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Ballyclog Tithe Applotment Book, 1826

FIN 5A/29
Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

ALLEN Anty. Drumbanaway
ALLEN Oliver Cratley
ALLEN William Cratley
ANDERSON Joseph Ballyveeny
ARBUTTON Widow Brigh
ATCHESON James Curglasson
BANIGAN Catherine Curglasson
BEATY Hugh Linnyglass
BEATY Robert Back Lower
BEATY William Linnyglass
BELL Andrew F., Esq. Ballynagowan
BELL James Drumkern
BEST Richard Ballyveeny
BEST Robert Cratley
BIGGAR David Drumkern
BLACK Henry Curglasson
BLAIR Hugh Drumkern
BLAIR William Drumkern
BLAIR William Legmurn
BOWDEN Andrew, Jun. Legmurn
BOWDEN Andrew, Sen. Legmurn
BREADY John Ballynagowan
BRYAN Robert, Esq. Brigh
BRYAN Robert, Esq. Gortnaskea
BURNS [..?] Back Upper
BURNS John Ballyveeny
BURNS Joseph Ballyveeny
CAMPBELL Pryan/ Bryan? Back Upper
CAMPBELL James Back Upper
CAMPBELL Owen Ballynagowan
CAMPBELL Thomas Kilsally
CAMPBELL Toal Drumkern
CANOVIN James Ballynagowan
CARLETON Thomas Legmurn
CARREN James Back Upper
CARSON Francis Drumbanaway
CARSON Michael Legmurn
CARSON William Brigh
CARSON William Legmurn
CASTLESTUART Earl Oughall [Oghill]
CEVENA Hugh Ballynagowan
CEVNA [CEVENA?] Charles Ballynagowan
CLENDINNEN William Drumkern
COLLINS William Ballynagowan
COOK John Oughall [Oghill]
CUMMING Michael Back Upper
CURRY Robert, Jun. Ballynagowan
CURRY Robert, Sen. Ballynagowan
CURRY Widow Henry Ballynagowan
CURRY Widow Martha Ballynagowan
DAVISON Robert Drumbanaway
DAVISON Widow Back Lower
DENNAN Francis Ballynagowan
DEVLIN Arthur Ballynagowan
DEVLIN Arthur Drumbanaway
DEVLIN Edward Back Upper
DEVLIN Francis Drumkern
DEVLIN Hugh Ballyveeny
DEVLIN Hugh Drumkern
DEVLIN Hugh Legmurn
DEVLIN James Back Upper
DEVLIN James Drumkern
DEVLIN James, Jun. Back Upper
DEVLIN James, Sen. Back Upper
DEVLIN John Back Upper
DEVLIN Owen Back Upper
DEVLIN Patrick Ballyveeny
DEVLIN Patrick, Jun. Drumkern
DEVLIN Patrick, Sen. Drumkern
DEVLIN Saragh Drumkern
DEVLIN Widow James Back Upper
DICKSON John Ballynagowan
DONAGHY Mathew Back Lower
DONELY John Legmurn
DORAN Bernard Drumkern
DUFF James Ballynagowan
DUFFIN David Kilsally
DUFFIN James Kilsally
DUFFIN Mark Kilsally
DUFFIN Patrick Kilsally
DUFFY Charles Kilsally
DUFFY James Drumbanaway
DUFFY Patrick Kilsally
DUN Henry Ballyveeny
DUN John Ballyveeny
DUN Michael Ballyveeny
DUN Owen Ballyveeny
DUN Patrick Ballyveeny
DUN Peter Ballyveeny
DUNLAP William Back Lower
ELLIOT James Drumkern
EVANS John Brigh
FAULKNER William Killoon
FEARSERVICE Mathew Ballyveeny
FEE Thomas Drumkern
FERGUSON John Cratley
FERGUSON John Legmurn
FERSON John Drumkern
FLANIGAN Arthur Ballyveeny
FLANIGAN James Ballyveeny
FLECK James Drumbanaway
FLENIGAN John Drumbanaway
FOSTER John Ballynagowan
GARVAN Anthony Back Upper
GEORGE John Drumkern
HAMILTON Charles Kilsally
HAMILTON Hugh Kilsally
HAMILTON Joseph Cratley
HANAREN Patrick Back Upper
HARKNESS John Drumbanaway
HENRY [..?] Back Upper
HENRY Hugh Ballyveeny
HENRY John Killoon
HERVEY Doctor Brigh
HIGGASON Edward Drumkern
HUNTER David Back Upper
HUNTER Humphry Back Lower
HUNTER James Back Upper
HUNTER John Back Lower
HUNTER John Back Upper
JOHNSTON James Curglasson
JOHNSTON Joseph Legmurn
JUDGE Barnard Ballynagowan
JUDGE Owen Back Lower
JUDGE Terence Oughall [Oghill]
JUNK Oliver Gortnaskea
JUNK Robert Ballyblagh
JUNK Thomas Ballyblagh
JUNK Thomas Ballyveeny
KELL Robert Ballyveeny
KELLS Andrew Drumbanaway
KELLS James Ballyveeny
KELLS Widow Ballyveeny
KELLY John Eary
KENEDY John Legmurn
KENEDY Patrick Drumbanaway
KENIDY Robert Drumkern
KIDD Hugh Drumbanaway
KIDD Robert Drumbanaway
KIDD Widow Drumbanaway
KILPATRICK James Drumbanaway
KILPATRICK Thomas Drumbanaway
KILPATRICK William Drumbanaway
LAPPAN Edward Legmurn
LAVERTY Samuel Back Upper
LAYDEN James Brigh
LESKIN Terence Eary
LESLIE James Leck
LITTLE Andrew Drumkern
LITTLE John Killoon
LITTLE Samuel Legmurn
LUND Hugh Back Upper
LYND John Ballyblagh
MACKMASTER John Curglasson
MAGAW James Back Upper
MAHOOD Samuel Drumbanaway
MARKEY John, Esq. Kilsally
MARKS James Ballyveeny
MARKS Samuel Kilsally
MARTEN William Oughall [Oghill]
MARTIN [..?] Back Upper
MAY Alexander Oughall [Oghill]
MAYN Thomas Cratley
MAYN Thomas Kilsally
MAYN Thomas Leck
McALEER Widow Drumkern
McALISH [McALEECE] John Ballyveeny
McALISH [McALEECE] William Ballyveeny
McATAGART Ellen Back Upper
McATAGART Hugh Back Upper
McATEER Widow Drumkern
McCALASKY [McCLOSKEY?] Nicholas Drumkern
McCANA Michael Back Upper
McCLEAN James Back Upper
McCONEL [..?] Back Upper
McCONEL Archibald Ballyveeny
McCONEL David Ballyveeny
McCONEL David Killoon
McCONEL Hugh Curglasson
McCONEL Patrick Back Upper
McCONEL Robert Ballyveeny
McCONKEY George Ballyblagh
McCORD James Cratley
McCORD James Leck
McCORD Robert Cratley
McCORT Joseph Ballynagowan
McCOWN [McKEON?] Charles Linnyglass
McCOWN [McKEON?] William Cratley
McCOY Mrs Jane Brigh
McCREDY Daniel Ballynagowan
McCRORY John Ballynagowan
McENTIRE Anty. Oughall [Oghill]
McENTIRE William Eary
McGRAW Felix Back Lower
McGUCKAN Thomas Back Upper
McGURK Charles Back Lower
McGURK James Drumkern
McKAY Daniel Drumbanaway
McKEE John Back Lower
McKEEVER Patrick Kilsally
McKINNY Robert Curglasson
McMANAS John Ballynagowan
McMASTER William Curglasson
McMENAMAY John Ballynagowan
McMENAMAY Neil Ballynagowan
McMENIMY [..?] Back Lower
McQUISTON John Ballyveeny
McQUISTON William Ballyveeny
McREY? Thomas Kilsally
McREYNOLDS James Kilsally
McREYNOLDS John Kilsally
McREYNOLDS Samuel Kilsally
McREYNOLDS Thomas Kilsally
McSHANE [..?] Back Lower
McSHANE Margaret Back Lower
McSHANE Peter Back Lower
McVEY James Legmurn
McVEY John Eary
MEGAGHY Mary Back Lower
MEGAW Isaac Linnyglass
MEGAW John Leck
MEGAW John Linnyglass
MEGAW William Drumkern
MEGAW William Eary
MEGAW William Leck
MEGAW William Linnyglass
MENELY Hugh Ballyblagh
MENELY James Ballyblagh
MILLER David Back Lower
MILLER Widow John Back Lower
MONCREIF Robert Linnyglass
MONCREIF William Legmurn
MOOR James Drumbanaway
MOOR John Curglasson
MOOR John Drumkern
MORGAN Mathew Oughall [Oghill]
MORRIS Henry Ballynagowan
MORRIS Terence Ballynagowan
MORROW Robert Ballynagowan
MORROW William Ballynagowan
MOSGRAVE Charles Kilsally
MOSGRAVE Robert Kilsally
MULHOLLAND James Ballyblagh
MULIGAN John Drumkern
MURRAY James Ballynagowan
MURRAY Thomas Ballynagowan
NEIL Widow Ballyveeny
NICHOL James Oughall [Oghill]
NORRIS William Kilsally
O’NEIL Barnard Ballynagowan
O’NEIL Daniel Ballyveeny
O’NEIL Henry Back Upper
O’NEIL James Back Upper
O’NEIL Sarah Back Upper
ORR James Kilsally
PARK David Linnyglass
PORTER James Oughall [Oghill]
PORTER John Oughall [Oghill]
PRESTON James Drumkern
QUIN Bernard Drumkern
QUIN Edward Drumkern
QUIN Hugh Drumkern
QUIN Hugh, Sen. Drumkern
QUIN James Drumkern
QUIN John Oughall [Oghill]
QUIN Mathew Ballynagowan
QUIN William Ballyblagh
RANDAL James Ballynagowan
RANDAL John Legmurn
RAVERTY James Ballynagowan
RAVERTY John Back Upper
RAW [ROE?] Nicholas Eary
RAW [ROE?] Richard Eary
RENEY James Legmurn
REY James Cratley
REY John Cratley
RIDDLE Thomas Cratley
RISK Widow Curglasson
ROBISON John Ballynagowan
ROBSON Alexander Brigh
ROBSON Robert Eary
ROBSON Thomas Ballyveeny
RODDY William Ballyveeny
ROLLENS [RAWLINS?] John Kilsally
RONSON John Ballyveeny
RUSSLE John Drumkern
SENA? Hugh Ballynagowan
SIMPSON David Ballyblagh
SLEMINS James Ballyveeny
SMITH Thomas Ballyblagh
SMITH Widow Ballyblagh
SNETH [SNAITH] George Cratley
STEWART John Gortnaskea
STEWART Samuel Gortnaskea
STEWART Widow Ballyblagh
STEWART William Gortnaskea
TAGART [..?] Back Upper
THISTLE James Back Lower
THISTLE Widow Back Lower
THOMPSON William Ballyveeny
THOMSON Robert Ballyblagh
TONER John Kilsally
WALCH Charles Drumkern
WALCH Patrick Drumkern
WALKER George Drumkern
WALKER James, Jun. Cratley
WALKER James, Sen. Cratley
WALSH Edward Drumkern
WATTERS John, Jun. Back Lower
WATTERS John, Sen. Back Lower
WEIR Hugh Drumkern
WHITESIDE Matthew Back Lower
WHITESIDE Phineas Back Lower
WILEY James Leck
WILEY William Legmurn
WILSON Anthony Legmurn
WILSON James Kilsally
WILSON John Curglasson
WILSON Thomas Cratley
WILSON Thomas Curglasson
WRIGHT William Ballynagowan