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Donaghmore Parish Tithe Applotment Book 1826

PRONI Ref: TAB 5A/109 A
FHL Film #0258455
Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia





Surname Firstname Residence
ACHISON Wm./ Mr.? Girvin Drumrenney
AGNEW John Killeymaddey Knox
AGNEW Widow Clonnaniece
ALEXANDER Henry Mullaghcronnet
ALEXANDER John Tullyarran
ALEXANDER Robert Mullaghmore Knox
ALEXANDER Samuel Drumnaferin
ANDERSON James Mullaghinaw
ANDERSON John, Jun. Drumnaferin
ANDERSON John, Sen. Drumnaferin
ANDERSON Thomas Drumnaferin
ANDERSON Thomas Drumnaferin
ANDERSON Thomas, Jun. Killeyliss
ANDERSON Thomas, Sen. Killeyliss
ANDERSON Thomas, Sen. Killeyliss
ANDERSON Widow Mullaghinaw
ARMSTRONG George Reclean
ARMSTRONG John Killnaslee
ARMSTRONG Patrick Durnaseer
ARMSTRONG Thomas Gorey
ARNOT Alexander Mullaghdrawley
ARTHER Hugh Terrenee
ARTHER Jas. Terrenee
ARTHER John Terrenee
ARTHUR Daniel Durnaseer
ARTHUR James Durnaseer
ARTHUR John Clonavoddie
ARTHUR Robert Durnaseer
ATKINSON John Killnaslee
ATKINSON John Mullaghriffey
ATKINSON John Reskcor
ATKINSON Samuel Killnaslee
ATKINSON William Reskcor
BARRIT Henry Mullaghinaw
BARTON David or John, Jun. Killeyliss
BARTON David, Sen. Killeyliss
BARTON John Clonadush
BARTON William Balleyward
BAXTER Thomas Eschra
BEATS John Drumhirk
BEATTY Charles Gortlinaghan
BEATTY John Drumbern
BEATTY John Killeymaddey Knox
BEATTY John Terrenee
BEATY John Drumbern
BEATY? .....[?] Cullinramer
BEGGS James Gortlinaghan
BEGGS John Gortlinaghan
BEGGS Widow Deralskey
BELL James Drumhirk
BELL Miss Killeymaddey Knox
BELL Richardson Killeymaddey Evans
BELL Robert Lisnamonaghan
BELL William Mullaghinaw
BENNISON Robt. Tullyarran
BIGLEY John Annaghbegg
BIGLEY Patrick Annaghbegg
BLACK Jo. Drumnaferin
BLACK Joseph Killeyliss
BLACK Robert Gorey
BLACK Robert Killygavinagh
BLEATHINS George Mullaghmore Glebe
BLEEKS James Mullaghrodden
BLEEKS Thomas Mullaghrodden
BLOOMER Jo. Killeylevan
BLOOMER John Killeylevan
BLOOMER Michael Reclean
BLOOMER Robert Killeylevan
BLOOMER Robert Terrenee
BOAN Darby Mullaghriffey
BOAN Francis Killeyliss
BOAN Mark Mullaghriffey
BOAN Patrick Killeyliss
BOGAN Edward Drumbern
BOGAN Patrick Drumbern
BOID ......? Tullyallan
BOIL Bernard Gorey
BOILAN Arthur Cullinramer
BOILAN Patrick Anaghmakown
BOYLAN Neill Cullinramer
BRADLEY Fardy Reclean
BRANNIGAN Bernard Reclean
BRANNIGAN Daniel Drumnaferin
BRANNIGAN Felix Reclean
BRANNIGAN Francis Agharan
BRANNIGAN James Altaghlushin
BRANNIGAN Michael Reclean
BRANNIGAN Owen Reclean
BRANNIGAN Terry Lisnahull
BRIANS Michael Balleybray
BRIANS Patrick Balleybray
BRIANS Rev. Mr. Terrenee
BRIARS James Mullaghrodden
BRIARS John Mullaghrodden
BRIARS Thos. Mullaghrodden
BRIARS William Garvagh
BRIARS William Mullaghrodden
BROWN Charles Stakenagh
BROWN Daniel Donaghmore
BROWN David Annaghbegg
BROWN David Drumbern
BROWN David Killeydown
BROWN James Annabellsagart
BROWN James Killeymaddey Evans
BROWN John Deralskey
BROWN John Killeydown
BROWN John Lisnahull
BROWN John Lisnamonaghan
BROWN Joseph Killnaslee
BROWN Robert Annabellsagart
BROWN Robert Stakenagh
BROWN Samuel Killeymaddey Knox
BROWN William Aghareaney
BROWN William Drumhirk
BROWN William, Esq. Aughlish
BROWN William, Esq. Drumrenney
BROWN William, Esq. Finula (belongs to Armagh)
BROWN William, Esq. Glassmullagh
BROWN William, Esq. Lisnamonaghan
BROWN William, Esq. Lisnamonaghan (Castle Green?)
BROWN William, Esq. Mullaghriffey
BRYANS Daniel Crevagh
BULLOCK William Drumrenney
BURGES J. Y. Ednacrannan
BURGES John Yn. Killeymoil
BURGES John Yn. Seshaghmore
BURGES John Yn. Stakenagh
BURGES John Yn. Terrenee
BURGES John Yn. Tullyallan
BURGES John Yn., Esq. Ednacrannan
BURGES Richard, Esq. Ednacrannan
BURNS James Derryveen
BURNS William Derryveen
BURROWES Robert Altaghlushin
BURROWS James Dresdernan
BURROWS James Mullaghmore Glebe
BURROWS Margaret Killeyharrey
BURROWS Samuel Reskcor
BURROWS William Deralskey
BURROWS William Dresdernan
CADOO James Clonadush
CAIRNS James Altaghlushin
CAIRNS William Altaghlushin
CALDWELL James Tulleynure
CALHOON John Derryveen
CALWELL William Tulleynure
CAMPBELL Owen, Sen. Killeyharrey
CAMPBELL Owin, Jun. Killeyharrey
CAMPBELL Robert Lisnamonaghan
CAMPBELL Terrens? Aghareaney
CAMPBLE Andrew Killeydown
CAMPBLE Andrew Killeydown
CAMPBLE Francis Drumbern
CAMPBLE George Killeyliss
CAMPBLE Henery Aghareaney
CAMPBLE John Altaghlushin
CAMPBLE John Killeydown
CAMPBLE John Killeyharrey
CAMPBLE John Mullaghriffey
CAMPBLE Michael Deralskey
CAMPBLE Michael Killeyharrey
CAMPBLE Michl. Tummog
CAMPBLE Moses Killeydown
CAMPBLE Patrick Aghareaney
CAMPBLE Robert Drumrenney
CAMPBLE Robert Glassmullagh
CAMPBLE Robert Lisnamonaghan
CAMPBLE Thomas Drumhirk
CAMPBLE Thos. Killeydown
CAMPBLE Widow Foigh
CAMPBLE Widow Glassmullagh
CANCADE Margaret Aughlish
CARBERRY Thomas Eschra
CARBURREY Bernard Clonadush
CARBURREY Thomas Clonadush
CARBURRY Daniel Cullinramer
CARBURRY Peter Cullinramer
CARBURRY Widow Cullinramer
CARPENDALE Richard Mullaghmore Glebe
CARPENDALE Thomas Mullaghmore Glebe
CARPENDEAL Rev. Thomas Drumrenney
CARR John Eschra
CARSON John Lisgallon
CARSON William Killeymaddey Knox
CARSON William Killeymaddey Knox
CARUTHERS Alexander Derryveen
CASEY Patrick Lisnamonaghan
CHAMBERS James Ferroy
CHARLEMONT Earl Lisnamonaghan
CHARLEMOUNT Earl Drumrenney
CHARLEMOUNT Earl Glassmullagh
CHARLES Wm. Killeymaddey Knox
CHRISTY James Drumnaferin
CLARK James Killeydown
CLARK John Garvagh
CLARK Robert Garvagh
CLARK Thomas Derryhore
CLARK William Clonnaniece
CLEARIN Bernard Balleybray
CLEARIN Daniel Balleybray
CLEMENTS Mark Stakenagh
COIL Lanty Killeymoil
COIL Willm. Tummog
COLLIGAN Chas. Tullyliege
COLLIGAN John Drumbern
COLLIGAN Neill Drumbern
COLLIGAN Salley Tullyliege
COLLINS John Tullyliege
COLLINS Robt. Tullyarran
COMMACK Patk. Tulleydraw
CONLAN Denis Mullaghriffey
CONLAN John Foigh
CONLAN John Gortlinaghan
CONLAN John Tulleydraw
CONLAN John Tullyliege
CONLAN Laurence Anaghmakown
CONLAN Michael Mullaghrodden
CONLAN Pat. Gortlinaghan
CONLAN Patrick Drumbern
CONLAN William Killnaslee
CONLIN John Drumhirk
CONLIN John Lisnamonaghan
CONLIN John Mullaghmore Glebe
CONLIN Miles Mullaghmore Glebe
CONLON Richard Foigh
CONLON Thomas Foigh
CONLON Widow John Foigh
CONLON Widow Mary Foigh
CONLON William Lisnamonaghan
CONNALLY Widow Neill Killeyliss
CONNOR Bernard Annaghbegg
CONNOR Michael Reloagh
CONNOR Owen Drumbern
CONNOR Patrick Annaghbegg
CONNOR William Reloagh
CONROY Michael Killeymaddey Knox
CONVIL Rev. D. Donaghmore
CONVIL Rev. Daniel Tullyliege
COOLINAN? Jean Gorey
COOPER John Killeylevan
COOPER John Killeylevan
COOPPER Edwd. Terrenee
CORR Barty Carland
CORR Bernard Carland
CORR Edwd. Mullaghmore Knox
CORR Hugh Carland
CORR John Clonadush
CORR Nancy Carland
CORR Patrick Mullaghinaw
CORR Peter Killygavinagh
CORR Salley Aghareaney
CORR Widow Drumnaferin
CORRIGAN Art Clonavoddie
CORRIGAN Daniel Clonavoddie
CORRIGAN James Clonavoddie
CORRIGAN John Clonavoddie
CORRIGAN Patk. Clonavoddie
CORRIGAN Thomas Clonavoddie
CORRIGAN Thomas Clonavoddie
CORRIGAN Widow Patrick Clonavoddie
CORRORAN Frank Finula
CORRORAN Owen Clonadush
CORTNAY Jo. Aghareaney
CORTNAY John Aghareaney
CORTNAY William Aghareaney
CORTNAY William Aghareaney
COSGROVE Patrick Killeydown
COTTON John Dresdernan
COTTON John Ednacrannan
COTTON John Ednacrannan
COTTON John, Jun. Terrenee
COTTON John, Sen. Killeymoil
COWDEN .....[?] Cullianfad
COWDEN Joseph Killeyliss
COWEL James Ednacrannan
CRAIGE John Ferroy
CRIGAN John Drumbern
CRIGAN Phelix Balleybray
CRIGGAN Frank Deralskey
CRIGGAN Neill Balleybray
CRISTY George Cullianfad
CRISTY William Mullaghfuderlone
CROSS James Mullaghmore Knox
CROSS John Dresdernan
CROSS John Mullaghmore Knox
CROSSEY John Mullaghmore Knox
CRUMP Joshua, Esq. Ferroy
CUDDEY Alexander Gorey
CUDDEY Fras. Gorey
CUDDEY James Gorey
CUDDEY John Cullianfad
CUDDEY John Gorey
CUDDY William Mullaghmore Knox
CULBERT John Gortlinaghan
CULBERT William Dresdernan
CULBERT William Gortlinaghan
CULLIAN Charles Eschra
CULLIAN Hugh Eschra
CULLIAN James Eschra
CULLIAN Lawrence Moughan
CULLIAN Michael Eschra
CULLIAN Patrick Mullaghdrawley
CULLIAN Rodger Mullaghdrawley
CULLIAN Widow Pat. Eschra
CULLIN Charles Glassmullagh
CULLIN James Moughan
CULLIN Thomas Drumbern
CULLIN Thomas & partners Garvagh
CUNAGHAN Mary Glassmullagh
CUNNINGHAM Edward Killeymaddey Knox
CUNNINGHAM John Clonadush
CUNNINGHAM Terence Mullaghinaw
CURREY Ellison Clonadush
CURREY William Cullinramer
CURRY Robt. Tulleydraw
CUSH Bernard Anaghmakown
CUSH Daniel Aughlish
CUSH Frank Dredolt
CUSH James Finula
CUSH Michael Dredolt
CUSH Patrick Anaghmakown
DAILEY John Killeymaddey Knox
DAILLEY John Mullaghinaw
DALLEY Jas. Tullyliege
DALLEY Neill Tullyliege
DAVIDSON Chas. Aughlish
DAVIDSON George Clonnaniece
DAVIDSON George Ferroy
DAVIDSON Henry Mullaghinaw
DAVIDSON John Garvagh
DAVIDSON Robert Glassmullagh
DAVIDSON Samuel Atty Mullaghmore Knox
DAVIDSON William Clonnaniece
DAVIDSON William Garvagh
DAVIDSON William, Jun. Garvagh
DAVIS Robert Clonnaniece
DAVIS Widow Clonnaniece
DEALEY Ann Agharan
DEALEY Peter Annaginny
DEVELIN Archey Killeymoil
DEVELIN Felix Mullaghbawn
DEVELIN James & sons Altaghlushin
DEVELIN John Glassmullagh
DEVELIN Patk. Tulleydraw
DEVILIN Daniel Ednacrannan
DEVILIN Daniel Ednacrannan
DEVILIN Felix Eschra
DEVILIN John Eschra
DEVILIN John Killeyliss
DEVINE Robert Mullaghriffey
DICKSON .....[?] Lisgallon
DICKSON David Lisnahull
DICKSON David Mullaghinaw
DICKSON David & partners Derryhore
DICKSON Doctor Mullaghbawn
DICKSON Doctor Terrenee
DICKSON Doctor Terrenee
DICKSON Francis& partners Derryhore
DICKSON James Balleyward
DICKSON James Cullinramer
DICKSON James Gorey
DICKSON John Cullinramer
DICKSON John Drumnaferin
DICKSON John Killeylevan
DICKSON John Killeyliss
DICKSON Mathew Dresdernan
DICKSON Robert Killeylevan
DICKSON Sam. & partners Cullinramer
DICKSON Widow Dresdernan
DICKSON William Killeylevan
DICKSON William Mullaghbawn
DILWORTH Andrew Aghareaney
DILWORTH Andrew Mullaghriffey
DILWORTH James Mullaghriffey
DIMOND Sergeant Clonadush
DIVIN Robert Lisnamonaghan
DOGHERTY James Mullaghinaw
DOGHERTY Michl. Tullyallan
DOGHERTY Roger Tullyallan
DOGHERTY Willm. Tullyallan
DONAGHEY Anne Lisnamonaghan
DONAGHEY Arthur Aughlish
DONAGHEY Arthur Finula (belongs to Armagh)
DONAGHEY Arthur Reclean
DONAGHEY Brian Reclean
DONAGHEY Charles Reclean
DONAGHEY Daniel Lisgallon
DONAGHEY James Lisgallon
DONAGHEY James Lisnamonaghan
DONAGHEY James Mullaghmore Knox
DONAGHEY John Killeylevan
DONAGHEY Laurence Dredolt
DONAGHEY Michael Dredolt
DONAGHEY Patrick Carland
DONAGHEY Widow Lisbuoy
DONAGHEY Widow Mullaghmore Knox
DONALLY Peter & partners Eschra
DONNALLEY .....[?] Cullinramer
DONNALLEY Bernard Balleybray
DONNALLEY Felix Cullinramer
DONNALLEY Hugh Durnaseer
DONNALLEY Hugh Killeymoil
DONNALLEY James Altaghlushin
DONNALLEY John Drumbern
DONNALLEY John Killeymoil
DONNALLEY John, Jun. Killeymoil
DONNALLEY Patrick Killygavinagh
DONNALLEY Peter Balleybray
DONNALLEY Thomas Killeymoil
DONNALLEY Thomas Mullaghfuderlone
DONNALLEY Widow Drumhirk
DONNALLEY Widow Killeymoil
DONNALLEY Widow Mullaghfuderlone
DONNALLY Arthur Altaghlushin
DONNALLY James Balleybray
DONNALLY James Mullaghrodden
DONNALLY Patrick Altaghlushin
DONNALLY Patrick Mullaghrodden
DONNALLY Patrick & partners Balleybray
DONNELLEY Luke Drumbern
DONNELLY Bernard Donaghmore
DONNNALLY Patrick Mullaghrodden
DOON Art. Terrenee
DORAN James Gortlinaghan
DORAN John Killeylevan
DORAN William Gortlinaghan
DORAN William Gortlinaghan
DOWNEY Widow Altaghlushin
DOWSE Richard Annabellsagart
DOWSE Richard Derryveen
DOWSE William Annabellsagart
DREW Thomas Eschra
DUFF James Lisbuoy
DUFF James Lisnamonaghan
DUFF Neil Lisbuoy
DUFF Neill Carland
DUFFEY Hugh Donaghmore
DUFFEY John Lisnamonaghan
DUIGAN Widow Drumnaferin
DUNN Charles Durnaseer
DUNN Cormick Durnaseer
EATTON James Reloagh
EATTON John Mullaghcronnet
ECKLES .....[?] Drumbern
ECKLES Charles Crevagh
ECKLES Michael Crevagh
ECKLES Thos. Annaghbegg
ECKLES William Crevagh
EVANS Rev. Robert Mullaghbawn
EVIT John Aughlish
EVIT John Stakenagh
FALLEY Patrick Clonnaniece
FALLS Alexander Killeylevan
FALLS John Mullaghinaw
FALLS Mr. John Ferroy
FALLS Mr. John Killeymaddey Knox
FARLEY Peter Garvagh
FARLOW Patrick Killeymaddey Knox
FARR Edwd. Tullyliege
FARREL .....[?] Killeylevan
FAY Thomas & partners Drumhirk
FEE Andrew Killygavinagh
FERGUSON John Mullaghgrewen
FERGUSON John Reskmore
FERGUSON John Tulleynure
FERIS Owen Killeymoil
FERIS Patrick Mullaghbawn
FINNALEY James Gorey
FITZPATRICK Hugh Clonadush
FITZPATRICK Hugh Killeymaddey Knox
FITZPATRICK John Clonadush
FITZPATRICK John Killeymaddey Knox
FLEMMING William Agharan
FORBES James Terrenee
FORBIS Alexander Drumnaferin
FORBIS Alexander Stakenagh
FORBIS John Drumnaferin
FORBIS William, Jun. Drumnaferin
FORD Samuel Mullaghfuderlone
FORD Willm. Tullyarran
FORSITHE James Killeyliss
FOSTER Mr. Mullaghmore Knox
FOX Revd. Mullaghmore Knox
FRIZELL Alexander Annabellsagart
FRIZELL John Mullaghmore Knox
FRIZELL John Reskcor
FRIZELL Richard Annabellsagart
FRIZELL Robert Annabellsagart
FRIZELL William Annabellsagart
FRIZELL William Reskcor
FRIZZELL Alexander Clonnaniece
FRIZZELL John Aughlish
FULLAN .....[?] Clonadush
FULLAN Arthur Eschra
FULLAN Arthur & partners Killeymaddey Knox
FULLAN Filomy Clonadush
FULLAN James Killygavinagh
FULLAN John Drumbern
FULLAN John Gortnaglush
FULLAN Thomas Annaghbegg
FULLAN Widow John Annaghbegg
GALASPEY Felix Killeyharrey
GALASPEY Francis Killeyharrey
GALASPEY Henery Finula
GALBRAITH James Mullaghrodden
GALBRAITH John Annaghbegg
GALLAN John Anaghmakown
GARRIGHTY James Mullaghfuderlone
GARTLENEY Bernard Ednacrannan
GARTLENEY Hugh Ednacrannan
GARTLENEY Laurence Drumnaferin
GARTLENY James Drumnaferin
GAVAN John Carland
GILKINSON James Mullaghfuderlone
GILKINSON John Deralskey
GILLAN Bernd. Tulleydraw
GILLAN James Balleybray
GILLIS James Balleybray
GILLIS Jas. Tulleydraw
GILLIS Mr? Annabellsagart
GILLISS James Annaghbegg
GILOGLEY John Eschra
GIRVEY Tenner? Eschra
GIRVIN Cristy Deralskey
GLASS Alexander Annabellsagart
GLASS John Eschra
GLASS Thomas Killeymaddey Knox
GOODFELLOW James Mullaghriffey
GOODFELLOW Michael Mullaghriffey
GOODFELLOW Patrick Mullaghriffey
GOODWIN Owen Terrenee
GOODWIN Patk. Terrenee
GORDON Alexander Lisnamonaghan
GRAHAM John Drumrenney
GRAHAM John Mullaghriffey
GREER Thomas Balleybray
GREER William Reskcor
GRIMASEY Widow Tummog
GRIMASY William Tummog
GRIMES Daniel Drumhirk
GRIMES George Aughlish
GRIMES John Aughlish
GRIMES William Clonnaniece
HACKET Andrew Drumhirk
HACKET Dan Cullinramer
HACKET Felix Cullinramer
HACKET Jacob Drumhirk
HACKET James Cullinramer
HACKET James Drumhirk
HADOCK Jacob Gorey
HAGAN Mick Mullaghbawn
HAGGAN Arthur Killeymoil
HAGGAN Bridget Killeymoil
HAGGAN Francis Mullaghrodden
HAGGAN Henery Killeylevan
HAGGAN Henery, Jun. Anaghmakown
HAGGAN Henry Clonnaniece
HAGGAN James Killeymoil
HAGGAN James Lisbuoy
HAGGAN John Clonnaniece
HAGGAN John Killeymoil
HAGGAN John Mullaghrodden
HAGGAN Widow Aghnagar
HAGGIN Henery Killeylevan
HAGGIN Patrick Cullinramer
HAGHEY John Mullaghcronnet
HALL Aaron Clonadush
HALL Alexander Derryhore
HALL Andrew Aghareaney
HALL Andy Clonadush
HALL George Aghareaney
HALL Henery Clonadush
HALL Henry Mullaghinaw
HALL Henry Stakenagh
HALL James Derryhore
HALL James Drumrenney
HALL James Reskcor
HALL John Cullinramer
HALL John Drumhirk
HALL John Foigh
HALL John Stakenagh
HALL Richard Foigh
HALL Widow Foigh
HALL Wm. Aghareaney
HALLIDAY John Tulleynure
HALLIDAY Reubin Annabellsagart
HAMIL Michl. Seshaghmore
HAMIL Owen Reclean
HAMILTON Alexander Annaghbegg
HAMILTON Doctor Killeymaddey Knox
HAMILTON Edwd. Tulleydraw
HAMILTON John Annaghbegg
HAMILTON William Annaghbegg
HAMOND William Killeydown
HANDCOCK Miss Mullaghinaw
HANDCOCK Widow Mullaghrodden
HANLON Henery Drumbern
HANNA? Mrs Durnaseer (mill farm)
HANNA? Mrs. Durnaseer
HARVEY Daniel Ednacrannan
HARVEY Dinis Seshaghmore
HARVEY Francis Annaghbegg
HARVEY Francis Ednacrannan
HARVEY John Ednacrannan
HARVEY Michael Dredolt
HARVEY Michael Dresdernan
HAVANAGH John Tulleydraw
HAVANAGH Peter Tulleydraw
HAVENAGH James Drumhirk
HAYS Alexander Gortlinaghan
HAYS Hugh & partners Tummog
HAYS James Gortlinaghan
HAYS John Gortlinaghan
HAYS Patrick Dresdernan
HAZELTON Ezekiel Deralskey
HAZELTON Thomas Drumhirk
HEALEY Patrick Mullaghinaw
HEASTEY William Deralskey
HEASTEY Willm. Tummog
HENDERSON Iisaik Tullyliege
HENDERSON Wm. Aghareaney
HENERY Elenor Lisnamonaghan
HIGGINS Thomas Clonadush
HILLAN Henry Tulleydraw
HINCHEY William Glassmullagh
HINCHEY William Glassmullagh
HOBSTON Robert Reskcor
HOWARD Joseph Gortnaglush
HOWARD Robert Crevagh
HOWARD Robert Gortnaglush
HOWARD Thomas Ferroy
HUGHES Alice Finula
HUGHES Anne Finula
HUGHES Bernard Moughan
HUGHES Catherine Aghareaney
HUGHES Chas. Terrenee
HUGHES Edward Finula
HUGHES Frank Clonavoddie
HUGHES Frank Finula
HUGHES George Gortlinaghan
HUGHES Henry Drumbern
HUGHES James Anaghmakown
HUGHES James Clonavoddie
HUGHES John Finula
HUGHES Michael Anaghmakown
HUGHES Michael Moughan
HUGHES Michl. Tummog
HUGHES Miles Altaghlushin
HUGHES Owen Durnaseer
HUGHES Owin Finula
HUGHES Patrick Terrenee
HUGHES Patrick, Jun. Anaghmakown
HUGHES Widow Anaghmakown
HUGHEY Mary Mullaghbawn
HUGHEY William Mullaghbawn
HULLAND [HOLLAND] John Killeymaddey Knox
HULLAND [HOLLAND] Terence Killeymaddey Knox
HULLAND [HOLLAND] Widow Killeymaddey Knox
HULLAND [HOLLAND] William Killeymaddey Knox
HUNTER William Killeymoil
HUSTIN William Killeymoil
HUTTON William Drumhirk
IRWIN Alexr. & partners Tullyallan
IRWIN Edward Mullaghmore Knox
IRWIN Erney/ Enery Mullaghmore Glebe
IRWIN Henery Aghareaney
IRWIN Henery Aghareaney
IRWIN Henery Drumhirk
IRWIN Henry Lisnamonaghan
IRWIN James Cullinramer
IRWIN James Derryhore
IRWIN James Mullaghmore Knox
IRWIN Jo. Annaghbegg
IRWIN John Drumnaferin
IRWIN John Mullaghmore Glebe
IRWIN John Reskmore
IRWIN John Tullyallan
IRWIN Widow Mullaghdrawley
IRWIN William, Jun. Mullaghmore Knox
IRWIN William, Sen. Mullaghmore Knox
IRWINE John Aghareaney
JAMISON James Derryhore
JAMISON John Killeylevan
JARDIN Charles Drumnaferin
JARDIN Samuel Derryhore
JARDIN William Drumnaferin
JENKINSON Michael Cullianfad
JOHNSTON .....[?] Carland
JOHNSTON Alexander Dresdernan
JOHNSTON Alexr. Aughintober
JOHNSTON Alexr., Jun. Aughintober
JOHNSTON Andrew Drumhirk
JOHNSTON Andrew Killeyliss
JOHNSTON Eliza Mullaghmore Glebe
JOHNSTON Gilley Mullaghmore Glebe
JOHNSTON John Aughintober
JOHNSTON John Cullianfad
JOHNSTON John Mullaghrodden
JOHNSTON John Reskcor
JOHNSTON Joseph Reskcor
JOHNSTON Samuel Reskcor
JOHNSTON Widow Aughintober
JOHNSTON William Reskcor
KARR Henry Eschra
KELLEY Arthur Killeyharrey
KELLEY Brian Derryveen
KELLEY Cormick Derryveen
KELLEY Cormick Drumhirk
KELLEY Daniel Dresdernan
KELLEY David Cullinramer
KELLEY Edward Derryveen
KELLEY Felix Derryhore
KELLEY Filip Derryveen
KELLEY George Dresdernan
KELLEY James Derryveen
KELLEY James Gorey
KELLEY John Killeyharrey
KELLEY John Killeymaddey Knox
KELLEY John Stakenagh
KELLEY Michael Drumhirk
KELLEY Michael Drumrenney
KELLEY Nat. Lisnahull
KELLEY Peter Lisbuoy
KELLEY Robert Drumnaferin
KELLEY Robert Killeyliss
KELLEY Robert Killeyliss
KELLEY Robert, Jun. Killeyliss
KELLEY Robert, Sen. Killeyliss
KELLEY Teague Balleybray
KELLEY Thomas Derryveen
KELLEY Widow Moughan
KELLEY Widow Patrick Derryveen
KELLEY William Moughan
KELLEY Willm. & partners Tummog
KELLY Peter Derryveen
KELSO .....[?] Mullaghmore Knox
KELSO James Lisnahull
KENNEDY Charles Lisnahull
KENNEDY John Killeyliss
KENNEDY Mrs. Gortnaglush
KENNEDY William Dresdernan
KENNIER Rev. Mr. Cullinramer
KERR Francis Crevagh
KERR Hugh Ferroy
KERR James Mullaghriffey
KERR John Aughintober
KERR John Tullyarran
KERR Patrick Agharan
KERR Patrick Eschra
KERR Patrick Ferroy
KERR Peter Agharan
KERR Salley Aughintober
KERR Widow Aughintober
KILAN Peter Mullaghrodden
KILLANS William Derryhore
KINAN Chas. Tullyallan
KINAN John Lisgallon
KINAN Peter Tullyallan
KING .....[?] Annabellsagart
KING James Donaghmore
KING Jas. Tulleydraw
KINNAN John Mullaghinaw
KINNAN John Tullyallan
KINNAN John Tullyallan
KINNAN Widow Tullyallan
KIRLAND Michael Agharan
KIRLIN Daniel Agharan
LAMAN Joseph Mullaghbawn
LAPPIN Biddy Clonavoddie
LAPPIN Thos. Clonavoddie
LATTIMORE John Dresdernan
LATTIMORE Robert Killnaslee
LATTIMORE Robt. Tummog
LATTIMORE Samuel Tullyarran
LATTIMORE William Aughintober
LATTIMORE William Dresdernan
LATTIMORE William Mullaghfuderlone
LATTIMORE William Killnaslee
LAVERY Anthony Moughan
LAVERY George Moughan
LEE John Finula
LEE Malcom Drumrenney
LILBURN Thomas Mullaghinaw
LINDSAY James Ferroy
LINDSAY Robert Ferroy
LINDSAY William Ferroy
LISTH? George Balleybray
LITTLE Alex. Drumrenney
LITTLE Alexander Reskcor
LITTLE John Killeymoil
LITTLE Thos. Glassmullagh
LOFTUS Charles Lisnahull
LOGAN Felix Garvagh
LOUGHERAN Art. Drumbern
LOUGHERAN Barthy Reskmore
LOUGHERAN Barty Tullyliege
LOUGHERAN Daniel Dredolt
LOUGHERAN David Anaghmakown
LOUGHERAN Edward Anaghmakown
LOUGHERAN Henry Anaghmakown
LOUGHERAN Hugh Dredolt
LOUGHERAN Hugh Killeyharrey
LOUGHERAN James Anaghmakown
LOUGHERAN James Stakenagh
LOUGHERAN Jas. Tullyliege
LOUGHERAN John Aughlish
LOUGHERAN Laurence Finula (belongs to Armagh)
LOUGHERAN Laurence Killeyharrey
LOUGHERAN Mary Balleybray
LOUGHERAN Michael Anaghmakown
LOUGHERAN Michael Anaghmakown
LOUGHERAN Michael Mullaghcronnet
LOUGHERAN Michael Reloagh
LOUGHERAN Michael Reskmore
LOUGHERAN Mick Aughlish
LOUGHERAN Neill Dredolt
LOUGHERAN Neill Tullyliege
LOUGHERAN Owen Anaghmakown
LOUGHERAN Owen Balleybray
LOUGHERAN Owen Drumbern
LOUGHERAN Patrick Anaghmakown
LOUGHERAN Patrick Aughlish
LOUGHERAN Patrick Dredolt
LOUGHERAN Patrick Moughan
LOUGHERAN Patrick Mullaghbawn
LOUGHERAN Peter Killeyharrey
LOUGHERAN Roger Anaghmakown
LOUGHERAN Teage Finula
LOUGHERAN Thomas Finula
LOUGHERAN Thos. Tullyliege
LOUGHERAN Widow Anaghmakown
LOUGHERAN Widow Tullyliege
LOUGHERAN William Anaghmakown
LOUGHERAN William Aughlish
LOUGHERAN William Killygavinagh
LOUGHERAN William Lisnamonaghan
LOUGHERAN William Reskmore
LOUGHERIN Catherine Balleybray
LOUGHRAN Christy Moughan
LOUGHRAN Margaret Drumbern
LOUGHRAN Neill Carland
LOUGHRAN Neill Ednacrannan
LOUGHRIN Patrick & partners Balleybray
LUCAS James Gortlinaghan
LUCAS James Killeymaddey Evans
LUCAS Robert Reskmore
LUCAS Robert Reskmore
LUCAS Widow Reskmore
LUCEY John Drumhirk
LUNNEY .....? Tulleynure
LUNNEY Edward& partners Foigh
MACAN John Killeymoil
MACAN Widow Killeymoil
MACASLAN John Lisnamonaghan
MACASLAN William Lisnamonaghan
MACKAN Bernard Killeymoil
MACKAN Jas. Seshaghmore
MADDEN Bernard Aghareaney
MADDEN John Killeymaddey Knox
MAINE Hugh Altaghlushin
MALAGH John Terrenee
MALIAGH Benjamin Garvagh
MALIAGH Joseph Drumhirk
MALLON Henry Killeyharrey
MALLON Henry Reskmore
MALLON John Killey Quin
MALLON John Lisgallon
MALLON John Reskmore
MALLON Michael Aughlish
MALLON Michael Drumnaferin
MALLON Michael Drumrenney
MALLON Michael Killeyharrey
MALLON Michael Reloagh
MALLON Michael Reskmore
MALLON Michael Reskmore
MALLON Owen Reskmore
MALLON Toal Reskmore
MALLON William Lisgallon
MALONE James Agharan
MALONE Peter Agharan
MANSON David Tulleydraw
MARLEY Michl. Tullyallan
McATAGART Owen Killeymoil
McAVOY Thomas Mullaghdrawley
McBENNET ....[?] Cullinramer
McCAGHEY Brian Clonavoddie
McCAGHEY Daniel Clonavoddie
McCAGHEY Edward Clonavoddie
McCAGHEY Edward Killeymoil
McCAGHEY James Clonavoddie
McCAGHEY John Lisnahull
McCAGHEY Lawrence Clonavoddie
McCAGHEY Michael Clonavoddie
McCAGHEY Own Clonavoddie
McCAGHEY Patrick Altaghlushin
McCAGHEY Patrick Clonavoddie
McCAGHEY Patrick Killeymoil
McCAGHEY Thomas Clonavoddie
McCAGHEY Thomas, Jun. Clonavoddie
McCAGHEY Thomas, Sen. Clonavoddie
McCAGNEY Brian Aghnagar
McCALISTER Fergus Terrenee
McCALL Charles Lisnamonaghan
McCALL Daniel Mullaghinaw
McCALL Frs. Tullyallan
McCALL John Lisnamonaghan
McCALL Patrick Anaghmakown
McCALL Patrick Killeymoil
McCALL Peter Lisnamonaghan
McCALL William Lisnamonaghan
McCALLEY Joshua Lisnamonaghan
McCALLIN Francis Killeymoil
McCALSHINDER? Widow Tullyarran
McCALVEY Dinis Anaghmakown
McCAMISH Robert Killeydown
McCAMMON James Cullinramer
McCAMPBLE Owen Clonavoddie
McCAMPBLE Pat. Clonavoddie
McCANE John Aughintober
McCANE Thomas Aughintober
McCANN Arthur Reskmore
McCANN Bernard Durnaseer
McCANN Bernard Reskmore
McCANN Charles Mullaghbawn
McCANN Edward Glassmullagh
McCANN George Clonadush
McCANN George Clonadush
McCANN George Lisnamonaghan
McCANN Hugh Clonadush
McCANN James Mullaghbawn
McCANN John Killeymaddey Knox
McCANN Judith Reskmore
McCANN Margaret Reskmore
McCANN Michael Reskmore
McCANN Miles Moughan
McCANN Neill Reskmore
McCANN Pat. Reskmore
McCANN Patrick Derryhore
McCANN Patrick Mullaghbawn
McCANN Peter Clonadush
McCANN Peter Killeyliss
McCANN Peter Lisnahull
McCANN Phelix Balleybray
McCANNA Bernard Killeymoil
McCANNA Cormick Killeymoil
McCANNA Jas. Tulleynure
McCANNA John Ednacrannan
McCANNA Owin & partners Gortlinaghan
McCANNA Patrick Aughlish
McCANNA Peter Gorey
McCANNA Willm. Tullyallan
McCARNON Thos. Tummog
McCARRON Bernard Moughan
McCARRON John Moughan
McCARTIN Widow Stakenagh
McCASLAND John Donaghmore
McCASLAND William Drumhirk
McCAUSLAND John Annaghbegg
McCLEAN Alexr., Jun. Tummog
McCLEAN Alexander Deralskey
McCLEAN Alexander Ednacrannan
McCLEAN Alexr. Tummog
McCLEAN Alexr., Sen. Tummog
McCLEAN Archey Tullyarran
McCLEAN Daniel Reloagh
McCLEAN James Reloagh
McCLEAN John Drumhirk
McCLEAN John Garvagh
McCLEAN John Killnaslee
McCLEAN John Reloagh
McCLEAN John Tummog
McCLEAN Robert Killnaslee
McCLEAN Stephen Ednacrannan
McCLEAN William Aughlish
McCLEAN William Donaghmore
McCLEAVE Terrence? Annaghbegg
McCLELLAN Letford Tullyliege
McCLELLAND James Killeydown
McCLELLAND Letford Aghareaney
McCLERNAN James Clonadush
McCLUSKEY Patrick Annaghbegg
McCOLLUM William Mullaghmore Glebe
McCOOL Brian Clonavoddie
McCOOL Michael Gortlinaghan
McCOOL Peter Gortlinaghan
McCORMICK Elinor Killeyliss
McCORMICK John Killeyliss
McCORMICK Peter Drumhirk
McCORMICK Peter Killeyliss
McCORT Patrick Durnaseer
McCREADY James Mullaghrodden
McCRISTAL Daniel Killeyliss
McCROREY Arthur Durnaseer
McCROREY Arthur Mullaghcronnet
McCROREY Atty Ferroy
McCROREY Bernard Agharan
McCROREY Bridget Anaghmakown
McCROREY Charles Mullaghcronnet
McCROREY Felix Durnaseer
McCROREY Fill Durnaseer
McCROREY Henery Gorey
McCROREY Henry Carland
McCROREY Henry Gorey
McCROREY Hugh Garvagh
McCROREY Hugh Mullaghcronnet
McCROREY James Gorey
McCROREY James Mullaghcronnet
McCROREY John Anaghmakown
McCROREY John Mullaghbawn
McCROREY Michael Carland
McCROREY Owen Ferroy
McCROREY Thomas Durnaseer
McCROREY Thomas Ferroy
McCROREY Thomas Killeymoil
McCROREY Thomas Lisnahull
McCROREY Widow Carland
McCROREY Widow Thomas Durnaseer
McCRORY Thos. Agharan
McCUE Chas. Altaghlushin
McCUE Francis Clonavoddie
McCUE Hugh Clonavoddie
McCUE Jas. Tullyallan
McCUE John Altaghlushin
McCUE Widow Aghnagar



Widow Stakenagh
McCUSKER Neill Cullinramer
McDERMOT Hugh Aghnagar
McDERMOT John Agharan
McDONALD James Tullyliege
McDONALD John Mullaghcronnet
McDONNALD Daniel Aghareaney
MCDONNALD Daniel Killeylevan
McDONNALD James Clonavoddie
McDONNALD James Drumbern
McDONNALD James Drumnaferin
McDONNALD Neill Gortlinaghan
McDONNALD Randle Gortlinaghan
McDONNALD Sarah Reskmore
McDONNALD Widow Gortlinaghan
McDONNEL Hugh Carland
McDONNEL John Carland
McDONNELL Allin Killeyliss
McDONNELL Allison Drumnaferin
McDONNELL James Killeydown
McELDOON James Mullaghdrawley
McELDOON John Mullaghdrawley
McELDOON John Mullaghinaw
McELDOON Neill Mullaghbawn
McELDOON Patrick Mullaghdrawley
McELDOON Peter Killeymaddey Knox
McELDOON Peter Mullaghbawn
McELDOON Terence Killeymaddey Knox
McELDOON Terence Reskmore
McELDOON Widow Mullaghbawn
McELDOON Widow Reskmore
McELDOON William Annabellsagart
McELDOON William Killeymaddey Knox
McELDOON William Mullaghinaw
McELHATTON Patrick Killnaslee
McELHINNEY Arthur Lisgallon
McELHINNEY James Lisgallon
McELHINNEY James Reskmore
McELHINNEY Patrick Lisgallon
McELHONE Arthur Garvagh
McELHONE Fill Lisnahull
McELHONE James Lisnahull
McELHONE James Mullaghcronnet
McELHONE Neill Killeymaddey Knox
McELKARNEY? Widow Aghnagar
McELLGREW Owen Aghnagar
McELVOGUE Bernd. Tulleynure
McELVOGUE Edward Foigh
McELVOGUE John Foigh
McELVOUGE Felix Donaghmore
McENALLEY Peter Moughan
McENALLY Hugh Clonadush
McENTEIR Widow Clonadush
McENTEIR William Clonadush
McENTIRE Andrew Drumhirk
McENTIRE Charles Balleyward
McENTIRE James Balleyward
McENTIRE James Drumhirk
McENTIRE John Clonadush
McENTIRE Joseph Drumhirk
McENTIRE Widow Drumhirk
McETASNEY Patrick Garvagh
McEVOY James Eschra
McFARLAND Widow Ferroy
McFARLAND Widow Killey Quin
McGAGHAN Patrick Agharan
McGAREY Francis Lisnamonaghan
McGARTLENY Bernard Finula
McGARTLENY John Finula
McGARTLENY Patrick Ednacrannan
McGAUGEY Arthur Cullinramer
McGAUGEY Daniel Killeyliss
McGAUGEY James Cullianfad
McGAUGEY Patrick Cullinramer
McGEAREY Patrick Mullaghbawn
McGEE Bernard Lisgallon
McGEE John Gortlinaghan
McGEE Larry Killeylevan
McGEE Michael Ednacrannan
McGEE Patrick Ednacrannan
McGEE Patrick Lisgallon
McGEE Patrick, Jun. Ednacrannan
McGEE Peter Killeylevan
McGEE Robert Annabellsagart
McGEE Widow Mullaghinaw
McGILLEY Patrick Killeymoil
McGILLEY Peter Killeymoil
McGILLIAN Widow Reclean
McGIRR Dinis Tummog
McGIRR Owen Tummog
McGIRR .....[?] Aghareaney
McGIVIN Patrick Aughlish
McGLADRIGAN John Annaginny
McGLAUGHLIN John Clonavoddie
McGLAUGHLIN John Tullyallan
McGLAUGHLIN Robert Clonavoddie
McGLAUGHLIN Robert Clonavoddie
McGLAUGHLIN William Clonavoddie
McGLAUGHLIN William Durnaseer
McGLAUGHLAN William Gortlinaghan
McGLEAD Hugh Tulleydraw
McGLINCHEY James Lisnamonaghan
McGLINCHEY John Mullaghriffey
McGLINCHEY Patrick Mullaghriffey
McGLINCHEY Thomas Mullaghriffey
McGLONE John Aghareaney
McGLONE Patrick Annaghbegg
McGLONE Thomas Aghareaney
McGOAGH Daniel Derryhore
McGOAGH Felix Killygavinagh
McGOAGH Patk. Tullyallan
McGOAGH Patrick Lisgallon
McGOAGH Terence Deralskey
McGONNEL James Cullinramer
McGONNIGAL Edwd. Terrenee
McGORRIGHTY Stephen Tulleynure
McGOWN Terence Deralskey
McGRADDEY James Reskmore
McGRAN James Clonavoddie
McGRAN Patrick Clonavoddie
McGREADY Henry Lisnahull
McGUCKAN John Derryhore
McGUIGAN James Aughlish
McGUIGAN John Gortlinaghan
McGUIGAN John Killeylevan
McGUIGAN Michael Killeylevan
McGUIGAN Neill Killeydown
McGUIGAN Patrick Killeylevan
McGUIGGAN Brian Tullyallan
McGUIGGAN Edward Mullaghcronnet
McGUIGGAN Francis Balleybray
McGUIGGAN Jas. Seshaghmore
McGUIGGAN John Tulleynure
McGUIGGAN Patk. Tullyallan
McGUIGGAN Roger Tullyallan
McGUIGGAN Ters? Killeylevan
McGUIRE Hugh Reclean
McGUIRE James Altaghlushin
McGUIRE James Reclean
McGUIRE John Reclean
McGUIRE Michael Tullyallan
McGUIRE Patk. Tullyallan
McGURK James Aughlish
McGURK James Drumhirk
McGURK James Drumrenney
McGURK James Finula
McGURK James or Hugh Eschra
McGURK Patrick Eschra
McGURK Patrick Lisnamonaghan
McGURK Widow Balleybray
McGURK Widow Mullaghrodden
McGURK Willm. Tullyliege
McKEAN Alexander& partners Aghnagar
McKEAN Frank Clonavoddie
McKEAN James Clonavoddie
McKEAN John Clonavoddie
McKEAN Neill Clonavoddie
McKEAN Widow Clonavoddie
McKEAN Widow Cullinramer
McKENNA Neill Gortlinaghan
McKENZIE Alexander Aghareaney
McKENZIE Alexander Annabellsagart
McKENZIE Alexander Donaghmore
McKENZIE Alexander Drumbern
McKENZIE Alexander Mullaghgrewen
McKENZIE Alexr. Drumbern
McKENZIE Alexr. Tulleydraw
McKENZIE Daniel Deralskey
McKENZIE Daniel Foigh
McKENZIE Daniel Mullaghmore Glebe
McKENZIE Daniel Tulleynure
McKENZIE Danl. & tenants Tulleyallan
McKENZIE Eliza Mullaghmore Knox
McKENZIE Mr. Alexr. Tullyliege
McKERNAN Daniel Tulleydraw
McKINLEY Daniel Gortlinaghan
McKINLEY Hugh Clonavoddie
McKINLEY James Clonavoddie
McKINLEY James Gortlinaghan
McKINLEY William Lisnamonaghan
McKINNEY Bernd. Tulleynure
McKINNEY John Garvagh
McKINNEY Willm. Tulleynure
McKITRICK James Eschra
McKOWN Alexander Carland
McKOWN James Annaginny
McKOWN William Annaginny
McMAGHAN James Balleybray
McMINN Alexander Foigh
McMINN Alexander Killnaslee
McMINN Alexander Lisnahull
McMINN John Killnaslee
McMINN Mathew Killnaslee
McMINN Robert Killnaslee
McMINN Samuel Aughintober
McMINN Samuel Deralskey
McMINN Samuel Killnaslee
McMINN Samuel, Sen. Killnaslee
McMINN William Killnaslee
McMULLAN .....[?] Cullinramer
McMULLAN James Mullaghmore Knox
McMULLAN Mary Donaghmore
McNAMEE John Anaghmakown
McNAMEE John Aughlish
McNAMEE John Finula (belongs to Armagh)
McNAMEE Peter Anaghmakown
McNAMEE Peter, Jun. Anaghmakown
McNAMEE Widow Anaghmakown
McNEICE James Balleybray
McNEICE James Mullaghrodden
McNEICE William Mullaghrodden
McPEAK Peter Tulleynure
McPIKE .....[?] Altaghlushin
McQUAID Patrick Reskmore
McQUEAD Peter Finula
McSHEAN Alexander Killeylevan
McSHEAN Edw. Clonadush
McSHEAN Henery Mullaghcronnet
McSHEAN Owen Annabellsagart
McSHEAN Patrick Gorey
McSHEAN Roger Lisnahull
McSHEAN Widow Clonadush
McSHEAN William Garvagh
McSKINNEDAR .....[?] Cullinramer
McSTRAVAGH Neill Drumbern
McTAMINEY Michael Killeyliss
McTIRE John Killeylevan
McVEIGH Arthur Lisgallon
McVEIGH Edward Reclean
McVEY Denis Lisgallon
McVEY James Drumnaferin
McVEY Michl. Tullyallan
McWARD Peter Killeyharrey
McWHINNEY William Gorey
MELONE Arthur Carland
MILES John Drumhirk
MILLAR James Anaghmakown
MILLER William Balleybray
MILLIGAN Thomas Mullaghmore Glebe
MILLS Charles Garvagh
MILLS John Garvagh
MILLS Thomas Garvagh
MILLS William Garvagh
MITCHEL John Annaginny
MITCHEL John Mullaghmore Knox
MONTGUMERY Alexander Glassmullagh
MOONEY Michael Reclean
MOONEY Terence Reclean
MOOR David Garvagh
MOOR Edward, Sen. Dredolt
MOOR Hanna Mullaghfuderlone
MOOR James Gortnaglush
MOOR James Lisbuoy
MOOR John Deralskey
MOOR John Mullaghfuderlone
MOOR Robert Mullaghfuderlone
MOOR Stewart Mullaghfuderlone
MOOR Widow Mullaghfuderlone
MOOR William Mullaghfuderlone
MORGAN John Reclean
MOROW William Lisnamonaghan
MORRISON John Altaghlushin
MORRISON Michael Altaghlushin
MORRISON Widow Killeydown
MORROW .....[?] Carland
MORROW James or George Carland
MORROW John Annaginny
MORROW Samuel Annaginny
MORROW Samuel Carland
MORROW Samuel Crevagh
MORROW William & partners Crevagh
MORROW William Mullaghfuderlone
MORROW Willm. Tullyliege
MULDOON Owen Balleyward
MULGREW .....[?] Drumbern
MULGREW Felix Killeylevan
MULGREW Francis Killeylevan
MULGREW Michael Killeyharrey
MULGREW Michael Killeylevan
MULGREW Pat. Tullyliege
MULGREW Patrick Foigh
MULGREW Peter Tullyliege
MULGREW Tenner Tullyliege
MULGREW Widow Francis Killeylevan
MULGREW Widow Killeylevan
MULHOLLAND Edward Aghareaney
MULHOLLAND Mathew Aghareaney
MULINEAUX Robert Mullaghinaw
MULLAN Bernard Annaghbegg
MULLAN Catherine Killeyharrey
MULLAN Edward Killeyharrey
MULLAN Edward Killeyharrey
MULLAN Francis Annaghbegg
MULLAN Henry Eschra
MULLAN James Balleyward
MULLAN James Killeyharrey
MULLAN James Lisnahull
MULLAN James Mullaghdrawley
MULLAN James Mullaghinaw
MULLAN John Killeyharrey
MULLAN John Killeymaddey Knox
MULLAN John Lisnahull
MULLAN John Reloagh
MULLAN Mrs. W. Annaghbegg
MULLAN Neilley Mullaghmore Glebe
MULLAN Robert Garvagh
MULLAN Thomas Killeyharrey
MULLAN Thomas Killeyharrey
MULLAN William Annaghbegg
MULLAN William Killeyharrey
MULLIGAN George Drumhirk
MULLIGAN William Cullianfad
MULLINEAUX .....[?] Reskcor
MULLOY Filip Donaghmore
MULLOY Francis Glassmullagh
MULLOY John Drumbern
MULVENNAY Hugh Clonnaniece
MURPHEY Arthur Killeymaddey Evans
MURPHEY Charles Killeymoil
MURPHEY Dinis Anaghmakown
MURPHEY Frank Dredolt
MURPHEY Hugh Garvagh
MURPHEY James Gorey
MURPHEY John Finula
MURPHEY John Killeymoil
MURPHEY Neill Anaghmakown
MURPHEY Owin Ednacrannan
MURPHEY Patrick Killeymoil
MURPHEY Thomas Dredolt
MURPHEY Thomas Ednacrannan
MURPHEY Thomas Killeymaddey Evans
MURPHEY Thos. Tullyallan
MURPHEY Widow Mullaghriffey
MURPHEY Widow Michael Dredolt
MURPHEY Widow Patrick Dredolt
MURPHY Edward Killeylevan
MURPHY Peter Tullyallan
MURPHY Revd. Reskmore
MURRAY David Cullianfad
MURRAY David Derryhore
MURRAY John Cullianfad
MURRAY John Mullaghmore Glebe
MURRAY Robert Cullianfad
MURRAY Robert Derryhore
NAUGHER Felix Garvagh
NEILL Doctor Annaghbegg
NEILL Edward Anaghmakown
NEILL James Clonadush
NEILL Patrick Clonavoddie
NEILL Patrick Gortlinaghan
NEILLAY (alias MACKLEVOGUE) Francis Altaghlushin
NEWTON Andrew, Esq. Killeydown
NIVEL .....[?] Killeymaddey Knox
NOGHER James Lisnamonaghan
NORTHLAND Lord Vicy. Killey Quin
NORTHLAND Lord Vicy. Mullaghinaw
NOWLAND Watson Killeymaddey Knox
NUGENT Edw. Altaghlushin
NUGENT Felix Aghnagar
NUGENT Hugh Altaghlushin
NUGENT James Aghnagar
NUGENT James Altaghlushin
NUGENT Michl. Tullyliege
NUGENT Miles Aghnagar
NUGENT Owen Aghnagar
NUGENT Owen Altaghlushin
NUGENT Pat. Anaghmakown
NUGENT Patrick Altaghlushin
O’BRIANS Arthur Aghnagar
O’BRIANS Doctor? Tullyallan
O’BRIANS Francis Aghnagar
O’BRIANS Francis Altaghlushin
O’BRIANS Mary Altaghlushin
O’BRIANS Rev. Mr. Dresdernan
O’BRIANS Toal Aghnagar
O’HARA Saml. Tulleynure
O’NEILL Arthur Garvagh
O’NEILL Arthur Mullaghbawn
O’NEILL Charles Carland
O’NEILL Doctor Donaghmore
O’NEILL Henery Killeymaddey Knox
O’NEILL Hugh Clonavoddie
O’NEILL Hugh Durnaseer
O’NEILL James Annaghbegg
O’NEILL James Tulleydraw
O’NEILL Jas. Tummog
O’NEILL John Anaghmakown
O’NEILL John Garvagh
O’NEILL John Killeyharrey
O’NEILL Neill Clonavoddie
O’NEILL Oliver Finula
O’NEILL Owen Altaghlushin
O’NEILL Roger Tulleydraw
O’NEILL Terence Anaghmakown
O’NEILL Widow Anaghmakown
O’NEILL Widow Finula
ORR James Mullaghinaw
ORR Jean Cullianfad
ORR Jo. Aughintober
ORR Robert Gortlinaghan
ORR Widow Gortlinaghan
ORR William & partners Gorey
ORR William Gortlinaghan
PARK Mrs. & tenants Tullyliege
PARKER John & partners Lisgallon
KERR Patrick Clonadush
PATTERSON .....[?] Derryhore
PATTERSON Samuel Lisnamonaghan
PATTERSON William Derryhore
PATTON Barty Drumbern
PATTON James Drumbern
PEASLEY Robert Killnaslee
POWELL Fill Lisgallon
POWELL Richard Lisgallon
PRICHARD Richard Clonadush
PRUNTY James Drumrenney
PRUNTY John Mullaghrodden
QUIN Alexander Drumnaferin
QUIN Andrew Killeyharrey
QUIN Andrew Reclean
QUIN Art. Terrenee
QUIN Arthur Killeydown
QUIN Arthur Killygavinagh
QUIN Bernard Dredolt
QUIN Bernard Garvagh
QUIN Bernard Reloagh
QUIN Chas. Altaghlushin
QUIN Daniel Balleybray
QUIN Edward Killeyharrey
QUIN Felix Killeymoil
QUIN Francis Annaghbegg
QUIN Francis Dredolt
QUIN Francis Drumnaferin
QUIN Francis Killeyharrey
QUIN Francis Killeymoil
QUIN Hugh Killeymoil
QUIN James Altaghlushin
QUIN James Reloagh
QUIN James, Jun. Killeyharrey
QUIN John Ednacrannan
QUIN John Killeyharrey
QUIN John Killeymoil
QUIN John Seshaghmore
QUIN John Terrenee
QUIN Laurence Ednacrannan
QUIN Laurence Killeylevan
QUIN? Mary? Killy Quin
QUIN Mathew Ednacrannan
QUIN Michael Ednacrannan
QUIN Michael Killeyharrey
QUIN Michael, Jun. Ednacrannan
QUIN Owen Killeyharrey
QUIN Own. Tullyallan
QUIN Patk. Terrenee
QUIN Patrick Killeymaddey Knox
QUIN Patrick Lisnahull
QUIN Patt. Dredolt
QUIN Peter Killeyharrey
QUIN Peter Killeyharrey
QUIN Peter Mullaghcronnet
QUIN Sarah Garvagh
QUIN Terence Reloagh
QUIN Toal Anaghmakown
QUIN Widow Ednacrannan
QUIN Widow James Killeyharrey
RAFFERTY .....[?] Mullaghdrawley
RAFFERTY Brian Deralskey
RAFFERTY Brian Tummog
RAFFERTY Denis Clonadush
RAFFERTY Farley Clonadush
RAFFERTY Michael Clonadush
RAFFERTY Patk. Tummog
RAFFERTY Patrick Clonadush
RAFFERTY Patrick Cullinramer
RANEY William Aghareaney
READ Daniel Annaginny
READ David Killeyliss
READ Dickson Mullaghbawn
READ James Mullaghbawn
READ John & partners Carland
READ John Annaginny
READ John Ferroy
READ John Reskcor
READ Robert Annaginny
REANY Robt. Tummog
REILEY Michael Cullianfad
RIANS Patrick Glassmullagh
RICHARDSON Alexander Eschra
RICHARDSON Daniel Durnaseer
RICHARDSON George Killeydown
RICHARDSON John Aghareaney
RICHARDSON John Durnaseer
RICHARDSON Robert Killeydown
RICHARDSON Samuel Terrenee
RICHARDSON Thos. Seshaghmore
RICHARDSON William Eschra
RICHEY David Reskcor
RICHEY James & son Crevagh
RITE? [WRIGHT?] Thomas Anaghmakown
ROBINSON Adam Garvagh
ROBINSON James Eschra
ROBINSON James Garvagh
ROBINSON James Killnaslee
ROBINSON John Balleybray
ROBINSON Richard Garvagh
ROBINSON Richard Mullaghgrewen
ROBINSON Richard Reloagh
ROGERS Miss Mullaghinaw
ROONEY James Mullaghriffey
ROONEY William Lisgallon
ROSS James Crevagh
ROSS John Crevagh
ROSS Robert & son Annaginny
RUDDEY Patrick Donaghmore
RUDDY Patrick Annaghbegg
RUDDY Robert Agharan
RUNCHEY James Clonnaniece
RUNCHEY James Drumrenney
RUSH Daniel Agharan
RUSH John Agharan
RUSH Neil Agharan
RUSH Thos. Agharan
SALLEY James Clonadush
SALLEY Peter Mullaghrodden
SALLEY Samuel Killeymaddey Knox
SANDS Atty Ferroy
SANDS Barty Ferroy
SANDS James Ferroy
SCANLIN Hugh Mullaghriffey
SHARKEY Bernard Killygavinagh
SHARKEY Felix Clonavoddie
SHARKEY Patrick Clonavoddie
SHARKEY Patrick Clonavoddie
SHEILS Counsellor Killeymaddey Knox
SHERAN William Killeymaddey Knox
SHILLINGTON Anthony Glassmullagh
SHILLINGTON Edward Durnaseer
SHILLINGTON Henry, Jun. Glassmullagh
SHILLINGTON Henry, Sen. Glassmullagh
SHILLINGTON James Glassmullagh
SHILLINGTON John Killeyliss
SHILLINGTON Thos. Glassmullagh
SHILLINGTON William Eschra
SMITH .....[?] Cullinramer
SIMEONTON Henry Killeymaddey Knox
SIMEONTON John Killeydown
SIMEONTON William Eschra
SIMIONTON Henry Derryveen
SIMMONS Richard Annabellsagart
SIMONS Richard Killeymaddey Knox
SIMONTON Richard Annabellsagart
SIMPSON James Reskmore
SIMPSON John Mullaghbawn
SIMPSON Oliver Reskmore
SIMPSON Thomas Dresdernan
SKIFFINGTON Bernd. Tulleynure
SKINIDAR Edward Mullaghbawn
SKINIDER Brian Mullaghbawn
SKINIDER Francis Mullaghbawn
SKINNEDAR Brian Lisgallon
SKINNEDAR Danl. Tullyallan
SKINNEDAR Edw. Balleyward
SKINNEDAR George Eschra
SKINNEDAR James Mullaghinaw
SKINNEDAR Michael Balleyward
SKINNEDAR Patrick Killeymaddey Knox
SKINNEDAR Patrick Mullaghinaw
SKINNEDAR Thomas Eschra
SKINNEDAR Widow Killeymaddey Knox
SKINNIDAR Francis Mullaghbawn
SKINNIDAR Hugh Mullaghbawn
SKINNIDAR Peter Mullaghbawn
SKINNIDAR Thomas Mullaghbawn
SLOAN Alex. Mullaghgrewen
SLOAN Andw. Tulleynure
SLOAN George Glassmullagh
SLOAN James Glassmullagh
SLOAN James Lisnahull
SLOAN Thomas Gorey
SLOAN William Cullinramer
SLOAN William Mullaghfuderlone
SMALL Daniel Reskmore
SMALL Hugh Drumnaferin
SMALL Hugh Reskmore
SMALL James Reskmore
SMALL John Killeyharrey
SMALL Patrick Reskmore
SMART John Gortlinaghan
SMITH Alexander Killeymaddey Knox
SMITH Alexander Mullaghdrawley
SMITH James Mullaghdrawley
SMITH John Killey Quin
SMITH John Mullaghdrawley
SMITH Rev. M. Tulleynure
SMITH William Killey Quin
SMITH William Mullaghdrawley
SMITH William, Jun. Killeydown
SMITH William, Sen. Killeydown
SMITH William, Sen. Mullaghmore Knox
STEENSON James Killeyliss
STEENSON James Killnaslee
STEENSON John (Glen) Durnaseer
STEENSON John Durnaseer
STEENSON John Killeyliss
STEENSON Robert Durnaseer
STEENSON Samuel Deralskey
STEENSON Samuel Killeyliss
STEENSON Samuel Killnaslee
STEENSON Thos. Tullyliege
STEENSON Widow Killeyliss
STEENSON William Killnaslee
STEENSON William Mullaghcronnet
STEINSON John Mullaghmore Knox
STERLING James Mullaghmore Knox
STEWART James Mullaghfuderlone
STEWART Jas. Tullyliege
STEWART Jerrard (to Irwin & Harvey) Donaghmore
STEWART Robert Gortnaglush
STEWART Samuel Gortnaglush
STEWART Widow Tullyarran
STEWART Widow Tullyliege
STEWART William Mullaghfuderlone
STEWART William Mullaghmore Glebe
STEWART William Stakenagh
STEWART Willm. Terrenee
STINSON William Mullaghmore Knox
STIRLING John Balleyward
STRUTHERS Saml. Tulleydraw
STURGEON Robt. Terrenee
STURGEON Widow Terrenee
STUTHERS Nat. Glassmullagh
SUMERVIL John Killnaslee
SUMERVIL Samuel Killnaslee
SUMERVIL William Killnaslee
SUMERVILLE Pearce Tummog
SUTTERLAN James Clonadush
SWAN Andrew Lisnahull
SWAN Andrew Mullaghmore Knox
TAGART Patrick Durnaseer
TALLEY Mary Aghareaney
TAMNEY James Killeydown
TANNER Thomas Reskcor
TANNEY Andrew Annaghbegg
TANNEY Hugh Annaghbegg
TAYLOR James Ferroy
TEAGUE John Cullinramer
TEARNEY John Lisgallon
TEARNEY Neil Lisgallon
TEARNEY Patrick Killeylevan
TEMPLETON Hugh Killeymaddey Knox
TENER Jas. Tummog
TENNER Isack Drumrenney
TENNER John Aughlish
TENNER John Drumrenney
TENNER Richard Clonnaniece
TENNER Thomas Drumhirk
TENNER Thomas Drumrenney
TENNER William Clonnaniece
TENNER William Drumrenney
THOMPSON Mr. John Lisnahull
THOMPSON Mr. John Annabellsagart
THORNBERRY Alexander Killeyliss
THORNBURY Robert Garvagh
TOMNEY John Eschra
TOMNEY John Durnaseer
TONER Laurence Killeyharrey
TONER Patrick Aughlish
TONER Patrick Drumrenney
TRACEY John Lisnahull
TRACEY John Clonadush
TREACEY John Eschra
TREANOR Frs. Tullyallan
TREANOR James & sons Reclean
TREANOR John Reclean
TROLAND Peter Aghareaney
TROLAND Peter Mullaghriffey
TROWLAND John Killeyliss
TRUEMAN John Gorey
TRUEMAN Widow John Killeymaddey Knox
TRUEMAN Widow Robert Killeymaddey Knox
VALLILY Andrew Moughan
VALLILY Art. Moughan
VALLILY Hugh Moughan
VANCE Andrew Aghareaney
VANCE John Aghareaney
VANCE John Drumhirk
VANCE John Drumrenney
VANCE John Mullaghriffey
VANCE Misses? Lisnahull
VANCE Mrs. Killeydown
VANCE Widow Drumhirk
VENNIBLES Joseph Drumhirk
VENNIBLES Joseph Glassmullagh
VENNIBLES Paul Drumhirk
VENNIBLES Paul Glassmullagh
VERNOR Coll. Aghareaney
VERNOR Colonel & tenants Tullyliege
WADE Captn. Annabellsagart
WALS David Cullinramer
WALSH Captain Killeymaddey Evans
WARD .....[?] Donaghmore
WARE James Ferroy
WARE James Lisbuoy
WATSON .....[?] Killeyliss
WATSON Jas. Tullyliege
WATT Jas. Tullyarran
WATTERS John Gortnaglush
WATTERS Robert Gortnaglush
WEER Mr. Drumrenney
WEIR John Cullianfad
WEIR Mr. Lisnamonaghan
WEIR William Cullianfad
WHITE John Seshaghmore
WHITE Robert Cullianfad
WHITE Robert Killeyliss
WIGGANS William Terrenee
WILCOCKS Joshua Annabellsagart
WILCOCKS Joshua Killeymaddey Knox
WILKEN Mathew Cullianfad
WILKIN Mathew Reskcor
WILLEY William Killeyliss
McGEE William Derryveen
WILLIAMS George Tullyliege
WILLIAMSON Joseph Eschra
WILSON Archey Ednacrannan
WILSON Dickson Cullianfad
WILSON Dickson Terrenee
WILSON George Aughintober
WILSON George Cullianfad
WILSON Hugh Cullianfad
WILSON James Cullianfad
WILSON James Cullianfad
WILSON John Aughintober
WILSON John Cullianfad
WILSON John Drumrenney
WILSON John Gorey
WILSON John Moughan
WILSON John Stakenagh
WILSON Joseph Killeymoil
WILSON Robert Cullianfad
WILSON Robert Cullianfad
WILSON Sacret Foigh
WILSON Thomas Cullianfad
WILSON Thos. Aughintober
WILSON William Aughintober
WILSON William Cullianfad
WILSON William Drumnaferin
WILSON William Gorey
WILTON Richard Killnaslee
WILTON Richard Terrenee
WISHET James Clonnaniece
WOODS Miles Lisnamonaghan
WOODS William Aghareaney
WOODS William Glassmullagh
WOODS William Lisnamonaghan
WRIGHT William Killeydown
WRITE [WRIGHT] Alex. Drumrenney
WRITE [WRIGHT] Alexander Reskcor
WRITE [WRIGHT] Gilbert Tummog
WRITE [WRIGHT] Samuel Clonavoddie
WRITE [WRIGHT] Thomas Drumrenney
YOUNG Danl. Tullyarran
YOUNG James Annaginny
YOUNG John Durnaseer
YOUNG Mrs. Crevagh
YOUNG Robert Durnaseer
YOUNG William Tullyarran