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Index to the Tithe Applotment Book, Aghalurcher Parish, County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland 1833

Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


This file of the 1833 TITHE APPLOTMENT BOOK FOR AGHALURCHER PARISH, COUNTY FERMANAGH, forms part of the vast archive of 3,000+ pages of genealogical records relating to COUNTIES TYRONE, DONEGAL, LONDONDERRY & FERMANAGH provided without charge or subscription by CoTyroneIreland Welcome to the Premier Website & Research Tool for Cos. Tyrone, Donegal, Londonderry & Fermanagh Genealogy ( A complete list of records pertaining to AGHALURCHER PARISH on this website can be found at the foot of this file.




Tithe Applotment Book, Aghalurcher Parish, County Tyrone 1833

Tithe was a tax on all agricultural land (originally one tenth of the produce) excepting only church lands, glebes and urban areas and was paid by leaseholders and occupiers of all religious denominations to the clergy of the Established Church of Ireland. There was growing resentment against this tax, especially by Presbyterians and Catholics, particularly in the period of distress after 1815 and the government was forced to give way and introduce the Tithe Composition Act 1823 which replaced payment in kind by payment in cash.

In order to effect this change, all agricultural land across the country was required to be surveyed and applotted, or valued. During the period 1823 to 1837, a Tithe Applotment Survey was made in each civil parish across the whole of Ireland to determine the value of tithe payable by different landholders. Two people were appointed by each parish to carry out this assessment. The material was arranged by civil parish and townland in volumes known as TITHE APPLOTMENT BOOKS.

In some parishes more than one survey was taken, whilst in others the manuscript has not survived. The books for all Ireland, compiled between 1823 and 1837, are now deposited in the National Archives of Ireland, Dublin and Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI)., Belfast.

These tithe books are arranged by townland and record the names of leaseholders, the area of their farm subject to tithe, sometimes the quality of the land and an overall valuation and occasionally the names of landlords. Researchers should be aware that cottiers who did not hold land are not recorded, and unaccountably, some types of land were passed over entirely; a field of potatoes attracted a tithe payment in one parish, but not in that adjoining.

Those researchers who are fortunate to locate a forebear in the Tithe Applotment Books may find it possible to take their research back a further generation prior to Griffiths Valuation.




Surname Given Name Townland
ACHESON Alexander Corrard
ADAMSON Richard Killnashanbola
AIKEN Andrew Drummeer
ALLEN Andrew Drumroosk
ANDERSON Archibald Attawark
ANDERSON Edward Attawark
ANDERSON Lucy Coonien
ANDERSON Robert Killygullen
ANDERSON William & son Attawark
ARMSTRONG Edward Derryhurdin
ARMSTRONG Francis Hollybrook
ARMSTRONG George Carrickmacosker
ARMSTRONG James Ballymakenny
ARMSTRONG James Carrickmacosker
ARMSTRONG John Aughnascue
ARMSTRONG John Coonien
ARMSTRONG John Corrofatt
ARMSTRONG John Drumgoon
ARMSTRONG John Gortgaron
ARMSTRONG John Henrystuchon
ARMSTRONG Montgomery Maguiresbridge
ARMSTRONG Robert Aughnascue
ARMSTRONG Robert Corrofatt
ARMSTRONG Robert Crockaness
ARMSTRONG Sydney Maguiresbridge
ARMSTRONG Thomas Coshvosh
ARMSTRONG Thomas Crockaness
ARMSTRONG Thomas Glassdrummon
ARMSTRONG Thomas Gortgaron
ARMSTRONG William Aughnascue
ARMSTRONG William Cavanaleck
ARMSTRONG William Coolcrannell
ARMSTRONG William Drumgoon
ARMSTRONG William Gortgaron
ARMSTRONG William Killnashanbola
ARMSTRONG William Killycrutten
ARMSTRONG William Kinmore
ARMSTRONG William Longfield
ARMSTRONG William Maguiresbridge
ARMSTRONG William Montgibbon
ARNOLD George Toney
ARNOLD Robert Teereighan
ARNOLD William Aughacramphill
ATWILL Thomas Maguiresbridge
AUGHNALECK James Lisnagole
BAINSFORD William Bohatten
BALFOUR Jane Slushhill
BANNON Michael Corrynewy
BARNSFORD Alexander Ramutt
BAXTER Charles Coonien
BAXTER Edward Coonien
BAXTER Edward Cornarooslan
BAXTER George Erdinagh
BAXTER James Coonien
BAXTER James Tatnabuddagh
BAXTER Robert Coonien
BEATTY Dr. Farnaconahy
BEATTY Edward Cleen
BEATTY Elinor Ballymacaffery
BEATTY George Cavanaleck
BEATTY James Aughavoory
BEATTY James Tullykenny
BEATTY John Corlough
BEATTY John Killarburn
BEATTY John Rafinton
BEATTY John Tullykenny
BEATTY Richard Killarburn
BEATTY Robert Lisseneal
BEATTY Robert Tullykenny
BEATTY Samuel Rafinton
BEATTY William Carrickmacosker
BEATTY William Maguiresbridge
BELL James Mullaghmakervey
BELL Robert Corrard
BELL William Killynamph
BENSON Samuel Henrystuchon
BIRNEY Arthur Cullentry
BIRNEY James Longfield
BIRNEY John Whitepark
BIRNEY John, Esq. Grogey
BIRNEY Robert Teereighan
BLAIR Samuel Erdinagh
BLEAKLEY Charles Coolcrannell
BLEAKLEY Charles Maguiresbridge
BLEAKLEY Mary Killnamullagh
BLEAKLEY Robert Corryanne
BLEAKLEY Thomas Corryanne
BOGUE Anne Tatnabuddagh
BOGUE Bernard Longfield
BOGUE Denis Attigohan
BOGUE Denis Crocknagrawley
BOGUE Hannah Grogey
BOGUE Henry Tatnabuddagh
BOGUE John Attigohan
BOGUE Mary Attigohan
BOGUE Matthew Grogey
BOGUE Robert Crockanerin
BOGUE Robert Tatnabuddagh
BOGUE Terence Derrycrum
BOGUE Thomas Coonien
BOGUE William Tatnabuddagh
BOORMAN James Coolbeg
BOWLES James Grogey
BOYD James Aughamore South
BOYD James Lisseneal
BRADY Bernard Aughamore South
BRADY George Coolbeg
BRADY James Kinmore
BRADY Jane Kinmore
BRADY Pat Kinmore
BRADY Phil Kinmore
BREADON Andrew Rafinton
BREADON Christopher Mullaghfadd
BREADON John Crocknagrawley
BREADON Peter Lisseneal
BREADON Robert Lislea
BREADON William Rossbeg
BREASON [BRYSON] James Attawark
BREASON [BRYSON] Maxwel Grogey
BREASON [BRYSON] Thomas Attawark
BREASON [BRYSON] William Attawark
BREEN James Aughavoory
BRESLIN Andrew Drumbaughlin
BRESLIN Constantine Killyrover
BRESLIN Hugh Edderadacorragh
BRESLIN John Drummeer
BRESLIN Patt Drumrue
BRESLIN Thomas Killyrover
BRESLIN William Drumbaughlin
BROOKE Henry, Sir, Bart. Colebrooke Demesne
BROOKE Henry, Sir, Bart. Derrycrum
BROOKE Henry, Sir, Bart. Rafinton
BROOKE Henry, Sir, Bart. Satnaheglish
BROOKE Henry, Sir, Bart. Tattyreagh
BROWN Alexander Ramutt
BROWN Charles Loghermore Glebe
BROWN Forbes Grogey
BROWN Joseph Doedderny
BROWN William Ramutt
BRYANS Edward Carrickmacosker
BRYANS William Drumbrocas South
BURNSIDE Christopher Tyrenny
BURNSIDE Isabela Cornarooslan
BURNSIDE James Grogey
BURNSIDE James Satnaheglish
BURNSIDE John Cornarooslan
BURNSIDE John Mullaghfadd
BURNSIDE Matthew Crann
BURNSIDE Saragh Cornarooslan
BURNSIDE Thomas Corlough
BURNSIDE Thomas Grogey
BURNSIDE William Grogey
BUSHEL John, Senr Aughnascue
BUSHELL John, Junr. Aughnascue
BUSSEL Wm. Mullinascarley
CAIN Patt. Derrintoney
CAIRNS James Shanahy
CAIRNS Pat Shanahy
CALLAGHAN Denis Attigohan
CALLAGHAN Owen Aughacramphill
CALLAGHAN Owen Burbrawn
CALLAGHAN Patt. Attigohan
CALLAGHAN Peter Aughacramphill
CAMBLE [CAMPBELL] Margret Killronan
CAMICHAEL Owen Montgibbon
CANWEL Richard Killybawn
CARBERY James Maguiresbridge
CARLISE Oliver Mullaghkeel
CARLISLE John Crockaness
CARMICHAEL Michael Montgibbon
CARNEY John Coolane
CAROTHERS Anne Maguiresbridge
CAROTHERS Christopher Cornarooslan
CAROTHERS George Derrintoney
CAROTHERS John Attigohan
CAROTHERS John Cornarooslan
CAROTHERS Margret Corlough
CAROTHERS Robert Killerman
CAROTHERS William Cornarooslan
CARR Charles Killerman
CARROL Peter Derryhullen
CARROL Peter Lisnagole
CARSON Alice Slushhill
CASSADY Andrew Coolane
CASSADY Andrew Drumheriff
CASSADY Charles Drumheriff
CASSADY Hugh Crockadreen
CASSADY James Killyrover
CASSADY John Carrickawick
CASSADY John Coolcrannell
CASSADY Patt Eshbrawley
CASSADY Patt : Killyrover
CHARTERS Capt. Thomas Drumcoo
CHARTERS Captain Mullinaburtlin
CHARTERS George Cornashannell
CHARTERS James Maguiresbridge
CHARTERS John Maguiresbridge
CHARTERS William Acres
CHARTERS William, Esq. Boneyhesco
CLARK James Carrickapollin
CLARK Jane Maguiresbridge
CLARK John Clea
CLARK John Killnashanbola
CLARK Thomas Killmore
CLEMMENS Samuel Currghlare
CLIFFORD Edward Mullaghkeel
CLIFFORD Francis Carrickawick
CLIFFORD Hugh Aughamore South
CLIFFORD James Carrickawick
CLIFFORD John Eshcarcog
CLIFFORD Michael Attigohan
CLIFFORD Peter Eshcarcog
CLINGING James Lisseneal
COAL [COLE] Francis Coalhill
COAL [COLE] John Coalhill
COLLIN John Lisseneal
COLLINS Hugh Killmore
COLLINS James Killerman
CONLEY James Drumbrocas North
CONLEY John Drumbrocas North
CONLEY John Moore
CONLEY Peter Mullinavale
CONLEY Thomas Eshbawn
COOKE Edward Cavanaleck
COOKE George Derrintoney
COOKE John Tattynuccle
COOKE Joseph Cavanaleck
COOKE Robert Claraghy
COOKE William Ballymacaffery
COREY Charles Forphy
CORRIGAN James Mullinavale
CORRIGAN Michael Drumgoon
CORRIN Patt Eshmeen
CORRY Sandy Slushhill
CORWIN John Carrickapollin
COSGRAVE Henry Mullaghkeel
COSGRAVE James Mullaghkeel
COSGROVE John Eshbawn
COSGROVE John Eshmeen
COTTER Charles Mullaghfadd
COTTER Francis Crocknagrawley
COTTER Hugh Mullaghfadd
COWAN William Foglish
COWEN David Tattyreagh
COWEN Robert Tattyreagh
COWIN James Burbrawn
CRAGUE [CRAIG?] Arthur Maguiresbridge
CRANSTON Gerrard Killnashanbola
CRANSTON Mary Drumliff
CRAWFORD Anne Killnashanbola
CRAWFORD Capt. Alexander Drummeer
CRAWFORD James Farnacurkey
CRAWFORD John Killycloghy
CREIGHTON John, Esq. Castle Belfour Demesne
CREIGHTON John, Esq. Lisseneal
CREIGHTON Thomas Clanmaphellemy
CREIGHTON Thomas Kingstown
CRORKIN Felix Carrickapollin
CRORKIN Francis Carrickapollin
CRORKIN Judy Carrickapollin
CRORKIN Sarah Slushhill
CUSKER Patt & partners Mullaghfadd
DAVIDSON Alexander Carrickapollin
DAVIS Adam Slushhill
DAWSON James Tattynuccle
DAWSON William Attawark
DEEHAN Patt. Attawark
DEERING John Lisnagole
DEVIN John Cofannon
DEVIN Pat Killnashanbola
DIXON Andrew Cornakessagh
DIXON Henry Lislea
DIXON John Crann
DOGHERTY Anne Drumgoon
DOGHERTY Edwd Bohatten
DONALEY Charles Killycrutten
DONALEY Neal Drumwha
DONALLY Bernard Mullaghfadd
DONALLY Charles Aghalurcher
DONALLY Edward Crockanane
DONALLY George Carrickapollin
DONELSON [DONALDSON] Robert Killycloghy
DOOGAN George Mullinascarley
DOOGAN Mary Mullinascarley
DOOGAN Owen Clea
DORAN Bernard Knox
DORAN Michael Eshcarcog
DOUD Patt Lislea
DOUGLAS Wm. Drumleagues
DUFFEY Felix Barnhill
DUFFEY James Forphy
DUFFEY Michael Tully North
DUGLAS Thomas Drumleagues
DUNBAR Edward Killynamph
DUNBAR Gerard Maguiresbridge
DUNBAR James Maguiresbridge
DUNCAN John Derryhullen
DUNLAP James Tattynuccle
DUNLOP Christopher Foglish
DUNLOP Edward Cavinagarvin
DUNLOP Edward Tattynuccle
DUNLOP John Tyrenny
DUNLOP Joseph Curralongford
DUNLOP Joseph Doedderny
DUNLOP Samuel Edderadacorragh
DUNLOP William Aughmore North
DUNN Hugh Coolane
DUNN Jane Lisduff
EARLEY Charles Coolcrannell
EARLEY John Aughnascue
EARLEY John Coolcrannell
EBRAHAM [ABRAHAM] Johnston Tatnlee
EMERSON John Erdinagh
EMERSON William Erdinagh
ERSKIN James Grogey
ERSKIN Samuel Forphy
FAIR Edward Kinmore
FAIR James Henrystuchon
FAIR Jas Currags
FAIR John Drummack
FAIR John Kinmore
FAIR John Maguiresbridge
FAIR Robert Currags
FAIR Thomas Drumleagues
FAIR William Currags
FALKNER Patt Drumwha
FARREL Edward Derryhullen
FARREL Robert Lisseneal
FARRELL James Cornarooslan
FIDDES Edward Mullinavale
FIFE William Craghancreisty
FIFE William Shanahy
FINLEY David Tully North
FINLEY Matthew Corryanne
FINLEY William Killycloghy
FISHER Gerard Maguiresbridge
FISHER Henry Aughanure
FITZPATRICK John Drumbrocas North
FLANIGAN Bernard Aughnascue
FLANIGAN Edward Drumbadmore
FLANIGAN James Farnacurkey
FLANIGAN Patt Eshmeen
FLEMMING Arthur Crohan
FORSTER Andrew Doedderny
FORSTER Anne Maguiresbridge
FORSTER Francis Keenaghy
FORSTER George Carrickmacosker
FORSTER James Attybarron
FORSTER James Lisseneal
FORSTER John Carrickapollin
FORSTER Joseph Grogey
FORSTER Martin Crohan
FORSTER Thomas Slushhill
FORSTER Thomas Tyrenny
FORSTER William Maguiresbridge
FORSYTHE Robert Ramutt
FOSSETT Charles Coolain
FOSSETT James Lisseneal
FOSSETT John Killronan
FOY Phil Mullinavale
FURREY Bernard Farnacurkey
GALBREATH Thomas, Esq. Crann
GALLAGHER John Aughamore South
GARDINER Edward Grogey
GARDINER John Lisaderney
GARDINER William Cornaskea
GAVEN James Lisseneal
GAVIN Thomas Drumgoon
GILLEECE Edward Eshnagor
GILLEECE Patt Eshnagor
GILLESPY John Derrylummon
GILLESPY Mary Longfield
GLEN Robert Drumbadbeg
GLENCEY James Aughnascue
GLENN Anne Slushhill
GLENN John Coolcrannell
GLENN Thomas Killygullen
GLENN William Farnacurkey
GRAHAM Arthur Doras
GRAHAM Barbara Currghlare
GRAHAM Isabela Currghlare
GRAHAM James Coolcrannell
GRAHAM James Doras
GRAHAM John Carrickapollin
GRAHAM Reynolds Lislea
GRAHAM Richard Lislea
GRAHAM Robert Corrard
GRAHAM Robert Tarteevogh
GRAHAM Robert, Esq. Edrigole
GRAHAM Robert, Esq. Kinmore
GRAHAM Samuel Crockadreen
GRAHAM Thomas Currghlare
GRAHAM Thomas Derrycorbin
GRAHAM Walter Drumleags
GRAHAM William Owenskerry
GRAYDON James Aughamore South
GRAYDON Thomas Drumbadbeg
GREENLEES James Henrystuchon
GREENLEES Robert Drumbadbeg
GREENLEES Thomas Henrystuchon
GREER John Grogey
GRESSON Henry Innishcorkish
GRESSON Henry Lisseneal
GRESSON Henry Shebeg
GUINNES John Corlough
GUNN Michael Lislea
HAIR Hamilton Barnhill
HAIR Hamilton, Esq. Glassdrummon
HAIR James Corrynewy
HAIR Janet Lisseneal
HALE James Rehack Glebe
HALE Matthew Rehack Glebe
HALE William Drumrue
HALL Charles Crohan
HALL James Killnamullagh
HALL Jane Satnaheglish
HALL John Drumlught
HALL John Loghermore Glebe
HALL John Rossmacole
HALL John Tatnabuddagh
HALL John Teereighan
HALL Mark Maguiresbridge
HALL Robert Maguiresbridge
HALL Thomas Killmore
HALL William Drumlught
HALL William Killnamullagh
HALPIN Patt Coolain
HAMILTON William Grogey
HANIGAN Bernard Kinmore
HANIGAN John Aughanure
HANLEY William Millwood
HANLON William Millwood
HANNA Arthur Cornarooslan
HARPUR John Ramutt
HENDERSON James Millwood
HENDERSON John Millwood
HENRY Charles Tatnabuddagh
HERBERT Henry Cleen
HERBERT Michael, Rev. Maguiresbridge
HERBERT William Tattyreagh
HEWS [HUGHES] Edward Derrycorbin
HEWS [HUGHES] John Derrycorbin
HEWS [HUGHES] Michael Altmartin
HILLOCK John Ramutt
HILLOCK Joseph Ramutt
HILLOCK William Derryhullen
HOEY Andrew Corlackey
HOEY George Grogey
HOEY James Corlackey
HOEY John Maguiresbridge
HOGG James Grogey
HOGG Robert Eshnascreen
HOGG Thomas Attawark
HOGG Thomas (Heirs) Lisaderney
HOGG William Drumcrin
HOLMES William Farnaconahy
HOPS Alexander Killnashanbola
HURST Alexander, Rev. Attybarron
INGRAM Alexander Hollybrook
INGRAM Robert Coshvosh
IRVINE Andrew Tatnlee
IRVINE James Coolcrannell
IRVINE James Killerman
IRVINE James Maguiresbridge
IRVINE John Cornashannell
JACKSON David Grogey
JACKSON Robert Kinmore
JAMES Owen Crocknagoan
JOHNSTON Alexander Owenskerry
JOHNSTON Andrew Eshanummer
JOHNSTON Edward Derryhullen
JOHNSTON Francis Rennick
JOHNSTON James Derrylummon
JOHNSTON James & partners Farnacurkey
JOHNSTON John Crocknagrawley
JOHNSTON Joseph Lisduff
JOHNSTON Joseph Tatnabuddagh
JOHNSTON Martin Killybawn
JOHNSTON Michael Raw
JOHNSTON Patt Derrylummon
JOHNSTON Robert Derryhullen
JOHNSTON William Crann
JONES Henry Tatnabuddagh
JONES James Mullaghfadd
JORDON Thomas Corlackey
KARR Elisa Coolcrannell
KEENAN Catherin Forphy
KEENAN Hugh Altnamullaghboy
KEENAN James Attiponer
KEENAN James Attyclanabryan
KEENAN John Grogey
KEENAN John Legatilledea
KEENAN Patt. Attiponer
KELLEY Joseph Tattyreagh
KELLY John Cornaskea
KELSO John Crocknagrawley
KENEDY Abraham Tatnabuddagh
KENEDY Anthony Tatnabuddagh
KENEDY Neeley Tatnabuddagh
KENEDY Thomas Tatnabuddagh
KENNEY Thomas Cavinagarvin
KERR John Killerman
KERR Samuel Mullinavale
KETTLE Francis Killynamph
KETTLE Robert Killronan
KETTLE William Carrickmacosker
KEYS John Comaghy
KEYS William Comaghy
KIDD Anthony Curralongford
KIDD Anthony Grogey
KIDD Anthony Ramutt
KIDD Oliver Curralongford
KIRK William Derinavogy
KIRKPATRICK James Cavanaleck
KYLE John Killnashanbola
LAIRD John Derrintoney
LAIRD John Grogey
LAIRD Robert Drumgoon
LAIRD William Foglish
LATTIMER William Killynamph
LAW Andrew Leboty
LAW Charles Killmore
LAW George Leboty
LAW Matthew Drummeer
LAW Thomas Drummeer
LENDRUM Alexander Cullenane
LENDRUM Eliza Augheiter
LENDRUM William Cleen
LEONARD Denis Knox
LEONARD Elenor Knox
LEONARD James Drumliff
LEONARD Peter Knox
LESLIE Henry, Esq. Bollyhill
LESLIE Henry, Esq. Coshvosh
LESLIE Henry, Esq. Derrymaneybeg
LIDDLE John Erdinagh
LIDDLE William Erdinagh
LIDDY Mary Killygullen
LINN Cunningham Killerman
LINN Eliza Tattynuccle
LINN Hugh Tattynuccle
LINN John Derrylummon
LINN Robert Cleen
LINN Robert Foglish
LINN Samuel Tattynuccle
LINN Walter Erdinagh
LINN William Aughavoory
LINN William Tattynuccle
LINSEY Samuel Ramutt
LINSEY William Millwood
LITTLE Adam Tyrenny
LITTLE Archibald Augheiter
LITTLE Arthur Coonien
LITTLE Arthur Foglish
LITTLE Edward Coolcrannell
LITTLE Edward Maguiresbridge
LITTLE Gilbert Comaghy
LITTLE John Foglish
LITTLE John Tully North
LITTLE John Tyrenny
LITTLE John, Sr Foglish
LITTLE Margret Toney
LITTLE Robert Tyrenny
LITTLE Robt. Augheiter
LITTLE Samuel Augheiter
LITTLE Stephen Foglish
LITTLE Thomas Augheiter
LITTLE William Foglish
LITTLE William Longfield
LITTLE William Tyrenny
LIVINGSTON James Drumrue
LIVINGSTON William Killycloghy
LLOYD George Lisseneal
LLOYD Mary Lisseneal
LLOYD William, Junr. Killypaddy
LOWREY John Drumrue
LOWREY William Drumrue
LOWRY Samuel Mullaghfadd
LUCEY Robert Attigohan
LUCY Catherin Ramutt
LUCY James Lislea
LUCY Rebecca Rafinton
LUCY William Doogary
LUCY William Grogey
LUNNEY Hugh Drumgoon
LUNNEY John Henrystuchon
LUNNEY Michael Kinmore
LUNNEY Terence Aughmore North
LUNNEY William Clea
LYONS Hugh Maguiresbridge
MACAFFERY Anne Drumbrocas North
MACAFFERY Christopher Drumbrocas North
MACAFFERY Rose Drumbrocas North
MACARTNEY Anne Maguiresbridge
MACARTNEY Anne Montgibbon
MACARTNEY Francis Eshqueragh
MACKEL William Claraghy
MADDEN Peter Corrynewy
MAGEE Thomas Drumwha
MAGEE William Drumwha
MAGLAUGHLIN James Aughavoory
MAGONNEL Steel H. Drumgoon
MAGORRAN Rose Currghlare
MAGRORY Hugh, Sen. Drumhack
MAGRORY Patt Drumhack
MAGUIRE Anthony Maguiresbridge
MAGUIRE Bernard Eshnasilldobeg
MAGUIRE Bridget Drumbaughlin
MAGUIRE Capt. Craghernahorick
MAGUIRE Christopher Drumbrocas North
MAGUIRE Cormick Rossmacall
MAGUIRE Daniel Crummey
MAGUIRE Edward Lislea
MAGUIRE Francis Killenare
MAGUIRE Hugh Aughacramphill
MAGUIRE James Bollyhill
MAGUIRE James Tatnabuddagh
MAGUIRE James Tatnlee
MAGUIRE John Aughacramphill
MAGUIRE Michael Lislea
MAGUIRE Peter Erdinagh
MAGUIRE Peter Eshnasillogbeg
MAGUIRE Phil Claraghy
MAGUIRE Robert Coolcrannell
MAGUIRE Terence Grogey
MAGUIRE Thomas Crummey
MAGUIRE Widow Aughavoory
MAGURK James Cofannon
MAGURK James Coolane
MANSFIELD Ralph, Esq. Carahoney
MANSFIELD Ralph, Esq. Oughill
MARRON James Bohatten
MARTIN Anne Attigohan
MARTIN Bridget Tranish
MARTIN Dr. Coolcrannell
MARTIN Elenor Tranish
MARTIN George Tattynuccle
MARTIN Henry Drumwha
MARTIN Hugh Tatnabuddagh
MARTIN James Cragherawaddy
MARTIN James Innishturk
MARTIN John Carrickapollin
MARTIN Michael Cornashannell
MARTIN Owen Crockanane
MARTIN Patt Coonien
MARTIN Phil Tranish
MARTIN Thomas Crockadreen
MAYNE Robert Cullentry
MAZE Henry Cornaskea
MCAFEE   Maguiresbridge
MCAFEE Elizabeth Maguiresbridge
MCAFEE Gerard Maguiresbridge
MCAFEE Isabela Drumgoon
MCALARNEY Patt Cofannon
MCALOON Andrew Maguiresbridge
MCALOON Bernard Mullinavale
MCALOON Charles Drumcon
MCALOON Felix Attawark
MCALOON Hugh Drumcon
MCALOON Phil Altnamullaghboy
MCALOON Reymond Legatilledea
MCANULTY Mary Farnacurkey
MCANULTY Owen Drumbaughlin
MCARAW James Killmore
MCARAW Owen Killmore
MCAVINEY Hugh Tully North
MCBARIN Thomas Drumhack
MCBRIAN Edward Derryasnagh
MCBRIAN John Shanahy
MCBRIAN Patt Drumwha
MCBRIAN Patt Lisseneal
MCBRIAN Thomas Derrychane
MCCABE Gerrard Aughnascue
MCCAFFERY Denis Drumliff
MCCAFFERY Edward Carrickapollin
MCCAFFERY Hugh Farnacurkey
MCCAFFERY James Dooharn
MCCAFFERY Mary Millwood
MCCAFFERY Phil Killycrutten
MCCAFFERY Roger Leboty
MCCAFFERY Thomas Killerman
MCCAGHERY James Erdinagh
MCCAGHERY John Derryhullen
MCCAN George Teereighan
MCCANEY Phil Kinmore
MCCARRON Owen Millwood
MCCARTNEY Francis Ramutt
MCCARTNEY Robert Mullaghfadd
MCCAULEY William Killyrover
MCCEW Matthew Killygullen
MCCLINTOCK William Killmore
MCCLINTOCK William Leboty
MCCLUSKEY Bernard Eshthomas
MCCLUSKEY Felix Carrickawick
MCCLUSKEY Mich. Eshcarcog
MCCOLLUM John Killerman
MCCONNEL Bernard Aughavoory
MCCONNELL Thomas Eshnasilldobeg
MCCORMICK James Eshmeen
MCCORMICK John Glassdrummon
MCCORMICK Owen Eshnagor
MCCORMICK Patt Loughhill
MCCORT Hugh Farnacurkey
MCCORWILL John Attiponer
MCCOY Thomas Tattynuccle
MCCULLAGH Anne Mullinavale
MCCUSKER Francis Derrycrum
MCDONAGH Andrew Carrickawick
MCDONAGH Michael Drumbaughlin
MCDONAGH Owen Corryanne
MCDONALD Alexander Eshnagor
MCDONALD Catherin Drumwha
MCELGUN Denis Aughamore South
MCELGUN Edward Carrickapollin
MCELGUN Hugh Cragherawaddy
MCELGUN Hugh Innishturk
MCELGUN Phil Carrickapollin
MCELGUNN Patt Eshbawn
MCELROY Bernard Coonien
MCELROY Charles Stripe
MCELROY Denis Coolcrannell
MCELROY Edward Attigohan
MCELROY Elenor Knox
MCELROY Henry Attigohan
MCELROY Hugh Carrickapollin
MCELROY James Teereighan
MCELROY James, Junr. Attawark
MCELROY James, Senr. Attawark
MCELROY John Altnamullaghboy
MCELROY John Attigohan
MCELROY Mary Crockadevin
MCELROY Owen Coonien
MCELROY Patrick Attyclanabryan
MCELROY Patt. Attigohan
MCELWAIN Jane Killnashanbola
MCGROREY Hugh Aughanure
MCGROREY Michael Aughanure
MCGUIRE John Carrickawick
MCKENNA Michael Aughanure
MCKENNA William Dooharn
MCKEOWN Samuel Derrycrum
MCMAHON Arthur Altnamullaghboy
MCMAHON Edward Raw
MCMAHON John Altnamullaghboy
MCMAHON Mary Derrylummon
MCMAHON Patt Altnamullaghboy
MCMAHON Peter Cornarooslan
MCMAHON Thomas Altnamullaghboy
MCMANUS Bartholomew Kinmore
MCMANUS Charles Drumbrocas South
MCMANUS Edward Killmore
MCMANUS Elenor Aughanure
MCMANUS Felix Killmore
MCMANUS Hugh Aughnascue
MCMANUS Hugh Crockadreen
MCMANUS Hugh Killmore
MCMANUS James Carrickawick
MCMANUS James Killmore
MCMANUS James Tatnabuddagh
MCMANUS John Derrychane
MCMANUS Margret Coolcrannell
MCMANUS Michael Derrychane
MCMANUS Patt. Aughanure
MCMANUS Peter Killmore
MCMANUS Phil. Derrychane
MCMANUS Thomas Carrickawick
MCMANUS Thomas Killenare
MCMANUS William Kinmore
MCMIN Robert Grogey
MCMULLAN Jane Killerman
MCMULLAN John Coalhill
MCMULLEN Hugh Drummack
MCMULLEN James Derrycrum
MCMULLEN James Drummack
MCMULLEN Lucy Derryhullen
MCMULLEN Margret Derryhullen
MCMULLEN Michael Drummack
MCMULLEN Miles Drummack
MCNAMARA Pat Attiponer
MCNEICE Dr. Killnashanbola
MCNIECE Anne Attybarron
MCNIECE Josias Bollyhill
MCNIECE Samuel Bollyhill
MCPHILIPS Laurens Eshnasillogmore
MCVIELLY John Killnamullagh
MCWADE [MCQUAID] Arthur Cornarooslan
MCWADE [MCQUAID] James Aughanure
MCWADE [MCQUAID] Mary Attigohan
MCWADE MCQUAID] William Aughanure
MEHAN Charles Satnaheglish
MEHAN Peter Carrickapollin
MELDRUM John Dooharn
MELLON John Forphy
MIHAN Thomas Claraghy
MITCHEL Anthony Killybawn
MITCHEL Robert Comaghy
MITCHEL Thomas Comaghy
MITCHEL Thomas Crockanerin
MITCHELTREE Robert Rehack Glebe
MITCHELTREE William Rehack Glebe
MOFFET Galbreath Rossmacole
MOFFETT George Carrickapollin
MOFFETT Robert Rehack Glebe
MONAGHAN Roger Killenare
MONTGOMERY Alexander Droals
MONTGOMERY Colonel Cullenane
MONTGOMERY Henry Aughmore North
MONTGOMERY Henry Maguiresbridge
MONTGOMERY John Killerman
MONTGOMERY Robert Cavanaleck
MONTGOMERY Samuel Killerman
MONTGOMERY William Crockadevin
MONTGOMERY William Mullaghkippin
MONTGOMERY William Mullaghkippin
MONTGOMERY William, Sr. Clea
MONTGOMERY Wm. Aughnaloo
MOORE James Aughavoory
MOORE Montgomery Carrickroe
MOORE Thomas Tattynuccle
MOORHEAD Charles Ballymakenny
MORRISON Alexander Edderadacorragh
MORRISON James Corragarragh
MORRISON John, Senr. Corragarragh
MORRISON Mary Corragarragh
MORRISON William Drumcunis
MORRISON William Drummack
MORROW James Derrylummon
MOWAN Anthony Eshnasillogbeg
MOWAN Bernard Altmartin
MOWAN Francis Eshnasillogbeg
MOWAN James Eshnasilldobeg
MOWAN Patt. Altmartin
MOWAN Thomas Eshbawn
MULDOON Patt Tranish
MULLIGAN Andrew Mullinavale
MULLIGAN Anne Coolain
MULLIGAN Edward Cornakessagh
MULLIGAN James Cornakessagh
MURPHEY Andrew Coolcrannell
MURPHEY James Corlough
MURPHEY Joseph Corlough
MURPHEY Patt Claraghy
MURPHY Elizabeth Mullinavale
MURPHY James Tullynevin
MURPHY John Drumgoon
MURPHY Patt Eshmeen
MURPHY Phil Drumliff
MURPHY Teague Eshnasillogmore
MURPHY Thomas Millwood
MURPHY William Maguiresbridge
MURTAGH Thomas Killycloghy
NAWN Phil Crockanane
NEELY James Tattynuccle
NEESON James Drumbrocas North
NEESON John Drumbrocas North
NEESON John Forphy
NEESON William Drumbrocas North
NICKLE William Lisaderney
NICKLES William Coolcrannell
NIVENS Anthony Mullaghfadd
NIVENS Hugh Mullaghfadd
NIVENS Richard Rafinton
NIVENS Thomas Rafinton
NIXON Andrew, Esq. Hollybrook
NIXON Andrew, Esq. Killygutten
NIXON John Garvohal
NIXON William Maguiresbridge
NOBLE Archibald Crohan
NOBLE Archibald Derryhurdin
NOBLE Arthur Drumcrew
NOBLE James Maguiresbridge
NOBLE John Drumhack
NOBLE John Satnaheglish
NOBLE Lt. James Clenris
NOBLE Mark Attybarron
NOBLE William Munvil
NOWLAN Anne Carrickawick
NOWLAN Anne Eshbawn
NOWLAN Bernard Crockadreen
NOWLAN Christopher Eshbawn
NOWLAN James Carrickawick
NOWLAN James Eshbawn
NOWLAN Patrick Altnamullaghboy
NOWLAN Peter Mullaghfadd
NOWLAN Thomas Carrickawick
NOWLAND Felix Attiponer
O'NAIL [O’NEILL] John Attiponer
ORR Joseph, Senr. Carrickapollin
ORR Joseph, Senr. (Scotland) Carrickapollin
OWEN John Legatilledea
OWENS Francis Corrofatt
OWENS James Legatilledea
OWENS John Crockadreen
OWENS John & partners Mullinburtlin
OWENS Phil Corrofatt
PAISLEY Andrew Corrynewy
PAISLEY Robert Tully North
PAISLEY Thomas Corryanne
PALMER James Drumgoon
PALMER James Killnashanbola
PALMER Jas. Aughnascue
PALMER Rebecca Tully North
PALMER Thomas Foglish
PARKISON James Edrigole
PAUL James Derinavogy
PERRY Mark Lisnagole
PERRY Susan Lisnagole
PORTIES Rutherford Killnashanbola
PRATT Edward, Senr. Moore
PRIMROSE William Tatnabuddagh
PRUNTEY Thomas Lisseneal
QUIN Edward Killmore
QUIN William Tully North
RAFFERTY James Eshbawn
RAFFERTY Michael Crocknagrawley
RAFFERTY Patt. Crocknagrawley
RAINBIRD John Killnashanbola
RAMSEY Francis Killmore
READ George Derrintoney
READ George Derryhullen
READ Hugh, Junr. Mullaghfadd
READ James Derrintoney
REILLEY James Crockaness
REILLEY John Corragarragh
REILLEY Richard Coolbeg
REILLEY Thomas Coolcrannell
REILLY Edward Glassdrummon
REILLY Thomas Killnashanbola
REILLY William Killnashanbola
RENNICK   Lisseneal
RENNICK Lewis Forphy
RIGHEL [REHILL] James Tranish
ROBINSON Christopher Lisnagole
ROBINSON George Coolcrannell
ROBINSON James Attigohan
ROBINSON James Whitepark
ROBINSON Robert Satnaheglish
ROBINSON Thomas Attigohan
ROBINSON William Attaponer
ROBINSON William Whitepark
ROE Matthew Killnashanbola
ROE Thomas Killnashanbola
ROE William Coshvosh
ROE William Killygullen
ROONEY Francis Carrickapollin
ROONEY Patt Innishturk
ROSS Andrew Leboty
ROSS William Killnamullagh
RUTLEDGE William Drummeer
RYAN Richard Maguiresbridge
RYAN William Coolcrannell
SANDALL James Killmore
SCALLON Edward Aughamore South
SCALLON Edward Eshmeen
SCALLON Mary Drumliff
SCARLOT [SCARLETT] Thomas Littlehill
SCHOALS George Tatnlee
SCOALS [SCHOLES] Thomas Cornaskea
SCOALS [SCHOLES] Thomas Lisseneal
SCOTT George Coonien
SCOTT Robert Coonien
SHANNON Patt : Edderadacorragh
SHARKEY John Drumbaughlin
SHERRY Edward Mullinavale
SIMONTON James Satnaheglish
SIMPSON William Crockadevin
SKELTON William Killnashanbola
SLEVIN   Maguiresbridge
SLEVIN Edward Coolcrannell
SMITH Arthur Derryree
SMITH Francis Eshcarnog
SMITH John Attybarron
SMITH Matthew Aughanure
SMITH Patt Killronan
SMITH Rose Carrickawick
SOMMERS Francis Killenare
SOMMERS John Cornaskea
SOMMERVIL James Teereighan
SOMMERVIL John Drumgoon
SOMMERVIL Samuel Grogey
SPEER Henry Maguiresbridge
STEEN Henry Erdinagh
STEEN James Erdinagh
STOREY John Keenaghy
SWINDLE Francis Coshvosh
SWINDLE John Attybarron
TAYLOR James, Esq. Crann
TEAGUE Edward Doras
TEAGUE Owen Doras
TEAGUE Patt Doras
TEEVAN James Coolain
TEEVAN Thomas Coolain
THOMPSON Andrew Munvil
THOMPSON Charles Killnashanbola
THOMPSON Charles Tatnlee
THOMPSON Edward Cavanaleck
THOMPSON Elenor Mullaghfadd
THOMPSON Hugh Lisaderney
THOMPSON James Cornarooslan
THOMPSON John Crohan
THOMPSON John Slushhill
THOMPSON Mark Killycloghy
THOMPSON Richard Cavanaleck
THOMPSON Robert Henrystuchon
THOMPSON Thomas, Senr. Cornakessagh
THOMPSON William Cofannon
TIERNEY John Tatabuddagh
TIERNEY Patt Crann
TIMMINS George Doras
TRAINOR James Loghermore Glebe
TRAINOR Thomas Loghermore Glebe
TRIMBLE John Carrickapollin
TRIMBLE John Derryhullen
TRIMBLE Margret Derryhullen
TRIMBLE Thomas Edrigole
TRIMBLE Thomas Edrigole
TRIMBLE William Derryhullen
WALLARD? M. Noble, Rev. Carricknabrattog
WALSH Joseph Lisseneal
WALSH Walter Drumliff
WARD John Millwood
WARNOCK Alexander Bohatten
WATKIN Francis Drumbrocas North
WATKIN Francis Lisnagole
WEBSTER Hugh Coolane
WHITE William Aughavoory
WHITE William Tatnabuddagh
WHITESIDE Joseph Mullinavale
WHITLEY Robert Coonien
WHITLEY Thomas Coolcrannell
WILEY Francis Tully North
WILEY James Drumgoon
WILEY John Killmore
WILLIS George, Esq. Curragh
WILLIS George, Esq. Tully South
WILSON John Lislea
WILSON Thomas Killerman
WOODS Catherine Tullynevin
WOODS Elizabeth Tullynevin
WOODS Francis Carrickapollin
WOODS Francis Grogey
WOODS James Tullynevin
WOODS John Tullynevin
WRAY Alexander Owenskerry
WRAY George Owenskerry
WRAY James Killygullen
WRAY John Derrycrum
WRAY John Erdinagh
WRAY Thomas Coolcrannell
WRAY Thompson Derryhullen
WRAY Walter Owenskerry
WRAY William Foglish
WRIGHT James Lisseneal
WRIGHT Joseph Mullinavale


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