Cos. Tyrone, Donegal, Londonderry & Fermanagh Ireland Genealogy Research

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Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

Surname Firstname Townland
ANDERSON Samuel Duffless
ANDERSON Widow Duffless
ART John Tullyveagh
ARTHUR John Derrygonigan
ATKINSON Mr. Tullyveagh
ATKINSON Mr. Tivina [Tievanagh]
BARCLAY William Knockingrow [Knockanroe]
BARCLAY William Lisboy
BAXTER James Edernagh
BAXTER John Enniskillen
BAXTER Widow Edernagh
BAXTER Widow Liscausy
BAXTER Widow Tullyhorcan [Tullyhurken]
BAXTER William Enniskillen
BEATTEY William Tullyconnell
BEATTY James Lurganbuy
BEATTY William Lurganbuy
BOYD Robert Derrygonigan
BOYD Widow Edernagh
BURNS Widow & partners Lisboy
CAMPBELL James Knockingrow [Knockanroe]
CLENDINNING Henry Enniskillen
COOK Widow Lisnahall
COSBY James Duffless
CRAWFORD Widow & sons Liscausy
DAWLIS James & partners Edernagh
DEVLIN Dan Tullyveagh
DUNN Andrew Enniskillen
DUNN James Enniskillen
DUNN John Enniskillen
DUNN Michael Edernagh
DUNN Robert Enniskillen
DUNN Thomas Enniskillen
FERGUSON Adam & partners Enniskillen
FERGUSON Alexander Tullyhorcan [Tullyhurken]
FERGUSON Alexander Tullyveagh
FERGUSON Andrew & partners Tivina [Tievanagh]
FERGUSON Fergus Tullyveagh
FERGUSON James Tivina [Tievanagh]
FERGUSON James Tullyveagh
FERGUSON John Enniskillen
FERGUSON John Tullyveagh
FERGUSON Patrick Edernagh
FERGUSON Robert Edernagh
FERGUSON Robert Enniskillen
FERGUSON Robert Enniskillen
FERGUSON Thomas (including Inchany) Tullyveagh
FERGUSON Thomas Derrygonigan
FERGUSON Thomas Edernagh
FERGUSON Thomas Tivina [Tievanagh]
FERGUSON Thomas Tullyhorcan [Tullyhurken]
FERGUSON Widow Lisboy
FERGUSON Widow Tullyhorcan [Tullyhurken]
FERGUSON William Lisboy
GIBSON Alexander Derrygonigan
GIBSON Alexander Tullyweery
GREER James Tivina [Tievanagh]
GREER Widow Tivina [Tievanagh]
GREER Widow Tullyconnell
HAMILTON John Tullyveagh
HAMILTON Joseph Tullyveagh
HARRIS James Duffless
HARRIS John Duffless
HARRIS Robert Duffless
HILLAS John Edernagh
HOGG David Duffless
HOGG James Derrygonigan
HOGG John Knockingrow [Knockanroe]
HOGG Robert Ballinahone
HOGG Robert Derrygonigan
HOGG Thomas Ballinahone
HOGG Thomas Duffless
HOGG Widow Ballinahone
HOGG Widow Duffless
HULL Edward Claggan
HULL Edward Derrygonigan
HULL Edward Tullyraw
HULL Edward Tullyweery
IRWINE Adam Claggan
IRWINE Adam Enniskillen
IRWINE David Claggan
IRWINE William Claggan
JOHNSON Robert Ballinahone
JOHNSON Widow & partners Liscausy
JOHNSON Widow & sons Knockingrow [Knockanroe]
KIDD Widow Tivina [Tievanagh]
KINNIBROUGH Patrick Claggan
KINNIBROUGH Patrick Tullyraw
LEAS James & sons Tullyraw
LEAS William Tullyraw
LINDSAY James Liscausy
LINDSAY James Tullyveagh
LYND Adam Tullyveagh
MACAY Henry Lisboy
MACBRIDE Thomas Tivina [Tievanagh]
MACKRELL Adam Liscausy
MACKRELL David Claggan
MACKRELL David Tullyhorcan [Tullyhurken]
MAGAGHEY James Liscausy
MARSHALL Alexander Lisnahall
MARSHALL John Claggan
MARSHALL John Lisnahall
McCAY Archy. Edernagh
McCAY Hugh Duffless
McMASTERS Widow Lisboy
McREYNOLDS William (Enniskillen included) Edernagh
McREYNOLDS William Liscausy
MEAHAN William Enniskillen
MECORD David Tullyhorcan [Tullyhurken]
MECORD James Lisnahall
MECORD Robert Lisnahall
MECORD Thomas Edernagh
MECORD Thomas, Sen. Enniskillen
MECORD Widow Enniskillen
MECORD Widow Lisnahall
MECORD William Edernagh
MECORD William Enniskillen
MECORD William Lisnahall
MECORD William, Jun. Enniskillen
MEGAGHY John Tullyconnell
MEGAGHY Stewart Knockingrow [Knockanroe]
MEGAGHY Widow Lurganbuy
MILLAR Joseph Lisboy
MOFFIT Archibald (Tullyweery included) Lisnahall
MOFFIT Archy. Claggan
MOFFIT Archy. Tullyweery
MOOREHEAD Fergus Knockingrow [Knockanroe]
MOOREHEAD Fergus Tullyconnell
NISBITT Archy. Ballinahone
O’NEILL Arthur Liscausy
PATTERSON William Claggan
PORTER Oliver Derrygonigan
PORTER William Derrygonigan
PURVIS Edward Derrygonigan
PURVIS Oliver Tullyveagh
PURVIS Samuel Derrygonigan
PURVIS Thomas Derrygonigan
RAWLINS Widow Knockingrow [Knockanroe]
SEATON John Lisnahall
SEATON Robert Lisnahall
SIMPSON James Edernagh
SLOANE James Tullyconnell
SLOANE Samuel Tullyconnell
TRIMBLE John Liscausy
TRIMBLE Joseph Lisboy
TRIMBLE Joseph Liscausy
TRIMBLE Mathew Claggan
TRIMBLE Matthew Edernagh
WEIR John Liscausy
WEIR Robert Liscausy
WILEY William Enniskillen
WILSON Robert Lisboy
WILSON William Tullyconnell
WINNING Robert & cottiers Duffless
WINNING Robert Knockingrow [Knockanroe]