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Index to the Tithe Applotment Book, Banagher Parish, Co. Londonderry, Northern Ireland 1826

PRONI Ref: FIN 58/53
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


Tithe was a tax on all agricultural land (originally one tenth of the produce) excepting only church lands, glebes and urban areas and was paid by leaseholders and occupiers of all religious denominations to the clergy of the Established Church of Ireland. There was growing resentment against this tax, especially by Presbyterians and Catholics, particularly in the period of distress after 1815 and the government was forced to give way and introduce the Tithe Composition Act 1823 which replaced payment in kind by payment in cash.

In order to effect this change, all agricultural land across the country was required to be surveyed and applotted, or valued. During the period 1823 to 1837, a Tithe Applotment Survey was made in each civil parish across the whole of Ireland to determine the value of tithe payable by different landholders. Two people were appointed by each parish to carry out this assessment. The material was arranged by civil parish and townland in volumes known as TITHE APPLOTMENT BOOKS.

In some parishes more than one survey was taken, whilst in others the manuscript has not survived. The books for all Ireland, compiled between 1823 and 1837, are now deposited in the National Archives of Ireland, Dublin and Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI).

PRONI holds the tithe books for all but 31 of the 273 parishes then surveyed in Northern Ireland. These tithe books are arranged by townland and record the names of leaseholders, the area of their farm subject to tithe, sometimes the quality of the land and an overall valuation and occasionally the names of landlords. Researchers should be aware that cottiers who did not hold land are not recorded, and unaccountably, some types of land were passed over entirely; a field of potatoes attracted a tithe payment in one parish, but not in that adjoining.

Those researchers who are fortunate to locate a forebear in the Tithe Applotment Books may find it possible to take their research back a further generation prior to Griffiths Valuation.



Townland Townland Townland Townland
Aughlish Ballydonegan Ballyhanedin Carnanbane
Coolnamonan Derrychrier Drumcovit Feeny
Fincarn Finglen Gallany Glenedra
Killunaght Knockan Magheramore Rallagh
Tamnyagan Teeavan Templemoyle Tirglassan



(As recorded in the Tithe Applotment Book)

Townland Townland Townland Townland
Altinure Divin Altinure Mullen Aughlish Ballydonegan
Ballyheneden Carnonbane Claggan Culnamonen
Derrychreer Dreen Drumcovitt Drumslave
Feeney Fincearn Galloney Killeenaght
Knockan Laughtilube Maghramore Minneyhoghan
Straid Straid Hill Tamnagh Lyle Tamneyagan
Teavin Templemoyle Terglasson Terrydreen
Tullygoan Umricam  




Surname Firstname Townland
ALLEN Widow Ballyheneden
BEATTY James Terglasson
BERESFORD Barre, Esqr. Altinure Divin
BERRESFORD Hy. Barre, Esqr. Laughtilube
BERRESFORD Jno Barre?, Esqr. Minneyhoghan
BERRESFORD John C., Esqr. Minneyhoghan
BLAIR John Terglasson
BLAIR Samuel Terglasson
BONNER William Terrydreen
BOYD James Feeney
BOYD John Feeney
BOYD Samuel Drumcovitt
BOYLE Jno. Straid
BOYLE Paddy Straid
BOYLE Peter Straid
BRADLEY Daniel Tamneyagan
BRADLEY Henry Feeney
BREESON Hugh Tullygoan
BREESON Michl. Laughtilube
BREESON Owen Tamnagh Lyle
BREESON Patr. Laughtilube
BREESON Patrick Straid
BREESON Thomas Straid
BREESON Widow Claggan
BRIZZLE James Ballyheneden
BRIZZLE Revd. Stephen Ballyheneden
BROLLEY Henry Feeney
BROLLY …. [not given] Laughtilube
BRUCE Stuart, Esqr. Carnonbane
BUCHANAN Andrew Maghramore
BUCHANAN Robt. Maghramore
BUCHANAN Wm. Maghramore
BUCHANNON Hu. Straid Hill
BUCHANNON Jno. Straid Hill
BUCHANNON John Terrydreen
BURK Thomas Altinure Divin
CAMPBELL James Terrydreen
CANNING Paul Carnonbane
CANNING Thomas Aughlish
CANNING Thos. Aughlish
CARLAN John Knockan
CARTAN Billy Dreen
CARTON Denis Derrychreer
CARTON John Feeney
CHAMBERS Rachel Teavin
CHRISTY Davis Teavin
CLARK John Claggan
CLARK Joseph Claggan
COCHRAN James Terglasson
COLE Rodger Laughtilube
COLEMAN James Claggan
COLEMAN Widow Laughtilube
COLL Charles Tamneyagan
COLL Patrick Laughtilube
COLL Widow Laughtilube
CONNER Henry Templemoyle
CONNER Peter & partners Laughtilube
CONNOR James Ballyheneden
CONNOR John Ballyheneden
CONNOR Mrs Straid
CONWAY Edward Tamnagh Lyle
CONWAY Patrick Tamnagh Lyle
COOK James Derrychreer
COOK Jes. Teavin
CRAIG James Knockan
CRAIG James Tamnagh Lyle
CRAIG James Teavin
CRAIG Jno. Straid Hill
CRAIG John Knockan
CRAIG Robert Knockan
CRAIG Robert Tamnagh Lyle
CRAIG Thomas Knockan
CREIGHTON Bell Fincearn
CREIGHTON John Tamneyagan
CREIGHTON Mary Fincearn
CROMIE James Teavin
CROMIE James Teavin
CROOKS Joe Straid Hill
DEENEY Oliver Umricam
DEENEY Paddy Umricam
DEENY John Culnamonen
DEVIN Michl. Umricam
DEVIN Pady Dreen
DEVINE Paddy Dreen
DEVINNY Michl. Umricam
DEYERMOT William Claggan
DIVIN James Feeney
DIVIN John Laughtilube
DIVIN Manus Tamnagh Lyle
DIVIN Michael Altinure Divin
DIVIN Michl. Feeney
DIVIN Michl., Junr. Feeney
DIVIN Neal Laughtilube
DIVIN Ned Feeney
DIVIN Paddy Feeney
DIVIN Patrick Altinure Divin
DIVIN Peter Straid
DONAGHY Darby Tamnagh Lyle
DONAGHY Edward Drumslave
DONAGHY George Tamnagh Lyle
DONAGHY Harry Tamnagh Lyle
DONAGHY Hu. Laughtilube
DONAGHY John Ballydonegan
DONAGHY John Tamnagh Lyle
DONAGHY John Umricam
DONAGHY Manus Altinure Mullen
DONAGHY Michael Claggan
DONAGHY Owen Claggan
DONAGHY Paddy Tamnagh Lyle
DONAGHY Patrick Minneyhoghan
DONAGHY Patrick Tamnagh Lyle
DONAGHY Thomas Altinure Mullen
DONAGHY Thomas Claggan
DONAGHY Widow Altinure Mullen
DONAGHY William Ballydonegan
DONNELLY John Terglasson
DONOUGHY Bryan Claggan
DONOUGHY Bryan & partners Laughtilube
DONOUGHY Henry Claggan
DONOUGHY Henry Dreen
DONOUGHY Neal Straid
DOUGHERTY Con. Altinure Mullen
DOUGHERTY Patk. Altinure Mullen
DUDDY Peggy Feeney
DUDDY Robert Feeney
DUFFY Arthur Straid
DUFFY Neal Straid
DUNN John Tamneyagan
DUNN Robert Tamneyagan
DUNN Robert Tullygoan
EAKIN Andrew Terglasson
EAKIN David Straid
EAKIN David Terglasson
EAKIN James Claggan
EAKIN James Terglasson
EAKIN James, Sergeant Terglasson
EAKIN John Terglasson
EAKIN Robert Claggan
EAKIN Robert Terglasson
ELLISON Revd. Mr. Ballyheneden
EVANS David Terglasson
EVANS Hugh Terglasson
EVANS Samuel Terrydreen
FARREN Hugh Templemoyle
FEATH Thomas Feeney
FEENEY Cormick Terrydreen
FEENEY Jno. Laughtilube
FEENEY John Terrydreen
FEENEY Michael Altinure Divin
FEENEY Michael Laughtilube
FEENEY Patrick Straid
FERGUSON Jno. Straid Hill
FERGUSON Joseph Claggan
FERGUSON Thomas Claggan
FLEMMING James Minneyhoghan
FLEMMING Thomas Minneyhoghan
FLEMMING Thomas Tamneyagan
FORRESTER John Laughtilube
FORRESTER Michl. Laughtilube
FORRESTER Widow Laughtilube
GALLAGHER Thomas Straid
GIBSON John Straid
GILLESPIE Sally Knockan
GLASS Joseph Minneyhoghan
GORMLEY Farrel Dreen
GORMLEY James Altinure Divin
GORMLEY James Drumcovitt
GORMLEY Michl. Dreen
GORMLEY Michl. Minneyhoghan
GORMLEY Neal Knockan
GORMLEY Philip Dreen
GORMLEY Widow Con Knockan
GRIVE Edwd. Laughtilube
GRIVE Hugh Laughtilube
GUILER Andrew Straid
GUILER James Straid
GUILER John Straid
GUILER Wm. Straid
HAGAN Arthur Tamnagh Lyle
HAGAN Charles Teavin
HAGAN Michl. Tamnagh Lyle
HAMILTON Samuel Galloney
HAMPSON Andrew Drumslave
HAMPSON Darby Feeney
HAMPSON Darby Templemoyle
HAMPSON James Templemoyle
HAMPSON Michael Feeney
HAMPSON Owen Drumslave
HAMPSON Widow Darby Templemoyle
HARGAN Robert Claggan
HARKIN Michl. Killeenaght
HARKIN Patrick Killeenaght
HASSON Ann Derrychreer
HASSON Bryan Drumslave
HASSON Chas. Ballydonegan
HASSON Cormick Culnamonen
HASSON Danl. Fincearn
HASSON Frank Ballydonegan
HASSON Frank Umricam
HASSON Frank, Senr. Feeney
HASSON George Drumslave
HASSON Harry Ballydonegan
HASSON Hu. Drumslave
HASSON Hudy Ballydonegan
HASSON Hugh Drumslave
HASSON Hy. Feeney
HASSON James Ballydonegan
HASSON James Culnamonen
HASSON James & Sisters Fincearn
HASSON Jas. Culnamonen
HASSON Jno. Ballydonegan
HASSON Jno. Drumslave
HASSON Jno. Roe Culnamonen
HASSON John Culnamonen
HASSON John Drumslave
HASSON John Minneyhoghan
HASSON Manus Culnamonen
HASSON Manus Minneyhoghan
HASSON Mark Drumslave
HASSON Mary Derrychreer
HASSON Michael Feeney
HASSON Michl. Ballydonegan
HASSON Michl. Culnamonen
HASSON Michl. Derrychreer
HASSON Michl. Feeney
HASSON Michl. Fincearn
HASSON Owen Tamneyagan
HASSON Paddy Drumslave
HASSON Paddy Umricam
HASSON Patrick Culnamonen
HASSON Patrick T. Culnamonen
HASSON Peter Culnamonen
HASSON Susan Fincearn
HASSON Thomas Culnamonen
HASSON Thomas Drumslave
HASSON Thomas Tullygoan
HASSON Widow H. Drumslave
HAVELIN …… [not given] Teavin
HAVELIN Bernard Templemoyle
HAVELIN James Templemoyle
HAVELIN John Minneyhoghan
HAVELIN Owen Teavin
HAVELIN Patrick Templemoyle
HAVELIN Thomas Derrychreer
HAVELIN Widow Patr. Templemoyle
HAVELIN Widow Patr., Junr. Templemoyle
HAVELIN Widow Patr., Senr. Templemoyle
HEANEY Michael Tullygoan
HEANEY Michl. Templemoyle
HENEY Ephm. Templemoyle
HENEY Hugh Templemoyle
HENEY James Templemoyle
HENEY John Carnonbane
HENEY John Templemoyle
HENEY Mary Templemoyle
HENEY Michl. Templemoyle
HENEY Owen Templemoyle
HENEY Patrick Carnonbane
HENEY Patrick Templemoyle
HENEY Shan Templemoyle
HENEY William Templemoyle
HENRY Hugh Derrychreer
HENRY Michl. Drumslave
HUNTER Henry, Esqr. Drumcovitt
HUNTER Henry, Esqr. (Lodge) Straid
HUNTER Richard, Esqr. Feeney
HUNTER Richard, Esqr. Umricam
HUTTON James Knockan
JONES Michl. Dreen
JOSEPH McMurrish? Feeney
KANE Anthony Derrychreer
KANE Arthur Tamneyagan
KANE Bartley & partners Laughtilube
KANE Bartly Ballydonegan
KANE Bryan Dreen
KANE Bryan Knockan
KANE Bryan Templemoyle
KANE Charles Altinure Divin
KANE Charles Templemoyle
KANE Charles Terrydreen
KANE Cons. Terrydreen
KANE Denis Ballydonegan
KANE Denis Dreen
KANE Denis Umricam
KANE Denis, Junr. Killeenaght
KANE Denis, Senr. Killeenaght
KANE Edward Altinure Divin
KANE Grace Tamneyagan
KANE Harry Knockan
KANE Harry Tamneyagan
KANE Henry Minneyhoghan
KANE Hu. Ballydonegan
KANE Jack Ballydonegan
KANE Jack Tamnagh Lyle
KANE James Altinure Divin
KANE James Ballydonegan
KANE James Dreen
KANE James Knockan
KANE James Minneyhoghan
KANE James Tullygoan
KANE James (Lapper) Knockan
KANE Jno. Altinure Divin
KANE John Altinure Divin
KANE John Ballydonegan
KANE John Dreen
KANE John Minneyhoghan
KANE John Tamneyagan
KANE Michl. Ballydonegan
KANE Michl. Dreen
KANE Michl. Maghramore
KANE Neal Dreen
KANE Owen Galloney
KANE Paddy Altinure Divin
KANE Paddy Ballydonegan
KANE Paddy Dreen
KANE Paddy Fincearn
KANE Paddy Minneyhoghan
KANE Patr. & brothers Knockan
KANE Patrick Altinure Divin
KANE Patrick Derrychreer
KANE Patrick Dreen
KANE Patrick Laughtilube
KANE Patrick Maghramore
KANE Patrick Terrydreen
KANE Quentan Ballydonegan
KANE Quintan Tamneyagan
KANE Richard Dreen
KANE Rodger Derrychreer
KANE Widow Altinure Divin
KANE Widow Laughtilube
KANE Widow Denis Ballydonegan
KANE Widow Hu. Laughtilube
KANE Widow Mary Dreen
KANE Widow Neal Dreen
KEALEY Wm. Maghramore
KELLY Charles Terrydreen
KELLY Hugh Terrydreen
KELLY James Terrydreen
KELLY Michael Terrydreen
KIRGAN Owen Claggan
KIRLAN Michael Tamnagh Lyle
KYDD Mr. John Galloney
LOCKART Jack Umricam
LOGUE Neddy Dreen
LOGUE Patrick Altinure Mullen
LYLE Hugh, Esqr. Tamnagh Lyle
LYNCH Charles Umricam
LYNCH Michael Altinure Mullen
LYNCH Patr. Knockan
LYNCH Patrick Altinure Mullen
LYNCH Peter Altinure Mullen
LYNCH Thomas Minneyhoghan
LYONS Alexander Ballyheneden
MADIGAN Bryan Derrychreer
McCALLION Charles Derrychreer
McCALLION James Derrychreer
McCALLION Owen Derrychreer
McCALLION William Derrychreer
McCLENAGHAN Andrew Derrychreer
McCLENAGHAN Michael Ballyheneden
McCLOSKEY Arthur Culnamonen
McCLOSKEY Arthur Teavin
McCLOSKEY Arthur Templemoyle
McCLOSKEY Atty Templemoyle
McCLOSKEY Barney Umricam
McCLOSKEY Bernard Templemoyle
McCLOSKEY Bryan Ballydonegan
McCLOSKEY Bryan Ballydonegan
McCLOSKEY Bryan Culnamonen
McCLOSKEY Bryan Dreen
McCLOSKEY Bryan Umricam
McCLOSKEY Bryan S. Teavin
McCLOSKEY Chas. Roe Ballydonegan
McCLOSKEY Chas. Roe Culnamonen
McCLOSKEY Daniel Derrychreer
McCLOSKEY Denis Culnamonen
McCLOSKEY Denis Feeney
McCLOSKEY Denis Templemoyle
McCLOSKEY Denis Terrydreen
McCLOSKEY Denis Umricam
McCLOSKEY Edwd. Feeney
McCLOSKEY Edwd. Killeenaght
McCLOSKEY Edwd. More Templemoyle
McCLOSKEY Frank Carnonbane
McCLOSKEY George Minneyhoghan
McCLOSKEY George Templemoyle
McCLOSKEY Henry Carnonbane
McCLOSKEY Hu. Altinure Mullen
McCLOSKEY Hugh Knockan
McCLOSKEY Hugh Terrydreen
McCLOSKEY Hugh Umricam
McCLOSKEY Jack Feeney
McCLOSKEY Jack Umricam
McCLOSKEY James Altinure Divin
McCLOSKEY James Derrychreer
McCLOSKEY James Feeney
McCLOSKEY James Killeenaght
McCLOSKEY James Minneyhoghan
McCLOSKEY James Teavin
McCLOSKEY James Tullygoan
McCLOSKEY James Umricam
McCLOSKEY James (Ann) Killeenaght
McCLOSKEY James Doo Teavin
McCLOSKEY Jno. Templemoyle
McCLOSKEY John Feeney
McCLOSKEY John Minneyhoghan
McCLOSKEY John Teavin
McCLOSKEY John Templemoyle
McCLOSKEY Mary Laughtilube
McCLOSKEY Michael Altinure Mullen
McCLOSKEY Michl. Dreen
McCLOSKEY Michl. Minneyhoghan
McCLOSKEY Ned Peter Feeney
McCLOSKEY Owen Culnamonen
McCLOSKEY Owen Feeney
McCLOSKEY Owen S. Teavin
McCLOSKEY Own Ballydonegan
McCLOSKEY Own Carnonbane
McCLOSKEY Paddy Feeney
McCLOSKEY Paddy Killeenaght
McCLOSKEY Paddy Teavin
McCLOSKEY Paddy Umricam
McCLOSKEY Patr. Feeney
McCLOSKEY Patr. Templemoyle
McCLOSKEY Patrick Knockan
McCLOSKEY Patrick Templemoyle
McCLOSKEY Patrick Terrydreen
McCLOSKEY Paul Ballydonegan
McCLOSKEY Richard Carnonbane
McCLOSKEY Sarah Killeenaght
McCLOSKEY Shan Terrydreen
McCLOSKEY Thomas Ballydonegan
McCLOSKEY Thomas Carnonbane
McCLOSKEY Thomas Teavin
McCLOSKEY Widow Jas. Culnamonen
McCLOSKEY William Tamnagh Lyle
McCONOMY Jack Teavin
McCONOMY John Maghramore
McCONOMY Henry, Mr. Minneyhoghan
McCOOK William Teavin
McCORMICK Paul Derrychreer
McCOY Owen Knockan
McCREADY Denis Teavin
McCULLY Jas. Minneyhoghan
McCULLY Joseph Carnonbane
McCULLY Own Altinure Divin
McCULLY William Carnonbane
McDADE Cormick Straid
McDADE James Tullygoan
McDADE Neal Umricam
McDADE Quintan Umricam
McDONAGH Cormick Tamnagh Lyle
McDOWELL Robert Teavin
McDOWELL William Teavin
McELHINNY Bryan Altinure Mullen
McFALL George Derrychreer
McFALL James Carnonbane
McFALL James, Junr. Templemoyle
McFALL James, Senr. Templemoyle
McFARLAND Henry Derrychreer
McFARLAND James Derrychreer
McFARLAND Robert Carnonbane
McFARLAND Widow A. Carnonbane
McGILL Thomas Galloney
McGILTON Joseph Knockan
McGINNIS James Knockan
McGLINCHY ….. [not given] Straid
McGLINCHY Owen Laughtilube
McILHANNEY Thomas Knockan
McKENDRY Patrick Altinure Divin
McKENDRY Widow Galloney
McLAUGHLIN Bryan Umricam
McLAUGHLIN Danl. Dreen
McLAUGHLIN Denis Claggan
McLAUGHLIN Denis Terrydreen
McLAUGHLIN Frank Culnamonen
McLAUGHLIN James Altinure Divin
McLAUGHLIN John Straid
McLAUGHLIN Manus Straid
McLAUGHLIN Michl. Dreen
McLAUGHLIN Neal Ballyheneden
McLAUGHLIN Richard Straid
McLAUGHLIN Thomas Dreen
McLAUGHLIN Thomas Minneyhoghan
McLAUGHLIN Thomas Straid
McLAUGHLIN William Umricam
McMICHAEL Jack Tamneyagan
McNICKLE Bryan Altinure Divin
McQUISTEN John Galloney
McSHEFRY Denis Carnonbane
McSPARRAN Archd. Drumcovitt
McSPARRON Archd. Feeney
McSPARRON John Feeney
McWILLIAMS Michl. Derrychreer
McWILLIAMS Thomas Derrychreer
MENAGH James Feeney
MICHAEL Donoughy Claggan
MILLER Hugh Terglasson
MILLER James Teavin
MILLER James Terglasson
MILLER Mathew Claggan
MILLER Robert Teavin
MILLER Stephen Claggan
MILLER Thomas Terglasson
MILLER William Terglasson
MONTEETH James Ballyheneden
MONTGOMERY Hugh Terglasson
MOORE James Galloney
MOORE John Claggan
MOORE John Feeney
MOORE Joseph Galloney
MOORE Thomas Derrychreer
MOORE William Terglasson
MOREHEAD Thomas Templemoyle
MULHERRON Arthur Templemoyle
MULHERRON John Templemoyle
MULLAN Bryan Derrychreer
MULLAN Bryan Dreen
MULLEN Bartly Ballydonegan
MULLEN Bryan Dreen
MULLEN Harry Tamneyagan
MULLEN Hugh Tamneyagan
MULLEN James Ballydonegan
MULLEN John Dreen
MULLEN Laurence Ballydonegan
MULLEN Michael Dreen
MULLEN Paddy Dreen
MULLEN Paddy Straid
MULLEN Paddy Tamneyagan
MULLEN Patr. Dreen
MULLEN Patrick Altinure Divin
MULLEN Rose Tamneyagan
MULLEN Thomas Ballydonegan
MULLEN Widow Catherine Tamneyagan
MULLIN Ann Templemoyle
MULLIN Bryan Tamnagh Lyle
MULLIN Charles Templemoyle
MULLIN George Templemoyle
MULLIN James Templemoyle
MULLIN John Fincearn
MULLIN Michael Tamnagh Lyle
MULLIN Michael Templemoyle
MULLIN Paddy Umricam
MULLIN Patrick Tamnagh Lyle
MULLIN Patrick Templemoyle
MULLIN Paul Tamnagh Lyle
MURPHY George Galloney
MURPHY Michael Carnonbane
MURPHY Patrick Carnonbane
MURPHY Wm. Galloney
MURRY Andrew Altinure Divin
MURRY Neal Altinure Divin
NEELEY William Claggan
NICKLE William Straid
NOLAN Edward, Mr. Templemoyle
O’COLL Neal Laughtilube
O’KANE Charles Dreen
O’KANE Owen Dreen
O’NEIL Ann Feeney
O’NEIL Arthur Ballydonegan
O’NEIL Barney Feeney
O’NEIL Edward Teavin
O’NEIL Henry Feeney
O’NEIL Hugh Umricam
O’NEIL Michl. Umricam
O’NEIL Rodger Claggan
O’NEILL John Culnamonen
OGILBY Robert, Esqr. Culnamonen
OGILBY Robt., Esqr. Laughtilube
OLIVER Charles Feeney
ORR George Claggan
PATTON Jas. Laughtilube
PATTON Patrick Laughtilube
PHILLIPS George Maghramore
POSTON Henry Templemoyle
POSTON Robert Derrychreer
QUIGLEY Paul Feeney
REA Jno. Aughlish (Mullaghash Mountain)
REA John Aughlish
REED John Terglasson
REGAN Revd. Mr. Tullygoan
REID William Terrydreen
REILEY James Umricam
RITCHIE George Straid
RITCHIE William Umricam
RITCHIE Wm. Straid
ROBINSON James Galloney
RODGERS James Carnonbane
RODGERS Richard Carnonbane
RODGERS Thomas Aughlish (Corscupple & Crucknascreen)
RODGERS Thomas Aughlish (Skeygley?)
RODGERS William Templemoyle
ROSBOROUGH James Ballyheneden
ROSBOROUGH Jno. Ballyheneden
ROSBOROUGH Margaret Ballyheneden
ROSBOROUGH William Ballyheneden
ROSS James Teavin
ROSS Paul Teavin
SCOTT Edward Teavin
SCOTT John Maghramore
SCOTT John Teavin
SCOTT Joseph Teavin
SCOTT Widow Saml. Teavin
SHARKEY Patrick Culnamonen
SIMPSON David Feeney
SIMPSON David Feeney
SMILEY Samuel Derrychreer
SMITH David Straid Hill
SMITH Jack Teavin
SMITH Robert Teavin
SMITH Thomas Teavin
SMYTH Jack Straid
STEVENSON James, Esqr. Knockan
STEVENSON Jas., Esqr. Carnonbane
STEVENSON Jno., Esqr. Aughlish Glenncolreagh?)
STEVENSON John, Esqr. Carnonbane
STEVENSON John, Esqr. Killeenaght
STEVENSON John, Esqr. Knockan
STEVENSON James, Mr. Galloney
STEVENSON John, Mr. Galloney
STEWART Michl. Maghramore
STEWART Widow Matty Teavin
SWAN Hugh, Mr. Drumcovitt
THOMPSON Catherine Templemoyle
THOMPSON Darby Templemoyle
THOMPSON Geo. Aughlish
THOMPSON George Aughlish
THOMPSON James Templemoyle
THOMPSON Robert Killeenaght
THOMPSON Robert Templemoyle
THOMSON Hugh Fincearn
THOMSON James Fincearn
THOMSON John Killeenaght
THOMSON Thomas Fincearn
THOMSON Widow Jane Fincearn
TIRKENTER Patrick Feeney
TIRKENTER Richard Feeney
TODD Adam Aughlish
TODD Adam Aughlish
TODD Henry Aughlish
TODD Thomas Aughlish
TODD Thomas Derrychreer
TORRENS Henry Laughtilube
WALL David Ballyheneden
WARNOCK Henry Laughtilube
WARNOCK James Laughtilube
WARNOCK John Claggan
WARNOCK Odley Laughtilube
WARNOCK Patrick Claggan
WARNOCK Robert Claggan
WHITESIDE James Terrydreen
WHITESIDE John Terrydreen
WHITESIDE Joseph Terrydreen
WILLIAMS Archy Ballyheneden
WILSON Andrew Derrychreer
WILSON George Derrychreer
WILSON Hugh Derrychreer
WILSON James Derrychreer
WITHEROW Hans Aughlish
WITHEROW Hans Aughlish
WITHEROW James Aughlish
WITHEROW James Aughlish (Finglan Mountain)
WITHEROW James, Senr. Aughlish
WITHEROW Jas. (Aughlish Mullaghash Mountain)
WITHEROW Jas., Junr. Aughlish
WITHEROW Jno. Aughlish (Mullaghash Mountain)
WITHEROW John Aughlish
WITHEROW Joseph Aughlish
WITHEROW Thos. Aughlish (Corscupple & Crucknascreen)
WITHEROW William, Junr. Aughlish
WITHEROW William, Senr. Aughlish
WITHEROW Wm., Junr. Aughlish (Mullaghash Mountain)
WITHEROW Wm., Senr. Aughlish (Mullaghash Mountain)
WITHROW Thomas Templemoyle


Glebelands known by the names of Ballaugh and Rasberry Hill exempt from tithe by agreement of Special Vestry containing 318acres 2roods 10perches

The above applotments given under our hands this Twenty-Fifth day of May Eighteen Hundred and Twenty-Six:

Michael Ross & Robert H. Nolan, Commissioners