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Minterburn Presbyterian Church, Caledon, Aghaloo Parish, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland: Wilson Marriages 1845-1909

Minterburn Presbyterian Church Records @ PRONI
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Dr. Scott Wilson, Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada


This file of the Minterburn Presbyterian Church, Caledon, Aghaloo Parish, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland: Wilson Baptism 1832-1944 forms part of the vast archive of 3,000+ pages of genealogical records relating to COUNTIES TYRONE, DONEGAL, LONDONDERRY & FERMANAGH provided without charge or subscription by CoTyroneIreland. Welcome to the Premier Website & Research Tool for Cos. Tyrone, Donegal, Londonderry & Fermanagh Genealogy. A complete list of records pertaining to Aghaloo Parish, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland on this website can be found at the foot of this file.

Minterburn Presbyterian Church, Caledon. Photo Courtesy: Google Streetview

Minterburn Presbyterian Church was established in the year 1657 and is one of the oldest Presbyterian Churches in the Presbytery of Armagh. Minterburn Church has a rural location, three miles from the village of Caledon and five miles from the market town of Aughnacloy in Co Tyrone.

Date Entry No G Given G SURMANE G Age G Residence G Occupation B Given B SURNAME B Age B Residence Father of G Father of B
16 Oct 1845 5 Sam'l ROLLSTON full Cavancullagh (Armagh)   Letitia WILSON 18 Dyan (Aghaloo) ROLLSTON, David (farmer) WILSON, Robert (farmer)
02 Apr 1846 11 William McCULLOUGH full Mulnahorn (Aghaloo) Stonecutter Sarah WILSON full Legane (Agahloo) McCULLOUGH, George (farmer) WILSON, James (farmer)
26 May 1846 15 John WATTERS 19 Legane (Aghaloo) Farmer Jane WILSON full Legane (Agahloo) WATTERS, Robert (farmer) WILSON, James (farmer)
25 Dec 1852 39 John McKENNA full Drummond (Aghaloo) Farmer Margaret WILSON full Glendavagh (Aghaloo) McKENNA, Robert (farmer) WILSON, John (farmer)
30 Mar 1855 61 James MARSHALL 25 Bohard Farmer Jane WILSON 20 Glendavagh MARSHALL, William (farmer) WILSON, John (farmer)
07 Nov 1856 70 John WILSON 40 Cumber Labourer Elizabeth BEGG full Cumber WILSON, Robert (farmer) BEGG, George (farmer)
07 Aug 1857 74 William HAGAN 43 Glenkeen Farmer (widower) Jane WILSON 22 Glenkeen HAGAN, James (farmer) WILSON, William (farmer)
17 Dec 1858 86 William WILSON full Dyan Hill Farmer Rose Ann WRIGHT full Kilmore WILSON, Robert (farmer) WRIGHT, James (farmer)
24 Feb 1860 94 John WILSON 21 Glenkeen Farmer Sarah MARSHALL 20 Bohard WILSON, Robert (farmer) MARSHALL, William (farmer)
03 Aug 1860 96 James WILSON full Tannaghlane Labourer Margaret McGEE full Glenkeen WILSON, James (labourer) McGEE, George (farmer)
28 Nov 1860 1 William BEATTY full Mullaghmore (-mossagh?) Labourer Mary Jane WILSON full Keady BEATTY, Joseph (labourer) WILSON, Moses (farmer)
10 Nov 1865 40 Edward DONNELLY 33 Glenkeen Farmer (widower) Fanny WILSON full Tannaghlane DONNELLY, Hugh (farmer) WILSON, James (labourer)
26 Apr 1867 51 William Henry PARKINSON full Caledon Demesne Gamekeeper Margaret WILSON 19 Ards PARKINSON, Henry (labourer) WILSON, David (farmer)
28 Sep 1868 56 William WILSON 24 Ards Farmer Sarah J MERCER 23 Dromore WILSON, David (farmer) MERCER, James (labourer)
03 Jun 1870 66 John WILSON full Dyan Hill Commercial traveller Sarah STEWART full Aughnacloy WILSON, James (farmer) STEWART, Hugh (merchant)
17 Aug 1882 21 Thomas WILSON full Dyan Merchant Sarah Ann WRIGHT full Kilmore WILSON, James (farmer) WRIGHT, Andrew (farmer)
28 May 1901 72 Robert WILSON full Killynaul Farmer Martha Jane VERNER full Kilsannagh WILSON, William (farmer) VERNER, James (farmer)
17 Oct 1901 73 William STRUTT full Cumber Farmer Annie E WILSON full Dyan Hill STRUTT, Samuel (farmer) WILSON, William (farmer)
31 Jan 1902 75 William John WILSON full Carrackbreak Farmer Mary Margaret HISLIP full Cumber WILSON, Samuel (farmer) HISLIP, John (farmer)
06 Mar 1902 76 James McCOY full Mullintor Farmer Letitia WILSON full Killynaul McCOY, Samuel (farmer) WILSON, William (farmer)
17 Apr 1904 90 William James ARMSTRONG full Crosscaranagh Farmer Rebecca Rea WILSON full Dyan Hill ARMSTRONG, Hugh WILSON, William (farmer)
30 Apr 1907 91 Robert ALLEN full Ards Farmer Nannie WILSON full the Dyan ALLEN, James (farmer) WILSON, Moses (farmer)
19 Jun 1907 92 Robert MERCER full Caledon Merchant Harriet Elena WILSON full Dyan Hill MERCER, Robert (merchant) WILSON, William (farmer)
08 Sep 1909 97 David THOMPSON full Disnahill (Armagh) Farmer Sarah Annie WILSON full Killynaul (Dyan) THOMPSON, John (farmer) WILSON, William (farmer)

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