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Index to Tithe Applotment Book, Donacavey Parish, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland 1827

PRONI (Belfast) Ref: FIN/5A/103/1, 2
LDS Film # 258453
Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


Tithe was a tax on all agricultural land (originally one tenth of the produce) excepting only church lands, glebes and urban areas and was paid by leaseholders and occupiers of all religious denominations to the clergy of the Established Church of Ireland. There was growing resentment against this tax, especially by Presbyterians and Catholics, particularly in the period of distress after 1815 and the government was forced to give way and introduce the Tithe Composition Act 1823 which replaced payment in kind by payment in cash.

In order to effect this change, all agricultural land across the country was required to be surveyed and applotted, or valued. During the period 1823 to 1837, a Tithe Applotment Survey was made in each civil parish across the whole of Ireland to determine the value of tithe payable by different landholders. Two people were appointed by each parish to carry out this assessment. The material was arranged by civil parish and townland in volumes known as TITHE APPLOTMENT BOOKS.

In some parishes more than one survey was taken, whilst in others the manuscript has not survived. The books for all Ireland, compiled between 1823 and 1837, are now deposited in the National Archives of Ireland, Dublin and Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI).

PRONI holds the tithe books for all but 31 of the 273 parishes then surveyed in Northern Ireland. These tithe books are arranged by townland and record the names of leaseholders, the area of their farm subject to tithing, sometimes the quality of the land and an overall valuation and occasionally, the names of landlords. Researchers should be aware that cottiers who did not hold land are not recorded, and unaccountably, some types of land were passed over entirely; a field of potatoes attracted a tithe payment in one parish, but not in that adjoining.

Those researchers who are fortunate to locate a forebear in the Tithe Applotment Books may find it possible to take their research back a further generation prior to Griffiths Valuation.



Townland Townland Townland Townland
Aghadreenan Aghafad Agharonan Annaghbo
Annaghmurnin Ardatinny Altaghmore Baronagh
Belnagargan Blackfort Carnalea Carnarousk
Carryglass Castletown Cattor Cavan
Corbally Carrashesk Cranny Crocknafarbrague
Cumber Derrybard Donacavey Draughton
Drumlagher Drummond Drumwhisker Dundivin Glebe
Dungoran Dunnamona Dunnamona Glebe Ecclesville Demesne
Edenafogry Edenasop East Edenasop West Edenatoodry
Fallaghearn Feenan Fintona Freughmore
Gargrim Garvallagh Glennan Gulladoo
Kilcootry Kilgort Killyberry Killyliss
Killymoonan Lackagh Legamaghery Legatiggle
Lisavaddy Lisconrea Lisdergan Lisky
Lisnabulrevy Lisnacreeve Lisnagardy Lurganboy
Mullanboy Mullans Mullasiloga Mullawinny
Racrane Raneese Rathfraggan Rathwarren
Raveagh Roughan Screggagh Sessiagh
Skelgagh Skreen Strabane Stranisk
Stratigore Syonee Syonfin Tattymoyle Lower
Tattymoyle Middle Tattymoyle Upper Tattymulmona Tireenan
Tonnaghbane Tonnagh Beg Tonnagh More Tullyrush



Townland Townland Townland Townland
Aghadreenan Aghafad Agharonan Arditiney
Attaghmore Baronagh Carnalee Carnarosk
Cator Cavan Corashesk Corbolly
Corriglass Cranny Crockafarbrague Derrybard
Drafton Drumlagher Drummond Dunamona
Dunamona Glebeland Dundivin Dungorran Edenafogry
Edenasop Edenatoodry Freughmore Gargrim
Garvola Glennan Gulladuff Kilgort
Killaderry Killaliss Killamoonan Lackagh
Legamaghry Legatigal Lisavaddy Lisdergan
Lisnabulrevy Lisnacreeve Lisnagardy Lurganboy
Mullasiloga Mullawinney Raneese Raveagh
Screen Scregagh Sionee Sionfin
Skelgagh Strabane Stranisk Strattigore
Tattymoyle Tonaghbeg Tonaghmore Tullarush
Tullavelly Tyreenan  



Book of Composition for the Parish of Fintonagh or Donacavey in the Diocese of Clogher in the County of Tyrone. The Rev. William Atthill, Rector, settled by James Robinson on the Part of the Rector and James Hamilton on the Part of the Landholders of said Parish, Commissioners appointed by 4th Geo. 4th, Chap. 99, for 21 years from the 1st Day of November 1827. Yearly Tithe £600.

Parish of Findonagh – Diocese Clogher: No. Acres: 9,403.3.14

Annual Value: £9,568.10.0½

Amount of Tithe £599.19.6

R. Logan, Ordnance Survey of Ireland, Monaghan 17 January 1832

AKIN James Dunamona
AKIN Oliver Dunamona
ALEXANDER James Tattymoyle Lwr. (Mr Porter’s)
ALEXANDER Joseph Dunamona
ALLEN Hugh Strattigore
ALLEN James Glennan
ALLEN John Glennan
ALLEN William Glennan
ANDERSON Ben. Agharonan
ANDERSON David Dunamona Glebeland
ANDERSON Dr.[?] Edenasop
ANDERSON George Cranny
ANDERSON James Lisnacreeve
ANDERSON John Cranny
ANDERSON John Edenasop
ANDERSON Matthew Agharonan
ARMSTRONG Archy. Carnalea
ARMSTRONG George Aghafad
ARMSTRONG George Tyreenan
ARMSTRONG Hugh Aghadreenan
ARMSTRONG John Attaghmore
ARMSTRONG John Dundivin
ARMSTRONG John Tyreenan
ARMSTRONG Thomas Aghadreenan
ARMSTRONG Thomas Attaghmore
ASHFIELD William Aghafad
ASHINHURST Charles Carnalea
BAILEY John Aghafad
BAIRD James Tattymoyle
BALROW Henry Aghafad
BAMFARD? William Mullawiney
BANNIN Luke Dunamona Glebeland
BARCLAY John Screen
BARTON James Raveagh
BATES Richard Drafton
BAXTER John Carnalea
BEARD James Kilgort
BEATY Francis Dunamona Glebeland
BEATY Francis Edenasop
BEATY Henry Agharonan
BEATY James Tonnaghmore
BEATY John Cator
BEATY Thomas Dunamona
BEATY Widow Cavan
BEATY William Tonnaghmore
BERRY John Cranny
BLAIR Andrew Attaghmore
BLEAKLEY John Drummond
BOGUE James Edenasop
BOOTH Causland Dunamona
BOOTH John (sergeant) Dunamona
BOOTH Robert Dunamona
BOOTH Robert (lough) Dunamona
BOOTH Robert (trees) Dunamona
BOYLE John Baronagh
BRADY Larry Cranny
BRANDON Tom Garvala
BRATTEN Edward Raveagh
BRATTEN James Raveagh
BREEN James Dunamona
BRENAN Rev. Philip Tullarush
BRIEN Thomas Aghadreenan
BROWN Audley Gargrim
BROWN David Arditiney
BROWN Thomas Aghafad
BROWN William Dunamona
BRYAN Charles Tattymoyle
BUCHANAN Andy Tonaghbeg
BUCHANAN Beaver Cavan
BUCHANAN Beaver Lisnagardy
BUCHANAN James Derrybard
BUCHANAN John Mullawiney
BUCHANAN Robert Lisnacreeve
BUCHANAN Robert Mullawiney
BUCHANAN William Edenasop
BUCHANAN William, Sen. Mullawiney
BUNTING John Sionee
BURNS Creatin Legatigal
BURNS Joseph Drummond
CALDWELL David Freughmore
CALDWELL Robert Mullans & Roughan
CALLAGHAN James Lisnagardy
CAMPBELL Art. Agharonan
CAMPBELL Arthur Killaberry
CAMPBELL John Cranny
CAMPBELL John Mullans & Roughan
CAMPBELL John Mullawiney
CAMPBELL Owen Aghafad
CAMPBELL Widow Lackagh
CAMPBELL Widow Tonaghbeg
CAMPBELL William Cavan
CARLETON James Sionee
CARMICHAEL John Edenafogry
CARSON Samuel Garvala
CARSON Widow Derrybard
CASSIDY Francis Tonaghbeg
CASSIDY Hugh Sionee
CHARLTON Francis Corashesk
CLARKE Samuel Freughmore
COCKINS Edward Agharonan
COCKINS John Agharonan
COGHRAN John Tyreenan
COLGAN Edward Corashesk
CONNELLY William Sionee
COOK Andy Lisdergan
COOK John Lisavaddy
COOK Robert Drumlagher
CORRIGAN Cristy Tattymoyle Lwr. (Mr Porter’s)
CORRIGAN John Crocknafarbrague
CORRIGAN Teague Corashesk
CORRIGAN Teague Crocknafarbrague
CORRIGAN Thomas Tonaghbeg
CRAIGMILES Charles Scregagh
CRAIGMILES Charles Strabane
CRAIGMILES Eleazer Drumlagher
CRAIGMILES James Drumlagher
CRAIGMILES James Scregagh
CRAIGMILES John Scregagh
CRAWFORD Alexander Corbally
CRAWFORD Alexander Sionee
CRAWFORD Alexander Tullarush
CRAWFORD Alexander, Sen. Tyreenan
CRAWFORD Andy Lisnacreeve
CRAWFORD Andy Sionee
CRAWFORD Andy, Jun. Kilgort
CRAWFORD Arthur, Jun. Tyreenan
CRAWFORD Charles Baronagh
CRAWFORD James Strattigore
CRAWFORD John Baronagh
CRAWFORD John Carnalea
CRAWFORD John Derrybard
CRAWFORD John Drafton
CRAWFORD John Dunamona
CRAWFORD John Dundivin
CRAWFORD John Kilgort
CRAWFORD John, & Alexander, Sen? Kilgort
CRAWFORD Robert Carnalea
CRAWFORD Robert Edenatoodry
CRAWFORD Robert Lisnacreeve
CRAWFORD Thomas Baronagh
CRAWFORD Widow Aghafad
CRAWFORD William Carnalea
CRAWFORD William Derrybard
CRAWFORD William Lackagh
CRISTY David Tonnaghmore
CRISTY Robert Killaliss
CRISTY William Gulladuff
CROZIER John Arditiney
CRUMLISH James Freughmore
CULBERTSON James Aghafad
CULBERTSON William Agharonan
CULLOW Patt. Raneese
CULLOW Widow Tonaghbeg
CUNNINGHAM Francis Edenasop
CUNNINGHAM George Tullavelly
CUNNINGHAM John Lisnabulrevey
CUNNINGHAM Robert Dunamona
CURRAN Edward Carnalea
DALEY Peter Glennan
DAYLY Patty Gargrim
DEALY James Raneese
DEERY Arthur Aghafad
DEERY James Aghafad
DEERY Michael Cator
DEVLIN Hugh, Jun. Garvala
DEVLIN Hugh, Sen. Garvala
DEVLIN Terrence Agharonan
DICKSON William, Esq. Cavan
DIVINE Cornilis Carriglass
DIVINE Widow Cranny
DONAGAN John Garvala
DONAGHEY Edward Tattymoyle
DONAGHEY Henry Raneese
DONAGHEY Hugh Garvala
DONAGHEY James Stranisk
DONAGHEY John Sionfin
DONAGHEY Michael Raneese
DONAGHEY Michael Tattymoyle
DONAGHEY Owen Sionfin
DONAGHEY Stephen Scregagh
DONAGHEY Widow Garvala
DONNELL Rodger Drummond
DONNELLY Barney Dunamona Glebeland
DONNELLY Barney Raneese
DONNELLY Bryan Lackagh
DONNELLY Edward Raneese
DONNELLY Francis Dunamona Glebeland
DONNELLY James Agharonan
DONNELLY James Cator
DONNELLY James Drafton
DONNELLY James Gargrim
DONNELLY James Tullarush
DONNELLY John Drafton
DONNELLY John Sionee
DONNELLY Luke Drafton
DONNELLY Neil Agharonan
DONNELLY Owen Garvala
DONNELLY Patt. Lisnagardy
DONNELLY Patt. Skelgagh
DONNELLY Peter Raneese
DONNELLY Teague Raneese
DONNELLY Thomas Cator
DONNELLY Toy Dunamona Glebeland
DORAN Charles Screen
DORIN Barney Gargrim
DORIN Michael Fallahearn
DOUGHERTY Bryan Stranisk
DOUGHERTY Francis Stranisk
DOUGHERTY Michael Stranisk
DOUGHERTY Patt. Raveagh
DOUGHERTY William Attaghmore
DOUGHERTY William Lisnagardy
DOYLE Hugh Carnalea
DRUGAN James Aghadreenan
DUNBAR William Mullawiney
DUNCAN John Cavan
DUNCAN John Dunamona Glebeland
DUNLAP Robert Lisnacreeve
DUNLOP Thomas Aghafad
ECCLES Daniel Dungorran
ECCLES Daniel Scregagh
ECCLES John D. Esq. Edenasop
ECCLES John D. Esq. Killaliss
ECCLES John D. Esq. Lisdergan
ECCLES John D. Esq. Lisnagardy
ECCLES John D. Esq. Strattigore
EDWARDS H. G. Esq. Cator
EWING Samuel Drummond
FEE Widow Carriglass
FLEMING David Arditiney
FLEMING David Killaliss
FLEMING James Killaliss
FLEMING Robert Killaliss
FLEMING William Cator
FORBES Ben. Agharonan
FOREST David Freughmore
FORSYTH Andy Sionee
FORSYTH Widow Sionee
FORSYTHE George Killaliss
FOSTER George Drafton
FOSTER Joseph Lisnacreeve
FOSTER Tom Tattymoyle
FOSTER William Dungorran
FOX Widow Freughmore
GAREY Patt. Dundivin
GAVIN Edward Lurganboy
GAVIN Edward Mullans & Roughan
GAVIN James Lurganboy
GAVIN Michael Corbally
GAVIN Thomas Corbally
GILLESPIE Thomas Freughmore
GILLESPIE Widow Carnarosk
GILMOUR Samuel Cranny
GLACKIN Patt. Glennan
GLASS William Strattigore
GLENN Thomas Corashesk
GOODMAN Hugh Carnalea
GOODMAN James Carnalea
GOODMAN James Strabane
GOODMAN Widow Dunamona Glebeland
GORMAN Barney Freughmore
GORMAN Dan Dunamona Glebeland
GORMAN Daniel Carnalea
GORMAN Felix Tullarush
GORMAN Nogher, Jun. Dundivin
GORMAN Nogher, Sen. Dundivin
GORMAN Pat. Baronagh
GORMAN Patt. Aghafad
GORMAN Thomas Strattigore
GORMLEY Darby Stranisk
GORMLEY Michael Gargrim
GRAHAM William Lisnacreeve
GRAMES Widow Drafton
GRAMES William Arditiney
GRIFFIN Robert Cranny
GRIFFIN Robert Drummond
GRIFFIN Samuel Cranny
GUY John Attaghmore
GUY Robert Attaghmore
HACKETT James Agharonan
HACKETT John Aghafad
HALL Ben. Screen
HALL John Baronagh
HALL Robert Screen
HAMILTON Andrew Mullawiney
HAMILTON Archy. Aghafad
HAMILTON James Edenatoodry
HAMILTON John Carnalea
HAMILTON John Edenatoodry
HAMILTON John Lisdergan
HAMILTON John Sionfin
HAMILTON Mary Baronagh
HAMILTON Robert Carnalea
HAMILTON Sampson Sionfin
HAMILTON Samuel Carnalea
HAMILTON Samuel Dungorran
HAMILTON Thomas Dungorran
HAMILTON Thomas Killaberry
HAMILTON Thomas Sionfin
HAMILTON William Dungorran
HAMILTON William Screen
HAMILTON William Sionfin
HANNA Robert Dunamona Glebeland
HARDY Thomas Raveagh
HEAGNEY Michael Cranny
HEAGNEY Michael Lisnagardy
HENDERSON Francis Drumlagher
HENDERSON George Corashesk
HENDERSON John Tattymoyle Lwr. (Mr Porter’s)
HENDERSON William Tattymoyle Lwr. (Mr Porter’s)
HILLEY James Carriglass
HOOD John Edenasop
HOOEY John Lisnacreeve
HOUSTON John Cranny
HOUSTON William, Sen. Arditiney
HUGHES Corney Legatigal
HUGHES James Scregagh
HUGHES Tom Scregagh
HUGHES William Gargrim
HUNTER James Dunamona
IRVIN James Corbally
IRVINE Henry Drumlagher
IRVINE John Aghafad
IRVINE John Drumlagher
IRVINE Thomas Mullans & Roughan
IRVINE William Dungorran
ISAAC Robert Tattymoyle
ISAAC Robert Tattymoyle Lwr. (Mr Porter’s)
ISAAC Simeon Tattymoyle Lwr. (Mr Porter’s)
ISAAC Widow Tattymoyle
JOB Andy Tattymoyle Lwr. (Mr Porter’s)
JOBB Andrew Corashesk
JOBB Andy Tattymoyle
JOBB Robert Tattymoyle
JOBB Samuel Aghafad
JOHNSON John Killaliss
JOHNSTON John Skelgagh
JOHNSTON William Skelgagh
JOHNSTON William Tonnaghmore
KANE John Baronagh
KEAGNEY James Dunamona Glebeland
KELLY Bernard Tullarush
KELLY Bryan Strabane
KELLY Dominic Stranisk
KELLY Edward Aghafad
KELLY Edward Corashesk
KELLY Hugh Tyreenan
KELLY James Corbally
KELLY James Derrybard
KELLY James Edenasop
KELLY John Carnarosk
KELLY John Killaliss
KELLY John Mullasiloga
KELLY Lawrence Corbally
KELLY Owen Agharonan
KELLY Owen Cator
KELLY Pat. (miller) Corashesk
KELLY Patt. Cator
KELLY Patt. Derrybard
KELLY Patt. Dunamona Glebeland
KELLY Patt. Raneese
KELLY Patt. Screen
KELLY Patt. Tattymoyle Lwr. (Mr Porter’s)
KELLY Patt. Tyreenan
KELLY Peter Raneese
KELLY Teague Stranisk
KELLY Thomas Tullarush
KELLY Thomas Tyreenan
KELLY Timothy Tattymoyle
KELLY Widow Killaliss
KELLY Widow Lisnagardy
KELLY Widow Tyreenan
KELLY Widow John Tullarush
KELLY Widow Thomas Tullarush
KERR John Aghafad
KERR Owen Killaberry
KERR Patt. Aghafad
KERR Thomas Aghafad
KEYS Joseph Lisnacreeve
KEYS Richard Edenasop
KEYS Richard Lisnagardy
KING James Tonnaghmore
KING John Dundivin
KING John Tonnaghmore
KING Thomas Lisnacreeve
KING Widow Cranny
KING Widow Dungorran
KING Widow Lisnacreeve
KING William Cavan
KING William Dunamona Glebeland
KING William Fallahearn
KING William Lisnagardy
KYLE Alexander Cavan
LAMMY Alexander Tattymoyle
LAMMY Samuel Tattymoyle
LAMMY Simeon Tattymoyle
LAPSLIE Cristy Scregagh
LAPSLIE Thomas Scregagh
LAUGHLIN Samuel Gargrim
LEITER John Carnalea
LEVISTON Widow Aghafad
LINDSAY James Lisnacreeve
LINDSAY Widow Lisnacreeve
LINDSAY William Mullawiney
LITTLE Charles Lisnacreeve
LITTLE John Lurganboy
LITTLE Stewart Agharonan
LITTLE William Lisnacreeve
LOAN Mathew Dundivin
LOAN Matthew Edenatoodry
LOAN Philip Dundivin
LOAN Thomas Dundivin
LOUGHLIN Samuel Drafton
LOUGHLIN William Drafton
LOUGHRAN John Glennan
LUCAS Charles R. Esq. Cavan
LYN John Cranny
LYNCH Matthew Edenatoodry
MACHESNEY Samuel Kilgort
MACMENAMY Cairnes Lisnacreeve
MALLAGHAN Neil Derrybard
MALLAGHAN Patt. Carnalea
MARTIN Andy Glennan
MARTIN Claudius Legamaghry
MARTIN James, Jun. Glennan
MARTIN James, Sen. Glennan
MARTIN Michael Corbally
MARTIN Owen Corbally
MARTIN Pat. Legamaghry
MARTIN Patt. Corbally
MAXWELL George Killaliss
MAZE William Mullawiney
McANASTRY [McANASPIE?] Mick Lisnagardy
McAREE Francis Carnalea
McAREE Francis Dunamona Glebeland
McATEE John Aghafad
McATEE William Aghafad
McBRINE Arthur Edenafogry
McBRINE Edward Edenatoodry
McBRINE Frank Tattymoyle Lwr. (Mr Porter’s)
McBRINE Hugh Freughmore
McBRINE Pat. Baronagh
McBRYAN John Tattymoyle
McCAFFREY Patt. Stranisk
McCAFFREY Philip Stranisk
McCAFFREY Terence Lisnagardy
McCAFREY Edward Tattymoyle Lwr. (Mr Porter’s)
McCAFREY Widow Tattymoyle Lwr. (Mr Porter’s)
McCALLEN Hugh Corashesk
McCALLEN James Lurganboy
McCALLEN John Lurganboy
McCALLEN Michael Tattymoyle
McCALLEN Patt. Lurganboy
McCALLEN Phill. Raneese
McCALLIN John Roe Lurganboy
McCALLIN Patt. Carnalea
McCANN Henry Crocknafarbrague
McCANN Hugh Agharonan
McCANN James Carriglass
McCANN James Legamaghry
McCANN John Agharonan
McCARNEY Art. Carriglass
McCARNEY Art. Tattymoyle Lwr. (Mr Porter’s)
McCARNEY Francis Tattymoyle Lwr. (Mr Porter’s)
McCARNEY Hugh Skelgagh
McCARNEY James Strabane
McCARNEY Michael Carriglass
McCARNEY Mick Corashesk
McCARNEY Owen Carriglass
McCARNEY Owen Raneese
McCARNEY Pat. Carriglass
McCARNEY Pat. Corashesk
McCARNEY Pat. Tattymoyle Lwr. (Mr Porter’s)
McCARNEY Patt. Killaberry
McCARNEY Peter Raveagh
McCARNEY Richard Corashesk
McCARNEY Thomas Raneese
McCARNEY Tom Corashesk
McCARNEY Widow Tattymoyle Lwr. (Mr Porter’s)
McCARNEY (McKARNEY) Neil Aghafad
McCARROLL Barney Cator
McCARROLL Felix Gargrim
McCARROLL Hugh Raneese
McCARROLL James Strattigore
McCARROLL Owen Dunamona Glebeland
McCARRON Michael Tyreenan
McCARRON Peter Dundivin
McCART Bryan Kilgort
McCARTIN Patt. Aghafad
McCAULEY Thomas Aghafad
McCAUSLAND John Garvala
McCAVILL Bartly Lisnabulrevey
McCAVILL Francis Carnarosk
McCAVILL Francis Tattymoyle
McCAVILL James Tattymoyle
McCAVILL Michael Tattymoyle
McCAVILL Pat. Screen
McCAVILL Thomas Lisnabulrevey
McCAVILL Widow Killaberry
McCLARIN Widow Kilgort
McCLUNG George Drafton
McCLUNG James Drafton
McCLUNG James Skelgagh
McCLUNG John Cranny
McCLUNG John Skelgagh
McCLUNG Lendrum Drafton
McCLUNG Robert Skelgagh
McCLUNG Samuel Aghafad
McCLUNG Samuel Lackagh
McCLUNG Samuel Lisnacreeve
McCLUNG Samuel Tyreenan
McCLUNG William Skelgagh
McCORMACK Bernard Arditiney
McCORMACK James Corbally
McCORMACK Michael Tyreenan
McCORMACK Patt. Corbally
McCORMACK Thomas Tonaghbeg
McCORMACK Widow Corbally
McCOY John Strabane
McCRACKIN David Agharonan
McCRACKIN Widow Agharonan
McCREANOR Hugh Derrybard
McCREANOR Patt. Raneese
McCREANOR Solomon Raneese
McCREANOR Widow of Pat. Raneese
McCREANOR Widow of Phill. Derrybard
McCRERY Shane Lackagh
McCRERY Simeon Raneese
McCRISTAL Edward Garvala
McCRISTAL James Tonnaghmore
McCRISTAL Pat. Garvala
McCRISTAL Stephen Garvala
McCROARKIN Pat. Tattymoyle
McCROARKIN Tom Tattymoyle Lwr. (Mr Porter’s)
McCULGAN Barney Lurganboy
McCULGAN Edward Lurganboy
McCULGAN John Lurganboy
McCUSKER Art. Killaberry
McCUSKER Art. Stranisk
McCUSKER Barney Stranisk
McCUSKER Con. Stranisk
McCUSKER Francis Edenatoodry
McCUSKER Francis Lackagh
McCUSKER Hugh Stranisk
McCUSKER James Carnalea
McCUSKER James Corashesk
McCUSKER James Crocknafarbrague
McCUSKER James Killamoonan
McCUSKER James Lurganboy
McCUSKER James Stranisk
McCUSKER John Lurganboy
McCUSKER John Stranisk
McCUSKER Michael Stranisk
McCUSKER Neil Mullasiloga
McCUSKER Neil Screen
McCUSKER Nogher Mullasiloga
McCUSKER Owen Agharonan
McCUSKER Owen Sionee
McCUSKER Owen Tyreenan
McCUSKER Pat. Stranisk
McCUSKER Pat. Tonaghbeg
McCUSKER Patt. Aghafad
McCUSKER Peter Corbally
McCUSKER Phill Mullasiloga
McCUSKER Thomas Stranisk
McCUSKER Thomas Tattymoyle
McCUSKER Tom Carnalea
McCUSKER Widow Garvala
McCUSKER Widow Stranisk
McCUSKER Widow Tonaghbeg
McCUTCHEON Thomas Cranny
McDERMOTT Alexander Edenasop
McDONALD Matthew Mullasiloga
McELBRIDE Hugh Dundivin
McELROY James Garvala
McELROY John Cator
McELROY John Garvala
McELROY John Mullasiloga
McELROY Lanty Gargrim
McELROY Mary Garvala
McELROY Mary Raneese
McENHILL Daniel Baronagh
McENHILL Michael Legatigal
McENHILL Pat. Baronagh
McFARLAND Andy Drummond
McFARLAND John Drummond
McFARLAND John Legatigal
McFARLAND William Legatigal
McFEETERS John Sionfin
McFEETERS Robert Sionfin
McFETRIDGE James Gargrim
McFETRIDGE Robert Killaberry
McGAGHEY William Cranny
McGARITY Bryan Agharonan
McGARITY Miles Agharonan
McGHEE ....[?] Attaghmore
McGINN Hugh Kilgort
McGINN Terence Kilgort
McGIRR Atty. Tattymoyle Lwr. (Mr Porter’s)
McGIRR Edward Lackagh
McGIRR Felix Lackagh
McGIRR James Carriglass
McGIRR Owen Tattymoyle Lwr. (Mr Porter’s)
McGIRR Pat. Tattymoyle Lwr. (Mr Porter’s)
McGIRR Peter Lackagh
McGLINCHY Henry Aghafad
McGLINCHY Widow Aghafad
McGOUGH Bryan Raneese
McGOUGH Neil Derrybard
McGOUGH Owen Raneese
McGOUGH Pat. Raneese
McGOUGH Patt. Derrybard
McGOUGH Shane Raneese
McGOWAN Rodger Legamaghry
McGRA James Tonaghbeg
McGRANAGHAN Hugh Corashesk
McGRANAHAN Edward Carriglass
McGRATH Barclay Killamoonan
McGRATH Henry Killamoonan
McGRATH Michael Attaghmore
McGRATH Owen Killamoonan
McGRATH Pat. Killamoonan
McGRATH Thomas Killamoonan
McGRATH Widow Killamoonan
McGRENAGHAN Edward Carriglass
McGRENAGHAN James Corashesk
McGUIGAN Art. Lackagh
McGUIGAN Barney Legatigal
McGUIGAN Bridget Aghadreenan
McGUIGAN Henry Corbally
McGUIGAN Neil Aghafad
McGUIGAN Owen Lackagh
McGUIGAN Patt. Aghadreenan
McGUIGAN Patt. Lackagh
McGUIRE Frank Aghafad
McGUIRE Hugh Legamaghry
McGUIRE Michael Legamaghry
McGUIRE Owen Lisnacreeve
McGUIRE Terence Legamaghry
McILROY Alexander Agharonan
McINTIRE John Dunamona Glebeland
McKARNEY Henry Carriglass
McKARNEY Michael Aghafad
McKENNA Charles Mullawiney
McKENNA Hugh Garvala
McKENNA Ross Lackagh
McKENNA Widow Scregagh
McKEOWN Atty. Carnarosk
McKEOWN Francis Lisnabulrevey
McKEOWN Frank Lisdergan
McKEOWN George Lisnabulrevey
McKEOWN John Lisdergan
McKEOWN John Lisnabulrevey
McKERNEY Barney Tattymoyle Lwr. (Mr Porter’s)
McKERNEY Frank Stranisk
McKERNEY Hugh Stranisk
McKERNEY Owen Mullans & Roughan
McKINLEY Jo. Cator
McKINNEY Alexander Corbally
McKINNEY Francis Corbally
McKINNEY William Corbally
McLAUGHLIN Pat. Carriglass
McLAUGHLIN Peter Carriglass
McLEER James Attaghmore
McLEER Teague Attaghmore
McLUNNY Roger Garvala
McMACKIN Patt. Edenatoodry
McMACKIN Widow Strattigore
McMAHON Dennis Lackagh
McMAHON Lawrence Carriglass
McMENAMY Pat. Lisnacreeve
McMULKIN John Mullasiloga
McMULKIN John Tattymoyle
McMULLIN Pat. (miller) Tonnaghmore
McMULLIN Patt. Tyreenan
McNESPICK Hugh Mullawiney
McNESPICK Widow Lackagh
McNOGHER Daniel Corashesk
McNOGHER John Aghafad
McNOGHER John Drafton
McNOGHER Joseph Baronagh
McNULTY Hugh Carnalea
McNULTY Patt. Carnalea
McNULTY William Carnalea
McQUADE Felix Screen
McQUADE Francis Strabane
McQUADE Michael Screen
McQUADE Pat. Legamaghry
McQUAID Owen Corashesk
McQUOAN Francis Tullarush
McSORLEY ....[?] Baronagh
McWILLIAMS Barney Raveagh
McWILLIAMS Bryan Garvala
McWILLIAMS Dominick Garvala
McWILLIAMS Frank Garvala
McWILLIAMS Patt. Garvala
McWILLIAMS Thomas Raneese
McWILLIAMS Widow Legatigal
MEARLEY Art. Garvala
MEARLY Michael Agharonan
MEEGHAN Edward Aghafad
MEENAN John Edenasop
MELLON James Aghafad
MELLON Patt. Cavan
MILLER James Tattymoyle Lwr. (Mr Porter’s)
MILLER Peter Tattymoyle Lwr. (Mr Porter’s)
MINNAGH Henry Freughmore
MINNAGH James Dunamona Glebeland
MINNAGH John Corbally
MINNAGH John Dunamona Glebeland
MINNAGH John Freughmore
MINNAGH Michael Carriglass
MINNAGH Michael Glennan
MINNAGH Owen Tattymoyle Lwr. (Mr Porter’s)
MINNAGH Widow Corbally
MITCHELL Charles Raveagh
MITCHELL James Raveagh
MITCHELL John Raveagh
MOFFATT Andrew Screen
MOLLOY Frank Lisnagardy
MOLLOY Henry Lisnagardy
MONAGHAN Art. Mullasiloga
MONAGHAN Atty. Tattymoyle
MONAGHAN Bryan Tattymoyle
MONAGHAN Edward Sionfin
MONAGHAN Edward Tullarush
MONAGHAN Felix Lisavaddy
MONAGHAN Henry Carriglass
MONAGHAN Hugh Tattymoyle
MONAGHAN James Carriglass
MONAGHAN John Lisnagardy
MONAGHAN Lanty Carriglass
MONAGHAN Michael Carriglass
MONAGHAN Pat. Carriglass
MONAGHAN Pat. Tattymoyle
MONAGHAN Rodger Carriglass
MONAGHAN William Tattymoyle Lwr. (Mr Porter’s)
MONTGOMERY William Strattigore
MONTOOTH Edward Mullawiney
MONTOOTH James Mullawiney
MONTOOTH John Skelgagh
MONTOOTH John (bog) Cranny
MONTOOTH Joseph Mullawiney
MONTOOTH Robert Cranny
MOORE Andrew Aghafad
MOORE Charles Mullans & Roughan
MOORE James Drummond
MOORE James Tonnaghmore
MOORE John Aghafad
MOORE John Gargrim
MOORE John Tonnaghmore
MOORE Robert Freughmore
MOORE Robert Tonnaghmore
MOORE Samuel Drummond
MOORE Thomas Aghafad
MOORE Thomas Lisnacreeve
MOORE Thomas Tonnaghmore
MOORE William Aghafad
MOORE William Agharonan
MOORE William Strattigore
MORRIS Hugh Garvala
MORRIS James Agharonan
MORRIS James Mullawiney
MORRIS Widow Garvala
MOSGROVE Andy Killaliss
MOSGROVE James Tullavelly
MOSGROVE John Kilgort
MOSGROVE John Tullavelly
MOSGROVE Joseph Tullavelly
MOSGROVE Simpson Strattigore
MOSGROVE Surgeon Tullavelly
MULLAN Edward Crocknafarbrague
MULLAN Laurence Screen
MULLAN Phillemy Crocknafarbrague
MULLAN Thomas Strattigore
MULLAND Gilly Glennan
MULLAND James Cranny
MULLAND Pat. Tonnaghmore
MULLAND Phillemy Baronagh
MULLAND Terence Lisnacreeve
MULLEN James Agharonan
MULLEN James Baronagh
MULLEN Owen Derrybard
MULLIN Thomas Cavan
MURRAY Pat. Mullasiloga
MURRAY Richard Agharonan
MURRAY Terence Carriglass
MURRY James Garvala
NEALIS James Raneese
NEALIS Mick Raneese
NEALIS Stephen Raneese
NEILSON William Attaghmore
NEILY Widow Cranny
NEVILLE William Agharonan
NOBLE Andy Lisnacreeve
NOBLE Archy Arditiney
NOBLE Archy Garvala
NOBLE Arthur Strattigore
NOBLE Arthur Tullarush
NOBLE Charles Dungorran
NOBLE Charles Tullarush
NOBLE Daniel Lisnacreeve
NOBLE James Drumlagher
NOBLE John Tullarush
NOBLE Robert Lisnacreeve
NOBLE Thomas Dungorran
O’HARA James Kilgort
O’NEIL Daniel Edenatoodry
ORR Henry Sionee
ORR James Drummond
ORR John Sionee
ORR Joseph Freughmore
ORR Matthew Mullawiney
ORR Robert Legatigal
ORR Robert Sionee
ORR William Sionee
OWENS James Aghafad
OWENS Patt. Tullarush
PARK George Agharonan
PATTEN Andy Killamoonan
PATTEN Samuel Killamoonan
PERRY John Lisnagardy
PERRY Matthew Screen
PERRY William Carnalea
PICKEN James Drumlagher
PICKEN John Tattymoyle
PICKEN Joseph Tattymoyle Lwr. (Mr Porter’s
PORTER Rev. T.G. Tattymoyle Lwr. (Mr Porter’s)
PRINGLE Hugh Dundivin
QUIN Andrew Cranny
QUIN Art. Tonaghbeg
QUIN Charles Dunamona
QUIN Edward Dunamona
QUIN Thomas Dunamona
RAFFERTY Michael Aghafad
RAFFERTY Owen Gargrim
RAFFERTY Pat. Gargrim
RAFFERTY Peter Aghafad
RAFFERTY Terence Aghafad
RAFFERTY Widow Lisnacreeve
RAMSAY Andy Sionfin
RAMSAY James Lisnacreeve
RAMSAY John Aghafad
RAMSAY John Lisdergan
RAMSAY John Sionfin
RAMSAY Widow Tyreenan
REA Francis Cavan
REA John Cavan
RELAGHAN Edward Cranny
RELAHAN Owen Garvala
ROB William Mullawiney
ROBINSON Hugh Dunamona Glebeland
ROBINSON James Aghafad
ROBINSON William Dunamona
SAMPSON John Killaliss
SAMPSON Mr? Edenasop
SCOTT Alexander Freughmore
SCOTT John Tullavelly
SCOTT Joseph Freughmore
SCULLEY Barney Lisnacreeve
SCULLY Patt. Cavan
SHARKEY Cormack Tullarush
SHARKEY Cormick Strabane
SHARKEY Widow Tonaghbeg
SHARKEY Widow Tullarush
SHEARARD James Killaliss
SHEARARD James Strattigore
SHERIDAN Owen Aghadreenan
SHERRY James Baronagh
SHERRY Patt. Aghafad
SIMPSON James Kilgort
SIMPSON Robert Aghafad
SKELTON Mick Lisnagardy
SLEAVIN Gilly Derrybard
SLEAVIN Patt. Stranisk
SLEAVIN Terence Stranisk
SLEVIN John Arditiney
SLEVIN Michael Freughmore
SLEVIN Terence Crocknafarbrague
SLEVIN Toal Lisnagardy
SLEVIN Widow Freughmore
SLUDDIN Hugh Drumlagher
SLUDDIN John Dunamona Glebeland
SLUDDIN Tolly Dunamona Glebeland
SLUDDIN Toy Sionee
SLUDDIN Widow of Patt. Dunamona Glebeland
SMYTH Hugh Tattymoyle Lwr. (Mr Porter’s)
SMYTH James Freughmore
SMYTH Nathan Mullawiney
SOLLY Neil & son Freughmore
STARRITT William Freughmore
STARS Arthur Baronagh
STARS Edward Dunamona
STARS Michael Attaghmore
STARS Peter Attaghmore
STEEN Jo. Freughmore
STEEN Jos. Edenatoodry
STEEN Joseph Tullavelly
STRAIN Alexander Kilgort
STRAIN David Kilgort
STRAIN John Kilgort
SURGEON Robert Baronagh
TAGART William Esq. Carnalea
TAYLOR Francis Edenafogry
TAYLOR Frank Tattymulmona
TAYLOR John Legatigal
TAYLOR Mrs. Attaghmore
TAYLOR Robert Legatigal
TAYLOR Widow Tattymulmona
TAYLOR William Legatigal
TEAGUE Francis Aghafad
TEAGUE Pat. Lisnagardy
TEAGUE Pat. Tattymoyle Lwr. (Mr Porter’s)
TEAGUE Widow Derrybard
TEARNEY James Carriglass
TEARNEY Patt. Crocknafarbrague
TEARNEY Terence Carriglass
TENANT Robert Edenatoodry
TERNAN Art. Derrybard
TERNAN Art. Raneese
TERNAN Bryan Raneese
TERNAN Edward Derrybard
TERNAN Edward Raneese
TERNAN James Derrybard
TERNAN Michael Lisnacreeve
TOMES Rev. William Dundivin
TOMES Rev. William Sionfin
TRAINOR Matthew Raneese
TREACY Edward Glennan
TREANOR Owen Derrybard
TREANOR Widow Derrybard
TREANOR William Glennan
VAUGHAN Edward Dungorran
VAUGHAN Henry Dungorran
VAUGHAN James Dungorran
VEASY Rev. Dr. Derrybard
VEASY Rev. Dr. Garvala
VESEY Rev. Dr. Agharonan
VESEY Rev. Dr. Raneese
WALLACE Mrs. Agharonan
WALLACE William Mullans & Roughan
WARNOCK Robert Corbally
WATSON James Glennan
WATT Hamilton Dunamona Glebeland
WELDON Andy Dungorran
WELDON Francis Drafton
WELDON Thomas Dungorran
WEST Carson Mullans & Roughan
WEST James Mullans & Roughan
WILSON Alexander Gulladuff
WILSON Alexander Tonnaghmore
WILSON Andrew Arditiney
WILSON Isaac Tattymoyle
WILSON John Arditiney
WILSON John Gulladuff
WILSON John Sionee
WILSON John Tullavelly
WILSON Matthew Drummond
WILSON Robert Dunamona Glebeland
WILSON Widow Tullavelly
WILSON Widow of John & son Agharonan
WILSON William Gulladuff
WILSON William Tattymoyle
WILSON William Tattymoyle Lwr. (Mr Porter’s)
WILSON William Tonaghbeg
WILSON William Tonnaghmore
WILSON William, Jun. Tonaghbeg
WILSON William, Sen. Tonaghbeg
WOODS Arthur Mullawiney
WOODS Arthur Skelgagh
WOODS Peter Tyreenan
WOODS Thomas Skelgagh
YOUNG James Edenafogry
YOUNG James Fallahearn
YOUNG James Tattymulmona
YOUNG John Edenafogry
YOUNG Mrs Edenafogry
YOUNG Robert Tattymulmona
YOUNG William Dunamona Glebeland