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Index to Tithe Applotment Book, Desertcreat Parish, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland 1825

Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, Belfast (PRONI) Ref: FIN 5A/97/1
LDS Film # 258453
Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


Tithe was a tax on all agricultural land (originally one tenth of the produce) excepting only church lands, glebes and urban areas and was paid by leaseholders and occupiers of all religious denominations to the clergy of the Established Church of Ireland. There was growing resentment against this tax, especially by Presbyterians and Catholics, particularly in the period of distress after 1815 and the government was forced to give way and introduce the Tithe Composition Act 1823 which replaced payment in kind by payment in cash.

In order to effect this change, all agricultural land across the country was required to be surveyed and applotted, or valued. During the period 1823 to 1837, a Tithe Applotment Survey was made in each civil parish across the whole of Ireland to determine the value of tithe payable by different landholders. Two people were appointed by each parish to carry out this assessment. The material was arranged by civil parish and townland in volumes known as TITHE APPLOTMENT BOOKS.

In some parishes more than one survey was taken, whilst in others the manuscript has not survived. The books for all Ireland, compiled between 1823 and 1837, are now deposited in the National Archives of Ireland, Dublin and Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI).

PRONI holds the tithe books for all but 31 of the 273 parishes then surveyed in Northern Ireland. These tithe books are arranged by townland and record the names of leaseholders, the area of their farm subject to tithe, sometimes the quality of the land and an overall valuation and occasionally the names of landlords. Researchers should be aware that cottiers who did not hold land are not recorded, and unaccountably, some types of land were passed over entirely; a field of potatoes attracted a tithe payment in one parish, but not in that adjoining.

Those researchers who are fortunate to locate a forebear in the Tithe Applotment Books may find it possible to take their research back a further generation prior to Griffiths Valuation.



Townland Townland Townland Townland
Allen Annaghananam Annaghmore Annaghquin
Annaghteige Annahavil Ballymully Glebe Ballynacroy
Ballynakilly Bardahessiagh Cady Carnenny
Cross Glebe Derrygortanea Derryhash Derryragha
Desertcrea Donaghrisk Downs Drumballyhugh
Drummillard Drumraw Edendoit Finvey
Galcussagh Gortacar (Doris) Gortacar (Glassy) Gortagowan
Gortavale Gortavilly Gortfad Gortfad Glebe
Gortindarragh (Detached portion) Gortindarragh (Main portion) Grange Killycolp
Killygarvan Killyneedan Kiltyclay Kiltyclogher
Knocknavaddy Lammy Legacurry Limehill
Lisnanane Loughry (Part of) Low Cross Moneygaragh
Moree Moymore Moynagh Mullaghshantullagh
Mullynure Oughterard Pomeroy (part of) Rockdale
Sessia (Murphy) Sessia (Scott) Shivey Skenahergny
Skenarget Tirnaskea Tirnaskea (Bayly) Tolvin
Tully Tullyard Tullyhog Tullylagan
Tullyodonnell Tullyreavy



Townland Townland Townland Townland
Allen Annagavill Annagh’s Annaghquin
Ballimully Ballinacroy Ballinakelly Bardahash
Barny-Cross [Lower Cross] Cady Corneany Derrygortenay
Derryhash Derryraghan Donaghrisk Downs
Drumballihugh Drumconnor Drumillard Drumraw
Dysartcreat Edendoite Finvay Galhussagh
Glebe-Cross Gortagowan Gortandaragh Gortavilly
Gortfad Gorticar Dooras Gorticar Glassy Gortivale
Killycollop Killygarvin Killyneedan Kilticleagh Hamilton
Kilticleagh Nevins Kiltyclogher Knockan Knockavaddy’s
Lamy Legacurry Lime Hill Lisnaneane
Mollenure Momore Monegaragh Moree
Moynagh Mullaghbuy Sessagh Scott Shivey
Skinahergny Skinnergate Tolvin’s Tulliard
Tullihogg (Sessiagh) [Sessiagh Lindesay] Tullilagan Tullyodonell Tullyreavy
Turnaskea Baillie Turnaskea Mountain Waterard



ADAMS John Lime Hill
ADAMS William Lime Hill
AGNEW Dennis Tullyreavy
AGNEW Thomas Moree
AGNEW Thomas Skinahergny
ALEXANDER William Shivey
ALLEN William Tullyreavy
ANDERSON John Tolvin’s
ANDERSON Widow Tolvin’s
ARMSTRONG David Momore
ARMSTRONG John Lime Hill
BAILLIE Mrs Gorticar Glassy
BAILLIE Mrs Turnaskea Baillie
BALLANTINE William Gortavilly
BANKS John Annagh’s
BANNON Edward Lime Hill
BARCLAY George Glebe-Cross
BATES Thomas Derryhash
BEATTY George Lisnaneane
BEATTY Jacob Lisnaneane
BEATTY Widow Lisnaneane
BEGGS William Annagavill
BEGGS William Drumconnor
BELL William Gortivale
BENNET Samuel Ballimully
BENNISON Joseph Carneany
BENNISON’S farm   Derryhash
BLACK Henry Gorticar Glassy
BLACK James Drumconnor
BLACK Joseph Glebe-Cross
BLACK Samuel Glebe-Cross
BLACK Thomas Derrygortenay
BLACK Widow Ballinacroy
BLACK William Derrygortenay
BLACKWOOD James Dysartcreat [Desertcreat]
BLACKWOOD Thomas Downs
BLAIR David Donaghrisk
BLUMER Robert Turnaskea Baillie
BOYD Edward Tolvin’s
BOYD Edward Tullilagan
BOYD James Allen
BOYD James (mill) Waterard [Oughterard]
BOYD James, Jun. Knockavaddy’s
BOYD James, Jun. Sessagh Scott
BOYD James, Sen. Knockavaddy’s
BOYD James, Sen. Monegaragh
BOYD John Annagavill
BOYD Thomas Allen
BOYD Thomas Drumballihugh
BOYD William Knockavaddy’s
BOYD William Monegaragh
BOYD William Moree
BOYD William Sessagh Scott
BOYLE John Gortavilly
BOYLE William Gortavilly
BRADLY Patt. Carneany [Carnenny]
BRANIGAN Charles Gortandagh
BRANIGAN Lanty Gortandagh
BRANIGAN Nougher Gortandagh
BRANNIGAN Bernard Turnaskea Mountain
BRANNIGAN Michael Lisnaneane
BREEN John Bardahash [Bardahessiagh]
BREEN Pat. Moynagh
BROMAGE John Momore
BROWN Rev. Mr. Lime Hill
BROWN Samuel Gorticar Dooras
BROWN Thomas Lime Hill
BROWNE Robert Kiltycleagh Nevins
BRYANS Dennis Mollenure [Mullynure]
BRYARS James Annagh’s
BRYARS James Ballinacroy
BUCHANAN William Drumballihugh
BURNS Hugh Downs
BURNS William Downs
CAMPBELL Anthony Turnaskea Baillie
CAMPBELL Francis Lisnaneane
CAMPBELL George Lisnaneane
CAMPBELL George Tullyodonell
CAMPBELL Hugh Tullyodonell
CAMPBELL John Mullaghbuy
CAMPBELL John Tullyodonell
CAMPBELL Patt. Gorticar Dooras
CANNON Thomas Tulliard
CARBERY Patrick Drumraw
CARDWELL John Bardahash [Bardahessiagh]
CARDWELL Robert Bardahash [Bardahessiagh]
CARDWELL William Bardahash [Bardahessiagh]
CARLAN John Waterard [Oughterard]
CARLIN James Tullyodonell
CARLIN Michael Tullyodonell
CAROTHERS Mr. Edendoite
CAROTHERS Mr/ Wm? Gortandagh
CARR Tague Mullaghbuy
CARR Thomas Sessagh Murphy
CARR Widow Lisnaneane
CARRICK ....? Lime Hill
CARROL Robert Killygarvin
CARSON Archy Moree
CARSON Archy Waterard [Oughterard]
CARSON Widow Moree
CARSON William Glebe-Cross
CAVANAGH Michael Lime Hill
CAVANAGH Mick Momore
CAVANAGH Widow Momore
CLARKE Terence Lime Hill
COARY Bernard Knockavaddy’s
COARY Hugh Sessagh Scott
COLLIGAN Thomas Tullihogg (Sessagh) [Sessiagh Lindesay]
COLLINS Mrs Donaghrisk
CONLAN Bernard Gortivale
CONLAN Robert Allen
CONN James Downs
CONN William Legacurry
CONNOR Bernard Tulliard
CONNOR James Tulliard
CONNOR John Lisnaneane
CONWAY Charles Skinahergny
CONWAY Francis Tullyreavy
CONWAY Michael Lime Hill
COOK James Donaghrisk
COOPER Robert Gortfad
COOPER William Killycollop
CORR Charles Mollenure [Mullynure]
CORR David Momore
CORR Denis Edendoite
CORR Dennis Momore
CORR Michael Carneany
CORR Michael Mollenure [Mullynure]
CORR Pat. Mollenure [Mullynure]
CORR Terence Edendoite
CORR Terrence Mollenure [Mullynure]
CORRIGAN Hugh Bardahash [Bardahessiagh]
CORRIGAN Owen Carneany [Carnenny]
CORRIGAN Patt. Carneany [Carnenny]
CORRIGAN William Bardahash [Bardahessiagh]
CORRORAN Thomas Gorticar Dooras
COWAN George Donaghrisk
COWAN John Barny-Cross [Lower Cross]
CRAWFORD James Drumillard
CRAWFORD Samuel Barny-Cross [Lower Cross]
CRIGAN James Knockavaddy’s
CRIGAN Pat. Tolvin’s
CRIGAN William Kiltycleagh Hamilton
CRIGGAN Henry Bardahash [Bardahessiagh]
CROSS Thomas Mollenure [Mullynure]
CROSS Widow Mollenure [Mullynure]
CROSS William Mollenure [Mullynure]
CROZIER Mr. Annagh’s
CUNNINGHAM Felix Carneany
CUNNINGHAM John Turnaskea Baillie
CUNNINGHAM Patt. Tullyodonell
CUNNINGHAM Peter Lime Hill
CUNNINGHAM Thomas Carneany
CUSH John Derryraghan
DAVIDSON James Derrygortenay
DAVIDSON Joseph Allen
DAVIDSON Thomas Derrygortenay
DAVISON James Annagavill
DAWLEY James Drumconnor
DAWLEY Pat. Drumconnor
DAWLY John Lime Hill
DAWLY/ DONLY? James Momore
DENNISON Thomas Derryraghan
DEVLIN Edward Lime Hill
DEVLIN Pat. Gortivale
DEVLIN Thomas Tullihogg (Sessagh) [Sessiagh Lindesay]
DEVLIN Widow Gortivale
DICKEY Widow Tolvin’s
DICKSON George Bardahash [Bardahessiagh]
DILLON Edward Gorticar Dooras
DILLON William Gorticar Dooras
DIXON Dr. Killyneedan
DIXON George Lamy
DIXON John Drumillard
DIXON John Lisnaneane
DIXON John Waterard [Oughterard]
DIXON Surgeon Killygarvin
DONAGHY Francis Galhussagh
DONAGHY John Drumconnor
DONAGHY John Lime Hill
DONAGHY John Tullyreavy
DONAGHY Michael Drumconnor
DONAGHY Terence Galhussagh
DONELLY Owen Moree
DONELLY Pat. Moree
DONELLY Widow Sessagh Scott
DONLEY Art Tullyodonell
DONLEY John Tullyodonell
DONLEY Lanty Tullyodonell
DONLY Bernard Carneany [Carnenny]
DONLY Bernard Lime Hill
DONLY Daniel Lime Hill
DONLY Felix Lime Hill
DONLY Henry Carneany [Carnenny]
DONLY John Gortandagh
DONLY John Lime Hill
DONLY John Momore
DONLY Patrick Lime Hill
DONLY Patt. Gortandagh
DONLY Peter Gortandagh
DONLY Peter Tullyodonell
DONLY Philemy Lime Hill
DONLY Thomas Lime Hill
DONLY/ DAWLY? James Momore
DONNELLY ....? Lime Hill
DOOGAN Patrick Momore
DOORAS Bernard Gorticar Dooras
DOORAS John Gorticar Dooras
DOORAS William Gorticar Dooras
DOORIS Bernard Drumillard
DOORIS Neale Drumillard
DOORIS Neece Drumillard
DOORIS Owen Drumillard
DOORIS Pat. Drumillard
DOORIS Terence Drumillard
DOORIS Widow Glebe-Cross
DOORIS Widow Tullilagan
DOUGLAS James Tolvin’s
DUNN James Tullihogg (Sessagh) [Sessiagh Lindesay]
DUNN John Tulliard
EARLY Widow Annagavill
ECCLES Adam Gortavilly
ECCLES John Annagavill
ECCLES Thomas Lisnaneane
EDMONDS James Ballimully
EDMONDS James Barny-Cross [Lower Cross]
EDMONDS James Donaghrisk
EDMONDS James Downs
EDMONDS Robert Barny-Cross [Lower Cross]
EDMONDS Samuel Barny-Cross [Lower Cross]
EDMONDS Samuel Killygarvin
ELLIOT William Tullyreavy
EVANS Rev. Mr. Lime Hill
FARRELL John Momore
FERGUSON James Killycollop
FERGUSON John Gortavilly
FERGUSON Samuel Turnaskea Baillie
FERRALL John Lime Hill
FLEMING William Annagh’s
FORREST David Tullihogg (Sessagh) [Sessiagh Lindesay]
FORSYTH Robert Annagh’s
FOSTER John Tolvin’s
FOX Thomas Knockavaddy’s
FREEBORNE John Lisnaneane
GARRETT Francis Carneany [Carnenny]
GARRETT James Carneany[Carnenny]
GATENS Hugh Lime Hill
GAUTT Alexander Annagavill
GAUTT James Annagavill
GIBSON George Turnaskea Baillie
GILCHRIST Henry Barny-Cross [Lower Cross]
GILLIAN Widow Gorticar Dooras
GILLIES Robert Allen
GILMORE John Lime Hill
GILMORE John Lisnaneane
GILMORE Murty Lime Hill
GILMORE Patrick Lime Hill
GIRVIN James Drumballihugh
GLASSY Mick Annagh’s
GOODWIN James Derrygortenay
GREEN Thomas, Esq. Drumraw
GREER James Finvay
GREER James Skinnergate [Skenarget]
GREER Robert Annagh’s
GREER Robert Gortavilly
GREER Robert Shivey
GREER Thomas Killyneedan
GREER Thomas, Esq. Ballinakelly
GREER Thomas, Esq. Lisnaneane
GREER Thomas, Esq. Tullilagan
GREER Thomas, Esq. (Connor) Tulliard
GREER Thomas, Esq. (next McCulloghs) Tulliard
GREER William Momore
GREER William, Esq. Gortagowan
GREER William, Esq. Tullilagan
GRIFFITH Thomas Barny-Cross [Lower Cross]
GRIMES Edward Bardahash [Bardahessiagh]
GRIMES James Derryhash
GRIMES John Moree
GROGAN James Lisnaneane
GROGAN John Lisnaneane
GROGAN Robert Lisnaneane
GROOGAN James Lime Hill
HAGAN Brian Gortandagh
HAGAN David Killyneedan
HAGAN James Tullyreavy
HAGAN James (meadow) Skinahergny
HAGAN John Killyneedan
HALL ...?, Esq. Ballinakelly
HAMILL Henry Gortivale
HAMILTON Henry Gorticar Dooras
HAMILTON James Kiltycleagh Hamilton
HAMILTON Mr. Gortfad
HAMILTON Robert, Jun. Lamy
HAMILTON Robert, Sen. Lamy
HAMILTON Stewart Lamy
HAMMOND William Killycollop
HANNA John Donaghrisk
HARKNESS Rev. William Kiltycleagh Nevins
HARPER Thomas Donaghrisk
HARPUR Thomas Tullihogg (Sessagh) [Sessiagh Lindesay]
HART James Gortivale
HART John Dysartcreat [Desertcreat]
HART Neill Momore
HAUGHY Michael Lisnaneane
HAVERN Thomas Derrygortenay
HAWKSHAW Alexander Killyneedan
HAWKSHAW Alexander Tulliard
HAWSHAW Charles Killyneedan
HAWSHAW William Killyneedan
HAWTHORN Thomas Tullihogg (Sessagh) [Sessiagh Lindesay]
HAYS John Skinahergny
HEARD William Tulliard
HEARN John Donaghrisk
HEARN Rev. Mr. Shivey
HENDERSON William Annagh’s
HENNAN William Gortavilly
HENRY Robert Anaghquin
HENRY William Annagh’s
HEWIT George Tolvin’s
HIDE Joseph Gortfad
HOLMES Alexander Downs
HOOD James Waterard [Oughterard]
HOOD Robert Waterard [Oughterard]
HOPKINS Edward Lime Hill
HOPKINS Terrence Lime Hill
HOWARD Thomas Tullihogg (Sessagh) [Sessiagh Lindesay]
HOWARD William Drumconnor
HOWARD William Tullihogg (Sessagh) [Sessiagh Lindesay]
HUGGINS William Skinnergate
HUGHES Dan Derrygortenay
HUGHES John Derrygortenay
HUGHES John Lisnaneane
HUGHES Neale Drumillard
HUGHES Patrick Derrygortenay
HUGHES Peter Mollenure [Mullynure]
HUGHES Terence Tullyodonell
HUGHES Widow Lisnaneane
HUGHES William Derrygortenay
HUNTER James Gorticar Glassy
HUTCHINSON Robert Gortavilly
HUTTON John Tullihogg (Sessagh) [Sessiagh Lindesay]
HUTTON William Derrygortenay
IRWIN Widow Skinnergate [Skenarget]
JOHNSON Edward Lamy
JOHNSON John Waterard [Oughterard]
JOHNSON Nathaniel Tullihogg (Sessagh) [Sessiagh Lindesay]
JOHNSON William Gortfad
JOHNSON William Lisnaneane
JOHNSON William Moree
JOHNSON William Shivey
JOHNSTON William Annagh’s
JONES James Tullihogg (Sessagh) [Sessiagh Lindesay]
JONES Robert Barny-Cross [Lower Cross]
JONES Robert, Sen. Tullihogg (Sessagh) [Sessiagh Lindesay]
JONES Samuel Tullihogg (Sessagh) [Sessiagh Lindesay]
JONES Widow (now Robert Young, Jun.) Tullihogg (Sessagh) [Sessiagh Lindesay]
JONES William Barny-Cross [Lower Cross]
KEDDAL William Derryraghan
KELLY Arthur Bardahash [Bardahessiagh]
KELLY Bernard Bardahash [Bardahessiagh]
KELLY Charles Derrygortenay
KELLY Francis Momore
KELLY Henry Bardahash [Bardahessiagh]
KELLY James Gortivale
KELLY James Tullyodonell
KELLY John Bardahash [Bardahessiagh]
KELLY John Lime Hill
KELLY John Sessagh Scott
KELLY Owen Momore
KELLY Owen Skinahergny
KELLY Owen Turnaskea Mountain
KELLY Peter Bardahash [Bardahessiagh]
KELLY Thomas Tullyodonell
KELLY Thomas Waterard [Oughterard]
KELLY William Lime Hill
KELLY William Momore
KELSO Robert Lisnaneane
KEMPSTON Andrew Tullihogg (Sessagh) [Sessiagh Lindesay]
KENNEDY Pat. Sessagh Scott
KENNEDY Robert Drumballihugh
KENNY John Lisnaneane
KENNY William Donaghrisk
KENNY William Drumraw
KENNY William Dysartcreat [Desertcreat]
KERR Joseph Allen
KILPATRICK Benjamin Gortandagh
KILPATRICK Owen Glebe-Cross
KILPATRICK Owen Skinnergate [Skenarget]
KINAHAN Peter Lime Hill
KINGSBOROUGH Robert Killycollop
KINGSBOROUGH Samuel Dysartcreat [Desertcreat]
KIRK James Ballimully
LAFFAN Widow Gortandagh
LAMON William Annagavill
LAPHAN Andrew Carneany [Carnenny]
LAPHAN Daniel Carneany [Carnenny]
LAPHAN Peter Monegaragh
LILLIS David Tullyodonell
LILLIS Robert Tullyodonell
LINDSAY David Lamy
LINDSAY James Annagh’s
LINDSAY Robert, Esq. Donaghrisk
LINDSAY Robert, Esq. (pound park) Tullihogg (Sessagh) [Sessiagh Lindesay]
LITTLE John Gortavilly
LITTLE John Kiltyclogher
LITTLE John Legacurry
LITTLE Robert Legacurry
LITTLE Robert, Jun. Finvay
LITTLE Robert, Sen. Finvay
LITTLE Widow Finvay
LOUGHRAN James Edendoite
LOUGHRAN James Momore
LOUGHRAN John Momore
LOUGHRAN Mary Momore
LOUGHRAN Mick Derrygortenay
LOWRY James, Esq. Gortavilly
LOWRY James, Esq. Knockan
LOWRY James, Esq. Legacurry
LOWRY Robert W., Esq. Derryhash
LOWRY Robert W., Esq. Gortandagh
LOWRY Robert, Esq. Lime Hill
LOY Daniel Bardahash [Bardahessiagh]
LOY James & partners Gortivale
MABLE John Annagh’s
MACAN Carbery Turnaskea Mountain
MACAN Else Mollenure [Mullynure]
MACAN James Tullyreavy
MACAN Kitty Skinahergny
MACAUL Henry Drumconnor
MACKEY Nicholas Waterard [Oughterard]
MACKLE Edward Skinahergny
MACKLE Owen Carneany [Carnenny]
MACKY William Gortivale
MACSHANE Pat. Kiltycleagh Hamilton
MACULLAGH Charles Annagavill
MACULLAGH James Legacurry
MADDEN Peter Lisnaneane
MAGILL Robert Ballinacroy
MAGILL Robert Ballinakelly
MAGUIGAN Charles Moree
MAGUIRE Arthur Gortivale
MAGUIRE James Allen
MAINS Samuel Annagh’s
MALLON Charles Tullihogg (Sessagh) [Sessiagh Lindesay]
MALLON James Edendoite
MALLON James Tolvin’s
MALLON John Waterard [Oughterard]
MALLON Mick Edendoite
MALLON Robert Ballimully
MALLON Robert Ballimully
MALLON Robert Barny-Cross [Lower Cross]
MARSHALL William Legacurry
MARTIN George Turnaskea Baillie
MARTIN Matthew Donaghrisk
MASON James D owns
MASON James Killycollop
MAY William Gortfad
McADAM Robert Turnaskea Baillie
McALISH Hugh Lime Hill
McALISTER Allen Lime Hill
McALLIEN James Moree
McALLIEN Neal Moree
McARDLE Terence Turnaskea Baillie
McATEER John Moree
McAVOY Owen Tullyreavy
McCALISTER Bernard Lime Hill
McCALLEN Peter Momore
McCALLION James Lime Hill
McCALLION Patt. Lime Hill
McCALLON John Annagh’s
McCAMLY John Kiltyclogher
McCAMPBELL Edward Lisnaneane
McCANLISS John Downs
McCARDLE Bernard Drumraw
McCARDLE John Drumraw
McCARLIN James Tullyodonell
McCARTNEY David Waterard [Oughterard]
McCARTNEY Joseph Barny-Cross [Lower Cross]
McCLEAN Widow Lime Hill
McCLELLAND John Tullyodonell
McCLUSKY James Edendoite
McCLUSKY Patt. Lime Hill
McCOLLOUGH Barty Momore
McCOLLOUGH Daniel Momore
McCOLLOUGH Owen Lime Hill
McCOLLOUGH Patt. Lime Hill
McCOLLOUGH Robert Annagh’s
McCOLLOUGH Widow Lime Hill
McCONAWAY Henry Edendoite
McCONNELL James Derrygortenay
McCONWAY Dan. Lime Hill
McCONWAY James Skinnergate [Skenarget]
McCONWAY Mick Lime Hill
McCONWAY Mick, Jun. Tullyreavy
McCONWAY Mick, Sen. Tullyreavy
McCORD Barty Annagh’s
McCORD Joe Kiltycleagh Nevins
McCORD Joseph Drumillard
McCORMACK Dennis Derrygortenay
McCORMACK Hugh Bardahash [Bardahessiagh]
McCORMACK Joseph Momore
McCORMACK Peter Tullyodonell
McCORMACK Widow Bardahash [Bardahessiagh]
McCORMICK John Knockavaddy’s
McCORMICK Syl. Kiltyclogher
McCORMICK Thomas Drumillard
McCORT John Turnaskea Baillie
McCORT Neall Drumraw
McCORT Pat. Kiltycleagh Nevins
McCORT Roger Drumraw
McCOURT Arthur Edendoite
McCOURT Daniel Edendoite
McCOURT Henry Skinahergny
McCOURT Hugh Bardahash [Bardahessiagh]
McCOURT Hugh & partners Edendoite
McCOURT James Gortandagh
McCOURT James Skinahergny
McCOURT John Bardahash [Bardahessiagh]
McCOURT John Edendoite
McCOURT John Skinahergny
McCOURT John Tullyodonell
McCOURT Owen Bardahash [Bardahessiagh]
McCOURT Peter Edendoite
McCOURT Widow Edendoite
McCOURT Widow Tullyodonell
McCRACKEN Samuel Derryraghan
McCRACKEN William Derryraghan
McCREA Edward Donaghrisk
McCREA Edward Tolvin’s
McCRISTAL Hugh Mullaghbuy
McCRISTAL James Drumballihugh
McCRISTAL Pat. Kiltycleagh Nevins
McCRISTALL Pat. Drumillard
McCROMB James Gortavilly
McCRORY John Gorticar Dooras
McCRORY Thomas Lime Hill
McCULLOGH Samuel Tulliard
McCULLOGH William Barny-Cross [Lower Cross]
McCURDY John Glebe-Cross
McDONALD Alexander Carneany
McDONALD Archibald Skinahergny
McDONALD Art. Carneany
McDONALD Daniel Gorticar Dooras
McDONALD Daniel Skinahergny
McDONALD Edward Tullyodonell
McDONALD Eneas Bardahash [Bardahessiagh]
McDONALD James Drumillard
McDONALD John Carneany
McDONALD John Lime Hill
McDONALD Michael Annagavill
McDONALD Thomas Tullyodonell
McDONALD Widow Skinahergny
McDONNEL Thomas Drumillard
McDONNEL Widow Mollenure
McELDOON Patrick Bardahash
McELHATTON Hugh Galhussagh
McELHATTON Owen Galhussagh
McELHATTON Peter Galhussagh
McELHONE John Momore
McELHONE Patrick Momore
McELHONE Widow Lime Hill
McELRATT [McELRATH?] Daniel Lisnaneane
McENTAGGART John Glebe-Cross
McENTAGGART John Killyneedan
McENTIRE John Cady
McENTIRE Robert Gortagowan
McENTIRE Widow Cady
McENTIRE William Cady
McFADDAN William Cady
McFARLAND John Tullyodonell
McGAGHAN Pat. Ballinakelly
McGAHAN John Carneany
McGAHAN John Momore
McGAURAN Francis Turnaskea Mountain
McGAURY Henry Monegaragh
McGAURY James Monegaragh
McGAURY Michael Monegaragh
McGAURY Patrick Lime Hill
McGAURY Terence Monegaragh
McGAURY Widow Monegaragh
McGEAGH Owen Edendoite
McGEARY Edward Bardahash [Bardahessiagh]
McGEARY Felix Momore
McGEARY John Bardahash [Bardahessiagh]
McGEARY Patt. Momore
McGEARY Terence Momore
McGEARY Thomas Gortandagh
McGEOWN Bridget Galhussagh
McGEOWN Francis Lime Hill
McGEOWN George Lime Hill
McGEOWN James Derrygortenay
McGEOWN John Lime Hill
McGEOWN Pat. Moree
McGERAGHTY Widow Lime Hill
McGIR Peter Skinahergny
McGLADE Felix Lime Hill
McGLADE Henry Drumconnor
McGORRY Alexander Knockavaddy’s
McGORRY Bernard Knockavaddy’s
McGORRY John Sessagh Murphy
McGORRY Owen Sessagh Murphy
McGORRY William Sessagh Murphy
McGRAHAN Brian Skinahergny
McGRAHAN Owen Skinahergny
McGUCKIEN John Kiltyclogher
McGUCKIN Owen Momore
McGUCKIN Patt. Momore
McGUIGAN Patt. Carneany
McGUIGAN Widow Carneany
McGUIGGAN Francis Carneany
McGUIGGAN Thomas Gortandagh
McGUIRE Francis Lime Hill
McGURK Daniel Tullyreavy
McGURK Pat. Lisnaneane
McGURK Pat. Turnaskea Mountain
McGURK Patrick Bardahash [Bardahessiagh]
McILDOON Daniel Knockavaddy’s
McILDOON Thomas Knockavaddy’s
McILDOON Widow Derryraghan
McILHATTIN Hugh Knockavaddy’s
McILHATTIN Michael Mollenure
McILHATTIN Owen Knockavaddy’s
McILRATT [McILRAITH?] Bernard Annagavill
McILRATT [McILRAITH?] Widow Annagavill
McILREE Alexander Drumconnor
McILREE Thomas Drumconnor
McILROY John Killyneedan
McILVOGUE Henry Kiltycleagh Nevins
McILVOGUE Owen Monegaragh
McILVOGUES   Drumillard
McIVER Joseph Derryraghan
McIVER Joseph Gortagowan
McKANE Michael Turnaskea Baillie
McKANE Thomas Kiltyclogher
McKEAN Robert Turnaskea Baillie
McKEARNY John Turnaskea Baillie
McKEARNY Terence Ballinakelly
McKEE John Derryhash
McKENNA John Lisnaneane
McKENNA Rody Drumballihugh
McKENNA Terence Tullyodonell
McKENNA Thomas Tullyodonell
McKENNY Matthew Kiltyclogher
McKENNY Robert Barny-Cross [Lower Cross]
McKENZIE ...? Waterard
McKEON John Kiltycleagh Nevins
McKERNAN Cornelius Momore
McKERNAN Mick Momore
McKERNAN Widow Carneany
McLERNAN Hugh Lisnaneane
McLOGHLIN Andrew Kiltycleagh Hamilton
McLOGHLIN Andrew, Jun. Kiltycleagh Hamilton
McLOGHLIN John Kiltycleagh Hamilton
McLOGHLIN William Waterard
McMANUS Thomas Lamy
McMENAMY Robert Drumconnor
McMENEMY Bernard Tullyodonell
McMENEMY Laurence Skinahergny
McMINN William Lime Hill
McNEICE James Knockavaddy’s
McNEICE William Lamy
McQUADE Felix Drumconnor
McQUADE James Drumconnor
McSHANE Peter Kiltycleagh Nevins
McSKINNEDER Pat. Drumballihugh
McVEAGH Daniel Drumillard
McVEIGH David Galhussagh
McVEY Patrick Skinahergny
MECORD [McCORD] Bernard Drumillard
MECORD [McCORD] James Legacurry
MECORD [McCORD] William Donaghrisk
MECORD [McCORD] William Tolvin’s
MECORT Bernard Mullaghbuy
MECORT William Drumconnor
MEGAGHAN Charles Annagavill
MILLAR Alexander Allen
MILLER Alexander Drumballihugh
MILLER Alexander, Jun. Drumballihugh
MILLER John Derryraghan
MILLER Robert Lamy
MILLER Samuel Drumballihugh
MILLER Samuel Drumballihugh
MILLER Samuel, Jun. Drumballihugh
MILLIGAN Samuel Annagavill
MILLIGAN William Annagavill
MITCHELL James Legacurry
MITCHELL John Legacurry
MOFFET George Annagh’s
MOFFIT George Legacurry
MOFFIT John (Sherrigroom) Cady
MOFFIT John Turnaskea Mountain
MOFFIT Mary Cady
MOFFIT Mr. Killygarvin
MOFFIT William Cady
MOFFITT William Annagavill
MONAGHAN Laurence Derryhash
MONAGHAN Patt. Lime Hill
MONCREIFFE Widow Anaghquin
MOONEY Henry Gorticar Dooras
MOONEY James Tulliard
MOONEY Neall Dysartcreat [Desertcreat]
MOOR William Allen
MOORE ....? Lime Hill
MOORE Henry Gorticar Dooras
MOORE John Annagh’s
MOORE William Gorticar Dooras
MOOREHEAD James Mollenure
MORRIS John Derryhash
MORROW James Drumconnor
MORROW John Lamy
MORROW Samuel Finvay
MOUNT William Killygarvin
MULDOON Mick Mollenure
MULEANNEL? William Mollenure
MULGREW Arthur Mullaghbuy
MULGREW Mick Kiltycleagh Nevins
MULGREW Pat. Knockavaddy’s
MULHATTON James Monegaragh
MULHOLLAND Moses Derrygortenay
MURDOCK John Kiltyclogher
MURDOCK John Turnaskea Baillie
MURDOCK Thomas Kiltyclogher
MURPHY Janes Derryraghan
MURPHY Owen Carneany
MURPHY Sarah Carneany
MURPHY William Killycollop
NEALE Francis Moynagh
NEALE Hugh Drumballihugh
NEALE Patrick Sessagh Scott
NEALE Sarah Moree
NEILL James Carneany
NEILL Paddy Tullyreavy
NUGENT Bernard Moree
NUGENT Felix Carneany
NUGENT Patrick Kiltycleagh Nevins
NUGENT Patt Tullyodonell
O’NEILL Art. Tullyreavy
O’NEILL Brian Tullyreavy
O’NEILL Bryan Anaghquin
O’NEILL Charles Killycollop
O’NEILL Daniel Anaghquin
O’NEILL Francis Anaghquin
O’NEILL James Anaghquin
O’NEILL James Anaghquin
O’NEILL James Mullaghbuy
O’NEILL James Tullyreavy
O’NEILL Widow Derryhash
PALMER John Skinnergate
PALMER Thomas Glebe-Cross
PALMER Thomas Kiltyclogher
PARK John Donaghrisk
PENTLAND’S farm   Turnaskea Mountain
PURVIS Betty Skinahergny
PURVIS James Donaghrisk
PURVIS John Killycollop
PURVIS John Tullyodonell
PURVIS William Tullyreavy
QUIN Art. Moree
QUIN Bernard Momore
QUIN Bernard Turnaskea Mountain
QUIN Bernard & partners Moree
QUIN Charles Moree
QUIN Edward Drumballihugh
QUIN Francis Anaghquin
QUIN Francis Knockavaddy’s
QUIN Francis Tolvin’s
QUIN James Glebe-Cross
QUIN James Kiltycleagh Hamilton
QUIN James Knockavaddy’s
QUIN James Moynagh
QUIN James Sessagh Scott
QUIN John (grazing hill) Waterard
QUIN Neale Gortavilly
QUIN Owen Turnaskea Mountain
QUIN Pat. Knockavaddy’s
QUIN Peter Glebe-Cross
QUIN Terence Sessagh Scott
QUIN Terence Turnaskea Mountain
QUIN Widow Art Moynagh
QUIN Widow John Moynagh
QUINN Arthur Edendoite
QUINN Arthur Monegaragh
QUINN Daniel Momore
QUINN Edward Galhussagh
QUINN Francis Monegaragh
QUINN Hugh Lime Hill
QUINN Hugh, Sen. Lime Hill
QUINN James Galhussagh
QUINN John Momore
QUINN Michael Monegaragh
QUINN Neice Lime Hill
QUINN Pat. Lime Hill
QUINN Patrick Monegaragh
QUINN Terence Galhussagh
RAMSAY Robert Gortavilly
RAMSAY Thomas Gortfad
RAVERTY Peter Turnaskea Mountain
RAY William Tolvin’s
READ Joseph (& Hill) Ballinacroy
READ Moses Dysartcreat [Desertcreat]
RICHARDSON William Skinahergny
RICHARDSON William Tullyreavy
RIDDAL Samuel Annagavill
RIDDOCK Robert Waterard
ROBB ....? Lime Hill
ROBINSON George Annagavill
ROBINSON Joseph Lamy
RODGERS John Allen
ROGERS Edward Derryhash
ROSS Robert Lisnaneane
RUDDY Neale Lisnaneane
SCROGIE William Waterard
SEATON John Annagh’s
SHARKEY Pat. Drumconnor
SHORT Arthur Edendoite
SHORT Francis Kiltycleagh Nevins
SHORT James Tullihogg (Sessagh) [Sessiagh Lindesay]
SIMONTON Adam Lime Hill
SLANE Art. Kiltycleagh Nevins
SLANE Arthur Tolvin’s
SLANE Bryan Mollenure
SLANE Felimy Skinahergny
SLANE James Galhussagh
SLANE John Gortandagh
SLANE Patrick Edendoite
SLANE Patrick Lime Hill
SLAVIN George Waterard
SLAVIN Thomas Gortivale
SMITH Alexander Derryraghan
SMITH John Turnaskea Baillie
SMITH Pat. Mullaghbuy
SMITH Peter Mullaghbuy
SMITH Robert Derryraghan
SMITH Robert Glebe-Cross
SMITH Robert, Sen. Derryraghan
SPEAR John, Esq. Dysartcreat [Desertcreat]
SPENCE Henry Drumconnor
SPENCE William Drumconnor
STEENSON James Drumconnor
STEENSON Robert Annagavill
STEENSON Robert Lamy
STEWART Alexander Derryhash
STEWART Gerrard Tullyreavy
STEWART James Lime Hill
STEWART John Ballinakelly
STIRLING Robert Killyneedan
STUART Widow Tulliard
SWAILES James Allen
SWAN Martin Ballinacroy
TAGGART John Gortivale
TAGGART John Tullyreavy
TALLY Charles Carneany
TALLY Francis Carneany
TALLY James Carneany
TALLY John Carneany
TANNY Felix Drumconnor
TANNY Felix Sessagh Scott
TATE Arthur Drumconnor
TATE William & partners Drumconnor
TEAGUE Toal Lime Hill
TENER Mr. John Moree
THOMSON William Donaghrisk
THOMSON William Gortfad
TOMB George Barny-Cross [Lower Cross]
TONER Arthur Mollenure [Mullynure]
TONER Daniel Gortivale
TONER Hugh Knockavaddy’s
TONER Jack Bardahash [Bardahessiagh]
TONER John Bardahash [Bardahessiagh]
TONER John Mollenure [Mullynure]
TONER Lanty Gortivale
TONER Matthew Waterard [Oughterard]
TONER Michael Monegaragh
TONER Paul Mullaghbuy
TONER Peter Monegaragh
TONER Peter Skinahergny
TONER Widow Bardahash [Bardahessiagh]
TONNER John Gortivale
TOOLE Edward Mollenure [Mullynure]
TRAINOR Neill Edendoite
TRAINOR Neill Momore
TRAINOR Peter Edendoite
TRAINOR Peter Momore
TREANOR Pat. Turnaskea Baillie
TURNER Richard Downs
WADDEL Alexander Gortavilly
WADDEL Thomas Gortavilly
WADDEL William Gortfad
WALKER John Ballinacroy
WALSH Pat. Drumconnor
WARD Edward Skinahergny
WARD Henry Lime Hill
WARD Neill Bardahash [Bardahessiagh]
WARD Peter Bardahash [Bardahessiagh]
WARD William Drumconnor
WARNOCK Andrew Annagh’s
WATERS James Gorticar Glassy
WATSON William Annagh’s
WATT William Lime Hill
WHITE Charles Killycollop
WILDMAN Henry Gortivale
WILDMAN John Drumballihugh
WILDMAN John Moree
WILDMAN William Moree
WILDMAN Wilson Moree
WILKINSON Samuel Sessagh Scott
WILLIS Alexander Turnaskea Mountain
WILLIS John Gortivale
WILSON Charles Gortagowan
WILSON Robert Tullyodonell
WILSON Widow Derrygortenay
WILSON William Drumconnor
WILY John Annagh’s
WINSHAW John Drumballihugh
WOODS James Gortivale
WOODS John, Jun. Lime Hill
WOODS John, Sen. Lime Hill
WOODS Peter Momore
WOODS Widow Moree
WOODS William Gortivale
YOUNG Francis & partners Tullihogg (Sessagh) [Sessiagh Lindesay]
YOUNG Robert Tullihogg (Sessagh) [Sessiagh Lindesay]
YOUNG Widow Tullihogg (Sessagh) [Sessiagh Lindesay]