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Index to Tithe Applotment Book, Clonoe Parish, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland 1827

Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, Belfast (PRONI) Ref: FIN 5A/80/2
Extracted from FHL Film # 258451
Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia
Clonoe Parish Church, (St. Michael’s Church of Ireland), Co. Tyrone

Tithe was a tax on all agricultural land (originally one tenth of the produce) excepting only church lands, glebes and urban areas and was paid by leaseholders and occupiers of all religious denominations to the clergy of the Established Church of Ireland. There was growing resentment against this tax, especially by Presbyterians and Catholics, particularly in the period of distress after 1815 and the government was forced to give way and introduce the Tithe Composition Act 1823 which replaced payment in kind by payment in cash.

In order to effect this change, all agricultural land across the country was required to be surveyed and applotted, or valued. During the period 1823 to 1837, a Tithe Applotment Survey was made in each civil parish across the whole of Ireland to determine the value of tithe payable by different landholders. Two people were appointed by each parish to carry out this assessment. The material was arranged by civil parish and townland in volumes known as TITHE APPLOTMENT BOOKS.

In some parishes more than one survey was taken, whilst in others the manuscript has not survived. The books for all Ireland, compiled between 1823 and 1837, are now deposited in the National Archives of Ireland, Dublin and Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI).

PRONI holds the tithe books for all but 31 of the 273 parishes then surveyed in Northern Ireland. These tithe books are arranged by townland and record the names of leaseholders, the area of their farm subject to tithe, sometimes the quality of the land and an overall valuation and occasionally the names of landlords. Researchers should be aware that cottiers who did not hold land are not recorded, and unaccountably, some types of land were passed over entirely; a field of potatoes attracted a tithe payment in one parish, but not in that adjoining.

Those researchers who are fortunate to locate a forebear in the Tithe Applotment Books may find it possible to take their research back a further generation prior to Griffiths Valuation.



Townland Townland Townland Townland
Annagher Annaghmore Annaghnaboe Aughagalla
Aughagranna Aughamullan Aughrimderg Ballybeg
Ballygittle Clintycracken Cloghog Coole
Dernagh Derryloughan Derrytresk Drummerrer
Glebe Farm Gortnaglogh Killary Glebe Killeen
Lenedremnagh Lisaclare Lisnastrane Magheralamfield
Magheramulkenny Meenagh Mousetown Shanliss Lower
Shanliss Upper Tumpher



Townland Townland Townland Townland
Anagher Anaghmore Anaghneboe Aughadrimderg
Aughagala Aughamullen Devlin Aughamullen Espy Ballybeg
Ballygittle Clinticracken Cloghog Coole
Croshany Derrylaghan Derrytresk Drumurer
Durnagh Gortneglough Killary Killen
Lenedremna or Lisnadrum Liseclare Lisnestrane Lower Menagh
Magheralongfield Magheramulkany Mulaghterory Mulinaloghog (alias Mousetown)
Shanless Thumfer Upper Menagh




ABERNETHY James Killary
ABERNETHY William Liseclare
ADAMS James Magheramulkany
ADAMS Quinton Magheramulkany
ADAMS William Aughagala
ANDERSON Benjamin Aughamullan Espy
ANDERSON David Coole
ANDERSON William Anagher
ANKETELL Rev. John Killary
ANSLEY Arthur, Esq. Annaghmore
ANSLEY Arthur, Esq. Drumurer [Drummerrer]
ARBUTTON Alexander Magheramulkany
ARTHURS James Cloghog
ATKINSON Geo. Gortneglough
ATKINSON George Clintycracken
BEGLEY James Anaghneboe
BEGLEY James Annaghmore
BEGLEY John Annaghmore
BLAIN John Aughamullan Devlin
BLAIN John Clintycracken
BLANY Tally Anaghneboe
BOYLE Ally Thumfer
BOYLE Hugh Thumfer
BOYLE James Thumfer
BOYLE Jno. Mulinaloghog [Mousetown]
BOYLE John Thumfer
BOYLE Widow Shanless
BOYLE Widow Thumfer
BRADFORD Widow Magheralongfield [Magheralamfield]
BRADFORD Willm. Ballygittle
BRADLY Ned Aughadrimderg
BRADLY Pat. Aughadrimderg
BRADLY Widow Aughadrimderg
BRADY Henry Drumurer [Drummerrer]
BRANAGAN Arthur Lisnastrane
BRANKEN Mick Croshany
BRANKEN Widow Magheralongfield [Magheralamfield]
BRENAN Laurence Anaghneboe
BRENAN Laurence Annaghmore
BRENNAN John Killen
BRENNAN Philip Killen
BROWN Andrew Killary
BROWN Widow Thumfer
BRYANS Neil Mulaghterory
BRYERS John Mulinaloghog [Mousetown]
BUCK Rev. Dr. Killary
BURNS Charles Annaghmore
BURNS Peter Annaghmore
BURNS Widow Jno. Annaghmore
BURNS William Ballygittle
BURROWS Jno. Liseclare
BYERS James Anagher
CALAGHER Samuel Ballygittle
CAMPBELL Bernd. Mulinaloghog [Mousetown]
CAMPBELL Widow Liseclare
CAMPBLE Arthur Coole
CAMPBLE Arthur Derrytresk
CAMPBLE Berd. Coole
CAMPBLE Fergy Derrytresk
CAMPBLE George Clintycracken
CAMPBLE George Derrytresk
CAMPBLE Harry Ballybeg
CAMPBLE Henry Anaghneboe
CAMPBLE Henry Durnagh
CAMPBLE Hugh Derrytresk
CAMPBLE Hugh Durnagh
CAMPBLE James Annaghmore
CAMPBLE James Derrytresk
CAMPBLE James Durnagh
CAMPBLE John Coole
CAMPBLE John Derrytresk
CAMPBLE John Drumurer [Drummerrer]
CAMPBLE John Durnagh
CAMPBLE John Magheralongfield [Magheralamfield]
CAMPBLE John Thumfer
CAMPBLE Jos. Durnagh
CAMPBLE Mathew Derrytresk
CAMPBLE Mathew Killary
CAMPBLE Maurice Aughadrimderg
CAMPBLE Mick Clintycracken
CAMPBLE Mick Lisnastrane
CAMPBLE Mick Magheramulkany
CAMPBLE Pat. Annaghmore
CAMPBLE Pat. Aughamullan Espy
CAMPBLE Pat. Ballybeg
CAMPBLE Pat. Derrytresk
CAMPBLE Pat. Durnagh
CAMPBLE Pat. Gortneglough
CAMPBLE Pat. Magheramulkany
CAMPBLE Pat. (Belfast) Thumfer
CAMPBLE Pat. (Red) Derrytresk
CAMPBLE Pat., Jun. Thumfer
CAMPBLE Pat., Sen. Thumfer
CAMPBLE Peter Ballybeg
CAMPBLE Peter Durnagh
CAMPBLE Terrence Derrytresk
CAMPBLE Thomas Magheramulkany
CAMPBLE Widow George Ballybeg
CAMPBLE William Aughagala
CAMPLE Frs. Aughagala
CAMPLE John Mulaghterory
CANAVAN Charles Aughamullan Espy
CANAVAN Daniel Derrylaghan [Derryloughan]
CANAVAN Denis Aughamullan Espy
CANAVAN John Aughamullan Espy
CANAVAN John Ballybeg
CANAVAN John Magheralongfield [Magheralamfield]
CANAVAN Luke Aughamullan Espy
CANAVAN Pat. Aughadrimderg
CANAVAN Pat. Ballybeg
CANE Widow Mulinaloghog [Mousetown]
CARRON John Ballybeg
CARRON Thomas Ballybeg
CARUTH John Magheramulkany
CARUTH Thomas Magheramulkany
CATHERS George Durnagh
CATHERS George Magheramulkany
CATHERS William Lisnastrane
CATHOLIC MASS GARDEN   Magheralongfield [Magheralamfield]
CHAMBERS James Aughagala
CLARK Felix Anagher
CLARKE John Anagher
CLARKE Mick Anagher
COMPTON John Ballybeg
COMPTON John Coole
CONNELLY Thomas Derrylaghan [Derryloughan]
CONWAY Daniel Aughadrimderg
CONWAY Ned Aughadrimderg
COONEY Mick Aughamullan Devlin
COREY Bernard Coole
COREY Catherine Aughamullan Devlin
COREY Charles Coole
COREY Henry Aughamullan Devlin
COREY Henry, Sen. Aughamullan Devlin
COREY James Killen
COREY Jno. Coole
COREY John Aughagala
COREY John Aughamullan Devlin
COREY Mick Derrylaghan [Derryloughan]
COREY Pat. Killen
COREY William Coole
CORORAN James Drumurer [Drummerrer]
CORORAN John Anaghneboe
CORORAN William Killen
CORORAN William Magheramulkany
CORORAN William Upper Meenagh
CORR Arthur Drumurer [Drummerrer]
CORR Daniel Anagher
CORR Donald Aughamullan Devlin
CORR Edwd. Ballygittle
CORR Felix Durnagh
CORR Harry Ballygittle
CORR Henry Ballygittle
CORR James (R’s son) Killary
CORR James, Jun. Killary
CORR James, Jun. Liseclare
CORR James, Sen. Liseclare
CORR Jno. Ballygittle
CORR John Annaghmore
CORR John Liseclare
CORR John Lisnastrane
CORR John or Mark DEVLIN Durnagh
CORR Mick Ballygittle
CORR Molly Aughamullan Devlin
CORR Owen Liseclare
CORR Pat. Annaghmore
CORR Pat. Ballybeg
CORR Pat. Derrylaghan [Derryloughan]
CORR Patk. Killary
CORR Patrick Aughagala
CORR Patt. Liseclare
CORR Roger Killary
CORR Terry Killen
CORRIGAN Charles Ballybeg
CORRIGAN Jas. Shanless
CORRIGAN Robert Ballybeg
CORRY Dond. Aughadrimderg
CREELY Neal Mulinaloghog [Mousetown]
CUDDY John Killen
CULLEN Dan. Magheramulkany
CULLEN Mary Magheramulkany
CULLEN Pat. Derrytresk
CULLION Bernd. Derrytresk
CULLION Henry Magheramulkany
CULLION Mick Killary
CUMMINS Harry Ballybeg
CUMMINS Samuel Killen
CUMMINS Thomas Aughadrimderg
CUMMINS Thomas Clintycracken
CUMMINS Thomas Killen
CUSHNAHAN Hugh Derrylaghan [Derryloughan]
DALEY Charles Drumurer [Drummerrer]
DALEY Denis Drumurer [Drummerrer]
DALY James Lower Meenagh
DARBY John Aughamullan Devlin
DAWSON James Mulinaloghog [Mousetown]
DAWSON John Mulinaloghog [Mousetown]
DEVINE Widow Ballygittle
DEVLIN Bryan Aughamullan Devlin
DEVLIN Charles Croshany
DEVLIN Charles Derrylaghan [Derryloughan]
DEVLIN Daniel Ballygittle
DEVLIN Daniel Drumurer [Drummerrer]
DEVLIN Edward Croshany
DEVLIN Edward Killary
DEVLIN Hu. Magheralongfield [Magheralamfield]
DEVLIN Hugh Liseclare
DEVLIN James Annaghmore
DEVLIN James Aughagala
DEVLIN James Durnagh
DEVLIN James Lenedremna [Lenadremnagh] or Lisnadrana
DEVLIN James, Jun. Shanless
DEVLIN James, Sen. Shanless
DEVLIN Jas. Durnagh
DEVLIN John Drumurer [Drummerrer]
DEVLIN John Gortneglough
DEVLIN John Killary
DEVLIN John Magheralongfield [Magheralamfield]
DEVLIN Mark Annaghmore
DEVLIN Mark Durnagh
DEVLIN Mark Magheramulkany
DEVLIN Mick Aughagala
DEVLIN Mick Durnagh
DEVLIN Mick Killary
DEVLIN Ned Magheramulkany
DEVLIN Owen Aughamullan Espy
DEVLIN Pat. Anaghneboe
DEVLIN Pat. Annaghmore
DEVLIN Pat. Aughamullan Devlin
DEVLIN Pat. Drumurer [Drummerrer]
DEVLIN Philip Killary
DEVLIN Ross Killen
DEVLIN Widow Magheralongfield [Magheralamfield]
DEVLIN Widow Susy Drumurer [Drummerrer]
DICKSON Pat. Lenedremna [Lenadremnagh] or Lisnadrana
DILLON Bernard Ballybeg
DILLON Jno. Mulinaloghog [Mousetown]
DILLON John Ballybeg
DILLON John Thumfer
DILLON Mick Aughadrimderg
DILLON Owen Aughadrimderg
DILLON Owen Aughamullan Espy
DONAGHY James Gortneglough
DONAGHY Laurence Derrytresk
DONAGHY Mathew, Jun. Derrytresk
DONAGHY Mathew, Sen. Derrytresk
DONAGHY Mick Derrytresk
DONAGHY Pat. (Derryamlet) Derrytresk
DONAGHY Pat., Jun. Derrytresk
DONAGHY Pat., Sen. Derrytresk
DONAGHY Peter Derrytresk
DONAGHY Thomas Derrytresk
DONAGHY Widow Francis Derrytresk
DONAGHY Widow M. Derrytresk
DONNELLY Bernard Shanless
DONNELLY Charles Anagher
DONNELLY James Magheramulkany
DONNELLY John Anaghneboe
DONNELLY John Annaghmore
DONNELLY Joseph Anagher
DONNELLY Mick Derrylaghan [Derryloughan]
DONNELLY Mick Shanless
DONNELLY Owen Anaghneboe
DONNELLY Owen Annaghmore
DONNELLY Owen Magheralongfield [Magheralamfield]
DONNELLY Patt. Anagher
DORMAN John Ballybeg
DORMAN Matw. Aughamullan Devlin
DORMAN Mick Aughamullan Devlin
DORMAN Pady Aughamullan Devlin
DORMAN Pat. Aughamullan Espy
DOUD Pat. Aughamullan Espy
DOUD Pat. Derrylaghan [Derryloughan]
DOUD Pat. Magheramulkany
DOUD Pat. Upper Meenagh
DOUGHERTY Benjamin Mulinaloghog [Mousetown]
DOUGHERTY Joseph Mulinaloghog [Mousetown]
DOWNEY Pat. Derrylaghan [Derryloughan]
DUFF John Liseclare
DUFF John Magheralongfield [Magheralamfield]
DUFF Samuel Liseclare
DUFFY Berd. Ballygittle
DUFFY John Aughamullan Devlin
DUNN John Lisnastrane
DUNN Peggy Lisnastrane
ECCLES Widow Thos. Anagher
ECCLES William Anagher
ELLIOTT Widow Liseclare
ELVIN Jas. Ballybeg
ENGLISH James Durnagh
ENGLISH John Durnagh
EVERY Benjamin Anagher
FARRELL John Aughadrimderg
FARRELL Mathew Aughadrimderg
FARSON Pat. Lisnastrane
FELLOON James Aughamullan Devlin
FERGUSON John Liseclare
FERGUSON John, Jun. Liseclare
FISHER Charles Anagher
FOX Peter Upper Meenagh
FULTON Henry Ballygittle
GARDINER William Magheramulkany
GARTLENY Daniel Derrytresk
GARTLENY James Derrytresk
GARTLENY John Derrytresk
GARTLENY John Shanless
GARTLENY Laurence Derrytresk
GARTLENY Owen Derrytresk
GARTLENY Peter Aughamullan Devlin
GARTLENY Peter Aughamullan Espy
GARTLENY Peter Derrytresk
GARTLENY Widow P. Derrytresk
GEOGHEGAN John Derrytresk
GEOGHEGAN Thomas Derrytresk
GIBBONS James Mulinaloghog [Mousetown]
GILLIS James Lisnastrane
GILMOUR Widow Lisnastrane
GIRVEN Antony Croshany
GIRVEN Arthur Mulinaloghog [Mousetown]
GIRVEN David Shanless
GIRVEN Francis Lisnastrane
GIRVEN Francis Shanless
GIRVEN James Croshany
GIRVEN James Lenedremna [Lenadremnagh] or Lisnadrana
GIRVEN Owen, Jun. Shanless
GIRVEN Owen, Sen. Shanless
GIRVEN Pat. Lisnastrane
GIRVEN Pat. Shanless
GIRVEN Pat., Jun. Mulinaloghog [Mousetown]
GIRVEN Pat., Sen. Mulinaloghog [Mousetown]
GIRVEN Samuel Shanless
GIRVEN Terrence Shanless
GIRVEN Widow Lenedremna [Lenadremnagh] or Lisnadrana
GIRVEN Widow Shanless
GIVEN [GIRVEN?] Terrence Shanless
GLACKEN Barny Aughamullan Espy
GLACKEN James Aughamullan Espy
GLACKEN James Lower Meenagh
GLACKEN James, Jun. Aughamullan Espy
GLACKEN John Anaghneboe
GLACKEN Mick Lower Meenagh
GLACKEN Owen Aughamullan Devlin
GLACKEN Pat. Aughamullan Devlin
GLACKEN Pat. Lower Meenagh
GLACKEN Widow Anaghneboe
GLACKEN William Anaghneboe
GLACKEN William Annaghmore
GRIMES Con. Annaghmore
GRIMES Con. Aughagala
GRIMES Widow Annaghmore
GUEST David Aughadrimderg
HAGAN Arthur Magheralongfield [Magheralamfield]
HAGAN Barny Derrytresk
HAGAN Bernard Lower Meenagh
HAGAN Charles Derrytresk
HAGAN Daniel Durnagh
HAGAN Edward Derrytresk
HAGAN Edward Shanless
HAGAN Edwd. Lower Meenagh
HAGAN Frs. Lower Meenagh
HAGAN Harry Clintycracken
HAGAN Hugh Lenedremna [Lenadremnagh] or Lisnadrana
HAGAN James Annaghmore
HAGAN Jenny Coole
HAGAN John Ballybeg
HAGAN John Derrylaghan [Derryloughan]
HAGAN John Derrytresk
HAGAN John Lenedremna [Lenadremnagh] or Lisnadrana
HAGAN John Liseclare
HAGAN Mick Magheramulkany
HAGAN Mick Upper Meenagh
HAGAN Owen Lower Meenagh
HAGAN Pat. Derrytresk
HAGAN Pat. Shanless
HAGAN Thomas Shanless
HAGAN Widow Shanless
HALL Thomas Ballybeg
HAMILL John Aughadrimderg
HAMILTON Charles Liseclare
HANLAN Bartholomew Lenedremna [Lenadremnagh] or Lisnadrana
HANLAN Bartw. Gortneglough
HANLAN Denis Durnagh
HANLAN James Derrytresk
HANLAN John Derrytresk
HANLAN Laughlin Derrytresk
HANLAN Widow Derrytresk
HARORAN John Derrylaghan [Derryloughan]
HARORAN Ned. Aughamullan Devlin
HARORAN Pat. Aughamullan Espy
HAUGHY James Anagher
HAVEREN Peter Derrylaghan [Derryloughan]
HAZLETON Abraham Thumfer
HAZLETON Widow Shanless
HAZLETON William Shanless
HEVEREN Mick Aughamullan Devlin
HEVEREN Roger Derrylaghan [Derryloughan]
HOWDEN Arthur Lisnastrane
HUGHES Arthur Annaghmore
HUGHES Barny Aughamullan Espy
HUGHES Biddy Lower Meenagh
HUGHES Charles, Jun. Drumurer [Drummerrer]
HUGHES Charles, Sen. Drumurer [Drummerrer]
HUGHES Cormick Drumurer [Drummerrer]
HUGHES Denis Lower Meenagh
HUGHES Felix Lower Meenagh
HUGHES George Derrylaghan [Derryloughan]
HUGHES Henry Drumurer [Drummerrer]
HUGHES James Annaghmore
HUGHES James Derrylaghan [Derryloughan]
HUGHES James Durnagh
HUGHES James Killen
HUGHES James Shanless
HUGHES James, Jun. Drumurer [Drummerrer]
HUGHES James, Sen. Drumurer [Drummerrer]
HUGHES Jno., Jun. Drumurer [Drummerrer]
HUGHES John Anaghneboe
HUGHES John Derrytresk
HUGHES John Drumurer [Drummerrer]
HUGHES John Durnagh
HUGHES John, Jun. Derrytresk
HUGHES John, Sen. Drumurer [Drummerrer]
HUGHES Laurence Magheramulkany
HUGHES Luke Durnagh
HUGHES Mick Annaghmore
HUGHES Mick Lower Meenagh
HUGHES Owen Annaghmore
HUGHES Owen Durnagh
HUGHES Pat. Annaghmore
HUGHES Pat. Derrylaghan [Derryloughan]
HUGHES Peter Annaghmore
HUGHES Thomas Lower Meenagh
HUMFREY Alex. Durnagh
HUMFREY Wm. Durnagh
HUNTER Jno. Gortneglough
HYDE James Lenedremna [Lenadremnagh] or Lisnadrana
JOHNSTON John Killen
JOHNSTON Samuel Annaghmore
JUDGE Jas. Ballygittle
KANE Jno. Ballygittle
KEARNEY James Croshany
KEARNEY John Aughamullan Espy
KEE James Lisnastrane
KEEVENAGH Hugh Aughadrimderg
KELLY James Mulinaloghog [Mousetown]
KELLY John Lower Meenagh
KELLY Neil Shanless
KELLY Pat. Shanless
KELLY Thomas Mulinaloghog [Mousetown]
KELSO Willm. Ballybeg
KENNEDY Widow Mulinaloghog [Mousetown]
KILPATRICK John Anaghneboe
KILPATRICK Pat. Drumurer [Drummerrer]
KILPATRICK Widow Mulinaloghog [Mousetown]
LAPEN Pat. Ballybeg
LAPPEN John Killen
LATIMER William Killary
LAVERTY Bernard Annaghmore
LECKY Jas. Aughadrimderg
LECKY Jas., Jun. Aughadrimderg
LEE Charles Coole
LEE Charles Killen
LEE Charles Upper Meenagh
LEE James Croshany
LEE Jno. Cloghog
LEE Robert Cloghog
LEE Robert Coole
LEE Thomas Magheramulkany
LEE William Annaghmore
LEE William Cloghog
LEE William Coole
LEE William Killen
LEE William Liseclare
LEONARD Henry Aughadrimderg
LEONARD John Ballybeg
LEONARD John Clintycracken
LITTLE Widow Ballybeg
LOUGHRAN John Lower Meenagh
LYND James Aughadrimderg
LYND James Lenedremna [Lenadremnagh] or Lisnadrana
LYND Jas. Ballygittle
LYND Jno. Killen
LYND Joseph Annaghmore
LYND Joseph Lower Meenagh
MAGEE Andrew Ballygittle
MAGEE Jas. Ballygittle
MAGEE Jno. Ballygittle
MAGEE John Aughamullan Espy
MAGINIS Pat. Derrytresk
MAGINIS Peter Derrytresk
MAGRATH Ann Upper Meenagh
MAGRATH Arthur Magheramulkany
MAGRATH Arthur Upper Meenagh
MAGRATH Arthur (Black) Aughamullan Devlin
MAGRATH Arthur (Black) Aughamullan Espy
MAGRATH Arthur (White) Aughamullan Devlin
MAGRATH Barny Aughamullan Espy
MAGRATH Berd., Jun. Upper Meenagh
MAGRATH Bridget Upper Meenagh
MAGRATH Charles Magheramulkany
MAGRATH Charles Upper Meenagh
MAGRATH Donald Magheramulkany
MAGRATH Edward Derrylaghan [Derryloughan]
MAGRATH George Aughamullan Devlin
MAGRATH George Derrylaghan [Derryloughan]
MAGRATH Henry Derrylaghan [Derryloughan]
MAGRATH Henry Upper Meenagh
MAGRATH Hugh Aughamullan Devlin
MAGRATH James Annaghmore
MAGRATH James Aughamullan Devlin
MAGRATH James Aughamullan Espy
MAGRATH James Derrytresk
MAGRATH James Lower Meenagh
MAGRATH James, Jun. Upper Meenagh
MAGRATH John Upper Meenagh
MAGRATH John, Jun. Derrylaghan [Derryloughan]
MAGRATH John, Sen. Derrylaghan [Derryloughan]
MAGRATH Laurence Aughamullan Devlin
MAGRATH Mary Lower Meenagh
MAGRATH Owen Aughamullan Espy
MAGRATH Owen Derrylaghan [Derryloughan]
MAGRATH Owen Magheramulkany
MAGRATH Owen, Sen. Derrylaghan [Derryloughan]
MAGRATH Pat. Annaghmore
MAGRATH Pat. Aughamullan Espy
MAGRATH Pat. Derrylaghan [Derryloughan]
MAGRATH Pat. Durnagh
MAGRATH Pat. (Paramore) Aughamullan Espy
MAGRATH Peter Aughamullan Devlin
MAGRATH Peter Cloghog
MAGRATH Peter Derrylaghan [Derryloughan]
MAGRATH Peter Lower Meenagh
MAGRATH Peter Magheramulkany
MAGRATH Peter Upper Meenagh
MAGRATH Philip Aughamullan Devlin
MAGRATH Philip Derrylaghan [Derryloughan]
MAGRATH Robert Cloghog
MAGRATH Robert Magheramulkany
MAGRATH Robert Upper Meenagh
MAGRATH Thomas Aughamullan Devlin
MAGRATH Thomas Upper Meenagh
MAGRATH Widow Magheramulkany
MAGUIGAN James Aughamullan Devlin
MAGUIGAN James Lisnastrane
MAGUIGAN John Aughamullan Espy
MAGUIGAN Neil Aughadrimderg
MAGUIGAN Neil Aughamullan Devlin
MAGUIGAN Pat. Aughamullan Devlin
MAGUIRE Widow Derrytresk
MALLON Barney Gortneglough
MALLON Henry Annaghmore
MALLON Pat. Aughamullan Devlin
MALLON Pat. Gortneglough
MALLON Pat. Lower Meenagh
MALLON Sally Aughadrimderg
MALLON Thomas Lenedremna [Lenadremnagh] or Lisnadrana
MALLON Widow Shanless
MANSFIELD Andrew Annaghmore
MATHEWS Thomas Cloghog
MAXWELL Molly Ballybeg
MAXWELL Nelly Ballybeg
MAY James Lenedremna [Lenadremnagh] or Lisnadrana
MAY Widow Croshany
MAY Widow Magheralongfield [Magheralamfield]
MAY William Croshany
McALISKY Hugh Coole
McALISTER Archibald Liseclare
McANALLY Edward Anagher
McANULTY Hugh Annaghmore
McANULTY John Anaghneboe
McANULTY John Annaghmore
McANULTY John Derrylaghan [Derryloughan]
McANULTY John Mulinaloghog [Mousetown]
McANULTY Pat. Anaghneboe
McANULTY Pat. Annaghmore
McATASNY Bryan Derrytresk
McCABE Daniel Drumurer [Drummerrer]
McCABE John Anaghneboe
McCABE Pat. Anagher
McCAGE John Liseclare
McCALLAN Barny Anagher
McCALLAN Daniel Anagher
McCALLAN James Killary
McCAMPBLE Widow Derrytresk
McCANN Berd. Ballygittle
McCANN Bernard Cloghog
McCANN Daniel Derrylaghan [Derryloughan]
McCANN Edward Derrylaghan [Derryloughan]
McCANN James Cloghog
McCANN Jno. Derrylaghan [Derryloughan]
McCANN John Aughamullan Espy
McCANN Mark Derrylaghan [Derryloughan]
McCANN Pat. Aughamullan Espy
McCANN Pat. Derrylaghan [Derryloughan]
McCANN Susy Derrylaghan [Derryloughan]
McCANN Terrence Lisnastrane
McCANN Thomas Cloghog
McCANN Widow Derrylaghan [Derryloughan]
McCHESNY John Anagher
McCHESNY William Anagher
McCONNELL John Coole
McCORMICK Hugh Anagher
McCOURT Bernard Thumfer
McCRORY Alexander Lisnastrane
McCRORY James, Jun. Lisnastrane
McCRORY James, Sen. Lisnastrane
McCURDY James Coole
McCURDY James Killen
McCURDY William Killen
McDONNELL James Mulinaloghog [Mousetown]
McEVRY John Shanless
McFARLAND Henry Drumurer [Drummerrer]
McGARRELL Hugh Derrytresk
McGARRELL Widow Derrytresk
McGARRY Peter Lisnastrane
McGARRY Widow Derrylaghan [Derryloughan]
McGILL Hugh Coole
McGLOWN Arthur Shanless
McGLOWN John Shanless
McGOVERN Jas. Gortneglough
McGOWAN Edward Lenedremna [Lenadremnagh] or Lisnadrana
McGRATH Donald Aughamullan Devlin
McGRATH Donald Shanless
McGUCKEN A. Lenedremna [Lenadremnagh] or Lisnadrana
McGUCKEN B. Lenedremna [Lenadremnagh] or Lisnadrana
McGUCKEN Henry Magheralongfield [Magheralamfield]
McGUCKEN Luke Croshany
McGUCKEN Peter Magheralongfield [Magheralamfield]
McGUCKEN Widow Croshany
McGUIRK James Aughamullan Devlin
McGURK Barny Anagher
McGURK Edward Durnagh
McGURK Edward Shanless
McILVANA Hugh Magheramulkany
McILVANA Thomas Liseclare
McILVANA Thos. Aughagala
McKEE Owen Aughamullan Espy
McKEEVER John Lower Meenagh
McKEEVER Pat. Lenedremna [Lenadremnagh] or Lisnadrana
McKENNA Ann Anaghneboe
McKENNA Charles Killen
McKENNA Hen. Anaghneboe
McKENNA John Ballybeg
McKENNA John Killen
McKENNA Owen Aughamullan Devlin
McKENNA Widow Ballybeg
McKEONE Harry Ballybeg
McKEONE Pat. Ballybeg
McKEOWN Ann Aughadrimderg
McKEOWN Widow Aughadrimderg
McLARNAN Hugh Anagher
McLARNAN Hugh Annaghmore
McLARNAN John Magheramulkany
McLARNAN John (Paramore) Annaghmore
McLARNAN Owen Killary
McLARNAN Soln. Annaghmore
McLARNAN Thomas Shanless
McLARNEN Hugh Anaghneboe
McLARNON David Annaghmore
McLARNON John Annaghmore
McLEAN Henry Lower Meenagh
McLEAN John Cloghog
McLOUGHLIN Hugh Magheramulkany
McMULLEN Alexander Ballybeg
McMULLEN Pat. Croshany
McNAMEE John Aughamullan Devlin
McQUONE [McKEON] Henry Aughamullan Devlin
McQUONE [McKEON] James Aughamullan Devlin
McQUONE [McKEON] John Aughamullan Devlin
McQUONE [McKEON] John (of Tullylig) Thumfer
McQUONE [McKEON] Pat. Aughamullan Devlin
McQUONE [McKEON] Pat. Derrylaghan [Derryloughan]
McQUONE [McKEONE] John, Sen. Thumfer
McREYNOLDS Cors. Aughamullan Espy
McREYNOLDS James Annaghmore
McREYNOLDS James Ballybeg
McREYNOLDS James Drumurer [Drummerrer]
McREYNOLDS James Lower Meenagh
McREYNOLDS Jane Cloghog
McREYNOLDS Jas. Cloghog
McREYNOLDS John Shanless
McREYNOLDS John, Jun. Cloghog
McREYNOLDS John, Sen. Cloghog
McREYNOLDS Pat. Killary
McREYNOLDS Pat. Liseclare
McREYNOLDS Robert Cloghog
McREYNOLDS Roly Aughamullan Espy
McREYNOLDS Thomas Aughamullan Espy
McREYNOLDS Thomas Ballybeg
McSLOY Barny Aughamullan Espy
McSLOY Bryan Derrylaghan [Derryloughan]
McSLOY Daniel Gortneglough
McSLOY Hugh Aughamullan Espy
McSLOY Hugh Derrylaghan [Derryloughan]
McSLOY John Derrylaghan [Derryloughan]
McSLOY Neill Derrylaghan [Derryloughan]
McSLOY Pat. Aughamullan Espy
McSLOY Pat., Jun. Derrylaghan [Derryloughan]
McSLOY Pat., Sen. Derrylaghan [Derryloughan]
McSLOY Susy Aughamullan Espy
McSTRAVOG Barney Aughamullan Espy
McSTRAVOG Donald Aughamullan Espy
McSTRAVOG John Aughamullan Espy
McSTRAVOG John Thumfer
McSTRAVOG Peter Lisnastrane
McSTRAVOG Widow Derrylaghan [Derryloughan]
MILLER Thomas Coole
MOLLOY Charles Upper Meenagh
MOLLOY Owen Aughamullan Espy
MOLLOY Pat. Aughamullan Devlin
MOORCROFT Barnard Gortneglough
MOORCROFT Thomas Ballybeg
MORGAN Daniel Derrylaghan [Derryloughan]
MORGAN Denis Magheralongfield [Magheralamfield]
MORGAN Hugh Derrylaghan [Derryloughan]
MORGAN James Croshany
MORGAN James Magheralongfield [Magheralamfield]
MORGAN James Mulaghterory
MORGAN Mary Magheralongfield [Magheralamfield]
MORGAN Pat. Magheralongfield [Magheralamfield]
MORRIS Francis Liseclare
MORRIS Jno. Upper Meenagh
MORRIS John Annaghmore
MORRIS John Ballybeg
MORRIS John Clintycracken
MORRIS John Magheramulkany
MORRIS John, Jun. Lower Meenagh
MORRIS Mick Lower Meenagh
MORRIS William Anaghneboe
MORRIS William Ballybeg
MORROW James Cloghog
MULGREW Arthur Killen
MULGREW Betty Aughamullan Devlin
MULGREW James Killen
MULGREW John Lenedremna [Lenadremnagh] or Lisnadrana
MULGREW Neil Killen
MULGREW Widow Killen
MULLEN John Annaghmore
MULLEN Neil Anagher
MULLEN Thomas Annaghmore
MULVANA Hugh Upper Meenagh
MULVANEY Widow Magheramulkany
MULVANY Daniel Magheramulkany
MULVANY James Magheramulkany
MURPHY Andrew Anagher
MURPHY Andrew Annaghmore
MURPHY Daniel Anaghneboe
MURPHY Daniel Annaghmore
MURRY Campble Aughamullan Espy
MURRY Campble Derrylaghan [Derryloughan]
MURRY Rev. Rd. Aughamullan Devlin
MURRY Rev. Richard Derrylaghan [Derryloughan]
MURRY Rev. Richard Derrytresk
MURTAGH Hugh Shanless
NEILL Arthur Lisnastrane
NEILL Barney Aughamullan Devlin
NEILL Barny Mulaghterory
NEILL Barny, Jun. Anagher
NEILL Barny, Sen. Anagher
NEILL Bernard Liseclare
NEILL Bernard Shanless
NEILL Betty Clintycracken
NEILL Biddy Annaghmore
NEILL Charles Aughamullan Devlin
NEILL Con. Aughamullan Espy
NEILL Fergy Anaghneboe
NEILL Francis Annaghmore
NEILL Frank Aughamullan Devlin
NEILL Harry Annaghmore
NEILL Harry Aughagala
NEILL Harry Lisnastrane
NEILL Hen. Killen
NEILL Henry Ballygittle
NEILL Henry Derrylaghan [Derryloughan]
NEILL Henry Upper Meenagh
NEILL Hugh Anagher
NEILL Hugh Aughamullan Devlin
NEILL Jack Aughamullan Devlin
NEILL Jack Aughamullan Espy
NEILL James Magheralongfield [Magheralamfield]
NEILL James (Moor Lwr) Annaghmore
NEILL James Fergy Annaghmore
NEILL James Tole Lisnastrane
NEILL James, Sen. Lisnastrane
NEILL Jno. Mulinaloghog [Mousetown]
NEILL John Anagher
NEILL John Killen
NEILL John Lisnastrane
NEILL John Fergy Upper Meenagh
NEILL Joseph Anagher
NEILL Kennedy Magheralongfield [Magheralamfield]
NEILL Kennedy Mulaghterory
NEILL Kennedy Jun. Mulaghterory
NEILL Mark Lisnastrane
NEILL Mary Lisnastrane
NEILL Mick Anagher
NEILL Mick Annaghmore
NEILL Mick Aughagala
NEILL Mick Aughamullan Devlin
NEILL Mick Derrylaghan [Derryloughan]
NEILL Mick Lisnastrane
NEILL Mick Shanless
NEILL Mick, Jun. Lisnastrane
NEILL Ned Mulaghterory
NEILL Ned Shanless
NEILL Pat. Annaghmore
NEILL Pat. Aughamullan Devlin
NEILL Pat. Lisnastrane
NEILL Philip Annaghmore
NEILL Philip Aughamullan Devlin
NEILL Philip Lisnastrane
NEILL Sally Annaghmore
NEILL Terrence Aughamullan Devlin
NEILL Terry Mulinaloghog [Mousetown]
NEILL Widow A. Annaghmore
NEILL Widow C. Annaghmore
NEILL Widow F. Lisastrane
NEILL Widow Joseph Annaghmore
NICKLE George Shanless
NOON George Lisnastrane
NUGENT Denis Anagher
O’DONNELL James Mulinaloghog [Mousetown]
O’DONNELL James Thumfer
O’DONNELL John Thumfer
O’DONNELL Mick Mulinaloghog [Mousetown]
O’NEILL Arthur Drumurer [Drummerrer]
O’NEILL Arthur Upper Meenagh
O’NEILL Barney Magheralongfield [Magheralamfield]
O’NEILL Barny Annaghmore
O’NEILL Bernard Killary
O’NEILL Bernard Magheralongfield [Magheralamfield]
O’NEILL Bernd. Derrytresk
O’NEILL Bernd. Drumurer [Drummerrer]
O’NEILL Charles Magheramulkany
O’NEILL Con. Anaghneboe
O’NEILL Con. Clintycracken
O’NEILL Con. Derrytresk
O’NEILL Con. Durnagh
O’NEILL Con. T. Aughamullan Espy
O’NEILL Con. T. Derrylaghan [Derryloughan]
O’NEILL Cormick Drumurer [Drummerrer]
O’NEILL Dominick Drumurer [Drummerrer]
O’NEILL Dond. Aughamullan Devlin
O’NEILL Edward Derrytresk
O’NEILL Edward Drumurer [Drummerrer]
O’NEILL Felix Anaghneboe
O’NEILL Felix Lower Meenagh
O’NEILL Felix (sawyer) Lower Meenagh
O’NEILL Francis Lower Meenagh
O’NEILL Henry Magheramulkany
O’NEILL Hugh Clintycracken
O’NEILL Hugh Magheralongfield [Magheralamfield]
O’NEILL Hugh Upper Meenagh
O’NEILL Hugh T. Aughamullan Espy
O’NEILL Hugh T. Derrylaghan [Derryloughan]
O’NEILL James Clintycracken
O’NEILL James Drumurer [Drummerrer]
O’NEILL James Lower Meenagh
O’NEILL James (Charly) Annaghmore
O’NEILL James Roe Anagher
O’NEILL James, Jun. Drumurer [Drummerrer]
O’NEILL James, Jun. Lisnastrane
O’NEILL John Anaghneboe
O’NEILL John Aughagala
O’NEILL John Derrytresk
O’NEILL John Drumurer [Drummerrer]
O’NEILL John Lisnastrane
O’NEILL John Lower Meenagh
O’NEILL John Magheralongfield [Magheralamfield]
O’NEILL John Magheramulkany
O’NEILL John Jun. Lower Meenagh
O’NEILL John, Jun. Upper Meenagh
O’NEILL John, Sen. Magheramulkany
O’NEILL John, Sen. Upper Meenagh
O’NEILL Mick Derrytresk
O’NEILL Mick Durnagh
O’NEILL Owen Anagher
O’NEILL Owen Annaghmore
O’NEILL Owen Magheramulkany
O’NEILL Owen Upper Meenagh
O’NEILL Owen (Tole Ogg) Annaghmore
O’NEILL Pat. Drumurer [Drummerrer]
O’NEILL Roger Drumurer [Drummerrer]
O’NEILL Terrence Derrytresk
O’NEILL Terrence Magheralongfield [Magheralamfield]
O’NEILL Terrence T. Aughamullan Espy
O’NEILL Terrence T. Derrylaghan [Derryloughan]
O’NEILL Widow Thumfer
O’NEILL Widow John Anagher
O’NEILL Widow Molly Derrytresk
O’NIELL John, Jun. Magheramulkany
PARKER George Clintycracken
PARKER Martin Ballybeg
QUIN Art. (Derendoey) Anaghneboe
QUIN Arthur Aughamullan Devlin
QUIN Arthur Derrylaghan [Derryloughan]
QUIN Barny Aughamullan Espy
QUIN Bernard Aughamullan Devlin
QUIN Bernard Durnagh
QUIN Bernd. Anagher
QUIN Charles Anagher
QUIN Charles Aughamullan Espy
QUIN Charles Liseclare
QUIN Daniel Anaghneboe
QUIN Daniel Annaghmore
QUIN Daniel Lisnastrane
QUIN Edward Aughamullan Devlin
QUIN Eugene Aughagala
QUIN Francis Lisnastrane
QUIN Francis Shanless
QUIN Hugh Killary
QUIN Jack Aughamullan Espy
QUIN Jack Derrylaghan [Derryloughan]
QUIN James Aughagala
QUIN James Aughamullan Espy
QUIN James Derrylaghan [Derryloughan]
QUIN John Annaghmore
QUIN John Coole
QUIN John Derrylaghan [Derryloughan]
QUIN John Durnagh
QUIN Mick Aughamullan Espy
QUIN Mick Derrylaghan [Derryloughan]
QUIN Mick Lisnastrane
QUIN Neil Shanless
QUIN Pady Lisnastrane
QUIN Pat. Anagher
QUIN Pat. Aughamullan Espy
QUIN Pat. Derrylaghan [Derryloughan]
QUIN Patrick Killary
QUIN Peggy Killary
QUIN Widow Aughagala
QUIN Widow Liseclare
QUIN Widow Mick Derrylaghan [Derryloughan]
QUINTON William Aughadrimderg
RAFFERTY James Anagher
RAFFERTY John Killen
RAFFERTY Pat. Annaghmore
RAW James Mulinaloghog [Mousetown]
REANEY Robt. Ballygittle
REED James Aughagala
REED James Killary
REED James Killen
REED John Aughadrimderg
RICHARDSON Robert Gortneglough
ROBINSON John Liseclare
ROBINSON Thomas Lower Meenagh
ROCK Mick Shanless
RORK Molly Derrytresk
RUSSELL Jno. Gortneglough
RUSSELL Robert Aughadrimderg
SEARIGHT Peggy Thumfer
SIMPSON Widow Thumfer
SLOAN George Anagher
SMITH Caulfield Durnagh
SMITH Caulfield Magheramulkany
SMITH George Mulinaloghog [Mousetown]
SMITH Richard Durnagh
SMITH Thomas Magheramulkany
SPINLOW William Anagher
STEWART James Annaghmore
STEWART Richard Anagher
SWEENY Henry C. Magheramulkany
SWEETLOVE William Aughadrimderg
TAGART Alexander Derrylaghan [Derryloughan]
TAGART Bryan Derrylaghan [Derryloughan]
TAGART Donald Derrylaghan [Derryloughan]
TAGART Geo. Derrylaghan [Derryloughan]
TAGART Mick Derrytresk
TAGART Neil Derrytresk
TAGART Neil Upper Meenagh
TAGART Pat. Drumurer [Drummerrer]
TAGART Robert Derrylaghan [Derryloughan]
TEARNEY John Annaghmore
TEARNEY Owen Annaghmore
TEMPLETON James Killary
THOMSON John Annaghmore
THOMSON John Aughagala
TOKEL Daniel Shanless
TONER James Croshany
TRANER Philip Aughadrimderg
VALLELY Art. Killary
WALKER Charles Mulinaloghog [Mousetown]
WARD James Anaghneboe
WARD James Annaghmore
WEENEY Henry Drumurer [Drummerrer]
WEENEY John Durnagh
WEENEY Priest Durnagh
WILLIAMSON David Aughagala
WILLIAMSON George Aughamullan Devlin
WILLIAMSON James Aughagala
WILLIAMSON Simon, Jun. Coole
WILLIAMSON William Ballybeg
WILLIAMSON William Coole
WOODS Daniel Lisnastrane
WOODS Mick Shanless
WOODS Pat. Lisnastrane
WOODS Peter Lisnastrane
WOODWARD Joseph Anagher