar Drimbarrin [Clardrumbarren] East
RUTHERFORD Hugh Drumlaght (Upper & Lower)
RUTHERFORD James Drumlonagher
RUTHERFORD James Town Parks Common
RUTHERFORD John Drumlaght (Upper & Lower)
RUTHERFORD John Drumlonagher
SCALLAN James Drimbar [Drumbar]
SCOTT Alexander Drimenardagh [Druminardagh]
SCOTT David Drimenardagh [Druminardagh]
SCOTT William Drimenardagh [Druminardagh]
SCULLY Richard Finnabawn [Finnabanes]
SHARKEY Hugh Bailiffs Tenement
SHARKEY Hugh Drumgowan
SHARKEY James Drumgowan
SHARKEY Widow Bailiffs Tenement
SLEAVIN Brien Corry Cramph [Corracramph]
SLEAVIN Brien Gulladough [Goladoo]
SLEAVIN Brien Meenadreen
SLEAVIN Carbry Milltown
SLEAVIN Charles Meenadreen
SLEAVIN Edward Gulladough [Goladoo]
SLEAVIN James Carnbigh [Carnbeagh] (Earl of Arran’s)
SLEAVIN James Lighowny [Leghawny]
SLEAVIN James & partner Town Tenements
SLEAVIN John Carnbigh [Carnbeagh] (Earl of Arran’s)
SLEAVIN Michael Gulladough [Goladoo]
SLEAVIN Neil Garvagh
SLEAVIN Pat. Ardeevin
SLEAVIN Pat. Gulladough [Goladoo]
SLEAVIN Pat. Meenadreen
SLEAVIN Pat. Spearstown [Spiers Town]
SLEAVIN Patrick Carnbigh [Carnbeagh] (Earl of Arran’s)
SLEAVIN Patt. Townalackan [Tawnaghlahan]
SLEAVIN Sarah Townalackan [Tawnaghlahan]
SLEAVIN Tully & partners Spearstown [Spiers Town]
SMITH Mathew Drummenny Upper
SPENCE Andrew Town Tenements
SPENCE James Drimigahan
STEVENSON James Drummenny Middle
STEWART Alexander Ardnegassin [Ardnagassan]
STEWART Ralph Town Tenements
STINSON Alexander Keeldrum West
STINSON Andrew Keeldrum Middle
STINSON Charles Clarr Carricknagun [Clarcarricknag] (South Division)
STINSON Charles Drimbar [Drumbar]
STINSON Charles Drummenny Lower
STINSON Hugh Clarr Carricknagun [Clarcarricknag] (South Division)
STINSON Hugh, Jun. Clarr Carricknagun [Clarcarricknag] (Middle Division)
STINSON Hugh, Sen. Clarr Carricknagun [Clarcarricknag] (Middle Division)
STINSON James Drumlonagher
STINSON John Ardneskin [Ardeskin]
STINSON John Clarr Carricknagun [Clarcarricknag] (North Division)
STINSON John Drumlonagher
STINSON John Keeldrum East
STINSON Widow Milltown
STRONG John Drimenardagh [Druminardagh]
SWAN Dr. Town Tenements
SWEENY Owen Milltown
THOMAS Connel Finnabawn [Finnabanes]
THOMAS Connel Mullinalamphy [Mullanalamphry] Middle
THOMAS Connel, Jun. Finnabawn [Finnabanes]
THOMAS Francis Finnabawn [Finnabanes]
THOMAS Francis Mullinalamphy [Mullanalamphry] Middle
THOMAS Mark Mullinalamphy [Mullanalamphry] Middle
THOMAS Michael Mullinalamphy [Mullanalamphry] Middle
THOMAS Owen Finnadooth [Finnadoos]
THOMAS Pat. Birch Hill
THOMAS Patrick Drimmennin [Druminnin] (1st Division or Ballinful)
THOMAS Patrick Town Tenements
THOMPSON Mrs Town Parks Common
THOMPSON Mrs Town Tenements
THOMPSON Mrs Tullacullin [Tullaghcullion] Parks
TOBIN John Town Tenements
TOBIN John Tullacullin [Tullaghcullion] Parks
TROWER [TRAVERS] Edward Finnadooth [Finnadoos]
TROWER [TRAVERS] Hugh Drumgowan
TROWER [TRAVERS] Laurence Drumnahowl
TROWER [TRAVERS] Laurence Finnadooth [Finnadoos]
TROWER [TRAVERS] Miles Drumadowney
TROWER [TRAVERS] Owen Finnadooth [Finnadoos]
TROWER [TRAVERS] Owen (Hackler) Finnadooth [Finnadoos]
TROWER [TRAVERS] Thomas, Jun. Finnadooth [Finnadoos]
TROWER [TRAVERS] Thomas, Sen. Finnadooth [Finnadoos]
TROWER [TRAVERS] William Finnadooth [Finnadoos]
TUMMENY Honor Gulladough [Goladoo]
TUMMENY Pat. Gulladough [Goladoo]
TUMMENY [TIMONEY] Charles Corry Cramph [Corracramph]
TUMMENY [TIMONEY] Daniel & partner Cornaveigh
TUMMENY [TIMONEY] Daniel, Jun. Cornaveigh
TUMMENY [TIMONEY] Edward Cornaveigh
TUMMENY [TIMONEY] James Cornaveigh
TUNNY Charles Cornaveigh
VIRTUE James Ardlenagh
VIRTUE James Tully
VIRTUE John Rarowey [Rarooey]
VIRTUE Thomas Ardchicken
VIRTUE Thomas Drimcrogh [Drumcroagh]
VIRTUE Thomas Rarowey [Rarooey]
VIRTUE Widow Rarowey [Rarooey]
VIRTUE William Ardlenagh
VIRTUE William Christophers Park
WALKER Mrs Rathforker [Raforker]
WALKER Mrs Town Tenements
WALKER Mrs Tullacullin [Tullaghcullion] Parks
WALKER Philip Lurganboy
WALSH James Drimcrogh [Drumcroagh]
WARD James Cornaveigh
WARD James Tullyloskin
WARD Patrick Tullyloskin
WELCH Miss & partners Town Tenements
WILSON Catherine Town Tenements
WRAY Francis Drimgad Parks
WRAY Widow Town Tenements

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