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Taylor Genealogy Notes, Co. Londonderry, Northern Ireland 1829-69

Items from the Press Extracted from Personal Notices of Births, Marriages and Deaths Inserted in the Londonderry Sentinel
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia




Date Notice
Nov 28 1829 [Married] STIRLING & TAYLOR On Thursday evening, by the Rev. Mr. McClure, Mr. John Stirling, stone cutter, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Mr. Robert Taylor, both of this City
Jul 4 1835 [Married] HAZLETON & MARSHALL In Culbee, at the house of George Taylor, Esq., Mr. David G. Hazleton, of Ferryquay Street, to Ellen, daughter of the late Rev. Alexander Marshall, of Killala, county Mayo
Feb 16 1839 [Married] TAYLOR & MORRISON On Tuesday the 12th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Dill, Ballykelly, Mr. Robert Taylor, of Bovevagh, to Martha, daughter of the late Mr. William Morrison, of Claggan
Jun 8 1844 [Died] On the 21st ult., aged 78 years, Sarah, beloved wife of Mr. Joseph Taylor, of Gortinewry, near Moneymore
Aug 12 1848 [Birth] On the 9th inst., at the Bann Distillery, Mrs. James R. Taylor, Excise, of a son
Dec 16 1848 [Married] CAMPBELL & TAYLOR On the 5th inst., by the Rev. George Steen, Mr. Charles Campbell, of Newtownlimavady, to Miss Eliza Taylor, of Fruithill
Nov 23 1849 [Died] On the 11th inst., suddenly, Mr. James Taylor, of Dromore, near Kilrea
Jul 4 1851 [Died] At Culmore, on the 29th ult., James, son of Captain Taylor, Hollymount, near this City, aged 21 years
Feb 13 1852 [Married] MILLER & TAYLOR On the 5th inst., in the Presbyterian Church, Macosquin, by the Rev. Dr. Huston, Mr. Robert Millen, Kiltinney, to Mary Eliza, eldest daughter of Mr. Hugh Taylor, Ardvarness
Aug 20 1852 [Married] CLARKE & TAYLOR On the 12th inst., in the Presbyterian Church, New Row, Coleraine, by the Rev. J.A. Canning, James Clarke, Esq., of Porthall [Co. Donegal], Strabane, to Anne, daughter of the late Daniel Taylor, Esq.
Aug 27 1852 [Married] COYLE & TAYLOR On the 2nd inst., in the Parish Church, Coleraine, by the Rev. James O'Hara, Rector, Mr. Charles Coyle, to Miss Eileen Jane, only daughter of Mr. John Taylor, innkeeper, both of Coleraine
Jan 25 1856 [Married] SMITH & TAYLOR On the 17th inst., at the Presbyterian Church, New Row, Coleraine, by the Rev. J. A. Canning, assisted by the Rev. John Brown, D. D., James Smith, Esq., of Moneycarrie, to Eliza, daughter of the late Daniel Taylor, Esq., Coleraine
Apr 25 1856 [Married] TAYLOR & TAYLOR At Coleraine Parish Church, on the 15th inst., by the Rev. R. F. Young, Mr. John Taylor, to Miss Fanny D. Taylor, both of Coleraine
Jun 6 1856 [Birth] On the 23rd ult., at White Cottage, Waterside, the wife of Mr. John Taylor, of a son
Sep 25 1857 [Birth] On the 21st inst., at White Cottage, Waterside, the wife of Mr. John Taylor, of a son
Oct 23 1857 [Died] On the 28th July last, at sea, on his passage from India to Boston, U.S., Robert, second son of William James Taylor, H. M.’s Customs, Londonderry, in the 20th year of his age
Dec 4 1857 [Married] MCCLEAN & TAYLOR On Tuesday, the 1st inst., in the First Presbyterian Church, Derry, by the Rev. D. Hanson, Fahan, Mr. Samuel McClean, Balleighan, to Margaret, eldest daughter of Mr. Andrew Taylor, Drumadooey, Birdstown
Mar 19 1858 [Married] TAYLOR & MCPHERSON On the 11th inst., in the First Presbyterian Church, Garvagh, by the Rev. M. Turnbull, Mr. William Taylor, of Castleroe, to Margaret, daughter of Mr. Robert McPherson, of Belrough, Garvagh
Apr 30 1858 [Died] At Coleraine, on the 20th inst., Ellen, wife of Mr. John Taylor, spirit dealer, aged 50 years
Jul 23 1858 [Married] TAYLOR & SHANNON On the 15th inst., in St. Peter's Church, Dublin, by the Rev. A. Campbell, Chaplain to the Mariners' Church, the Rev. H. Taylor, of Termoneny, Diocese of Derry, to Marianne, eldest surviving daughter of the late James C. Shannon, Esq., of Dublin
Dec 17 1858 [Died] On the 14th inst., at Waterside, Mrs. John Taylor
May 4 1860 [Died] On the 25th April, Esther, second daughter of Mr. Hugh Taylor, Ardverness
Oct 5 1860 [Died] September 28, at New Row, Coleraine, Elizabeth, wife of Mr. Thomas Taylor, coachbuilder, aged 38 years
Dec 28 1860 [Died] At Coleraine, on the 14th inst., Mr Thomas Taylor, coachbuilder, aged 44 years
Feb 15 1861 [Married] TAYLOR & WOODS February 12, in the Presbyterian Church, First Glendermott, by the Rev. A. Buchanan, Mr. John Taylor, of Creevedonald, to Miss Matilda Woods, of Curryfree
Jun 14 1861 [Died] June 7, at his residence, in Articlave, William Taylor, M. D., aged 29 years
Aug 23 1861 [Died] August 21, at Waterside, aged 8 years, Matilda, daughter of Mr. John Taylor
Nov 29 1861 [Birth] At the residence of her father, Dr. Hutchinson, Draperstown, the widow of the late Dr. Taylor, Articlave, of a daughter
Jan 24 1862 [Married] MORRISON & TAYLOR January 14,at the Registrar's Office, Coleraine, by the Rev. David Mair, Mr. Samuel Morrison, Cashel, to Margaret Jane, eldest daughter of Mr. William Taylor, Letterloan
Mar 21 1862 [Married] TAYLOR & GARVEN March 11, in the Parish Church, Magherafelt, by the Rev. J. J. Jackson, Rector, Ballinderry, Mr. James Taylor, Killymuck, to Margaret, fourth daughter of Mr. John Garven, Dunarnon House, Magherafelt
Jul 18 1862 [Married] TAYLOR & DAVIS On the 7th July, in the First Presbyterian Church, Derry, by the Rev. John Brown McBride, of Fahan, county Donegal, Mr. Samuel Taylor, of Birdstown, Assistant Surveyor for the Barony of Kilmacrenan, Ramelton, to Margaret, the youngest daughter of the late Mr. William Davis, of Auglehard
Dec 5 1862 [Died] November 24, at Ardverness, Parish of Macosquin, Margaret, wife of Mr. Hugh Taylor, aged 62 years
Mar 17 1863 [Married] TAYLOR & JENKINS March 10, in the Parish Church, Coleraine, by the Rev. J O'Hara, Rector, Mr. John Taylor, to Mrs. Jenkins, both of Coleraine
Apr 10 1863 [Married] TAYLOR & WADDELL April 8, at New Court Chapel, Canonbury, London, by the Rev. Alexander Raleigh, Robert Taylor, Esq., Londonderry, to Isabella Waddell, eldest daughter of Robert Sinclair, Esq., 9 St. Mary's Road, Canonbury, London
Apr 10 1863 [Married] TAYLOR & FERGUSON April 7, at the Chapel of the Woods, Ballyronan, by the Rev. G. S. Greer, Mr. Samuel Taylor, Salterstown, to Catherine, third daughter of Mr. William Ferguson, Ballynagarve
May 15 1863 [Died] May 13, at her father's residence, Francis Street, Mary Jane, the beloved daughter of Mr. James Taylor, Customs, aged 19 years
Aug 4 1863 [Married] FORSYTHE & TAYLOR On the 30th July, at the Second Presbyterian Church, Coleraine, by the Rev. J. A. Canning, James B. Forsythe, Esq., of Liverpool, to Ellen, eldest daughter of the late Daniel Taylor, Esq., Coleraine
Mar 15 1864 [Died] March 10, at Adverness, Parish of Macosquin, Hugh, youngest son of Mr. Hugh Taylor, farmer, in the 22nd year of his age
Mar 18 1864 [Birth] March 16, at Clarendon Street, Derry, Mrs. Robert Taylor, of a son
Apr 1 1864 [Married] TAYLOR & SLOAN March 29, at Drimbolg Reformed Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. James Smyth, A. M., Mr. Robert Taylor, Drimnacanion, to Sarah, daughter of the late Mr. John Sloane, Maynock, county Londonderry
Jul 19 1864 [Died] On the 14th July, at Brook Street, Coleraine, Mr. John Taylor, aged 61 years
Nov 11 1864 [Died] On the 15th October, at South Brooklyn, of wounds received in front of Petersburg, Andrew Buchanan Taylor, of Company E. Fortieth New York Regiment Veteran Volunteers, the son of the late Andrew Taylor of New York and the nephew of the Rev. Alexander Buchanan of First Glendermott, aged 21 years, 2 months and 25 days
May 23 1865 [Died] May 19, at his residence, Roslyn Cottage, Caw, James Taylor, Esq., aged 88 years
Nov 14 1865 [Married] HENRY & TAYLOR November 9, at Macosquin Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. Clarke Huston, D. D., assisted by the Rev. G. W. Hamill, of First Newtownlimavady, Mr. Samuel Henry, of Ballinteer, to Rachel, daughter of Hugh Taylor, Esq., of Ardverness
Dec 27 1865 [Married] TAYLOR & ROBINSON December 20, in the Registrar's Office, Magherafelt, Mr. Hugh Taylor, Ballinderry, to Miss Sarah Robinson, of the same place
Aug 24 1866 [Birth] On the 19th August, at Castlerock, county Derry, the wife of A. O'D Taylor, Esq., Belfast, prematurely of a daughter, who survived only a few hours
Jan 8 1867 [Died] Yesterday, the dead body of a man named Taylor, a dealer in rags, was found at Newbuildings, within three miles of Derry. The deceased was in this City on Saturday, and was returning home when, it is supposed, he foundered in the snow
Mar 20 1868 [Married] TAYLOR & PEDEN March 18, in the Presbyterian Church, Aghadoey, by the Rev. John Brown, D. D., Mr. James Taylor, Mullaghmore, to Martha Jane, eldest daughter of Mr. John Peden, Moneytrannon, Aghadoey
Sep 11 1868 [Married] TAYLOR & PICKET September 3, in Derrymore Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. W. Jamieson, Mr. William Taylor, Dirtagh, to Miss Mary Ann Picket, Tamlaght, Newtownlimavady
May 28 1869 [Birth] May 25, at Clarendon Street, Londonderry, Mrs. Robert Taylor, of a daughter
Jun 4 1869 [Married] TAYLOR & ELLIOT June 1, at the Presbyterian Church, Coagh, by the Rev. Robert Holmes, M. A., Thomas Taylor, Esq., of Ballydonnell, county Derry, to Margaret, eldest daughter of Mr. John Elliot, Mullawhitra, Coagh, county Tyrone
Jul 6 1869 [Married] TAYLOR & SIMPSON July 1, in Ballykelly Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. Thomas Kennedy, Mr. John Hunter Taylor, Boveva, to Sarah, daughter of Mr. Daniel Simpson, Moyse