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Tithe Applotment Book, Bodoney Lower Parish - 1830

Extracted from LDS Film #0258448
Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia
Surname GivenName Townland
AICKEN Hamilton Droit
ANDREWS Widow Gortin
ARMSTRONG George Monneydoo [Meenadoo]
BALENTINE John Trenamadon
BALENTINE William Trenamadon
BALENTINE Isabella Trenamadon
BALLANTINE George Brackass
BALLANTINE George, Jun. Brackass
BALLANTINE George Aughminacroy [Oaghmonicroy]
BALLANTINE William Crockatanty
BALLANTINE John Crockatanty
BALLANTINE Joseph Crockatanty
BALLANTINE Robert Aughminacroy [Oaghmonicroy]
BALLANTINE William Aughminacroy [Oaghmonicroy]
BEATTY Joseph Beltrim
BOYLE Owen Calgagh
BRADLEY Bryan Glenlark Lower
BRADLEY Bryan Bonnifrehan [Binnafreaghan]
BRADLEY Christy Crockanbuy
BRADLEY Dominick Monynemeal [Monanameal]
BRADLEY Edward Monynemeal [Monanameal]
BRADLEY Felix Bonnifrehan [Binnafreaghan]
BRADLEY Felix Glenlark Lower
BRADLEY Felix Teebane McAnally
BRADLEY Frank Teebane Bradley
BRADLEY John Bonnifrehan [Binnafreaghan]
BRADLEY John Glenlark Lower
BRADLEY John Monynemeal [Monanameal]
BRADLEY Michael Bonnifrehan [Binnafreaghan]
BRADLEY Michael Monynemeal [Monanameal]
BRADLEY Michael Sescansuel [Sheskinshule]
BRADLEY Mick Monynemeal Monanameal]
BRADLEY Mick Gorticastle [Gorticashel]
BRADLEY Miles Monynemeal [Monanameal]
BRADLEY Patrick Gorticastle [Gorticashel]
BRADLEY Patrick Teebane McAnally
BRADLEY Peter Monynemeal [Monanameal]
BRADLEY Philip Maheraliss
BRADLEY Roger Bonnifrehan [Binnafreaghan]
BROGAN B. Maheraliss
BRYAN Charles Formal
BROGAN The Three Daniels Garvagh
BROGAN John Garvagh
BROGAN Patrick Garvagh
BRYAN James Fallaght
CAMPBELL Alexander Garvagh
CAMPBELL Archy. Dunbunrawer
CAMPBELL Frederick Altatiel
CAMPBELL James Corvahullion [Culvacullion]
CAMPBELL John Brackagh
CAMPBELL Robert Corvahullion [Culvacullion]
CAMPBELL Robert Stradowan
CAMPBELL William F. Stradowan
CAMPBELL William, Sen. Stradowan
CAMPBELL William Corvahullion [Culvacullion]
CAMPBELL William (Forth) Corvahullion [Culvacullion]
CARLAND Bryan Aughnamerigan [Aghamirigan]
CARLAND Bryan Teebane McAnally
CARLAND Daniel, Sen. Corvahullion [Culvacullion]
CARLAND Daniel, Jun. Corvahullion [Culvacullion]
CARLAND Felix Corvahullion [Culvacullion]
CARLAND Francis Aughabuie [Aghaboy]
CARLAND Hugh Corvahullion [Culvacullion]
CARLAND James Corvahullion [Culvacullion]
CARLAND John Aughnamerigan [Aghamirigan]
CARLAND Joseph Teebane McAnally
CARLAND William Gorticastle [Gorticashel]
CARR Peter Bonnifrehan [Binnafreaghan]
CARR Robert Beltrim
CHAMBERS John Gorticastle [Gorticashel]
CHAMBERS Thomas Gorticastle [Gorticashel]
CLERIN Alexander Fallaght
CLERIN Daniel Fallaght
CLERIN Denis Fallaght
CLERIN Eneas Fallaght
CLERIN Francis Fallaght
CLERIN James Bonnifrehan [Binnafreaghan]
CLERIN James Fallaght
CLERIN Michael Bonnifrehan [Binnafreaghan]
CLERIN Owen Fallaght
CLERIN Patrick Fallaght
CLERIN Peter, Sen. Fallaght
CLERIN Peter Stradowan
CLERIN Peter Fallaght
CLERIN Peter Roe Fallaght
CLERIN Widow Mary Fallaght
CLERIN Widow Sarah Fallaght
COCHRANE James Corvahullion [Culvacullion]
COCHRANE Robert Corvahulliom [Culvacullion]
COCHRANE William Corvahullion [Culvacullion]
COLHOUN James Gortin
CONWAY Brian Alwillies [Alwories]
CONWAY Charles Calgagh
CONWAY Charles Backan
CONWAY Charles Brackagh
CONWAY James, Sen. Cashel
CONWAY James, Jun. Cashel
CONWAY Mathew Maherabuy
CONWAY Mick Leahan
CONWAY Patrick Calgagh
CONWAY Patrick Leahan
CONWAY Peter Crockanbuy
CONWAY Terence Leahan
CONWAY Widow Leahan
CONWAY William Backan
COOKE Archy. Rylands
CRAIG Gerrard Corvahullion [Culvacullion]
CRAIG Gerrard Rooskey
CRAIG Gerrard Stradowan
CRAIG James Corvahullion [Culvacullion]
CRAIG James Stradowan
CRAIG Widow Stradowan
CRAIG Widow Corvahullion [Culvacullion]
CRAIG William Stradowan
CRAIG William Corvahullion [Culvacullion]
CULBERTSON David Gorticastle [Gorticashel]
CULBERTSON John Gorticastle [Gorticashel]
CULLINAN Michael Attagh
CULLINAN Paul Aughnamerigan [Aghamirigan]
CULLINAN Simon Crockgillen
CULLINANE Mathew Teebane Keenan
DALY Bridget Garvagh
DALY Bryan Bonnifrehan [Binnafreaghan]
DALY Daniel Fallaght
DALY Denis Fallaght
DALY John Fallaght
DALY Michael Attagh
DALY Owen Garvagh
DALY Patt. Attagh
DALY Phillip Garvagh
DALY Philip Attagh
DALY Peter Bonnifrehan [Binnafreaghan]
DALY Stephen Crockanbuy
DALY Widow Garvagh
DALY William Bonnifrehan [Binnagfreaghan]
DEERY Michael Teebane Keenan
DEERY James Teebane Keenan
DEVLIN Arthur Freaghdoe
DEVLIN Andy Rylands
DEVLIN Arthur Garvagh
DEVLIN Felix Gorticastle [Gorticashel]
DEVLIN Felix Fallaght
DEVLIN Francis Liggans
DEVLIN Francis Fallaght
DEVLIN Henry Fallaght
DEVLIN Henry Bonnifrehan [Binnafreaghan]
DEVLIN Hugh Lenagh
DEVLIN James Garvagh
DEVLIN James Curragh
DEVLIN James Rylands
DEVLIN John Teebane McAnally
DEVLIN John Teebane Bradley
DEVLIN Laurence Fallaght
DEVLIN Michael Fallaght
DEVLIN Michael Altacamhussy [Altacamcosy]
DEVLIN Miles Aughabuie  [Aghaboy]
DEVLIN Miles Aughnamerigan [Aghamirigan]
DEVLIN Neil Rylands
DEVLIN Neil Fallaght
DEVLIN Owen Fallaght
DEVLIN Pat. Fallaght
DEVLIN Patrick Bonnifrehan [Binnafreaghan]
DEVLIN Patrick Garvagh
DEVLIN Patrick Newbuildings
DEVLIN Patrick Rooskey
DEVLIN Paul Curragh
DEVLIN Peter Fallaght
DEVLIN Peter Attagh
DEVLIN Peter Garvagh
DEVLIN Roger Fallaght
DEVLIN Thomas Altacamhussy [Altacamcosy]
DEVLIN William Rylands
DIVAN James Stradowan
DIVINE James Corvahullion [Culvacullion]
DONAGHEY James Teebane Keenan [Culvacullion]
DONAGHEY William Corvahullion [Culvacullion]
DONNELLY Arthur Gortin
DONNELLY Charles Teebane McFarland
DONNELLY George Aughminacroy [Oughmonicroy]
DONNELLY James Teebane McFarland
DONNELLY James Aughminacroy [Oaghmonicroy]
DONNELLY John Teebane McFarland
DONNELLY Patrick Teebane McFarland (Mill)
DONNELLY Widow Crockanbuy
DONNELLY William Gortin
DOUGHERTY George Beltrim
DOUGHERTY James Beltrim
DUGGAN Charles Teebane Keenan
EARLY William Garvagh
FISHER James Newbuildings
FLEMING William Garvagh
FORBES Widow Corvahullion [Culvacullion]
FOWLER Joseph Drumlea
FOWLER Patrick Cassorney [Casorna]
FOX Bernard Formal
FOX Bryan Crockanbuy
FOX Daniel Formal
FOX Edward Teebane Keenan
FOX Francis Curragh
FOX Gilly Formal
FOX James Curragh
FOX James Formal
FOX James Aughnamerigan [Aghamirigan]
FOX Larry Formal
FOX Luke Formal
FOX Manus Formal
FOX Mick Crockanbuy
FOX Mortimer Crockilhone
FOX Owen Curragh
FOX Pat. Crockanbuy
FOX Patrick Formal
FOX Patrick, Sen. Teebane Keenan
FOX Patrick, Jun. Teebane Keenan
FOX Peter Formal
FOX Roger Leahan
FOX Widow Teebane Keenan
FULLERTON James Rooskey
FULTON David Droit
FULTON James Droit
FULTON John Droit
FULTON John Dunbunrawer
FULTON John Liscabble
FULTON Robert Liscabble
GALBRAITH Andrew Droit
GALBRAITH Robert Droit
GALBRAITH William Droit
GALLAGHER Hugh Dunbunrawer
GALLAGHER James Aughnamerigan [Aghamirigan]
GALLAGHER Michael Beltrim
GILLEN Bryan Carnanrancy
GILLEN Owen Carnanrancy
GILLEN Patrick Teebane McFarland
GILLEN Peter Carnanrancy
GLASSE Patrick Beltrim
GLENN John Monneydoo [Meenadoo]
GLENN John Monneydoo [Meenadoo]
GLENN Robert Monneydoo [Meenadoo]
GLENN Robert Maheraliss
GORMLY James Stradowan
GORMLY James Attagh
GORMLY Peter Attagh
GRAHAM John Liscabble
GRAHAM Thomas Newbuildings
GRAY John Monneydoo [Meenadoo]
GRAY Neil Monneydoo [Meenadoo]
GRAY Patrick Monneydoo [Meenadoo]
GRAY Thomas Monneydoo  [Meenadoo]
HAGAN Cormick Currahanaalt [Curraghinalt]
HAGAN Dan. Brackagh
HAGAN Edward Alwillies [Alwories]
HAGAN Edward Brackagh
HAGAN James Currahanaalt [Curraghinalt]
HAGAN Owen Currahanaalt [Curraghinalt]
HAGAN Peter Brackagh
HAGGAN Alexander Teebane McFarland
HAGHEY Peter Lenagh
HAMILTON Andrew Dunbunrawer
HAMILTON Arthur W. Cole, Esq. Drumlea
HAMILTON Arthur W. Cole, Esq. Dunbunrawer
HAMILTON Arthur W. Cole, Esq. Greenan
HAMILTON Arthur W. Cole, Esq. Newbuildings
HAMILTON Claud Curragh
HAMILTON David Liscabble
HAMILTON James Dunbunrawer
HAMILTON James Droit
HAMILTON William Gorticastle [Gorticashel]
HEAGNEY John Formal
HEAGNEY Mick Formal
HEMPHILL Rev. Mr. Lenamore
HEMPHILL Rev. Mr. Teevanaminee [Teevanameena]
HEMPTON John Dunbunrawer
HEMPTON William Dunbunrawer
HOUSTON John Newbuildings
HUNTER John Droit
IRWIN James Dunbunrawer
KEAN James Glenlark Lower
KEENAN Adam Brackagh
KEENAN Adam Crockilhone
KEENAN Bartley Teebane Keenan
KEENAN Francis Formal
KEENAN Hugh Sescansuel [Sheskinshule]
KEENAN Hugh Formal
KEENAN Hugh Teebane Keenan
KEENAN James Ligatraght
KEENAN John Formal
KEENAN Mick Ligatraght
KEENAN Owen Alwillies [Alwories]
KEENAN Owen Formal
KEENAN Patrick Crockgillen
KEENAN Paul Sescansuel [Sheskinshule]
KEENAN Peter Sescansuel [Sheskinshule]
KEENAN Peter (Nancy) Alwillies [Alwories]
KEENAN Terence Formal
KEENAN Thomas Formal
KEENAN Widow Formal
KEENAN Widow Ann Lenagh
KELLY Patrick Garvagh
KIRK Andrew Monneydoo [Meenadoo]
KIRK Bryan Altacamhussy [Altacamcosy]
KIRK Francis Aughascribba n[Aghascrebagh]
KIRK James Altacacamhussy [Altacamcosy]
KIRK John Maherabrack
KIRK Michael Altacamhussy [Altacamcosy]
KIRK Owen Garvagh
KIRK Patrick Aughnamerigan [Aghamirigan]
KNOX Claud Lenamore
KNOX Claudius Garvagh
KNOX James Garvagh
KNOX James Monneydoo [Meenadoo]
KNOX James Lenamore
KNOX John Garvagh
KNOX John Lenamore
KNOX William Lenamore
LAUGHLIN Adam Gorticastle [Gorticashel]
LAUGHLIN Andrew Teevanaminee [Tievenameena]
LAUGHLIN James Aughminacroy [Oaghmonicroy]
LAUGHLIN John Monneydoo [Meenadoo]
LAUGHLIN John Cassorney [Casorna]
LAUGHLIN Robert Cassorney [Casorna]
LAUGHLIN William Gorticastle [Gorticashel]
LAUGHLIN William Gorticastle [Gorticashel]
LAUGHLIN William Crockatanty
LAUGHLIN William Liscabble
LAUGHLIN William Gortin
LEECH Daniel Dunbunrawer
LEECH James Dunbunrawer
LEECH Malcolm Dunbunrawer
LINDSAY Andrew Rylands
LOGUE Daniel Sescansuel [Sheskinshule]
LOUGHRAN David Crockgillen
LOUGHRAN John Formal
LOUGHRAN Thomas Formal
MATHEWSON Andrew, Jun. Dunbunrawer
MATTHEWSON Armour Calgagh
MATHEWSON Armour Dunbunrawer
MATHEWSON John Liscabble
MATHEWSON Joseph Monneydoo [Meenadoo]
MATHEWSON Robert Garvagh
McALEER Cormick Monynemeal [Monanameal]
McALEER Daniel Moneynemeal [Monanameal]
McALEER Edward Gorticastle [Gorticashel]
McALEER Francis Gorticastle [Gorticashel]
McALEER Lawrence Ligatraght
McALEER Michael Gorticastle [Gorticashel]
McALEER Mick Teebane McFarland
McALEER Miles Ligatraght
McALEER Patrick Gorticastle [Gorticashel]
McALEER Patrick Formal
McALEER Widow Monynemeal [Monanameal]
McALEER William Teebane McFarland
McANALLY John Aughabuie [Aghaboy]
McANALLY John Attagh
McANALLY Miles Attagh
McANELLY Arthur Teebane McAnally
McANELLY Bernard Teebane Keenan
McANELLY Felix Teebane McAnelly
McANELLY Francis Crockanbuy
McANELLY Patrick Teebane Keenan
McANELLY Peter Teebane McAnelly
McANENNY Francis Corvahullion [Culvacullion]
McANENNY Frank Corvahullion [Culvacullion]
McANENNY Neil Culvahullion [Culvacullion]
McANENNY Pat. Lekin
McANENNY Patrick Corvahullion [Culvacullion]
McANULTY John Crockanbuy
McANULTY Patrick Aughminacroy [Oughmonicroy]
McANULTY Patrick Aughabuie [Aghaboy]
McBRIDE Hugh Gorticastle [Gorticashel]
McBRIDE John Bonnifrehan [Binnafreaghan]
McBRIDE Neil Beltrim
McBRIDE Owen Gorticastle [Gorticashel]
McBRIDE Pat. Garvagh
McBRIDE Pat. Gorticastle [Gorticashel]
McBRIDE Patrick Bonnifrehan [Binnafreaghan]
McBRIDE Patrick Maheraliss
McBRIDE Peter Garvagh
McBRIDE Thomas Teebane Bradley
McBRIDE Widow Gorticastle [Gorticashel]
McBRIDE Widow Maheraliss
McBRIDE Widow Susan Lenagh
McBRIDE William Bonnifrehan [Binnafreaghan]
McCANN Charles Monneydoo [Meenadoo]
McCANN James Monneydoo [Meenadoo]
McCANN Peter Monneydoo [Meenadoo]
McCANN Peter Garvagh
McCANN Thomas Lekin
McCANN William Monynemeal [Monanameal]
McCLEAN Allen Dunbunrawer
McCORMICK Charles Monneydoo [Meenadoo]
McCONNELL Charles Maheraliss
McCONNELL John Maheraliss
McCONNELL Francis Freaghdoe
McCONNELL James Corvahullion [Culvacullion]
McCONNELL James Freaghdoe
McCONNELL James Stradowan
McCONNELL John Freaghdoe
McCONNELL Laurence Freaghdoe
McCONNELL Mick Teebane Keenan
McCONNELL Pat. Freaghdoe
McCONNELL Patrick Teebane McFarland
McCORMICK Arthur Cashel
McCORMICK John Monneydoo [Meenadoo]
McCORMICK Owen Gorticastle [Gorticashel]
McCORMICK Pat. Gorticastle [Gorticashel]
McCORMICK Peter Gorticastle [Gorticashel]
McCORMICK William Monneydoo [Meenadoo]
McCORT Patrick Maheraliss
McCORT Thomas Maheraliss
McCORT William Garvagh
McCREAGH [McCREA] James Teebane McFarland
McCREAGH [McCREA] Neil Teebane McFarland
McCRISTAL Pat. Maheraliss
McCRORY Arthur Lekin
McCRORY Dominick Liggans
McCRORY Felix Brackagh
McCRORY Francis Altacamhussy [Altacamcosy]
McCRORY Francis, Sen. Carnanrancy
McCRORY Francis, Jun. Carnanrancy
McCRORY Glisney Aughminacroy [Oughmonicroy]
McCRORY Henry Crockilhoon
McCRORY  Henry, Sen. Liggans
McCRORY Henry Roe Liggans
McCRORY Hugh Lenagh
McCRORY James Lekin
McCRORY James Liggans
McCRORY John Lenagh
McCRORY John Crockmccrory
McCRORY Michael Calgagh
McCRORY Michael Crockgillen (2 places)
McCRORY Michael Crockmccrory
McCRORY Mick Lekin
McCRORY Owen Altacamhussy [Altacamcosy]
McCRORY Owen Teevanaminee [Tievenameena]
McCRORY Owen Lenagh
McCRORY Pat. Lekin
McCRORY Patrick Altacamhussy [Altacamcosy]
McCRORY Patrick Crockilhone
McCRORY Patrick Maherabrack
McCRORY Peter Lekin
McCRORY Peter Lenagh
McCRORY Peter Liggans
McCRORY Peter, Jun. Lekin
McCRORY Thomas Maherabrack
McCRORY Thomas Crockgillen
McCRORY Thomas Attagh
McCRORY Widow Maheraliss
McCRORY Widow Sarah Aughabuie [Aghaboy]
McCRORY Widow Unity Lenagh
McCRUMLISH Stephen Teebane Bradley
McCRYSTAL Daniel Crockgillen
McCUE Francis Lenagh
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Bartley Aughascribba [Aghascrebagh]
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Cormick Attagh
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Cormick Calgagh
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Dennis Brackagh
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Edward Attagh
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Edward Maherabrack
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Felix Garvagh
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Felix Calgagh
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Felix Currahanaalt [Curraghinalt]
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Francis Calgagh
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Francis Glenlark Lower
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Francis Teebane McFarland
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Francis Crockmorris
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Francis Sescansuel [Sheskinshule]
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Frank Carnanrancy
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Frank Teebane Keenan
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] James Sescansuel [Sheskinshule]
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] James Aughascribba [Aghascrebagh]
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] James Maheraliss
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] John Stradowan
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] John Corvahullion [Culvacullion]
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] John Sescansuel [Sheskinshule]
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] John (Robert) Sescansuel [Sheskinshule]
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Laughlin Lenagh
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Michael, Sen. Sescansuel [Sheskinshule]
MCCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Michael Fallaght
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Michael Maherabrack
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Michael Sescansuel [Sheskinshule]
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Mick Sescansuel [Sheskinshule]
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Mick Crockoneil
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Miles Teebane McFarland
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Miles Crockanbuy
McCULLOW[McCULLAGH] Miles Sescansuel [Sheskinshule]
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Neil Maheraliss
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Neil Brackagh
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Owen Alwillies [Alwories]
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Owen Sescansuel [Sheskinshule]
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Owen Maherabrack
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Pat. Lenamore
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Pat. Maherabrack
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Patt. Calgagh
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Patrick Altacamhussy [Altacamcosy]
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Patrick Glenlark Lower
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Patrick Sescansuel [Sheskinshule]
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Peter Maherabrack
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Peter Crockanbuy
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Peter Garvagh
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Peter Ligatraght
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Roger Maherabrack
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Roger & Co Currahanaalt [Curraghinalt]
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Shane Sescansuel [Sheskinshule]
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Thomas Calgagh
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Thomas Sescansuel [Sheskinshule]
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Widow Maheraliss
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Widow Glenlark Lower
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Widow, Sen. Calgagh
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] Widow Garvagh
McCULLOW [McCULLAGH] William Maherabrack
McCUSKER William Formal
McDERMOT Andrew Formal
McDERMOT Dominick Crockanbuy
McDERMOT Joseph Crockanbuy
McDERMOT Widow Crockanbuy
McELHOAN Daniel Aughascribba [Aghascrebagh]
McELHOAN Francis Sescansuel [Sheskinshule]
McELHOAN Peter Aughascribba [Aghascrebagh]
McELHOAN Widow Aughascribba [Aghascrebagh]
McELHONE James Crockilhone
McELHONE Neil Crockilhone
McFARLAND Andrew Liscabble
McFARLAND Andrew Lenamore
McFARLAND Andrew Monneydoo [Meenadoo]
McFARLAND Andrew Booreen
McFARLAND Andrew Gortin
McFARLAND Andrew Glenlark Upper
McFARLAND Andrew Corvahullion [Culvacullion]
MCFARLAND Andrew Beltrim
McFARLAND Andrew Teebrack [Tievebrack]
McFARLAND Andrew Jun Liscabble
McFARLAND Armour Lenamore
McFARLAND Armour Monneydoo [Meenadoo]
McFARLAND Armour Aughminacroy [Oaghmonicroy]
McFARLAND Armour Booreen
McFARLAND Armour, Jun Brackass
McFARLAND  Armour Brackass
McFARLAND Charles Beltrim
McFARLAND Charles Gortin
McFARLAND James Droit
McFARLAND John Glenlark Upper
McFARLAND John Lenamore
McFARLAND John Stradowan
McFARLAND John Brackass
McFARLAND John Crockatanty
McFARLAND John Corvahullion [Culvacullion]
McFARLAND John Drumlea
McFARLAND John Droit
McFARLAND John Newbuildings
McFARLAND John, Jun. Liscabble
McFARLAND John Roe Liscabble
McFARLAND Patrick Monneydoo [Meenadoo]
McFARLAND William Brackass
McGARVEY Francis Beltrim
McGERAGHTY James Beltrim
McGERRATTY Michael Teevanaminee [Tievenameena]
McGLINCHY Andrew Gortin
McGLINCHY James Freaghdoe
McGLINCHY James Aughnamerigan [Aghamirigan]
McGLINCHY James Bonnifrehan [Binnafreaghan]
McGLINCHY John Aughnamerigan [Aghamirigan]
McGLINCHY John Bonnifrehan [Binnafreaghan]
McGLINCHY Laughlin Maheraliss
McGLINCHY Mick Gortin
McGLINCHY Mick Maheraliss
McGURK Bryan Formal
McGURK Frederick Stradowan
McGURK Frederick Corvahullion [Culvacullion]
McGURK John Monynemeal [Monanameal]
McGURK Michael Alwillies [Alwories]
McGURK James Aughascribba [Aghascrebagh]
McGURK Owen Aughascribba [Aghascrebagh]
McGURK Patrick Crockmccrory
McGURK William Corvahullion [Culvacullion]
McILDOON Bernard Keeran
McILDOON Lawrence Crockgillen
McILDOON Peter Keeran
McILHOAN Dominick Formal
McKANE John Cassorney [Casorna]
McKELVEY John Rylands
McKELVEY Patrick Trenamadon
McKELVIE Daniel Drumlea
McKENNA Edward Glenlark Lower
McKENNA Edward Aughascribba [Aghascrebagh]
McKENNA Francis Garvagh
McKENNA James Garvagh
McKENNA James Lekin
McKENNA John Carnanrancy
McKENNA Laughlin Carnanrancy
McKENNA Michael Aughascribba [Aghascrebagh]
McKENNA Patrick Garvagh
McKENNA William Maherabrack
McKENNA William Beltrim
McKEOWN George Cashel
McKEOWN James Cashel
McKYHAN [McKEON] Ann Aughascribba [Aghascrebagh]
McKHYAN [McKEON] Brian Aughascribba [Aghascrebagh]
McKIMMON Daniel Trenamadon
McKIMMON John Trenamadon
McKIMMON Moses Trenamadon
McKIMMON Robert Trenamadon
McLAUGHLIN Alexander Gorticastle [Gorticashel]
McLAUGHLIN Charles Booreen
McLAUGHLIN James Gorticastle [Gorticashel]C
McLAUGHLIN John Corvahullion [Culvacullion]
McLAUGHLIN John Gorticastle [Gorticashel]
McLAUGHLIN Surgeon Gortin
McMAHON Soll Bonnifrehan [Binnafreaghan]
McMULLEN James Rylands
McNAMEE Anne Maheraliss
McNAMEE Charles Maherabuy
McNAMEE Elias Lekin
McNAMEE Francis Crockanbuy
McNAMEE Francis Maheraliss
McNAMEE Francis Maherabuy
McNAMEE James Teebane McAnally
McNAMEE James Lenagh
McNAMEE Laughlin Curragh
McNAMEE Mick Maheraliss
McNAMEE Miles Maherabuy
McNAMEE Miles Maheraliss
McNAMEE Neil Maheraliss
McNAMEE Neil Maherabuy
McNAMEE Nogher Maheraliss
McNAMEE Owen Maherabuy
McNAMEE Patrick Teebane Bradley
McNAMEE Patrick Maherabuy
McNAMEE Patrick Curragh
McNAMEE Peter Maheraliss
McNAMEE Roger Maheraliss
McNAMEE Thomas Teebane Bradley
McNICKLE Alexander Rooskey
McNICKLE Alexander Cassorney [Casorna]
McNICKLE Dan Cassorney [Casorna]
McNICKLE Daniel Altatiel
McNICKLE Denis Altatiel
McNICKLE James Altatiel
McNICKLE James (groom) Cassorney [Casorna]
McNICKLE James Attagh
McNICKLE John Corvahullion [Culvacullion]
McNICKLE John Cassorney [Casorna]
McNICKLE Patrick Corvahullion
McNICKLE William Corvahullion
McNICKLE William Cassorney [Casorna]
McPHILIMY James Dunbunrawer
McPHILIMY William, Sen. Dunbunrawer
McPHILIMY William, Jun. Dunbunrawer
McSORLEY Arthur Bonnyinver
McSORLEY Francis Ballyinver
McSORLEY James (Long) Ballyinver
McSORLEY James (Blind) Ballyinver
McSORLEY John Maheraliss
McSORLEY John Ballyinver
McSORLEY Mathew Ballyinver
McSORLEY Patrick Garvagh
McSORLEY Peter Ballyinver
McSORLEY William Ballyinver
McSWIGAN Bryan Glenlark Lower
McSWIGAN Edward Gorticastle
McSWIGAN Francis Fallaght
McSWIGAN John Lenamore
McSWIGAN Joseph Fallaght
McSWIGAN Laughlin Gorticastle
McSWIGAN Mick Maheraliss
McSWIGAN Pat. Gorticastle
McSWIGAN Pat. Maheraliss
McWILLIAMS James Aughnamerigan [Aghamirigan]
MAGENNIS James Dunbunrawer
MARTIN John Corvahullion
MEENAN James Glenlark Lower
MEENAN Joe Maheraliss
MEENAN Owen Magheraliss
MEENAN Tarry Maheraliss
MITCHELL David Drumlea
MITCHELL James Crockmccrory
MITCHELL James Drumlea
MITCHELL Thomas Drumlea
MITCHELL William Drumlea
MOORHEAD James Monneydoo [Meenadoo]
MOORHEAD John Monneydoo [Meenadoo]
MOPHETT [MOFFITT] Irwin Monneydoo [Meenadoo]
MOPHETT [MOFFITT] James Monneydoo [Meenadoo]
MOPHIT [MOFFITT] Robert Drumlea
MOPHIT [MOFFITT] James Drumlea
MOPHIT [MOFFITT] Samuel Drumlea
MORRIS Alicia Crockmorris
MORRIS Andy Teebane McFarland
MORRIS Daniel Crockmorris
MORRIS Francis Liscabble
MORRIS Francis Aughascribba [Aghascrebagh]
MORRIS Frank Teebane McFarland
MORRIS Gorman Crockanbuy
MORRIS Henry Liggans
MORRIS James Crockmorris
MORRIS James Cassorney [Casorna]
MORRIS John (Ambrose) Teebane McFarland
MORRIS John Teebane Keenan
MORRIS John Aughascribba [Aghascrebagh]
MORRIS John Crockmorris
MORRIS John Carnanrancy
MORRIS Larry Sescansuel [Sheskinshule]
MORRIS Mathew Carnanrancy
MORRIS Michael Crockmorris
MORRIS Michael Aughascribba [Aghascrebagh]
MORRIS Mick Carnanrancy
MORRIS Mick, Sen. Crockanbuy
MORRIS Mick, Jun. Crockanbuy
MORRIS Neil Aughascribba [Aghascrebagh]
MORRIS Owen Aughascribba [Aghascrebagh] (2 places)
MORRIS Pat. Crockanbuy
MORRIS Pat. Carnanrancy
MORRIS Patrick Teebane Keenan
MORRIS Patrick (Ambrose) Crockilhone
MORRIS Patrick Aughascribba [Aghascrebagh]
MORRIS Paul Crockanbuy
MORRIS Saul Carnanrancy
MORRIS Simon Crockmorris
MORRIS Simon Crockanbuy
MORRIS Stephen Teebane Keenan
MORRIS Thomas Crockmorris
MORRIS Widow Crockmorris
MOSSEY Arthur Gorticastle [Gorticashel]
MOSSEY Daniel Gortin
MOSSEY Edward Gortin
MOSSEY Hugh Gortin
MOSSEY Michael Altacamhussy [Altacamcosy]
MOSSEY Mick, Sen. Gortin
MOSSEY Mick, Jun Gortin
MOSSEY Miles Altacamhussy [Altacamcosy]
MOSSEY Miles Gortin
MOSSEY Neil Gortin
MOSSEY Patrick Gorticastle [Gorticashel]
MOSSEY Peter Gortin
MOSSEY Roger Gortin
MOSSEY Thomas Gortin
MOSSEY Toal Gortin
MOSSEY Widow Altacamhussy  [Altacamcosy]
MURPHY Neil Attagh
MURRAY Patrick Garvagh
NEILY James Beltrim
NEVILLE Edward Garvagh
NICKLE Robert Cassorney [Casorna]
NICKLE Robert Maherabrack
NORRIS Larry Maherabuy
NUGENT James Aughnamerigan
NUGENT Widow Alwillies [Alwories]
O’BRIEN Patrick Crockmccrory
O’BRIEN Patrick Crockmorris
O’BRIEN Patrick Crockoneil
O’BRYAN Patrick Formal
O’KANE Francis Currahanaalt [Curraghinalt]
O’KANE Owen Currahanaalt [Curraghinalt]
O’NEIL Arthur Crockoneil
O’NEIL Charles Crockoneil
O’NEIL John Lenamore
O’NEIL John Aughminacroy [Oaghmonicroy]
O’NEIL John Roe Aughminacroy[Oughmonicroy]
O’NEIL Michael Gorticastle
O’NEIL Neill Alwillies [Alwories]
O’NEIL Rev. Mr. Teebane Bradley
ORR Widow Droit
PARK John Droit
PHILIMY John Dunbunrawer
PHILIMY Mathew Dunbunrawer
QUIGLEY John Gorticastle [Gorticashel]
QUIN Charles Bonnifrehan [Binnafreaghan]
QUIN Hugh Bonnifrehan [Binnafreaghan]
QUIN James Bonnifrehan [Binnafreaghan]
QUIN Michael Cashel
REILLY John Booreen
REILLY John Beltrim
ROBINSON James Beltrim
ROBINSON John Dunbunrawer
ROBINSON John Rylands
ROBINSON William Beltrim
RUTLEDGE William Bonnifrehan [Binnafreaghan]
SCOTT Archibald Newbuildings
SCOTT Robert Droit
SHEERIN James Teebane Bradley
SIMPSON William Ballyinver
SMITH John Ligatraght
SOMERVILLE John Liscabble
SPEAR Allen Liscabble
STEELE William Monneydoo [Meenadoo]
STRONGE Arthur Rylands
STRONGE William Rylands
TAGGART William Rooskey
TEAGUE Andrew Formal
TEAGUE Charles Aughascribba [Aghascrebagh]
TEAGUE Patrick Fallaght
TEAGUE Peter Aughnamerigan
THOMPSON William Dunbunrawer
TRACEY Hugh Aughnamerigan
TRACEY Owen Bonnifrehan [Binnefreaghan]
TRACEY Peter Aughnamerigan
TRACEY Peter Cashel
TRACEY Widow Aughnamerigan
TURNER James Beltrim
WALSHE James Curragh
WARNOCK Edward Rylands
WARNOCK Robert Beltrim
WARNOCK Robert Gortin
WARNOCK Thomas Aughminacroy (Oaghmonicroy)
YORK William Dunbunrawer