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Index to the Tithe Applotment Book for Donaghmore Parish, Co. Donegal, Ireland 1815

FHL Film #258455
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

**The entries in this book are almost illegible and have been extremely difficult to decipher**

The Vews [sic] of the South Side of the Parish of Donaghmore for the Revd. ROBT. BELL for the year 1815




Townland Townland Townland Townland
Annaganna Aviltygort Ballinacor Ballyarrl
Ballybun Ballygunigan Ballynaman Billalt
Carnador Carran Carrickmagra Carrickshandrum
Cashelin Chronelaghy Clochard Clonarl
Corraffrin Corgary Corlea Cornibrogue
Croaghonagh Curradoey Currinear Demains
Dromore Drumfergus Drumkennon Drummavish
Drummurphy Dungorman Edinmore Edinochal
Eglitybane Garrison Hill Glencovet Gleneely
Golan Lower Golan Middle Golan Upper Gortihaur
Gortincoagh Gortnamuck Kilcaddin Kinleter
Lismulliduff Lisnamulligan Meenagolan Meenahonish
Meenalaught Meenbog Meenliskeybane Meenlocher
Meenreagh Mountain Common Mounthall Mullaghanairy
Mullinbee Munnellen Naveny Raws
Rushy Hill Sally Wood Sessiaghoniel Taubuy
Tiernisk Tieveclocher Tirnagussagh Tivebrack



ALLEN Robt. Ballybun
ALLEN Wm. Ballybun
ALLISON Robert Corgary
ANDERSON Jas. Ballybun
ANDERSON Michl. Sessiaghoniel
ANDERSON Patk. Sessiaghoniel
ARBUCKLE Wm. Mounthall
ARMSTRONG Andw. Carrickmagra
ARMSTRONG George Carrickmagra
ARMSTRONG Jas. Carrickmagra
BAIRD Andrew Demains (see Castlefin)
BAR Adam Mullinbee
BAR Robt. Garrison Hill
BAR Robt. Tirnagussagh
BAR Thos. Demains (do. for Mullinbee)
BAR Thos. Garrison Hill
BAR Thos. Mullinbee (see Demains)
BARCLAY Mrs. Glencovet
BARR John Tirnagussagh
BATES Chas. Ballinacor
BATES Chas. Carrickmagra
BATES Jas. Carrickmagra
BATES Jas. Garrison Hill
BATES Saml. Ballinacor
BATES Widow Drummavish
BEATY Samuel Ballyarrl
BICKET David Tirnagussagh
BICKET Michl. Tirnagussagh
BIRNE John Naveny
BIRNE Peter Corgary
BIRNE Peter Trusk
BIRNE Widow Trusk
BIRNEY George Clonarl (do. for Meenlocher)
BIRNEY George Meenlocher (see Clonarl)
BIRNEY William Trusk
BLACK Wm. Aviltygort
BLACKBURN Jas. Drummavish
BLACKBURN Wm. Drummavish
BOAL Robt. Drumkennon
BOGAN John Corlea
BOGAN Paddy Lisnamulligan (paid March 7 1819)
BOLAN Owen Meenbog (see Tybye?)
BOVAIRD Andw. Lisnamulligan
BOYLE Chas. Meenbog
BOYLE Edward Billalt
BOYLE Edwd. Naveny
BOYLE Edwd. Trusk
BOYLE Edwd. or Patk. Carran
BOYLE Edwd., Jun. Carrickmagra
BOYLE Edwd., Sen. Carrickmagra
BOYLE Hugh Corraffrin
BOYLE Jas. Lismulliduff
BOYLE John Corgary (do. for Knock)
BOYLE Manus Carrickmagra
BOYLE Michl. Corraffrin
BOYLE Michl. Kinleter
BOYLE Murtagh Lismulliduff
BOYLE Patk. Billalt
BOYLE Patk. Meenbog
BOYLE Patk. Tieveclocher
BOYLE Patk. or Edwd. Carran
BOYLE Teag Corraffrin
BOYLE Teag Meenbog
BOYLE Wm. Carran
BOYLE Wm. Glencovet
BOYLE Wm. Kinleter
BRADLEY Fedy. Cornibrogue
BRADLEY Jas. Gleneely
BRADLEY John Sally Wood
BRADLEY Owen Kinleter
BRADLEY Patk. Gleneely
BRADLEY Shane Gleneely
BRADLEY Widow Sally Wood
BRADLY Widow Kinleter (Poor widow woman)
BRAISLAND Connel Corraffrin
BRANDON Jas. Naveny
BRATTEN Jared Ballyarrl
BRIAN Jas. Meenbog (see Taughbuy)
BRIAN Patk. Meenbog (see Taughbuy)
BRIEN Brian Trusk
BRIEN Jas. Kinleter
BRIEN Miles Tieveclocher
BRIEN Patrick Trusk
BRIEN Widow Trusk
BRISLAN Patk. Mullaghanairy
BRISLAN Patk., jun. Mullaghanairy
BRISON Jas. Gortihaur
BRISON Jas. Munnellen
BRISON Peter Gortihaur
BURDON Jas. Meenlocher
BUSTART John Cashelin
BYRNE Dominick Carrickmagra
BYRNE Henry Carrickmagra
BYRNE Jas. Carrickmagra
BYRNE Patk. Tieveclocher
BYRNE Patrick Carrickmagra (see Trusk)
CALLAGHAN Brian Carran
CALLAGHAN Danl. Carrickmagra
CALLAGHAN Jas. Chronelaghy
CALLAGHAN Jas. Chronelaghy
CALLAGHAN Patk. Carrickmagra
CALLAGHAN Patk. Chronelaghy
CALLAGHAN Patk. & partners Chronelaghy
CALLEN Thos. Ballinacor
CARABAN [CAROLAN] Isabella. or Jas. Caraban Corgary
CARABAN [CAROLAN] Jas. or Isabella Caraban Corgary
CARABIN [CAROLAN] Brian Sessiaghoniel
CARLAN Arabela or Widow Munnellen (do. for Meenahonish)
CARLAN Francis Corlea
CARLAN Jas. Munnellen (do. for Mullaghanare)
CARLAN John Lismulliduff
CARLAN Jos. Corgary
CARLAN Michl. Corgary
CARLAN Michl. Kinleter
CARLAN Owen Corlea
CARLAN Owen Lismulliduff
CARLAN Patk. Corgary
CARLAN Patk. Cornibrogue
CARLAN Patk. Lismulliduff
CARLAN Patk. Munnellen (do. for Mullaghanare)
CARLAN Patrick Carrickmagra
CARLAN Peter Lismulliduff
CARLAN Philip Cornibrogue
CARLAN Widow Meenahonish (see Munnellen)
CARLAN Widow or Arabela Munnellen (do. for Meenahonish)
CARLAN Wm. Corgary
CARLON John Mounthall
CARLON Peter Mounthall
CARROL Chas. Corraffrin
CARROL Neal Corraffrin
CARROL Widow Corraffrin
CATHER Barney Ballinacor
CATHER Barney Ballinacor (see Dromore)
CATHER Barney Dromore
CATHER Hugh Garrison Hill
CATHER John Dungorman
CATHER Widow Dungorman
CATHERS Wm. Dromore
CATTERSON John Ballybun
CATTERSON Thos. Ballybun
CATTERSON Thos. Cashelin
CATTERSON Widow Ballybun
COCHRAN Captn. John Edinmore
COCHRAN Jas. Carran
CODY Jas. Ballinacor
CODY Wm. Ballinacor
CODY Wm. Ballinacor
COL John Tiernisk
COL Michl. Tiernisk
COL Pat. Tiernisk
COLLINS Shelagh Billalt
CONNAGHAN John Drumkennon
CONNOLY Brian Meenalaught
CONNOR Widow Golan Lower
COULTER Robert Dungorman
COWDAN Mrs. Demains
CRAIG George Mounthall
CRAIG John Lisnamulligan
CRAIG Thos. Lisnamulligan
CRAIG Widow Lisnamulligan
CRAIG Wm. Lisnamulligan
CRAMSEY Edwd. Balligunigan (notes with Jos. Sweeney)
CRAMSEY Owen Balligunigan
CRAMSEY Patk. Carrickmagra
CRAMSHY Dennis Golan Lower
CRAMSHY John Carran
CRAMSHY Noher Tivebrack
CRAMSHY Wm. Carran
CRAMSY Darby Carran
CRAWFORD John Carrickshandrum
CRAWFORD Wm. Glencovet
CROSSEN Michl Gortnamuck
CROW Aron Clonarl
CROW George Doctor Raws
CROW George Long Raws
CROW Robt. Gortnamuck
CROW Wm., Jun. Raws
CROW Wm., Sen. Raws
CRUMLISH Shane Golan Upper
CUNNIGAN Hugh Cashelin
CUNNIGAN Jas.? Tivebrack
CUNNINGHAM Thos. Dromore
CURNIAN Dominick Carran
CURNIAN Dominick or Shelagh Curnian Carran
CURNIAN Shelagh or Dominick Curnian Carran
DAILY Chas. Dromore
DALY Patk. Trusk
DAVIS Wm. Gortnamuck
DELAP Samuel, Esq. Munnellen
DENNISTON Jas. Ballinacor
DIVENNY Edw. Corraffrin
DIVENNY Francis Kinleter
DIVENNY Patk. Carran
DIVENNY Patk. & sons Billalt
DIVER John Mullaghanairy
DIVER Thos. Mullaghanairy
DOGHERTY Edwd. Mountain Common
DOHERTY Neal Taubuy
DOHERTY Patk. Taubuy
DONAGHEY Jas. Balligunigan
DONAUGHEY Wm. Balligunigan
DONNEL Dominick Tivebrack
DONNEL Hugh Tivebrack
DONNEL Jas. Gortnamuck
DONNEL Neal Sessiaghoniel
DONNEL Neal Tivebrack
DONNEL Widow Gortnamuck
DOUGHERT Jas. Drummavish
DOUGHERTY Brian Taubuy
DOUGHERTY Connel Gortnamuck
DOUGHERTY Daniel Lisnamulligan
DOUGHERTY Danl. Gortihaur (do. Meenahonish)
DOUGHERTY Dominick Curradoey (the herd)
DOUGHERTY Dominick Golan Middle
DOUGHERTY Jas. Carrickmagra
DOUGHERTY Jas. Gortnamuck
DOUGHERTY John Carrickmagra
DOUGHERTY John Carrickmagra
DOUGHERTY John Gortihaur (do. Meenahonish)
DOUGHERTY John Meenahonish
DOUGHERTY John Munnellen
DOUGHERTY Jos. Gleneely
DOUGHERTY Michl Tieveclocher
DOUGHERTY Neal Golan Middle
DOUGHERTY Neal Tieveclocher
DOUGHERTY Patk. Taubuy
DOUGHERTY Patrick Tieveclocher
DOUGHERTY Phil. Garrison Hill
DOUGHERTY Roger Tieveclocher
DOUGHERTY Shane Gortnamuck
DOUGHERTY Shane Tieveclocher
DOUGHERTY Widow Corlea
DOUGHERTY Widow Drummavish
DOUGHERTY Widow Lisnamulligan
DOUGHERTY Widow, Jun. Tieveclocher
DOUGHERTY Widow, Sen. Tieveclocher
DOUGHERTY Wm. Mounthall
DUNNION Michl. Mounthall (herd)
DUNNION Owen Carran
DUNNION Patk. Carran
DUNNION Patk. Curricreagh
DUNNION Patk. Naveny
DUNNION Peter Corraffrin
EDWARDS Oliver Drummavish
ELLIOT Danl. Drummurphy
ELLIOT George Drummurphy (no barley)
ELLIOT James Demains
ELLIOT John, Jun. Drummurphy
ELLIOT John, Sen. Drummurphy
ELLIOT Robert Ballybun
ELLIOT Thos. Drummurphy
ELLIOT William Drummurphy
ELLIOT Wm. Ballinacor (see Ballinaman)
ELLIOT Wm. Ballynaman (do. for Ballinacor)
ERWIN John Drummavish
ERWIN Widow Drummavish
EWING Elizabeth Tirnagussagh
EWING John Tiernisk
EWING Mrs. Tiernisk
EWING Robert Edinochal
EWING Robt. Ballinacor
EWING Widow Ballinacor
FAIR Edward Ballybun
FARREN Jas. Glencovet
FARRON John Naveny
FARRON Joseph Naveny
FLANAGAN Chas. Gortnamuck
FLEMING Matthew Ballybun
FLOYD Brian Lismulliduff
FLOYD James Lismulliduff
FLOYD Patk. Chronelaghy
FLOYD Thos. Chronelaghy
FLOYD Widow Lismulliduff
FORSYTH John Carran
FOSTER John Drummavish
GALLAUGHER Dennis Drummavish
GALLAUGHER Edward Tiernisk
GALLAUGHER Hugh Gortnamuck
GALLAUGHER Jas. Munnellen
GALLAUGHER John Meenlocher (do. for Clonarl)
GALLAUGHER Pat. Meenlocher (do. for Clonarl)
GALLAUGHER Patk. Clonarl (see Meenlocher)
GALLAUGHER Richd. Gortnamuck
GALLAUGHER Widow Drummavish
GALLAUGHER Widow Meenlocher
GALLAUGHER (recorded as GALLR.) Jas. Meenahonish
GALLAUGHER (recorded as GALLR.) Mich. Meenahonish
GALLAUGHER (recorded as GALLR.) Michl. Mountain Common
GALLAUGHER (recorded as GALLR.) Pat. Lismulliduff
GALLAUGHER (recorded as GALLR.) Patk., Jun. Mullaghanairy
GALLAUGHER (recorded as GALLR.) Patk., Sen. Mullaghanairy
GALLAUGHER (recorded as Gallr.) Patrick Dromore
GALLAUGHER (recorded as GALLR.) Philip Mullaghanairy
GALLAUGHER [recorded as GALLR] Andw. Tivebrack
GALLEN Michael Dromore
GALLON Andw. Meenreagh
GALLON Danl. Chronelaghy
GALLON Danl. Edinochal
GALLON Danl. Lismulliduff
GALLON Danl. Mullaghanairy (very poor)
GALLON Danl. Tivebrack
GALLON Dominick Curradoey
GALLON Fedy. Meenreagh
GALLON Jas. Meenreagh
GALLON Jas., Jun. Gortihaur
GALLON Jas., Sen. Gortihaur
GALLON John Curricreagh
GALLON John Meenreagh
GALLON Matthew Meenreagh
GALLON Maurice Meenreagh
GALLON Michael, Jun. Chronelaghy
GALLON Michael, Sen. Chronelaghy
GALLON Michl. Chronelaghy
GALLON Michl. Meenreagh
GALLON Michl. Mounthall
GALLON Murtaugh Meenreagh
GALLON Owen Meenliskybane
GALLON Pat. Chronelaghy
GALLON Patk. Curricreagh
GALLON Patk. Meenliskybane
GALLON Patk., Junr. Meenreagh
GALLON Patk., Senr. Meenreagh
GALLON Thos. Gortihaur
GALLON Widow Lismulliduff
GARRY John Meenlocher
GARRY Owen Billalt
GARRY Pat. Meenlocher
GARRY Widow Meenlocher
GILLESPY Bernard John Munnellen
GILLESPY Hamilton Carran
GILLESPY Hamilton Mounthall
GILLESPY Luke Ballynaman
GILLESPY Widow Munnellen
GILLIS Joseph Raws
GIVIN Peter Mullinbee
GLACKIN Edwd. Golan Lower
GLACKIN Patk.? Sessiaghoniel
GOWAN Andw. Ballinacor
GOWDY Josh. Mullinbee
GOWDY Wm. Mullinbee
GREENS Hugh Carrickmagra
GREENS Widow Aviltygort
GREER Jean Ballinacor
GREER John Dromore
GREGORY George Meenlocher
GRIFFITH Peter Corgary
GRIFFITH Shane Corgary
GRIFFITH Widow Corgary
GUBBON Chas. Kinleter
GUBBON Neal Kinleter
GUBBON Widow Corgary
HAGARTY Jos. Ballynaman
HAGARTY Jos. Ballynaman
HAGARTY Patk. Dromore
HAGARTY Peter Dromore
HAGARTY Thos. Glencovet
HAMILTON Hugh Drummavish
HAMILTON Hugh Mounthall
HANAGAN Nahor Mounthall
HARPER Blythe Clonarl
HARPER George Clonarl
HARPER Hugh Clonarl
HARPER Jas. Clonarl
HARPER Saml. Raws
HARPER Stephen Clonarl
HARRAGHY Daniel Carrickmagra
HARROLD George Aviltygort
HAWKE Robt. Drumfergus
HENDERSON John Edinochal
HENDERSON Saml. Mounthall
HENDERSON Thos Edinochal
HIGGINS Michael Demains
HILL George Mounthall
HILLIARD George Edinmore
HOAN Brian Gleneely
HOAN Hugh Gortnamuck
HOAN Thos. Gleneely
HOAN Wm. Cornibrogue
HOLLAN Art. Carrickmagra
HOLMES Richd. Ballinacor
HOLMS Alexander Drummurphy
HOLMS Jas. Ballinacor
HOLMS Jas. Carran
HOLMS Thos. Ballyarrl
HOLMS Wm. Ballinacor
HOLMS Wm. Naveny
HONE Jas. Corraffrin
HONE Neal Ballybun
HONE Redmond Ballybun
HONE Thos. Corraffrin
HUGHES Jas. Ballynaman
HUGHES Neal Carrickmagra (see Kinleter)
HUGHS Cormick Ballinacor
HUGHS Neal Kinleter (do. For Carrickmagra)
HUGHS Patk. Carrickmagra
IRWIN John Glencovet
IRWIN Saml. Drumkennon
JAMIESON Wm. Edinmore
JAMISON Thos. Gleneely
JANES Wm. Golan Lower
JENKINS Andw. Naveny
JENKINS Moses Naveny
JOHNSTON Chas. Carnador
JOHNSTON David Tiernisk
JOHNSTON Francis Carnador
JOHNSTON Jas., Esq. Glencovet
JOHNSTON Joseph Kinleter
JOHNSTON Joseph, Esq. Naveny
JOHNSTON Thos. Carnador
KEARNEY Owen Corgary
KELLY Brian Arnaganna
KELLY Brian Ballyarrl
KELLY Brian Edinochal
KELLY Brian Lismulliduff
KELLY Brian Meenahonish
KELLY Brian Mullaghanairy
KELLY Chas. Ballyarrl
KELLY Chas. Demains
KELLY Chas. Mounthall
KELLY Cormick Ballyarrl
KELLY Danl. Ballyarrl
KELLY Danl. Gleneely
KELLY Danl. Meenahonish
KELLY Danl. Mullaghanairy
KELLY Darby Tivebrack
KELLY Dennis Mounthall
KELLY Dominick Lismulliduff
KELLY Dominick Mullaghanairy
KELLY Edw. Gortnamuck
KELLY Edw. Sessiaghoniel
KELLY Edward Gortincoagh
KELLY Edward Trusk
KELLY Edwd. Ballyarrl
KELLY Edwd. Tivebrack
KELLY Francis Drumkennon
KELLY Francis Mullaghanairy
KELLY Henry Trusk
KELLY Hugh Ballyarrl
KELLY Hugh Ballybun
KELLY Hugh Edinochal
KELLY James Tivebrack
KELLY Jas. Edinochal (see Mounthall)
KELLY Jas. Gortihaur
KELLY Jas. Meenahonish
KELLY Jas. Meenalaught
KELLY Jas. Mullaghanairy
KELLY Jas. Munnellen (see Mounthall)
KELLY John Edinochal
KELLY John Tivebrack
KELLY Jos. Mounthall (do. for Edinochal) (do. for Munellin) grazing
KELLY Laughlin Ballybun
KELLY Matthew Meenahonish
KELLY Matthew Tivebrack
KELLY Michl. Edinochal
KELLY Michl. Lismulliduff
KELLY Nat. Tivebrack
KELLY Owen Kinleter
KELLY Owen Mounthall
KELLY Owen Mullaghanairy
KELLY Patk. Drumkennon
KELLY Patk. Edinochal
KELLY Patk. Mullaghanairy
KELLY Patk. Munnellen
KELLY Patk., Jun. Lismulliduff
KELLY Patk., Sen. Lismulliduff
KELLY Sarah Munnellen
KELLY Thos., Jun. Gortincoagh
KELLY Thos., Sen. Gortincoagh
KELLY Walter Lismulliduff
KELLY Widow Edinochal
KELLY Widow Gortincoagh
KELLY Widow Meenahonish
KELLY Wm. Munnellen
KEMPS Joseph Tirnagussagh
KENEDY John Mullaghanairy
KENNEDY Jas. Mullaghanairy
KENNEDY Patk. Carrickmagra
KENNEDY Thos. Chronelaghy
KERGAN Shelagh Clochard
KEY George Ballinacor
KILPATRICK John Munnellen (do. for Ballinacor)
KILPATRICK Robt. Garrison Hill
KILPATRICK (recorded as KILPK.) John Ballinacor (see Munnellin)
KINCAID Robt. Balligunigan
KINKEAD Jas. Clonarl
KIRKWOOD John Arnaganna
LAFFERTY Owen Gortnamuck
LAIRD Francis Edinmore
LARSON Thos. Corgary
LAUGHLIN Wm. Lismulliduff
LECKY Hugh Gortnamuck
LECKY Jas. Gortnamuck
LECKY Robt., Jun. Gortnamuck
LECKY Robt., Sen. Gortnamuck
LECKY Wm. Gortnamuck
LENY Andrew Ballyarrl
LOAG Chas. Kinleter
LOAG Paddy Corraffrin
LOCHERY Dennis Carrickmagra
LONG Gustavus Ballybun
LONG Jas. Drummavish
LONG John Carrickmagra
LONG William Drummurphy
LONG Wm. Clochard
LONG Wm. Tiernisk
LONGAN Jas. Rushy Hill
LYNCH David Cashelin
LYNCH Jas. Lisnamulligan
MARLEY Jas. Ballinacor (see Wm. Marley, Ballinacor)
MARLEY Ned or Owen Marley Carran
MARLEY Owen or Ned Marley Carran
MARLEY Widow Ballinacor
MARLEY Wm. Drummavish
MARLEY Wm. Munnellen
MARTIN Danl. Meenahonish (for part of Brian McGorlick)
MARTIN John Edinmore
MARTIN Peter Edinmore
MARTIN Thos. Edinmore
Mc A BREHON Patk. Munnellen
Mc A BRIHAN Shane Gleneely
McANALLY Henry Taubuy
McANALLY Nougher Carrickmagra
McANALLY Nougher Golan Middle
McANEAR Robert Ballinacor
McANEAR Thos. Ballinacor
McANULTY Patk. Carran
McANULTY Patk. Dromore
McANULTY Thos. Trusk
McAREADY Margaret & son Billalt
McATEER Jas. Drumkennon
McAVOY Owen Aviltygort
McBREARTY Thos. Glencovet
McBREHON Owen Gleneely
McBRIDE John Corgary
McBRIDE Patk. Tieveclocher
McBRIDE Peter Corraffrin
McBRIHON Danl. Meenlocher
McCAFFERTY Michael Trusk
McCAIN Matthew Ballinacor
McCAIN Matthew Carrickmagra
McCALL Jos. Gleneely
McCALLOG Darby Lismulliduff
McCAUL John Gortihaur
McCLEAY? Philomy Tivebrack
McCLEERY Chas. Raws
McCONNELL John Ballinacor
McCOOL Paddy Carran
McCOOL Patk. Carran
McCOOL Redmond Carran
McCORGARY Hugh Billalt
McCORMICK Brian Cornibrogue
McCORMICK Chas. Drumkennon
McCORMICK Daniel Drumfergus
McCORMICK Dominick Sessiaghoniel
McCORMICK Hugh Cornibrogue
McCORMICK James Croaghonagh
McCORMICK Jas. Drumfergus
McCORMICK Jas. Mountain Common
McCORMICK Jas. Mullaghanairy
McCORMICK John Gleneely
McCORMICK Pat. Curricreagh
McCORMICK Pat. Mountain Common
McCORMICK Patk. Cornibrogue
McCORMICK Philomy Mountain Common
McCORMICK Saml. Carrickmagra
McCORMICK Thomas Gleneely
McCORMICK Widow Croaghonagh
McCORMICK Widow Trusk
McCOSKER Pat. Rushy Hill
McCOSKER Patrick Tivebrack
McCREERY Jas. Carran
McCREERY John Drummurphy
McCREERY Jos. Balligunigan
McCREERY Saml. Drummurphy
McCREERY Wm. Drummavish
McCREERY Wm. Drummurphy
McCRODIN Patk. Carrickmagra
McCRUDDEN Paddy Carran
McCUE John Dromore
McCUE Laughlin Tieveclocher
McCUE Mat.? Curradoey
McCULLAGH John Ballinacor
McCULLAGH John Tirnagussagh
McCULLAGH Wm. Ballinacor
McCULLOGUE Darby Curricreagh
McCURDY Jas. Lisnamulligan
McCURDY John Cashelin (see Dungorman)
McCURDY John Dungorman (do. for Cashelin & Lisnamulligan)
McDAVIT Pat. Garrison Hill (see Killygordon)
McDEAD Anthony Golan Lower
McDEAD Bryan Drumkennon
McDEAD Dominick Golan Lower
McDEAD George Ballinacor
McDEAD Owen Aviltygort
McDEAD Patk. Aviltygort
McDEAD Patk. Sessiaghoniel
McDEAD Widow Taubuy
McDERMOT Hugh Sally Wood
McDEVIT Patk. Ballinacor (see Killygordon)
McFADIN Francis Ballynaman
McFADIN Jos. Gleneely
McFADIN Miles Ballynaman
McFADIN Owen Ballynaman
McGARRAGH? Chas. Kinleter
McGHEE Jas. Drummurphy
McGHEE Peggy Carrickmagra
McGHEE Widow Ballinacor
McGHEE Wm. Tieveclocher
McGHEEHAN Neal Carran
McGILLOWAY Connel Corraffrin (the Blind man)
McGINLEY Edward Kinleter
McGINLEY Owen Kinleter
McGINLEY Pat. Kinleter
McGINTY Francis Curradoey
McGINTY John Ballinacor
McGIRR Sarah Cashelin
McGIRR Widow Balligunigan
McGIRR Widow Cashelin
McGLADDERY Thos. Carran
McGLIN Patrick Edinmore
McGLINN Manus Taubuy
McGLINSHY Anthony Chronelaghy
McGLINSHY Chas. Gortihaur
McGLINSHY Danl. Meenagolan (herd)
McGLINSHY Henry Mounthall
McGLINSHY John Curricreagh
McGLINSHY Neal Meenbog
McGLINSHY Owen Kinleter
McGLINSHY Owen Kinleter (Dead) (now John, Sen.)
McGLINSHY Owen Meenbog
McGLINSHY Patk. Curradoey
McGLINSHY Patrick Carrickmagra
McGLINSHY Shawn Kinleter
McGLINSHY Thos. Tivebrack
McGORLICK Brian Meenahonish
McGORLICK Chas. Ballyarrl
McGORLICK Daniel Golan Lower
McGORLICK Edwd. Meenahonish
McGORLICK Owen Gortihaur
McGORLICK Patk. Meenahonish
McGORLICK Patrick Golan Lower
McGORLICK Philip Golan Middle
McGORLICK Philomy Golan Lower
McGORLICK Thos. Gortihaur
McGORLICK Thos. Gortincoagh
McGORLICK Thos. Lismulliduff
McGORLICK Thos. Trusk
McGORLICK Widow Naveny
McGOWAN Brian Mullaghanairy
McGOWAN Edward Corraffrin
McGOWAN Hugh Ballybun
McGOWAN Jas. Corgary
McGOWAN Jas. Corraffrin
McGOWAN John Corgary
McGOWAN John Golan Lower
McGOWAN Martin Golan Lower
McGOWAN Maurice Corraffrin
McGOWAN Paddy Corraffrin
McGOWAN Susanna Corraffrin
McGOWAN Wm. Kinleter
McGRA Nat. Croaghonagh
McGUIRE Dennis Meenahonish
McGUIRE Dennis Meenahonish (for part of Brian McGorlick)
McGUIRE Matthew Drummavish
McGUIRE Patk. Gortnamuck
McGUIRE Phil. Gortihaur
McGUIRE Thos. Gortnamuck
McKELVY Jas. Rushy Hill
McKELVY John Rushy Hill
McKINNY Thos. Demains
McLAUGHLIN Brian Croaghonagh
McLAUGHLIN Bryan Curradoey
McLAUGHLIN Chas. Cashelin
McLAUGHLIN Chas. Gortihaur
McLAUGHLIN Chas. Tivebrack
McLAUGHLIN Hugh Cornibrogue
McLAUGHLIN Hugh Dromore
McLAUGHLIN Jas. Golan Upper
McLAUGHLIN Jas. Munnellen
McLAUGHLIN Jas. Tivebrack
McLAUGHLIN John Croaghonagh
McLAUGHLIN Owen Croaghonagh
McLAUGHLIN Patk. Munnellen
McMENAMON Daniel Aviltygort
McMENAMON Danl. Ballinacor
McMENAMON Darby Mounthall
McMENAMON Edwd. Aviltygort
McMENAMON Hugh Billalt
McMENAMON Hugh Eglitybane
McMENAMON Hugh Rushy Hill (a very old man, has no crop this year)
McMENAMON Jas. Glencovet
McMENAMON John Mounthall
McMENAMON John Munnellen
McMENAMON Manus Billalt
McMENAMON Michael Glencovet
McMENAMON Michael Glencovet (see Naveny)
McMENAMON Michael Naveny
McMENAMON Michl. Rushy Hill
McMENAMON Neal Sally Wood
McMENAMON Owen Billalt
McMENAMON Owen Eglitybane
McMENAMON Owen Rushy Hill
McMENAMON Owen Sally Wood
McMENAMON Patk. Billalt
McMENAMON Patk. Drumfergus
McMENAMON Patk. Eglitybane
McMENAMON Patrick Ballybun
McMENAMON Philomy Billalt
McMENAMON Roger Aviltygort
McMENAMON Widow Corraffrin
McMENAMON Widow Glencovet
McMENAMY Owen Billalt
McMONEGLE Jas. Sally Wood
McMONIGLE Dominick Corraffrin
McMONIGLE Owen Corgary
McMONIGLE Wm. Corgary
McNAMEE Francis Ballinacor
McNAMEE Widow Maurice Ballinacor
McNAUGHT Jas. Ballinacor
McNAUGHT Robt. Edinmore
McPIKE Hugh Munnellen
McREADY Owen Billalt
McSHAWN Jas. Kinleter
McTEAG Jas. Sessiaghoniel
MECAM George Carrickmagra
MECAM Wm. Carrickmagra
MECHAN Widow Sessiaghoniel (begging)
MECKLAM Jas. Carran
MEHON Alexander Corraffrin
MEIGHAN John Golan Lower
MITCHEL Alexander Drummavish
MITCHEL Saml. Drummavish
MODDERWELL Victor Ballinacor (see Ballinaman)
MODDERWELL Victor Ballynaman (do. for Ballinacor)
MONAGHAN Hugh Billalt
MONGAN Ned Carrickmagra
MOOR Ferguson Balligunigan
MOORHEAD Robt. Ballybun
MORROW Jas. Ballynaman
MORROW Robt. Ballynaman
MULDOON Edy. Meenreagh
MULRINE Paddy Corraffrin
MURRAY Brian Ballyarrl (see Drumkennon)
MURRAY Brian Drumkennon (do. for Ballyarrl)
MURRAY Danl. Billalt (do. for Tievebrack)
MURRAY Edwd. Ballinacor
MURRAY John Garrison Hill
MURRAY Owen Ballinacor
MURRAY Widow Dungorman
MURRAY Wm. Kinleter
MURTLAND Jas. Drummurphy
MURTLAND John Balligunigan
MURTLAND Saml. Drumfergus
MURTLAND Thos. Drummurphy
NEE James Lismulliduff
NEE Jas. Meenalaught
NEE Martin Trusk
NEE Pat. Lismulliduff
NEE Philip Ballynaman
NEELY Robert Carran
NEELY Wm. Carran
NELSON Arabella Carrickmagra
NELSON Francis Carrickmagra
NELSON Francis Meenbog
NELSON George Drumkennon
NELSON Jas. Carrickmagra
NELSON Jas. Gleneely
NELSON John Ballyarrl
NELSON John Gleneely
NELSON John KIlcaddin
NELSON Robt. Ballinacor
NELSON Robt. Drumkennon
NELSON Robt., Jun. Ballyarrl
NELSON Robt., Sen. Ballyarrl
NELSON Thos. Ballinacor
NESBIT Jas. Ballybun
NOBLE Francis Carran
NOBLE Henry Carran
O’BRIEN Brian Meenalaught
O’BRIEN Brian, Jun. Meenalaught
O’BRIEN William Meenalaught
O’FLAHERTY Manus Billalt
O’NEIL John Drummavish
ONIEL Arthur Dromore
PATTERSON Jas. or William Patterson Carran
PATTERSON John Ballinacor
PATTERSON John Drummavish
PATTERSON John Tiernisk
PATTERSON Nathaniel Drummavish
PATTERSON William or Jas. Patterson Carran
PATTERSON Wm. Arnaganna
PATTON Jas. Carran
PATTON Jas. Sessiaghoniel
PATTON Michael Cashelin
PATTON Patk. Munnellen
PATTON Wm. Munnellen
PERRY Francis Clonarl
QUIN Chas. Golan Upper
QUIN Chas. Lismulliduff
QUIN Chas. Sessiaghoniel
QUIN Francis Corraffrin
QUIN Francis Golan Upper
QUIN Francis Meenreagh
QUIN Hugh Billalt
QUIN Jas. Tiernisk
QUIN Jas. Tivebrack
QUIN Jas., Jun. Billalt
QUIN Jas., Sen. Billalt
QUIN John Billalt
QUIN John Naveny
QUIN John Tiernisk
QUIN Matthew Cashelin
QUIN Matthew Clonarl (see Meenlocher)
QUIN Matthew Meenlocher (do. for Clonarl)
QUIN Michael Ballinacor
QUIN Michl. Carran
QUIN Owen Golan Middle
QUIN Patk. Corraffrin
QUIN Patk. Munnellen
QUIN Patk. Sessiaghoniel
QUIN Patk. Tivebrack
QUIN Patrick Golan Upper
QUIN Peter Golan Lower
QUIN Peter Golan Middle
QUIN Peter Golan Upper
QUIN Phelix Tiernisk
QUIN Phil. Naveny
QUIN Philip Glencovet (see Naveny)
QUIN Philomy Golan Upper
QUIN Philomy Meenbog
QUIN Redmond Drumkennon
QUIN Shane Corgary
QUIN Shane Golan Upper
QUIN Teag Corraffrin (see Goland Middle)
QUIN Teag Golan Middle
QUIN Thos. Corgary
QUIN Tom Golan Middle
RALSTON Charles Dungorman
RALSTON Josh. Raws
RALSTON Widow Dungorman
RAMSEY John Corgary
RAMSEY Widow Corgary
REED Jas. Carrickmagra
REED John Carrickmagra
REED Widow Carrickmagra
REID Wm. Sessiaghoniel
REILY Hugh Billalt
RICE Jas. Drummavish
RICE Robert Ballinacor
RIPPY Jas. Raws
RIPPY Nelly Raws
RODGERS Nathan Tiernisk
ROLLESTON John (deleted) Ballinacor
RULE George Gleneely
RULE Mathw. Gleneely
RULE Robert Gleneely
RUSH Owen Gortnamuck
RUSSEL Andw. Arnaganna
RUSSEL Saml. Dromore
RUSSEL Widow Mounthall
SCANLAND Isabella Ballinacor (hard to find their residence)
SCANLON ? & partners Meenahonish
SCANLON Brian Billalt
SCANLON Nancy Edinmore
SCOT Jas. Dromore
SCOT Michael Cashelin (see Dungorman)
SCOT Michl. Dungorman (do. for Cashelin)
SEETON David Ballinacor
SETTON Danl. Ballinacor
SEYMOR Thos. Clochard
SHALES Chas. Aviltygort
SHALES Owen Kinleter
SHALES Patk. Aviltygort
SHALES Patk. Tivebrack
SHANKLIN George Carrickmagra
SHARKEY Barney Lisnamulligan
SHARKEY Danl. Corlea
SHARKEY Darby Corraffrin
SHARKEY James Corlea
SHARKEY Jas. Lismulliduff
SHARKEY Jas. Lisnamulligan
SHARKEY Jas. Meenahonish
SHARKEY Mich. Corlea
SHARKEY Michael Carran
SHARKEY Michl. Lismulliduff
SHARKEY Wm. Lisnamulligan
SHAW Alexander Drummurphy
SHAW David Drummurphy
SHAW Jas. Cashelin
SHAW Jas., Jun. Drummurphy
SHAW Jas., Sen. Drummurphy
SHAW Wm. Drummurphy
SLEVIN Danl. Gortihaur
SLEVIN Danl. Munnellen
SLEVIN Edward Dromore
SLEVIN Edwd. Munnellen
SLEVIN Francis Ballinacor
SLEVIN Francis Carrickmagra
SLEVIN Jas. Sally Wood
SLEVIN John Carrickmagra
SLEVIN Lawry Munnellen
SLEVIN Michael Dromore
SLEVIN Wm. Ballinacor
SMYTH Maxwell KIlcaddin
SNODGRASS Robert Balligunigan (noted with Jos. SWEENEY)
SNODGRASS Robert, Jun. Balligunigan
SNODGRASS Robert, Sen. Balligunigan
SNODGRASS Widow Balligunigan
STARRIT Jas. Sessiaghoniel
STEEN Boyd KIlcaddin
STEEN John Edinmore
SWEENEY Cornelius Naveny
SWEENEY Hugh Aviltygort
SWEENEY John Naveny
SWEENEY Jos. Balligunigan
SWEENEY Miles Ballynaman
TAYLOR John Carran
TAYLOR John Carrickshandrum
TAYLOR Robert Carrickshandrum
TAYLOR Saml. Carran
TAYLOR Samuel Carran
TAYLOR Wm. Naveny
TEAT Robert Ballyarrl
TEAT Wm. Ballinacor
THOMPSON Moses Demains
THOMPSON Robt. Arnaganna
THOMPSON Wm. Arnaganna
THOMPSON Wm. Drumfergus
TINNY Danl. Sally Wood
TINNY Hugh Lismulliduff
TINNY Jas. Munnellen
TINNY Neal Sally Wood
TINNY Patk. Sally Wood
VANCE John Drummavish
VIRTUE Alexander Lisnamulligan
VIRTUE John Lisnamulligan
WALKE Wm. Balligunigan
WALKER William KIlcaddin (do. for Knock)
WALSH Thos. Edinmore
WARD Brian Meenbog
WARD Gerry Meenahonish
WARD Owen Carrickmagra
WARD Patrick Meenbog
WAUCHOB Robt. Dromore
WAUCHOP Andw. Carnador
WAUCHOP John Carnador
WAUCHOP Wm. Lisnamulligan
WAUCHUP Widow Trusk
WILSON Chas. Clonarl
WILSON Gabriel Cashelin
WILSON Jas. Clochard
WILSON John Cashelin
WILSON John Clonarl (see Meenlocher)
WILSON John, Jun. Meenlocher (do. for Clonarl)
WILSON John, Sen. Meenlocher
WILSON Joseph Clonarl
WILSON Oliver Glencovet
WILSON Robert Cashelin
WILSON Robt. Tirnagussagh
WILSON Sally Cashelin
WILSON Saml. Clonarl
WILSON Thos. Meenlocher
WILSON Widow Clonarl
WOOD Wm. Carrickmagra
WOOD Wm. Carrickmagra
WOODS Henry Ballinacor
WRAY Widow Carrickshandrum
YOUNG Joseph Raws
YOUNG Mrs. Clonarl
YOUNG Thos., Esq. Aviltygort (see Mounthall)
YOUNG Thos., Esq. Mounthall (do. for Aviltygort)

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