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Index to the Tithe Applotment Book, Ballynascreen Parish, Co. Londonderry, Northern Ireland 1825

PRONI Ref: 5A/ 43
Extracted from FHL Film 258446
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


Tithe was a tax on all agricultural land (originally one tenth of the produce) excepting only church lands, glebes and urban areas and was paid by leaseholders and occupiers of all religious denominations to the clergy of the Established Church of Ireland. There was growing resentment against this tax, especially by Presbyterians and Catholics, particularly in the period of distress after 1815 and the government was forced to give way and introduce the Tithe Composition Act 1823 which replaced payment in kind by payment in cash.

In order to effect this change, all agricultural land across the country was required to be surveyed and applotted, or valued. During the period 1823 to 1837, a Tithe Applotment Survey was made in each civil parish across the whole of Ireland to determine the value of tithe payable by different landholders. Two people were appointed by each parish to carry out this assessment. The material was arranged by civil parish and townland in volumes known as TITHE APPLOTMENT BOOKS.

In some parishes more than one survey was taken, whilst in others the manuscript has not survived. The books for all Ireland, compiled between 1823 and 1837, are now deposited in the National Archives of Ireland, Dublin and Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI).

PRONI holds the tithe books for all but 31 of the 273 parishes then surveyed in Northern Ireland. These tithe books are arranged by townland and record the names of leaseholders, the area of their farm subject to tithing, sometimes the quality of the land and an overall valuation and occasionally the names of landlords. Researchers should be aware that cottiers who did not hold land are not recorded, and unaccountably, some types of land were passed over entirely; a field of potatoes attracted a tithe payment in one parish, but not in that adjoining.

Those researchers who are fortunate to locate a forebear in the Tithe Applotment Books may find it possible to take their research back a further generation prior to Griffiths Valuation.



Townland Townland Townland Townland
Ballynure Bancran Glebe Brackagh Cahore
Carnamoney Cavanreagh Cloane Cloughfin
Coolnasillagh Corick Derrynoyd Disert
Doon Drumard Drumderg Dunlogan
Dunmurry Duntibryan Finglen Glebe
Glengomna Glenviggan Gortnaskey Labby
Moneyconey Moneyguiggy Moneyneany Moyard
Moydamlaght Moyheeland Moykeeran Mulnavoo
Owenreagh Straw Straw Mountain Strawmore
Tonaght Tullybrick



(As recorded In the Tithe Applotment Book)

Townland Townland Townland Townland
Altiesky (subdenomination of Tullybrick) Ballynure Brackagh Cahore
Carnamoney Cavanreagh Cloan Cloughfin
Coolnasullagh Corac Derrynoyd Desert
Doone Dremard Dremderg Dunduff (subdenomination of Dremderg)
Dunenron Dunlogan Dunmurry Duntybryan
Evishkinavady (subdenomination of Glenviggan) Glengamney Glenvigan Gortnaskea
Labby Milltown (subdenomination of Mulnavoo) Moneyconey Moneyguiggy
Moneyneena Moyard Moyheelan Moykeeran
Mulnavoo Mydamlaght Owenreagh Stra
Stramore Stranahich (subdenomination of Moyard) Tonaght Tullybrick




Surname Firstnam Townland
ARTHUR John Moneyguiggy
BARNETT John & Co. Moneyconey
BARNETT Robert Moneyconey
BEARD James Moneyguiggy
BEARD William Moneyguiggy
BLACK John Junr. Duntybryan
BOONE Charles Coolnasullagh
BOONE Chas. Junr. Ballynure
BOONE Chas. Senr. Ballynure
BOONE John Ballynure
BOONE John Dremard
BOONE Robert Ballynure
BOONE Robert Coolnasullagh
BOONE Sam. Ballynure
BOONE Thos. Ballynure
BOONE William Ballynure
BOONE William Coolnasullagh
BORLAND …….? & …….? Milikin Moyheelan
BOYLE Bryan Cahore
BOYLE Con. Dremard
BOYLE Daniel Dremard
BRADLEY Bernard & Co. Altiesky
BRADLEY Charles & Co. Tonaght
BRADLEY Daniel Coolnasullagh
BRADLEY Ealse Corac
BRADLEY Ed. & Co. Moneyconey
BRADLEY Hugh & Co. Dremderg
BRADLEY James & Co. Moneyconey
BRADLEY John Carnamoney
BRADLEY John & Co. Desert
BRADLEY John & Co. Moneyconey
BRADLEY Matthew & Danl. McAvey Cloughfin
BRADLEY Michael & Co. Desert
BRADLEY Murtagh Corac
BRADLEY Ned Moneyconey
BRADLEY Patk. Moneyguiggy
BRADLEY Patrick Altiesk
BRADLEY Patrick & Co. Glengamney
BRADLEY Peter & Co. Altiesky
BRADLEY Philip Dremard
BRADLY Anthony & Co. Tullybrick
BRADLY Bernard Ballynure
BRADLY Bryan Widow & Co. Brackagh
BRADLY Charles & Co. Doone
BRADLY Domnick Moyard
BRADLY Francis Labby
BRADLY Francis Moyard
BRADLY Hugh & Co. Cloughfin
BRADLY James & Co. Brackagh
BRADLY James & Co. Cloan
BRADLY John Labby
BRADLY John (Villy?) Cloughfin
BRADLY Laughlin & Co. Brackagh
BRADLY Patk. Moyheelan
BRADLY Patrick & Co. Doone
BRADLY Patrick & Co. Labby
BRADLY Thomas Brackagh
BRADLY Thomas Moyard
BRADLY Thos. & Co. (Mr. Duffy) Labby
BRADLY Widow & Co. Doone
BRADLY Widow & Co. Moyard
BRITTAIN Chas. Coolnasullagh
BRODLEY Patrick & Co. Dremard
BROWN …….? & …….? MrBride Doone
BROWN ………? & John Moran Doone
BROWN Revd. Duntybryan
BROWNE Alexander Doone
BRYAN Thomas & Co. Owenreagh
BUNTON John Moneyguiggy
BURNS John Cloan
CAMPBELL Bernard & Co. Altiesky
CAMPBELL Henry Dremard
CAMPBELL John Dremard
CAMPBELL Wd. & William Dremard
CAMPBELL William & Wd. Dremard
CAR Henry Dremard
CAR James Dremard
CASSIDY Dennis & Co. & B. McLaughlin Mydamlaght
CASSIDY Francis & Co. Moneyneena
CASSIDY Hugh Junr. Moneyguiggy
CASSIDY Hugh Senr. Moneyguiggy
CASSIDY Michael Cloan
CASSIDY Nicholas Moneyguiggy
CASSIDY Patrick Dunlogan
CASSIDY Paul & Co. Doone
CASSIDY Thomas & Co. Glengamney
CASSIDY Thos. Dremderg
CASSIDY Widow Mydamlaght
CLARKE Robert & Co. Stranahich
CLEARY John Cavanreagh
CLEARY Lawrence Cavanreagh
CLEARY Shane Cavanreagh
CLEERY Ned & Co. Corac
CLERKIN Andrew & Co. Labby
CLERKIN Andy & Michael Stramore
CLERKIN Arthur & Co. Glengamney
CLERKIN Arthur & Pat. & Co. Glengamney
CLERKIN Charles Glengamney
CLERKIN Charles & Co. Glengamney
CLERKIN Daniel & Co. Glengamney
CLERKIN John Glengamney
CLERKIN John & Co. Glengamney
CLERKIN Michael & Andy Stramore
CLERKIN Pat & Arthur & Co. Glengamney
CONAWAY Philip Cloughfin
CONELLY Hugh Labby
CONNER Bernd & Bryan Gortnaskea
CONNER Bryan & Bernd Gortnaskea
CONNER Hugh Gortnaskea
CONNER John Gortnaskea
CONNER Thos. Gortnaskea
CONNOLY John & Co. Stranahich
CONVERY Thos. Dremderg
CONVIL John & Co. Dremderg
CONWAY Bryan Owenreagh
CONWAY Ed. Altiesky
CONWAY Edward Desert
CONWAY James & Co. Owenreagh
CONWAY Jane & Widow & Co. Tullybrick
CONWAY John Junr. Cloughfin
CONWAY John Senr. Cloughfin
CONWAY Mathew Dremderg
CONWAY Patrick Glengamney
CONWAY Patrick & Co. Owenreagh
CONWAY Widow Mydamlaght
CONWAY Widow & Co. Cloughfin
CONWAY Widow & Co. & Jane Conway Tullybrick
CORNAGHAN Chas. Coolnasullagh
CORR Mathew Moneyguiggy
CREELY Andrew Mydamlaght
CREELY Michael Mydamlaght
CRILLY Dennis Ballynure
CRILLY Dominick Tonaght
CRILLY Francis & John Dremard
CRILLY Henry & John Tonaght
CRILLY Hugh Dunmurry
CRILLY Hugh Mydamlaght
CRILLY James Dremard
CRILLY James Dunmurry
CRILLY James Mydamlaght
CRILLY James & Co. Tonaght
CRILLY John Cahore
CRILLY John & Francis Dremard
CRILLY John & Henry Tonaght
CRILLY John & Peter Dremard
CRILLY Patrick Desert
CRILLY Patrick Mydamlaght
CRILLY Peter & John Dremard
CRILLY Thos. Moyheelan
CRILLY Widow Dremard
CULLY Michael & Co. Moneyneena
DAUGH Edward Dunlogan
DAUGH Patrick & Widow Daugh Dunlogan
DAUGH Widow & Patrick Daugh Dunlogan
DEVLIN Alexr. Stramore
DEVLIN Henry Stramore
DEVLIN Hugh & Co. Stramore
DEVLIN John & Co. Dremderg
DEVLIN Patk. Stramore
DEVLIN Paul & Co. Stramore
DEVLIN Peter Duntybryan
DEVLIN Peter Stramore
DEVLIN Philip Stramore
DIAMOND John Dunmurry
DIAMOND Patrick Dunlogan
DIAMOUND Patrick Dremderg
DICKSON John Dunlogan
DICKSON John Moneyguiggy
DICKSON Joseph Cloan
DIGIANY Stephen Owenreagh
DILLON Francis Dremard
DIXON John Dremderg
DONNELLY Michael & Co. Moneyneena
DONNELY Patk. Stra
DONNELY Patrick Stramore
DONNELY Paul & Co. Doone
DONNELY Peter Glengamney
DOOEY James Moneyconey
DOOGAN Anthony Carnamoney
DOOGAN Chas. Carnamoney
DOOGAN Ed. Coolnasullagh
DOOGAN James & Co. Stramore
DOOGAN John Ballynure
DOOGAN Neal Ballynure
DOOGAN Thos. Coolnasullagh
DOOGAN William Coolnasullagh
DOOGAN William Moneyguiggy
DOUGAN Patrick Evishkinavady
DOUGHERTY Michael Dremderg
DOUGHERTY Patrick Dremderg
DOUGLAS Thos & Co. Dremderg
DOUGLASS Jo. Dremderg
DOUGLASS Patrick Dremderg
DOWDAL Alexander Dremard
DOWDAL Archy Dremard
DOWDAL Denis Dremard
DOWNING Dawson Dunmurry
DOYLE Alexr. Moneyneena
DOYLE James Doone
DRAPERS [Worshipful Company of] Moneyguiggy
DRAPERS Worshipful Co. of Cloan
DUFFY Francis Altiesky
DUFFY Hugh Labby
DUFFY Manus & Co. Altiesky
DUFFY Michael & Peter Cahore
DUFFY Patrick & Co. Moneyconey
DUFFY Peter Dremard
DUFFY Peter Moyheelan
DUFFY Peter & Michael Cahore
EARLY James Dremard
FERGUSON David Cahore
FERGUSON Robert Cahore
FERGUSON Robert (Mr.) Dremard
FERGUSON Robert Mr. Cahore
FULTON Jo. Moneyguiggy
GALLAUGHER Francis Cloan
GETTY James Moyheelan
GETTY James Moykeeran
GILLAN John Dunlogan
GILLAN Patrick Dunlogan
GILLESPIE Bernard Tullybrick
GILLESPIE Henry Tullybrick
GILLESPIE Henry Tullybrick
GILLESPIE Neal & Co. Altiesky
GILLESPIE Thomas & Co. Tullybrick
GILLION James & Co. (Dan) Dunlogan
GRAHAM John & Co. Dunenron
GRAHAM Thomas Dunenron
GRANT Henry Carnamoney
GROOGAN & Comp. Ballynure
GROOGAN Bernard Ballynure
HAGAN Andrew Stramore
HAGAN Barkley & Co. Altiesky
HAGAN Bernard Mydamlaght
HAGAN Bernard & Co. Tonaght
HAGAN Catharine Widow Owenreagh
HAGAN Charles & Mr. Ogilby Stramore
HAGAN Chas. Gortnaskea
HAGAN Dennis & Co. Stra
HAGAN Edward Desert
HAGAN Francis Owenreagh
HAGAN Francis & Co. Dremderg
HAGAN Henry & Co. Widow Desert
HAGAN Henry (Tailor) Desert
HAGAN Hugh & Co. Desert
HAGAN John Desert
HAGAN Laurence & Co. Tonaght
HAGAN Mary Gortnaskea
HAGAN Michael Labby
HAGAN Michael Moyheelan
HAGAN Owen & Co. Doone
HAGAN Patrick Desert
HAGAN Patrick Owenreagh
HAGAN Patrick Stra
HAMILTON Henry Cavanreagh
HAMILTON John Carnamoney
HAMILTON Robert Carnamoney
HAMILTON Saml. Moyheelan
HAMILTON Wm. Moyheelan
HANAGAN Patrick & Co. Owenreagh
HANAGH Alexander Dunduff
HANAGH Alexr. Moneyguiggy
HANAGH Alexr. Moyheelan
HANAGH Alexr. Mydamlaght
HANAGH Samuel Moyheelan
HANAGH Thomas Dunduff
HANAGH Thos. Moyheelan
HANAH Alexr. Mulnavoo
HANAH Alexr. (White) Mulnavoo
HANAH James & Thomas Dremard
HANAH Thomas & James Dremard
HANAH Thos. Mulnavoo
HANAH Wm. Mulnavoo
HANAN Michael Milltown
HANNAGH Thos. Carnamoney
HARREN Henry Glengamney
HARREN Widow & Co. Glengamney
HART Widow Duntybryan
HASKIN Ed. & …….? McQuillan Coolnasullagh
HASSIN Charles & Co. Doone
HASSIN Patk. Coolnasullagh
HASSIN Rodger & Co. Coolnasullagh
HAUGHEY John Tonaght
HAUGHEY Teague & Co. Cloughfin
HAUGHY John & Co. Stra
HEBURN James Dremard
HENDERSON George Carnamoney
HENDERSON George Dunmurry
HENDERSON James Carnamoney
HENDERSON Kennedy Carnamoney
HENRY Arthur Duntybryan
HENRY Arthur Gortnaskea
HENRY Charles Dremderg
HENRY Charles & Co. Dremard
HENRY Chas. Dunlogan
HENRY Cormick Doone
HENRY Cormick Gortnaskea
HENRY Daniel Coolnasullagh
HENRY Denis Gortnaskea
HENRY Donnel Gortnaskea
HENRY Francis Coolnasullagh
HENRY Francis Gortnaskea
HENRY Henry Coolnasullagh
HENRY Henry Desert
HENRY Henry Dremard
HENRY Hugh Ballynure
HENRY Hugh Coolnasullagh
HENRY James Coolnasullagh
HENRY James (widow) Moyheelan
HENRY John Coolnasullagh
HENRY John Gortnaskea
HENRY John & Owen Ballynure
HENRY John (Big) Gortnaskea
HENRY John (Widow Junr.) Moyheelan
HENRY John Junr. Dremard
HENRY John Senr. Dremard
HENRY John Senr. Moyheelan
HENRY Mary Gortnaskea
HENRY May Coolnasullagh
HENRY Michael Coolnasullagh
HENRY Michael Moneyguiggy
HENRY Michael Junr. Gortnaskea
HENRY Michael Senr. Gortnaskea
HENRY Owen Gortnaskea
HENRY Owen & John Ballynure
HENRY Patk. & Co. Stramore
HENRY Patrick Dremard
HENRY Patrick Duntybryan
HENRY Patrick Gortnaskea
HENRY Paul Gortnaskea
HENRY Robert Gortnaskea
HENRY Widow Dremderg
HENRY Widow Gortnaskea
HESSIN Lawrence Owenreagh
HESSIN Owen & Co. Owenreagh
HIGARTY Bryan Tonaght
HIGARTY Francis Tonaght
HIGARTY James Widow Tonaght
HIGARTY John Tonaght
HIGARTY Michael & Widow Tonaght
HIGARTY Widow & Michael Tonaght
HIGERTY James Stra
HUTCHISON Robert Moneyguiggy
HUTCHISON Wm. Moneyguiggy
JOHNSTON James Dremard
JOHNSTON John Ballynure
JOHNSTON John & Robert Dremard
JOHNSTON Robert & John Dremard
KANE Andrew Doone
KANE Andrew & Co. Dremderg
KANE Daniel & John Dremard
KANE Hugh Doone
KANE Hugh widower Doone
KANE John & Daniel Dremard
KANE Lawrence & Co. Stramore
KANE Thos. Moneyguiggy
KANE William Milltown
KEARNEY Cully Gortnaskea
KEARNEY Francis Carnamoney
KEARNEY James Senr. Coolnasullagh
KEARNEY James, Junr. Coolnasullagh
KEARNEY Patk. Coolnasullagh
KELLY Andrew Doone
KELLY Andrew Doone
KELLY Bryan Doone
KELLY Daniel & Co. Stramore
KELLY Dominick Dremderg
KELLY Domnick Dunlogan
KELLY Domnick Moneyneena
KELLY Domnick Mydamlaght
KELLY Henry & Co. Doone
KELLY James Doone
KELLY John Cloan
KELLY John Mydamlaght
KELLY John & Co. Stra
KELLY John (Mason) Doone
KELLY Laurence Moyheelan
KELLY Laury & Co. Corac
KELLY Mathew Doone
KELLY Michael & Co Doone
KELLY Michael & Co. Labby
KELLY Michael & Paul & Co. Stra
KELLY Neal Labby
KELLY Owen & Co. Doone
KELLY Patrick Moneyneena
KELLY Patrick & Co. Doone
KELLY Patrick (Ned & Barkley) Doone
KELLY Paul & Michael & Co. Stra
KELLY Paul (for John’s farm) Doone
KELLY Peter Stra
KELLY Peter (Clothier) Stra
KELLY Philip & Co. Doone
KELLY Thomas & Co. Labby
KELLY Thos. & Co. Stramore
KELLY Widow & Co. Doone
KENEDY Chas. Dunlogan
KENEDY John Dunlogan
KENEDY Mathew Dremderg
KENEDY Patk. Dunlogan
KENEDY Philip Dunlogan
KENNEDY Dennis Dunlogan
KERAN Francis Dremderg
KERNAGHAN Patk. Dunlogan
KERNAGHAN Peter Moneyguiggy
KERNAN Patk. Dremderg
KERNEY Crelly Moyheelan
KERNEY Patrick Carnamoney
KERR Arthur Coolnasullagh
KERR Francis Senr. Carnamoney
KERR John & Arthur Coolnasullagh
KIELT John & Co. (Morrin Henry) Labby
KYLE James Carnamoney
LAFFERTY Michael Stra
LAGAN Andrew Moneyguiggy
LAGAN Andrew & John Lynd Moneyguiggy
LAGAN Francis Stramore
LENNON Chas. Ballynure
LOGAN Francis Junr. Carnamoney
LOGAN Francis Senr. Carnamoney
LOGAN John Carnamoney
LOGAN John Cloan
LOGAN Michael Carnamoney
LOGAN Patk. Carnamoney
LOGAN Patk. Coolnasullagh
LONG Chas. Ballynure
LOUGHRAN Francis Labby
LUCK [LUSK?] Widow Dremard
LUSK Samuel Dremard
LYND Adam Moneyguiggy
LYND John Moneyguiggy
LYND John & Andrew Lagan Moneyguiggy
MALLON Philip Stra
MARTIN Alexr. Duntybryan
MCALISTER Alexr. & Sons Stra
MCALISTER James Cloughfin
MCAVEY Danl & Bradley Matthew Cloughfin
MCBRIDE ……..? & ……..? Brown Doone
MCBRIDE Darby & Co. Stramore
MCBRIDE Hugh & Co. Altiesky
MCBRIDE Hugh & Co. Moneyconey
MCBRIDE John Dunmurry
MCBRIDE John Mydamlaght
MCBRIDE John & Co. Stramore
MCBRIDE Widow Moneyconey
MCCALISTER Dennis Dremard
MCCALISTER James Dremard
MCCANN Arthur Milltown
MCCARTNEY Owen Duntybryan
MCCLAY James Moykeeran
MCCLOSKEY ……..? & Co. Moneyneena
MCCLOSKEY John & Richard Coolnasullagh
MCCLOSKEY Laurence Doone
MCCLOSKEY Owen Moneyconey
MCCLOSKEY Patrick & Co. Cloan
MCCLOSKEY Phelix Coolnasullagh
MCCLOSKEY Richard & John Coolnasullagh
MCCLOSKY James Stramore
MCCLOSKY Michal Dremderg
MCCONKY William Glenvigan
MCCONWAY George & Co. Gortnaskea
MCCOOL John Cavanreagh
MCCORMICK John & Co. Glengamney
MCCULLAGH Henry Dunenron
MCCULLAGH Hugh Moyheelan
MCCULLAGH John & Co. Glengamney
MCCULLAGH John & Co. Stra
MCCULLAGH Patk. Glengamney
MCCULLOW Cormick Dremderg
MCDONALD James Moneyguiggy
MCDONNALD Daniel Ballynure
MCDONNALD Daniel Carnamoney
MCELDOWNING Patk. Moyheelan
MCFALL Widow Corac
MCFARLAND William & Co. Tullybrick
MCGILLION Widow Milltown
MCGILLON John & Co. Brackagh
MCGLADE …….? & Hugh O’Neil Stramore
MCGLADE Andrew Stra
MCGLADE Bernard Dremard
MCGLADE Charles Moykeeran
MCGLADE Charles & Co. Cahore
MCGLADE Edward & Francis Tonaght
MCGLADE Francis Moykeeran
MCGLADE Francis Tonaght
MCGLADE Francis & Edward Tonaght
MCGLADE James & John Tonaght
MCGLADE John Moneyguiggy
MCGLADE John & Co. Stra
MCGLADE John & James Tonaght
MCGLADE John (now) sergt. Moykeeran
MCGLADE Laurence, Patk. & Phil. Tonaght
MCGLADE Michael Tonaght
MCGLADE Patk. Tonaght
MCGLADE Patk., Phil. & Laurence Tonaght
MCGLADE Paul Tonaght
MCGLADE Phil., Laurence & Patk. Tonaght
MCGLADE Philemy Stramore
MCGLADE Philip & Co. Stramore
MCGLADE Thomas & Co. Stramore
MCGOUGH …….? & …….? McNamee Moyheelan
MCGOWAN James & Samuel Moneyguiggy
MCGOWAN Jas. & Saml. Duntybryan
MCGOWAN Saml. & Jas. Duntybryan
MCGOWAN Samuel & James Moneyguiggy
MCGUIGAN Andrew Mydamlaght
MCGUIGAN Arthur Stramore
MCGUIGAN Bernard & Co. Dunmurry
MCGUIGAN Bernard (widow) Mydamlaght
MCGUIGAN Chas. Dunmurry
MCGUIGAN Daniel Cloan
MCGUIGAN Dennis Cloan
MCGUIGAN Francis Cloan
MCGUIGAN Henry Mydamlaght
MCGUIGAN James Dunduff
MCGUIGAN James, Patrick & Peter Dremard
MCGUIGAN Loughlin Dunmurry
MCGUIGAN Michael Dremard
MCGUIGAN Michael Dunmurry
MCGUIGAN Neal & Co. Cloan
MCGUIGAN Neal Junr. Dunmurry
MCGUIGAN Neal, Junr. Cloan
MCGUIGAN Neal, Senr. Wd. Cloan
MCGUIGAN Patk. Mydamlaght
MCGUIGAN Patk. Stramore
MCGUIGAN Patrick Dremard
MCGUIGAN Patrick, Peter & James Dremard
MCGUIGAN Peter & Patrick & James Dremard
MCGUIGAN Philemy Dremderg
MCGUIGAN Teague Stra
MCGUILION Charles & Co. Glengamney
MCGUIRK Arthur Gortnaskea
MCGURGAN James Cloan
MCGURGAN John (Widow) Cloan
MCGURGAN Michal Cloan
MCGURK Charles Dremard
MCGURK Christopher Dremard
MCGURK Michael Coolnasullagh
MCGURK Neal Glengamney
MCKANN Shane & Co. Altiesky
MCKEEVER Alexr. Ballynure
MCKEEVER Michael Dremard
MCKELVEY Patrick (Mr.) Milltown
MCKENADY ……? Dunenron
MCKENDY Thos. Junr. Labby
MCKENNA Chas. Coolnasullagh
MCKENNA Daniel Gortnaskea
MCKENNA Daniel Moyheelan
MCKENNA Daniel Moykeeran
MCKENNA Francis & Co. Dremderg
MCKENNA James Doone
MCKENNA John Coolnasullagh
MCKENNA John & Co. Dremderg
MCKENNA Laurence Doone
MCKENNA Michael Ballynure
MCKENNA Neal & Thomas Dremard
MCKENNA Patrick Ballynure
MCKENNA Ross Ballynure
MCKENNA Thomas & Neal Dremard
MCKENNA Widow Dremard
MCKEOWN Hugh & Co. Corac
MCKOWEN (now Ogilby) Stramore
MCKOWN Nicholas Brackagh
MCKOWN Robert & Co. Owenreagh
MCLAUGHLIN B. & Dennis Cassidy Mydamlaght
MCLOUGUE ……? & Phil., Philip Michael Dunmurry
MCNALLY Daniel & Co. Evishkinavady
MCNALLY Edward Glenvigan
MCNAMEE …….? & …….? McGough Moyheelan
MCNAMEE Daniel Glengamney
MCNAMEE Francis Altiesky
MCNAMEE James Tonaght
MCNAMEE John Dremderg
MCNAMEE John Glengamney
MCNAMEE Laughlin Moykeeran
MCNAMEE Laurence Glengamney
MCNAMEE Mathew Glengamney
MCNAMEE Michael Milltown
MCNAMEE Miles & Co. Glengamney
MCNAMEE Patk. Glengamney
MCNAMEE Widow & Co. Moyard
MCNEIL Hugh Labby
MCNICKLE William Stramore
MCNOAL Manus & Co. Milltown
MCQUILLAN ………? & Ed. Haskin Coolnasullagh
MCSHANE Francis Moneyneena
MCSHANE Patrick Moneyneena
MCSHANE Patrick Stramore
MCTAGUE James Desert
MCTAGUE Thomas Desert
MCWILLIAM John & Co. Mulnavoo
MCWILLIAMS Andrew Dremderg
MCWILLIAMS Bernard Carnamoney
MCWILLIAMS Bernard Dremderg
MCWILLIAMS Daniel & James Cloan
MCWILLIAMS Denis Dremderg
MCWILLIAMS Dennis Carnamoney
MCWILLIAMS Dominick Carnamoney
MCWILLIAMS Ed. Senr. Carnamoney
MCWILLIAMS Ed. Senr. Wd. Carnamoney
MCWILLIAMS Francis Carnamoney
MCWILLIAMS Henry & John Cloan
MCWILLIAMS Hugh Carnamoney
MCWILLIAMS James Dremard
MCWILLIAMS James Dremderg
MCWILLIAMS James & Daniel Cloan
MCWILLIAMS John Ballynure
MCWILLIAMS John Carnamoney
MCWILLIAMS John & Co. Owenreagh
MCWILLIAMS John & Henry Cloan
MCWILLIAMS John (Big) Carnamoney
MCWILLIAMS John (Oggy) Carnamoney
MCWILLIAMS John (Roe) Carnamoney
MCWILLIAMS Michael Ballynure
MCWILLIAMS Michael Carnamoney
MCWILLIAMS Murtagh Dremderg
MCWILLIAMS Patk. Carnamoney
MCWILLIAMS Philip Dremderg
MCWILLIAMS Sam. Carnamoney
MCWILLIAMS Toal Carnamoney
MCWILLIAMS Toal Stramore
MCWILLIAMS Wd. & Ed. Senr. Carnamoney
MCWILLIAMS Widow Gortnaskea
MCWILLIAMS Widow Cathn & Co. Coolnasullagh
MEANS Patrick & J. Murphy Dunmurry
MEGILLION Michal Labby
MELLON Chas. Coolnasullagh
MELLON Daniel Cloughfin
MELLON Henry & Co. Stra
MELLON Neal & Co. Cloughfin
MELLON Redmond Owenreagh
MELLY? Martin Stra
MILIKIN ……..? &……..? Boreland Moyheelan
MILIKIN James Mulnavoo
MILIKIN James (Roe) Mulnavoo
MILIKIN William Mulnavoo
MILLIKIN Andrew Mulnavoo
MILLIKIN John Carnamoney
MOIRIN Paul & Co. Tullybrick
MOOR John Dremard
MOOR Samuel Dremard
MOORAN Neal Altiesky
MOORAN Redmond Altiesky
MORAN Andrew & James Desert
MORAN Charles & Co. Moyard
MORAN James & Andrew Desert
MORAN James & Co. Doone
MORAN John Cloughfin
MORAN John & …….? Brown Doone
MORAN John & Co. Dremderg
MORGAN Bernard Mydamlaght
MORGAN Daniel Cloan
MORGAN Ed. Cloan
MORGAN Peter Mydamlaght
MORIAN Neal Dunenron
MORIAN Patk & Co. Altiesky
MORRAN Patrick Owenreagh
MORREN Michael Dremard
MORRIN Patk. Moykeeran
MULHOLLAND Henry Dremard
MULLAN Widow Stramore
MULLEN Arthur Cloan
MULLON Charles Stramore
MULLON Henry Stramore
MULLOY Hugh Dremard
MULLOY Hugh & Co. Brackagh
MULLOY James Moneyguiggy
MULLOY John Carnamoney
MULLOY John Dremard
MULLOY John (deleted) or Laurence Carnamoney
MULLOY Michael Labby
MULLOY Patk. & Co. Cloan
MULLOY Peter Dremard
MULLOY Widow & Co. Moyard
MUNNEL James Moyheelan
MUNNEL John Moyheelan
MURGAN [MORGAN?] Rodger Cloan
MURPHY Andrew Dunmurry
MURPHY Andrew Moyheelan
MURPHY Ed. Moyheelan
MURPHY Francis Cloan
MURPHY J. & Patrick Means Dunmurry
MURPHY James Dunmurry
MURPHY James Revd. Stra
MURPHY John Moyheelan
MURPHY Patrick Moyheelan
MURPHY Peter & Co. Dremderg
MURRAY Daniel Widow Tonaght
MURRAY Francis Tonaght
MURRAY Peter & Co. Moneyneena
MURRY Dennis Dremard
MURRY Peter Moneyguiggy
MURRY Peter & Co. Tonaght
MURRY William Dremard
O’DONNEL Michael & Co. Glengamney
O’DONNELY James & Wd. Stramore
O’DONNELY Wd. & James Stramore
O’NEIL Cormick Desert
O’NEIL Daniel Art Desert
O’NEIL Daniel Junr. Desert
O’NEIL Daniel Senr. Desert
O’NEIL Francis Desert
O’NEIL Francis & Co. Desert
O’NEIL Henry & Philip Desert
O’NEIL Hugh & ……? McGlade Stramore
O’NEIL James Desert
O’NEIL James & Co. Stramore
O’NEIL John Desert
O’NEIL John Mydamlaght
O’NEIL Philip & Henry Desert
O’NEIL Philip Junr. Desert
O’NEIL Rodger Desert
O’NEIL Widow Desert
O’NEIL widow Dremderg
OGILBY Mr. & Charles Hagan Stramore
ORR James Cavanreagh
PATTERSON Alexr. Moyheelan
PATTERSON Alexr. Junr. Carnamoney
PATTERSON Alexr. Senr. Carnamoney
PATTERSON James Gortnaskea
PAUL Andrew Carnamoney
PAUL James Carnamoney
PAUL James (Kelly’s Cut) Cloan
PERRY Thomas Mulnavoo
PERRY Thos. Dunduff
PHILIPS William Cavanreagh
QUIGLEY John Ballynure
QUIGLEY John & Michael Ballynure
QUIGLEY Michael & John Ballynure
QUIGLY Bernard Carnamoney
QUIGLY Charles Carnamoney
QUIGLY Francis & Co. Labby
QUIGLY John Carnamoney
QUIGLY John & Co. Labby
QUIGLY Patrick Ballynure
QUIN Andrew Junr. Moneyguiggy
QUIN James Moneyguiggy
QUIN Thomas Ballynure
RAGAN John & Co. Dremderg
REID Elizabeth Moneyguiggy
ROBINSON William Dremard
RODGERS Charles Dremderg
RODGERS Mathew Dremderg
RODGERS Patrick & Co. Dremderg
RODGERS Peter Moneyneena
RUSSEL Ed. Carnamoney
RUSSELL Charles Carnamoney
RUSSELL James Carnamoney
SERGANT Benjamin Dunduff
SERGANT Benjamin Mulnavoo
SERGANT James Dunduff
SERGEANT Benjamin Moykeeran
SERGEANT Henry Moykeeran
SERGEANT John Moykeeran
SINCLAIR John (Mr?) Cavanreagh
SINCLAIR Robert Cavanreagh
SINCLAIR Robert (Mr?) Cavanreagh
SMYTH James Cavanreagh
SMYTH John Labby
SMYTH Robert Cavanreagh
SMYTH Robert Stra
SMYTH Thos. Glengamney
SMYTH William Cavanreagh
STEEN James & Co. Tullybrick
STEVENSON James Esqr. Evishkinavady
STEWARD James Dremard
STEWART Chas. Moyheelan
STUART John Stramore
TAYLOR & Co. Labby
TAYLOR David (Widow) Moyheelan
TAYLOR David (Widow) Moyheelan
TAYLOR James Moyheelan
TAYLOR James Junr. & Co. Carnamoney
TAYLOR James Senr. Carnamoney
TAYLOR Thomas Moyheelan
THOMPSON Donnel & Co. Cahore
TONER Bryan Cloughfin
TONER Bryan Stra
TONER James Desert
TONER James Mydamlaght
TONER James & Patrick & Co. Stra
TONER John Cloughfin
TONER John Stra
TONER John & Neal & Co. Stra
TONER Michael Mydamlaght
TONER Murtagh & Peter Stra
TONER Neal & John & Co. Stra
TONER Patrick Mydamlaght
TONER Patrick & James & Co. Stra
TONER Peter & Murtagh Stra
TONER Tague Stra
TORRENS Mr. Justice & Co. Derrynoyd
TOULAN James Cahore
TRACY James Dunmurry
TUMONY Hugh Mydamlaght
WALKER Sarah Moykeeran
WARK James Gortnaskea
WILLIAM Widow (now Ogilby) Stramore
WILSON John (Widow) Dunmurry
WILSON Neal (Widow) Dunmurry


May 24 1825