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Donaghenry Tithe Applotment Book, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland 1828

PRONI Ref: FIN 5A/107
FHL Film #258454
Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


Tithe was a tax on all agricultural land (originally one tenth of the produce) excepting only church lands, glebes and urban areas and was paid by leaseholders and occupiers of all religious denominations to the clergy of the Established Church of Ireland. There was growing resentment against this tax, especially by Presbyterians and Catholics, particularly in the period of distress after 1815 and the government was forced to give way and introduce the Tithe Composition Act 1823 which replaced payment in kind by payment in cash.

In order to effect this change, all agricultural land across the country was required to be surveyed and applotted, or valued. During the period 1823 to 1837, a Tithe Applotment Survey was made in each civil parish across the whole of Ireland to determine the value of tithe payable by different landholders. Two people were appointed by each parish to carry out this assessment. The material was arranged by civil parish and townland in volumes known as TITHE APPLOTMENT BOOKS.

In some parishes more than one survey was taken, whilst in others the manuscript has not survived. The books for all Ireland, compiled between 1823 and 1837, are now deposited in the National Archives of Ireland, Dublin and Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI).

PRONI holds the tithe books for all but 31 of the 273 parishes then surveyed in Northern Ireland. These tithe books are arranged by townland and record the names of leaseholders, the area of their farm subject to tithing, sometimes the quality of the land and an overall valuation and occasionally, the names of landlords. Researchers should be aware that cottiers who did not hold land are not recorded, and unaccountably, some types of land were passed over entirely; a field of potatoes attracted a tithe payment in one parish, but not in that adjoining.

Those researchers who are fortunate to locate a forebear in the Tithe Applotment Books may find it possible to take their research back a further generation prior to Griffiths Valuation.



Townland Townland Townland Townland
Aghalarg Aghalarg Bog Annaghone Ardpatrick
Boyd’s Farm Brackaville Cahoo Castle Farm
Cloghfin Common Moss Coolatinny Donaghenry
Donaghey Dooragh Drumagullion Drumey
Drumgormal Galvally or Stevenson’s Dowery Glebe (Donaghenry) Gortacloghan
Gortagammon Gortatray Gortatray Bog Gowshill
High Cross Innevall Killymurphy Letterclery
Liskittle Lislee Lisneight Lurgy
Mullaghmoyle Mullantain Oatlands of Grevally Parker’s Farm
Ross Roughan Rousky Rouskyroe
Sessia Shankey Sherrigrim Soarn
Tamnylennan Templereagh Tullagh Beg Tullagh More
Tullyfaughan Tullylig Unicks Urbalreagh



Townland Townland Townland Townland
Annahone Ardpatrick Aughlarge Boyd’s Farm
Brackaville Cahoo Castle Farm Cloughfin
Common Bog Coolatinny Donaghenry Donaghy
Dremay Drumgormal Drumgullen Duraw
Galvally or Stevenson’s Dowry Gortatray Gorteclaugan Gortegammon
Gow’s Hill High Cross Inevall Killymurphy
Lettercleary Liskittle Lislea Lisneight
Lurgy Mullaghmoil Mullentean Out Lands
Parker’s Farm Ross Roughen Ruskeroe
Ruskey Sessiagh Shankey Sherrygroom
Sworn Tamnalannan Templereagh or Milltown Tullaghbeg
Tullaghmore Tullygaughan Tullylig Unix


We, George Willcocks of Mullantean House and James Robinson of Lurgy, Commissioners, duly appointed and sworn under and by virtue of an Act made in the Fourth Year of the Reign of King George the 4th, Entitled an Act to provide for the Establishment of composition for the Tythes in Ireland for a limited time to Asses (sic) the sum of Three Hundred and Fifteen Pounds British on the Parish of Donaghenry in the Diocese of Armagh, to make the following Applotment in this book and a just and fair Applotment according to the best of our skill and knowledge of the said sum on the different Landholders in said parish and which applotment contains the names of the Townlands in said Parish the names of the present occupants and number of acres in each holding the various qualities of land at their respective rates and the yearly amount of Tythe payable each person.

Given under our hands this 22nd day of April 1825

George Willcocks

James Robson (sic)


ABERNEATHY Alexr. Aughlarge
ABERNEATHY James Aughlarge
ABERNEATHY Robert Aughlarge
ABERNEATHY Robert Gortatray
ABERNEATHY William Aughlarge
ABERNEATHY William Gortatray
ACHESON John Tullaghbeg
ALLEN James Galvally or Stevenson’s Dowry
ALLEN Revd. Robert Lisneight
ALLEN Thomas Brackaville
ANKETELL Roger, Esq. Drumgullen
ANSLEY A., Esqr. Mullaghmoil
BAILIE Widow Lettercleary
BANKS George Tamnalannan
BARKLAY John Cahoo
BARKLAY William Gortegammon
BARR John Dremay
BAXTER James Templereagh or Milltown
BEATTY John Out Lands
BEATTY John Ruskeroe
BELL John Donaghy
BEST Francis Lislea
BEST Robert Cahoo
BEST Robert Lislea
BLAIR Samuel Killymurphy
BLAIR William Lurgy
BOICE Jane Drumgormal
BOYD John Ross
BOYD Robert Donaghy
BOYD Robert Ross
BOYD William Castle Farm
BOYLE James Mullaghmoil
BRADLEY John Tullaghmore
BROWN Gloud Roughen
BROWN Henry Roughen
BROWN James Drumgullen
BROWN James Roughen
BROWN James Templereagh or Milltown
BROWN Jas. Mullaghmoil
BROWN John Mullentean
BROWN Robert Roughen
BROWN Widow Mullentean
BROWN William Gortegammon
BROWN William Mullaghmoil
BROWN William Ross
CAMPBELL Andrew Castle Farm
CAMPBELL Andrew Drumgullen
CAMPBELL Charles Castle Farm
CAMPBELL Charles Lisneight
CAMPBELL Charles Parker’s Farm
CAMPBELL Edward Tullylig
CAMPBELL Elenor Mullaghmoil
CAMPBELL Felix Boyd’s Farm
CAMPBELL James Killymurphy
CAMPBELL John Gortatray
CAMPBELL John Killymurphy
CAMPBELL Joseph Castle Farm
CAMPBELL Joseph Lisneight
CAMPBELL Philip Common Bog
CAMPBELL Saml. Donaghy
CANAVAN Neil Annahone
CARDWELL Andrew Ross
CARROLL Robert Lurgy
CARSON Andrew Castle Farm
CARSON Andrew Drumgullen
CARSON Ann Sherrygroom
CARSON James Shankey
CARSON John Annahone
CARSON Mary Annahone
CARSON Rev. Alexr. Lislea
CARSON Robert Shankey
CARSON Sarah Cahoo
CARSON William Cahoo
CARSON William Drumgormal
CARSON William Tullyfaughan
CATHERS William Mullaghmoil
CATHERWOOD Robert Tullaghbeg
CAULFIELD Colonel Coolatinny
CAULFIELD Colonel Drumgormal
CAULFIELD Colonel Tamnalannan
CAULFIELD Colonel Templereagh or Milltown
CAULFIELD Messrs. & Co. Brackaville
CAVAN John Inevall
CLEMENTS Alexander Tullaghmore
CLEMENTS John Brackaville
CLEMENTS John Sherrygroom
CLEMENTS Widow Drumgullen
CLEMENTS Widow Galvally or Stevenson’s Dowry
COLLINS David Donaghy
COLLINS James Drumgormal
CORR Michael Mullaghmoil
CORR Patrick Mullaghmoil
CORRIGAN John Donaghenry
CORRIGAN Robert Donaghenry
CORRIGAN Thomas Dremay
COSBY James Sworn
COSBY William Sworn
COYLE Neil Coolatinny
CRAWFORD John Drumgormal
CRAWFORD Robert Drumgormal
CREIGHTON James Sherrygroom
CROSS John Tullaghmore
DAILEY John Ardpatrick
DAILEY John Roughen
DALBY Hugh Brackaville
DARAGH Hugh Brackaville
DARAGH John Galvally or Stevenson’s Dowry
DARBY Margaret Tullaghbeg
DAVIDSON Alexander Castle Farm
DAVIDSON Alexr. Mullaghmoil
DEVLYN Michl. Ruskeroe
DEVLYN Patrick Parker’s Farm
DILLON Frank Tullaghbeg
DILLON Philip Tullaghbeg
DILWORTH Arthur Cloughfin
DINNING James Galvally or Stevenson’s Dowry
DINNING James Tamnalannan
DINNING William Castle Farm
DONNELLY Arthur Mullaghmoil
DONNELLY Charles Galvally or Stevenson’s Dowry
DONNELLY Francis Mullaghmoil
DONNELLY James Galvally or Stevenson’s Dowry
DORIS Agnes Brackaville
DORIS Arthur Brackaville
DORIS Denis Boyd’s Farm
DORIS Neil Donaghy
DOUGAL James Sworn
DOUGLASS William Cloughfin
DUDGEON James Drumgullen
DUDGEON Joseph Galvally or Stevenson’s Dowry
DUNN John Gortatray
DUNSEATH Widow Tamnalannan
EADEN John Ardpatrick
EAKIN Thomas Ruskey
ELDER John Drumgormal
ELDER Robert Aughlarge
ELDER Robert Common Bog
ELDER Robert Gortatray
ELDER Robert Templereagh or Milltown
ELDER Robert Unix
FAIRLEY James Lurgy
FALLS Thomas Annahone
FARR John Mullaghmoil
FEE Edward Tullaghmore
FENSON John Coolatinny
FERGUSON Alexander Out Lands
FERGUSON Alexander Ruskeroe
FERGUSON Andrew Lislea
FERGUSON Jonathan Duraw
FERIS William Castle Farm
FERIS William Lisneight
FERIS William Tamnalannan
FULTON Hugh Ross
GALWAY David Annahone
GALWAY James Castle Farm
GALWAY John Tamnalannan
GALWAY William Castle Farm
GALWAY William Tamnalannan
GARRATT William Coolatinny
GATES John Gortatray
GILCHRIST Henry High Cross
GILCRIST James Mullentean
GILLIS Andrew Roughen
GILLIS Samuel Roughen
GILMOUR Andrew Roughen
GILMOUR John Roughen
GILMOUR Robert Roughen
GILMOUR Thomas Roughen
GILMOUR William Brackaville
GILMOUR William Roughen
GIRVIN Hugh Tullaghmore
GIRVIN Owen Tullaghbeg
GLASS Andrew Donaghy
GLAZIER Clements Galvally or Stevenson’s Dowry
GLOVER William Killymurphy
GOODWIN Hugh Donaghy
GORDON Eakin Drumgormal
GORE Revd. Francis L. Ardpatrick
GORE Revd. Francis L. Gorteclaughan
GRAHAM Hugh Lislea
GRAY Daniel Donaghy
GREER John Tullaghmore
GREER Robert Tullaghmore
GREER Robert, Junr. Tullaghbeg
GREER Robert, Senr. Tullaghbeg
GRIFFIN John Donaghenry
GRIFFIN Mathew Donaghenry
GRIFFIN Robert Donaghenry
GROOGAN Peter Tullaghbeg
HAMILTON John Templereagh or Milltown
HAMILTON Robert Common Bog
HAMILTON Robert Parker’s Farm
HAMILTON Robert Tamnalannan
HAMILTON Sarah Aughlarge
HARBINSON William Sherrygroom
HARDIN John Galvally or Stevenson’s Dowry
HARDY Charles Brackaville
HARDY Joseph Ross
HART John Shankey
HART William Cahoo
HEATHERTON John Gortegammon
HENAN Elizabeth Ross
HENDERSON John Annahone
HENDERSON Mathew Sherrygroom
HENRY Alexander Donaghy
HENRY Alexander Gortegammon
HENRY Alexander Lislea
HENRY James Inevall
HENRY William Inevall
HIDE Henry Drumgullen
HILL John Lurgy
HILL Joseph Donaghy
HILL William Lurgy
HILL William Shankey
HOPKINS John Brackaville
HOPPER George Lettercleary
HUGHES William Tamnalannan
HUNTER Henry Templereagh or Milltown
HUNTER William Tullylig
HUTCHINSON James Sherrygroom
HUTTON James Killymurphy
HYDE John Liskittle
HYDE John Tullaghbeg
HYDE Sloan Galvally or Stevenson’s Dowry
HYDE William Dremay
HYDE William Liskittle
HYDE William Tullaghmore
HYDE William Tullylig
JOHNSTON James Donaghy
JOHNSTON John Donaghy
JOHNSTON Robert Cloughfin
JOHNSTON Thomas Brackaville
JONES Jonathan Duraw
JONES Samuel Cahoo
JUNK Edward Lettercleary
JUNK Hugh Aughlarge
JUNK Hugh Drumgormal
JUNK Hugh Unix
KELLY William Tullylig
KENNEDY James Drumgullen
KENNEDY James Unix
KENNEDY Thomas Tamnalannan
KENNY Miss Castle Farm
KENNY Robert Donaghy
KILPATRICK John Aughlarge
KILPATRICK John Drumgullen
KILPATRICK Patk. Mullaghmoil
KILPATRICK Patrick Drumgullen
KIRLAND David Gortatray
KIRLAND William Gortatray
KIRLAND William Unix
LACKEY William Brackaville
LACKEY William Castle Farm
LACKEY William Tamnalannan
LAIRD James Gortatray
LAIRD James Unix
LAIS James Coolatinny
LAMON John Ross
LARAMOUR Robert Templereagh or Milltown
LARAMOUR Robert Urbelreagh
LARAMOUR Samuel Templereagh or Milltown
LEDLIE Thomas Galvally or Stevenson’s Dowry
LEE Mary Lurgy
LEE William Gortatray
LEONARD Bernard Roughen
LEONARD Edward Brackaville
LEONARD James Brackaville
LESLIE Mary Donaghy
LESLIE William Donaghy
LILBURN Henry Drumgormal
LILBURN James Drumgormal
LINDSAY Robert Cahoo
LINDSAY Robert, Esqr. Annahone
LINDSAY Robert, Esqr. Inevall
LINDSAY William Tullyfaughan
LITTLE Alexander N. Boyd’s Farm
LITTLE Alexr. N. Common Bog
LITTLE Alexr. N. Gortatray
LITTLE Alexr. N. Parker’s Farm
LITTLE Saml. Drumgullen
LITTLE Samuel Ardpatrick
LITTLE Samuel Castle Farm
LITTLE Samuel Common Bog
LITTLE Samuel Donaghenry
LITTLE Samuel Drumgullen
LITTLE Samuel Galvally or Stevenson’s Dowry
LITTLE Samuel Shankey
LITTLE Samuel Tamnalannan
LOCKHART James Duraw
LOCKHART William Killymurphy
LOUGHRAN George Tamnalannan
LOY William Tullylig
LYND ....? Gow’s Hill
LYONS James Unix
LYONS John Sessiagh
LYONS Joseph Ruskey
MACKAREL John Tamnalannan
MACKAREL Thomas Annahone
MADDEN Robert Ross
MAGUILL Hugh Drumgormal
MALCOM Lowry Drumgormal
MALCOM Lowry Lettercleary
MALCOMSON Robert Roughen
MALLON ...? Galvally or Stevenson’s Dowry
MALLON James Out Lands
MALLON John Tullylig
MALLON Terrence Tamnalannan
MALLON William Tullaghbeg
MANSFIELD Alexr. Donaghenry
MANSFIELD Andrew Cloughfin
MANSFIELD Andrew Sessiagh
MANSFIELD Robert Ardpatrick
MARSHALL Frederick Lurgy
MARSHALL John Drumgormal
MARTIN John Tullaghbeg
MASON Arthur Cahoo
MATEER Henry Drumgormal
MATEER Henry Lettercleary
MATEER James Tamnalannan
MATEER Susan Drumgormal
MATEER Susan Lettercleary
MATEER Widow Lettercleary
MAYNES John Killymurphy
MAYNES Thomas Out Lands
McANALLY Edward Brackaville
McANALLY James Lurgy
McANALLY John Brackaville
McBRIDE James Killymurphy
McBRIDE Robert Killymurphy
McBRIDE William Killymurphy
McCALL Andrew Common Bog
McCALLIN Bernard Brackaville
McCAMISH Adam Tamnalannan
McCAMLIS William Castle Farm
McCANN John Mullentean
McCLELLAND Terry Common Bog
McCLERNAN Henry Tullaghbeg
McCOLLIM Andrew Brackaville
McCOLLIM Charles Tullaghbeg
McCOLLIN John Galvally or Stevenson’s Dowry
McCONAMY Henry Brackaville
McCONAMY James Ardpatrick
McCORD Robert Lislea
McCREA Edward Castle Farm
McCREA Eliza Drumgullen
McCREADY Robert Templereagh or Milltown
McCREALLY Henry Brackaville
McCRORY Laurence Ross
McCUSKER John Cahoo
McDONALD Archd. Gow’s Hill
McDONALD Hugh Ardpatrick
McDONALD John Out Lands
McDONALD Mathew Out Lands
McDONALD Mathew Ruskeroe
McENTIRE Hugh Lettercleary
McENTIRE James Coolatinny
McENTIRE William Lurgy
McENTIRE William Sherrygroom
McGAGHEY Robert Inevall
McGAHAN Andrew Sherrygroom
McGARVEY Owen Brackaville
McGARY Archy Brackaville
McGARY Thomas Brackaville
McGAW John Common Bog
McGAW John Tamnalannan
McGAW Widow Tamnalannan
McGEE Daniel Castle Farm
McGEE Daniel Drumgullen
McGEE Richard Drumgullen
McGEOGH James Killymurphy
McGINN Charles Ardpatrick
McGLADRIGAN Isabella Sherrygroom
McGLADRIGAN Michl. Sherrygroom
McGONE Bernard Out Lands
McGONE Bernard Tamnalannan
McGONE Hugh Ardpatrick
McGONE John Ardpatrick
McGOWAN James Tullaghbeg
McGUCKEN Richard Galvally or Stevenson’s Dowry
McGURK Patrick Mullaghmoil
McGURK Patrick Tullylig
McGURK Thomas Mullaghmoil
McGURK Widow Mullaghmoil
McILVENNA Bryan Urbelreagh
McILVENNA Henry Urbelreagh
McILWAIN Hugh Tullaghbeg
McILWAIN John Drumgullen
McILWAIN John Liskittle
McKEE Robert Sherrygroom
McKEE Samuel Donaghy
McKEE Widow Sherrygroom
McKEE William Killymurphy
McKENNA ....? Gow’s Hill
McKEOWN (Tenants) Galvally or Stevenson’s Dowry
McKEOWN Gilly Roughen
McKEOWN James Roughen
McKEOWN Jane Donaghy
McKEOWN John Drumgullen
McKEOWN John Liskittle
McKEOWN John Lurgy
McKEOWN John Roughen
McKEOWN John Tamnalannan
McKEOWN John Tullylig
McKEOWN Martha Tullylig
McKEOWN Mary Roughen
McKEOWN Robert Tamnalannan
McKEOWN William Roughen
McKERNAN James Drumgullen
McKOWN James Tullaghmore
McMANUS Patrick Tamnalannan
McMASTER Widow Parker’s Farm
McMASTER Widow Tamnalannan
McMULLAN George Castle Farm
McMULLAN George Tamnalannan
McMULLAN James Sherrygroom
McNEIGHT John Inevall
McNEIGHT John Ross
McNEIGHT Thomas Tamnalannan
McNICHOLL Alexr. Shankey
McNICHOLL Widow Mullaghmoil
McQUAID James Ross
McQUAID M. Dremay
McQUAID Neil Drumgullen
McQUIN James Gow’s Hill
McREYNOLDS Anthony Aughlarge
McREYNOLDS Anthy. Gortatray
McREYNOLDS James Boyd’s Farm
McREYNOLDS James Drumgullen
McREYNOLDS James Duraw
McREYNOLDS James Gorteclaughan
McREYNOLDS Robert Common Bog
MEEK Daniel Lettercleary
MEEK James Lettercleary
MEEK William Mullaghmoil
MILLAR Rowley, Esqr. Lislea
MILLAR William Lislea
MILLAR William Templereagh or Milltown
MILLIGAN John Mullaghmoil
MILLIGAN William Sherrygroom
MIRES Edward Brackaville
MISSON James Gortegammon
MITCHELL William Tullaghmore
MOFFET Robert Donaghy
MOFFETT Charles Donaghenry
MOINS ....? Lislea
MONEY James Out Lands
MONTGOMERY Eliza Out Lands
MOORE Andrew Donaghy
MOORE Forgy Shankey
MOORE Sally Donaghy
MOORE William Donaghy
MORGAN Patrick Brackaville
MORRIS Bernard Drumgullen
MORRIS James Killymurphy
MORROW George Brackaville
MULGREW Hugh Drumgormal
MULGREW John Drumgormal
MULGREW Widow Drumgormal
MULHOLLAM Joseph Killymurphy
MULLAN John Ross
MURDOCK James Cloughfin
MURPHY Andrew Brackaville
MURRAY John, Esqr. Roughen
MURRAY John, Esqr. Tullaghbeg
NEILL Charles Brackaville
NETHERCOT Andrew Mullaghmoil
NETHERCOT George Mullaghmoil
NETHERCOT John Mullaghmoil
NEWALL Francis Coolatinny
NEWALL Henry Tamnalannan
NEWALL John Castle Farm
NEWALL John Drumgormal
NEWALL John Lettercleary
NEWALL Widow Gortatray
NEWALL William Lettercleary
NEWALL William Lisneight
NEWALL William Tamnalannan
NICHOLL George Mullaghmoil
NOBLE William Sherrygroom
O’DONNELL Michl. Gortatray
O’DONNELL Michl. Mullentean
O’NEILL Charles Donaghy
O’NEILL Charles Lurgy
O’NEILL Con. Mullaghmoil
O’NEILL Con. Tullaghbeg
O’NEILL Henry Drumgormal
O’NEILL Neil Roughen
PARK David Gow’s Hill
PARK James Boyd’s Farm
PARK James Parker’s Farm
PARK John Boyd’s Farm
PARK John Castle Farm
PARK John Common Bog
PARK John Drumgullen
PARK John Galvally or Stevenson’s Dowry
PARK John Gortatray
PARK Robert Gow’s Hill
PARK Samuel Cahoo
PARK Widow Common Bog
PARK Widow Drumgullen
PARK Widow Galvally or Stevenson’s Dowry
PARK Widow Out Lands
PARK Widow Parker’s Farm
PARK Widow Tamnalannan Castle Farm
PATTEN William Gortegammon
PATTERSON Andrew Sherrygroom
PATTERSON John Sherrygroom
PEACOCK John Sherrygroom
PETERS James Duraw
PETERS William Ardpatrick
PETERS William Killymurphy
QUIGLEY William Roughen
QUIN Andrew Cahoo
QUIN Andrew Shankey
QUIN Hugh Castle Farm
QUIN Hugh Lisneight
QUIN Hugh Tamnalannan
QUIN James Donaghy
QUIN John Sherrygroom
QUIN Michl. Sherrygroom
QUIN Robert Shankey
REYNOLDS John Castle Farm
RICE Daniel Ross
RICHARDSON Edward Out Lands
RICHEY Thomas Tullaghmore
RITCHIE John Ruskey
RITCHY John Donaghy
ROBINSON David Dremay
ROBINSON David Roughen
ROBINSON George Sessiagh
ROBINSON James Lurgy
ROBINSON James Tullyfaughan
ROBINSON John Boyd’s Farm
ROBINSON John Drumgormal
ROBINSON Mathew Donaghy
ROBINSON Mathew Lurgy
ROBINSON Thomas Dremay
ROBINSON Thomas Ruskeroe
ROBINSON Widow Castle Farm
ROBINSON Widow Coolatinny
ROBINSON William High Cross
ROGERS Patrick Mullaghmoil
ROGERS Patrick Roughen
ROGERS Thomas Mullaghmoil
ROGERS William Tullaghbeg
ROSS Henry Sessiagh
ROX Thomas Roughen
RUSSELL John Drumgormal
RUSSELL John, Senr. Aughlarge
RUSSELL Robert Aughlarge
RUSSELL Robert Unix
RUSSELL William Aughlarge
RUSSELL William Drumgormal
RUSSELL William Lettercleary
RUSSELL William Unix
SANDS Robert Lislea
SEATON Jane Ruskey
SEATON Widow Ross
SEVENS Henry Tullylig
SHAW Catharine Sherrygroom
SHAW Thomas Sherrygroom
SHEPPARD Richard Castle Farm
SHEPPARD Richard Gortatray
SHEPPARD Richard Lisneight
SHEPPARD Richard Tamnalannan
SINCLAIR Saml. Gortegammon
SINCLAIR William High Cross
SLOAN Catharine Killymurphy
SLOAN David Annahone
SLOAN George Brackaville
SLOAN George Inevall
SLOAN James Annahone
SLOAN John Cahoo
SLOAN John Sworn
SLOAN John (of bog) Annahone
SLOAN Mathew, Junr. Annahone
SLOAN Mathew, Senr. Annahone
SLOAN Robert Annahone
SLOAN Thomas, Junr. Brackaville
SLOAN Thomas, Senr. Brackaville
SMITH George Sworn
SMITH Hugh Common Bog
SMITH Hugh Gortatray
SMITH James Gorteclaughan
SMITH James High Cross
SMITH Nicholas Castle Farm
SMITH Nicholas Tamnalannan
SPEER John Sworn
SPEER Solomon Lisneight
SPEER Thomas Sworn
SPENCE John Gortatray
SPENCE William Gortatray
SPENCE William Unix
STEEN Andrew Urbelreagh
STEEN Eliza Urbelreagh
STEEN James Sworn
STEENSON Alexander Gorteclaughan
STEENSON Thomas Gorteclaughan
STEENSON William Roughen
STEENSON William Tamnalannan
STEWART Alexr., Esq. Donaghy
STEWART Hugh Shankey
STEWART James Brackaville
STEWART James Cloughfin
STEWART James, Esqr. Tullaghmore
STEWART Walter Inevall
STEWART William Templereagh or Milltown
STEWART William, Esq. Lurgy
STEWART William, Esqr. Sherrygroom
STITT John Duraw
STURGEON Mrs. Castle Farm
STURGEON Widow Tamnalannan
TAYLOR Margaret High Cross
TAYLOR Mary High Cross
TAYLOR Samuel Galvally or Stevenson’s Dowry
TAYLOR Samuel High Cross
TEMPLETON Francis Killymurphy
THOMPSON Thomas Unix
THOMPSON William Unix
TIMMANEY Michl. Ardpatrick
TIMMANEY Michl. Drumgullen
TRACEY Arabella Tullaghbeg
TURNER William Castle Farm
TWIGG Rev. Thomas Roughen
URY/ VRY? John Unix
VALLILEY Edward Brackaville
VALLILEY Henry Roughen
VALLILEY James Tullaghmore
VALLILEY Thomas Brackaville
VANCE James Cahoo
VRY/ URY? John Unix
WADE Henry Tamnalannan
WALKER Anthony Tullylig
WALKER Charles Brackaville
WALKER Charles Tullaghbeg
WALKER George Lettercleary
WALKER George Tullaghbeg
WALKER John Tullaghbeg
WALLACE Andrew Inevall
WALLACE Arthur Tullyfaughan
WALLACE James Tullyfaughan
WATSON John Castle Farm
WATSON William Castle Farm
WEIR John Out Lands
WEIR John Parker’s Farm
WEIR John Tamnalannan
WEIR Samuel Boyd’s Farm
WEIR Samuel Mullentean
WEIR William S. High Cross
WHITE James Senr. Brackaville
WHITE James, Junr. Brackaville
WHITE Joshua Castle Farm
WHITE Joshua Common Bog
WHITE Joshua Tamnalannan
WHITE Thomas Killymurphy
WHITE Thomas Tamnalannan
WHITTLE William B. Tamnalannan
WHITTLE Willm. B. Galvally or Stevenson’s Dowry
WIER John Drumgullen
WIER Samuel Drumgullen
WILLCOCKS George Mullentean
WILLCOCKS George Parker’s Farm
WILSON Andrew Ardpatrick
WILSON Ann Sherrygroom
WILSON Benjn. Sherrygroom
WILSON Hazelton Ross
WILSON Hugh Tamnalannan
WILSON Thomas Lislea
WOODHOUSE Widow Gortatray
WOODS James Castle Farm
WOODS James Galvally or Stevenson’s Dowry
WOODS James Parker’s Farm
WOODS James Tamnalannan
WOODS William Castle Farm
WOODS William Common Bog
WOODS William Tamnalannan
YOUNG Andrew Sherrygroom
YOUNG Robert Cahoo