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Ardstraw Parish Tithe Applotment Book, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland 1833

FIN 5A/19/1
FHL FILM #025844
Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


Tithe was a tax on all agricultural land (originally one tenth of the produce) excepting only church lands, glebes and urban areas and was paid by leaseholders and occupiers of all religious denominations to the clergy of the Established Church of Ireland. There was growing resentment against this tax, especially by Presbyterians and Catholics, particularly in the period of distress after 1815 and the government was forced to give way and introduce the Tithe Composition Act 1823 which replaced payment in kind by payment in cash.

In order to effect this change, all agricultural land across the country was required to be surveyed and applotted, or valued. During the period 1823 to 1837, a Tithe Applotment Survey was made in each civil parish across the whole of Ireland to determine the value of tithe payable by different landholders. Two people were appointed by each parish to carry out this assessment. The material was arranged by civil parish and townland in volumes known as TITHE APPLOTMENT BOOKS.

In some parishes more than one survey was taken, whilst in others the manuscript has not survived. The books for all Ireland, compiled between 1823 and 1837, are now deposited in the National Archives of Ireland, Dublin and Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI).

PRONI holds the tithe books for all but 31 of the 273 parishes then surveyed in Northern Ireland. These tithe books are arranged by townland and record the names of leaseholders, the area of their farm subject to tithe, sometimes the quality of the land and an overall valuation and occasionally the names of landlords. Researchers should be aware that cottiers who did not hold land are not recorded, and unaccountably, some types of land were passed over entirely; a field of potatoes attracted a tithe payment in one parish, but not in that adjoining.

Those researchers who are fortunate to locate a forebear in the Tithe Applotment Books may find it possible to take their research back a further generation prior to Griffiths Valuation.



Townland Townland Townland Townland
Aghafad Aghasessy Altdoghal Archill
Ardbarren Lower Ardbarren Upper Ardstraw Backhill
Ballought Ballyfolliard Ballymullarty Ballynaloan
Ballyrenan Barons Court Beagh Binnawooda
Birnaghs Bloomry Bolaght Breen
Brocklis Bunderg Byturn Carnaveagh
Carncorran Glebe Carnkenny Carrickadartan Cashty
Castlebane Cavandarragh Clady Blair Clady Halliday
Clady Hood Clady Johnston Claremore Clare
Cloonty Concess Coolaghy Coolcreaghy
Coolnacrunaght Coolnaherin Park Creevy Crew Lower
Crew Upper Crosh Croshballinree Derrygoon
Drumclamph Drumlegagh Drumnabey Drumnahoe
Dunrevan Dunteige Envagh Erganagh
Fyfin Gallan Lower Gallan Upper Garvetagh Lower
Garvetagh Upper Glasmullagh Glenglush Glenknock or Cloghole
Golan Adams Golan Hunter Golan Sproul Grange
Killeen Killydart Killymore Kilreal Lower
Kilreal Upper Kilstrule Knockbrack Knockiniller
Knockroe Laragh Largybeg Legland
Legnabraid Letterbin Lettercarn Ligfordrum
Liscreevaghan or Clady Sproul Lislaferty Lisleen Lisnacreaght
Lisnafin Lisnatunny Glebe Listymore Lower or Old Deer Park
Lurganboy Magheracoltan Magheracreggan Magheralough
Meaghy Middle Deer Park Milltown Moyle Glebe
Mullagh Mulvin Newtownstewart Priestsessagh
Pubble Rakelly Ratyn Scarvagherin
Sessagh of Gallan Shannony East Shannony West Shanog
Skinboy Skinboy Mountain Spamount Stonewalls
Stonyfalls Strahulter Straletterdallan Tamnagh
Tievenny Tirmegan Tullymuck Upper or New Deer Park
Upper Third Urbalreagh Whitehouse  



Townland Townland Townland Townland
Aghafad Alldoghall Archill Ardbarren
Aghasessy Backhill Ballyfoillard Ballymullarty
Ballyrenan Ballynaloan Baronscourt Beaghs
Binawooda Birnaghs Blummery Bolaght
Breen Byturn Brocklis Bunderg
Carnaveagh Carnkenny Cashty Cavandoragh
Churchtown Clady Blair Cladyholliday Clady Johnston
Cladyhood Clare Cloonty Concess
Coolaghy Coolcraghy Coolnacranagh Coolnaherin
Crawfordstown Creevy Crew Crosh
Croshballinree Deer Park Derrygoon Drumclamph
Drumlegagh Drumnahoe Dunrain Dunteague
Envaugh Erganagh Foyfin Gallagh Sessagh
Gallon Lower Gallon Upper Garvetagh Lower Garvetagh Upper
Glasmullagh Glenglush Glenock or Cloghogle Killen
Killydart Killymore Kilrail Kilstroll
Knockaniller Knockroe Laraghs Legfordrum
Legland Letterbin Lettercarn Lignabraide
Liscreevaghan or Clady Sproul Lislafferty Lisleen Lisnacreight
Lisnafin Listymore Lurganbuoy Lurgybeg
Magheracoltan Maghracriegan Magheralough Meaghy
Milltown Mullagh Mulvin Newtownstewart
Priestcess Rathkelly Rateen  
Shanony Skinbuoy Stonewalls Stoneyfalls or Killygormly
Strawhulter Strawletterdallan Taweny Tirmegan
Tiveny Tullymuck Urblereagh Whitehouse


ABERCORN Marquis of Baronscourt
ACHESON Robert Glenglush
ACHESON Samuel Glenglush
ACHESON William Glenglush
ADAMS Armer Alldoghall
ADAMS David Back St., Newtownstewart
ADAMS George Alldoghall
ADAMS T. Lignabraide
ADAMS Widow Alldoghall
ADAMS William Aghafad
ADAMS William Alldoghall
AIKEN Alex. Main St., Newtownstewart
AIKEN John Back St., Newtownstewart
AIKEN John Bunderg
AIKEN William Creevy
AIKIN James Magheralough
AIKIN John Magheralough
AIKIN Sarah Magheralough
AIKINS David Clare
AIKINSON William Meaghy
ALEXANDER C. Main St., Newtownstewart
ALEXANDER Charles Legfordrum
ALEXANDER F. Legfordrum
ALEXANDER George Birnaghs
ALEXANDER Joseph Kilstroll
ALEXANDER Noble Alldoghall
ALEXANDER William Crew
ALLEN Charles Foyfin
ALLEN John Crew
ALLEN John Tivenny
ALLEN Joseph Shanony
ALLEN Samuel Crew
ALLEN Widow Carnkenny
ALLEN William Carnkenny
ALLISON Thomas Lisleen
ANDERSON James Breen
ANDERSON John Glenock or Cloghogle
ANDERSON Joseph Rathkelly
ANDERSON R. Croshballinree
ANDERSON R. Main St., Newtownstewart
ANDERSON Robert Back St., Newtownstewart
ANDERSON Robert Crosh
ANDERSON Robert Deer Park
ANDERSON Robert Killydart
ANDERSON William Breen
ANDERSON William Glenock or Cloghogle
ARBUCKLE D. Killymore
ARBUCKLE Isaac Killymore
ARBUCKLE James Killymore
ARBUCKLE Joseph Killymore
ARBUCKLE Samuel Killymore
ARCHER Margaret Back St., Newtownstewart
ARMOUR John Crosh
ARMOUR John Strawletterdallan
ARTHUR James Drumnahoe
ARTHUR John Drumnahoe
ARTHUR Samuel Drumnahoe
ARTHUR Widow Knockiniller
ATCHESON Robert Tivenny
AUCHINLECK James Liscreevaghan or Clady Sproul
AUCHINLECK James Esq. Mulvin
AUSTIN George Deer Park
BAIRD [..?] Clare
BAIRD F. Urblereagh
BAIRD James Derrygoon
BAIRD Joseph Killen
BAIRD Joseph Rateen
BAIRD M. Brocklis
BAIRD Moses Killen
BALLENTINE Alexander Carnkenny
BALLENTINE William Beaghs
BARBER Alexander Killymore
BARBER Edward Knockroe
BARBER John Back St., Newtownstewart
BARNWELL [..?] Brocklis
BARNWELL Thomas Alldoghall
BARTIN William Back St., Newtownstewart
BARTLEY [..?] Mill Street, Newtownstewart
BARTON Andrew Lurgybeg
BARTON James Back St., Newtownstewart
BARTON King Back St. Newtownstewart
BARTON King Dublin St., Newtownstewart
BARTON King Main St., Newtownstewart
BARTON Robert Drumlegagh
BARTON William Mill Street, Newtownstewart
BASKIN John Birnaghs
BASKIN John Coolaghy
BATES Samuel Back St. Newtownstewart
BATES Thomas Cavandoragh
BEATTY [..?] Clare
BEATTY [..?] Urblereagh
BEATTY James Knockroe
BEATTY John Crosh
BLAIR James Clady Blair
BLAIR William Clady Blair
BOGGS John Beaghs
BOGGS Robert Dunrain
BOGGS Robert Erganagh
BOGGS William Lurganbuoy
BORLAND William Back St., Newtownstewart
BOYCE Samuel Dublin St., Newtownstewart
BOYD Andrew Ballyrenan
BOYD James Taweny
BOYD Widow Taweny
BOYLE James Cladyholliday
BOYLE Michael Concess
BRADLEY [..?] Killydart
BRADLEY Bernard Brocklis
BRADLEY Bernard Carnkenny
BRADLEY Bernard Killen
BRADLEY Charles Gallon Lower
BRADLEY Charles Killen
BRADLEY D. Milltown
BRADLEY James Cashty
BRADLEY John Gallagh Sessagh
BRADLEY John Milltown
BRADLEY Joseph Legfordrum
BRADLEY Patrick Legfordrum
BRADLY H. Gallon Lower
BREDIN James Archill
BREDIN James Carnkenny
BREDIN James Kilstroll
BREDIN Joseph Archill
BREEN Frederick Dunteague
BREEN James Dunteague
BREGHIM James Mulvin
BROGAN A. Gallon Lower
BROGAN C. Gallon Lower
BROGAN John Gallon Upper
BROGAN P. Gallon Upper
BROGAN T. Back St., Newtownstewart
BROGAN T. Dublin St., Newtownstewart
BROGAN Thomas Back St., Newtownstewart
BROWN [..?] Urblereagh
BROWN Alexander Alldoghall
BROWN David Creevy
BROWN F. Concess
BROWN J. Dublin St., Newtownstewart
BROWN James Alldoghall
BROWN James Urblereagh
BROWN R. Alldoghall
BROWNE B. Listymore
BROWNE John Dublin St., Newtownstewart
BUCHANAN [..?] Dublin St., Newtownstewart
BUCHANAN John Main St., Newtownstewart
BUCHANAN Joseph Drumclamph
BURNSIDE William Deer Park
BURNSIDE William Main St., Newtownstewart
CALDWELL Andrew Meaghy
CALDWELL Cunningham Rateen
CALDWELL E. Lurgybeg
CALDWELL James Ballynaloan
CALDWELL James Magheracriegan
CALDWELL James Stoneyfalls or Killygormly
CALDWELL John Letterbin
CALDWELL John Rateen
CALDWELL Mary Lisnafin
CALDWELL R. & partners Backhill
CALDWELL Robert Clady Blair
CALDWELL Samuel Ballynaloan
CALDWELL Samuel Cavandoragh
CALDWELL Thomas Drumclamph
CALLIN James Back St., Newtownstewart
CAMPLE Moses Lisnacreight
CANDERS James Lisnafin
CARLIN Daniel Rathkelly
CARLIN Dennis Deer Park
CARLIN Francis Ballyrenan
CARLIN Maur. Main St., Newtownstewart
CARLIN Pat. Killydart
CARLIN Phillip Beaghs
CARLIN Richard Mullagh
CARLIN Roger Killydart
CARLON Man. Main St., Newtownstewart
CARSON Adam, Heirs of Drumclamph
CARSON Alexander Bunderg
CARSON James Clady Hood
CARSON John Drumclamph
CARSON Robert Cavandoragh
CARSON Samuel Drumclamph
CARSON Wallace Strawletterdallan
CASSIDY William Gallon Lower
CHAMBERS [..?] Dublin St. Newtownstewart
CHARLTON [..?] Mill Street, Newtownstewart
CHISM James Priestcess
CLARK Brine Ardbarren
CLARK John Lignabraide
CLARK Robert Tivenny
CLYDE [..?] Tullymuck
COLHOUN [..?] Urblereagh
COLHOUN Alexander Crosh
COLHOUN Alexander Killymore
COLHOUN David Killymore
COLHOUN W & partners Tullymuck
COLHOUN William Crosh
CONNOR James Back St. Newtownstewart
CONNOR James Back St. Newtownstewart
CONWAY James Dunteague
CONWAY Manasses Dunteague
CONWAY Michael Dunteague
CONWAY Peter Back St., Newtownstewart
COOEY William Erganagh
CORRY [..?] Coolcraghy
CORRY Charles Lettercarn
CORRY Edward Coolnaherin
CORRY Hugh Bolaght
CORRY James Clare
CORRY Michael Coolcraghy
CORRY Neal Lettercarn
CORRY Tole Lettercarn
COWAN Mr. Knockroe
COYLE Charles Envaugh
CRAIG David Ballyfoillard
CRAIG James Ballyfoillard
CRAIG James Ballyrenan
CRAIG James Meaghy
CRAIG John Ballyrenan
CRAIG John Letterbin
CRAIG Robert Ballyfoillard
CRAIG Robert Ballyrenan
CRAIG Robert Erganagh
CRAIG Samuel Glenglush
CRAIG Thomas Erganagh
CRAWFORD Andrew Back St., Newtownstewart
CRAWFORD Andrew Rathkelly
CRAWFORD Charles Crosh
CRAWFORD James Carnkenny
CRAWFORD James, Jun. Coolnaherin
CRAWFORD James, Sen. Coolnaherin
CRAWFORD Jones Back St., Newtownstewart
CRAWFORD Jones Mill Street, Newtownstewart
CRAWFORD Josias Kilstroll
CRAWFORD Oliver Glenock or Cloghogle
CRAWFORD Widow Backhill
CRAWFORD William Carnkenny
CUMMINS J. Clady Johnston
CUMMINS Tom Mulvin
CUNNINGHAM [..?] Urblereagh
CUNNINGHAM Mrs. Cladyholliday
CUNNINGHAM Robert Churchtown
CURRY John Clady Johnston
DAVIS William & son Legfordrum
DEAN Andrew Meaghy
DEAN James Meaghy
DEAN R. Tivenny
DEVINE Jas. Main St., Newtownstewart
DEVINE Pat. & partners Knockroe
DEVLIN B. Gallon Upper
DEVLIN Charles Gallagh Sessagh
DEVLIN M. Lisnafin
DICK Christopher Knockiniller
DICK James Beaghs
DICK James Knockiniller
DICK John Churchtown
DICK John Knockiniller
DICK Widow Knockiniller
DICK William Knockiniller
DOAK Anthony Magheralough
DOAK Anthony Shanony
DOAK Dudgeon Milltown
DOAK James Dublin St., Newtownstewart
DOAK John Coolaghy
DOAK John Killymore
DOAK Robert Killymore
DOAK Widow Main St., Newtownstewart
DOAK William Derrygoon
DOHERTY Frank Legfordrum
DOHERTY Hugh Killydart
DOHERTY Michael Listymore
DOHERTY Patrick Deer Park
DOHERTY Patrick Laraghs
DOLAN Charles Dunrain
DOLAN Christopher Dunrain
DOLAN J. Garvetagh Upper
DOLAN Thomas Listymore
DONAGHY Charles Crosh
DONNELL James Cladyholliday
DONNELL William Lisnacreight
DONNELLY Pat. Dublin St., Newtownstewart
DONOLY Owen Ballyrenan
DOOGAN Cormick Tullymuck
DOOGAN James Tullymuck
DOOLIN Michael Gallon Upper
DOOLIN Patrick, Jun. Gallon Upper
DOOLIN Patrick, Sen. Gallon Upper
DORAN M. Lisnafin
DORAN Morris Lisnafin
DOWNEY William Coolcraghy
DREW D. Deer Park
DREW David, Reps of Deer Park
DUNCAN D. Deer Park
DUNCAN George Lurganbuoy
DUNCAN T. Lurganbuoy
DUNCAN William Back St., Newtownstewart
DUNDAS James Kilrail
DUNN [..?] Milltown
DUNN R. Carnkenny
DUNN R. Kilstroll
DUNN Robert Churchtown
EDWARDS Mathew Garvetagh Upper
ELLIS William Killymore
ELLISON Oliver Strawhulter
ENTRICAN [..?] Brocklis
ENTRICAN John Stoneyfalls or Killygormly
EVANS Robert Ballyfoillard
EVANS William Ballyfoillard
EWING John Killydart
EWING Robert Priestcess
EWING Samuel Magheracoltan
FARRON W. Glenglush
FAUSETT [..?] Urblereagh
FINLAY William Magheracoltan
FITZSIMMONDS D. Mill Street, Newtownstewart
FITZSIMMONS Henry Strawhulter
FLETCHER John Ballought
FORBES Charles Clare
FORBES John Clare
FORBES Joseph Clare
FORBES Robert Backhill
FORBES Robert Clare
FORBES Robert Clare
FORBES Widow Churchtown
FORBES Widow Clare
FORSYTH James Kilstroll
FORSYTHE John Magheracoltan
FOSTER Arthur Meaghy
FOWLER [..?] Mill Street, Newtownstewart
FULLARTON John Strawhulter
FULTON B. Main St., Newtownstewart
FULTON Hugh Legfordrum
FULTON John Beaghs
FULTON John Drumnahoe
FULTON John Legfordrum
FULTON R. Legfordrum
FULTON Robert Beaghs
FULTON Robert Knockiniller
FULTON Ruth Drumnahoe
FULTON Victor Drumnahoe
FULTON William Strawletterdallan
FYFFE David Derrygoon
FYFFE J. Archill
FYFFE James Breen
FYFFE James Erganagh
FYFFE John Derrygoon
FYFFE M. Archill
GAILEY Andrew Creevy
GAILEY Joseph Magheralough
GAILEY William Creevy
GALBRAITH J. Strawletterdallan
GALBRAITH Robert Strawletterdallan
GALBRAITH Robert Whitehouse
GALBRAITH W. Whitehouse
GALBRAITH Widow Strawletterdallan
GALLAGHER James Meaghy
GALLAGHER Mick Lurgybeg
GALLAGHER William Coolaghy
GAMEY Thomas Deer Park
GARDNER W., Reps of Dublin St., Newtownstewart
GIBSON T. Main St., Newtownstewart
GIVAN John Magheracoltan
GIVAN John Milltown
GIVAN William Kilstroll
GIVAN William Lurgybeg
GIVEN William Churchtown
GLACKIN Edward Drumlegagh
GLASS John Mulvin
GOAN Dennis Mill Street, Newtownstewart
GOAN Mark Letterbin
GOAN Philip Letterbin
GOAN Phillimy Byturn
GOAN Thomas Letterbin
GORDON David Whitehouse
GORDON Joseph Ballought
GORMLEY [..?] Bolaght
GORMLEY Arthur Legland
GORMLEY Charles Letterbin
GORMLEY James Tullymuck
GORMLEY Mick Rathkelly
GORMLEY Roger Legland
GORMLY Charles Dunteague
GORMLY Cormac Legfordrum
GORMLY James Dunteague
GORMLY Owen Dunteague
GORMLY Owen Dunteague
GORMLY P. Legfordrum
GORMLY W. Letterbin
GOURLAY William Drumlegagh
GOWEN Mark Tullymuck
GRAHAM B. Dublin St., Newtownstewart
GRAHAM Benjamin Rathkelly
GRAHAM J. Dublin St., Newtownstewart
GRAHAM James Ballyfoillard
GRAHAM John Ballyfoillard
GRAHAM Mary Killydart
GRAHAM Robert Ballyfolliard
GRAY John Magheracoltan
GRAY William Cladyhollliday
GREER Widow Legfordrum
GRIER John Lisnacreight
HAGAN Anne Lignabraide
HAGAN Cormick , Jun. Lignabraide
HAGAN Cormick, Sen. Lignabraide
HAMILTON A. Ballymullarty
HAMILTON A. Glenock or Cloghogle
HAMILTON Charles Ardbarren
HAMILTON Francis Bunderg
HAMILTON James Back St., Newtownstewart
HAMILTON James Coolnacrunaught
HAMILTON James Dublin St., Newtownstewart
HAMILTON James Glenock or Cloghogle
HAMILTON James Main St., Newtownstewart
HAMILTON James Shanony
HAMILTON John Ardbarren
HAMILTON John Coolnacrunaught
HAMILTON John Glenock or Cloghogle
HAMILTON Robert Shanony
HAMILTON Thomas Lisnacreight
HAMILTON Widow Ballymullarty
HARE A. Archill
HARE John Archill
HARE Robert Liscreevaghan or Clady Sproul
HARPER John Milltown
HART James Churchtown
HART Thomas Kilstroll
HARVEY Cormick Legland
HASSAN M. Gallon Upper
HASSAN Pat Gallon Upper
HASTINGS Aaron Magheracoltan
HAY Isabella Tivenny
HAZELTON John Milltown
HAZLETT James Birnaghs
HEALY James Archill
HEALY Michael Drumlegagh
HEMPHILL John Listymore
HEMPHILL Robert Cladyholliday
HENDERSON Daniel Backhill
HENDERSON David Dunrain
HENDERSON James Foyfin
HENDERSON John Backhill
HILL Alexander Ballyrenan
HILL Alexander Mulvin
HILL George Croshballinree
HILL Hugh Knockroe
HILL James Ballyrenan
HILL James Brocklis
HILL John Ballymullarty
HILL John Drumnahoe
HILL John Strawletterdallan
HILL Robert Ballymullarty
HILL Robert Drumnahoe
HILL Robert Drumnahoe
HILL Robert Knockroe
HILL Samuel Ballymullarty
HILL Thomas Ballymullarty
HILL Widow Brocklis
HOLLAND Charles Envaugh
HOLLAND James & partners Lisleen
HOLLAND Thomas Envaugh
HOOD [..?] Knockroe
HOOD Alexander Lisnafin
HOOD J. Shanony
HOOD Jack Main St., Newtownstewart
HOOD James Lisnafin
HOOD James Shanony
HOOD John Ballymullarty
HOOD Joseph Lisnafin
HOOD M. Main St., Newtownstewart
HOOD Nat. Main St., Newtownstewart
HOOD R. Mill Street, Newtownstewart
HOOD S. Back St., Newtownstewart
HOOD S. Main St., Newtownstewart
HOOD Samuel Lisnafin
HOOD Thomas Ballymullarty
HOOEY Robert Dunrain
HOOEY Robert Erganagh
HOUSTON Chr. Lisnafin
HOUSTON Samuel Killen
HUNTER [..?] Glenock or Cloghogle
HUNTER Charles Skinbuoy
HUNTER John Lisleen
HUNTER John Strawletterdallan
HUNTER Sarah Glenock or Cloghogle
HUNTER Widow Strawletterdallan
HUNTER William Ardbarren
HUSTON Arthur Killen
HUSTON E. Ballought
HUSTON George, Reps of Dublin St., Newtownstewart
HUTCHISON [..?] Shannony East
HUTCHISON Charles Gallon Lower
HUTCHISON Charles Strawletterdallan
HUTCHISON James Birnaghs
HUTCHISON James Gallon Lower
HUTCHISON James Gallon Lower
HUTCHISON John Gallon Lower
HUTCHISON John Strawletterdallan
HUTCHISON Thomas Gallon Lower
HUTCHISON Widow Strawletterdallan
HUTCHISON William Gallon Lower
HUTCHISON William Strawletterdallan
HYNDMAN James Archill
HYNDMAN Robert Archill
HYNDMAN Robert Drumlegagh
IRVINE John Mill Street, Newtownstewart
IRVINE Thomas Killen
IRVINE William Milltown
IRWIN [..?] Crawfordstown (Coolnacranagh)
IRWIN Alexander Deer Park
IRWIN James Skinbuoy
IRWIN John Crawfordstown (Coolnacranagh)
IRWIN Josias Skinbuoy
IRWIN Sarah Drumnahoe
IRWIN Thomas Clare
IRWIN William Legfordrum
IRWINE Arthur Clare
IRWINE James Killen
IRWINE John Dublin St., Newtownstewart
IRWINE John Lisnafin
IRWINE Thomas Killen
IRWINE William Clare
JACK Andrew Lislafferty
JACK Andrew Magheracoltan
JACK Andrew Meaghy
JACK James Drumlegagh
JACK Patrick Meaghy
JACK William Mill Street, Newtownstewart
JOHNSTON [..?] Lettercarn
JOHNSTON David Byturn
JOHNSTON John Ardbarren
JOHNSTON John Binnawooda
JOHNSTON John Knockroe
JOHNSTON John Lurgybeg
JOHNSTON Richard Lisleen
JOHNSTON Robert Ardbarren
JOHNSTON Robert Ballyrenan
JOHNSTON Robert Crosh
JOHNSTON S. Derrygoon
JOHNSTON Thomas Milltown
JOHNSTON Widow Ardbarren
JOHNSTON William Cavandoragh
JUDGE F. Meaghy
JUDGE Michael Meaghy
KANE James Back St., Newtownstewart
KANE Manassus Meaghy
KANE Patrick Envaugh
KANE Thomas Tullymuck
KEE Mathew Magheracoltan
KELLY Andrew Garvetagh Lower
KELLY Andrew Strawhulter
KELLY David Strawhulter
KELLY George Meaghy
KELLY James Gallon Upper
KELLY James Meaghy
KELLY John Strawhulter
KELLY Manus Ballyfoillard
KELLY Owen Gallon Upper
KELLY Patrick Ballyfoillard
KELLY Patrick Legland
KENNEDY Thomas Crosh
KERR [..?] Magheracoltan
KERR Andrew Rateen
KERR Armer Churchtown
KERR D. Main St., Newtownstewart
KERR James Ballought
KERR James Cavandoragh
KERR James Clady Hood
KERR James Killen
KERR James Rateen
KERR John Cavandoragh
KERR John Shanony
KERR Joseph Magheracriegan
KERR Patrick Meaghy
KERR Patrick Urblereagh
KERR Samuel Meaghy
KERR Samuel Shanony
KERR Thomas Meaghy
KERR William Killen
KERRIGAN Chas. Garvetagh Upper
KERRIGAN Patrick Meaghy
KERRIGAN W.P.? Garvetagh Upper
KEYS Mary Back St., Newtownstewart
KEYS Mary Dublin St., Newtownstewart
KEYS Mary Main St., Newtownstewart
KILGREASE George Carnkenny
KILPATRICK Samuel Byturn
KING James Meaghy
KING William Brocklis
KNOX Anne Ballought
KNOX George Stoneyfalls or Killygormly
KNOX H. Glenglush
KNOX Margaret Killen
KNOX Margaret Tivenny
KNOX Mathew Churchtown
KNOX Robert Killen
KNOX W. Breen
KNOX William Stonewalls
KYLE James Aghasessy
LAIRD John Back St., Newtownstewart
LEARD John Deer Park
LECKEY John Garvetagh Lower
LECKY James & partners Kilrail
LEECH James Tivenny
LEECH John Magheracriegan
LEECH John Meaghy
LEECH Robert Magheracoltan
LEECH W. Birnaghs
LEECH Widow Tivenny
LEITCH Andrew Meaghy
LEITCH Thomas Priestcess
LINDSAY John Birnaghs
LINDSAY Robert Drumlegagh
LINDSAY Thomas Kilstroll
LINTON Samuel Mulvin
LITTLE [..?] Coolnaherin
LITTLE [..?] Lettercarn
LITTLE Alexander Lisnafin
LITTLE Arthur Clare
LITTLE David Bolaght
LITTLE James Bunderg
LITTLE John Ardbarren
LITTLE John Beaghs
LITTLE John Clare
LITTLE John Lisnafin
LITTLE Joseph Bolaght
LITTLE William Clare
LIVINGSTON John Garvetagh Lower
LONG [..?] Urblereagh
LONG Alexander Ballymullarty
LONG C. Brocklis
LONG David Birnaghs
LONG James Brocklis
LOUGHREY Jas. or Earley Garvetagh Upper
LOUGHREY Thomas Backhill
LOVE A. Tom. Crew
LOVE A.T. Carnkenny
LOVE Andrew T. Tivenny
LOVE David Birnaghs
LOVE David Milltown
LOVE James Ballyfoillard
LOVE James Brocklis
LOVE James Brocklis
LOVE James Lislafferty
LOVE James Listymore
LOVE Robert Ballyfoillard
LOVE Robert Listymore
LOVE Samuel Ballyfoillard
LOVE Samuel, Jun. Crew
LOVE Samuel, Sen. Crew
LOVE Thomas Crew
LOVE William Crew
LOVE William Listymore
LOVE William Urblereagh
LOWRY Widow Archill
LUNNY Daniel Dunteague
LUNNY Edward Dunteague
LUNNY Roger Dunteague
MACKY J. Back St., Newtownstewart
MACRACKEN James Coolaghy
MACRACKEN John Coolaghy
MAECKLIM Andrew Deer Park
MAECKLIM Robert Deer Park
MAGEE Gerard Churchtown
MAGEE James Meaghy
MAGINNIS James Back St., Newtownstewart
MAGUIRE A. Ballyrenan
MAGUIRE B. Envaugh
MAGUIRE B. Legland
MAGUIRE Brine Dunteague
MAGUIRE Daniel Envaugh
MAGUIRE Edward Meaghy
MAGUIRE James Dunteague
MAGUIRE James Envaugh
MAGUIRE James Legland
MAGUIRE John Ballyrenan
MAGUIRE Pat. Dunteague
MAGUIRE R. Listymore
MAICKLIM [..?] Mill Street, Newtownstewart
MAILLEY Eliza Churchtown
MARSHALL [..?] Shannony East
MARSHALL James Crosh
MARSHALL James Drumnahoe
MATHEWS John Lignabraide
MATHEWS Joseph Back St., Newtownstewart
MATHEWS Robert Bunderg
MATHEWS Samuel Lignabraide
MATHEWS William Back St. , Newtownstewart
MATHEWSON [..?] Kilstroll
MATHEWSON L. Churchtown
MATHEWSON L. Mill Street, Newtownstewart
MATHEWSON Lavens Back St., Newtownstewart
MATHEWSON Lavens Dublin St., Newtownstewart
MATHEWSON Lavens Urblereagh
MAXWELL Joseph Drumlegagh
MAXWELL Moses Meaghy
MAYNES D. Back St., Newtownstewart
MAYNES D. Mill St., Newtownstewart
MAYNES John Back St., Newtownstewart
McALEER Art. Lisnafin
McALEER James Back St., Newtownstewart
McALEER James Gallagh Sessagh
McALEER James Rathkelly
McALEER John Back St., Newtownstewart
McALEER John Killydart
McALEER John Rathkelly
McALPINE Colonel Legfordrum
McANALLY James Dunteague
McANALLY Myles Dunteague
McANANY H. Knockroe
McANELLY A. Gallon Upper
McANELLY Daniel Back St., Newtownstewart
McANELLY Dennis Gallagh Sessagh
McANELLY James Gallon Upper
McANELLY John Gallon Upper
McANENNY William Carnaveagh
McANENY D. Killydart
McANENY James Ballyrenan
McANULTY B. Legfordrum
McARTHUR John Listymore
McARTHUR John Milltown
McARTHUR Widow Killydart
McAWARD James Legfordrum
McAWARD John Legfordrum
McBRINE [..?] Killydart
McBRINE [..?] & Co Tullymuck
McBRINE A. Tullymuck
McBRINE Charles Dunteague
McBRINE Dennis Killen
McBRINE Edward Dunteague
McBRINE Edward Tullymuck
McBRINE James Dunteague
McBRINE James Dunteague
McBRINE Jas. Taweny
McBRINE Joseph Cavandoragh
McBRINE Joshua Archill
McBRINE P. Tullymuck
McBRINE Patrick Concess
McBRINE Patrick Legfordrum
McCALLIN James Main St., Newtownstewart
McCALLIN John Killydart
McCALLION [..?] Lisnacreight
McCALLION Bernard Back St., Newtownstewart
McCALLION Brine Tullymuck
McCALLION Daniel Tullymuck
McCALLION Michael Lisnacreight
McCALLION Mick Lisnacreight
McCALLION Neal Tullymuck
McCALLION Owen Tullymuck
McCANN Cormick Lignabraide
McCANN P. Lignabraide
McCANNA Hugh Legland
McCANNA William Coolnaherin
McCANNEY John (James) Killydart
McCANNY James Tullymuck
McCANNY Owen Tullymuck
McCANNY Pat. Crawfordstown (Coolnacranagh)
McCASKIE Joseph Creevy
McCASKIE Joseph, Jun. Creevy
McCASKIE Mathew Creevy
McCAUSLAND [..?] Main St., Newtownstewart
McCAUSLAND James Strawhulter
McCAUSLAND John Alldoghall
McCAUSLAND Thomas Strawhulter
McCAWILL A. Dublin St., Newtownstewart
McCAWILL H. Envaugh
McCAWILL James Envaugh
McCAWILL John Envaugh
McCAY Hugh Drumlegagh
McCAY Hugh Magheracriegan
McCAY Hugh Whitehouse
McCAY James Magheracriegan
McCAY John Kilrail
McCAY John Magheracriegan
McCAY John Magheralough
McCAY Robert Kilstroll
McCAY Robert Magheracriegan
McCLARIN Richard Knockroe
McCLEAN A. Back St., Newtownstewart
McCLEAN John, Jun. Glasmullagh
McCLEAN John, Sen. Glasmullagh
McCLEERY Widow Back St., Newtownstewart
McCLEERY Widow Mill Street, Newtownstewart
McCLINAHAN George Magheracoltan
McCLINTOCK John Shannony East
McCLINTOCK Nancy Churchtown
McCLUNG William Archill
McCOLGAN Charles Gallon Upper
McCOLGAN James Gallon Upper
McCOLGAN John Gallon Upper
McCOLGAN Manus Gallon Upper
McCOLGAN Neal, Jun. Gallon Upper
McCOLGAN Neal, Sen. Gallon Upper
McCOLGAN Pat. Legfordrum
McCOLGAN William Legfordrum
McCOLLIM James & partners Crosh
McCOLLUM A. Glenock or Cloghogle
McCONNELL Edward Back St. Newtownstewart
McCONNELL Edward Crosh
McCONNELL Edward, Sen. Strawletterdallan
McCONNELL James Gallon Lower
McCONNELL Oliver Strawletterdallan
McCONNELL Thomas, Jun. Strawletterdallan
McCONNELL Thomas, Sen. Strawletterdallan
McCORMICK E. Glenock or Cloghogle
McCORMICK George Killymore
McCOWAN [..?] Knockroe
McCREERY John Ballyrenan
McCREERY John Drumlegagh
McCREERY William Coolaghy
McCRISTAL [..?] Gallon Upper
McCRISTAL Hugh Gallon Upper
McCROSSEN Charles Envaugh
McCROSSEN John Envaugh
McCROSSEN John Envaugh
McCROSSIN Andrew Legland
McCROSSIN Arthur Lisnacreight
McCROSSIN Bernard Legland
McCROSSIN C. Envaugh
McCROSSIN Charles Legland
McCROSSIN Daniel Lisnacreight
McCROSSIN Edw. Taweny
McCROSSIN Henry Legland
McCROSSIN Hugh Legland
McCROSSIN James Envaugh
McCROSSIN James Legland
McCROSSIN John Legfordrum
McCROSSIN Manusses Cloonty
McCROSSIN Margaret Legland
McCROSSIN Mark Legland
McCROSSIN Owen Glasmullagh
McCROSSIN Owen Legland
McCROSSIN Pat. Legland
McCROSSIN Shane Legfordrum
McCROSSIN Thomas Cloonty
McCROSSIN Thomas Legland
McCROSSIN Thomas & father Tullymuck
McCUE Chas. & partners Bolaght
McCUE James Aghafad
McCUE James Cladyholliday
McCULLA Arthur Alldoghall
McCULLA Arthur Carnaveagh
McCULLA Daniel Legland
McCULLA Felix Carnaveagh
McCULLA James Alldoghall
McCULLA James, Jun. Alldoghall
McCULLA P. Dublin St., Newtownstewart
McCULLA Pat. Alldoghall
McDERMOTT Francis Carnkenny
McDERMOTT Hugh Archill
McDERMOTT J. Drumlegagh
McDERMOTT James Cladyholliday
McDERMOTT James Knockroe
McDEVITT Philip Derrygoon
McDEVITT William Envaugh
McDONALD R. Shannony East
McDONNELL [..?] Legfordrum
McDONNELL Arthur Drumlegagh
McDONNELL Robert Kilrail
McELHINNY W. Milltown
McELREA David Knockroe
McELREA J. Deer Park
McELREA J. Main St., Newtownstewart
McELREA James Back St., Newtownstewart
McELREA James Back St., Newtownstewart
McELREA James Croshballinree
McELREA John Knockroe
McELROY Daniel Envaugh
McELWAIN D. Letterbin
McFADDEN Neal Mullagh
McFARLAND [..?] Mill Street, Newtownstewart
McFARLAND D. Aghasessy
McFARLAND James Aghasessy
McFARLAND James Carnaveagh
McFARLAND James Clare
McFARLAND John Concess
McFARLAND John Lisnacreight
McFARLAND Nancy Main St., Newtownstewart
McFARLAND Robert Clare
McFARLAND Widow Dublin St., Newtownstewart
McFARLAND William Aghasessy
McFARLAND William Dublin St., Newtownstewart
McFAYGY [..?] Ardbarren
McFEETERS R. Main St., Newtownstewart
McFEETERS W. Dublin St., Newtownstewart
McFEETERS William Back St., Newtownstewart
McGARVEY H. Back St., Newtownstewart
McGAUGAN? Neal Main St., Newtownstewart
McGIRR James Brocklis
McGIRVEY James Gallon Upper
McGIRVEY M. Gallon Upper
McGIRVEY Owen Gallon Upper
McGLINCHY John Stonewalls
McGLINCHY P. Carnaveagh
McGLINN Arthur Ardbarren
McGLINN John Crew
McGLINN Pat. Coolnacrunaught
McGLINN W. Bolaght
McGOLRICK [..?] Legland
McGOLRICK Daniel Envaugh
McGOLRICK Dennis Envaugh
McGOLRICK John Knockroe
McGONIGAL [..?] & partners Glasmullagh
McGONIGLE Michael Kilrail
McGORMAN Henry Killymore
McGORMAN J. Archill
McGUIGAN Neal Main St., Newtownstewart
McHUGH [..?] Knockroe
McHUGH D. Lurganbuoy
McHUGH Neal Dunrain
McHUGH Neal Lurganbuoy
McHUGH Widow Erganagh
McINTYRE Aaron Garvetagh Upper
McINTYRE William Stoneyfalls or Killygormly
McKIERNAN William Knockroe
McLAUGHLIN B. Milltown
McLAUGHLIN Charles Legland
McLAUGHLIN Cormac Cavandoragh
McLAUGHLIN Daniel Gallon Lower
McLAUGHLIN James Gallon Lower
McLAUGHLIN John Gallon Lower
McLAUGHLIN T. Gallon Upper
McLAUGHLIN Widow Back St., Newtownstewart
McLAUGHLIN William Knockroe
McMACKIN [..?] Tullymuck
McMACKIN Arthur Tullymuck
McMACKIN B. Dublin St., Newtownstewart
McMACKIN Edward Tullymuck
McMACKIN James Dunteague
McMACKIN Pat. Dunteague
McMACKIN Pat., Sen. Dunteague
McMASTER James & partners Glasmullagh
McMENAMIN [..?] Envaugh
McMENAMIN Charles Lettercarn
McMENAMIN P. Ardbarren
McMENAMIN Thomas Gallagh Sessagh
McMULLEN Samuel Back St., Newtownstewart
McMULLIN John Carnkenny
McNALLY D. Main St., Newtownstewart
McNAMEE [..?] Tullymuck
McNAMEE B. Gallon Upper
McNAMEE B. Lisnafin
McNAMEE Bernard Back St., Newtownstewart
McNAMEE Brine Gallon Upper
McNAMEE Charles Gallon Upper
McNAMEE Daniel Gallon Upper
McNAMEE Dennis Gallon Upper
McNAMEE Ellen Gallon Upper
McNAMEE Hugh Killydart
McNAMEE James & son Legfordrum
McNAMEE John Gallon Upper
McNAMEE M. Lisnafin
McNAMEE Michael Gallon Upper
McNAMEE Neal, Jun. Gallon Upper
McNAMEE Neal, Sen. Gallon Upper
McNAMEE Owen Legfordrum
McNAMEE Owen, Jun. Gallon Upper
McNAMEE Owen, Sen. Gallon Upper
McNAMEE Robert Rathkelly
McNAUGHT John Drumlegagh
McNICKLE James Aghafad
McNICKLE James Binnawooda
McNICKLE John Back St., Newtownstewart
McNICKLE Robert Legfordrum
McNOGHER James Envaugh
McNULTY B. Legfordrum
McPHILLEMY James Back St., Newtownstewart
McPHILLEMY Thomas Bolaght
McPHILLIMY Edward Lisleen
McPHILLIMY J. & partners Lisleen
McPHILLIMY John Lisleen
McPHILLIMY Michael Lisleen
McPHILLIMY William Drumlegagh
McQUADE [..?] Knockroe
McQUADE James Aghafad
McRODDIN Thomas Archill
McRORY John Gallon Upper
McSORLEY Charles Garvetagh Lower
McSORLEY E. Back St., Newtownstewart
McSORLEY Edward Stonewalls
McSORLEY Patrick Envaugh
McSWIGAN [..?] Lisnacreight
McSWIGAN P. Shanony
McSWIGAN Robert Drumnahoe
McSWIGAN T. Shanony
McSWINE W. Kilstroll
McTAGART Charles Legland
McTAGART Corny. Dunteague
McTAGART James Glasmullagh
McTAGART James Glasmullagh
McTAGART John Cloonty
McTAGART Mick Dunteague
McTAGART Owen Dunteague
McTAGART Owen Legland
McTAGART Pat. Glasmullagh
McTAGART Roger Legland
McTAGART Solomon Glasmullagh
McTAGART William Legland
McTAGGART Widow Lislafferty
MEACKAN John Lisnacreight
MEACKLIM A. Mill Street, Newtownstewart
MILLAR Andrew Churchtown
MILLAR David Churchtown
MILLAR George Carnkenny
MILLAR William Knockroe
MILLER John & partners Lisleen
MILLER Widow Back St., Newtownstewart
MITCHELL James Byturn
MITCHELL John Clady Hood
MITCHELL William Byturn
MITCHELL William Taweny
MONAGHAN Francis Magheracoltan
MONAGHAN James Envaugh
MONAGHAN James Meaghy
MONAGHAN John Croshballinree
MONAGHAN John Mill Street, Newtownstewart
MONTEITH Widow Milltown
MONTEITH William Lurgybeg
MOODY James Byturn
MOODY Joseph Drumlegagh
MOODY Mathew Drumlegagh
MOODY Samuel Drumlegagh
MOORE [..?] Dunteague
MOORE David Aghasessy
MOORE Hugh Archill
MOORE Hugh Drumclamph
MOORE J. Aghasessy
MOORE J. Churchtown
MOORE J. Letterbin
MOORE James Cavandoragh
MOORE John Cavandoragh
MOORE John Kilstroll
MOORE Samuel Glasmullagh
MOORE Samuel Tirmegan
MOORE Thomas Letterbin
MOORHEAD John Knockroe
MOORHEAD Thomas Ballymullarty
MOORHEAD Wallace Strawletterdallan
MOORHEAD William Strawletterdallan
MORRIS [..?] Shannony East
MORRIS Alexander Lisnafin
MORRIS Brine Gallagh Sessagh
MORRIS C. Legfordrum
MORRIS Cormac Envaugh
MORRIS D. Lisnafin
MORRIS Dennis Gallagh Sessagh
MORRIS Dennis Gallon Lower
MORRIS Edward Lignabraide
MORRIS Eleanor Lignabraide
MORRIS James Gallagh Sessagh
MORRIS James Lisnafin
MORRIS James, Jun. Alldoghall
MORRIS James, Sen. Alldoghall
MORRIS John Envaugh
MORRIS John Gallagh Sessagh
MORRIS John Lisnafin
MORRIS Michael Knockroe
MORRIS Peter Lisnafin
MORRIS Widow Gallagh Sessagh
MORRIS William Glasmullagh
MORRIS William, Sen. Lignabraide
MORROW John Ballought
MORRRIS William Lignabraide
MORTLAND Charles Tivenny
MORTLAND John Crawfordstown
MORTLAND Robert Crawfordstown
MOWBERRY William Aghafad
MULLAN Anne Killymore
MULLAN William Main St., Newtownstewart
MULLEN George Binnawooda
MULLEN James, Jun. Envaugh
MULLEN James, Sen. Envaugh
MULLEN John Coolcraghy
MULLEN William Envaugh
MURPHY Charles Urblereagh
NEELANDS A. Derrygoon
NEELANDS John Derrygoon
NEELANDS Robert Magheralough
NEIL John Back St., Newtownstewart
NEILSON Mathew Carnkenny
NEILSON Matthew Milltown
NEILSON Sarah Milltown
NEILSON Widow Carnkenny
NEILSON Widow Milltown
NICKLE Mary Kilstroll
NIXON John Clady Hood
NOBLE [..?] Urblereagh
NOBLE W. Binnawooda
NOBLE William Mill Street, Newtownstewart
NORTH Samuel Cladyholliday
NORTH William Breen
O’BRINE Charles Lurgybeg
O’BRINE Edward Cashty
O’BYRNE [..?] Dunteague
O’CAHAN Anne Cloonty
O’CAHAN Daniel Cloonty
O’CAHAN Thomas Cloonty
O’DONNELL Charles Legfordrum
O’DONNELL James Lignabraide
O’DONNELL Pat. & partners Lignabraide
O’DONNELL Sarah Lignabraide
O’GOAN Thomas Byturn
O’GOAN Thomas Envaugh
O’KANE Chr. Birnaghs
O’KANE Daniel Cloonty
O’KANE Dennis Legfordrum
O’KANE Edward Aghafad
O’KANE Edward Ballyrenan
O’KANE Edward Envaugh
O’KANE Ferdinand Ballyrenan
O’KANE Francis Aghafad
O’KANE Francis Dunteague
O’KANE H [?] Ballyrenan
O’KANE Hugh Tullymuck
O’KANE J. Dunteague
O’KANE James Ballyrenan
O’KANE James Ballyrenan
O’KANE James Cloonty
O’KANE James & partners Tullymuck
O’KANE John Ballyrenan
O’KANE John Birnaghs
O’KANE John Envaugh
O’KANE John Envaugh
O’KANE Michael Envaugh
O’KANE Mrs. Mill Street, Newtownstewart
O’KANE Owen Tullymuck
O’KANE Quinton Magheracoltan
O’KANE Susanna Deer Park
O’KANE Thomas Tullymuck
O’KANE William Aghafad
O’LOAN Arthur Dunteague
O’LOAN Henry Dunteague
O’LOAN James Dunteague
O’LOAN Laughlin Dunteague
O’LOAN Michael Dunteague
O’NEAL Edward Ardbarren
O’NEAL Neal & partners Lisleen
O’NEIL John Back St., Newtownstewart
O’NEILL John Kilstroll
OLIVER Andrew Ballyrenan
OLIVER James Cashty
OLIVER William Cashty
OLIVER William Cladyholliday
ORR [..?] Dublin St., Newtownstewart
ORR James Priestcess
ORR John Priestcess
ORR Joseph Crawfordstown (Coolnacranagh)
ORR R. Priestcess
ORR William Lurganbuoy
OWEN Thomas Envaugh
PARK A. Skinbuoy
PARK David Glenglush
PARK John Glenglush
PARK John Priestcess
PARK John Skinbuoy
PARK Richard Skinbuoy
PARK Samuel Drumnahoe
PARK W. Dublin St., Newtownstewart
PARKE Anne Lignabraide
PARKE Samuel Lignabraide
PARKE William Lignabraide
PARKE William Lisnafin
PATERSON Samuel Lurgybeg
PATRICK [..?] Brocklis
PATRICK Joseph Lislafferty
PATRICK W. Brocklis
PATRICK W. Urblereagh
PATRICK William Churchtown
PATRICK William Lislafferty
PATRICK William Urblereagh
PATRICK William Urblereagh
PATTERSON Samuel Legfordrum
PATTON Hugh Lurgybeg
PATTON J. Carnkenny
PATTON John Birnaghs
PATTON Surgeon Back St., Newtownstewart
PATTON Surgeon Dublin St., Newtownstewart
PERRY William Envaugh
PINKERTON John Rathkelly
POLLOCK Lodowick Foyfin
POLLOCK W. Listymore
PORTER A. Churchtown
PORTER Charles Rathkelly
PORTER David Erganagh
PORTER James Brocklis
PORTER John Erganagh
PORTER John Erganagh
PORTER John Magheracriegan
PORTER John Tivenny
PORTER Robert Magheracriegan
PORTER Thomas Coolcraghy
PORTER Thomas Listymore
PORTER Thomas Listymore
PORTER Thomas Priestcess
PORTER William Ballynaloan
PROVEN Thomas Crawfordstown
PURDON Alexander Coolnacrunaught
QUIGLEY E. Knockroe
QUIGLEY P. Knockroe
QUIN Hugh Ardbarren
QUIN Phillip Gallon Lower
QUINN Edward Alldoghall
QUINN Edward Gallagh Sessagh
QUINN Edward Gallon Upper
QUINN Edward Glasmullagh
QUINN Edward Lisnacreight
QUINN H. Glasmullagh
QUINN James Knockroe
QUINN James Legfordrum
QUINN James Legfordrum
QUINN James Legland
QUINN James Skinbuoy
QUINN John Alldoghall
QUINN John Knockroe
QUINN John Legfordrum
QUINN John Skinbuoy
QUINN John, Reps of Back St., Newtownstewart
QUINN M. Legfordrum
QUINN Owen Gallagh Sessagh
QUINN Owen Gallon Upper
QUINN Owen Legland
RAMSEY Andrew Meaghy
RAMSEY William Drumclamph
RANKIN [..?] Clare
REA Mathew Carnkenny
RICE John Dunrain
RICHEY James Killen
RICHEY John Killen
RIDDELL Samuel Dublin St., Newtownstewart
RIDDLE Samuel Back St., Newtownstewart
RIPPEY John Taweny
RIPPEY Wm. Taweny
ROBB John Churchtown
ROBB John Rathkelly
ROBINSON H. Alldoghall
ROBINSON John Strawhulter
ROBINSON Stewart Alldoghall
ROBINSON Thomas Knockroe
ROBINSON Thomas Knockroe
ROBINSON William Erganagh
ROGERS H. Lisnacreight
ROGERS Henry Dunteague
ROGERS James Glasmullagh
ROGERS John Back St., Newtownstewart
ROGERS John Back St., Newtownstewart
ROGERS John Mill Street, Newtownstewart
ROGERS John Mill Street, Newtownstewart
ROGERS John & partners Glenock or Cloghogle
ROGERS Nathaniel Ballyrenan
ROGERS Samuel Back St., Newtownstewart
ROLSTON John Drumlegagh
ROSS Oliver Shanony
ROSS Robert Glenock or Cloghogle
ROSS Robert Shanony
ROULSTON James Creevy
RUSH C. Lisnafin
RUSH Maurice Lisnafin
RUSSELL George Killen
RUSSELL John Crosh
RUSSELL Peter Tullymuck
RUTLEDGE Arthur& partners Lisleen
RUTLEDGE Charles Garvetagh Upper
RUTLEDGE Gaspar Ardbarren
RUTLEDGE George Garvetagh Lower
RUTLEDGE George, Jun. Garvetagh Upper
RUTLEDGE George, Sen. Garvetagh Upper
RUTLEDGE John Ardbarren
RUTLEDGE Robert Coolnacrunaught
RUTLEDGE William Garvetagh Lower
SCOTT [..?] Cavandoragh
SCOTT Allan Kilrail
SCOTT Charles Coolcraghy
SCOTT George Coolcraghy
SCOTT George Coolcraghy
SCOTT James Beaghs
SCOTT James Priestcess
SCOTT John Beaghs
SCOTT John Drumclamph
SCOTT John, Jun. Coolcraghy
SCOTT John, Sen. Coolcraghy
SCOTT Joseph Magheracoltan
SCOTT Moses Knockroe
SCOTT Nehemiah Coolcraghy
SCOTT Robert Coolcraghy
SCOTT William Beaghs
SCOTT William Coolcraghy
SCOTT William Coolcraghy
SCOTT William Priestcess
SEMPLE C. Garvetagh Upper
SEMPLE George Garvetagh Upper
SEMPLE M. Lisnacreight
SEMPLE Robert Garvetagh Lower
SEMPLE Robert Lisnacreight
SEMPLE William Glenglush
SHARKEY Charles Legfordrum
SHARKEY James Listymore
SHARKEY John Listymore
SHARKY Charles Creevy
SHAW Hugh Legfordrum
SHERIDAN Henry & partners Ardbarren
SHERIDAN R. Derrygoon
SHORTHILL George Alldoghall
SHURLIN Thomas Legfordrum
SIMPSON [..?] Kilstroll
SIMPSON Bridget Milltown
SIMPSON James Tirmegan
SIMPSON John Back St., Newtownstewart
SIMPSON John Breen
SIMPSON William Lisleen
SMITH Andrew Milltown
SMITH John Milltown
SMITH Mathew Breen
SMITH Reuben Glenock or Cloghogle
SMITH Samuel Milltown
SMYLY [..?] Dublin St., Newtownstewart
SMYTH John Legfordrum
SMYTH Robert Cavandoragh
SMYTH Robert Glenglush
SMYTH William Crosh
SPEARS Cormack Dublin St., Newtownstewart
SPEER Samuel Croshballinree
SPEER William Crawfordstown (Coolnacranagh)
SPROULE Andrew Magheracriegan
SPROULE James Liscreevaghan or Clady Sproul
SPROULE Robert Kilrail
STARK? [..?] Main St., Newtownstewart
STEELE [..?] Ballyrenan
STEELE Alex. Coolaghy
STEELE Samuel Drumclamph
STEELE Samuel Kilstroll
STEVENSON David Mullagh
STEVENSON E. Letterbin
STEVENSON John Mullagh
STEVENSON Samuel Letterbin
STEVENSON William Urblereagh
STEWART Alex. Back St., Newtownstewart
STEWART Benjamin Strawletterdallan
STEWART Charles Ballynaloan
STEWART Charles Drumclamph
STEWART Charles Whitehouse
STEWART D. Drumlegagh
STEWART E. Whitehouse
STEWART Eliza Killymore
STEWART George Killymore
STEWART George Strawletterdallan
STEWART Isaac Killymore
STEWART J. Strawletterdallan
STEWART James Birnaghs
STEWART James Coolnacrunaught
STEWART James Deer Park
STEWART James Killymore
STEWART James & sons Killymore
STEWART John Drumclamph
STEWART John Strawletterdallan
STEWART John Whitehouse
STEWART Joseph Erganagh
STEWART Mathew Drumclamph
STEWART Oliver Byturn
STEWART Oliver Envaugh
STEWART Widow Strawletterdallan
STEWART William Strawletterdallan
STEWART William Whitehouse
SWEENEY James Mill Street, Newtownstewart
SWIGAN [..?] Dublin St., Newtownstewart
TAGERT William Back St., Newtownstewart
TAGGART W. Urblereagh
TAGGART W. Urblereagh
TAGGART W. Urblereagh
TAGGART William Birnaghs
TAGGART William Magheracoltan
THOMPSON [..?] Main St., Newtownstewart
THOMPSON [..?] Milltown
THOMPSON Anthony Alldoghall
THOMPSON Anthony Blummery
THOMPSON J. Aghasessy
THOMPSON Robert Ballyrenan
THOMPSON William Kilrail
THORNTON W. Drumlegagh
TINEY John Garvetagh Lower
TIPPIN Anne Dublin St., Newtownstewart
TIPPIN Nathaniel Deer Park
TODD Henry Lisnafin
TODD Mary Foyfin
TODD Robert Foyfin
TOLAN Hugh Dublin St., Newtownstewart
TOLAN Sarah Ballyrenan
TOLIN [..?] Back St., Newtownstewart
TOLIN Andrew Legfordrum
TOLIN Hugh Back St., Newtownstewart
TYNAN James Clady Johnston
VAUGHAN George Knockroe
VAUGHAN Robert Back St., Newtownstewart
VAUGHAN Robert Dublin St., Newtownstewart
VAUGHAN William Knockroe
VERNOR John Kilrail
VERNOR Semple Kilrail
WALLS Mathew Dunrain
WALLS Thomas Dunrain
WARD B. Gallon Upper
WARLIN James Brocklis
WARLIN William Brocklis
WASON George Rathkelly
WASON James Cashty
WASON James Rathkelly
WASON John Cashty
WASON W. Cashty
WATSON Andrew Lisnacreight
WATSON David Archill
WATSON James Drumlegagh
WATSON James Killen
WATSON Jas., Jun. Lisnacreight
WATSON John Archill
WATSON John Jun. Lisnacreight
WATSON Robert Clady Blair
WATSON Robert Lisnacreight
WATSON Robert Lisnacreight
WATSON Robert Strawletterdallan
WATSON Samuel Ballyrenan
WATSON Samuel Cashty
WATSON William Magheracoltan
WAUCHOB Charles Laraghs
WAUCHOB Charles Stonewalls
WAUCHOB James Urblereagh
WAUCHOB John Backhill
WAUCHOB William Backhill
WAUGH Abraham Priestcess
WEIR John Brocklis
WELDON Henry Garvetagh Lower
WELSH Andrew Magheracoltan
WELSH Stewart Kilstroll
WHALEY D. Legfordrum
WHALEY George Legfordrum
WHALEY J. Legfordrum
WHALEY Robert Legfordrum
WHALEY T. Legfordrum
WHALEY William Legfordrum
WHITE [..?] Urblereagh
WHITE Andrew Meaghy
WHITE Arthur Mill Street, Newtownstewart
WHITE Cornelius Aghasessy
WHITE Cornelius Drumlegagh
WHITE David Derrygoon
WHITE H. Back St., Newtownstewart
WHITE H. Main St., Newtownstewart
WHITE Hugh Back St., Newtownstewart
WHITE Humphrey Mill St., Newtownstewart
WHITE Mathew Magheralough
WHITE R. Concess
WHITE Susan Drumlegagh
WHITE William Back St., Newtownstewart
WHITE William Mill Street, Newtownstewart
WHYTE James Breen
WILEY James Birnaghs
WILKINSON James Mill Street, Newtownstewart
WILSON A. Whitehouse
WILSON Andrew Cavandoragh
WILSON Henry Garvetagh Lower
WILSON James Archill
WILSON James Byturn
WILSON James Lisleen
WILSON John Aghasessy
WILSON Joseph Cavandoragh
WILSON Thomas Crawfordstown
WILSON Thomas Whitehouse
WILSON William Carnkenny
WILSON William Magheracriegan
WINTER [..?] & partners Lettercarn
WINTER C. Ardbarren
WINTER J. Bolaght
WINTER James Coolnaherin
WINTER Owen Ardbarren
WINTER Patrick Crawfordstown (Coolnacranagh)
WINTER Thomas Coolcraghy
WINTER Widow Coolcraghy
WINTER William Coolnaherin
WOODS Arthur Legland
WOODS D. Churchtown
WOODS J. Aghasessy
WOODS John Birnaghs
WRIGHT A. Back St., Newtownstewart
WRIGHT A. Dublin St., Newtownstewart
WRIGHT R. Main St., Newtownstewart
YOUNG James Cladyholliday
YOUNG William Archill
YOUNG William Meaghy