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Index to Tithe Applotment Book, Bodoney Upper Parish, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland 1825

PRONI Ref: 5A/59/2
Extracted from FHL Film #258448
Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


Tithe was a tax on all agricultural land (originally one tenth of the produce) excepting only church lands, glebes and urban areas and was paid by leaseholders and occupiers of all religious denominations to the clergy of the Established Church of Ireland. There was growing resentment against this tax, especially by Presbyterians and Catholics, particularly in the period of distress after 1815 and the government was forced to give way and introduce the Tithe Composition Act 1823 which replaced payment in kind by payment in cash.

In order to effect this change, all agricultural land across the country was required to be surveyed and applotted, or valued. During the period 1823 to 1837, a Tithe Applotment Survey was made in each civil parish across the whole of Ireland to determine the value of tithe payable by different landholders. Two people were appointed by each parish to carry out this assessment. The material was arranged by civil parish and townland in volumes known as TITHE APPLOTMENT BOOKS.

In some parishes more than one survey was taken, whilst in others the manuscript has not survived. The books for all Ireland, compiled between 1823 and 1837, are now deposited in the National Archives of Ireland, Dublin and Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI).

PRONI holds the tithe books for all but 31 of the 273 parishes then surveyed in Northern Ireland. These tithe books are arranged by townland and record the names of leaseholders, the area of their farm subject to tithe, sometimes the quality of the land and an overall valuation and occasionally the names of landlords. Researchers should be aware that cottiers who did not hold land are not recorded, and unaccountably, some types of land were passed over entirely; a field of potatoes attracted a tithe payment in one parish, but not in that adjoining.

Those researchers who are fortunate to locate a forebear in the Tithe Applotment Books may find it possible to take their research back a further generation prior to Griffiths Valuation.



Aghalane; Ballynasollus; Bradkeel; Carnargan; Carrowoaghtragh; Castledamph; Clogherny Glebe; Corramore; Corratary; Corrickmore; Craigatuke; Cruckaclady; Dergbrough; Eden Back; Eden Fore; Eden Mill; Garvagh; Glashygolan; Glenchiel; Glencoppogagh (Detached Portion); Glencoppogagh (Main Portion); Glenerin; Glenga; Glenroan; Goles; Keadycam; Leaghs; Learden Lower; Learden Upper; Legcloghfin; Letterbrat; Lisnacreaght; Lower Barnes; Lower Drumnaspar; Lower Landahussy; Meenacrane; Meenagarragh; Meenagorp; North & South Lislea; Oughtboy; Oughtdoorish; Oughtmame; Oughtnamwella; Quiggy; Sawelabeg; Strahull; Tullagherin; Tullynadall; Upper Barnes; Upper Drumnaspar; Upper Landahussy



(As recorded in the Tithe Applotment Book)

Aughtboy; Aughalane; Aughadoorish; Aughtmama; Barness Lower; Barness Upper; Bradkeel; Carwortra; Castledamph; Clogherny (subdivision of); Corratory; Curramore; Derbrough; Drumnaspa Lower; Drumnaspa Upper; Eden; Garvagh; Glenarn; Glencopogagh; Glengaw; Glenkeel; Glenroan; Glensass (Part of Castledamph in old book); Goles Lower; Goles Upper; Kedi Cam (ors. Goles); Laughendehussy; Leaghs (ors. Lower Goles); Legcloghfin; Letterbrat; Lisbane; Lisnacreagh; Minachar; Minichrane; Quiggy; Spirrin; Strawful




ANDERSON James Minachar [Meenagarragh]
ANDERSON Samuel Derbrough
ANDERSON Samuel, Sen. Letterbrat
ANDERSON William Letterbrat
ARMSTRONG John Aghalane
BALLANTINE James Laughendehussy [Landahussy]
BALLANTINE John Laughendehussy [Landahussy]
BALLANTINE John Letterbrat
BALLANTINE Joseph & sons Laughendehussy [Landahussy]
BARCLAY George Bradkeel
BARKER James & tenants Laughendehussy [Landahussy]
BARKER Thomas & tenants Laughendehussy [Landahussy]
BARTON David Clogherny
BEATTY Charles Derbrough
BORLAND John Quiggy
BRADLEY Daniel Minichrane [Meenacrane]
BRADLEY Felix Laughendehussy [Landahussy] [Comment: owes £7.4.9]
BRADLEY James Quiggy
BRADLEY John Glenroan
BRADLEY Michael Barness Lower
BRADLEY Michael Glenroan
BRADLEY Owen Quiggy
BRADLEY Patrick & sons Lisbane
BRADLEY Patrick, Jun. Lisbane
BRADLEY Patt. Laughendehussy [Landahussy]
BRADLEY Peter Glenkeel [Glenchiel]
BRADLEY Philip Minichrane [Meenacrane]
BRADLEY William Glenkeel [Glenchiel]
BRADLEY William Lisbane
BROWN Alexander Leaghs
BROWN Bryan Leaghs
BROWN Harry [Harvy?], Strawful [Strahull]
BROWN Michael Aughadoorish [Oughtdoorish]
BROWN Miles Leaghs
BROWN Paddy Leaghs
BROWN Patrick Aughadoorish [Oughtdoorish]
BROWNE Cormick Carwortra [Carrowoaghtragh]
BROWNE Edward Carwortra [Carrowoaghtragh]
BYRNE Peter Barness Lower
CALDWELL John Glengaw
CAMPBELL Andrew Aghalane
CAMPBELL Andrew Eden
CAMPBELL Andrew Glengaw
CAMPBELL Andrew Letterbrat [Comment: owes £4.11.0]
CAMPBELL Andrew & brothers Derbrough
CAMPBELL Andrew (bricks) Glencopogagh
CAMPBELL Edward Eden
CAMPBELL Elizabeth Aghalane [Comment: Joseph and John McFarland]
CAMPBELL Ephraim Bradkeel
CAMPBELL George Bradkeel
CAMPBELL Hugh, Jun. Derbrough
CAMPBELL Hugh, Sen. Derbrough
CAMPBELL James Aghalane
CAMPBELL John Bradkeel
CAMPBELL John Castledamph
CAMPBELL Joseph Letterbrat
CAMPBELL Robert Derbrough
CAMPBELL Samuel Derbrough
CAMPBELL William Bradkeel
CAMPBELL William Glengaw
CARLAND Charles Minachar [Meenagarragh
CARLAND John Clogherny
CARLAND Shane & son Minichrane
CARLTON James Sperrin
CARTON Edward Clogherny
CASSIDY Bernard Curramore
CASSIDY James Curramore
CASSIDY James Glenkeel [Glenchiel]
CASSIDY Owen Curramore
CASSIDY Paddy Curramore
CASSIDY William Curramore
CHRISTIE Rev. Thomas Drumnaspa Lower
CONEN Rev. John Glencopogagh
CONWAY Arthur Aughadoorish [Oughtdoorish]
CONWAY Arthur & sons Legcloghfin
CONWAY Francis Curramore
CONWAY Hugh Legcloghfin
CONWAY Hugh Legcloghfin
CONWAY Michael Glenroan
CONWAY Michael Legcloghfin
CONWAY Owen Legcloghfin
CONWAY Paddy Curramore
CONWAY Patrick Quiggy
CONWAY Patrick Strawful [Strahull]
CONWAY Randle Clogherny [Comment: now Rev. T. Stack]
CORR Peter Strawful [Strahull]
COYLE Bryan Curramore
COYLE Michael Quiggy
CULLINAN Charles Lisnacreagh
CULLINAN Hugh Aughtmama [Oughtmame]
CULLINAN John Carwortra [Carrowoaghtragh]
DAILY Arthur Letterbrat
DARRAGH Charles Derbrough
DEERY Eneas Letterbrat
DEVLIN Michael & sons Barness Upper [Comment: formerly Patk. Devlin]
DEVLIN Roddy Legcloghfin
DIVIN [DEVINE] Toal Glencopogagh
DOGHERTY Charles Clogherny
DONAGHEY Archibald, Jun Eden
DONAGHEY Archibald, Sen. Eden
DONAGHEY Samuel Eden
DONAGHEY Thomas Eden
DONAGHEY William Eden
DONAGHY Bryan Derbrough
DONNELLY James Barness Lower
DOUGHERTY John Glenroan
DOUGHERTY Patrick Quiggy
DUFFY Bryan, Jun. Goles Upper
DUFFY Bryan, Sen. Goles Upper
DUFFY Charles Goles Upper
DUFFY Cornelius Goles Upper
DUFFY Hugh Goles Upper
DUFFY John Goles Upper
DUFFY Laurence Goles Upper
DUFFY Peter Goles Upper
DUFFY Robert Eden
DUFFY Widow Goles Upper
DUNBAR David Letterbrat
DUNBAR John Aghalane
DUNBAR John Letterbrat
DUNBAR John, Jun. Glencopogagh
DUNBAR John, Sen. Glencopogagh
DUNBAR Joseph Aghalane
DUNBAR Matthew Letterbrat
DUNN Andrew Eden
DUNN Andrew Lisnacreagh
DUNN James Glencopogagh
DUNN James Lisnacreagh [Comment: also of Glencopogagh, owes £10.4.0]
DUNN John Glencopogagh
DUNN John Lisnacreagh
DUNN Robert Eden
DUNN Samuel Glencopogagh
DUNN Samuel Lisnacreagh
DUNN William Aghalane
FALLS Alexander Aughadoorish [Outdoorish]
FALLS Michael Legcloghfin
FENTON John Letterbrat
FOX Patrick Glencopogagh
FOX Patt. Quiggy
FULLERTON Daniel Aghalane
FULLERTON John Aghalane
FULLERTON William Aghalane
GAY John Glengaw
GAY John Lisnacreagh
GILLIAN Bryan Garvagh
GILLIAN Michael Garvagh
GLASS James Aughadoorish [Oughtdoorish]
GLASSE Alexander Aghalane
GORMLY Donald Minichrane [Meenacrane]
GORMLY Francis Minichrane [Meenacrane]
GORMLY John Clogherny
GORMLY Neal Clogherny
GORMLY Neal Glenroan
GORMLY Paddy Curramore
GORMLY Patrick Barness Upper
GORMLY Peter Clogherny
GORMLY Shane Quiggy
GRIFFIN Michael Clogherny
GRUGAN Peter Drumnaspa Lower
HAGAN Daniel, Jun. Glencopogagh
HAGAN Daniel, Sen. Glencopogagh
HAMILTON Francis Barness Upper
HAMILTON Francis Castledamph
HAMILTON James Drumnaspa Lower
HAMILTON William Barness Upper
HARVEY Bryan Lisnacreagh
HARVEY James Lisnacreagh
HARVEY Patrick Lisnacreagh
HARVEY Patrick, Sen. Lisnacreagh
HAUGHREY Charles Clogherny
HAWTHORN Thomas Glengaw
HAY Thomas Castledamph
HAY William Castledamph
HAYE John Drumnaspa Lower
HEAGNEY Michael Barness Lower
HEALY John Glensass
HEALY Patrick Glensass
HENRY James Eden
HENRY John Aghalane
HENRY William Eden
HIGGINS Daniel Letterbrat
HOUSTON Charles Eden
HUNTER William Eden
HUSTON Thomas Eden
KEARNEY Patrick Glenroan
KELLY Bryan Kedi Cam
KELLY Charles Barness Lower
KELLY Edward Barness Upper
KELLY Paddy Kedi Cam
KELLY Peter Kedi Cam
KIRK Atty Drumnaspa Lower
KIRK Bell Eden
KIRK Charles Barness Upper
KIRK Dennis Barness Upper
KIRK Francis Barness Lower
KIRK Henry Drumnaspa Upper
KIRK Michael Barness Upper
KIRK Owen Barness Upper
KIRK Patrick Barness Lower
KIRK Patrick Drumnaspa Upper
KIRK Thomas Barness Upper
LAUGHLIN William Sperrin
LAVERTY Charles Quiggy
McALEER James Glensass
McANALLY Edward Glensass
McANENNY Michael Barness Upper
McANENY Arthur Clogherny
McANENY Arthur Glenroan
McANENY Bryan Lisnacreagh
McANENY Duncan Lisbane
McANENY Henry Derbrough
McANENY James Clogherny
McANENY James Lisnacreagh
McANENY Michael Lisnacreagh
McANENY Patrick & Co Clogherny
McANULTY Bernard Clogherny
McANULTY Bernard Legcloghfin
McANULTY Eneas Legcloghfin
McANULTY James Castledamph
McANULTY Shane Castledamph
McANULTY Shane Glenroan
McATAGART Charles Lisbane
McBRIDE Alexander Corratory
McBRIDE Alexander Glenarn [Glenerin]
McBRIDE Arthur Clogherny
McBRIDE Arthur Drumnaspa Upper
McBRIDE Edward Lisnacreagh
McBRIDE Felix Glenkeel [Glenchiel]
McBRIDE Francis Glenroan
McBRIDE James Clogherny
McBRIDE James Glenarn [Glenerin]
McBRIDE Neal Barness Upper
McBRIDE Owen Clogherny
McBRIDE Patrick Clogherny
McBRIDE Patrick Glenroan
McBRIDE Stephen Glenkeel [Glenchiel]
McCAULEY Charles Glencopogagh
McCAULEY Charles Lisnacreagh
McCLEERY James Lisnacreagh
McCLEERY John Lisnacreagh
McCLEERY William Lisnacreagh
McCOLGAN James Glensass
McCOLGAN John Glensass
McCOLGAN John Letterbrat
McCOLGAN Peter Corratory
McCONNELL Bryan Glenkeel [Glenchiel]
McCONNELL Francis Glenkeel [Glenchiel]
McCONNELL James Glenkeel [Glenchiel]
McCONNELL Owen Minichrane [Meenacrane]
McCONOMY Art Carwortra [Carrowoaghtragh]
McCONOMY Bryan Garvagh
McCONOMY Bryan Minichrane [Meenacrane]
McCONOMY Bryan Quiggy
McCONOMY Cormick Carwortra [Carrowoaghtragh]
McCONOMY Cormick Minichrane [Meenacrane]
McCONOMY Cormick Strawful [Strahull]
McCONOMY Edward Carwortra [Carrowoaghtragh]
McCONOMY Edward Legcloghfin
McCONOMY James Quiggy
McCONOMY John Legcloghfin
McCONOMY Mary Strawful [Strahull]
McCONOMY Michael Minichrane [Meenacrane]
McCONOMY Michael Quiggy
McCONOMY Michael Strawful [Strahull]
McCONOMY Owen Minichrane [Meenacrane]
McCONOMY Paddy Minichrane [Meenacrane]
McCONOMY Patrick Minichrane [Meenacrane]
McCONOMY Thomas Quiggy
McCONOMY Toal Aughtmama [Oughtmame]
McCORMICK Donald Curramore
McCORMICK John Legcloghfin
McCORMICK Nogher Legcloghfin
McCORMICK Shane Oge Drumnaspa Lower
McCORMICK William Curramore
McCORMICK William Lisnacreagh
McCRORY Dominick Corratory
McCRORY James Strawful [Strahull]
McCRORY Matthew Corratory
McCRORY Michael Quiggy
McCRORY Patrick Clogherny
McCRORY Patrick Strawful [Strahull]
McCROSSAN Bryan Barness Upper
McCULLA [McCULLAGH] James Glenroan
McCULLA [McCULLAGH] Pat Aughadoorish [Oughtdoorish]
McCULLA [McCULLAGH] Patrick Glenroan
McCULLAGH Bryan Fad Laughendehussy [Landahussy]
McCULLAGH Charles Lisnacreagh
McCULLAGH James Laughendehussy [Landahussy]
McCULLAGH John Laughendehussy [Landahussy]
McCULLAGH William Laughendehussy [Landahussy]
McCULLINAN John Glenarn [Glenerin]
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Bryan Dooe Aughtmama [Oughtmame]
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Charles Aughtmama [Oughtmame]
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Charles Barness Lower
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Charles Glenkeel [Glenchiel]
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Charles Glenroan
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Cormick Drumnaspa Lower
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Daniel Glencopogagh
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Daniel Minichrane [Meenacrane]
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Felix Carwortra [Carrowoaghtragh]
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Francis Barness Lower
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Francis Barness Upper
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Francis Glenroan
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Francis Minichrane [Meenacrane]
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Frank Glencopogagh
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Hudy Aughtmama [Oughtmame]
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Hugh Glenarn [Glenerin]
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Hugh, Jun. Drumnaspa Upper
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Hugh, Sen. Drumnaspa Upper
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] James Aughtboy [Oughtboy]
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] James Barness Lower
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] James Drumnaspa Upper
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] James Glenroan
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] John Glenarn [Glenerin]
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] John, Jun. Quiggy
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] John, Sen. Quiggy
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Manus Glenroan
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Michael Aughtboy [Oughtboy]
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Michael Aughtmama [Oughtmame]
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Michael Barness Lower
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Michael Drumnaspa Upper
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Michael Glencopogagh
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Michael Glenroan
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Michael Minichrane [Meenacrane]
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Miles Drumnaspa Lower
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Nancy Aughtmama [Oughtmame]
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Neal Glenroan
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Neal Minichrane [Meenacrane]
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] O., Widow & children of, Barness Upper
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Owen Barness Lower
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Owen Drumnaspa Upper
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Owen Glencopogagh
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Owen Glenroan
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Owen Legcloghfin
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Paddy Aughtmama [Oughtmame]
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Paddy Legcloghfin
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Pat. Clogherny [Comment: now Rev. T. Stack]
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Patrick Barness Lower
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Patrick Drumnaspa Upper
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Patrick Quiggy
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Patrick, Jun. Drumnaspa Upper
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Patrick, Sen. Drumnaspa Upper
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Patt. Drumnaspa Lower
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Peter Curramore
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Peter Glenarn [Glenerin]
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Peter Glencopogagh
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Peter, Jun. (Philemy), Glencopogagh
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Sarah Aughtmama [Oughtmame]
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Widow Carwortra [Carrowoaghtragh]
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Widow Owen Glenroan
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH], James Glencopogagh
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH], Simon & son Barness Upper
McCULLOW ][McCULLAGH] James Minichrane [Meenacrane]
McCULLOW[McCULLAGH] Bryan Glencopogagh
McDONALD William Glencopogagh
McFARLAND Alexander Aghalane
McFARLAND Alexander Letterbrat
McFARLAND James Glencopogagh
McFARLAND James Lisnacreagh [Comment; owes £5.2.9]
McFARLAND John Aughalane
McFARLAND John Letterbrat
McFARLAND Johnny (Kate) Glencopogagh
McFARLAND Joseph Aughalane
McFARLAND Joseph Letterbrat
McFARLAND King Lisnacreagh
McFARLAND Patrick Glencopogagh
McFARLAND Patrick Minachar [Meenagarragh]
McFARLAND Rebecca Glencopogagh
McFARLAND Rebecca Letterbrat
McFARLAND Rebecca Minachar [Meenagarragh]
McFARLAND Robert Aughalane
McFARLAND William Glencopogagh
McFARLAND William Goles Lower
McFARLAND William Letterbrat [Comment: owes £5.17.0]
McGARRITY Arthur Garvagh
McGARRITY Neal Legcloghfin
McGARRITY Patt. Quiggy
McGARVEY Charles Glenkeel [Glenchiel]
McGARVEY Charles, Jun. Glenkeel [Glenchiel]
McGARVEY Harry [Harvy?] Glenkeel [Glenchiel]
McGARVEY Hugh Glenkeel [Glenchiel]
McGARVEY James Glenkeel [Glenchiel]
McGARVEY Michael Glenkeel [Glenchiel]
McGARVEY Owen Glenkeel [Glenchiel]
McGILLIAN Bryan, Jun Minachar [Meenagarragh]
McGILLIAN Bryan, Sen. Minachar [Meenagarragh]
McGILLIAN James Glenroan
McGILLIAN Michael Clogherny
McGILLIAN Michael Glenroan
McGILLIAN Michael Legcloghfin
McGILLIAN Patrick Glenroan
McGILLIAN Peter Glenkeel [Glenchiel]
McGILLIAN Peter Minachar [Meenagarragh]
McGILLIAN Widow Bryan Glenroan
McGILLIAN William Aughtboy [Oughtboy]
McGILLIAN William Glenroan
McGILLION Bridget Legcloghfin
McGILLION James Minichrane [Meenacrane]
McGILLION Neal Legcloghfin
McGILLION Patrick Minichrane [Meenacrane]
McGILLION Widow Minichrane [Meenacrane]
McGRINDER James Letterbrat
McGURK James Laughendehussy [Landahussy]
McGURK Neal Glenkeel [Glenchiel]
McGURK Paddy Glenkeel [Glenchiel]
McGURK Susan Glenkeel [Glenchiel]
McHUGH Francis Glencopogagh
McKELVEY George Glenroan
McKELVEY Patrick Aughtboy [Oughtboy]
McKELVEY Patrick Glencopogagh
McKELVEY Widow Glenroan
McKENNA Art Aughtmama [Oughtmame]
McKENNA Arthur Garvagh
McKENNA Dennis & Co. Aughalane
McKENNA Hugh Corratory
McKENNA Laughlin Garvagh
McKENNA Michael Quiggy
McKENNA Paddy Garvagh
McKENNA Shane Curramore
McKENNA Shane Strawful [Strahull]
McKEOWN Bernard Goles Lower
McKEOWN Mary Goles Lower
McKERNAN James Glenroan
McKERNAN Robert, Jun Glenroan (Mill Farm)
McKERNAN Robert, Sen. Glenroan (Mill Farm)
McKERNAN Shane Barness Lower
McLAUGHLIN Alexander Glencopogagh
McLAUGHLIN C. Letterbrat
McLAUGHLIN Dennis Curramore
McLAUGHLIN Francis Clogherny
McLAUGHLIN George Glencoppogagh
McLAUGHLIN James Glencopogagh
McLAUGHLIN James Glenroan
McLAUGHLIN Patrick Glencopogagh
McLAUGHLIN Roddy Curramore
McLAUGHLIN Samuel Glencopogagh
McMACKIN Joseph Minachar [Meenagarragh]
McMANUS Andrew Letterbrat
McMENEMY Owen Curramore
McMORRIS Daniel Bradkeel
McQUADE Edward Aughalane
McSWIGGAN Arthur Aughadoorish [Oughtdoorish]
McSWIGGAN Daniel Lisnacreagh
McSWIGGAN Daniel Minichrane [Meenacrane]
McSWIGGAN John Aughadoorish [Oughtdoorish]
McSWIGGAN Owen Aughadoorish [Oughtdoorish]
McSWIGGAN Peter Aughadoorish [Outdoorish]
McSWIGGAN Peter Garvagh
McSWIGGAN Peter Minichrane [Meenacrane]
McSWIGGAN Shane Garvagh
MOODY John Castledamph
MORRIS Andrew Eden
MORRIS Bartholomew Glencopogagh
MORRIS Bryan Glenroan
MORRIS Daniel Eden
MORRIS David Barness Lower
MORRIS David Glenroan
MORRIS Edward Minichrane [Meenacrane]
MORRIS John Glenroan
MORRIS John Sen. Eden
MORRIS John, Jun. Eden
MORRIS Neal Glenroan
MORRIS Patrick Lisnacreagh
MORRIS Peter Glenroan
MULLAN James Glencopogagh
MULLAN John Glenroan
MULLAN Owen Glenroan
MULLIN Daniel Aughtboy [Oughtboy]
MULLIN Edward Aughtboy [Oughtboy]
MURPHY Andrew Quiggy
MURPHY Cormick Eden
MURPHY James Eden
MURPHY James Glenkeel [Glenchiel]
MURPHY M. Lisnacreagh
MURPHY Miles Glenkeel [Glenchiel]
MURPHY Owen Glenroan
MURRAY Patrick Glencopogagh
NEALIS Patrick Quiggy
NICHOLAS Widow & Sons Glensass
NICKLE Robert Clogherny
NOBLE George Castledamph
O’NEILL Bernard Goles Lower
O’NEILL Henry Goles Lower
O’NEILL John Barness Lower
O’NEILL John Sperrin
ORR James Eden
ORR William Eden
QUIN James Glencopogagh
REED James Glenroan
REED Nathaniel Castledamph
REED Rev. Robert Letterbrat
REED Thomas Castledamph
REED Widow & Son Castledamph
RODGERS Patrick Glenroan
ROGAN Widow & Sons Castledamph
SEGARTSON Robert Glencopogagh
SEGARTSON Robert Minachar [Meenagarragh]
SHARKEY Patrick Clogherny
SHERIN John Legcloghfin
SHERIN Owen Legcloghfin
SHERIN Patrick Legcloghfin
SHERIN Peter Legcloghfin
SIMPSON David Eden
SMITH John Kedi Cam
SMITH William, Jun. Castledamph
SMITH William, Sen. Castledamph
STARK James Minachar [Meenagarragh]
STARK William Minachar [Meenagarragh]
STEWART Alexander Minachar [Meenagarragh]
TONER John Barness Upper
TONER Michael Barness Lower
TONER Michael Barness Upper
TONER Patrick Barness Upper
TONER Shane Barness Lower
TONER Widow Barness Upper
TREACY Peter Glenkeel [Glenchiel]
TREACY Stephen Glenkeel [Glenchiel]
TREACY Widow Minichrane [Meenacrane]
WALKER Gabriel Glencopogagh
WALSH Michael Corratory
WILSON Andrew Laughendehussy [Landahussy]
WILSON John Bradkeel
WILSON John Carwortra [Carrowoaghtragh]
YOUNG Francis Eden
YOUNG James Eden
YOUNG John Aughalane