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Index to the Tithe Applotment Book, Cumber Upper Parish, Co. Londonderry 1828

Public Record Office of Northern Ireland Ref: FIN 5A/89/1 - LDS Film #258452
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

Tithe was a tax on all agricultural land (originally one tenth of the produce) excepting only church lands, glebes and urban areas and was paid by leaseholders and occupiers of all religious denominations to the clergy of the Established Church of Ireland. There was growing resentment against this tax, especially by Presbyterians and Catholics, particularly in the period of distress after 1815 and the government was forced to give way and introduce the Tithe Composition Act 1823 which replaced payment in kind by payment in cash.

In order to effect this change, all agricultural land across the country was required to be surveyed and applotted, or valued. During the period 1823 to 1837, a Tithe Applotment Survey was made in each civil parish across the whole of Ireland to determine the value of tithe payable by different landholders. Two people were appointed by each parish to carry out this assessment. The material was arranged by civil parish and townland in volumes known as TITHE APPLOTMENT BOOKS.

In some parishes more than one survey was taken, whilst in others the manuscript has not survived. The books for all Ireland, compiled between 1823 and 1837, are now deposited in the National Archives of Ireland, Dublin and Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI).

PRONI holds the tithe books for all but 31 of the 273 parishes then surveyed in Northern Ireland. These tithe books are arranged by townland and record the names of leaseholders, the area of their farm subject to tithe, sometimes the quality of the land and an overall valuation and occasionally the names of landlords. Researchers should be aware that cottiers who did not hold land are not recorded, and unaccountably, some types of land were passed over entirely; a field of potatoes attracted a tithe payment in one parish, but not in that adjoining.

Those researchers who are fortunate to locate a forebear in the Tithe Applotment Books may find it possible to take their research back a further generation prior to Griffiths Valuation.


Townland Townland Townland Townland
Alla Lower Alla Upper Altaghoney Ballyartan
Ballycallaghan Ballyholly Ballymaclanigan Ballyrory
Barr Cregg Binn Carnanbane Carnanreagh
Claudy Coolnacolpagh Cregg Cregg Barr
Cumber Dunady Dungorkin Gilky Hill
Glenlough Gortilea Gortnaran Gortnaskey
Gortscreagan Kilcaltan/ Kilcattan Kilculmagrandal Kilgort
Killycor Kinculbrack Lear Letterlogher
Lettermuck Ling Lisbunny Mulderg
Raspberry Hill Sallowilly Stranagalwilly Tireighter



Townland Townland Townland Townland
Altaghoney Ballymaclanaghan Ballyholly Ballycalaghan
Ballyarton Ballyrory Binn Carnanbane
Carnanreagh Claudy Coolnacoopagh Craige
Duneady Dungorkan Glenlough Gortilea
Gortnarane Gortnaskeay Gortschughan Kilcattan
Kilgort Killycorn Kincull Brack Kincull McGrandle
Learmount Letterlogher Lettermuck Lisbunny
Lyng Mulderg Salowilly Stranagalwilly



***Original spelling has been retained***

AIKIN James Coolnacoopagh
AIKIN Marshall Coolnacoopagh
BABINGTON Revd. Richd. & And. Little Kilcattan
BAIRD Alexr. & Jno. Baird Lisbunny
BAIRD George Sawlawilly
BAIRD Jno. & Alexr. Baird Lisbunny
BAIRD John Sawlawilly
BAIRD John & Thos. Baird Sawlawilly
BAIRD Thos. & John Baird Sawlawilly
BERESFORD Barr, Esqr. Demesne
BLAIR Robert Claudy
BLAIR Robt. & Co. Kincull Brack
BLAIR Samuel Kincull Brack
BLAIR Widow Claudy
BOND George Ballycallagan
BOND William Ballyarton
BOND Wm., Esqr. Craige
BOURK John, Junr. Carnanreagh
BOURK John, Senr. Carnanreagh
BREESON Charles Binn Lower
BREESON Denis & Michael Breeson Kilgort
BREESON James Binn Lower
BREESON Michael & Denis Breeson Kilgort
BREESON Neal Killycorr
BREESON Neal, Senr. Killycorr
BREESON Robert Binn Lower
BROLLY A. & Michl. Brolly Gortilea
BROLLY Michael Coolnacoopagh
BROLLY Michl. & A. Brolly Gortilea
BROLLY Michl. & A. Brolly Gortilea
BROWN Guy & Jas. Lynch Kilgort
BROWN John Mulderg
BROWN John H., Esqr. Cumber
BROWN John, Esq. Binn Lower
BROWN John, Esqr. Binn Lower
BROWN John, Esqr. Claudy
BURROWES Rev. Mr. Cumber
CAIN & CREGAN   Altaghony Munindill
CARLAN Bryan, Patk. Halliday & Jno. Hargan Ling
CARLAN Chas. Ballycallagan
CARLAN John & Cathe. Donaghy Mulderg
CARLAND Bryan & Co. Learmount
CARLAND James Lisbunny
CARLAND Jas. & Isaac Connor Gortilea
CARLAND Michael & Wm. Carland Altaghony Munindill
CARLAND Pat. Altghoney Stonehouse Division
CARLAND Pat. Gortilea
CARLAND Patrick Altaghony Munindill
CARLAND Thos. Coolnacoopagh
CARLAND Thos. Kincull Megrandle
CARLAND Wm. & Michael Carland Altaghony Munindill
CARLON Charles & Hugh Divine Cruckinbane
CARLON Chas., Pat. Carlon, Widow Carlon & Wd. Carlon Carnanreagh
CARLON Edwd. Altaghoney Ewe Tree Division
CARLON Geo. & John Carlon Carnanreagh
CARLON George Gortschreghan
CARLON John Gortschreghan
CARLON John & Geo. Carlon Carnanreagh
CARLON Michael & Widow Divin Altaghoney Cruckinbane Division
CARLON Pat. (&Ballymaclanaghan Mountain) Ballyholly
CARLON Pat., Widow Carlon & Wd. Carlon & Chas. Carlon Carnanreagh
CARLON Patrick Carnanreagh
CARLON Widow, Wd. Carlon, Chas Carlon & Pat. Carlon Carnanreagh
CARTAN David Gortnarane
CARTAN Hugh Gortschreghan
CARTAN Michael Killycorr
CARTAN Patrick Gortschreghan
CARTAN Patrick Gortschreghan
CARTAN Philip Kilgort
CARTAN Widow & Son Carnanreagh
CARTIN Hugh Stranagalwilly
CARTON John Lettermuck
CATHER John Gortnarane
CHRISTEY Stewart Balymaclanaghan
CHRISTEY Wm. Coolnacoopagh
CHRISTIE James Balymaclanaghan
CHRISTIE Wm. Gortilea
CHRISTIE Wm. Gortnarane
CHRISTY Alexr. & Jno. Christy Gortnarane
CHRISTY Andw. & R. Christy Gortnarane
CHRISTY Andw. & Robert Christy Claudy
CHRISTY Jno. & Alexr. Christy Gortnarane
CHRISTY R. & Andw. Christy Gortnarane
CHRISTY Robert & Andw. Christy Claudy
CHRISTY Stewart, Junr. Mulderg
CLARKE James Altaghoney Magherabrack Division
COLVEY Robert & Andw. O’ Neal Altaghoney Cruckinbane Division
CONNEL John Ballyrory
CONNELL Alexr. Gortnarane
CONNELL Edwd. Kilgort
CONNOR Isaac & Jas. Carland Gortilea
CONNOR John Killycorr
CONNOR Robert Killycorr
CONWAY …….. & John Divin Claudy
CONWAY Hugh Stranagalwilly
CONWAY Peter & Pat. Gormly Carnanreagh
CRAIGE James Balymaclanaghan
CRAIGE John Cruckinbane
CRAIGE John Gortnaskay
CRAIGE Robert Balymaclanaghan
CRAIGE Samuel Gortnarane
CREEGAN Jeofrey Kilgort
CREGAN & CAIN   Altaghony Munindill
CROOKS John Killycorr
CROOKS John Tereighter
CROOKS Simon Gortnarane
CROOKS Wm. Killycorr
CROSSON Dennis & Francis Crosson Carnanbane
CROSSON Francis & Dennis Crosson Carnanbane
CULLY M. & John Divine Stranagalwilly
CUNNINGHAM James Gortnaskay
CUNNINGHAM Jas. Gortnaskay
DEEHAN Corns. Gortschreghan
DEEHAN Hugh Gortschreghan
DEEHAN John, Junr. Gortschreghan
DEEHAN John, Senr. Gortschreghan
DEEHAN Michl. & Wm. Dermott Ballyrory
DEEHAN Owen Ballyrory
DEEHAN Pat. Gortschreghan
DEENY James Ballyrory
DEERY …….. & James McLaughlin Carnanreagh
DEERY James, Junr. Stranagalwilly
DEERY James, Junr. Stranagalwilly
DEERY James, Senr. Stranagalwilly
DEERY Michael Stranagalwilly
DEERY Patk. Stranagalwilly
DEMSEY Pat. Gortilea
DERMOT Jas. & J. Milie Ling
DERMOT Michl., Michl. Ward & James Gormly Ling
DERMOTT Bryan Ballyrory
DERMOTT Bryan Cumber
DERMOTT George Ballyrory
DERMOTT John Cumber
DERMOTT Robert Claudy
DERMOTT Wm. & Michl. Deehan Ballyrory
DEVENNY John Gortschreghan
DEVENNY Neal Gortschreghan
DIVIN Ann Ballyholly
DIVIN Anthy. Ballyarton
DIVIN Brian, Junr. & Brian Divin, Senr. Altaghoney Cruckinbane Division
DIVIN Brian, Senr. &Brian Divin, Junr. Altaghoney Cruckinbane Division
DIVIN Chas. Mulderg
DIVIN Hugh Ballyarton
DIVIN James Tereighter
DIVIN James, Junr. Mulderg
DIVIN James, Senr. Ballyholly
DIVIN James, Senr. Mulderg
DIVIN John & …… Conway Claudy
DIVIN Michl. Altaghoney Ewe Tree Division
DIVIN Michl. & Partners Altaghoney Ballygatty Division
DIVIN Widow Altaghoney Carnanavon Division
DIVIN Widow & Michael Carlon Altaghoney Cruckinbane Division
DIVINE Bryan Tereighter
DIVINE Bryan, James Divine & Charles Divine Learmount
DIVINE Charles, Bryan Divine & James Divine Learmount
DIVINE Hugh Claudy
DIVINE Hugh & Charles Carlon Cruckinbane
DIVINE James, Charles Divine & Bryan Divine Learmount
DIVINE James, Pat. Gormly, Jno. Gormly & Michl. Divine Cruckinbane
DIVINE John Ballyholly
DIVINE John & M. Cully Stranagalwilly
DIVINE Michl. Mulderg
DIVINE Michl., James Divine, Pat. Gormly & Jno. Gormly Cruckinbane
DOHERTY And., Arthur Doherty, Pat. Doherty & Owen Doherty Gortschreghan
DOHERTY Arthur, Pat. Doherty, Owen Doherty& And. Doherty Gortschreghan
DOHERTY Bridget Ballyholly
DOHERTY Edward Ballyarton
DOHERTY George Cumber
DOHERTY Michl. Ballyrory
DOHERTY Pat., Owen Doherty, And. Doherty & Arthur Doherty Gortschreghan
DOHERTY Roger Ballyarton
DOHERTY Roger Ballyholly
DOHERTY Thos. Ballyrory
DONAGHY Ann, Richd. Slevin & Owen Donaghy Carnanbane
DONAGHY Bryan Ballyrory
DONAGHY Bryan Carnanreagh
DONAGHY Cathe. & John Carlan Mulderg
DONAGHY Danl. Tereighter
DONAGHY Edwd. Kilgort
DONAGHY Edwd. Tereighter
DONAGHY Fras. Coolnacoopagh
DONAGHY Geo. Duneady
DONAGHY Henry Ballyholly
DONAGHY James Lisbunny
DONAGHY James Sawlawilly
DONAGHY James Sawlawilly
DONAGHY Jas. Tereighter
DONAGHY John Learmount
DONAGHY Michael Killycorr
DONAGHY Michael Stranagalwilly
DONAGHY Michael & Neal Donaghy Gortilea
DONAGHY Michael, Junr. Tereighter
DONAGHY Michael, Senr. Tereighter
DONAGHY Michl. Gortilea
DONAGHY Neal & Michael Donaghy Gortilea
DONAGHY Owen Gortilea
DONAGHY Owen, Ann Donaghy & Richd. Slevin Carnanbane
DONAGHY Pat. Kilgort
DONAGHY Pat. Tereighter
DONAGHY Patrick, George Donaghy, John Mullin & James Mullin Carnanbane
DONAGHY Philip Coolnacoopagh
DONAGHY Tague Cumber
DONAGHY Tague Tereighter
DONAGHY Thos. Tereighter
DONAGHY Widow Tereighter
DONAGHY Wm. Ballyholly
DONAGHY Wm. Coolnacoopagh
DOUGHERTY Charles & James Dougherty Tereighter
DOUGHERTY James & Charles Dougherty Tereighter
DOUGHERTY Wm. Gortschreghan
DUFFY Arthur Gortilea
DUFFY Bryan & Pat. Kirlan Carnanreagh
DUFFY Patrick (& Gortilea Mountain) Ballyholly
DUNN Andrew Glenlough
DUNN Robert Glenlough
DUNN Rt. & John Orr Gortnaskay
EAKIN David Letterlogher
EAKIN David, Junr. Letterlogher
EAKIN James Letterlogher
EAKIN John Letterlogher
EAKIN Robert Letterlogher
ELLIS And. Altaghoney Ballygatty Division
ELLIS Hector & Co. Altaghony Munindill
ELLIS James Altaghoney Ballygatty Division
ELLIS James Altaghony Munindill
ELLIS Robert Altaghoney Magherabrack Division
ELLIS William Altaghoney Magherabrack Division
EVANS James Ling
FALKNER James Binn Lower
FEENEY Chas. Claudy
FEENY Michael Ballyrory
FEENY Michl. & Wm. Feeny Ballyrory
FEENY Patrick Gortschreghan
FEENY Wm. & Michl. Feeny Ballyrory
FRIEL Bryan Sawlawilly
FRIEL James & Jno. Friel Sawlawilly
FRIEL Jno. & James Friel Sawlawilly
GAMBLE Robert Craige
GARDNER Joseph Claudy
GIBSON Alexr. Claudy
GIBSON Alexr. & John Quinn Claudy
GIBSON Stewart Learmount
GIBSON Thos. Dungorkan
GIBSON Thos. Roe Dungorkan
GIBSON Widow Dungorkan
GLASS Joseph Learmount
GLASS William Ballyrory
GORMLY Bryan Stranagalwilly
GORMLY Conn Sawlawilly
GORMLY Conn Stranagalwilly
GORMLY Conn Stranagalwilly
GORMLY Fredk. Carnanreagh
GORMLY Hugh Michl. Roe, Philip Gormly & Michl. Gormly Carnanbane
GORMLY James Stranagalwilly
GORMLY James, Michl. Dermot & Michl. Ward Ling
GORMLY Jas. & Manus Gormly Kincull Brack
GORMLY Jas., John Miller & Sushan McCrosson Carnanbane
GORMLY Jno., Michl. Divine & James Divine & Pat. Gormly Cruckinbane
GORMLY John Stranagalwilly
GORMLY Manus Carnanbane
GORMLY Manus Stranagalwilly
GORMLY Manus & Jas. Gormly Kincull Brack
GORMLY Michael Stranagalwilly
GORMLY Michl. Sawlawilly
GORMLY Michl. Stranagalwilly
GORMLY Michl. & Pat. Gormly Stranagalwilly
GORMLY Michl., Michl. Hugh Roe Gormly & Philip Gormly Carnanbane
GORMLY Neal & John McDade Kilgort
GORMLY Owen Stranagalwilly
GORMLY Owen Stranagalwilly
GORMLY Pat. & Michl. Gormly Stranagalwilly
GORMLY Pat., Jno. Gormly, Michl. Divine & James Divine Cruckinbane
GORMLY Patrick Stranagalwilly
GORMLY Patrick & Peter Conway Carnanreagh
GORMLY Philip, Michl. Gormly, & Michl. Hugh Roe Gormly Carnanbane
GORMLY Roger Stranagalwilly
GREEN Christy Balymaclanaghan
GREEN Geo. Balymaclanaghan
GRIEVE Edward Ballycallagan
GRIEVE Henry Ballycallagan
GRIEVE Hugh Gortnaskay
GRIEVE James Ballycallagan
HALL Robert & John Young Claudy
HALL Samuel Dungorkan
HALLIDAY Patk., Jno. Hargan & Bryan Carlan Ling
HAMILTON Alexr. & Andw. Hamilton Letterlogher
HAMILTON Andw. & Alexr. Hamilton Letterlogher
HAMILTON David Kincull Brack
HAMILTON George Kincull Brack
HAMILTON Hugh Kincull Brack
HAMILTON Ralph & W. Hamilton, Junr. Kincull Brack
HAMILTON Samuel Craige
HAMILTON Samuel Killycorr
HAMILTON W., Junr. & Ralph Hamilton Kincull Brack
HAMILTON Wm. Ballyarton
HAMILTON Wm. Kincull Brack
HAMILTON Wm. Lettermuck
HAMILTON Wm., Senr. Kincull Brack
HANDCOCK Hugh H. Craige
HANDCOCK Thos. & Co. Craige
HARAN Patrick Ballyholly
HARAN’S Altaghony Munindill
HARGAN Charles & John Hargan Ling
HARGAN James Killycorr
HARGAN Jno., Bryan Carlan & Patk. Halliday Ling
HARGAN John & Charles Hargan Ling
HARGAN Wm. Killycorr
HARKIN & Owen McGrelis Carnanreagh
HASLETT Edwd. Binn Lower
HASLETT James Altaghoney Magherabrack Division
HASLETT James Binn Lower
HASLETT James, Junr. Binn Lower
HASLETT John Binn Lower
HASLETT John Claudy
HASSAN Bryan Gortschreghan
HASSON John Ling
HASSON Thos. Ling
HASSON Thos. & Wm. Hasson Ling
HASSON Wm. & Thos. Hasson Ling
HEGARTY Denis & Andw. Robinson Ling
HEGARTY Thomas Craige
HUNTER Hugh Craige
IRWIN J. & Saml Irwin Balymaclanaghan
IRWIN Saml. & J. Irwin Balymaclanaghan
JAMISON Alexr. Kincull Megrandle
JAMISON Robt. & Wm. Jamison Kincull Megrandle
JAMISON Thos. Kincull Megrandle
JAMISON Wm. & Robt. Jamison Kincull Megrandle
JONES Michael Tereighter
JONES Patrick Tereighter
KANE Charles Tereighter
KANE Darby Ballycallagan
KANE Denis Kilgort
KANE Ferd. Tereighter
KANE Frans. Gortschreghan
KANE Fras. Gortilea
KANE James Ballycallagan
KANE James Tereighter
KANE John Gortschreghan
KANE John Learmount
KANE John Tereighter
KANE Michael F. Tereighter
KANE Michael, Wm. Kane, Jas. McLaughlin, Edwd. McLaughlin & Thos. Mullin Kilgort
KANE Patrick Tereighter
KANE Patrick Tereighter
KANE Shane Carnanbane
KANE Widow Gortschreghan
KANE Widow Tereighter
KANE Wm., Jas. McLaughlin, Edwd. McLaughlin, Michael Kane & Thos. Mullin Kilgort
KELLY Bryan Carnanreagh
KELLY James Claudy
KELLY John Binn Upper
KELLY Richard Altaghoney Carnanavon Division
KELLY & SHARKY   Altaghoney
KERR Wm. Lettermuck
KIRLAN Bryan Carnanreagh
KIRLAN Pat. & Bryan Duffy Carnanreagh
KIRLAND James Tereighter
KIRLAND Michl. Ro. Stranagalwilly
KIRLAND Neal Gortilea
KIRLAND Widow Kilgort
KIRLAND Widow Stranagalwilly
KIRLAND’S McClosky & Co. Stranagalwilly
KYLE Ann Gortnarane
LAGAN John Ballyrory
LAGAN Paul Ballyrory
LAMROCK Robert & John McGrelis Sawlawilly
LAUGHLIN Robt. Ballycallagan
LIGHTON John Ballycallagan
LINDSAY George Ling
LINDSAY John Lisbunny
LINDSAY William Lisbunny
LITTLE And. & Revd. Richd. Babington Kilcattan
LITTLE Andrew Craige Upper
LITTLE Andw. & Michl. McClosky Craige Upper
LOGUE John Ballycallagan
LONG Andw. Kincull Brack
LONG James Killycorr
LONG John Kincull Brack
LONG Wd. & James McFall Sawlawilly
LONG Widow Sawlawilly
LOWRY John Gortnaskay
LYNCH James Gortschreghan
LYNCH James Lettermuck
LYNCH James Lettermuck
LYNCH James Tereighter
LYNCH Jas. & Guy Brown Kilgort
LYNCH John Glenlough
LYNCH Michael Tereighter
LYNCH Owen Learmount
MARRS J. & David Temple Lisbunny
MARSHALL Jas. & Co. Balymaclanaghan
MARSHALL John Balymaclanaghan
MARSHALL John Gortilea
MARSHALL Samuel Claudy
MARSHALL Sarah Balymaclanaghan
MARSHALL Wd. & Wm. Marshall Balymaclanaghan
MARSHALL Wm. & Wd. Balymaclanaghan
MATHEWS Wm. Lettermuck
McCALLISTER Thos. Craige
McCANDLAS Alexr. Ling
McCANDLAS Thos. Craige
McCLEERY John, Esqr. Claudy
McCLEERY John, Esqr. Craige
McCLEMENTS William Gortnaskay
McCLOSKY & Co. & Kirland’s Stranagalwilly
McCLOSKY Daniel Tereighter
McCLOSKY Henry & Pat. McClosky Carnanreagh
McCLOSKY John Altaghoney Cruckinbane Division
McCLOSKY John Killycorr
McCLOSKY John Mulderg
McCLOSKY Michael Ballyholly
McCLOSKY Michael Tereighter
McCLOSKY Michl. Tereighter
McCLOSKY Michl. & Andw. Little Craige Upper
McCLOSKY Owen Lettermuck
McCLOSKY Pat. Tereighter
McCLOSKY Pat. & Henry McClosky Carnanreagh
McCLOSKY Patk. Sawlawilly
McCLOSKY Patrick Ballyrory
McCLOSKY Patrick Ballyrory
McCLOSKY Richard Carnanreagh
McCLOSKY Richd. Ballyrory
McCLOSKY Robert Altaghoney Carnanavon Division
McCLOSKY Wm. Altghoney Stonehouse Division
McCOMB Henry Lettermuck
McCOMB John Ballyarton
McCOMB John Lettermuck
McCOMB Samuel Ballycallagan
McCOMB Thos. Ballyarton
McCOMB Thos. Lettermuck
McCONACHY John Kilcattan
McCONACHY Thos. Lettermuck
McCONACY John Gortnarane
McCORMICK Neal Carnanreagh
McCORMICK Oliver & Charles Ramsay Lisbunny
McCROSSON Sushan, Jas. Gormly & John Miller Carnanbane
McCULLOGH Hugh Ballyarton
McCULLOGH James Ballyarton
McCULLY James Kincull Brack
McDADE Henry Kilgort
McDADE John & Neal Gormly Kilgort
McDADE Pat. & Widow McDade Kilgort
McDADE Thomas Claudy
McDADE Widow & Pat. McDade Kilgort
McELHINNY Wm. Binn Lower
McFALL Bryan & Wm. McFall Claudy
McFALL Edward Claudy
McFALL James & Wd. Long Sawlawilly
McFALL Michael Killycorr
McFALL Robert Claudy
McFALL Widow Claudy
McFALL Wm. & Bryan McFall Claudy
McFEELY Denis Ballyholly
McFEELY James Kilgort
McFEELY Thos. Coolnacoopagh
McGARVEY Patrick Kilgort
McGAUGHY Ann Sawlawilly
McGAUGHY Saml. Sawlawilly
McGEE Jas. & Patk. McGee Sawlawilly
McGEE Patk. & Jas. McGee Sawlawilly
McGILL Henry Binn Upper
McGILL Patrick Stranagalwilly
McGLINCHY Hugh Gortschreghan
McGLINCHY Hugh Kilgort
McGLINCHY Jas. Gortnaskay
McGLINCHY Patrick Ballyrory
McGLINCHY Patrick Gortschreghan
McGLINCHY Robert Craige Upper
McGLINCHY Widow Gortschreghan
McGOWAN Patk. & Widow McGowan Tereighter
McGOWAN Widow & Patk. McGowan Tereighter
McGRELIS George & William McGrelis Lisbunny
McGRELIS John & Robert Lamrock Sawlawilly
McGRELIS Owen & Harkin Carnanreagh
McGRELIS William & George McGrelis Lisbunny
McKEEVER Edw. & Jas. McKeever Gortilea
McKEEVER Jas. & Edw. McKeever Gortilea
McKEEVER John Claudy
McKEEVER Michael Claudy
McLAMAN Bryan Ballyrory
McLAUGHLIN Bryan Kilgort
McLAUGHLIN Bryan Lettermuck
McLAUGHLIN Bryan Mulderg
McLAUGHLIN Chas. & Brothers Kilgort
McLAUGHLIN Edwd. Kilgort
McLAUGHLIN Edwd., Jas. McLaughlin, Thos. Mullin, Michael Kane & Wm. Kane Kilgort
McLAUGHLIN George Kilgort
McLAUGHLIN Hugh Kilgort
McLAUGHLIN James Kilgort
McLAUGHLIN James Killycorr
McLAUGHLIN James ……… Deery Carnanreagh
McLAUGHLIN Jas. Gortschreghan
McLAUGHLIN Jas., Edwd. McLaughlin, Thos. Mullin, Michael Kane & Wm. Kane Kilgort
McLAUGHLIN Manus Carnanreagh
McLAUGHLIN Michael Kilgort
McLAUGHLIN Michl. Kilgort
McLAUGHLIN Michl. Killycorr
McLAUGHLIN Neal Killycorr
McLAUGHLIN Owen Kilgort
MCLAUGHLIN Owen & Philip McLaughlin Ballyrory
McLAUGHLIN P. & Thos. McLaughlin Kilgort
McLAUGHLIN Pat. Kilgort
McLAUGHLIN Philip Carnanreagh
McLAUGHLIN Philip & Owen McLaughlin Ballyrory
McLAUGHLIN Pp. & Thomas McLaughlin Kilgort
McLAUGHLIN Thos. Kilgort
McLAUGHLIN Thos. & P. McLaughlin Kilgort
McLAUGHLIN Thos. & Pp. McLaughlin Kilgort
McLAUGHLIN Widow Killycorr
McLAUGHLIN Widow Stranagalwilly
McLAUGHLIN Wm. Kilcattan
McMENAMIN Bernard Killycorr
McMENAMY John Ballyrory
McMULLAN Andrew & John McMullan Ling
McMULLAN John & Andrew McMullan Ling
McSHANE Michael Gortilea
McSHANE Philip Gortilea
McSPARRON James Claudy
McWARD Widow Craige
MEARS John Cruckinbane
MENAMIN Richd. & Wd. Menamin Craige
MENAMIN Wd. & Richd. Menamin Craige
MILIE J. & Jas. Dermot Ling
MILLER David Coolnacoopagh
MILLER James Binn Upper
MILLER James Coolnacoopagh
MILLER James Killycorr
MILLER John Binn Upper
MILLER John Kilcattan
MILLER John, Shusan McCrosson & Jas. Gormly Carnanbane
MILLER Michl. & Wm. Miller Kincull Megrandle
MILLER Wm. & Michl. Miller Kincull Megrandle
MITCHELL James Killycorr
MOONEY Wm. Craige Upper
MOORE Joseph Ballycallagan
MORIN James Altaghoney Ballygatty Division
MORIN Michael & Neal Morin Altghoney Stonehouse Division
MORIN Neal & Michael Morin Altghoney Stonehouse Division
MORISON John Coolnacoopagh
MORRISON Michal Kincull Megrandle
MORROW Thos. Lettermuck
MORROW Wm. & C. Ramsey Lisbunny
MULLAGHAN Pat. Stranagalwilly
MULLIN Alexr. & Andw. Mullin Ballyholly
MULLIN Andw. & Alexr. Mullin Ballyholly
MULLIN George Gortschreghan
MULLIN James Kincull Brack
MULLIN James Mulderg
MULLIN James, Patrick Donaghy, George Donaghy & John Mullin Carnanbane
MULLIN John & Co. Barr Craige
MULLIN John & Thos. Mullin Lettermuck
MULLIN John, James Mullin, Patrick Donaghy & George Donaghy Carnanbane
MULLIN Thos. Ballyrory
MULLIN Thos. & John Mullin Lettermuck
MULLIN Thos., Jas. McLaughlin, Edwd. McLaughlin, Michael Kane & Wm. Kane Kilgort
NELSON John Binn Lower
NELSON Oliver Binn Lower
NICHOLAS John Gortschreghan
NICHOLAS Philip Carnanreagh
NICHOLAS Philip Stranagalwilly
NICHOLAS Thomas Carnanreagh
NICHOLAS Thomas Gortschreghan
NICHOLAS Widow Gortschreghan
NICHOLAS Wm. Gortschreghan
NIXON Wm. Learmount
NUTT James Gortnaskay
NUTT John Gortnaskay
NUTT Samuel Gortnaskay
O’NEAL Andw. & Robert Colvey Altaghoney Cruckinbane Division
O’NEAL Arthur Duneady
O’NEAL Bryan Carnanreagh
O’NEAL Bryan Duneady
O’NEAL Buoy Stranagalwilly
O’NEAL Hugh Stranagalwilly
O’NEAL John Carnanreagh
O’NEAL John Duneady
O’NEAL Owen & Co. Carnanreagh
OGILBY Alexr., Esqr. Gortnarane
OGILBY Alexr., Esqr. Kilcattan
ORR John & Rt. Dunn Gortnaskay
POAK James & John Poak Kincull Megrandle
POAK John & James Poak Kincull Megrandle
POLLOCK Joseph Ling
QUIGLEY Pat. Ballyholly
QUINN Charles Altaghony Munindill
QUINN John & Alexr. Gibson Claudy
QUINN Michl. Altaghoney Ewe Tree Division
RAMSAY Charles & Oliver McCormick Lisbunny
RAMSEY C. & Wm. Morrow Lisbunny
REED Robert Claudy
ROBINSON Andw. & Denis Hegarty Ling
ROSBOROUGH Jas. Ballycallagan
ROSBOROUGH Major & Jno. Whiteside Lisbunny
ROSBOROUGH Major & Samuel Rosborough Lisbunny
ROSBOROUGH Major & Wm. Rosborough Lisbunny
ROSBOROUGH Samuel & Major Rosborough Lisbunny
ROSBOROUGH Wm. & Major Rosborough Lisbunny
ROSS John Claudy
ROSS Robert Binn Upper
SCOTT Andw. Glenlough
SHARKY Edwd. Carnanreagh
SHARKY & KELLY   Altaghoney
SHERRARD Joseph Kincull Brack
SHERRARD Widow Kincull Brack
SIMPSON Edwd. Dungorkan
SIMPSON John Sawlawilly
SIMPSON Mathew Cumber
SIMPSON Wm. Kilcattan
SLEVIN Henry Sawlawilly
SLEVIN James Duneady
SLEVIN Richd., Owen Donaghy & Ann Donaghy Carnanbane
SMYTH James Ballyarton
SMYTH James Glenlough
SMYTH John Binn Lower
SMYTH Samuel Glenlough
SMYTH Samuel Kincull Brack
SMYTH William Ballyarton
SMYTH William Learmount
STEVENSON Robert Lisbunny
TEMPLE David & J. Marrs Lisbunny
THOMPSON Henry Lettermuck
TOMB Eleanor Killycorr
TRACY James Sawlawilly
TREACY Henry Altaghoney
TREACY Hugh Gortilea
TREACY James Altaghoney
TREACY John Gortilea
TREACY Manus Gortilea
TREACY Michael Gortilea
TREACY Patrick Carnanreagh
WARD Bryan Binn Upper
WARD Bryan Cumber
WARD Michael Ling
WARD Michl. Binn Upper
WARD Michl., James Gormly & Michl. Dermot Ling
WARD Owen Craige
WARD Patrick Cumber
WATSON William Learmount
WHITESIDE Jno. & Major Rosborough Lisbunny
WHITESIDE Jno. & Wm. Whiteside Lisbunny
WHITESIDE Thomas Lisbunny
WHITESIDE Thos. Letterlogher
WHITESIDE Thos. Lisbunny
WHITESIDE Wm. & Jno. Whiteside Lisbunny
WILSON Robert Craige
WILSON Thomas Stranagalwilly
WITHEROW Saml. Kincull Megrandle
YOUNG John & Robert Hall Claudy



April 17 1828