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Tithe Applotment Book, Derryloran Parish, 1826

FIN 5A/94/1
Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

ABURNETHIE Mary, Widow Culreaghs
ADAMS Hugh Y. Loy Gardens
ADAMS William Drumard
AGNEW Charles Gortalowry Gardens
AGNEW Margaret, Widow Cookstown Gardens
ALLEN Elizabeth, Widow Gortalowry Gardens
ALLEN Elizabeth, Widow Munrush
ALLEN John Gortalowry Gardens
ALLEN John Loy Gardens
ALLEN Mary, Widow Tullycall
ALLEN Rebecca, Widow Gortalowry Gardens
ALLEN Robert Ballyforlay
ALLEN Robert, Jun. Cookstown
ALLEN Robert, Jun. Munrush
ALLEN Robert, Sen. Cookstown
ALLEN Robert, Sen. Cookstown Gardens
ALLEN Robert, Sen. Killymam
ALLEN Samuel Tullycall
ALLEN Thomas Cookstown Gardens
ALLEN Thomas Gortalowry Gardens
ALLEN William Cookstown
ALLEN William Cookstown Gardens
ALLEN William Killymam
ALLEN William Loy Gardens
ANDERSON Andrew Doorless
ANDERSON George Drumard
ANDERSON James Cranfield
ANDERSON John Tamlaghmore
ANDERSON Robert Loy Gardens
ANDERSON Samuel Drumgarrel
ANDERSON Samuel Loughry
ANDERSON William Cookstown Gardens
ANDERSON William Doorless
ARMSTRONG John Ballyloughan
ART David Killybearn
ART John Killybearn
ART Oliver (for another) Killybearn
ART Oliver (for Owen) Killybearn
ART Robert Killybearn
ART Thomas Killybearn
ART William Killybearn
ASTON George Cookstown Gardens
ASTON William Cookstown
ASTON William Cookstown Gardens
ASTON William Malloon
ASTON William Munrush
ASTON William Newbuildings
ATCHESON David Oghless [Aughlish]
ATCHESON John Gortalowry Gardens
ATCHESON John Oghless [Aughlish]
ATCHESON Joseph Oghless [Aughlish]
ATCHESON Robert Gortalowry Gardens
ATCHESON Robert Oghless [Aughlish]
ATCHESON Thomas Cookstown Gardens
ATKINSON James, Esq. Doorless
BALLANCE William Malloon
BALLINTINE James Gortalowry
BALLINTINE James Loy Gardens
BALLINTINE James Tullagh & Sullinbuy
BANKS Mathew Culreaghs
BANKS Philip Gortalowry Gardens
BARCLAY James Gallanagh
BARKER Bernard Newbuildings
BARRETT Felix Ballygrugan
BARRETT Felix Moyvay [Moveagh]
BATES Samuel Gortalowry
BATES Samuel Loy Gardens
BAXTER William Drumcraw
BELL Alexander Tamlaghmore
BELL James Derrycrummy
BELL James Tamlaghmore
BELL John Derrycrummy
BELL Robert Derrycrummy
BELL Robert Tamlaghmore
BELL Robert, Jun. Tamlaghmore
BELL Robert, Sen. Tamlaghmore
BELL Thomas Derrycrummy
BELL Walter Tamlaghmore
BELL William Derrycrummy
BELL William Gortalowry
BELL William Gortalowry Gardens
BELL William Tamlaghmore
BLACK James Ballyreagh
BLACK James Gortalowry Gardens
BLACK John Cookstown
BLACK John Cookstown Gardens
BLACK John Munrush
BLACK Joseph Drumard
BLACK Margaret, Widow Derryloran
BLACK Margaret, Widow Gortalowry
BLACK Margaret, Widow Gortalowry Gardens
BLACK Robert Drumard
BLACK William Ballyreagh
BLACK William Gortalowry
BLACKWOOD Thomas Gortalowry
BLACKWOOD Thomas Gortalowry Gardens
BLACKWOOD Thomas Tullagh & Sullinbuy
BLAIR Brice Drumcraw
BLAIR Brice Drumgarrel
BLAIR Esther, Widow Loy
BLAIR Esther, Widow Loy Gardens
BLAIR Thomas Gortalowry
BLAIR Thomas Loy
BLAIR Thomas Loy Gardens
BLAIR Thomas Tullagh & Sullinbuy
BLOOMER Edward Moyvay [Moveagh]
BLOOMER Robert Moyvay [Moveagh]
BOON Andrew Drumcraw
BOON John Teressan
BOON Robert Drumard
BOTEEN John Loy Gardens
BOYD William Culcrunagh
BOYLE Michael Ballyreagh
BOYLE Michael Ballysudden
BRADLEY Henry Gortalowry Gardens
BRAWLEY John Cookstown Gardens
BRISSAN Joshua Loy Gardens
BRISSAN Joshua Tullagh & Sullinbuy
BRISSAN Samuel Tullagh & Sullinbuy
BRISSANE Jane Loy Gardens
BROWN Benjamin Culcrunagh
BROWN Hannah, Widow Cookstown Gardens
BROWN Samuel Loy
BROWN Samuel Loy Gardens
BROWN Widow Tullycall
BROWN William Ballygrugan
BROWN William Claggin
BRYANS James Gortregh
BUCHANNAN William Gortalowry Gardens
BURKET Richard Ballygrugan
BURNS Elizabeth, Widow Ballyloughan
BURNSIDE Adam Gortalowry Gardens
BURNSIDE James Culcrunagh
BURNSIDE James Gortalowry
BURNSIDE James Gortalowry Gardens
BURNSIDE William Moyvay [Moveagh]
CADOW John Drumard
CADOW Thomas Drumard
CAMPBELL Archibald Clare
CAMPBELL Bernard Clare
CAMPBELL Bernard Culcrunagh
CAMPBELL John Culcrunagh
CAMPBELL Robert Culreaghs
CAMPBELL Sarah Gortalowry Gardens
CAMPBELL Thomas Gortalowry Gardens
CARROLL Hugh Gortalowry Gardens
CARSON Andrew Gortalowry
CARSON Anne Tullygare
CARSON Elizabeth Teressan
CASEY James Drumard
CASEY James Kirktown
CASEY Patrick Gortalowry
CASEY Patrick Gortalowry Gardens
CASEY Peter, Jun. Kirktown
CASEY Peter, Sen. Kirktown
CASEY Thomas Kirktown
CATHERS George Killybearn
CAULFIELD James, Esq. Culnafranky
CAULFIELD James, Esq. Loy Gardens
CAUSEWAY John Tubberlane
CHAMBERS Joseph Clare
CHAMBERS Joseph Gortalowry Gardens
CHARLES James Cookstown
CHARLES John Loy Gardens
CLARK Mary Loy Gardens
CLARK Mick Clare
CLARK Mick Culnafranky
CLARK William Gortalowry Gardens
CLENDINEN John Ballygrugan
CLENDINEN John Drumard
CLENDINEN John Gortalowry Gardens
CLENDINEN Thomas Drumard
CLUFF James Loy Gardens
COLLINS John Cookstown Gardens
COLLINS John Culnafranky
COLLINS John Loy Gardens
COLLINS Joshua, Esq. Loy
COLLINS Joshua, Esq. Loy Gardens
COLLINS Joshua, Esq. Malloon
COLLINS Joshua, Esq. Munrush
COLLINS Joshua, Esq. Tullagh & Sullinbuy
COLLINS Mary Tullagh & Sullinbuy
CONLON John Cookstown Gardens
CONNOR Patrick Ballymenagh
CONNOR Patrick Cookstown
CONNOR Patrick Cookstown Gardens
CONWAY Arthur Cookstown Gardens
CONWAY Owen Drumrott
CONWAY Owen Figarren
CONWAY Peter Cookstown Gardens
CONWELL Catherine, Widow Figarren
CONWELL Mathew Ballyloughan
CONWELL William Killymam
COOK James Kirktown
COOKE James Gortalowry
COREY Arthur Moyvay [Moveagh]
CORR John Cluntydoon
CORR Mary, Widow Tullycall
CORR Patrick Loy Gardens
CORRORAN Edward Ballymenagh
COULTER Andrew Cloghog
COULTER Daniel Teressan
CRAWFORD John Gortalowry
CREEGAN Hugh Kirktown
CROOKS Alexander Ballymenagh
CROOKS Alexander Dunman
CROOKS Henry Tamlaghmore
CROOKS James Cookstown Gardens
CROOKS John Clare
CROOKS Robert Dunman
CROOKS Samuel Ballymenagh
CROOKS Samuel Culreaghs
CROOKS Samuel Dunman
CROOKS Samuel, Sen. Ballymenagh
CROOKS William Clare
CROOKS William Cookstown Gardens
CROOKS William Dunman
CROOKS William, S.M. Ballymenagh
DAGNEY Dennis Killybearn
DARRAGH Dennis Kilkeighan
DARRAGH Edward Tullycall
DARRAGH Margaret, Widow Kilkeighan
DARRAGH Mary, Widow Kilkeighan
DARRAGH Rose Tullycall
DAVIS Isabella, Widow Loy Gardens
DAVISON ....? Cranfield
DAVISON Elizabeth Cranfield
DAVISON George Tullagh & Sullinbuy
DAVISON Hugh Cranfield
DAVISON James Cranfield
DAVISON Rev. John Culnafranky
DAVISON Rev. John Loy
DAVISON Rev. John Loy Gardens
DAVISON Thomas Cloghog
DAVISON William Newbuildings
DAVISON William Teressan
DAVISON William, Jun. Cranfield
DAVISON William, Sen. Cranfield
DENNINGTON Richard Oghless [Aughlish]
DEVLIN Catherine, Widow Cookstown Gardens
DEVLIN Daniel Moyvay [Moveagh]
DEVLIN James Dunman
DEVLIN James Killybearn
DEVLIN John Cookstown Gardens
DEVLIN John Kirktown
DEVLIN Terence Killybearn
DEVLIN William Claggin
DEVLIN William Cookstown Gardens
DEVLIN William Munrush
DICK William Claggin
DILLON Edward Moyvay [Moveagh]
DONAGHEY James Culreaghs
DONAGHY Edward Gortalowry Gardens
DONAGHY James Cookstown
DONAGHY James Cookstown Gardens
DONAGHY Michael Drumard
DONNELLY Bernard Cluntydoon
DONNELLY Bernard Figarren
DONNELLY Daniel Figarren
DONNELLY Felix Figarren
DONNELLY James Gortalowry Gardens
DOORAS James Gortalowry
DOORAS James Gortalowry Gardens
DOORAS John Gortalowry
DOORAS John Gortalowry Gardens
DOORAS John Loy Gardens
DOORAS John Tullagh & Sullinbuy
DOUGLE [DOUGAL] William Killycurragh
DRENNAN Joseph Ballyloughan
DUFF James Cookstown
DUFF James Tullagh & Sullinbuy
DUFFY Philip Ballyreagh
DUNLAP Alexander Gortalowry Gardens
DUNSEITH Margaret, Widow Claggin
ELLIOT James Cookstown
ELLIOTT James Cookstown Gardens
ELLIOTT Margaret, Widow Tullybuoy
ELLIOTT William Tullagh & Sullinbuy
ESPY David Gortregh
ESPY David Tubberlane
ESPY Hugh Ballymenagh
ESPY Hugh Cookstown
ESPY Hugh Cookstown Gardens
ESPY Hugh Munrush
ESPY Hugh Newbuildings
ESPY James Drumcraw
ESPY William Drumcraw
FARSON Daniel Killymam
FARSON David Gortregh
FAULKNER John J. William Claggin
FAULKNER Thomas Tamlaghmore
FAULKNER William (Quarry) Killymam
FAUSSET F. A. Cookstown Gardens
FERGUSON Andrew Ballyreagh
FERGUSON Charles Clare
FERGUSON Elizabeth, Widow Killycurragh
FERGUSON Hugh Ballyreagh
FERGUSON John Ballyreagh
FERGUSON John, Jun. Killycurragh
FERGUSON John, Sen. Killycurragh
FERGUSON Peter Loy Gardens
FERGUSON Peter Tullagh & Sullinbuy
FERGUSON Robert Ballyloughan
FERGUSON Robert Killycurragh
FERGUSON Robert Kirktown
FERGUSON William Killycurragh
FLEMING Josias Knockaconny
FLEMING Robert Teressan
FLEMING Samuel Knockaconny
FLEMING William Knockaconny
FOX Mick Gortalowry
FOX Mick Gortalowry Gardens
FOX Mick Tullagh & Sullinbuy
FULLAN Mick Loy Gardens
FULLAN Mick Tullagh & Sullinbuy
GALLAWAY Alexander Cookstown Gardens
GALLAWAY Brice Loy Gardens
GALLAWAY Brice Tubberlane
GALLAWAY John Tubberlane
GALLAWAY Robert Tubberlane
GIBSON John Gortalowry
GIBSON John Gortalowry Gardens
GIBSON Wallace Gortalowry
GIBSON Wallace Gortalowry Gardens
GIBSON William Kilkeighan
GILLIAM William Cookstown Gardens
GILMER John Ballyforlay
GILMER Patrick Gortalowry Gardens
GILMORE Patrick Gortalowry Gardens
GILMORE Robert Loy Gardens
GIVENS Alexander Tullycall
GLASGOW David Killycurragh
GLASGOW David, Jun. Killycurragh
GLASGOW Henry Killycurragh
GLASGOW James Killycurragh
GLASGOW Jane, Widow (married to one William Millikin) Cookstown Gardens
GLASGOW John Derryloran
GLASGOW John Gortin
GLASGOW John Killycurragh
GLASGOW Martha, Widow Killycurragh
GLASGOW Mathew S. Loy
GLASGOW Mathew S. Loy Gardens
GLASGOW Mathew S. Tullagh & Sullinbuy
GLASGOW Robert (1) Gortalowry
GLASGOW Robert (2) Gortalowry
GLASGOW Robert Artcumber
GLASGOW Robert Claggin
GLASGOW Robert Cookstown Gardens
GLASGOW Robert Munrush
GLASGOW Samuel Derryloran
GLASGOW Samuel Killycurragh
GLASGOW William Cookstown Gardens
GLASGOW William Craigs
GLASSEY John Kilkeighan
GLASSEY Samuel Ballygrugan
GLASSEY Samuel Kilkeighan
GLASSEY William Kilkeighan
GLENN Daniel Tullagh & Sullinbuy
GOODWIN Francis Culreaghs
GORMOND Owen Drummond
GOURLEY John (for Taylor) Tullygare
GOURLEY John (his own) Tullygare
GOURLEY John Cookstown Gardens
GOURLEY John Malloon
GOURLEY John Munrush
GOURLEY William Drumgarrel
GRAHAM Peter Culcrunagh
GRAHAM Peter Culnafranky
GRAVES William Anahavil
GRAVES William Ballyloughan
GRAY William Cookstown
GREER John Tamlaghmore
GRIMES John Loy Gardens
GRIMES John Tullagh & Sullinbuy
GRIMES Peter Gortalowry
GRIMES Peter Loy Gardens
HAGAN Bernard Figarren
HAGAN Hugh Cookstown Gardens
HAGAN Hugh Malloon
HAGAN James Gortalowry Gardens
HAGAN James Killybearn
HAGAN John Derryloran
HAGAN Neall Figarren
HAGAN Peter Figarren
HAGAN Thomas Tullycall
HAITLEY Martha Loy Gardens
HALLIDAY William Loy
HALLIDAY William Loy Gardens
HALLIDAY William Malloon
HAMILTON Ann Oghless [Aughlish]
HAMILTON James Clare
HAMILTON James, Surgeon Culnafranky
HAMILTON James, Surgeon Loy Gardens
HAMILTON Samuel Drumard
HARKNESS Andrew Drumard
HARKNESS Elizabeth Drumard
HARKNESS John Loy Gardens
HARKNESS Robert Oghless [Aughlish]
HARRIS George Cloghog
HARRIS James Ballyloughan
HARRIS James Ballyreagh
HARRIS James Cloghog
HARRIS John Gortalowry
HARRIS William Artcumber
HARRUP David Dunman
HARVEY James Kilkeighan
HARVEY Mary, Widow Kilkeighan
HARVEY Samuel Kilkeighan
HARVEY Thomas Tullygare
HARVEY William Kilkeighan
HAYNEY James Tullycall
HENDERSON John Cloghog
HENDERSON John Gortalowry Gardens
HENDERSON John Oghless [Aughlish]
HENDERSON Thomas Gortalowry Gardens
HENRY Alexander Ballysudden
HENRY Alexander Claggin
HENRY Andrew Ballyloughan
HENRY Archibald Killycurragh
HENRY Henry Ballymenagh
HENRY James (Dennis) Killycurragh
HENRY James (King) Killycurragh
HENRY James Cloghog
HENRY James Doorless
HENRY James Rockhead
HENRY John Craigs
HENRY John Killycurragh
HENRY Robert Cloghog
HENRY Thomas Killycurragh
HENRY Thomas Loy Gardens
HENRY William Ballysudden
HILL Thomas Tamlaghmore
HILL William Tullygare
HOGG Elizabeth, Widow Killybearn
HOGG Henry Killybearn
HOGG James Ballyloughan
HOGG James Drumrott
HOGG James Killybearn
HOGG John Ballyloughan
HUTCHESON James Culreaghs
HUTCHESON Robert Culreaghs
HUTCHESON Thomas Ballyforlay
INGLE George Tullycall
INGLE Thomas Tullycall
IRVINE William, Esq. Claggin
IRVINE William, Esq. Cookstown Gardens
IRVINE William, Esq. Munrush
JOHNSTON Anne Ballyforlay
JOHNSTON Benjamin Cookstown Gardens
JOHNSTON Benjamin Newbuildings
JOHNSTON Benjamin Tullagh & Sullinbuy
JOHNSTON John Loy Gardens
JOHNSTON John Newbuildings
JOHNSTON John Tullygare
JOHNSTON Nathaniel Loughry
JOHNSTON Thomas Loy Gardens
JOHNSTON Thomas Tullagh & Sullinbuy
JOHNSTON William Cookstown Gardens
JOHNSTON William, Jun. Ballyforlay
JOHNSTON William, Sen. Ballyforlay
JUNK Elizabeth, Widow Drumrott
JUNK John Tullycall
JUNK Rachael, Widow Drumrott
JUNK William K. Claggin
KANE Owen Tubberlane
KANE Patrick Tubberlane
KEMPTON William Tubberlane
KENNEDY David Loy Gardens
KERBURY [CARBERY] Bernard Gortalowry Gardens
KERGAIN Francis Clare
KERGAIN Patrick Cookstown Gardens
KERR Edward Cluntydoon
KERR James Cluntydoon
KERR John Cluntydoon
KERR Mary, Widow Loy Gardens
KERR Owen Ballygrugan
KIDD John, Jun. Newbuildings
KIDD John, Jun. Tullygare
KIDD John, Sen. Culnafranky
KIDD John, Sen. Newbuildings
KNIPE Jane, Widow Claggin
KNIPE John, Jun. Claggin
KNIPE John, Sen. Claggin
LADLIE John Teressan
LAGAN Owen Kirktown
LAIRD Robert, Lieut. Cookstown Gardens
LAVERTY James Loy Gardens
LAVERTY James Tullagh & Sullinbuy
LAYSE [LEAS] Alexander Drumcraw
LAYSE [LEASE] John Teressan
LEADEN William Ballymenagh
LESSLIE Thomas Loy Gardens
LIND Robert (Lieut.) Munrush
LIND Robert, Lieut. Cookstown Gardens
LINDSAY Patrick Ballygrugan
LINDSAY Robert, Esq. Loughry
LINDSAY Robert, Esq. Rockhead
LITTLE Anne, Widow Derryloran
LITTLE George (proprietor of A. Parks) Craigs
LITTLE George Craigs
LITTLE James Drumgarrel
LITTLE James Gortregh
LITTLE Samuel Gortregh
LOUGHRAN Peter Ballinasullas
LOUGHRAN Peter Culcrunagh
LYND Adam Ballysudden
LYND Anne, Jun., Widow Cookstown Gardens
LYND Anne, Jun., Widow Newbuildings
LYND Anne, Sen., Widow Cookstown Gardens
LYND Anne, Widow Cookstown
LYND James Cookstown Gardens
LYND John Ballymenagh
LYND John Claggin
LYND John Cookstown
LYND John Cookstown Gardens
LYND John Derrycrummy
LYND John Newbuildings
LYND Robert (Lieut.) Claggin
LYND William Ballyreagh