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Wallace Genealogy Notes, Co. Londonderry, Northern Ireland 1838-69

Items from the Press
Extracted from Personal Notices of Births, Marriages and Deaths Inserted in the Londonderry Sentinel
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia




Date Notice
Mar 31 1838 [Died] On the 13th inst., at Fairview, after a lingering illness, Eleanor, relict of the late Mr. Thomas Wallace, of the same place
Jan 12 1839 [Married] WALLACE & WILSON On the 27th ult., by the Rev. George Steen, A. M., Newtownlimavady, Joseph Wallace, Esq., of Dromore, to Jane Wilson, the only daughter of William Wilson, Esq., of Gortnamoney
Mar 27 1841 [Birth] At Tully, on Tuesday evening, 23rd inst., the lady of Thomas Wallace, Esq., of a daughter
Oct 28 1843 [Married] MCPHERSON & WALLACE On the 19th inst., by the Rev. Richard Dill, Mr. John McPherson, of Ballylease, near Coleraine, to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Mr. John Wallace, of Ballynarog, near Newtownlimavady, county Londonderry
Sep 7 1844 [Married] WALLACE & LYNN On the 28th ult., by the Rev. James Millar, in the house of the bride's father, Mr. Joseph Wallace, merchant, Garvagh, to Nancy, second daughter of Mr. William Lynn, Trinaltenagh
Feb 22 1845 [Married] On the 13th inst., at the house of the bride's father, by the Rev. J. B. Rentoul, Garvagh, Mr. Thomas Wallace, Ardreagh, to Miss Nancy McNeille, Garran
Feb 6 1847 [Married] CARSON & WALLACE On the 23rd December, at St. John's, New Brunswick, Canada, by the Rev. Enoch Wood, of Frederickton, James Carson, Esq., of Dublin, to Clarinda Jane, youngest daughter of the late Thomas Wallace, Esq., of Derry, and relict of John Thompson, Esq., of St. John's
Mar 11 1848 [Died] On the 6th inst., aged 16 months, Robert, the sixth son of the Rev. Henry Wallace, of this city
Dec 7 1848 [Married] WALLACE & LANE On the 30th ult., at Ewell church, Surrey. Thomas Wallace, Esq., merchant, of Londonderry, to Emma Lincoln, youngest daughter of the late Charles Lane, Esq., surgeon, of London
Jan 20 1849 [Married] WALLACE & CARGILL On the 11th inst., in the Presbyterian Church, Ballyarnett, by the Rev. Robert McCreery, Mr. William Wallace, Carnanshanagh, to Miss Isabella Cargill, of Draperstown
Jan 11 1850 [Died] On the morning of Saturday last, the 5th inst., aged 16 years, Sarah Kennedy, the eldest child of the Rev. Henry Wallace, of this City
Apr 12 1850 [Died] On the 1st of April, of fever, in Glasgow, where he was attending College, Mr. John Derrens Wallace, Trinaltinagh, county Derry, in his 18th year
Dec 20 1850 [Died] At Coshquin, on the 6th inst., Miss Hannah Wallace, aged 88 years
Sep 5 1851 [Married] WALLACE & GIVEN On Thursday, 28th August, in the Presbyterian Church of Magilligan, by the Rev. N. M. Brown, Mr. W. Wallace, of Newtownlimavady, to Hessie, fourth daughter of Mr. William Given, of Newtownlimavady
Mar 26 1852 [Birth] On the 21st inst., at Great James Street, the wife of Thomas Wallace, Esq., of a daughter
Dec 16 1853 [Died] At Drumduan, of scarletina, on the 4th inst., Matilda, fifth daughter of Mr. Samuel Wallace, aged 3 years, being the second death in the family of scarletina within one week
Dec 31 1858 [Died] On the 9th October last, Mrs. Nancy Wallace, wife of Mr. William McKnight, near Centerville, Butler county, Pa., United States, in the 48th year of her age. Deceased was the daughter of the late Mr. John Wallace, of Ballyderg, near Newtownlimavady
Aug 21 1857 [Died] On the 13th inst., at Coshquin, Sarah, the beloved wife of Mr. Thomas Wallace
Sep 4 1857 [Died] At Baltimore, U.S., on the 1st July Mrs. Orr, previously of Londonderry, mother of the late Mrs. McClelland, formerly the widow of Mr. James Wallace, of Londonderry
Jan 8 1858 [Married] WALLACE & MOORE On the 6th inst., at the Second Presbyterian Church, Glendermott, by the Rev. William McClure, John Wallace, Esq., sub manager, Northern Bank, Derry, to Lucy, second daughter of Silvester Moore, Esq., Balbriggan, county Dublin
Jan 15 1858 [Birth] On the 23rd November, at Calcutta, the wife of Captain James Wallace, of a daughter
Jun 11 1858 [Died] 19th March, 1858, at sea, in Lat. 10.26 N., Long. 93.24 E., Elizabeth, the beloved wife of Captain James Wallace, commander of the ship "Malakhoff", and daughter of Mr. John Young, formerly of this City, and of Newtownlimavady
Jul 30 1858 [Died] On Wednesday, the 21st inst., at Fairview, Samuel, third son of Mr. Samuel Wallace, aged 15 years
Oct 22 1858 [Married] MCCURDY & WALLACE On the 15th inst., in the Presbyterian Church, Maghera, by the Rev. Joseph Dickey, James McCurdy, Esq., Kilrea, to Eliza, eldest daughter of the late Dr. Wallace, of same Place
Dec 3 1858 [Birth] On the 29th ult., at Orchard Street, Derry, the wife of John Wallace, Esq., of a daughter
Jan 7 1859 [Died] November 10, at Calcutta, Captain James Wallace, aged 31 years, late commander of the ship Malakoff. He was son in law of Mr John Young, formerly of this City, and of Newtownlimavady, county Londonderry
Jan 6 1860 [Died] January 3, at the North Bastion, Derry, Lucy, the beloved wife of Mr. John Wallace, Northern Bank, Derry, aged 25 years
Jan 6 1860 [Married] WALLACE & CRAIG December 22, in the Presbyterian Church, Gortnessy, by the Rev. W. J. McConnell, Mr. James Wallace, Edenreagh, to Margaret, eldest daughter of Mr. James Craig, Shane's Castle, county Antrim
Mar 30 1860 [Married] WALLACE & SNODGRASS On the 29th March, in the Cathedral, Londonderry, by the Rev. Francis Smith, assisted by the Rev. Henry Kennedy, James Wallace, Esq., to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Mr. John Snodgrass, Strabane [Co. Tyrone]
Nov 28 1862 [Died] November 20, at Wapping Lane, Ellen, youngest daughter of the Mr. William Wallace, aged three years and six months
Jul 17 1863 [Married] WALLACE & HUSTON July 6, at the Register Office, Magherafelt, Mr. Francis Wallace, Ballycombs, Bellaghy, to Miss Margaret Huston of the same Place
Jan 15 1864 [Died] January 7, Letitia Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Mr. James Wallace, postmaster, Garvagh
Feb 9 1864 [Birth] February 6, at Chamberlain Place, the wife of Mr. David Wallace, of a daughter
Mar 8 1864 [Married] JAMIESON & WALLACE March 2, in Terrace Row Presbyterian Church, Coleraine, by the Rev. J. Macdonnell, Mr. Robert Jamieson, Coleraine, to Rachel, daughter of Mr. Thomas Wallace, Ballywindland
Jun 13 1865 [Died] June 9, at her residence, Coshquin, Elizabeth Wallace, aged 81 years
Oct 27 1865 [Died] On the 24th October, at Shanbally, county Tipperary, after a few day's illness, Thomas Wallace, Esq., formerly merchant of Londonderry
Jan 2 1866 [Birth] December 28, at New Row, Coleraine, the wife of the Rev. R. Wallace, of a daughter
Jan 12 1866 [Died] January 2, at New Row, Coleraine, Samuel James, third son of the Rev. R. Wallace, aged 4 years
Feb 23 1866 [Died] December 14, 1865, at Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia, Mr. Daniel Moon Wallace, formerly of Aghadoey, county Derry
Jul 17 1866 [Married] WALLACE & WILSON July 16, in the Presbyterian Church, First Glendermott, by the Rev. A. Buchanan, Mr. George Wallace, of the firm of Doherty and Wallace, Butcher Street, Londonderry, to Anna, daughter of Mr. John Wilson, Ardnagunnig, Parish of Glendermott
Mar 26 1867 [Married] ALCORN & WALLACE March 19, in the Presbyterian Church, Ballykelly, by the Rev. W.C. Robinson, M. A., Mr. Robert Alcorn, to Jane, daughter of the late Mr. Robert Wallace, both of Ballynarig.
Jun 28 1867 [Married] WALLACE & BOYD June 18, at the Parish Church, Bradnich, Devon, by the Rev. H. F. Cann, Rector of St. Petrock, Exeter, John Wallace, Esq., Londonderry, to Sophia Rosselet, eldest daughter of the late James Boyd, Esq., of Brixton
Mar 10 1868 [Died] March 4, at his residence, Culmore, near Kilrea, John Wallace, Esq., aged 64 years
May 1 1868 [Married] WALLACE & KENNEDY April 28, at Crossroads, Londonderry, by the Rev. Samuel McClure, Mr. John Wallace, to Letitia Kennedy, both of Londonderry
Feb 16 1869 [Died] Feb 10, at her father's residence, Coshquin, Flora Anne Wallace, aged 38 years
May 21 1869 [Married] WALLACE & CRAIG May 18, at the First Presbyterian Church, Newtownlimavady, by the Rev. G. W. Hamill, Mr. James Wallace, jun., to Mary, daughter of Mr. John Craig, both of Newtownlimavady
Sep 21 1869 [Died] Sept. 18, at 13 Wapping Lane, Derry, Mr. William Wallace, aged 56 years